The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 27, 1912, Image 4

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6 V
The Red Cloud Chief vpua
Red Cloud, Nebraska. ;
Kntcrcd In tho I'ostoinro nt Hcd Cloud, NcK,
an second ClnM M niter.
0 . HALE
The mulberry crop i' n law oiip
tills year republican oratory ditto.
Tho wife who doesn't boon her trade
nt home ought not to i!uuii'aiu about
a raring husband.
The froluliMiuitv! doesn't add much
tu the looks of tho town; but that 1
all tho mull ordr house help to
Kod Cloud noon's u public, n V.
M, C. A. buildliiK and ullbiary. Any
one so 1 noli lied may nre-ent the city
with anyone or all three of these con-venionces
Notwithstanding the hot ulr in the
'political camps Nebraska Is steadily
forging ahead and beeping tin eye
firmly on the bumper crop which is
mire to come. The prospects for u
lHrge crop of com are very bright and
all other crops are made. Alfalfa
never better either in quantity or
quality ntid tho potatoes are th best
ever. Wo may not furnish nil the
officers for the government Hot wo will
go a long ways towards feeding our
ninety million people.
Surely the democrats have a great
deal to be enthusiastic over this year.
We have repeatedly stated that the
machinery of the republican party
was rotten and now the national con
vention of thnt party has avowedly ad
mitted the eliHrgo. For the first time
the public has been able to see the in
side workiug of the machine and the
trickery nud thievery was something
appalling. What it bus beeu in times
psst with the doors closed passeb com
prehension. President Tuft und his
republican miohltiu ought to bo burled
no deep that even, the friends from
Alaska would never be able to find
them. Any d mocrat can beat Taft.
The American people will not go
wrong when they have posccsstou of
till the information.
Mr. Deakln who has been In Oin ihh
for several ditys on business returned
MUs Lillian Harris daughter of Geo.
Hut rls foimerly of this place came in
from Colorado Wednesday for u visit
with James Harris and family.
A number of our young people went
to the river Wednesday on a fishing
There was a large delegation of the
people of our I O. O. K, lodge went
to Upland Tuesduy lo attend the pic
nic al that place. Tlicy all leport u
very enjoyable tljne.
Geo. Holt of the llitiiof HoitX IIoilU
went to Lincoln Monday evening to
biiugliack a litiiek car. They had
sold every car in their garage.
We understand that tho Mount
Clair base bull team is coming over to
Cow lew Saturday tu cross bats with
Cowles Indians. The Indians liereaie
always on the war path.
Mr. and Mis. Ellis of Superior are
here visiting at tho homo of her par
ents .Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Wo un
derstand they intend to move- lieie.
Earl Paul and wife were down trotn
Hustings Wednesday.
Tho Ladies Aid Society of the Chris
tian chinch will servo ice cream ami
cake at Myrt Adaiiison'n garage on
Sat'iulav afternoon and evening.
At the annual school meeting it was
decided lo put in the eleventh grade
which will make the tlfth teaehei
necessary. It was aho voted that u
new school bouse be ready for the cur
1U1IM4 in u new location.
Keese Thompson intends to build u
house near his sand pit in the near
Mr. Titus of Fall Held will preach in
the Christian church on Sunday. Juno
Hu, both morning and evening.
Mrs. Nate IMutt of Ked Cloud spent
last Saturday iu Cowles.
Mr. and Mrs. Squires of Hastings
spent Sunday at the home of Wintield
I HfflEaSS&aE
Let Others Figure
Your Plumbing Bill,
But Let Us Figure Your
Lumber Bill!
No Job Too Large, No Job
Too Small-We Give
Our Careful Attention to
All! We have Figured
Many Bills in the Past!
Figured Some Today,
And Expect to Figure
Many More in the Future!
Let Your's Be Among
Saunders Bros.
Great Saving!
Se Us Before Buying, Ours
are This Season's Goods
Farm Loans
The Miner Bros. Co,
A Mighty Safe Place to Trade."
At. Lovvest'lnteresl, best option, least
expense. Call for me at State Hulih,
Ked Cloud. C. F. Cathlk.
We never can lenrn too much about
the really great men who served our
country Nvhan it 'was flrst formed.
Aiexuuupr uauiuvuo imn mini: uiucu
for this republic and If. elves us ex
treme pleasure that' the managers of
the chant Hiiqua association secured
the services ofan excellent authority
t.) address, us next month. Mrs. J
Redding Cole has spent years in the
study of this early American and she
will give us the lesiilts of her investi
gations. Mrs. Cole is a spo titer of no
mean ability and with Alexander
Hamilton as a subject, wo are assured
of real genuine instruction and in
formation. The lectruo is especially
appropriate just at this time living ns
we do iu a period which is u bit chaotic
and confusing.
We believe that it would be nn ex
collent tiling to again form a Booster
Chautauqua Club and ndvoitise our
coming chautauqua by sending auto,
mobile delegations all over this terri
tory. We have a program this year
that is the equal of any In tho state
and we ought to let tho public know It.
It hardly fair to iist the owners of
automobiles to do it all hut we believe
that they would be gh'd to lender the
use of their machine provided the
rest of us Would bear the expenses.
The booster Idea Is a good one any
way It tends to lucreii-o tho I've'
ing of fricudllui'xg between tho towns.
Wo llnd out what they me. doing mid
they llnd out what imi nro doing ntnl
the result is that we nil got butter ir
units. One day glwn up to this moo
lueut will result iu a great loil ol goon
not only lo the chautauqua movement
but to tho elt and -iirrouiidlug conn
Tl'io (Jiildo Koch Fouith or .Inly
lliostei Club was in this city early
Wednesday mnruli g with foiirtetn
automobiles and a first .class brass
band. Tills band played seveial e.
colli nl selections on the street which
was much appreciated by our people
Tho club was malting n complete tour
of the county ami impressing everyone
that there would bo snuietliug doing
down ut (Sulde Koch on tho Fourth
We are conlhhmt that they nro going
to have a good celebration beeaiuo
they would not go to tho trouble of
all tills advertising if they had tioth
Jug but wind to otter on tnat grout
day. The very fact that they are will
ing to give their time and energy lo
let. tho people know that they have
made preparations for a good lime is
proof positive that they will deliver
the goods, Anyone wanting to spent
the Fourth and hare a spanking good
time will not miss it by going to
Oulde Rock
The furmers iu Gurfield have been
working in their corn fields the p.tst
week. It bus been a good time to kill
Al Smith lost a tine horse on Sunday
caused from getting his leg.bioke.
Cluj5'Veavor shelled 'corn for '4uy
Barnes 06 Friday.'
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson of Ked Cloud
visited, with Air. and Mrs. Clyde Kowen
Suturday'aud Sunday.
Miss Pearl White returned home on
Satuiday ufter a two week's visit iu
The school mee.tliig was hold iu dis
trict 8"i on .Monday night with a close
ly contested election between X 1
Campbell and Al Smith for Moderator
and Smith was elected. They decided
to have nine months school thocn-uitig
George Harris was hauling hay to
town on Monday for lialley's tie barn.
Will Smith was out on wir.d mi 1
row Sunday iu his unto.
Sam Jones is papering ut X. 1
Campbell's this week.
Herman Wobberintiu arrived on
wind mill low Saturday from Webb
City, Mo., wlit-re he bus beeu for sever
al months.
Miss C.ruietia Hush, formerly of
this place, but now of Wutong.i, Oklu.,
was mauled Wednesday, .lone !Mih.,
to Uoben Woei tier of Supi rior. 'I ho
will reside at Superior.
Mm. Win lVtlit Is visiting relatives
at l'eir.v, Illinois.
Mis. Chester Stanley of IJostwicU
siienl Sundu with iter patents Air
and .Mrs, (ieo. Iltigau. ,
T. W. Clino and fa'iully of North
Brunch, Kas.,spuut 1 rid.iy night and
Stturday with his sister, Mrs. I luster
C nmer and family,
Mr. and Mrs J. II. Trust of Supeiloi
visited ovei Sunday In town,
Leonard .Howard is sulTerlng with a
broken limb, which resulted fioui nn
accident while ildlug ids motorcycle
Monday evening. The inenibei isbiok
on just ubiivu tho knee.
itussel Viiughiu left hist week for
itiisobiul, S. 1., where ho was man led
to Miss Hhiisu l-e, Juno 'JD.
ISruudpu Dunbar Is on tho sick list.
Dissolution Notice
Notice Is heieby given that the
piutnership subsisting between us,
II, K. Ashor and I). B. Pine, carrying
on u veterinary business al Ked Cloud,
Nebraska, under the style or firm of
Asher & Pine, was on the 2 1st day of
June, 1012, dissolved by mutual con
sent, and that the business in the fu
ture will bo carried on by tho said II,
E Asher alone, and who will receive
Vll moneys payable to said late firm.
II. E. Aniier
" D. B. Pink.
Over three hundred Suits of Men's and Young Men's
Clothing have been taken from the regular stock and will be
offered at the above discount from the regular marked prices
Some $25 Suits at . . $12. SO
66 . - W.QO
" . - 7.o
These Suits have been selected and placed in lots "One," "Two" and "Three"
Lot "Qne"-Wi be sold at a discount of 50 per cent as
hey are cold at (.his price no alterations will bo mado.
Lot "AcO'Ai one-third off cc.::t?ii.ung over one hundred
suits is the most remarkable bargain offering I have gj.v otb. They came from such makers
as Kcrt SchoSfner & Marx and Michaels Stern end r e ai !.cv clean patterns. They are
broken loto and I wish to clean thein,up. Hero is you" ? u vcv o iuy suits thnt sold tor 3d.6o
for 520.00. Suits that sold for 520.00 for $13.6G. 01,3.0 suits for 5512.00 and $15.00
suits for $10.00. These suits will not last long at those prices and if you want the choice get
in early.
Lot 'Three9 -Is all this season's goods and only because I
am overstocked and feel thnt I must reduce the amount of clothing do I make this cut price
which means a saving to you of from One-Fourth the regular price. No suit sold in this sale
except for CASH. Any suit that does not give satisfaction yyill be made, good just the same as
if you paid me full price for it. Let us show these suits to you. You will find them "right."
Do it NOW.
B - a k-
.. ,m.
.. y ,t