The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 18, 1912, Image 1

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4ttt Historical 8ooletT '23
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4 Newspaper that Ci!vc3 Ths News Flfty-tw) Weeks lacti l!or Sf.RA.
JHE New Banking Law is now in force and; WcbstCf COMlty Se(l COM Tested
the payment of every dollar of deposits in this
ttira. I 'Pint f.illMivtinf I.. 1 1. n- fiiim Mr". h. Iti-mvil. (hi' lintimUt. In i'li:iioil nf till-
institution IS guaranteed by the Bank VjUafantV' United State Depart meat of Agrieultnic, us lei-tlvod by Mr. Henry (Jlllmm. Iwlu; Miss Mary Stewart Dumerell be
I ....
A Pretty Church Wedding Before You
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Hring us the ad, that inter-
A vol j piottv wedding took place
Monday evening, April l.Uh, lit nine
o'clock ut 0 race Ihilsfopal church,
Fund of the State of Nebraska.
Webster County Bank
CAPITAL $25,000
Wall Paper
Wc have the finest line of
Wall Paper this season for
1 0c, 1 5c, and 20c per bolt
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can lmve Mime by calling at tliisofliee,
describing property and paying for
thi$. notice,
Baptist Church Notes.
The pastor was very much plo.iscd
with the audiunces that greeted him
last Sabbath both mon.lng and even
lug. Still thcro is room for others, if
you are not a church attendant there
ia room for you at tho Uuptiit church.
Our Dlble school is doing nicely
We are glad to see the new schollurs
coming, if we keep up this pace we
are going to outdo our stent for tho
year. Let us unitedly push until
every boy and girl i in a ltible school,.
The subject for next Sabbath a m.,
is "Sin and Its Conqueror" in the
evening tho subject will be "Haptlsm.''
You our invited to worship with us.
W P. Com:, Pastor.
The coin referred to was laiscd by Messrs. 1'laU and (.Sllham and suit to the
bureau to he tested:
Washington, U. C Apiil 0, 10112.
Mr. Ilenrj (Silhaiu,
Ked Cloud, Nebiushn.
Dear Sir:
In response to the clieuluis similar to the ono which you iccelvcd relative
to the gei initiation of teed coin, 1 70S samples of coin intended for use as seed
this spring uciet-eiit to this Lttburatuiv from 17 states and testt d lorgcimlu
Htlon with t ho following results:
Number Average
State of Germination
Samples Per Cent
Viiginii in 0J.U
Kentucky ! a!) 8
Mlssoml 1.1 1 SS.7
Maryland 41 87.1
Iowa 1 1 1 8.1.1
Pennsylvania 111 81.2
West Virginia .1.1 h'.'.r,
Kansas fill S2.0
Olilo ISO S0.7
Number Average
State of ' ('nM'iiiliiiitii)ii
Samples lr Com
Illinois 17.1 7! $
Indiana IDS 7i).0
Minnesota lot! 70 I
Michigan SO 75.0
Wisconsin S3 TII.U
Nebraska loo 7.'J 1
South Dakota 57 til 0
North Dakota Hi nil 8
Samuel Harvard. ,
Samuel Howard, ono of Red Cloud's
most highly respected citizens died
Sunday, April Mth, at the ripe old
ago of 82 years.
Mr Howard was bom in Sanganon
county, Illinois, January 7th, 1930. On
April 2Sth, 1874, he settled in Jewell
county, Kansas, where he took up a
homestead, residing there until about
4 years ago when ho moved to Red
lie leaves three daughters, Mary
Pruie Shoute. Ethel Coe and Alice
Lightfoot, nil of whom reside iu Colo
rado, and two sons, W. J. Howard of
Louisville, Kentucky, and G. M.
Howard of Jewell couuty, Kansas. To
them is extended tho sympathy of the
entire comunity.
Interment was in Webb cemetery in
Smith county, Kansas, beside his wife-
who was buried there in 1S7h.
(' RS
Home Baking,
Beiter everyway
than the ready
made foods
The low germination of seed corn fiom tinny of the principal corn-growing
states shows how serious the condition is this year. It is linportiWit that
every one should bo sure of the quality of seed he is intinding to plant. Single
ear germination testa should be made iu all eases whero tar corn Is to be used
for seed. When it is necessary to use shelled corn of which single-ear tests
have not nrevionalv been matlo, the corn .should Ue caresuiiy mixed anil a
uniform sample tested for germluation,.and the rote of planting regulated ou
the basis of the germlnafion tests so there will' bo a sutllcieRt number of live
kernela planted in each hill to give ii full stand.
The-corn which we received from you was tested with t tat-following result:
Germination loo pes cent. . f-f? .
Very truly yours,
U. Ihwm.v, lloianist in Chrgc.
Bentlei's Death
Endsjhe Tragedy
M. R Bentley, who shot his wife
yesterday little after noon, at their
home on Wright street died at 10'
o'clock laat ulKht. This ended the-
most notable tragedy in the history o&
the town, ltentiey, who was 7i. years-
of age, quarreled wiofe his wife over
the division of thel? hoarded wcaltA:
and laid deliberate- plans t'j murder
He woat to the DMes hardware store
yesterday an hour or so tfore the
tragedy and asked for a kilL a
f dog. Mr. Hates wnt with him to bis
I residence and loaaed iim a 38 caliber
revolver, which ceatalned S. cartriefges
and gire him & additional ones.
Bentley went on home anJt seemed in
a happy and eon tented mood, The
family sat down to the noon inn J, and
evidence shows that it was interrupted
TttTnui-fTonofed Custom
I QT lOrU. r- T
I .eu"...- r'in.iion
It doesn't seem right man a woman kCt n lno closo of the present
wv'peretdlHirTliwiwby nat ckto.
room and wo.s followed by her litis
baud. He fired a shot immediately ou
entering the room the bullet ontering
tho chin and passing on through the
neck. She fell ou by Uncos with her
head on the bed fatally shot, when the
second shot entered the ear.
When sure of his wife's death Hunt
ley entered tho front bed room and
holding a handtmirroriu front of him,
sent its bullet crashing through his
The house keeper rushed to tho room
at the first sound of the pistol but was
ordered away under penalty of death,
She gave the alarm and soon the horri
ble crime spread over the community.
Drs Sexton andWebster were the first
to outer the rooms and mal;o the ex
amination. Tho murderer was sitting
on th- floor braced against the bed,
his victim coin in death, llontloy was
rnsliiona), but brain substmce was
ooJng from Ids wound. He as'kcd to
J be put out oi uiibory, When tola of
.1 iS sprloit condition and being asked
H,armcn, J. M Cardln, L. K Collins,
1). Smith, Frank Hognn,.J. T. MuKln
iion, Ii J. LHr Hdd Curtis, Ii. H Wil
son, John Elnod, W. IX. Young, Dr.
Webster, Dr. Sexton.
The direct cause of the tragedy was
domestic trouble, growing- out of tbo
distribution of the es-tate valued at
' Tho-body of Mrs. llttitley will be
held pending th arrival of relutires
or ordora from tbetn.
The-arrangements forblio faavra) of
Mn Bentley have not beun made but
he will be fcuricd here at his own request.
Ha-had previously outliucd hb plans
for burial! to undertaker McCulloch
and they will bo carried' out to tho
Mrs. Ifantloy was a member of the
Eastern Star at Red Cloud, Nebr., nnd
sie wilt be buried by that order. She
was 05 years of ago.
Air. Bentley was a member of the
Masonic order in Red Cloud, Neb., and
came the hildo of tlcorgo M. YauCamp, ' c.StS you.
of this city.
Miss Dam.uel), who had no attend- 1 ' yOU Will do tlllS, yotl WOI1 t
ants, came up the alslo on tho aim of buy UV mail that S Certain.
l)r Nolit. D.iiuuiull, unit was met at
the altar steps by .Mr. VaeCaiiip. Kov.
J. M. Hates, R,vtor of Grace church,
read the nurri-igc- service Tho bride,
it petite bi miotic, was very glilish and
pretty lu a stieet suit of white serge
with becoming white hut
The forvicu at the church wax fol
lowed by an iuformnl reception and
supper for the wedding parly and rela
tives at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Dam
eiell. Tho table was laid for sixteen,
beautifully decorated wl'h white
carnations and brides roses and a four
course supper was served. White car
nations and narcissus were used iu the
living and music rooms
The groom is well known iu this
city and has a position as telegiaph
operator at the depot hei o. They have
a home furnished mid will Immediate
ly start to house keeping on their re
turn to this city.
Mr. and Mrs. VuuC.tmp took a lute
night train for the east anil expect to
spend two weeks visiting the bride's
mother, Mrs. L. V Stewart, and other
relatives in Washington, D C.
Out of town guests at tho wedding
were Mr. nnd Mrs O. K, Hughes, of
Hastings, Nebraska.
Etthth' Grade Examinations
Time Thursday and Friday, April
25 and 20th, 101'J.
Places The court house at Ked
Cloud, and the public school
building in Guide Hock, Blue
Hill, C'owles, Inavalc, Bladen,
and Rosemout.
Gektkl' L. Coox, Co. Supt.
Because you will have no rea
son to.
Any article of jewelry or
watches or silverware or any
thing else in the line can be
bought here at prices every
bit as low as anywhere else
near or far.
And you have this advant
age you can see, handle and
examine to your hearts con
tent anything that is of inter
est to you.
Bring us that catalog and
let us prove it to you.
Remember "Satisfaction or
Your Money Back."
Newhouse Bros.,
K. II, Newhouse, Prop.
C, B. & Q. Watch Inspectors.
" Florida.
Orange and grape fruit groves.truok, '
poultry und general farms iu best dis
tricts. Agents wanted. Write for
Pknih.kiox Lanii Compaxt.
:Y'2 First Nat'l. Itank lildg.
Lincoln', Nebr.
A speoial examination for teachers'
-.ertiflcalcs will be held at Blue Hill,
Ked Cloud, and Guide Rock, Saturday,
April 20, 1012.
Okiitrche L. Coon, Co. Supt
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i) ., . ,,.i 4 11...1..W.1. 1....1 i'll good standing up to- tlie timo of the
Hentlev went up stairs, to the buck bod 1 . ....
- . lttnv
LPcar,', ipr H'nrm
r, , i .....,
To consider
Unturpaued In the tretlriMnt of
Heart. Stomtch. Kidney and Liter Olieuet
I40S M ttreet Unooln, Mab.
to upon himself lno greater ".tjtiuimna
nt tion. Jesus had a three-fold work for
tragedy. Ho came Here several years
ago, after a successful career iu Ne
braska, where he located in an early
Tho tragedy has cast a gloom over
the city, as very few of their friends
nnd acqtiutances know of their trouble
Bentley was the heaviest loser in the
Hank of Siloam. Thursday's Daily
Reglstor, Siloam Springs, Ark.
Mr. Hentley lived in this city for
twentytivo years. Ho aecumiuulated
his money by the most extortionate
usury. Thero was no practise in this
undcsirablo business of which he wan
not accused. We have not heard a
word of commendation of his character.
or life. Tho only regret hoard upon
the streets is that the hundred tnuus
nnd dollars over which he jnarrcled
with his wife, had not been left in tho
possession of the victims of his usur
ious practices iu this county.
Mrs, Itontley is spoken of with kind
ness, as a woman nufoitunato in the
character of her husband Yet thero
are some who aro'charitablo enough
far them to lOo cl(rwr. t had lie
Cj1" afp''"' TRMstf aa
Canton 2-Row Lister Cultivator
Farm Implements
We handle the following:
Lister Cultivators
the Blto for tho now
experiment station to ho established
at Culbertson, Neb., on an appropria
tion of $15,000 mado by the laat legis
lature, Chancellor Avery, Dean Bur
nett, Regent Anderson and others of
the board of regents have gone to
tkat place.
these disciples: (1) to preach; (2)
to heal; (3) to cast out demons
noto tho spiritual need is tho foremost
one. Then comes the ministry ol
healing, to Invert tho order Is to pre
vent tho teaching of the- Book. Aa
to tho third it Is evident It was eome
thing different than disease.
Our Idea
who never
of a lazy
gets busy
woman Is ono
with her com-
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at&Tcrr ctiAete iffc..
!!Jiiie,jQf, repairs carried
MEDV.lo..To.2.o3. DftT...
I Uuedlu French
immm a-k A VHa9l
HE.HUI'iajnHai.nli IhwUIi I ' - , i, .
CKr ATM fecfiw. CUKI.8 KIOSI.V. IllSEAHWt mng ghould inSlA V
II.D..MCTM 1 .... ...
X.. mu r.i,,n;',nrtB mkin CRDPT1(I!i8-K1TIILKSIII
VZl "&., ". r.Bt.K K-IW OB- L CtMC
HIP, (JO , UAt I.UAIU. Hsmaftwi-w
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 16-1912.
ask for.rcf using all subitltu tea or imitations
MlMt to work wttta tat
uickee cMHee alsetb
ii,A-A.-J-J imvi'-
r . i. Bwiwt i :, , .i:.
&tom4!k&t jh4 j
mmrmwtti 'iPimii empftiium war awewapwaiBSRi
.. ' . . . A