The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 01, 1912, Image 6

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The Chief
C. D. HALE, Publisher
Russian Newspapers Raided by Police;
Orozco to Attack Capital An
dent Ruins About to Be Re
tored Dock Strike Ends.
Washington, D. C A republican
'sugar tariff bill, tho first purely re-
publican revision measure of tho pres-'
ent congress, was adopted lu tho son
ato Saturday. Tho BUgar bill was a
comproltnso between tho Lodgo plan,
endorsed by the regular regupllcans,
and tho Brlstow bill, behind which the
progressives lined up. It would cut
tho present migur duty of $1.00 to
fl.CO; would abolish tho Dutch stand
ird, under which practically no ro
lined sugar can bo Imported, nnd
would abolish tho 7 cent "refiners'
differential," an additional duty on re
filled sugar, which It la claimed hus
nccrucd directly to tho profit of tho
sugar rclhicrs.
Western Executives to Meet.
Boise. Idaho Fourteen western gov
ernors havo announced their intention
of being at Bolso, August 1st to at
tend tho first annual mooting of the
Wcstorn Governors' association. Tho
principal subjects to bo tnken up at
tho conforenco will be the various
phases of tho public land questions In
which tho west is Interested; good
roads, tho convict, and a fow other
subjects receiving more or less atten
tion. Tho meeting will last throe days
and will be followed by a trip over the
state of Idaho in a special train pro
tided for the purpose by the Boise
Commercial club.
To Promote Safer Ocean Travel.
Washington, D. C Promotion o!
safer ocean transportation has been
materially assisted by the resolution
introduced in congress by Representa
tive Alexandor, of the house mer
chant marine committee, authorizing
drastic changes In tho American regu
lations for protection of life at sea.
Tho measure Is based on lessons
drawn from the Titanic' disaster and
contemplates changes requiring steam
Bhlp companies to adopt such precau
tions as to mako futuro accidents al
most Impossible.
To Move on Capital.
Moxlco City El Hcraldo, in an ex
tra edition Saturday night, doclarcB
Goneral Pasqual Orozco has rccolvcd
J2.000.000 In gold from Canadian capi
talists to flnanco a renewnl of tho en
tiro revolution. Tho paper declares
that ho has ordered tho entire revolu
tionary forco, Including Zapate'H
troops, divided Into fourtcon columns
of 1,000 men each, and they are to
movo on Moxlco City from all dlrcc
tlons simultaneously. t
Dispute la 8ettled.
"Washington, D. C Tho Mlxlcanam
bassador and the Btato department
Saturday reached an agreement to sot
tlo tho long standing dispute regard
ing the ownership of tho Chamlzal
tract of about 550 acros, forming part
of the city of El Paso, on tho basis of
Uie purchase of the land from Mexico
by the United States. The tract Is be-'
Jleved to be worth approximately $1,.'
Race War On.
Rome, Ga. A pitched battle be-,
twoen whites and blacks was fought
at Plalnvlllo, according to telephono
message received. It Is reported that
Sheriff Owens of Gordon county has
been mortally shot and two other
whlto men seriously Injured. Thd
troublo between tho races has beon
brewing for some time.
Will Not Agree to Plan.
Washington, D. C Tho house ter
ritories committee considered the,
Alaska civil government bill Ftlday,
and refused to agreo to tho senate'
elimination of the proposed Alaskan
Rulne Will Be Restored.
Rome ThroUKh tho ennnrnaftv
Cardinal O'Connell of Boston, one of
the oldest and most Interesting of tho
ruins of Rome Is about to be brought,
to tbe light of public Inspection. Thla
Ji one of tbe early, original churched
Built by Constantino after his accept,
anee of Christianity as tho state re
ligion and under which lies also tho
remains of tbe oratory and home of
Balnt Clement, tbe third successor of
Saint Peter.
Charleston, W. Va. With the ar
rival at Mucklow station of the troops
aturday, martial law was declared as
a result of the strike in tho mines in
this district. No fresh outbreaks have
been reported.
Danish Explorer Returns.
Copenhagen Capt. EJnar Mlkkel
en, the Danish Arctlo explorer, with
Engineer Sversen accompanying him.
Tooth of whom started during the sum
mer of 1910 to cross Greenland, have
arrived at Aalesund, Denmark,
arrived at Aaltsund, Norway.
Americans Will Build Grecian War
ship British Government Has
Narrow Escape Rebellions to
Be Probed Aviator Falls.
Constantinople Tho demnnd of the
military longuo Thursday for thu dis
solution of tho chamber of deputies
within forty-olght houru was tho re
sult of a congress held nt Salonlkl
four daya ago, which was attended by
flolcgatcs from tho unions of olllccrs
adhering to tho leuguo. Tho congress
decided to luslst on tho dissolution of
tho chumbcr und tho reappointment
to oltlco of Kamlcl Pasha, formerly
grand vizier. Ten olllccrs havo boon
,Hont hero to obtain the realization of
tho demands of tho military league
which led to violent speeches being
mado by Boveral deputies, who do
'ciared they were determined to sub
mit only to armed forco.
Army Council Concludes Work.
Washington, D. U. Tho army coun
cil called by Secretary Stlinsoh to de
termine tho nccdn of the army, com
pleted Its two. weeks of sobbIohb Frl
dny. Secretary Stlmsou expressed
himself as gratified with tho woik of
tho council, which rovlowed the con
dition of tho army nnd formulated
BUggestloiiB for botterlng tho Borvlco.
Tho secretary naHerted that through
exccutlvo nnd army orders Btcps
would bo taken to Inaugurate such re
forms suggested as can bo Inltiutcd
without congreslonal nctlon.
Orozco Denies Charge.
EI Paso, Tox. General Orozco, late
Friday, denounced ns unauthorized
any demand for $100,000 lu gold with
n threat to destroy tho Mexico-North-wostorn
railroad If It was .not paid.
Orozco declared tho demand was not
Theron E. Catlln Is ths congress-,
man from ths Eleventh Missouri die-trio-whose
election has been declar
ed Invalid by the committee on elec
tions of the house because too much
money was spent In his campaign.
authorized by him and that ho will
nut permit the wanton destruction of
tho railroad.
Appropriation Put Through House.
Washington, D. C A special appio
prlatlon of $10,000 for expenses or the
Archbald Impediment trial was put
through the house lato Suturday.
Amorlcan Firm Gete Contract.
Athens, Greece Tho Bethlehem
Steel company of America was Fri
day awarded tho contract to supply
tho armor and guns of tho new ar
mored crulaor Greece, which la to
have a displacement of 14,500 tons.
Tho hull of the vessel la tn ho lmiit
In tho Vulkan ship building yards at
Settln, Germany.
Xondon Tho British cnvnrnmnnt
was nearly turned out of olco by a
snap division In tho houso of com
mons Friday. In tho prcsonce oftha
usual thin attendance of mombers,
David Lloyd George, chancellor of the
exchequer, moved that Monday bo de
voted to tho dlBcusslon of supplemen
tary appointments. The opposition
protested and forced a division. By
dint of a hurried Bearch In tho lobbies
of tho house, the government whips
lust managed to save the situation.
Exposition Park. Pa. Thrco lives
were lost and one man had a mlracu
lous escape from drowning on Con
.neaut lake early Friday when a row
boat containing two women and two
men capsized.
Aviator Unhurt by Long Fall.
Hopklnsvllle; Ky. After dropping
100 feet to tho ground In a damaged
areoplane and lauding unhurt In a
shock of wheat, Deloyd Thompson of
Chicago, made several short flights In
another machine here Thursday, He
was practically unscratched.
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evmseHvcw o - v i
Jim Thorpe, the American Indian, hore snapped in midair while making
a broad Jump at the Olympic games, won the Decathlon and the Pentath
lon, thereby gaining tho title of the world's champion all-round athlete.
Claims of American Citizens to Bs In
vestigated Hall-Kills Child Eng
land Has Good Will for All.
Flag Restored to Mall Ships.
Shanghai Boxerism is developing
alarmingly In parts of interior China,
according to up-country reports Thurs
day. The nation la not settling down
as was hoped under tbe republic. Out
lawry and political troubles are ramp
ant. Many Chinese attribute this to
adverse foreign influence. -This is re
sponsible for a growing anti-foreign
bcntlment and may result any tlmo in
violence. '
Child Killed by Hall.
Sheridan, Wyo. Word has Just
been received from the ranch of M.
Walsh northwest of Sheridan, that a
5-year-old daughter of Mr. Walsh was
caught out In tho hailstorm that fell
Monday and e badly bruised by the
hailstones that sho died Wednesday.
It is estimated that $100,000 damage
was done by tho storm in Sheridan
Aviator 8erioualy Injured.
Hampstead, N. Y. Edson F. Gal
laudet, a wealthy amateur aviator,
well known In New York and Wash
ington, while flying on the aviation
field at Hampstead Plains Thursday,
fell with his machine from a height of
about 100 feet and was seriously In
jured. Pittsburg, Pa. Death and desola
tion spread broadcast over the south
west counties Wednesday and last
night, through cloudbursts and over
flowing streams.. Three scoro or moro
lives are tho toll, whilo the damage
to homes and industries cannot bo
Have Quarrel With None.
London Amity and good will for
all, with Germany singled out for spe
cial montlon, formod the kcynoto of
a Btntement mado by Premier Asqulth
In the houso of commons Thursday
nftcrnoon In connection with the esti
mates of tho committee of imperial
Directed to Investigate Claims.'
Washington The senate Wednes
day passed a Joint resolution direct
ing tho secretary of war to investi
gate claims of American citizens
growing out of the troubles in Mexico.
It provides for a commission to deter
mine what sums are due Americans
and to press them for payment. The
senate's action follows closely Sena
tor Fall's condemnation of the govern
ment's falluro to secure redress for
Washington, D. C Postmaster Gen
eral Hitchcock Thursday signed the
contract which restores the American
flag to tho mall ships .of the Pacific
service and provides a new faBt ser
vice from San Francisco to Australia.
Held Responsible for Wreck,
Corning, N. Y. In a verdict r
turned Wednesday, tho coroner's Jury
held Engineer William Schroeder and
Flagman Edward Lane responsible for
the wreck on the Delaware, Lacka
wanna ft Western railroad near here
July 4. t .
"- -fcj.' i i i m r wi-m
Street Car Plunges Into Roman Forum
Twelve Women Killed In Lon
don Fire Police Guard Homes
Agslnst Suffragettes.
Unlontown, Pa. With fourteen
minors already drowned and at least
twenty-six others trapped In tho work
ings of tho Superba mine, three miles
from here, rescuing parties are work
ing frantically to reach tho diggings
before the waters flood the whole
mine as a result of the bursting of the
company's reservoir.
8uffragettes Cause Trouble.
London Additional police guards
were detailed Wednesday to protect
tho cabinet ministers, their families
and homes against suffragettes. It is.
believed Scotland Yard has been
warned that an unprecedently vigor
ous demonstration Is planned. Though
Dr. Ethel Smytho, the muBlcal com
poser arrested Tuesday, sayB she has
a perfect alibi, the authorities stick
to their charge that she was con
cerned in the attempt July 13 to burn
Colonial Secretary Harcourt's home-at
Oxford, and will push the case in
lice court Friday.
Town Is Flooded.
Wausau, Wis. Damage estimated
at $1,000,000 was caused by the break
ing of two dams on the Wisconsin
river, north of here, early Wednesday.
No lives were lost here, tut, according
to reports, several farm houses on the
river bank were carried out by the
flood. Suburban telephone wires were
still useless at noon, and It was im
possible to ascertain whether lives
had been lost.
Ruins Further Ruined.
Rome Jumping tho track at high
speed, a street car plunged into the
Roman Forum Wednesday and mount
ed tho ruins of the rostrum whero
Mark Anthony delivered Caosar's
funoral oration. '
Boxerism la developing alarmingly
in parta of Interior China, according
to up-country roportB Thursday.
Twelve, Burned to Death.
Ixndon T'ylve women were
burned to death and several others in
jured by Are Tuesday aftornoon tn
Moore Lake, the center of the danger
zono of the city of London. The tiro
occurred In a building occupied by a
number of clothing manufacturers and
Christmas cardjuakers. The women
tried to escape."by the roof, but the
flames on the floor below out oft any
possibility of assistance by the fire
men. Constantinople Rumors for two
days that the Albanians have cap
tured Prlstlna, a town In the Vllavet
of Kossovo, are officially confirmed.
The town foil Sunday, the garrison
Killed by Explosion.
Wllkcsbarro, Pa. Two miners we're
killed and three others Injured by an
explosion of gas Wednesday in ths
Hlllraah slope of No. 1 colliery, oper
ated by the Delaware ft Hudson com
pany at Plymouth.
Brother and Sister Do a Stunt Under
Great Difficulties Other Ne
braska Matters.
Miss Delia Anthcs, and her brother,
R, G. Anthcs, tho two Sutton young
people, havo reached San Francisco.
Tho pretty Nebraska school teacher
has probably broken all wulklng rec
ords for women In tho western part
of the United States. Sho Is the first
woman to walk from Nebraska to
Ban Francisco, though several men
have dono it.
Tho two walked 1.CS8 miles in
forty-three walking days, averaging
thirty-uluo nnd one-fourth miles a
Fow women could endure tho hard
ships experienced by Miss Antlies on
this trip. At first there were tho
sore, swollen feet, the aching muscles,
tho scorched faces. Then camo tho
Btretclic.3 through the desert, with
long walks between places whero wa
ter could be obtained, nnd occasion
ally almost n day without anything to
eat. In some parts '-snakes orawlcd
over the tracks In front of them, or
thoy heard tho whirring rattles along
tho road bed, They slept In hay lofts,
herders' HhantleB, and In other odd
places, Including ono night lu a livo
by flvo telephono booth on a trestle.
Miss Antlies showed her grit, and
won through. Tho first part of tho
trip, the feet of both of tho "hikers"
were so soro that they could scarcely
keep on going. Every time they saw
a pool of water, or an engtno tank,
thoy would run to soak their feet in
it, and cool them off. The first week
was one of the hottest of the summer,
and one of the days thero was a ter
rible wind storm to make matters
worse. They had to walk with their
yes ehut a good part of that day.
In Wyoming they encountered a
now storm, and Mr. Anthes froze his
ears. They walked as much as forty
seven miles in one day and forty-five
or more several days.
Miss Anthcs and her brother left
Button early on the morning of May
27. The Sutton boosters and a band
gave them a "send-off." The first
week, In Nebraska they walked Just
180 miles, and she lost eight pounds
doing it They expected to average
thirty miles a day, but except for the
first few days', they far exceeded this.
They did not walk on Sundays, and
took one or two other days off to visit
pots near their line of travel.
Lots of 8puds In Sight
Omaha. Housewives will not lack
for potatoes this year. There will bo a
plenty of'tnem and they ought to be
cheap. That is the word that comes
from tho sandhills of western Ne
braska, whero a bulk of the potatoes
are grown. Not In a dozen years has
there been such a crop, and tho crop
U of first-class quality.
Drowned In Fuller's Lake.
Fremont. Joseph Blaslcl lost his
llfo In tho waters of Fuller'B lake, near
Morse Bluff, when ho stepped Into a
hole while' seining. Blaslcl, who was
employed as a farm hand, went to the
lake in company with two other men.
to soln:
Splendid Wheat Yield.
Central City. Theodore Osterman
has JUBt threshed a second Held of
wheat containing twenty-five acres,
which ran fory-slx bushels to the acre
and tested sixty-three pounds.
St. Pail Man Drowns.
St. Paul. Phillip Hoffa, a farmer
living about six miles south of St.
Paul, was drowned In the Mlddlo Loup
river. He had swum in only a short
distance, trying to cross tho river,
when be was eeized with cramps.
8nakes In Barn Roof.
Tokamah. J. A. Guorman, who
lives near Syracuse, is putting a new
roof on his barn. William Guerman,
who was engaged in removing old
tjblnglcs, was greatly surprised, upon
reaching under tho shingles for a
nest, to pick up a big snake. Threo
of tho snakes wore found in tho roof.
They had gono there to eat tho young
Ready to Buy Bonds.
8tate Treasurer George Is ready to
buy a lot of bonds and has asked half
a dozen school districts and cities and
villages which are next on tho wait
ing list to send In their securities and
get the cash. Few responses have
been made. In most instances the
bondB are not ready or something
wrong Is found in the record and more
time is required.
. ..1....f.J..f..i.iit.iiiTifnl.ifn--,- -jJLjL
West Point won from Snyder Mon
day In an Interesting game of ball.
Features of tbe game were tbe pitch
log of CaBey and batting of Tomsik.
Columbus made It two out of three
from Seward by winning a fast uphill
game in an exciting eighth Inning
tnlsh, soorlng five runs and winning,
Douglas county's $1,600,000 court
house is noarlng completion.
The Nebraska State Bankers will
hold their annual meeting in Omaha
August 26 and 27.
There are close to 4C0 incorpo
rated municipalities in the state, ac
cording to figures submitted by the)
stato legislative reference bureau.
Rev. Savage of Omaha Is going to
build a $40,000 home for old men la
Florence. Ho has no money, but say
tho Lord will send it. Tho first day v
after announcement $1,000 came in.
E. L. Gore, chlof of police of Os
mond, sustained a broken hip when
tho excavation for the connection of
tho big pumps lu ho water worku
power houso caved In on him. Ho was
taken to Sioux City hospital on Tues
day. Mrs. Penrlman of Fremont was
badly hurt in a fall down tho cellar
stairway. Sho stepped through tho
wrong door when Intending to pass
from one room to another, and
plunged down tho stairs. Her injuries
though sovcro, are not necessarily,
Syracuse was visited by a heavy
rain, accompanied by an electrical
display; 1.18 inchrs of rain fell. Du-r.
ing tho Btorm lightning struck the
tower of the High school building
nnd dameged It considerably. Bits ot
shingles and boards wero picked up
nearly n block awny from tho build
ing in different directions,
TJchllng Is to havo a four days' car
nival and town fair August 7 to 10, in
clusive, nnd tho citizens nro making
grout preparations for It. Governor
Aldrlch Is to mako an address tho
closing day. Tho auto owners of tho'
town and vicinity will multo a tour of t
tho territory for a radius of fifteen
or twenty miles to advertise it.
The -elghtcen-hour sorvlco of tho
Wahoo city electric plant will bo
changed on August 15 to a twenty-four-hour
sorvlco. This is don to
furnish power nnd heat for tho Wa
hoo Brlok company, who are install
ing an electric brick burner, by mean
of which all brick will be burned by
heat generated by electricity.
As the results of a family quarrel
betwen Leo nnd Marlon West, broth
ers, living In Auburn, Marion, the
elder, 1b lying at death's door due to
a knife wound in the left side which
Just missed the heart and entered
the left lung. The stabbing was the
outcome of a quarrel over a board
bill. The Injured man cannot live.
Records worth many thousands of
dollars, some of them irreplaceable,
have been damaged by dampness la
storage vaults of the Union Pacific
headquarters building in Omaha, The
vaults are located in the basement,,
some of them undor the sldjewalk, and
various officials concerned are rack
ing their brains for a solution of the
ventilating problem, so that the docu
ments may be preserved Intact '
When a traveling agent for the
Searboro companyy of Indianapolis.
Ind., arrived in Merrfek county and
made ready to canvass his maps ho
rnet with a little opposition. The
company In publishing a map of Ne
braska failed to mark the Platte
valley routo through tho Btato and
consequently local good road en
thusiasts did not think It did Justice
to modern methods of travel. The
agent agreed to forego an attempt to
sell any maps until ho had communi
cated with tho company and had the
defect remedied.
Nebraska is n great state. It hasv
an area of 49,157,120 acres. Of this,
there wero 38,022,021 acres In farm
in 1910, nn increase of 8,710,242 acres,
or 29.1 per cent over 1900. .The acre
ageage of Improved land In farms ltv
1910 was 24,382,577 acres, an Increase
of 5,949,982 acres, or 32.3 per cent in
ten years. This .left 14,239,444 acres
of land In farmB still to be "tickled
by tho plow." In all there were 24,
774,542 acres of tho total area of the
state still to be doveloncd to tbe ag
ricultural possibilities of which it is
capable, comprising nearly one-half
of tbe state.
Paul Glazier, 19 years old, a, Stan
ton county boy, died suddenly of
heart disease, Boon after bathing la
the river. '
Grand iBland. The stato of Ne
braska is in tho harvest Held In this
city, and la at onco hauling Its wheat
to tho market. On the section of land
given by tho citizens of Grand Island
to tho stato for tho location of tho
Soldiers' homo in this city, in tho
'80'b, forty-flvo acres of wheat havo
been cut. It has threshed 39 3-1 bush
els per acre, the wheat testing sixty
two pounds to tho bushel.
In tho case of tho Nebraska Power
company against Koonlg et al., la
which the former company represent
ed by the H. E, Babcock and Doherty
interests sought to havo ownership of
all of tho Koonlg filings for Loup-
river water power adjudged In its
favor, Judges Hollonbeck and Thomas,
at Columbus, banded down a decision
upholding thp plaintiff concern. The
matter wbb argued' some time ago be
fore the district court tho Babcock.
and Doherty interests contending that
all of the Koenlg filings had been
made by the Omaha engineer as their
agent and not a an individual.
There are 2C7 autoB In Merrick
county which havo a total value of
$19,242. So declare the assessors.
According to tho valuation placed by
the assessors the average automobile
in Merrick county Is worth $93.
The body of an unidentified man
was found on tbe railroad tracks,
about t;wo miles southeast of Oak
land. The body was badly mutilated.
Both hands were cut off and his legs
were also cut off. Men who saw the
body think they recognize the man
who went through Oakland, saying he
expected to go to the harvest fields.
la te Dakotas.
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