The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 21, 1912, Image 4

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75he CHIEF
fled Cloud - Nebrnakei
ntorcil III tlio ruHlanicc Btillnl Cloud, Net).,
rii Scrontl CIiim Mutter
0 It. UAIiH
rilK ONI.V l)i:M(KMlTlf I'AI'KU IN
Red Clouds Ticket
For M:i.or I) V. Turnuie
For Cleilc O ('. Tool.
For Treasurer -H 1? Floraiioe.
For City lliigliiorr- tiro. ll.Ovoring.
For AliiiTiiiiui, 1st ward- U. A. Sher
wood, -' year term, V. It. Siiuiidor",
1-yoai I cm.
For Alderman. 'Jd wind F. W. Cow-
den, V-year lorm, ruul .stuicy, l-jciir
let 111.
For llnurd nt" IMueation-lfr. F. A.
CrolgliWm, Dr. T. A Triimlde.
1 htTCtiy IIIIIICIUII IJMlf H II C.'llllllltlltc
for tliu nomination lor rcir(scntiill(! Ironi
the Ifitli (list rlrt ol Nilinisl.H.Mil'J((,t to the
will ol the Pciiiorratlc ami I't optis Inilc
IK mil nt oKrHiit tliti prltiinrliH to lie lnlil
April III, lUI'i Honor. V. I.ivnsr.v.
I licri'liy miniiiinrc myscll im n rinulliliito
lor Senator ol the -Otli Sumtorliil District ol
rVCtbrnsl;n,HiiliJrcl to tlio will o( tlio Demo-
t-rottc nml l'ioilo'n Itiilrponlciit otcrn at
the primaries April in. IUIJ.-WM. Vi:i:sm:ii.
FOIl nr.lMilHI'iNrATlVB
1 liLTo'by iiiiiioimri myhill as ii I'amllilato
for tlio nomination lor IIi'prrM'iitntho from
llio tntli District of .SMirnht.n.HUliJirl to the
will of lliti Di'iuooraclle ami IVoplo'H ltul
k mli'iil ot ik at tliu primaries to lie lit'lil
April l, 1 9 1 A -I. H. Vi-.i:rnvi:ii,
'To 'i in: Yinr.iis or Vi:mri:u Cotntn
I lieruliy announce iii.vm II u camllilato for
tllOOllll'OOl I'Olllll.V AhMSMir, Mibjo't to tlio
will of tliu Di'iiiiicrntli' ami 1'iopks' linlc
pi mil lit oti innl tliu prlmarli'S to tin held
April in, una mm rHsi.ini.
N'cnto aullioiliil lo anmiiiiico I'ml I).
MiiurcritK a rninlltliilc for llio nomination
torlliiiolllrtMif ( oiinlj Altorni'yof Webster
county sulijii't to tlie will of tlio lc morriillr
niul I'eople'x Imli pcmli nt eleetois at the
primary eli elli n to he hi hi April lllth. I!UJ.
Last well; wo complained about the;
weather cleric and his set virus innl be
foro wo got to press along eanio citu of
tlio worst storms of the winter Wo
wont complain any more.
Wo n ro pleased tlmt Mr. I'leil .Msinr
er litis llli'il for le election to tlio ollleo
of County Attorney. Mr. Manrer lias
made nood limine; tlio two yours which
liu hasbot-n in tlioollloo. His pnii lent,
coiiHel'VtUlvo advice to tlio lioiinl of
county coinmUsloiiors lias hoen of
great value to tlio comity.
Win. h. Weesner, who was the limit
mi'inlior for district lli--Vobstor mid
Auaius, in ino iasi icgisiniuio nasiiicii
us the ciiuilidale lor state senator for
Nuckolls, Welister and Finnkllu conn
tie.s this year. Mr. Weesner did not
nmkt) much Mii-e in tlio lust hotisehut
he was always working. Hastings
r aS6
Big Ben
has something to say
to people who like to
get up promptly in the
He guarantees to call
them on the dot just when
they want and either way
they want, with one pro
longed, steady call or with
successive gentle rings.
And he guarantees to do
it day after clay and year
after year, if you only have
him oiled every year or so.
I've known him ever
since he was "that high"
and I'll vouch for every
thing he savs.
J. C. Mitchell
The Jeweler.
III l"v I A wm
WWW mt , m - '
v "7 r- I'JU L
Advance Showing
Spring Dress Goods
The forerunners of fashion
able fabrics now being shown.
Before buying your new
dress for spring look over our
line. We have a new and
down-to-date stock.
The latest thing in cotton
Voiles with silk hair line
stripe at (iO cents.
Silk Kolian tissues in solid
colors in the new soft shades
for sum mer at HO cents.
In wool goods we have the
rough weaves in lightweights
for Spring wear !J(5 inches
wide at (50 cents per yd.
Silks in Serges, Jacquands,
Messalines, Taffetas 27 inches
wide at $1.00 per yard.
F. Newhouse
Mrs. Barbara Pharcs, Prop.
Mr. Chris Fussier of Mite Hill has
heeii pievailed upon to file for tlio
ollieo of C u ly Assi'Shur on the Demo
cratic. Ik-hot. Mr. Fussier is an old
resident of tills county mid his experi
ence in btisinciy mutters excellently
lit him for this ollicc. II o enjoys tliu
eonlldcnco ami esteem of his acquaint
ances all over the county and he would
ho u safe c.ireftil uiiiti In tlio position
of assessor.
We hear u ood deal thco days
about men being entitled to ollicc be
cause they have been in the harness -o
loiitf and should be remembered. It is
time thai we took a look at the other
side of tin pane What is an olllcial
for? To win k for the people then it
lh not u ipicstion of time ol service but
one of elllciency. The only way to
select an olllcial is to take the one
that most nearly meets the needs of
the people and let him work for bis
constituents and not lor himself.
Dr. Wiley has resigned. He found
thai the department of aiicullurc
was not only not in sympathy with his
work in seeing that thu American
people icccived pure foods but It also
used its iiillucucc to thwait. his every
move. Hecietaiy Wilson has been on
the job loo lou' ami should be i eplacctl
w ilh a man who is alive to the needs
of the people, lie will have to eo. If
there is any place where a real pin
Hicssivc is needed it is in the depart
ment of itKi'lculttirc. The pure food
law i i practically Killed and all because
of the belief Unit the old ways aiotbo
Hud peildhus were ujrsiin workiinj
Ibis city this week. To many people
the piuvhaso of an oriental rue; from
n man with a foreign accent is most
plciisliiK especially when the price
seems so very low. To secure a real
work of art direct from the artist him
self is very alluring but it is most dis
tressing to learn afterwards that the
same niK was purchased rinht in one
of the home store for about half what
the artist asked for it. Most of these
peddlars buy their ruc;s of local mer
chants occasionally they ship them in
from a neaiby town. Tlio way to pro
tect your-olf is to patronize home
If the hiruc cities all over the
country esert themselves lo secure
conventions of all kinds why should it
not pay the smaller cities'. If a hun
dred people come fiom other parts of
thK county to incut in convention they
cannot help but notice the thrift, the
conveniences, the good stores and
publi.' buildings and consciously or i
unconsciously Uiey will entertain tlie
ideu of coming again. A suggestion
once planted gels to work and winks
all tliu the time. Wo ought to use
every olforL to net every convention
possible to meet in this city. This
policy is one ol tlie very best advertis
ing mediums ami should be used more
than it is.
Among other "free" editorials sent
out by "press correspondents" wo re
ceived this week one which took a de
cided stand on the question of free
sugar. We were assured that we could
Use the article without pay but since
we know nothing about Hie taiiit on
sugar, whether it would be best for
tho people to reduce this tariff or best
to leave it as it is we detoiuiincd to
siy noth'ng. This man may have been
actuated by the best motives and may
lie hoiU'st lu his desire to serve the
people but their- Is a custom well es
tablished in this country which seeks
touo the country press as a menus to
further selfish cuds. An experienced
writer is employed to work up public
opinion He sends interesting mutter
to tho nowspiipcrs of the country but
under the guise of news mid free.
Somewhere in the article ho weaves in
the thing Unit will be of benefit to his
employers. This mutter is then shown
to the coiiKressiiien as proof that the
country demands a certain line of
action It looks llko public opinion
Nino times out of ten It wins. The
advertising has not cost a cent and
the schemers reap their harvest
We'll none of It.
Nebraska oiitfht to leain a lesson
from the distressing events that have
lately taken place at the state peni
tentiary. The fact that throe men
could jjot away even during a storm is
proof that the Institution is not prop
el ly nrratitfoil or conducted. .Some
believe that the more human methods
of handllnj,' tlieptlsoners are lo blame
for the escape of criminals, Hint they
Imvo been jjlven too many pilvilcdcs
but such seems not to le the case.
Those in I'liniui) of the place say that
it is iiotcruistrtielcd liht ami is mot
iucoiivi n.ciit for tlie ollleials. If that
Is true the sooner a new builditiif is
erected the bolter. lSiitlhuonc draw
back to clliclent woik is the low waes
paid the guards. No man wants to
ciidiiiik'er his life day after day for
foity-llve dollars a month. When the
crisis comes he is bound to look the
other way. So many criminals have
escaped of late years, so ninny people
believed Hint those men would escape,
it is refreshing to know that, these
men did not escape. Tlio shell If and
police should receive unstinted praUe
for their untiriiif,' efforts in the face of
.so many hlndrcuccs and dllllculiios.
The one sad feature of die whole
affair is tlio killing of youii'' Ho-
The Webster County Sunday School
Association held its annual session in
the Methodist chutel'i of this city last
Wednesday and Thursday. On account
of tho blizzard which was rntriiiL' at
the time the aUeiidance was quite
small however the audience made up
with enthusiasm what it lacked In
numbers and a most profitable session
is repoitcil.
The state workers, Miss Drown and
Mr. IClmberly weie on the ground and
each delivered two excellent iiddressss
liking the line of Sunday School work.
In this convention the need of system
atic study was emphasized. Just as
the teachers in the day schools must
lit themselves for their work so must
the teachers in thu Sunday schools
know what they aro doing. A thoio
knowledge of thu lliblo was given as
an indispensable aid to the teaching
of the scriptures. Also a tcacherinust
know the lawsof pedagogy and psycho
logy and child tiainiug. This u.-.'-ocin
Hon aims to stimulate tho Sunday
school t cachets so that they will be
elllciei.t workers.
T. .1. Shoier was to-elected piesideut
for another year. II. Il.llileof Hladen
vice president and .Mrs. C. J. Pope
secretary. In spite of the storm the
delegates fn.iu our the county icpoit
od n good time and felt well paid for
attending the convention
Facts About
A letter in the Omaha Daily News
fiom Mr. Franklin 1'opo of York, Nib ,
will interest all the Farm Maga.ine
leaders who live in this state Mr.
Pope says:
1 icad an article In your columns
from Oregon, written by auex-Nebras-kan,
and the tone gave rise to some
comnarisou. And as March 1 is the
forty-llrst blithday of the state, I
thought it not out of place to just
compare them in a row points.
In the Hist place, Oregon is much
the older in settlement, and as a stuto
111 mid I".i0 respectively forOie(.on.
is.'ii) mid Ifc'iiT for Nebraska. In iSill)
Oregon had t ice the populate n mid
in HMO less than half that of Nebraska.
In ls(IO Oiegon had more than three
times us much capital invested in
manufacturing, and In 1(N)U less than
half as much as Nebraska.
The same is true in livestock, but
when it conies to wheat, oats and corn
the dilVeience N lur greater than In
iiiij tiling I'lse. Nebraska's production
of grain liss incriacd over that of
Oregon from one-half as much in lh(Ji)
to almost the sacred ratio of 111 to I In
lDOi! The ligurcs lu full aie:
. Nebraska. Oregon.
Itiisliels Uusliels.
Oats ..
Corn . . ,
. ... .vj.uas.mvj li.'Ji.v'.K
. 72,27ri,l()()
Total .
,.;i7J,:H(i,i92 2i,3:io,uig
Compare Portland, their chief city,
with Omaha. First, l'ortland has
more than twice the population of
Omaha, and yet the bank clearings
(which are the best pioof of tho vol
ume of business done) for the week
ending February ID, were: l'ortland,
lO,.r)lW,000; Oiniiha, f 18,87 l,t00. And
when you take Into account that Port
land is a market for imports and ex
ports, It ought to be twice as much
per capita instead of one-fourth as
I take note that Nebraska is In
literacy and last lu criminology; first
lu agricultural products per capita, is
second in winter wheat, fourth in total
wheat, third In corn, third in hogs,
fourth In oats and cattle, and high in
many othor lines, Nebraska raises
more bushels of tho three loading
grains, such as wheat, oats ami corn,
than all eleven of tho big states that
Jrti7l!T SSfffll1?
I lk r j- ' f-VJ t. ' . M
i vy
.. "f .,.sf,l ,.
W J' -
pJLs' 500-
f X-U'v
li .
f. ft r'-'v
lie between licr west line and the old
I'acillc coast combined. i
Now don't get excited, as I have the i
ligurcs before inc from 1S07 to ltiufi,
and we have done it every year since
!U, and excepting that year, wo have
done it for twenty yeais. That year,
which was Nebraska's only "total
failure," wo bad l'2,:j."i7,S-j I bushels of
the three grains, and Oiegon had Jo,
s;ii'i,77S bushels Tho Farm Magazine
Nebraska Retailers Decide
On Important Changes
Omaha. Ni b., Match isth. A sipiare
deal for the cousii'iier, bettor weights
mid better values, a demand for a law
making it imperative to hiniitl all tex
tiles, mid i cfoi m methods for handling
produce weio decided upon by the
Federation of Nebinska Retailers,
which closed the mot successful con
vention in its history, last Thursday
in Omaha '
Moic than Coo retailers fiom tho
state attended the convention, an in
ci ease of twenty-live l'cr cent over last
year. Many dealers from Iowa and
South Dakota joined with the Nebras
ka Federation. Tho Association show
ed a surprisingly strong increase lu
membership. The constitution and
by-laws wvre amended, cutting the
annual dues to.'! from $5. A campaign
for iiiinberslilp was decided on, which
will lie worked from the Omaha ollicc.
A mutual Insurance company will also
be orgauied.
During their three days' stay in
Omaha, the visitors were loyally en
tertained by the Oinaha business men.
A surprNo p irty, which took on the
uutuif of an athletio cai uiwil, was the
opening nttuu.'l inn. Fanner Hums'
and Al Whssciii, two well kiown
wrestlers, weic the chief u traction.
On Wednesday evening, the visilois
weio etilei tallied at dinner, an 1 were
afterwards given a tlieatio paity.
These otlh ers weio elected: C II.
lU'lnert, Wymote, president; Ci. W.
Dai nor, Overton, vice-president; M. A.
Ilostctler, Sheltoii, treasurer. Hxecii-
tive Hoard for threo years: I,. V.
Langhorst, Klmwood, Fred Uiers,
Madison; for two years: F. II. liar
clay, I'awnoo City, and ,1. II. Knowles,
Frcmoiit; foroneyear: J. W. Schweer,
Greeley Center and A. I). Rogers,
Omiiha was. again decided upon by
an overwhelming majority as the next
meeting placo. The winners of tlie
various prizes offered will be announc
ed as soon as they aro decided upon.
Red Cloud People
Should Try This
C. L Cutting states that any one
who has constipation, sour stomach or
rub on the stomach, should try simple
buckthorn bniic, glycerine, etc., as
compounded lu Adler-l ka, tho new
Herman Apnoudloltls remedy. A SIN
OLK DOSti brings relief almost IN
STANTLY and Red Cloud people are
surprised how QUICKLY it helps.
This simple remedy antlsepticlzcs the
digestive organs and draws off the Im
purities. 0. L. Uotting, druggist.
) 'j as a glovb n.
Flexible Shoes
"Queen Quality" fitted with Flexillc
Welted Soles, that bend with tip
slightest movement of the foot, are vilV
out question the most restful easy-going
shoes imaginable.
"Queen Quality" shoes fit well, wear
well, and feel well. Need no breaking
in. You experience all the joys of "that
old pair you so hated lo discard," from
the first moment w"p, until worn c it.
Why suffer iioca 'u. y,hen absolve
comfort and cc c.o ofiered you in
"Queen Quality," v.'lnoul extra cost?
The Miner Bros, Co,
In Order To Be
THIi wearing ability of our Shoes
you must first try them. Our
stock is all new, direct from the fact
ory, and we invite you to come in and
give us a trial. Our white
Wu-Bisck Button Shoe
and PUMPS are the latest fashions
out. We also carry a line of strictly
"Water Proof" Farm Shoes,
a pair. They are worth the money.
East Side Shoe Store
The Newhouse Block
Moved to
You will find us now In our new location
with our larjo lino of
TfT5i TT T T"3
"3 m
jftutEis, laKff-ig
Always Glad To Sec You
D. D. Sanderson, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Ollleo In Moon Ulock.
Hell, Ulack I; Ind., 19.1
Residence, Royal Hotel.
Hull, 17; Ind., 2Y
Calls Answered Day or Night
iieii ci.oun, ni:ii.
For Sale.
1500 bu. of good white car old corn
In crib at $1 per bushel. Inquire of
D. B. Hulsebusch.
(go 2JL?& 4 2 v
I t
' i
i t
i '
Convinced Of
it Bailey
Red Cloud, Nebr.
Our New
A TN T.. -v- r
Wall Paper, Paint and
Room Mouldings, Pict
ure Framing, Pictures
and artist Material
The Only Exclusive Store.
Chief Ads Bring Results
i ml
W ur'
. W;VIVVV1' -y
fa, - rJ r"
AftAr&ufMirw TOMir't-w-