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The Chief
C. B. HALE, Publisher
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Indian Land to Be Sold at Auction
To Rctlst Mexican Ralderc
Will Issue Appeal to
.Waukesha, Win. In the vicinity of hU
birth and Burrounded by tho friends
of his youth and early BtrugKlcu In his
legal profession, EuRcno V. Challn,
now a rcHltlent of Arizona, nnd the pro
hlbltlon candidate for president of tho
United States, was olllcltilly notified
Saturday of his nomination by the na
tional convention which met at At
lantic City, N. J., July 10. Tho cere
mony took place In tho Mcthodlbt
church, a heavy rain compelling a
change from the outdoor program.
The notification address wan delivered
by Hew Charles II. Mead, D. I)., of
Now York, the permanent chairman of
tho national convention.
i Earthquake Causes Great Damage.
Constantinople. The details of the
earthquake, which are coming In slow
ly owing to tho interruption of the
wires, indlcato that tho seismic dis
turbances were widespread. Several
hundred people have been killed, thou
sands are homeless and outbreaks of
fire havo occurred in many towns and
villages. Great destruction has been
caused by the upheaval. The district
between Constantinople and Adrian
ople felt the shock severely. Fugi
tives from Myrlophlto report U00
killed and COO injured.
Million and Half Acrea Soon to Be
Put on Sale,
Washington. About 1,500,000 acres
of Indian landa In the former Sho
shone, Uintah and Crow reservations
In Utah, Wyoming and Montana are
to be sold at public auction at mini
mum priceB ranging from 50 cents to
ll.GO per aero in accordance with an
order signed by President Taft and
Secretary Fisher. Not more than 640
acres will bo sold to any one person.
The sales will begin at lender. Wyo..
September 1; at Provo, Utah., October
2, and at Billings, Mont., October 31.
Appeal to Suffragists.
Chicago. Three of tho four women
members of tho progressive national
committee have decided to Issue nn
appeal for support of the new party to
suffragists in the flvo states whero
women have the right to vote. These
dates are Calorado, Wyoming, Wash
ington, California, and Utah. Tho ap
peal also will be addressed to tho wo
men of five states where a vote will
bo taken this fall on constitutional
amendments granting women the
right of suffrage. These states are
Ohio, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada and
To Defeat Mexican Raiders.
Austin, Tex. With border towns
along tho Texas-Mexican line aroused
to a real wartime spirit, scores of mes
sages poured Into tho governor's of
lice demanding that the state of Texas
Jake matters Into lta own hands, fight
nd defeat tho Mexican outlaws' as It
did In tho pioneer days. A score of
towns arc organizing poBsca of 'cow
boys and, citizens, not only to resist
but to chase and capturo Mexican raid
ers, even If they have to pursue them
acroBs tho border.
Will Search for Burled Treasure.
New York. Tho legend of $30,000,
000 hidden in tho obscure Island
named Cocos in tho Pacific ocean, off
tho west coast of Costa Rica, 1b the
lure which brought Frederick Smod
den from Calgary, Canada, to UjIb city
whence ho sailed for Central America!
A dozen or more expeditions have
been mnde in the search of tho samo
treasure, but Smodden Is convinced
that ho has tho real secret of He
Keeping Currency as Relic.
Washington. Tho vast hordo of
confederate currency seized by tho
union army during tho civil war, which
has been stored In tho federal nrmory
for half a century, Is being distributed
among mstitutlona over the country
for preservation as historic relics. Al
ready sets of these notes, including
practically nil denominations, havo
been sent to thrco hundred colleges
and threo hundred and fifty libraries
imd tho clamor has notbeon satisfied.
Reassured by American Warships.
Port Au Prlnco, Haytl. Many per
eons suspected of sympathizing with
(lenoral Saint Just, reported on 'his
way from Jamaica to attempt to wrest
tho presidency Horn General Augusto,
havo beon arrested. Foreigners are
somewhat reassured by tho lights of
the Amerlcau warship off shoro, but
the situation would nevertheless bo
critical for them If trouble should
Btart suddenly. At tho frontier, Hay
flan i and Doralcan troops are ready for
hostilities between tho two republics.
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UNITED 8TATES bank notes are washed, starched and Ironed aa clean and smooth as linen by means of the
macblno hero shown, the Invention of Burgess Smith of the bureau of printing; and engraving at Washington.
Tbo macblno 1b being tested severely tn the treasury and it is hoped It will be a great money-saver, for It
costs $13.30 to print a thousand new notes, while the old ones can be cleaned by this machine for CO cents s
thousand. " '
Will be Banner Year for Crops
Mother and Child Deported
America Facing a'
Washington. This year's grain
crops in the United StateB will be far
In cxcesB of last year's yield, it was
estimated by the department of agri
culture. It will be better than tho
average crop of tho last ten years nnd
in case of a number of products will
mako a new record, if present esti
mates are not overthrown by condi
tions at present unforeseen.
The country's corn crop, estimated
at 2,811,000,000 bushels, will be the
largest in tho nation's history, with
ithe exception of tho years 1906 and
(1910, the former being the banner
lycar, with 2,927,000,000 bushels,
i As for the wheat crop, estimated at
680,000,000, that will rank fifth in size
during the last twenty years.
The oats will bo tho largest tho
country has gathered, surpassing by
21,000,000 bushels that of 1910, tho
previous record. In barley, too, this
year will establish a new record, the
estimated yield of 202,000,000 bush
els being 24,000,000 bUBhels greater
than that of 190C, tho previous best
The yield of rye, 35,000,000 bushels
will equal that of 1910, the iformer
record year.
Agricultural Conditions Must Be Im
proved or People Will Want.
Chicago. America Is facing a fam
ine unless conditions are vastly im
proved, according to predictions made
by speakers at the annual meeting of
the National Soil Fertility league, In
session here. "Statistics show that
the agricultural situation In tho United
States has been so neglected that
within twenty years we will bo forced
to import our principal food products
from foreign lands," Bald Howard H.
Gross, president of the league. "Wo
are facing an inc Itable famine unless
the soil is greatly Improved."
Vetoes the Wool Bill.
Washington. For tho secnod time
within a year President Taft haB
vetoed a bill to revise tho wool tariff
Schedule K of tho Payno-Aldrlch
law. With a message of disapproval
tho president returned to congress the
bill evolved as a compromise between
the house and senate, holding that
Its low rates would bring disaster to
homo Industries. Ho appealed to con
gress, however, not to adjourn until
It had enacted a measure to "substan
tially reduco unnecessary existing
duties" without destryolng protection
for tho wool industry in tho United
Returned to England.
Quebec, Nine-year-old Stanley
Stowart and his mother, or England,
appealing for permission to cross tho
threshold of tho United States to Join
other members of thoir family and be
come American citizens, has been
ordered deported.
To Aid Chinese Republic.
Omaha, Neb. An amazing scries of
thefts covering a period of threo years
nnd reaching a total of $1,000 camo to
light Wednesday afternoon whon Chow
Hoey, ilfteen-yoar-old Omaha Chinese
boy, admitted to Probation Officer
Dernstoln that ho had been system
atically pilfering tho cash box of a
local Chinese restaurant for the bene
fit of the Chinese ropubllc. Ho Bald
he wanted it to send to his mother In
China, for the use of tho Chinese revolutionists.
Soiled Money Washed and Ironed No
Cheap Beef for Years Spain
Worried Over Revolu
tionary Plots.
Port au Prince, Haiti. The national
palace was blown up by a powder ex
plosion and burned to tho ground
Thursduy and the president of the re
public of Haiti, General Clnclnnatus
Leconto, perished. Many palace at
tendants were killed and it Is estimat
ed that the casualty list will reach 400
persons killed or injured. Members
of tho president's family, who were
awakened by the terrific shock, found
themselves almost surrounded by the
flames, but managed to make their way
to safety. Tho first explosion was fol
lowed by others when the Are reached
the cellars of the palace, where a
great quantity of ammunition waB
stored. So great was the force of tho
explosions that a number of small can
non, fragments of iron and shells were
thrown for great distances in all di
Relief Declared to Reat With Farmers
In the Corn Belt.
Chicago. Cheap priceB for beef,
based on a more abundant supply of
cattle, cannot be expected for several
years, according to M. F. Horlne, sta
tistician of tho Union Stock Yards and
Transit company, who haB issued a
statement commenting on the record
high prices pail for cattle In the Chi
cago market. In his opinion, tho only
relief lies with tho farmers of the corn
belt, who, with Improved methods of
farming and tho uso of corn and al
falfa In feeding, may bo able to pro
duce beef cattle in larger numbers in
a fow yearB.
Laundering 8olled Currency. '
Washington. More than a halt mil
lion dollars of old paper money,
washed and Ironed to tho crlspness of
new In the federal government's cur
rency laundry will be placed In circu
lation. ThU lot will represent Uncle
Sam's first Job as a laundryman. For
weeks the treasury department has
been cleaning and, reviving dirty notes
by the washing machine perfected in
the bureau of engraving and printing.
Secretary MacVeagh stamped the ven
ture as a success and the laundry will
be run In full swing from now on. All
unclean bills which are not practically
worn out will be washed, Ironed and
Sentenced for Contempt.
Los Angeles, Cal. The bribery trial
of Clarence S. Darrow camo to an ab
rupt and sensational halt an hour be
fore the usual adjournment, when
Judgo Hutton committed narrow's
chief counncl, Earl Rogers, to Jail for
contempt of court, In lieu of paying a
lino of $50. Ilogcrs Immediately ap
plied for his release on a writ of
haboas corpus, which wa3 granted,
Rogers being required to give $200
Notro Dame, Ind. Thq forty-second
annual convention of tho Catholic
Total Abstinence Union or America la
in session hero at tho University of
Notre Dame, t ' -jj.
Spain Much Perturbed.
Mndrid. Tho government is much
perturbud over republican activities In
Barcelona nnd Valencia, where thoro
are Indications of a revolutionary plot,
the signal of which is to be the dec
laration cf a general strike. The re
publicans in Argontina are said to
have remitted lavish funds to Spain
for the furtherance of tho conspiracy.
Additional troops havo been concen
trated In the affected centers and regi
ments whose officers are known to be
particularly attached to the monarchy
have been brought to Madrid.
Seagirt, N. J. Governor Woodrow
Wilson, presidential nominee on tho
democratic ticket, met Governor
Thomas R. Marshall or Indiana, tho
vice-presidential nominee, Tuesday at
a seaside hotel, two miles away. It
was the first time the two governors
had seen each other within u year, and,
their greeting was cordial. Governor
Marshall came to attend the cere
monies at Seagirt in which Governor
Wilson will be notified of his nomina
tion for the presidency and will de
liver a speech of acceptance outlining
his attitude on public questions or mo
ment. President Is Pallbearer.
Cincinnati. Funeral services foi
John W. Herron, father-in-law of Pres
ident Taft, were held here. The presi
dent and Mrs. Taft. Charles Taft, theii
youngest son, and W. C. Herron, a
brother or Mrs. Taft, came from Wash
ington to attend the funeral. The
president and CharleB acted as pall
bearers at the Herron home, where
brief ceremonies were held, and after
wards at the side of the grave In
Spring Grove cemetery. The Inter
ment was private and only Immediate
relatives and close friends were pres
Young English Boy Cannot Join Father
at Omaha.
Quebec Only the United States Im
migration department at Washington
can now save from deportation the
young English boy, Stanley Stuart, In
whose behalf Senator Hitchcock of Ne
braska traveled to Quebec. The lad.
who arrived here with .his mother
from England en route to Join his
father in Omaha, Neb., was stopped
owing to hU feeble-minded condition.
Influence, was brought to bear to have
tho boy passed on the plea that he
was only backward and that his de
portation would mean tho breaking up
of the family. The caso was referred
to a medical board, which decided that
the boy would havo to be deported.
Senator Hitchcock put several ques
tions to the boy and from the answers
It was decided that the opinion of the
United' StateB authorities was well de
cided. Explosion In Power Plant.
Lincoln. Conrad Bennett was seri
ously burned, perhaps fatally, when a
boiler flue exploded at the power plant
of tho Lincoln Traction company at
1:30 Wednesday rooming. He was
taken to a hospital and is in a serious
condition. The explosion started a
fire in the roof of the building that for
a time baffled the firemen, because it
was difficult to get at. Bonnett was
burned about the face, back, hands and
chest by live steam and coals that
poured down on him while he labored
In tho pit. He was rescued by felloM
Kansas a Healthy Place.
Topeka, Kan. According to tho re
port of W. J. Deacon, state registrar
or vital statistics, for tho first six
months of 1912 Kansas la tin unusually
healthy place to llvo. According to
Mr. Deacon's figures, the death rate
this year has beon 10.75 for each thou
sand of population and tho birth rati
has been 20.S4 for each thousand.
Knights of Pythias at Denver.
Denver, Colo. Delegates havo ar
rived for tho twenty-eighth biennial
session of the supremo lodge Knights
of Pythias, which will bo held at the
state capltol August 6-15. Every state,
tho Philippines, Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii,
tho Canal zona and China will bo rep
resented. At the same time tho su
preme Temple Pythian will hold their
biennial session. One or the Impor
tant executive changes contemplated
by the supreme lodge is a reduction
in the age limit for members from 21
to 18 years.
What Is Going on Here and There
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Fremont. Neb. John Warner, a civil
war veteran. 65 years of age, Is seek
ing health by riding a bicycle across
the country from St. Louis, Mo., to San
Diego, Cal. Ho has reached Fremont
on hlu way to Ho, man, Neb., where he
intends to make a at the home of
his sister. He sayB when he left St.
Louis two months ugo he weinhed ex
actly ninety-six pounds. Now he weighs
120 pounds and Is feeling better tliuc
he has felt lu ten years.
Kerosene Explosion Proves Fatal.
Lincoln. Marie Van Klecck, thir
teen years of age, was burned to death
when she attempted to pour kerosene
on a lighted fire at her home 1011
North Twenty-ninth street Mondny
afternoon. Although doctors at the
hospital did nil In their power to savo
her, the girl waB too badly burned and
she died at 7:30 p. m. Although sev
eral others wero In the house at the
time, no one else was injured. The
Are started by the explosion did but
little damage, merely charring the
walls, celling and ftoora of tho kitchen.
It was extinguished by firemen with
buckets of wuter.
Baby Found In Grip.
Lincoln. A crying, wee mite of hu
manity, not more than three days old,
was found Just west of the local Bur
lington depot by Henry Huffman, a
section foreman In the employ of the
railroad. The baby had been wrapped
in clothing and placed in a telescope
grip in tho top of which a hole had
been cut for tho circulation of air.
There were no traces that would lead
to the Identity of the little one nor to
persons who might havo left It at tho
spot where it was found.
Another Election Must Be Held.
West Point. The election held at
West Point on July 2, In which bonds
wero oted for $14,000 to cover tho
cost of an extension or the sewerage
system or the city, has proved to be
Invalid nnd another election will have
to be held. It appears that the notice
or the election was published four
times only, whereas live times Is tho
legal number or publications.
Lightning Stroke Fatal.
Clay Center. During a severe elec
tric storm Monday afternoon Arthur
Swanson was killed by lightning while
hauling wheat to a threshing machine
on the farm of 8. M. Price, four miles
northeast or here. He waB on n load
or bundles at the time. He was a
young married man and leaves a
widow and child.
Deed for Rifle Range Filed.
Plnttsmouth. The deed ror tho rifle
range, which was located just outside
of the city, and which haB been await
ing some time for the decision of of
ficers having the matter or the loca
tion In charge, has been placed on file
for record with County Recorder A. J.
Fifty Bushels to the Acre.
Auburn. William Davis holds tho
record for the best yield of wheat In
Nemaha county. He had four acrea
which made an average or fifty bush
els to the acre.
$ state' base I
Fremont at homo won from Colum
bUB Monday 8 to '.'.
Falls City at home Wednesday lost
the third straight to Nebraska City
2- to 0.
William Brown, Jr., fourteen years
old, was struck in the temple by a
basoball during a practice game in
Kansas City, Khb., and died two hours
later of hemorrhage of the brain.
Brunlng turned out over 1,000 strong
to witness the Sunday game with the
Seward State league. It was said to
be the best gamo ever seen In that
part of tho state and resulted 9 to 2
for Seward.
Umplro Nugent, whoce final decis
ion costing Hastings tho gamo dis
pleased the fans, was mobbed nt Hast
ings Friday and wound up In pollco
court whero he was fined $18.50. Fol
lowing tho decision a crowd gathered
und It Is stated that someontf in the
crowd slapped Nugent. Ho threw his
mask to tho ground and lit Into the
crowd striking Georgo Saunders, badly
cutting his nosfl and breaking his
glasses. Ho was arraigned on the
chargo of assault nnd battery and
flntd. s
Laurol at homo, won from Wnyne
1 togO, in a twelve-Inning game, which
was ono of tho fastest and nicest
games over played nt that place.
Laurol won her score In tho last half
or tho twelfth, with one man out.
Humboldt won In a twelvo inning
gamo at Hiawatha Monday by a score
or 6 to 5.
Pitcher Everltt, who has been play
ing with tbo Western, Mo., team, has
arrived in Beatrice to play with the
local Mink league team. He will take
the place of Pitcher Routt, who has
been re-sold to Wichita in the West-
) em leaguo
Summer Girl What do you thln'l
you deserve for kissing mo llko that?
Youth Well, say you might marry;
America's Athletic Missionaries.
Writing under the tltlo In Harper's
IVeekly,, Edward Bayard Mobb de
scribes one athletic triumph at Stock,
holm In tho Olympic games. "Somq
Idea of the caliber or the athletes nnd
tho competition can bo gained from
thq fact that thirteen new Olympic
and nine world's records wero estab
lished during tho games. The victory
of Arnold Jackson or Oxford In tho
1,500-meter run was the only feature
that redeemed England's poor display."
His Rank.
Mistress Well, I'm sorry you want
to leave me, Mary; but what's your
Mary keeps silent.
Mistress Something' private?
Mary (suddenly) No, mum; pleaBe,
mum, he's a lanco corporal. Illustrat
ed Bits.
To be sweet and clean, every worn
nn should use Paxtlno in spongo bath,
ing. It eradicates perspiration and
nil other body odors. At druggists,
25c a box or sent postpaid on receipt of
price by The Paxton Toilet Co., Bob
ton, Mass.
Homely Philosophy.
'"After all, It Isn't always those
with tho loudest voices that have tho
best things to say,' said tho llttla
brown hen."
Colr'a Cnrbollnnlve v
RelUrrs nnd rurcH Itching, torturlnp dim
easrn cf tbo akin and miu-oua membrane.
A miprlor Pile Cure. 85 aud 63 centa, by
drugfrlHtft. For fre wimple write to J. W.
Cole Co., lllacU Itlver Falla. Win.
It Is sometimes' a good plan to be
suro the other fellow la right then
follow in his rootBtops.
A cat may have nine lives, but n
cow can kick the bucket a dozen
times and continue to hold her Job.
That's the kind Lib-bys-F-There
isn't an
other sliced dried beef
like it. Good? It's the
inside cut of the finest
beef sliced to wafer thin
ness. Sliced
Dried Beef
stands supreme. The tasty v
dishes one can make with it
are almost numberless.
Let's see ! There's creamed
dried beef, and but just try
it Then you'll know I
Always Insist on Libby's
Don't accept "ajuttaagood." From
relish to roast, from condiment to
conserve, the quality of Libby's
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Ouaranttfd effecth.
Sold by dealers ot
enl DKDald for rL
UX019 SOMSBa, 1M BUM Smklya. M. J.
. i,W . .S1'
, (,tt ,&)).,
I '-K SW(
. ; WiTr-lH
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