The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 13, 1913, Image 4

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Tun Drn ft ntm r'fJIET monUof nmr,-tei-. of piopeit In that
Int. KED IL.UUU Wlltr ,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,, .l M.(.mili,. stay in tin-
city nf Uu" pirsunt, There, ntiil then
only, will yon llnd the tnatcilals that
minister to vour siicei'St. It U only
tlii" in in who I i v- in tin' prevent who
ih :il, homo when uppoi Utility come
iiioiiiiil witli n nituk of ciillluir curds.
The man who dwells in tliu suburb of
the past is llhclv to be commuting
when the great visit is made.
Rod Cloud, Nobrnoko:
I.. I. ! y
Ktltcrul III tilt I'osKill'irtint llnl HomI, M 1.
ns Hm-oiuI CIstHH Matter l
Now that tho Inoonto tnx I- an as
Miro I tiling we tiro llltely to see some
fast scrambling to tho tall woods or
poverty. It Is mighty Inconvenient to
bo poor lint many will he grateful that
there I" olio tax t lint thoy can escape.
Jf your Income is less than live thotis.
and n your jon are perfectly Hitfo hiiiI
may posu its u rich man lint if it'ex
cecds that itiutuiut you tuny as well be
gin now to plead poverty.
Moving 'lay will soon lie hoio It Ik
such u delightful occupation that one
enjoys thinking about It for sometime
in advance. It Is a Mvrct tidbit, asso
elated with painful lui'iiinrli's. lint
then moving N action and notion is
what we ale itfter. Tho ititl fun of
moving however is the ixpcctincy of
bein' better situated. 1 1 tahe on the
appearance of being nil advancutiient.
An excellent thine; to look fot wind to
but not tobH mentioned while In progress
The Webster County Argus, under
the ellicleiil management of Y. I)
Ed-on, has announced the fact It was
a bit hasty In donning short clothes
mid will appvar again this week as In
days of old, in long dresses or ill
other words as a weekly Instead of a
twice n week paper, to which it was
changed some few weeks past. Our
esteemed coiitempoinry, while sailing
uif'er the linn de plume of u weekly,
alwuys presented it uiedltublo nppear
atico and alforded Us considerable joy
in lending its columns each week, and
w eagerly await Hh le-appeariuicc this
The birthdays of America's two
greatest presidents occur in tho month
of February George Washington and
Abraham Lincoln will always be re
membered us long as this Republic
lasts Our public schools all over this
country conduct Hpproptiute .exorcists
(luring this month nnd the children
are specifically instructed as to the
acts ami actions of these great null.
This program will keep the rising gen
erations familiar with their country's
history and develop their patriotism.
Don't dwell in the ptst. No matter
how attractive may be the adveitlsc-
Advotislug soenis to be an art yet to
bi; discovered by souitt people 'that
is, the practical part of it. A constant
stream of water from one or more tire
engines will soon extinguish or got un
der control u very largo lire, hilo a
few buckets of water, dashed on here
and ihoie, have little or on effect.
The modern fire department is practl
cal, an I has outgrown the bucket sys
tem, and so with modern advertising
plenty of it, used in a practical common
sense mid judicious manner, pays.
If you want to catch a certain kind
of fish you use a certain kind of bait;
! not, all tlsh bite at nil kinds of bait.
Not all people respond to every adver
tisement. The newspaper is a medium
indispensable to thu majority of adver
tlsers, because of its wide and repeat
ing circulation. As a promoter of
t.rnili, mill tiriiflt iinvvfciiunnr iulii,'tlfi.
i iug is no longer an open question; that
I x, when done in a practical and intell
igent maimer, ami pays because of its
effectiveness and cheapness.
GetLoff th
Irt'fcTHP.HJ lii ! LJ U .
, r- a U r"
7 I i svuL. - c(.&
I T-IiTT.lttikT III '111! II . BW . t I S. v
Copyrighted 1912 - tl ' III 1 if
II. J. Palmer ---rrarBgT ( .jf &
What would the Police do to Mr. Truck
Driver if he stopped his truck on the lire hose? It
would be quick and sufficient! The firemen have to have
all the water the hose will deliver to master the fire.
It is a simple case of cause and effect. The
cause, the truck on the hose. The effect, no water flowing
from the nozzle. Remove the cause the effect disappears.
So it is in the human body. A vertebra slips
or turns a little out of place, a nerve is pinched and the flow
lot life force from the mind is shut off and the part of the body
rreached by that nerve becomes weakened and sick. What to
do? Relieve the pressure on the nerve, of course! Nature
needs no other help. Nature starts the life-giving mental
force on its mission of health. Chiropractic merely gives it a
free course and only the human hands and proper knowl
edge are needed to make the adjustment.
Chiropractic is a wonderful example of com
mon sense, cold, solid fact reasoning and logical conclusions.
Everygraduatcof this school not only knows howeasily, quickly
and certainly to relieve all spinal pressure on the nerves, but
he knows how to trace back any ill effect to the cause and ad
just the cause. He will be glad to answer your questions and tell you
about the wonderful simplicity and self-evident truths of Chiropractic.
Talk with him what you will learn may save you a life-time of regrets.
Palmer School of Chiropractic
"Chiropractic Fountain Had"
Davenport, Iowa
'In- liioiiie that Iti '"if pn-iiittil
to Ills Midleticc h. unlay ovi-iiing, white
It was certainly iippropiiate for a
church oiganizatioii, and was well pie
Miiilud, lliil-o lends itself npuilly well
for it community. "If all the world
were like myself, what would the world
be like?" Suppose every olio in lied
Clmid wen; to ask himself thetpiuslion
"If all Hod t loud weie like ntself
whtt would Keel Cloud be like?'1 If
this (luesllon weie asked honestly and
answered honestly (for how can a man
lie to himself) we llimly believe that
there would be a great demand for
biooms, dust pans and wash rags
What could the Chamber of Commerce
do If there were none of us physically
la?y, mentally indolent or morally In
active? What might not our city be
If every one of Us would put aside per
sonal gain, peisotial ambition and pel
soual pride and do a little for the com
mon good? We are not saying that
nothing Is being done, we weie just
speculating on how essy the work
would bo If every individual would
give a boost.
Nary Did Have
A Little Lamb
Anxious to ascertain beyond question
whether theie was ever a "Mary'' who
"had a little lamb,'' as the widely
krown nursery poem recites, Mr. L.
W. Owens of Pueblo, Colo , traveled to
Massachusetts a distance of more
than 2,001) miles to make a thorough
She has done it. She has found that
there was a real "Mary," and that he
had a real lamb. The lamb went to
school, too, one day, us the famous
versos assert. The young poet, John
Uoulstoue, who immortalized Mary
and the lamb, took some poetic liber
ties with the facts, Mrs. Owens found,
but the poem is correct in the main
points, tleieare the verses as they
weie written and handed to Mary, the
owner of the lamb:
Mary Inula little lamb,
Its llepce was white, as snow;
And everywhere that Mary went.
The lamb was sure to go
It followed her to school one day,
Which was ngaitis-t the rule;
It made the children laugh aud play
To see the lamb at school.
And so the teaoher turned it out,
Hut still it lingered near,
And waited patiently about
Till .Mary did appear.
"What, makes the lamb love Maty soV
The eager children cried,
"Why Mary loves the lamb, you know,"
The teacher then replied
The "Mary" of the poem was Mary
Sawyer, and later Mary Sawyer Taylor.
She lived at Sterling, Mass., and when
she was 8 years old, 9d years ago, she
owned the lamb.
Mary's lamb was a pet. She kept its
tleece nice and clean, and sometimes
tied a ribbon about its neck. One day
she took the lamb to school When
she went to JLhe platform to recite the
lamb clattered after her. That tnutie
a laugh.
Mary then took the lamb outside and
fastened it to a shed. She took the
lamb home at the noon recess. John
Roulstone, who was studying for the
ministry with Rev. Samuel Capeu of
Sterling, was on a visit to the school
that day. The next day he rode up to
the school aud handed Mary the poem.
Mrs. Owens, who Is president of the
Loyal Hoys' Club of the West, made
the trip from her distant home for the
sole purpose of delving itito the past
and getting the truth about the lamb
episode. Mrs. Owens will write'a book
on the life and death of Mary and her
Empire, Sharpies or U. S. Hand
$50. CASH
First Come First Served
EdOiarcl Hanson, Ked Cload, Jteb.
Hardmare and Implements
628 Elm Street, ... Red Cloud, Nebraska
Graduate of Palmer School of CblroprRctlc
Consultation and Spinal Analysis Free
OPFICK HOURS: 0 to 12 a. 1u. and 2 to'p. in.
'-m c
1 1 : 1 1
Just Received
$1500.00 worth of Wool Dress Goods and Silks comprising all the
newest and latest novelties there is on the market for this season.
Get the habit of visiting our store when you are looking for something
new, you will always find we have it.
Below we give a list of the different kinds of goods we have, and in
each and every one we have a wide .range of patterns and colors:
nn ta tup mn on i Ann?
I r....... c.- I
rmiiiiuiG -aiviG
Licensed Undertaker in Nebraska and Kansas
Fire Fighting Apparatus
At Omaha Auto Show
Omaha, Neb., Fab.lOth An Interest
ing feature of the Omaha Automobile
show, which will be held in the Audi
torium February 24th to March 1st,
will be the exuiblt or tire ttgatlng ap
paratus or. all kinds, wuion is replac
ing horse drawu machinery in many
Of especial interest will be exhibit
of trucks, which are being shipped
here from eastern cities. Many mayors
of Nebraska cities, who will be accom
panied by city councilmen, wilt visit
the show to iuspect the apparatus and
consider the advisability of installing
It in the cities of the state.
For the tirst time, the heads of de
partments of the eastern manufactur.
ing concerns will attend the show and
peisonally explain the excellency of
their products.
The show is considered of enough
importance for many exhibitors to ship
their entire displajs from Chicago,
cutting tout Kansas City and Minne
apolis from their circuit. This means
that Nebraska is considered thu most
Important commercial ccuter of any of
the middle west states.
Melton Suitings
English Cords
Bedford Cords
Wool Eponges
We have a beautiful line of Cream Serges, Cream Bedford Cord and Cream
I Herringbone Stripes.
Wldvw's PcmIm.
I he recent act of Ap'rll 10th, VMS
gives to all soldiers' widows a pension
812 per month. Fred Mauror, the at
torney, has all necessary blanUs.
Crepe Meteor
Satin Charmense
Also big line of the celebrated Cheney Bros. Foulard Silks.i
Weesner, Perry 8 Co.
RedCliud, Nebraska
PWIII WIWllMWilmll.MriWtTJiimiWMJLW'ir i. m