The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 05, 1912, Image 4

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Will b held t
SEPTEMBER, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1912
Unusually good Free Attractions have been provided this year,
among which may be mentioned THE HARRISONS, trick
cyclists, who will be with us again this year with three riders.
MARTIN&JGENETT, trick knockabout comedy automobile
act. BOOTH & jLYNN, comedy acrobatic and burlesque
boxing andjjapanese novelty ring and ladder act. Besides all
these'big free acts there will be three flights daily by
This is the same aviator that will fly at the State Fair this year.
All premiums and purses have been increased, For premium
list write the secretary.
J. H. HARMS, Pres.
Upland, Nebraska.
Improved Farm
At Auction ,..
- - I will tell without rarv on - -
Wednesday Sept. 18th.
At 2 o'clock p. m,
On the main street 'of LAWRENCE, NEBRASKA
any farm of 160 acres being the N. E. 1-4 of Sec.
10. Township 4. Range 9. Webster County. 6 1-2
niles east of Blue Hill, 5 miles North West of
This it a flne farm well improved and wall lo
cated Go and inspect thia, aa there is absolutely
t po.reserve, see bills at this office for particulars.
v r V
' 'W T- "
,W. B. BARRETT, pwner
I. R. DOTY, Auct. J. N. RILEY, Clerk
We Invite Your
Careful attention to
our stock when in
the market for any-
pets or Rug line ....
Lad, in attendance In our Undertaking
all rum
Wa Carry a Complete Line of Staple and Fancy
Groceries, also the Latest Patterns in
It Will Also Pay You to Remember That in Order
to Secure the Best in Canned Goods Obtain
" A. B. C. "
Bsll Phone 201 Independent Phene 44
Franklin, Nebraska.
17 -
The Red Cloud Chief
He 4 Cloud, Nebraekev
Kntcrcd In tho l'ostollW o nt Hrd Cloud, Neb.,
a Second Claim Matter.
President Woodrow Wilson.
Vlce-Prcsident-Tboi. R. Marshall.
U. S. Senator A. C. Si.ullenbergcr.
Congress -R. I). Sutherland.
Governor John H. Morehcad.
Lieut. Governor Ilertunn Dlers.
Trcasnrer-Oco. E. Hall.
Auditor Henry C. Richmond.
Attorney-General A M. Morrlsey.
Secretary of State J. W. Kelley.
Commissioner W. H. Eastman.
Superintendent R. V. Clarlc.
Railway Com. C. E. Harmon.
State Senator Win. Weesner.
Representative Geo. W. Llndsey.
County Attorney Fred E. Maurer.
County Ascssor-Chrls Fussier.
County Commissioner:
District No. 2 W. G. Hoffman.
The people of Lincoln unveiled the
statue of the martyred president Mon
day afternoon. The speakers omitted
to honor the memory of the greatest
man of the last half century by Imitat
ing ins example, some day some
speaker will condense into a speech
not longer than the Gettsyburp speech
or thf celebrated message to Congress
a eulogy of Lincoln which may fitting.
ly endure.
At a meeting of the democratic
editors of the fifth congressional dis
trict held at Holdregc last Friday, an
association was formod for the pur
pose of conducting n systematic cam
paign for the candidates this fall. J.
R. Cooper of Holdregc is president and
P. C. Aycrs of Holbrook is secretary
treasurer. Au executive committee
was appointed consisting of the above
ofliccrs and D. R. Giel of Grand Island,
C R. Hale of Red Cloud and C. E.
Uedrick of Superior. It is thought
that a great deal of good may be
complished by this organlnation.
Governor Marshall, Democratic can
didate for the ofllco of the Vice-Prcsl-denoy,
enjoys the distinction of being
the first Democratic governor that the
state of Indiana has had for eighteen
years. Like Governor Wilson -wUil i
he first pubilo'lofUce ho has' avis' had
altho be has always taken an active
part in politics. During his incumb
ency ho has shown that he is a genu
ine administrative reforme by the
series of reforms that be had inaugur
ated in that state. He is economical
and praccical, a iluent. speaker, a clear
thinker and in every way well qualifi
ed to fill the Important ofilce to which
he has been nominated.
We'note with a great deal of pleas
ure that property owners and resid
ents of this city are taking' a good
deal of pains this season in making
their places attractive. Wo believe
that the city as a city ought to aid and
encourage this spirit and it occurs to
us that a very simple but effective way
to assist in this matter would be to
paint all the telephone and eleotrlc
light poles white. Two coats of paint
would transfer these unsightly poles
Into things that at least would be of
fensive. We are fully aware that it
would be much better to have all the
wires under ground but that would in
volve the expenditures of a consider
able sum and is not necessary but it
would not cost a great deal to paint
these poles and the appearance of our
streets would bo greatly benefitted.
Paint the poles.
Governor Woodrow Wilson, the
democratic nominee.for the presidency
needs no Introduction to the American
people. He was born in Virginia in
1850, was graduated from Princeton
with the degree of A. B. He then fin
ished a law course iu the university of
Virginia and after receiving his di
ploma, practiced his profession for
eighteen months at Atlauta, Georgia.
He then took two years finishing
course In the soieue of government ut
the John llopkius University. The
next three years found him us instruct
or of political economy at Hyrn
Mawr College. In 1810 he accepted
the chair of jurisprudence and politics
at Princeton aud two years later ho
was elected president of that institu
tion. About two years ago the Democrats
of New Jersey wanted a candidate for
Governor who would clean up that
boss ridden, trust infected statu and
they chose Woodrow Wilson us their
standard boarer. He was eleotod by a
majority of fifty thousand notwith
standing the fact that the republicans
hud carried the state by more than
eighty five thousuud two years before.
Iu reforming New Jersey, Governor
Wilson had passed through the legis
lature of that state a corrupt practices
act, designed to put a stop to tho im
proper use of money in election, and
an effective one too; a worklngmau's
compensation hoi; h Inw for the re
gulation itf mill oiuls and public Util
ities, providing a state commission
with power to fix rates, and to make
physical valuation of properties a bals
for determining the fairness uml just
ice of rates; as act regulating tho cold
storage of foods; cointuislou form of
government , for cities, including the
iulativo, referendum and recall: direct
primaries for elective oltlcu-; abolish
ment of till nominating conventions
civil service for election oftlcer; a. non
partisan blauket ballot; pilumiles for
United States Senators uud a long list
of other remedial legislative measures.
Ills work as Governor stamped him
as h progressive of the real substantial
kind and which tho people or these
United States demand shall sit in the
President's chair.
The fall campaign was formally
opened here Saturday tiight by Honor
able R. D. Sutherland, democratic
candldato for Congress. Notwith
standing the fuct that the streets were
muddy mid the people were tt bit un
comfortable Mr. Sutherland easily
held the attention of the large crowd
that hud gathered to hear him,
Thcspeuker paid a glowing tribute
to the democratic standard bears
Wilson and Marshall and also to Hon
orable J. II Moruhead candldato for
tho otllee of Governor. Mr. Sutherland
then explained his position and pledg
ed his support to all legislation seek
ing to lower the high cost of living.
He stated firmly that he was absolute
ly committeed to the reduction of the
tariff downward and if v elected he
would tight for the interest of tho
people. Characterizing the high pro
tective tariff as a national menace he
stated that the people would no
longer submit to the high handed
robbery of plutocrury. A prohibited
tariff robbed the consumer, stlllled
competition and is an instrument iu
the bands of unsorouplous men to pile
up enormous fortunes. The consumer
is the man that needs protection and
Mr. Sutherland pledged himself to do
ull iu his power to better the uouditioiis
of the ordinary man
He theu read extracts from the
speeches of President Taf t uud former
President Roosevelt In which each lie
cused the other of dishonesty and
treachery. The two greatest expeu
cuts of republicanism vied with each
other iu the efforts to denounce the
actions of the other, and if they were
so radically uutagonlstie how is it pos
sible for either of them to gaiu u re
spectful hcarlugr The low methods
each used in atttickiug the other dis
qualified them both from being serious
ly considered as fit unudjdutei for the
highest office in the gift of the nut ion.
Mr. Sutherland wasiu his happiest
vein, his voiee was as clear us a ball,
liis gestures uud appearauce most
pleasing and his uddress us a whole
showed that he is capable and com
petent to represent the people of this
district lu a masterly and efflcent
mauuer. Ho made many new friends
while here aud his speech was discuss
ed with marked euthuslam.
Ou Sabbath after noon at 2 o'clock
the neighbors and friends met at the
home of Milo S. Martlu to mlngel the
family their tears, for death had en
tered and taken away from them the
home make, wife and mother.
Uenrleta Etnallne Young was born
in Ohio August 14th 1845. Died at
her home in Red Cloud August 30th.,
1013. Aged 07 years and 18 days. She
moved to Indiana with her parents
when a small girl. Here Oct. 7 i860
she was uulted in marriage to Milo S.
Martin, They moved to Nebraska
March 1 IRoa where they have since
resided. To this uniotiwus born seven
children, two dying iu infancy. The
other five were all to say good bye to
the earthly house in which Mother
had lived. They are Mrs. G. E. Hughes
of Whiting, Iowa, Archie F. Martin of
Fremont, Nebr,, Mrs. Lyman Essig,
Mrs. O. D. Hedge aud John L. Martin
of Red Cloud. She united with the
Baptist church April 15 1882. She de
parted with the full assurauce ef a
Savior's love. Services were conducted
by her pastor, W. K. Cole.
She is gone, but not forgotten,
And we know if we are true
To the Savior who has redeemed
We shall meet, when' He maketb
things new. ,
Notice To Parents
Owing to the Crowded condition of
the school we find It necessary to dis
miss the kindergarten for a few days.
Auother room is being prepared which
will be ready for use within a week:
Announcement will be mude lu school
as soou as the new room is ready.
K D. Mobitz, Supt.
September 4th 1013.
nM of Lower Animals.
Most aalmals, sucb ai the fox, tbo
wolf and the rabbit, Had their way
back to tbelr lairs by a combination
of sight, memory and smell. The fox
could smell bla way borne If be were
suddenly struck blind.
The Miner Bros Co.
Dry Goods
Women's Wear
Lace Curtains
The Miner
$ A Mighty Safe
Buy Hot
At Cool Weather
Cannot tell you in this space
what we are doing but would
like to show you some bar
gains in every line in the
stock. ,
Detecting the Chinese.
Two men have Just been convicted
of smuggling Chinamen Into the coun
try, The detectives adopted a plan
marvelous in Its simplicity and effect
iveness. They wanted to be sura
whether tfce four Celestials In ques
tion had ever been In the country be
fore. They were dressed In American'
fashion and the detectives took the
costs off the men and required them U
put them ob acala. They put them off
backward. ,
Bros Co
Place to Trade
'lil ! ' .7
lame Mountain Railroads.
The Swiss peasants are of the)
opinion that the constant shrinkage of
the Alpine glaciers Is due to the build
ing of mountain railroads.
Everiubjsct to Tender Passion. '
Woman is too soft to hate perms
nently. . Even if a hundred men have
been a. grief to her,- she will still love
the hundred and first, Johana Gott
fried Kukel.
Wtjiliin JeVMMk
- I
w $tu, i