The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 19, 1912, Image 1

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Farmers' Institute
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THE New Banking Law is now in force
the payment of every dollar of deposits in this
institution is guaranteed by the Bank Guaranty
Fund of the State of Nebraska.
Webster County Bank
CAPITAL $25,000
See IBk
how Hfei
itfiiis lnBg
itself! 1
just a dip in ink and one simple
ihumb-pressure on the "Crescent
ITDer." Isn't that fountain pen "class?" Isn't,
it a downright relief and soul-satisfying
comfort to eliminate the troublesome, inky
dropper-filler and tight screw Joints?
Fountain Pen ,
.. M.. Ml ItW twit ltm
itUlf, tOO, It tlw MM tilMj
and with th sunt operttwa.
Moreover, it absolutely win
not kaV either la th peck Of!
rn writing'
t , FOR 8ALE BY - . .
Charley Campbell has sold bis place
where he lives and be is Axing up his
other place and expects to move thre
In the utar future.
James Mefford hauled tire loads of
hogs to Hd Cloud Monday.
Thero was no siirvlcra at thn M 13.
church Sunday on account of Minimise
plague that is ruling In this nelihbor
hood. Beit King and wlfo and daughter
were vhltlug ut Joo Mudd Suuduy.
Will Smith and wife were visiting in
Garflold Sunday.
Outer Wolfo and vvlfa were pleasant
fi esrffanwat H. 'I flU'wB
fflaTaaaanSaKtei 'vfOfS'
!; Corespondents
November 19, 20,
callers at Joe Mudds oti Sunday
The weather is cool but not much
ruin yet. It is very dry for putting in
Col. Elllmrer wns in (Jarfleld vbco.I-
natlug the horses to prevent the horse
disease from taking off so many.
&r.- land Mrs. Jim Roblusou were,
visiting their daughter Mrs. Rube
Schultz on Sunday '
Will Fisher has been cutting millet
with his binder for the nelgbors on
wind mill low this week.
Those that were unlucky etiough to
looso horse are: Hert King 52, John
Rawl 1, MuElhntiey 1, Chris Hansen 2,
Clyde Buwen 1, Mrs. Ida Kent 1, Noah
McDowoll 1 mule, Chus. Schultz 2,
Lloyd A mack 1, Chan. Wolfe 2, Dave
Kaley 2, Ed Wlgglns'l, Tom Hawkins
2, Jim DeWltt 1, Alf. Harris 1, and
several moieslck.
Miss Oeorgia Good was a passenger
to Hastlugs Monday.
Ed I'aul spent Tuesday in Upland.
He went via bis touring. car.
Ross Paul and family of Omaha are
here visiting old friends and relatives
E. T. Foe, Cashier of the Cowles
Bank, came iu from Bird City in his
auto Monday.
M. R. Adamson came in from South
Dakota Moudav where he has been
looking after his farm.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Vance, who have
been visiting friends and relativea for
sometime, left for their home in Hast
ings Monday.
Mrs. J. C. Waller left for Hastinga
where she expects to be treated at the
hospital. She has been iu very poor
health of late. -
Miss Marv Waller has tendered her
resignation as Postmaster at Cowles.
Mies Kjwd flayea is having Ja petition
circulated tor the office.
Thomas Deakln and Sidney Spracher
came hone from their punting trip in
the sand hills Monday evening. They
report a fine time but not nuoh game.
CetirHitltMl aMf mile.
"The Seasons" will' be the topic of
the morning sermon. Sunday School and tor the year toiBiueh a levy as maybe
.4 m t?..nin . a ai,tvUy.f ( , nesessary to raise the remainder of the ITS,
at 10. Evening service at 8 aubject of , M ud no mQtt whlck ITy lor tM yeM
address: "The Mystery of the Horse shall tn no lusunoe exceed fvesaUls.
Plague." Mid-Week meeting Wednes-1 Bald court house to coat completed and
day evening at 8 Subject "What has turnUhsd not to exceed the sum of ITnWfcOO.
3od done for me." Patio: W: 16 (An
experience meeting.) Choir practice.
Friday evening. -J. J. Bayner pastor,
- M m m -a m m wm mmm m mb I
1 .
lAnms 1
Aak yoar Mraftsf't for CHI-CHn-TSIBVI
Gold metallic boat. Mated with Mod
nibbon. Taxi wo onma. JNr7
TIM0NB SUA MB rltJ,I.S. fur (trcnty-fl:
7tar regarded n Ik-tt, Safest, A Ways ftallaMn.
jx m
21 and 22, 1912
ajaBW. ..r.,raa,r.';flagtvl..rj,a-i .... . 'c.nk.vvMkriuff ., , -,ESjf i55Tlff iC'J1'
4 Newspaper That fllves The News Flfty
Kki Cloud, Nkh. .Sept 14, Wia
Hoard of Count' Commissioners met
pursuant to ndjournnicut Member-
present, T. J Cliupliii, L F. Schmidt
(. W. Hummel and U.Ohmstedo Chair
ninii of said board.
At b meeting of the Couutv Corutnlsv
toners of Webster County. Nebraska
held Ht the couit house ill lied Cloud, t
Nebraska, Septembor 14th , 1012
The following resolutton wns Intro
duced by T. J. Chaplin who moves Its
adoption. ,
He It resolved by the County Com j
tnissiouers of Webstar County, Nebras-J
ka, that whereas
lt Is necessary to
erect ana lurmsh a
new court house,
in Webster County, a j The clerk was instructed to place
submitted to the qualified voters of. 8id proposition on a seperate sample
said county, at the general election t BDli seperate official ballot, for said
be held in said county on the ftth.' )eatlon in accordance with said reso
day of November 1912, to vote a peculation.
taltaxfor that purpose sufficient Ht
raise the sum of 875,000.00 and tharjduced by G. W. Hummel, who moved
for the purpose of raising said amount." Its adoption.
a sppcial tax, iu addition to all dter
taxes of Ave mills on the dollar, bA
levied on till the
iiu piuperirjrB-iDUrieM,
rears 1013, aprtgroUud,
said county for
the years
1014 and for the year 1015 such .a lej
as may be necessary to raise the
malnder of the $75,000 00 and no
which levy for tho year 1915 shall U
'no Instance exceed five mllls,, "X
i The total amount , to be raised by l
said levy to be$75,o6o 00 and no 'more.
Said proposition to be submitted for
the adoption or rejection thereof ,by
the qualified voters of sid county
Said court house to cost completed
and furnished not to exceed the sum
of 875,000.00 and to be located upon
the preseut court house square, In Red
Cloud, Webster County, Nebraska.
' Plans nnd specifications of the pro
posed court house are hereto attached
and made a part of this resolution and
marked for identification.
That the county clerk be aud here
by is Instructed to cause said prpposl
tlon to be submitted to the eleotors of
said county, upon a seperate ballot at
said election as provided by Sections
11205 to 11302, inclusive, and Sections
4445 to 4449. inclusive, Cobbeys Stat-
utts for 1911.
That notice of said election be given
and published as required by Section
4443 Cobbeys Statutes for 1011 and
that the form of said notice be as fol
latfca Ujal Vatroat Wafcttar Cant.
NOTICE, Is hereby given, that at the iicn
eral election to be hold In Webster County,
Nebraska, on the Mb. day of November 1(12,
there will be submitted to the legal voters of
aid county, for their adoption or rejection,
the following proposition, towlt:
Shall the Board of County Commlsaloners
of said county or such officers as may be
charged with the duty of levying taxes there
in, In addition to atl othdr taxes, levy or
cause to be levied upon all tho taxable
property la said county a spatial tax sumo
tat to raise the sum of frrwOW.00, and no
mere, for the parpose of provlalag a special
fuad tor the erection, completion and J ur
nlshlng of, a'county. court house on the pres
ent court house square In Bed Clone, Web
ster Coanty, Nebraska an4 for the purpose
ef raising 175,000.00 shall a special tax, In
addition to all other taxes, of five mills on
the dollar be levied on all the taxable proper-
ity In said county for the years 11(8 and ll
. lll r"
4445 10 444a, inclusive, cobbers BtstuUs for
Shall s ld board upon tho adoption of aald
proposition proceed to let contract lor th
; ereeloa and completion of such proposed
' court house according to law and levy aald
l tax.
That tho voto on aald proposition shall be
, by ballot on a seperate ballot prepared for
such election In form aa follows.
couh r houhr tx rnoposiTiON Vota for one
I FOR tho proposition to levy a special tux
aufllolwit to ral it) 17000.00, In lulJltlon to all
other taxes for erecting aud furnishing a
county court house, find levy tptielui tlu
, mill tax years WIS und ISM and amount In
1916 sufficient to raise remainder of tho V7V
DUMB, tax torlVIS Iu no instance to exceed
nvo mills. ... .,-... ...
AOAINHT tl)tij)ropoflilim tolovy rvspcclal
tax aurtkltnt to tm-e t7,Oao.OO, in addltlpu to
all other taxes, for creeling aud lurn'shlng a
SfS35T3Hsaauttri.. iteN
- twa Week Eack Year Br fl.S.
county court lioiiMc, mid levy of special live
mill tax years Will and IDU niul amount In
1915 stiincicnt to raise remainder f I7.voao.oo.
tax In itr In no Instance to exceed lUo
mill - i
That said notice be published for,
four consecutlvo weeks prior to said
election In the Uultlu Hock Signal,
Blun Hill Leader, Hladen Enterprise,
Webster County Argus, Cnmmetolnl
Advertiser and the Red Cloud Chief
una that a copy of said notice be also
posted up ut each place of voting dur
ing' the day of election.
The motion to adopt said resolution
being seconded the vote thereon was
as follows.
j Aye. Hummel, Chaplin, Schmidt,
No. None.
Whereupon the resolution was do
olared carried by chairman Ohmstede
'and the clerk instructed accordingly.
The following resolution was Intro-
Resolved that the dead bodies of all
horses in Webstor County must be
not less than 0 feet under
or thoroughly burned within
24 hours after death, and that tho
County Attorney be lustruutcd to see
that the luw on this subject is rigidly
lit was moved mid seconded by T. J
1?HUu' ., '. .
. The vote on said resolnttou was:
Aye, Hummel, Chapllu, Schmidt, Ohm
stede. No, None.
Resolution declared adopted by
chairman Ohnmtede and so ordered.
The petition of Harm Viuilloeulng
et al, asking tliut tho question of
electing a County Assessor in Webster
county be submitted to the electors
therein, coming on for consideration.
Upon investigation and consideration
by, the board, It Is found that said pe
tlon was filed with the County Clerk
of. (Webster County, Nebraska, more
than 60 days prior to the general elec
tion to be held In said county for the
year 1012, that said petition Is signed
by at least ten per cent of the electors
of Webster County, secured in not less
than 2-5 of the precincts of the county,
that said petition requests that the
question of electing a County Assessor
In Webster County, Nebraska, be sub
mitted to the electors of Bald county
at the 1912 general election to be held
In said county.
Moved by T. J. Chaplin, that the
question of electing a County Assessor
in, Webster County. Nebraska, be sub
mitted to the qualified voters of said
county at the general election to be
held therein on the 5th. day of Novem
ber 1012 and that the County Clerk be
and hereby ia Instructed to cause aald
question to be submitted upon the
ballots at aald election and that the
form of submission upon the ballot
shall be aa follows.
For election of county assessor
Against election of county assessor. . .
Ia, accordance with the, provisions of
Section 10918 Cobbeys Statute for the
year 1911.
Seconded by L F. Schmidt.
The vote on said - resolution was:
Aye. Chaplin, 'Schmidt, Hummel,
Ohmstede. No. None.'
Resolution declared oarried and so
ordered by Chairman Ohmstede.
(Seal) E. W. Bom, County Clerk.
A Tribute to the
Red Cloud Band
Red Cloud, Nebraska, has a band
that is attracting more attention in
the southern part of that tate,and In
cidentally advertising that town to a
batter ami greater riegreo that) tiny one
other outside attract ion which that
town could possibly suggiitt.
Lust week this bund under tho dl
motion of Prof. J. E. UcL:, played the
Nortou County Fair dates In Norton
and llrawo.d Purlc, und while this
town Itfiolf bofi-its of mauy muslolaas,
tbsy all ngieo thai Red Olpud bas the
ttst mii'lnl otTS'i:.', ".)tijf pny bend
between the Missouri rivornnd Denver.
ti,,i,,.- n,,.t .. i.. v .. i. . i...
U"r,, Jholr stny in Norton the boys
w,,' '' Kindly treated nnd In this
thoy wore deserving, for n tnoro quiet
and (orderly company of musicians
could not be found. The fair associa
tion has lecolved many compliments
for tho lied Cloud baud sultetlnn and
not a single unkind word of any de
scription has been hoard from any
where. The Hod Cloud band is maintained
by the business men of that city ut no
great cost to the people of that town,
yet tho benefits the town receives
from tho Investment In tho shape of
so many recommendations Is worth
many times the amount so iuvested.
A good band is one of the greatest
advertisements for a town known dur
ing the age and while the people of
Norton usually don't take their hats
off for anything inaugurated by any
other town the same aize as this, for
once we must admit Red Cloud's band
is one thing we need, one thing the
town does not show the old spirit of
progresslveuess as In former years.
May Dick JBetz nnd his Red Cloud
band live longaud prosper. Telegram,
Norton, Kas,
Farm Loam
At Lowest interest,' best optlou, least
expense. Call for rati at Statu Bauk,
Red Olut.d. C. F. Catiikh.
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