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The Chief
C. B. HALE, PubllBhcr
Turkish Cabinet SI(jno Termo Aareed
Upon by the Ottoman and
Representatives of
the Allies.
Ifnmllton, ncrmudn. Governor
Woodiow Wilson Ih wlllliiK to talcu
tht) oath of olllco as president of tho
United Stalcii without oHtontntloti on
March 4, and adds that tho formal
ceremonies that every fourth year at
tract thousands of citizens to WiibIi
liiKton will bo postponed until tho
last Thursday In April. To that ex
tent ho lino cndorHcd tho propaganda
in fvor of a later Inausiiratlon, which
has been advocated In and out of con
gress In order that tho event mlpht
bo conducted at a tlmo when tho
weather usually Ih propitious nt the
.national capital.
8l0" Peace Protocol.
London. Tho of the pro
tocol of tho armlstlco between tho Hai
nan allies and Turkeys, which was
oxpected Sunday, was postponed until
Tuesday, as tho Greek delegate had
,not received tho necessary authority
from his government. It Is rumored
that In addition to tho Bulgarian
troops just landed at Dcdcagahatch,
another largo force of Greek troops
from Salonkl Is at sea, and It Is sug
gested that Grceco may delay signing
tho armistice In order to allow theso
troops to arrive at their destination,
which is supposed to bo tho Gulf of
Saros in Gallipoll.
Case of Mistaken Identity.
Baltimore, Md. When tho giant
form of Bishop George A. Beecher of
Nebraska was seen in tho lobby of
tho Hotel Belvidcre, tho word went
round among the bollboys that a dis
tinguished prlzo lighter was a guest.
Tho "buttons" who was summoned to
carry his grip eyed him with wild
eyed admiration and he was tho sub
ject of much discussion until one of
thcta was asked to pago Bishop
Beecher. The bellboy shouted his
name throughout the dining room and
lobby and when the "prize tighter" re
sponded the bellboy was aghast. But
the cleric bad proved generous with
bis tips and lost nothing in prestige
by having bis truo character made
Big Appropriation Necessary.
Washington. Appropriations of
nearly $200,000,000 for pensions to
veterans of American wars will bo
necessary at tho short session of con
gress Just convened. Tho unusual
sura, exceeding all appropriations of
former years, will bo necessary to
mako up a deficit of nearly $20,000
resulting from tho increase of pen
stons under the Sherwood law.
Wants Constitutional Enactment.
Washington. On tho theory that
congress intended to pass a constitu
tional law when It enacted tho news
paper "publicity" law last Bummer as
n pari of the postal appropriation act,
Solicitor General Bullitt in a brief has
asked tho supremo court of tho United
States to construo the measu.o Into a
constitutional enactment.
Worked by Old Confidence Game.
Chicago, 111. An old confidence
gamo called "drop tho handkerchief,"
was worked on John Solbor, a travel
ing salesman of Omaha. Ho la said
to have exchanged $-350 for a hand
kerchief wrapped about a bundlo of
tissue paper.
Rabbits to Reduce Cost of Living.
Berlin. Municipal rabbit breeding
Is to ,bo tried out by schoneberg, a
.suburb of the capital. ThU is the lat
ent experiment In the effort to And a
way to combat the high cost of living
and furnish meat to those whom tho
present prices are prohibitive.
New Coins for Christmas.
Philadelphia, Pa. For tho time be
ing the United States mint In this
city has been converted Into a ver
itable Santa Claus workshop, for tho
manufacture of thousands of shining
gold pieces that will nestle in tho
toes of many stockings nt Christmas
time. Immenso numbero of bright
eagles nnd doublo eagles are being
turned out to moet tho Christmas
rush. Tho demand for tho minor
coins, quarters, dimes, ulckols nnd
cents, so necessary to the holiday
shopper, Is greater than over before.
Old Ratss Remain In Force.
Bock Island, l. An official state
ment withdrawing tho order for tho
new Insurance rates, as adopted by
tho head camp of tho order In Chi
cago, has boon Issued from tho ex
ecutive dfllces of tho Modern Wood
men of America. , This action wna n
sequel to a recent court doclsion In
Springfield, 111., enjoining enforce
men of tho now rateB. Tho order wjll
bo In effect pending tho llnal disposi
tion of the rate In question In tho
last court of appeals, Mcanwhtlo tho
old rates will remain In force.
HH -tLnww pjMj J jMLBhaLHMlVS flswawswiM PSvMMLVLLLH RcLvJk Tl. 413m jfc' ytiFtlbn.JEimbiKi&fM
The village of Hadcmkeul has been dsocrlbed by a warcorrcnpondent as
Death." Here thousands of Turklch uoldicrs are dying of cholera.
AH Are Under Indictment for Offenses
In Massachusetts, and Must Ap
pear In Court Later.
Snlcm, Mobb., Nov. 28. In tho case
of Joseph J. Ettor. Arturo Giovannlttl
tnd Joseph Caruso, on trial for. the
murder of Anna Loplzzo, who was
killed In Lawrence tcxtllo strike riot
last winter, the Jury returned tic ver
illct of "not guilty" Tuesday.
When tho threo men had heard tho
words freeing thorn from tho charge
they embraced and kissed each other.
When tho jurors had left, tho court
announced to Caruso that there wan
another indictment against him, charg
ing him with assault with u deadly
'weapon with Intent to kill, and that
.tho court would release hint on hl3
own recognizance. "
Ettor and Giovannlttl nlso were held
ton another indictment charging them,
together with William D. Haywood of
Jho Industrial Workers of the World,
und others, with conspiracy to incite
riot In the Lawrcnro strike. On this
they wero released in bonds of $500
teach, which were furnished by Helen
S. Dudley of Boston.
The trial of Ettor," member of tho
executive committee of the Industrial
Workers of the World; Giovannlttl, a
Socialist writer of Brooklyn, N. Y
nnd Caruso, a mill workor,.camo about
In consequence of the strike of 30,000
operatives in tho textile mills of Law
rence, Mass., suddenly precipitated
January 12 last and continued for two
rnonthB. Ettor and Giovannlttl were
accused ns accessories before the fact
to the murder of Anna Loplzzo, who
was killed in a recent riot. Tho com
monwealth maintained that they in
cited the riot in which the woman met
her death by inflammatory speeches
to tho strikers.
J. Frank Hlckey Confesses to 8laylng
Joseph Josephs and a News
boy, Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 2. A complete
confession was mado here Friday by
J. Frank Hlckoy of tho murder of Jo
seph Josephs, tho seven-year- old Lack
awanna boy whoso dismembered body
was found In a cesspool back of n
saloon in Lnckawanna November 16,
and also admitted that ho killed Mi
chael Kruck, a New York newsboy,
twelvo years old, ten years ago. Death
in both instances was caused by
Hlckey attributed his crimes to the
excessive use of liquor. When drunk,
le said, ho was possessed with an irre
sistible mania for killing boys.
Late U. 8. Senator Is Buried at Rock
Crttk Cemetery Cabinet
Washington. Nov. 29. All that Is
mortal of the late United States Sena
tor Isldor Rayner of Maryland, who
died here of neuritis, was laid to rest
In Rock Creek cemetery. President
Taft, ofllcluls of tho cablnot and
members of tho sonata nnd houso paid
their last trlbuto to tho memory ot
ono of the leading mombcrs of the
upper branch of congress. Tho statu
of Maryland also sent Its official party
to mourn at tho blor of ono of her fa
vorlto sons.
Blanche Bates Weds George Creel,
Yonkors, N. Y Nov. 30. Miss
Blancho Bates, tho .well known act
rcsB, and Georgn Creel, editorial
writer and pollco commissioner of
Denver, Colo., wrro married In MIsb
Bates' homo In Nowcastlo, Thursday.
Begin Trial of 106 Koreans.
Seoul, Korea, Nov. 27. Tho now
trial on appeal of thn 10G Koreans
convicted September 28 of participat
ing In a conspiracy against tho life of
Sount Terauchl, the Japaneso govern
r general of Korea, began Tuesday.
Broken Rait Causeo Tragedy on Cin
cinnati Express Near Philadelphia
Passengers Thrown In Heap
When Coaches Leave Tracks.
Philadelphia, Nov. 3Q. The Cincin
nati express on the Pennsylvania rail
road was derailed ut Glculoch, twen
ty-flvo mlleB from this city, Thursday.
Four persons wero killed and fifty In
jured, Eome of them fatally, In tho
Tho train, a double-header, was run
ning at tho rate of iifty miles an hour
when tho nccldont occurred. Derailed,
It Ib believed, by n broken rail, one
day coach and threo Pullmans, all of
Btoel construction, rolled down an em
bankment, upon a string of coal cars
standing at a lower level upon a
parallel track.
The cars, with their human freight
tossed about the seats, berths and cor
ridors, were piled high on both sides
of the coal cars, some of which were
doralled and turned around by tho
force of tho Impact.
The dead: J. E. Collins, passenger,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Howard E. Baldwin, Pullman con
ductor of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Edwin R. Jones. Pullman conductor,
Pittsburg, Pa.
L. D. Flnley, passenger, Pittsburg,
17,000 DIE; $10,000,000 LOSS
City Wiped Out 500 Americans Left
' Homeless In Philippines New
Disaster Forecasted.
Manila, P. I., Dec. 2. Seventeen
thousand persons, Including a number
of Americans, are dead, more than 500
Americans and hundreds of thousands
of natives aro homeless and one en
tire city, the capital of thn Island of
Leyte, was wiped out in the most dis
astrous typhoon which has struck the,
Philippine Islands In years.
With thn coasts of flvo islands
strewn with wreckage of steam and
sail vessels. Father Algue, tho weath
er expert, caused to be cabled all over
the Islands Friday a warning of a sec
ond typhoon, heading for tho centor of
the archipelago.
Tacloban, tho capital ctty of the
Island of Loyte, was wiped out. Caplz,
capital of tho Province of Caplz, was
severely damaged.
Reports from every coastwise port
In tho southern Islands tell of wreck
age piled upon the beaches. ThuB far
reports Indicate the total damage will
exceed $10,000,000.
Was Ono of the Well-Known Figures
of, Public Life In Washington
for Many Years.
Washington, Nov. 00. Col. Daniel
M. Rnnsdoll, sergeant-at-arms of tho
United States senate, formor "United
States marshal for the District of Co
lumbia, and an Intlmato frlond of Pres
ident Harrison, died Thursday as tho
result of an operation performed on
November 7. Colonel RatiHdoll was
one of tho well-known figures of pub
lic llfo.
Postpone Fitzgerald Trial.
Chicago, Nov. 30. Tho trial of
Geargo W. Fitzgerald, charged with
the theft of $173,000 from tho govern
ment sub-treasury several yoars ngo,
was postponed Thursday, owing to ill
ness of Federal Judge Carpenter.
Gets His First Barber Shave,
Huntington, Ind., Nov. 30. Although
he will celobrntn his ono hundredth
birthday anniversary on December 14,
Jacob Souors, Huntington's oldest resi
dent, submitted to his first shave at
tho hands of a barber Thursday,
"The Valley of the Shadow of
Says James B. McNamara Wanted Pan
ama Locks Blown Plot to Wipe
Out Los Angeles Told.
Indianapolis, Nov. 27. Ortlo E. Mc
Manleal related In thn federal court
hero Monday stories of how thn Mc
Namaras, after the destruction of tho
Times, hatched tho plots for moro ex
tensive violence and moro desperate
decda than they had attempted be
fore. A plot to destroy the whole city of
Los Angeles by explosion and flro. to
make history on tho coast date from
the destruction of that city, Instead
of from tho date of the San Francis
co earthquake, was among those ol
which tho dynnmlter told.
In desperate desire to carry oul
this dynamiting program. Ifthooxocu
tlvc board, aB1 he feared it would
cut off the money supply, John J. Mc
Nuniara was ready to resort to tht
"hold-up" or highway robbery to gel
money, said hlB former companion in
How J. .T. McNamara soticht to eel
McManlgal to go to Panama to blow
up the canal locks under construc
tion by the McClintlp-Marshall com
pany, was another Interesting episode
in the conspiracy, as related by the
The conversation in which most ot
these plans were disclosed, said the
dynamiter, occurred at the interna
tional headquarters in this city, April
7, 1911, only five days before J. B.
McNamara and Ortle McManlgal were
arrested in Detroit.
Milwaukee, Nov. 27. John Schrank.
tho would-bo assassin of Colonel
Roosevelt, was taken to the Northern
Hospital for the Insane near Osh
kosh, Monday, by Deputy Sheriff
Fred Becker, Judgo A. C. Backus ol
tho municipal court.
Washington, Nov. 28. Rumors that
Secretary Meyer of tho navy depart
ment was about to resign, which were
In active circulation In Washington
Tuesday, brought an emphatic denial
from tho secretary himself.
San Francisco, Nov. 29. Wobbling
on leaden legs, his eyes glazed and his
body reeling, Ad Wolgast, conquoroi
or Battling Nelson, fouled Willie
Ritchie twlco in the sixteenth round
ot their fight at Daly Cky Thursday.
With the wave of Referee Jim Grif
fin's hand, which disqualified him, the
lightweight championship of the world
passed for the first time in Queens
berry history Into the keeping of s
Baltimore. Md., Dec. 2. William
Purnell Jackson, Republican natlonn'
committeeman from Maryland, wai
Friday night appointed United Statei
senator by Governor Goldsborough nl
Annapolis as the successor of tho latt
Senator Isldor Rayner, who died Ic
Washington. The appointment of Mr
Jackson cuts the Democratic major
Ity In .the senate down to ono.
Now York,' Nov. 28. "Gyp tht
Blood," "Whltey" Lewis, "Lofty Louio"
and "Dago Frank," the gunmen con
victed of tho murder of Horman Ro
senthal, wero sentenced by Justice
Goff Tuesday to dto In tho electric
chair at Sing Sing during tho week ot
Janunry 0.
Hold Funeral of J. T. Brush.
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 2 Tho fu
neral of J. T. Brush, president of the
Now York Nationnl Icngue baseball
club, who died in his prlvato car, was
held at St. Paul's Episcopal church and
burial was at Crown Hill cometery.
Falls Dead at Thanksgiving Dinner.
Bloomlngton, III., Nov. 30. Just as
ho finished Baying blessing at Thanks
giving tablo Thursday at which wore
seated relatives in family reunion, Ed
ward M. Brown fell from his chair,
dead. He was seventy-two.
IHlfcK NEWS OF Ntunisrt
University Placo Is agitating a new
curfew law.
' York will hold a county poultry
yshow some tlmo next month.
Nebraska school districts own near
ly $19,000,000 worth of property.
Aurora laid tho cornerstone of her
new $25,000 Christian church Wednes
day. Tho Jefferson county farmers' Insti
tute will bo held 'at Falrbury during
A number of Hastings cigar dealers
havo been arrested nnd heavily lined
Xor selling cigarettes.
Governor Aldrlch has traded a farm
near David City for Lincoln property,
and will mako hlu home there.
Tho pheasants that wero placed on
Fremont Island last winter by the
state game warden havo disappeared.
L. P. Addlngton was badly Injured
when a pllo driver on which ho was
at work near Bennington fell over on
T. W. Cappa of Lincoln wan hold tip
nnd relieved of eighty dollars on the
Btrects of that placo at 7:40 Saturday
I'lnlr Fitzgerald of Valley, who was
Injured In a football game at lienson,
died In an Omaha hospital from bin
At Its meeting at Chicago tho arbi
tration board of baseball clubs award
ed tho Nebraska state pennant to
Henry Thrun was Instantly killed
when ho camo In contact with tho dy
namo in the enslnc of the Snyder mill
'at Snyder.
Waldo Walker of Clatonla has been
elected vlco president of the college
of homeopathic medicine of .the Iowa
stato university.
Carl Mclerhenry of Fremont got his
hnnd caught In n corn shelter and so
badly mangled that amputation be
came necessary.
The experiment of teaching German
In the elementary grades of the
schools is being tried In the Park
school in Lincoln.
Tho Lincoln dollar gas caBo will be
decided by an election to be held De
cember 27. It has been voxing con
sumers for several years.
A golden eagle measuring seven
feet from tip to tip of wings and
standing over two feet high, was cap
tured by a boy at Rosalie.
Tho Rt. Rev. Bishop Tlhen of Lin
'coin confirmed a class of thlrty-flvo
young people at St. Mary's Catholic
church at Wymore, Sunday.
Frank McKee, former hobo, has
fallen heir to the fortune of his
brother near McCook, and will for
sake the road for a pastoral life.
Declaring firearms a menaco to tho
community, the Lincoln city council
has been asked to pass an ordinance
restricting their sale In that place.
The King alfalfa plant at Nebraska
City was burned Saturday, with a loss
of $150,000, partly covered by Insur
ance. Tho origin of the fire is a mys
tery. 1 A large blue or purplo heron was
shot by C. O. Thoman of Blue Springs
and the bird will be mounted. The
bird was fishing in the Blue river,
when shot.
A ten-year-old boy In an Omaha
pawnshop knocked a gun from tho
bands of a holdup who had covered
the proprietor and had demanded cash
from the safe.
Nearly a hundred farmers, of Gage
county met at Beatrice and a tem
porary organization of the Gage
County Crop Improvement association
.was perfected.
Headed by Stato Secretary Bailey
and tho members of tho committee,
there was a boys' parado in the Inter
est of the Grand Island Y. M. C. A.
building movement in which 800 boyB,
carrying out various stunts, partici
pated. John Wright, who was Injured in an
elovator at tho First National bank
nt Lincoln, has secured a verdict for
$11,000 ngalnst tho construction com
pany In charge of the erection of thn
building at tho time tho accident oc
curred. A nugget of gold worth nearly a
dollar was found in tho craw ot a
goose recently killed near Bethany.
A fine electric clock has been pre
sented tiy the class of '12 of tho North
Bond high school to the high school.
Tho monoy for its purchase was real
ized from an amateur dramatic per
formance. Ralph Buss, a Fremont amateur
actor, carried the leading . part in
"The Girl and the Song" while suf
fering from an attack ot appendicitis,
from tho pain of which he fainted
twice, and for which ho was operated
upon a few hours later.
Louis Groeteke ot Valley Grove Is
In a serlouB condition on account ot
blood poisoning resulting from a tight
shoo. ,
Tho members of the Wymoro vol
u..tccr flro department are hustling
for their fait: tho 18th, 19th and 20th
of November, which Is going to bo a
One hundred presidents of Wcs
Icyan university s nnd colleges In the
United States may hold tholr annual
meeting In University Place next
year, marking an Important epoch In
the history of the Nebraska Mothodlst
school and Mothodistlsm In general.
Application for postal savings bonds
which are to bo Issued January 1,
must be mndo boforo December 2,
according to a bulletin just issued by
the postmaster general and sent to
tho various postal banks.
Aurora business men have contrlb
uted llborally and County Superin
tendent Jackson now has a comploto
'list of prizes and promlums .which
will bo distributed at a corn, cooking
and sowing contest for Hamilton
county boys and girls to be held In
teonnectlon with the farmers' Institute
.to bo held at that place early in December.
Romeo Iianimlctts I see the woata
cr forecast says "continued cold."
Komlck Mannc Probably referring
to your audlcnco last night.
Tho Rev. Edmund Hcslop of Wig
ton, Pa., suffered from Dropsy for o
year. Ills limbs and feet wero swob
leu and puffed. Ho had heart fluttcn
Ing, was dizzy
and exhausted nt
tho least oxer
tlon. Hands nnd.
feet wero cold
and ho had such
a dragging sensa
tion across tho
loins that It wart
dllllcult to move;
Rev. E. Heslop.
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