The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 28, 1912, Image 3

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(l?y I- O. HKLMMtS. Dlrrt'tnr of nven
Imr Department, Tito Moody Hlblo In
Mltute of Clilongo.)
From 40 to 50 Years of Age.
How It May Be Passed
in Safety.
Odd, Va.: "I am enjoying bettei
health than I hnvo for 20 years, and 1
All of Ttiat.
"Who Is Nat Goodwin?"
"lie's the tenter of tho All-America
married team,"
In a Surgeon's Coat
TO I'l'ttt: A '(ll,ll IN O.NK l)AV
Tnli, liAXA'MVi; HUliMll (Julnlnn Tnnlr!
JlriisrsrlMnr, (nml itiritw-y If It fniln tn rurr. IC. W.
UKUVI'.'n lMl;ltli!!! IMjtl I licit bul. S6u.
Regret for the mistakes of our
out li doesn't always ptevent iw from
making them In old age.
'$t rKf
(Uur right, IMA t) AMuclutitl Literary I'rvuj
'mtliiitloil run Imtlltnl wllliiml. illtlRV.
Nilliilf's tmn ii'initlv W llitlllrl'l Tea.
bvhevo I can safely
Hay now that I am a
well woman. I wa9
reared on a farm and
had all kitulsof heavy
work to do which
caused the troubles
that came on me la
ter. For fivo years
during the Change of
Life I was not ablo
to lift a pail of wa
ter. I had hemor
rhages which would last for weeks and I
was not nblo to sit up in bed. I Buffered
a great deal with my back and was so
nervous I could scarcely sleep at night,
end I did not do any housework for three
"Now I can do ns much work as
any woman of my ago in tho county,
thunkB to tho benefit I havo received
from Lydin E. Pinkham'a Vegetahlo
Compound. I recommend your remedies
to all suffering women. "Mrs. Martha
L. Holloway. Odd, Va.
No other mediclno for woman's ills has
received such wide-spread and unquali
fied endorsement Wo know of no othct
medicine, which has such a record of
success as has Lydia E. Pinkhnm's
Vegetable Compound. FormorothanSO
years it has been tho standard remedy
i'or woman's ills.
If you Imvo tlio pllghtest doubt
that lyilia K, lMnlt ham's Vcgetn
lilc Compound -will help you, writo
to Lydia E.l'inklitimMcdiclnoC'o.
(confidential) Ijynn, Mnss., for ad
vice. Your letter Mill bo opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held hi strict confidence.
Sloan's Liniment is a great
remedy for backache. It
penetrates and relieves
the pain instantly no rub
bing necessary just lay
it on lightly.
Here's Proof.
"I In J my tuck liurt In the Hocr War
nnd in San 1'r.inci.Mo two years e,o I lilt by a ttrt-ct tar In tl.e same place.
1 tried .ill Kinds of dupe v.llhoul sue
ce. 'IV siekn ao 1 saw jour lini
ment in a drug store and qnt a bnttle to
try. J lie (mm application caused instant
relief, and now except lor a little still
nevJ, 1 rt.i .ilninsl well."
WMttlcr, Calif.
is the best remedy for
rheumatism, neuralgia,
sore throat and sprains.
Miss E. Rim of Brooklyn, N.V.,
writer: "Slant's l.lnlmcnt Uthelwst
for rheumatism. I have used six bot
tles of It and It Is grand."
Sold by all Dealers.
Price, 25c, 50c, and $1.00.
llogi and
sent fiee.
Constipation ,
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief Permanent Cure
fail. Purely vencta
ble act surely
but nentiy on
tlie liver.
Stop after
dinner dis
tress cure
improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
CltWKf txd, Imutlrlu lis .bait
1-rotnotcl a uriurialil ETOWU.
Novar Tall to Bettors Onri
Hair to its Youthful Colon I
Prove nta nair raiun
M-. nfl ll")
THERAPION HoHiiit'aiH "nil
Btct MrtM -nvflop M KIIIB b.m-t l 1)11. I.f. C'llllC
NotliltiB ecc! thin Cinirli Ilemedy. No opiate,
fenmplo f rro JoitH I. lluuwn Son, Huston, Mom.
other March'' only 1- ounces nmo price nnd
I liwt Cough Drup. Twtea Oood. Us
in time. Hold tj Uratzltu.
V-'l '":''.';y.':
WWii MfiiRuP
7 r ,' wwv
mm. EJprjrvJ
B fl -Jan m Ttw
Jmltr Iiver
and they
found a table eozlly Fcrecnetl with
imlms nnd ornnRu trees In full blos
som. There wns a inoutui of lilies of
tho valley on tho white cloth.
"It looks as If we t..ust be fllchlnK
somebody's hnpplness," exclaimed
Hetty, "for the decorations nrounil
here certainly Indicate tho expecta
tion of a brldo and groom."
"Gossip, that thing we all despise,
yet to which wo nil listen, maintains
Hint you are cast for tho role and
that Gregory Khodcs Is to be your
leading man."
"1 know It," laughed Hetty slipping
a spray of tho lilies through the tur
quoise and diamonds that held tho
laces at her breast. "It's a funny
thing how auxlotiB people are to
marry mo oft to somebody. You re
member how Aunt Martha tried to
persuade mo to take the honorable
Charles In tho mountains two yearB
"Indeed 1 do, nnd since that time 1
have never cherished any lovo for
her. You nnd I had such great times
together that summer, l.ueky thing
for mo that you found my coat yes
terday!" "It wns a curious It cldcnt. 1 didn't
have time to tell you all about It. 1
was running sister Helen's electric
down a quiet street and there, In front
of me, I saw a box. 1 stopped, picked
it up and Imagine my sin prise when
I read Dr. Robert Latimer, Townsoiid
"The messenger must have dropped
It. God bless him!"
"Of courso I don't know a thing
about this town, so 1 asked a police'
man to direct nie to your offlco build
ing. 1 was curious to know whether
or not you were the Dr. Latimer 1
knew. Why don't you eat?" demand
ed tho girl. "Seo all these good things
that footman brought!"
"1 am so glad to look at you again
and to hear the sound of your voice
that 1 have forgotten my hunger."
"When I went Into your offlco and
saw all those patients lined up I
knew that 1 couldn't wait my time,
for 1 was due at a luncheon in less
than an hour, so when your attendant
opened tho door nnd called 'Next!' I
gave him my card and asked If I
might seo you for Just a minute "
"And 1 heard your voice and camo
out In a hurry. It was a great thing
for me to have you of all people Ilnd
that surgcou's coat."
"What Is a surgeon's coat?"
"A white coat 1 wear when I oper
ate in my olllce. 1 dare say I look
like a butcher."
"Helen says you are eminently suc
cessful and rank with the best old
surgeons hero. 1 am so ghid. 1 have
so often wondered about you."
"1 wrote to you several times after
I left tho mountains."
"I never received tha letters."
"No," ho said, "because I wns
afraid to post them. Your sister had
married nnd como here to live, and
everywhere I turned I heard that
you and Gregory were engaged, and
knowing that broken hearts are be
yond my skill to mend, I tried to for
get you.'
Hetty looked pensive nnd the young
surgeon resumed: "If It had not been
for my worldly knowledge- of what a
girl In your position wants theso days,
I would havo asked you to marry me
that last night In the mountains. You
remember how we walked up to Para
dise Itock and n sudden storm camo on
and wo took refuge under a big tree?"
Tho Jewels on Hetty's breast flashed
as lha laces rose and fe'l with her
uneven breathing. "Yes," she an
swered Eoftly.
"When tho lightning plnycd about
us and the thunder boomed like giant
cannons through the mountains, you
wero frightened and I I held you in
my arms."
"I was not frightened then."
He looked at her curiously, "netty,"
he said, "if you had only known how
much greater wns tho storm going
on in my breast. I wanted you so,
and now "
"I wish I had known," whispered
tho girl Just as Gregory Rhodes came
through the opening in the palms.
"Well, you gave mo a douco of a
slip tonight, Hetty, but I seo you
found the place I lutended for you
Dr. Latimer pushed back his chair.
"Oh, sit down, Doc, I'm not stop
ping. I was Just looking around to
And out If Betty had what sto want
ed. I'll be nround to your offlco to
morrow to Interview you profession
ally. I need treatment. Uetty Jilted
mo thlB afternoon."
"Why, Gregory, you havo always,
known thnt I I stammered tho em
barrassed girl.
"You did It nicely enough, as nice
ly as a thing like that can bo done.
I don't mind talking before Doc Lat
imer." 6ald Gregory, with his air of
easy fnmlllarity. "Ho's ono of my
best friends. I had this place all
fixed up, for I expected to propose
to Uetty hero again tonight, but the
fates willed It otherwise."
"Perhaps," Interrupted tho sur
geon, "Miss Hetty prefers that I should
not bo told."
"I don't mind. Of course Gregory
doesn't feel all this pretended grief
or ho would not parade It beforo any
body." "Our families fixed up tho match
years ago I thought Uotty meant to
Tlie cotillion waB over
tako me until thlB nfternon when I
had her out sleighing nnd asked her
to name- tho day. Then she said, I
don't expect to marry you, Gregory.
I'm old-fashioned enough to want to
be In love, foolishly In lovo with the
man 1 marry.' It's hard on mo, for
peoplo will say "
"Only jour prldo Is hurt, Gregory,"
said Hetty.
"Havo It your way. Your BlRtet
Helen Is looking for you. I'm goliifc
now." "May I see you tomorrow night? 1
must, Hetty."
"I'll havo to tell a fib, for we have
a dinner on at Carey's and a dance
somewhere afterward, but I'll man
ago to have a hcadacho and stny
home," slio promised.
Some tlmo during tho day n patient
found occasion to say, "I saw you
with Miss Hetty Gaines InBt night. I
suppose you know that slio Jilted Greg
ory Rhodes to marry a titled forclgnei
who arrives In New York tomorrow?
Slio met him nbroad this tummcr,
So Hetty had been leading him on
by tho look In her ees the night be-
foio. Ho bit snvagoly Into his cigar
thankful thnt tho dear old gossip had
Intervened to save his pride.
It was a very charming Hetty Jn o
soft clinging wh to gown, shorn ol
her Jewels, a single blush roso on lie
breast, who greeted tho rg.-on. I o
,i time he sat silent, afrnld to tiuM
his own voice. He glanced at the girl ,
Her wlmlo llgtire bathed In tho ruddj
glow from tho fire. Slio seemed r.
iirlestess of tho dawn to Latimer and
ho set his teeth and tried to think ol
(otue commonplace topic, but his bralt
had gone wrong, ho concluded, and he
waited for her to speak.
"Has it been a hard day? Are yoi
very tired?" slio asked quietly.
The note of sympathy stirred hit
"No," he flung out, "work, why, 1
work ns If tnv tusk wero mndo foi
me. Work Is the ono thing in llff
on which a man may confidently do 1
pend. It Is tho only thing that novel
tails him at a crucial time."
"Why this sudden and vehement
bitterness, Hob?"
He had not heard her call IiIb name
for two years and tho sound of hex
voice calling him thut, stirred the
strings of his heart, but failed to set
them In luno with her gentler spirit.
'Men have their work; women, noth-
Ing but amusement, which Is usually
louna in maKing tnoso f-anio men
fools at ono tlmo or Knottier. 1 never
loved but ono woman nnd I loved her
because I thought slio was honest and
"Aro you talking about mo, Hob?"
Hetty's eyes wero dark with fire.
"Today," ho said, ignoring her ques
tion. "I have heard from two of your
sister Helen's best friends that you
aro engaged to a noblemnn who is to
arrive In New York tomorrow. Yet
last night you allowed mo to mako a
fool of myself. It hurts, Betty."
"Havo you no faith In mo? Will
"ou believe tho sickly gossip of Idle
women In preference to the truth from
the woman you claim to lovo?"
"1 lovo you, Hetty. Tho dream of
you lias helped me fight nnd In a
measure win. When I found you
again, and you wero not married, my
lovo flared up Into a consuming pas
sion. You aro the only thing I want
In this world. Do you mean, can you
mean," ho asked, Incredulously, his
brain whirling nt tho look In her face,
"that you are not going to marry that
forolgn devil?"
He leaned over her chair, looking
deep in her eyes.
"Betty," ho said; "Betty, do you
lovo mo?"
He lifted her to her feet.
"Is Is that surgeon's coat big
enough for two?"
"Yes," ho whispered, his lips at her
whlto forehead, "and the pocket's big
enough for Cupid."
Romans as Doctors.
It is not long since a party of dons,
schoolmasters and other professional
men. found themselves on a holiday
tour at Caerwcnt, say tho London Na
tion. A doctor, who had been pro-,
roundly uninterested In tho rortlflca
tlons and general antiquities, drRtcd
Into languid nttentlon at tho sight ot
a case of Roman Burglcal Instruments
In the museum, and was soon observ
ed to wnrm Into real excitement.
After a few minutes of tho closest at
tention ho burst out with, "ny Jove!'
they've got tho newest pattern!" So,
Indeed, they had; 2,000 years ago
sonio officer of tho Roman army med-i
leal corps had used an instruments of.
a form which has only been reinvent-,
od within our own generation. Tho
doctor has now a real respect for that
businesslike nation; scales roll rrom
tits eyes. Most ot us have only taken
for granted that tho Romans wero as;
civilized as could reasonably bo ex
pected of men who lived so hopeless-;
ly long beforo our own timo; but our,
children, wo hopo, will seo nioro clear
ly into tho secrets of this wonderful
people's susecss.
Tho Charity Plant.
R. Fulton Cutting, tho president of
tho Association for Improving tha
Condition of tho Poor, gave a good'
definition of clinrlty In nn address In
New York.
"Charity," he said, "Is a plant which
takes root In the heart, crows In tha
J pocket and bears fruit In tho hand."
Suggestions for Dusy Teachers,
A good way In which to present n
review of the lessons for the llrst
quarter of the year Hi 12 would bo to
select tho bcRt person possible to net
as leader and then to havo either
twelve classes, or that many selected
groups (Individuals may be ul'lllzcd)
and hnvo ench present the main
thought of each ol the twelve lessotnv
Tako tho llrst lesson let sonio el
derly man speak for tho character of
Zucharlas the priest let him tell of
the faithful discharge of his teinplo
duties and while thus occupied of
meeting tho angel Gabriel with .his
startling message which was a dial
lingo to Xachailas' faith. Then for
the second lesson let Biune mother trll
dl' tlin lnrli!pntn (if Mm lilrth ill" .loltn
,, n,m,ici c tim r..inii.itu- .if ri-imiu
. nm, ,R,Khl)0ri; nml (lu, iiynm of ytWh.
nr;iH ,u rpr,,vr(, ,,K ..p,.), m, ,,
i JW )o ,n1 u,K(ln,,(1 t() (Jo(,. wU ,,,,
'showed his belief.
Ar fap pggm (, 1(i( p()mc m
br fi(.lt0 Ul0 f.lplH ()n, (,r ,
brth ()f 3 , nw ,ulu j,.
, l)( fo ,, , . ,,, ,,
rn , ,.. ....
In lesson four wo revert to th
i temple service again at the dedication
' of .lestis. It would bo very nppruprl
i ate to have the superintendent of tho
1 Cradle Roll at this Juncture to go
through tho service of receiving a
hpby for the Crado Roll such as Is fre
quently performed, keeping lu mind
tho main fnct of tho lesson.
Now let three men enter tho room,
' dressed In tostumo If desired, and ro
' clto either tho necessary scrlpturo
vnrcnu rr cntun tiwlrv f Is rt t will PM11.
. II..UWU .. .......v. ,.....,,
vey to all tho Idea of tho visit of tho
wlso men to Jerusalem In search of
the child Jesus nnd that they found
him not in Herod's palace, but In low
ly Hethlehem and there presented
their gifts nnd worshiped him.
For tho sixth lesson, let a twclvo-year-old
boy having a good presence
and strong apcaklng voico recite Luko
Avoid Involved Questions.
Let tho pastor of tho church or some
j ofhcr ciorgynmn tPll of tho prophecy
f ,.,,. nn., of i0w3 fuimilne tho
same as ho preached out In tho coun
try warning tho people to nvold tho
wrath of God and to show by their
righteous living tho fruit of tho Uvea
that had repented of their evil ways.
Ifniphnslzc, however, that John's great
est work (and our's ns woll) wns to
point men to Jesus tho Lamb of tho
In a review such as wo aro now con
ducting wo must uvohl tho Involved
questions and only present the great
facts of tho baptism of Jesus; tho wit
ness of John, tho prcsonco of tho
Holy Spirit nnd God's audlblo approval
of thoso silent years In Nazareth. This
is tho eighth lesson.
The ninth lesson has to do with tho
call of tho first disciples. For this
five boys might ho selected. Let the
leader recito Mark. 1:14, 15, "Andrew"
verses 17 and 18. Now let "James"
tako verso 19 then ono (Simon Peter)
recito verso 16 and "John his brother"
verso 20. Tho leader can recito verses
21 to 2C and all together verses 27
and 28.
A physician would bo nn appropriate
pernn to present lesson ten. Let him
sketch tho picturo briefly of "all tho
city" gathered about Peter's door at
tho end of tho day, tho sick being
Some busy business man ought to
depict tho story of "Jesus teaching
In Capernaum," lesson cloven.
Emphasize team play nnd illustrato
by a modern miracle If there bo suffi
cient time. Jesus tho dally friend and
his interest In home Ufa Is tho heart
of tho twelfth lesson.
Must Drill Carefully.
Of courso care must bo taken not to
let njjy ono lesson consumo too much
timo clso tho wholo will bo much too
long. This means cnrcfnl drill and
presentation boforo review Sunday.
If a written review Is desired so
fratno tho questions that tho least ef
ficient scholar may havo an answer,
1. o., let your question suggest tho
answer ns far as possible. Tho suc
cess of a written review will depend
upon tho previous work of tho teach
ers. If this suggested program Is In
terspersed with singing, avoid singing
all tho verses and unnecessary instru
mental preludes and interludes. At
tho cIobo let tho leader drill tho school
upon the twelve subjects.
1. Tho Illrth of John tho Baptist
2. Tho nirth of John tho Baptist.
3. Tho Hlrth of Jesus.
4. Tho Presentation in tho Tcmplo.
0. Tho Wiso Men Led by tho Star.
6. Tho Hoy Jesus in tho Tcmplo.
7. Tho Ministry of John tho Dap-
8. Tho DaptlBm and Tomptatlon o(
9. Tho Call of tho First Disciples.
10. Jesus the Healer.
11. The Paralytic Forgiven and
12. Feasting and Fasting.
Mr. Hound I think
I'll have to get
a license
Miss Kyoodle
Oh! this 1h so suil-
"1 can truthfully say Cutlcura Rem
edies havo cuied me of four long
ears of eczema. About tour years
ago 1 noticed some llltlo plmploH
coming on my llltlo linger, and not
giving It any attention, It soon became
worse and spread all over my hands.
If I would havo thorn in water for a
long time, thoy would burn llko tiro
nnd lnigo cracks would come. 1 could
lay a pin In them. After using all
tho salves 1 could think of. I went to
threo different doctors, hut all did
mo no good. The only relief 1 got was
"So after hearing so much about tho
wonderful Cutlcura Remedies. I pur
chased ono complete- set, and after
using them three days my hands wero
much better. Today my hands are
entirely well, one set being all I used."
(Signed) Miss Ktta Narher. R. V. 1). 2,
Spring Lake, Mich., Sept. 2tf, 1910.
Although Cutlcura Soap and Oint
ment aro sold everywhere, a snmplo
or ench, with 112-pa go book, will ho
mailed freo on application to "Cutl
cura," Dept. L, Boston..
Undo Kzrn. Do You think the
money young Kph Hosklus made
down In Now York will last him long?
Dncle Kbeii You bet It won't! He's
going at an awful pace. I was down
In tho general store last night, and
vouiik Knh was writing $100 cheeks
and lighting his cigars with theui.
Puek. Important to Mothors
Examine caret uliy every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy Tor
Infants and children, nnd see that. It
Bears tho
In Use For Over 30 Years,
Children Cry for b'lolohor'n Castoria
The Result.
Mrs. Howard Did you give Johnny
an unbreakable toy?
Mrs. Darker Yes, but tho troublo
is that he has broken everything else
with It. Harper's Hazar.
Ueo Allen's Foot-Eaco
The iintNt'ptic powder to bo hlistken inln
tlio t-liiiet for til eil. tender, siiinrluig, sell
ing, swollen feet. It iii.iKen your feet feel
cacv and iiiaLcs a Deliuht. Sold
cve'i vwliere, Sfle. For fieo lii:il package,
addict Allen S. OlmMetl, I.e Roy, N. V.
He Shut the Shutters.
"Willie, didn't I tell you to shut that
shutter?" said Mrs. Hoggs.
"Tho shutter's shut," replied Willie,
"and I can't shut It any shutter."
Stop the Pain.
The hurt nf u burn or it cut Htops when
(,'oIc'h Cnrbollmilvc Ih npplli d. It IiciiIm
nulckly nml prevents seitrx. 'i'lis nnd Wio by
JrtlKKlntx. For free Hiitnpln write to
I. V. Cole a. Co., llliick Illvcr l''nlln, Win.
Nothing disappoints some women
more than not to bo disappointed lu a
new neighbor.
A remedy that lias Mood Ilia test of tlmo
K worth trying, (luillelil Ten relieves liver,
Mduey unit stuiniieli troubles.
It doesn't require much Invcntlvo
genius for a man to mako a fool of
Hrs. WrnRlow'n Bootmni? Syrup for ClilMtyr
teething, HofteiiH the KinnN, n-iliicen liilliiiniini
tlou, allay pain. eurca wlnJ colli!, lite u bottlu
Keep your troubles to yourself nnd
they will not expand.
"I'lok i:yr" U Kpldonile In Hie Spring.
Try Murlno Kyo Uemeily for Itelliible. Itellef.
Avoid the rnco courso If you would
keep on tho right track.
Woman's Power
Over Man
Woman'i moit tflorious endowment is the power
Co awaken and hold the pure and honcit love of
worthy man. When she loses it and still loves on,
no one in the wide world can know the heart agony
she endures. The woman who suffers from weak
nets and derangement of her special womanly or
Ijaniim soon loses the power to sway the heart of
man. tier tleneral health suffers and she loses
bsr ftood looks, her attractiveness, her amiability
and her power and prestige as a woman. Dr. R.V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N.Y., wltk
the assistance of his staff of able physicians, has prescribed for and cured many
thousands of women. lie has devised a successful remedy for woman'i ail
ments. It is known as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is a positive
specific for the weaknesses and disorders peculiar to women. It purifies, regu
lates, strengthens and heals. Medicine dealers sell it. No honest dealer will
dvise you to accept a substitute in order to make a little larger profit.
Dr. Pit re' i Pleauuii Ptllttt rtgulate anil ttrcagtheo Stomach, Ltvwr and Bowtlt,
There's room at tin; top because
somebody Is always coming down.
this Spring? Then
that is backed by a
proven reputation--
It Invigorates, Re
builds, Nourishes.
Don't experiment.
44 Bu. to the Acre
li a lii'iiry jfli'M. Iintttint'n if hat Jolin ICennnlrof
ISduiuulon, AliiTt:i, Wiilom t.'unuOa, stut from 4U
ttcroaut ririiiu wucaiin iviu ueixini
(ruin otlinr tllnt rlrtM I n that tirnv
I mo nhowiul other uicnl-
leiti rniiiltn mn a mil,
UUU hilshoh of Wheat
from l'.1 in-res. or 831-1
bu. iKTiirro. vJ.KUnnd 40
A hluti a 1113
ntishelN of oaui to tho
aero went lit rciltM from
The Silver Gup
at tho rcornt Bpnkano
Fair was uwurdou to the
A lluirljL I fur
Itnoihlhltof urnlnfi.KruMiianil
Vesiolahlea. Itupiirtiiiifricellent
yieiaN Tor iuiu eouni nmi, iriuii
ftiMliatfhcwan and Maulloba to
Wi-Mirn Cannda, . - .
Freo lioiutiatrad of IflO
arret, utul nilJoliiliiK pro
fiiiptiotiaof 1 110 ueren(ut
aioriicr)ur tis bo lusxl
lu lliorlioleetlliitrleU. ,.
heluMil rijiisinlont, cll
niutn excellent, aoll tlio
vrry bcl, raltwuya t'losuj at
hiiiiil, lu 1 1 it In lumber
rlioiip.f ooleimy ioKt and
rouMtniiblo In prlro, m isler
filially proeurod, mixed
WrltPOH to lust pluco for set
tlement, scttlpm' low. railway
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