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The Chief
0. D. HALE, Publisher
Chicago University Girls Poisoned at
Pure Food Dinner President
Elect Preparing First
Washington. The Webb bill to pro
hlblt tho Intorfllalo Hhlpmcnt of liquor
Into dry Btnten for purposes of Bale,
"or In any manner used" In violation of
tho Btnto laws wiib passed by tho houao
Saturday, 240 to (if..
Tho passngo of tho bill ended one
of tho tnoat stubbornly fought all-day
contests of thin congress. Senator
Kenyon of Iowa, author of a Benato
mcnBUre of the mmo general purports
Bat In tho houso nil day watching tho
fight, which opened with a contest
over tho rule to bring up tho Webb
bill. Heprcscntatlvcs of organized
anti-saloon advocates snt In the mem
bers' galleries and kept tally on tho
roll calls.
At Work on Inaugural Message.
Princeton, N. J. President-elect
.Wilson has completed tho first draft
of hlB Inaugural address, llo acted
as his own stenographer In producing'
tho document. He had been sketching
It In shorthand and resuming tho task
copying tho notes himself on a little
typewriter in his studio. It Is about
2,000 words long, ho said, but ho may
add to or nbbrevlnto It. "I haven't
looked up any of tho other Inaugural
addresses," ho said, "so I don't know
whether this one is longer or shorter."
Chicago Co-Eds Made III by Dinner
of Own Preparing.
Chicago. Of 200 UnlvorBlty of Chi
cago women students who attended
a "puro food dinner" at tho school
Thursday nil have been taken 111 with
ptomnino poisoning. University author
ities have started an investigation.
The poison is believed to have been
In a salad. The head of tho household
economic department bad chnrgo of
the dinner.
To Strengthen Border Patrol.
Douglas, Am. Arrangements are
being mado by tho Ninth cavalry to
greatly strengthen tho border patrol
between Douglas and Naco. This is n
result of well founded reports that re
newed activity of rebels In tho Cnna
nca country. Tho San Hosa and Curry
ranches, thirty miles south of Douglas
in Sonora, were raided, all horsea, pro
visions, guns nnd ammunition being
taken. Tho lender of the raiders is
Rodriguez, who was recently released
from Phoenix, nfter a trial on charges
of violating tho president's order with
referenco to transportation of arms
across tho border.
Unanimous for Direct Vote.
Lincoln, Nob. Without an ndvorso
rote tho Nebraska houso Wednesday
Indorsed tho amendment to tho fed
eral constitution which provides for
the direct election of United Stntes
senators. Similar nfllrmattvo notion
by the senate nnd governor Is neces
aary to complete Nebraska's ratifica
tion of tho lntcst amendment. Tho
houso vote was 04 to 0.
Fall Results Fatally.
Lincoln. Deputy Sheriff J. Crawford
Elkenhnrry, who was injured by a fnll
at tho traction company power plant!
Thursday afternoon, died at &:;$0 p. m.
Mr. Elkonbary was showing his sevon-tecn-ycnr-old
grandson through tho
President Vetoes Bill.
Washington. President Tnft has
vetoed tho bill to authorize the com
missioners or tho District of Columbia
to BiipcrvlBo tho exhibition of moving
pictures. Tho president says it en
crouches on other laws.
York Suffers $100,000 Fire.
York, Neb. Fire of unknown origin
Sunday morning destroyed tho build
ings of tho Haor Kurnlturo company,
tho Shreck Electrical company, tho
Crono Sewing Machlno concern, a
shining parlor and cigar Btoro con
ducted by Greeks and badly damnged
the bulldlngB of tho Hoffman Supply,
company and tho cigar nnd newa Btoro
of Meredith and Wallander. Tho en
tire loss hns been estimated from
175,000 to $100,000. It is partially
covered by Insurance.
Rebels In Possession.
Mexico City. Tho army has ro
volted, Tho troops took possession
of tho national palace and nearly all
tho principal public buildings. Ous
tavo Madero is a prisoner. After some
street fighting, In which about 1C0
persons were killed, tho government
succeeding In regaining partial con
trol. President Madero led tho royal
troops for a part of tho time. Tho
Insurgents released Felix Diaz and
Bernardo Reyes. General Villarara,
a loyalist, was killed In ono of the
Condensed Review of the Work Along
the Line of Greater Interest
In Congressional
The Senate ICuloglcB on Scnntors
Taylor of Tennesseo and Nixon of Ne
vada and Representatives Madison
und Mitchell of Kansas delivered.
Elections committee agreed on re
port exonerating Senators Watson
and Chilton on charges of curruptlon
In their election.
Senator Ilorah proposed amendment
to Connecticut river dam bill to make
common carriers of water power com
panics carrying elcrtrlclty Interstate.
Passed bill 'placing Santa Monica
soldiers' home under secretary ol
Senator Hoke Smith Introduced
amendment to national hanking law;
to permit national banks to loun
money on real estate.
Adjourned until .Monday noon.
Tho House After a lengthy and
spirited debate, special rule adopted
and consideration of Webb liquor
shipment bill was begun.
Military affairs committee reported
military academy appropriation bill,
carrying $l,;i;,7:!.ri, but without pro
vision for carrying out general plan
of new buildings.
Passed Webb bill to prohibit ship
ment of liquor Into "dry" states.
Adjourned until noon Sunday for
eulogies on Into Representative George
H. Utter of Rhode Island.
Democrats caucused on battleship
program during evening.
Tho Senate Senator Smith of Mich
igan Introduced resolution calling on
tho president for reasons of American
Interference In Nicaragua.
lnter-oceunlc canuls commlttco do
ferllred action on Root Panama canal
amendment until next week.
Senators Oliver, LnKollettc, Root,
Smoot and Cummins appointed legis
lative steering committee.
Conferees of senate and house con
sidered Lever and Pago blllB for 'agri
cultural und vocational school exten
sions with view to forming compro
miso measure.
Senator Paynter spoko on Kenyon
Shoppard liquor bill, declaring it vio
lated tho constitution.
Senator Martin asked that Judiciary
committee bo discharged from further
consideration of Clayton anti-injunction
Electric railroad representative
presented to joint committer on rail
way mall transportation n demand for
better compensation for carrying malls
in cities.
Adjourned G:20 until noon Saturday.
Tho House Resumed dobato on ag
ricultural appropriation bill.
Adopted resolution calling on at
torney general for papers relating tc
order withholding warrants against
Standard Oil otllclals.
Ship trust investigating committee
resumed Its hearings.
Representative Morgnn spoke on
bills to appropriate $30,000,000 to com
pensate Oklahoma for losses on non
taxable Indian lands.
Rules committee agreed to special
rule providing Immcdiato consider
ation of Webb liquor Hhlpmcnt bill.
Rcpresentativn Peters Introduced
bill for national aeronautical labora
tory under direction of Smithsonian
President Taft transmitted re
quested report on Putnmayo rubber
atrocity Investigation.
Adjourned 7:20 until 10:30 Satur
day, Thursday.
Tho Senate Senator Ilornh gave no
tice ho would ask consideration Friday
of the houbo bill to creato department
of labor.
Joseph A. firmly of Idaho waa sworn
In to succeed Senator Perky.
Republicans in caucus decided to
light for continuation of President
Taft's nominations without discrim
ination nnd forced an executive ses
sion for their consideration.
Indlnn nffalrs committee approcd
and will report within a tew days In
dlnn appropriation bill carrying $1,
800,000. Adjourned at 4:30 p. m. until noon
The Houso Disagreed to senate
amendment to l.oor agricultural ex
tension bill.
Considered miscellaneous leglbln
lion. Resumed dobato on District of Co
lumbia appropriation bill.
Commissioner Cabell Informed
treasury department expenditures
committee that oleomargarine manu
facturers had evaded taxoB amounting
to $1,200,000.
Foreign affairs commlttco held
hearing on Mexican indemnity cases.
Adjourned at 5:52 p. m. until 11 n.
m. Friday.
Bryan to Be at Inauguration.
Washington. William .1. Bryan has
accopted an Invitation extended him
by the Inaugural committee to come
to Washington for tho Inauguration of
President-elect Wilson. Tho commit
teo plans to appoint a citizens' com
.mlttco of twenty to meet Mr. Wilton
upon his arrival hero March 3, and
Mr. Bryan may bo a member of this
.committee. Mr. llrynn wrote the com
mlttco that ho would do anything !'
iIiIb power to make tho inauguration r
New York Grange Favors Elimination
of Middleman Fire In a Govern
ment Building at Wash
ington. London. A dispatch to a news
agency from Constantinople describes
the wild panic and (light of civilians
from (Jail I poll owing to tho ndvance
of tho Bulgarian troops. Many hun
dreds of persons, the dispatch says,
sought refugo on the military trans
ports sent there, nnd numerous over
loaded boats wero overturned and
liundrcdB of .persons drownpd. The
dispatch assertB that l.'.OOO Kurdish
raiders have landed ut Midia from
eighteen transports. They were well
armed, but without provisions. The
raiders were ordered to scatter In
bands of about 40O each throughout
Thraco und maintain themselves at
the expense of the population.
Many Records Destroyed by Fire.
Washington. Flro at 2 o'clock Fri
day morning broke out in one of tho
.new buildings of the department of
agriculture. The flames gained con
siderable headway before they wero
discovered by a watchman. The blaze
was confined to a room In tho base
ment In which wero Btored records
and supplies belonging to tho bureau
of plant industry. Many of tho rec
ords wero destroyed. The loss to
,the government will not bo fully
known until the oftlcers of the bureau
have had opportunity to Investigate
but It will reach into thousands of
Elimination of Middleman Favored by
New York Grange.
Buffalo, N. Y. A deflnlto line of ac
.Ion to do away with the middleman
(ind build up n co-oeratlvo system
whereby farm products may be Bold
nnd delivered by the producer to tho
I'ousumer was adopted at tho fortieth
ynnuiil convention of the Now York
BtntP grange. Tho plan provides thnt
n committee Khali formulate n worka
ble plan for thp organization of co
operative societies In tho various sub
ordinate grnngeB nftor which n super
visor will ho named to direct a state
wide organization. The second stop
vlll be the establishment of co opera
ivo wholesale and retail markets in
New York ami other cities throughout
tho state.
Pails. The reversal of the seasons
which has been note'd in tho United
JUatea this winter has marked the
veathor in France. The series of ab
normally warm days recently experi
enced in tho northern provinces has
brought flowers Into bloom In tho
.Parisian suburbs two months heforo
their usual time, whjlc tho buds on the
fruit t.'ees in tho extenslvo orchards
Vf Normandy and Brittany nre already
Missouri Women May Vote.
Jefferson City. Mo. After women
nrgued nil afternoon and Into into the
night In favor of tho proposed consti
tutional amendment giving them tho
right to vote, both senate and house
committees of the legislature have de
cided to report tho bill favorably.
Washington. Gon. P. II. Barry of
Groeley, present member of tho na
tional board of soldiers homes, lias
notified tho Nebraska delegation by
letter thnt hla resignation from tho
board been withdrawn. Ho will
withhold It until Dual action of a bill
pending to give tho war dopartmont
chnigo of tho soldiers' homo nt Santa
Monica, Cnl as mannger of which
General Barry had been recommended
for nppolutment. Should the bill pass,
thuro would probably not bo a plnce
for Genoral Barry at tho California
homo, '
Work to be Done Under Direction of
United States Department of
Omaha. A state-wide plan for
county development was presented at
the Public Affairs luncheon of the
Commercial club of Omaha, at a joint
meeting of the club members and tho
Omaha Grain exchange. The plan
was presented by Bert Ball, secretary
of tho Crop Improvement committee
of the Council of Grain exchanges,
composed or the lending grain ox
changes of the United Stntes. The
plan htiH been placed In the budget
of tho Grain and Agricultural commlt
tco of tho Commercial club for con
sideration and will be discussed at
length by that body In the near
It Is proposed to form a farm
bureau In each county of Nebraska,
which will hire a county agent who
shall work under tho direction of Prof.
Pugsley, state leader, representing tho
United States Department of Agricul
ture and the Agricultural College at
Tho county organizations nre to he
formed in connection with the local
commercial clubs and farmers' organi
zations, t renting tho county as a unit
to encourage not only greater produc
tion but to see that the marketing
conditions are so perfected that the
citizens of each county shall be able
to collect every dollar which Is com
ing to thnt county.
Tho work will bo conducted locnlly
by special committees of those most
qualified in tho county to encourage
crop improvement, road building, agri
culture in the school, live stock,
dairying, home economics, funn ac
counting, marketing, etc.
The agriculture committee of the
club consists or millers, grain men
railroad men, bankers, jobbers und
manufacturers of which Mr. M. C.
Peters, of the M. C. Peters Mill Co., le
The statc-wldo Nebraska plan will
bo made with no Individual member
ship, but each county as rapidly at
organized will bo afllllatcd and repre
sented by the president on tho State
Advisory Committee. The commit
tee is not scientific, and will not of
for any advico whatever as to agrl
cultural met hods,, such work now be
Ing in tho hands of Prof. Pugsley
tho State leader.
Six hundred and seventy counties ir
all parts of tho United States have
undertaken this work, and 103 count
associations have already been Incor
porated and have Tinployed county
agents under this plan. Seven No
brnska counties have practically com
pleted organizations up to tills time.
To Sterilize Criminals.
Snlom, Oro, Tho lower houso of the
Oregon legislature has passed a bill
providing for the sterilization of habit
tin! criminals and chronic Insane per
sons. Tho announcement of tho vote
wub greeted with cheers. Tho stntc
board of health indorsed the measure
Chinese Governor's Life Attempted.
Foo Chow, Chlnn.-j-A bomb thrown
at the civil governor of Foo Chow
killed twenty bystanders, but the gov
ornor escaped uninjured. At onco the
governor dashed nt his would-be as
sassin, and with tho aid or others
succeeded in arresting him.
Mexico City. "I lied to the Ameri
can government for ten months, tell
ing them thnt tho Mexican revolution
would bo over In six weeks. I was
rorced to Invest my diplomatic mis
sion with a domino and mask." Thle
statement was mado by Manuel Ca
lero, formerly Mexican nmbassador to
tho United States, during tho discus
sion of tho loan measure. "The truth
Is tho department of flnnnco has not
painted tho situation ns it really Is,
We should speak tho truth, though It
dostroys us. Tho truth Is that thf
situation is desperate.".
Record of Events Transpiring In Both
Houses of Nebraska
Governor Morehead has mado an
nouncement of tho appointment or tho
following colonels on his personal
Bluff: Meyer Klein, J. T. J. O'Hrien,
C. 11. Liver, P. C. Heafy, A. D. Fetter
man, Thomas (Julnlnn, Adolph Storz,
C. E. Fannin;;, Georgo Rogers, J. A. C.
Kennedy, L. J. PluttI, II. C. Moore
head, C. C. Allison, Edward Getten,
Arthur Metz, Everett Buckingham,
A. V. Dresher, Sophus Neble, Thomas
Byrne, J. W. Woodrough, Herbert
Daniel, J. s. Henderson, nil of Omaha;
E. L. Troyer, F. W. Brown, Jr., John
G. Mnher, W. E. Straub, C. J. Bills,
Edward Westervelt. Lincoln; Bishop
Dcechor. Kearney; W. II. Wood. J. H.
Hulla, Thomas lloctor, South Omaha;
George Glllen. Lexington; R. S. Ober
felder, Sidney; William Beatty.
Editor Wahoo Democrat and Ea
President Nebraska Press Associa
tion, who has been appointed by the
Governor as Secretary of the State
Printing Board.
Brady; John Mornn, Callaway; A. D.
Cameron, Kearney; C. G. Barnes, Al
bion; John Sink, Grand Island; S. O.
Bartlc, David City; John C. Hnrtigan,
Falrhury; J. R. Golden, Nebraska
City; J. H. Kellcy, Gothenburg; Fred
Volpp, Scrlbner; A. P. Fltzslmmons,
Tccumseh; Jacob Klein, jr., Beatrice;
C. F. Tlcrney, Broken Bow; E. J.
Slilnn, Beatrice; George A. Towle,
Favored Direct Election. '
The house went on record ns favor
ing direct election' of senators and
recommended II. R. ICC, tho bill for
tho ratification of this amendment to
tho federal constitution, for third
reading. There was no opposition.
This bill was mado the special order,
on motion of Norton, who said that
Nebraska ought not to bo behind tho
other states in ratifying this amend,
Tho 'efficiency committee of the
Benato will report shortly a plan for
the alteration of tho stnto capltol
building, which is looked to dissipate
capltol removal and new capltol talk
for several ycarB to come. Tho
changcB to bo recommended have not
been outlined In full, but will follow
an Investigation which hns been made
by tho committeemen with tho assist
unco of Stato Architect Burd Miller of
Omahn. Storage rooms in tho base
ment or tho building are to bo con
verted Into offices and passageways
In that section or tho building nre to
bo shaped in Bitch a way that they
can bo traversed. Various totlot
rooms about tho building are to glvo
way to two largo toilet roomB nnd in
severnl instances office partitions will
be taken down to provide more room
ror tho departments.
Must Be Careful of Title.
Musical schools or other educa
tional Institutions not affiliated with
with tho University or Nebraska, but
which uso titles belonging to that In
stitution or uso advertising material
Indicating that they nro a part thereof
will be liable to n lino ir n bill intro
duced in tho senate by Hoagland of
Lancnstor becomcB n law. The step
Is to meet a local condition which has
existed for ho mo tlmo past and which
involves a prlvnto musical college
located near tho university.
No Removal of Orthopedic.
Tho plan or removing the orthopedic
hospital to tho stnto medical college
campus has been abandoned by tho
originators of tho movement, because
they have discovered that tho now
constitutional amendment places tho
Institution under tho care of tho state
board of control. It is understood tho
regonts of tho university would not
consont to tho removal of tho hospital
to tho medical college campus unloss
the board of regents s given control
of It
European Nations the Reverse of
Liberal to Their Defenders, at
Least In Times of Peace.
Wellington said that "our battles
are won on tho playing fields ot
Eton," but modern military command
ers are inclined to bolleve that the
soldier fights "on his stomach."
Of all European soldiers Tommy At
kins Is tho best fod. Tho continental
soldier never gets a meal to bo com
pared to tho hot joint, vegetables, pud
ding, cheese and beer enjoyed by our
men, says Stray Stories.
In Frnnce the, soldier getB a cup of
blnck coffee on rising. Ho hns to
work on nn empty stomach till noon,
when he gets a pound or brend (hle
day's allowance), nnd hashed mutton
or beer, with potatoes. His drink Is
water, unless ho has money to buy
At C o'clock he has n second meaL
consisting or boiled beer nnd brend.
He gets nothing more till morning"
cofToe on tho following day.
Tho German soldier rnres oven
worse. Coffee nt 5 a. m., stewed meat,
potatoes and bread at noon nnd a
pinto or soup nt night nro considered
to be enough ror linns. As n matter
or ract, many soldiers receive cither
money or rood rrom their parents, as.
the rations are clenrly inadequato.
The Swedish soldier Ib not badly
red. He has n good breakrast, con
sisting or coffee, brend nnd butter,
pickled fish nnd potatoes. Ho dines
nt 2 o'clock and Is entitled to a plato
of soup, vegetables, roast meat or
bacon. Supper at S, which consists ot
a plate of soup, finishes tho day.
Tho Austrian soldier fares no bet
ter than his German comrado. except
when ho Is on nctlvn service. Then
ho hns two solid meals a day Instead
of one.
Tho Italian holdicr Is about tho
worst fed of all. In time of peaco ho
Is practlcnlly a vegetarian.. Ho gets
ment regularly when he Is fighting,
otherwlso macaroni nnd similar foods
constitute his "ordinnry."
Tho Rupslnn Is not much better off
ns regards food, hut may drink either
beer or ten. Ho has two mealB a day:
dinner, composed of gruel or cab
bage Botip. and a piece of beer or fish.
For supper he getB only a plato ot
beef soup.
Thirteen the Lucky Number.
That 13 was a lucky number for
the Americans In tho war of tho rev
olution, when 13 colonies revolted nnd
formed the United States, was recog
nized by a London newspaper of 177C
It asserted that tho "rebels" consid
ered tho number lucky, and attributed
to a party of returned naval prisoners
tho mocking statement thnt "13 dried
clams were a rebel's dally ration; that
Washington had 13 toes and 13 teeth
In each jaw; that tho regular rebel
family comprised 13 children.
Free Homesteads
In tho now IMMrlcU ot
Manitoba, Sunkatche
won and Alberta there
nru thousands of hrrs
HunieMradHlefu which
Ui tho ninnniaklngentry
In a yean, tiro will bo
world from KU to Riper
Here. TIii-mi lands uro
Wf-ll adaMed to srain
growing aim ciiuie raiking.
ixm.iKiT fuiuut nciunss
In man? roue thn railways In
Canada have Imn balll In ad
Tancn ot aettlrrueni, and In a
short time there will not bo a
settler wnn nerd be more than
tonortwolve miles from a lino
ot railway. Hallway Hate aro
regulated by Uorernnient Com
munion. Social Conditions
The American Hcttlerlsatnoroit
In Western Canada. Ho I a not a
stranger In a strango land, hay
ing nearly a million of hla own
people already settled there. It
yondeslrntoknow why tho eon
dltlonof tunCanadlanHetllerls
Crospernus write und send for
U-rature, rates, etc, to
Bee Building, Omaha, Neb.
Canadian (JoTemtnent Agent, or
uuurritn rillifiriniwlHIf-ni OT
Imrulgrutlori, Uttawa, Cauda.
One at a Time.
She When wo uro married, dear,
I must hnvo three servants.
He Certainly, darling. Uut try to
keep each us long us possible. St.
Louis l'ost.
Just to Prove It.
'Pn, what is undying lovo?"
"That's tho kind tho gink hns who
fihoots hlnihelf dead when ho Ib re
jected." An old bnchelor gets a bad case ot
stnge fright every timo ho thinks of.
1'l ! ri"Wl wl" '""""I money Ir I'AZU OINT
u'ihN.!. "'" eur on, case of Itching, Mind.
Mloodltn; ur i'rutrudlng 1'lles In U to U aaji. too.
Art may bo long, but it's different
with most artists.
QI TaPaPITCCI)c,nd.,'lr"Iy
sJl-r-f Vlti-riiTir "Ponone'sphys.
M leal condition.
No man or woman can do their beat
work If troubled with a weak stomach
or a torpid liver. Don't bo caiaiasa.
Don't procrasUnata.
Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery
promotes tho flow or digestive Juice.
Invigorates the liver and purifies and
enriches the blood. It make men
d women strong In body and
Aik Your Druggist
I Boit Couth Hyrop. Tula Oood. Um
iniims. noia By IJroMlrU.
if ?Vt
mxtaa '.i-
i. u pr,
At J- -nil 4Vt'