The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 11, 1912, Image 7

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wfs wr. . b-avsire r 3 ,w- . vi2ir TirsrT.xsn!-w-- . r h,ss-!!i.',,,.
jc2zsueL'y.iuxid 'tfa"ifcSiy!UB r .Brm'B,y5 w ara Ms:,nBfc "ssKfi'jM , "
fOTl to inovlilu fur the rrtlfmout and S-aj5 f JWCTWu '' S
tJ e,'onln of oinployoh of tho Unit- TS, f l VtjM: , JSlfigw
II rooting publlu attention to one of fe ;1 VV ,!ij
H the InuvuHt and mobt .oiiHcicntious -'C1- KgrfejJT mSSfSSSBfXj
gk wrpB of men in the worl.1. Tho . c.- rrxV Kmr m .iwlPSruurseeW '"'WFf
'-s. plan to pension the members of . jiii j-iumur
VcSV, our coast patrol who have boon 1ls- -l Gt --
, nbleil in tho performance of their A '
":- iltities or who have grown uray In Jj m
jSZi' remiorlng such lmmanltarian sorvlrc A JJ,
to their fellow-men has been ngl I' 1 -y" Ss,.
tatcd for some yea re pal Conuicss at It? taut r""V 1 ir ! '
session was on the point of passing tho neces- fi ' & X,
sary law thus to nivo recoKiiitlon to tho llfo-s;iv i f.,-. at f t
ers and it is believed that these lalthful servants RJS5L M "V,""M: . jW J ':5i: I
of the people will not have to wait much lonser ' '" " W stt ''vS$;:. I
now to be accordrd their tights for. lio It Known. '' vK 'tliirra ""L I
tho life-savers only fccolc Mich relief from tho IS " ' r i2$Pk l
conditloim of iiliysleal disability and old ao as Is I ( ' v "'W j$ tmi. - I
freelv accorded men in our military and naval J . . " V ' "m M &. Wt '.'- I
Forvlco. :; v? r - -'0 ' Jk Ifc I
Nor is It merely that such a plan nr retirement rH-J&.V'' l. - i v Jf """1,: B'r w. " wJ&SiWv.'.h" !
and pensions will do Uistice to the sin rme-i who. '4rifC tZ$l' ' ff- "W. $H tu? S1' PBBffWflSriSl
it is e!"!med. inn Kieater lishs and eeduro more " " " -- X 'rf v'4 " v',j; V - $L 'jlflUBSijFJ 1
ImrdclilDH for the waeb paid them than do tho ' ' . -y. ,f X' llliSSI
men in ai v other btancb of tlie povernment ,-Vfvv?& , ' fl?JJ tf ?T 'W&'2 ,-L' "'' '' " "' ' I I
uorrlno MuKn nrl.ln frnin this is the IlilliiPiion lh B&M-flri IfSjN AMI m,"ti Xv ' -. I
that will be exeited upon iroet.tho lectulf. fi;ffMil.0 t "Z" fo- "i'- I
for tlu. service. Indeed, tho olikials of the Life. LWaS&iffi ' -i . . I
Rn,. Knrvlnn flrort with ., fcntlwf.w.lnrv I&B5SE5s3MN3SIvW "f 8 i
retirement and pension plan in i oration a supe- : SgSZsgjgigajMBara -W;tf 4tf j
- HiBBBHa. . - AAAni ( .it mutt'trw r it r 'fai.-ri
w iim rf-pw-v s.j Tir . -i .' i
I JU-..-I.. i i . r"TV7 - ---- --'"
What la Going on Here and There
That is of Interest to tho Read-
era Tliroiiflliout Ncbr.iik.i
and Vicinity.
I'll muni I'loil Kiiimb. :ikimI lelil
iw . was fii't.inlh l.illtd m miles
east or I'M itioiit Thursday by an o
ploMKii ui ilviiamlle used lo blast out
I U'o In tho woik of tin r.lhhoiu nllo
i ilr.nii.ii;o dlteli. Kiiimb eamo to I'io
mont two o.ns iik from his homo
at KmiUiiiiim, Wii. lio loomed at tin
V. M C A. dorit'ltorj mid was popu
lar with tho meiubeis of thai organl-alloti
Celebrate Their Golden Wedding.
('twill Mr and Mis .1. II. Dainer
of litis city eelebiatetl their golden
wedding annieisar Satind.iy. Tho
eeremotiy was peifoniHMl by .1. J;stoti pantor of tho Cliristlau
ehutcli at the opcia hnuso, in the
preneiieo of about 'J00 guostu After
tho ceiemony tho galliot lug adjourned
to Odd Kollnwii' hall, wlioro the laillos'
aid mh lot j of tho ibiiich served din
Lost Voice Three Times,
nonlder, Colo - Tho case of Mls'i
I : I tn;i Claik, a student In tho stale mil
iislty hero, who lias lost her voice
on tin oo consecutive occasions when
she visited her home in Dlller. N'ch., Is
said b ph.vsiclami to ho one of tho
most peculiar eases of Its bind on
lecoid During her visits she ban lost
eontiol of her vocal nrg.iuti almost on
liely, hut on her letuiii lo school bur
voice regains its noimal condition.
Stnplohurst A power iilant will be
built hero by tho Jacobs Klcetrieal
company, a homo concern A dam
will bo built on the Mine river sll
feet long and eight feet high, with a
wlm on each nldo. It h the Intention
f tbo in vv company to futnlhb elec
'ilcii lor the town of Staplehuiiit and
i rounding territory.
Lincoln I'ml Shock of ArapahoJ
and Miss ltichel (livens of Weston
V Va . both twenty-olio eais old.
ier mauled in tho vestibule of tt
eoaih on a Murllngton train by Judge
Urueo 1'iilleiloii.
$3.50 Recipe Free,
For Weak jiidneys.
Kolirvci Urin:tr and Kidney
I loulilc-, I J.u iai ho, Stniiiiinj;,
Stops Pain in the Madder,
Kidneys and j"Jac!.
WniiMu't It !" tin i u'lh n u v U or o
I tn in mii to ' i Ktmil im inrivir to tint
' nlilliiir, ilrllihliiu,'. Htiiniiliig, or ton rre-
Mil. lit pini'aRi or urliii' Hi' omnciui linn
tin I ii k (it-tin -head ih-Iii-h, III" Mtltuln i
mill jxiliii In tin' bin l . 1 1 ii kiiiwIiu: iiiiih
lie Wl iklllil' MpnlH li Hill Hie l",IH, yd
Inw Mlilii, hIiikImi InivilH, nwolli tl ce
II, tn or attkt' s, li i: i i him i iituiiUiinil nlmrt
tn nt li nii'iii'tn sm ,i 1 1 Hie ih'fp ii'iii'ncy :
I IlllM' II liltpi till He mi IIOllllliM
Villi fill! lli'lli llil (HI, IHI'I If J OH V. Hilt III
tn. ike n iinikti tmnptji '"H ought to
wide mul i;t ii inpv "i Many n doc.
tor wnuM i hnu:i mi ' ' tust fm wiltlni;
tilt pi-em llptlnll, till! I liuve It Utlit will
be ;liiil in Komi It tn llU eiitlri'ly fnr.
.licit ilrei iii" i Hue III.' Hi's Dr A. i:
UelilllSlill, K-.M(i I.lieK llulhllni,'. ll troll,
Mh li . mul I wilt Hint II by ii turn in ill
In u pi if ii iMiVi'liipp. An nil wilt nee whou
vim ui'i It. thli loclii.' i mil iIiim onlv pure.
ii.niiitfxM leiiH'illi'H. hut It him groat
lim mul piln-i iiiuiiieiliig power.
It will ipiloMv show lis power once von
ii'ie It. wo I lliluk ymi Imil heller sen what
tt H williolil ilcl.iy. I will semi you u ropy
trie -vou can uhu It mul Him yuiiihcK t
Uncle Sam's Representative.
Senator John Sharp Williams tolla
of a negro lad In a southern town who
was not tho least zealous of Undo
Sam's servants One day when tint
mall bag for that town was thrown
ft om tho train tho pouch was caught
up by this dlinliiutlvo courier, vvlm
htnrtcil olf, as was his wont, on a brlBk
tint to tho poatolllco.
As he vvaa rounding a corner of tho
station ho oncnnntoieil a turgor boy,
with the result that tho llltlo courier
was upset. When tho latter got up
itml i ('adjusted himself he tut tied upon,
tho other oxclaiinlng:
"Look heah! Yo' waiitn to bo kcer
fill 'bout ills chile! When yo' Jars mo
.M' Jais do gov 'mont of do United
States. I caules do mall!"
rior class of men will bo atliactcii to tins voca
tion whcio so much must needi. depend upon
tho individual. And. by the way, piob'tbly very
few of our readers know that the United States
Life-Saving Set vice la tho largest as well ns tho
most ofHelcnt in tho woild. Like tho firemen
In our cities, they are on duty all tho time and
they risk their lives every time they go to a
wreck. Hut, for that matotr, If tho snrfmen did
no more than discharge tho duties of their "night
patrol" on tho lonely storm-swept beaches they
would have to their credit moro hazardous and
more arduous work than almost any other class
in tie? community
The senpo of the relief work of the American
Life-Saving Service is expanding all tho while.
During the past year tho life-savors rendered aid
In the case of nearly 1,500 wrecks and thanks
Inrgcly to the aid of these biavo and experienced
men only seventy-four out of this largo number
pi oved to bo a total loss. Menhiircd In dollars
und fonts, tho hervico rendetod by these fenr
less men was even greater In tho wrecks of
tho past year thoro was involved pioperty, In
cluding vessels nnd caigocs, to the total valuo
of $11.SSO,000, and of tills nmoiint tho surprising
proportion of SIO.OVT.OOI) was saved. This In It
self mnkes tho two million dollars a year which
tlnclo Sam spends on his Life-Saving Soivico
seem like n pretty good investment nnd that is
without taking Into consldoiatlon the lives Im
periled on tho bhlpwrerked vessels. There v. ore
Ciliil persons on board the craft that mot dis
aster last year and tho total los of life, which
was fifty-five, would hnvo been many times that
number but for the succor afforded by Uncle
Sam's hemes of tho beaches.
rormer Governor William A. Newell of Now
Joreoy Is generally recognized as (lie founder of
tho Life-SavIng Service and he took the Initia
tive as the result of a marine disaster which ho
happened to witness during the summer of 1S39
when tho Australian bark "Count I'orasto" was
wrecked on Lung Heach. New Ieroy. Tho thir
teen memhois ot the crow, all of whom wore
drowned, might readily hnvo boon saved had
there bren at hand apparatus such as now con
stltutea the regulation equipment ot tho United
Rtntcs llfe-bavlng crews.
Tho need thus pointed out made fo forceful nn
impicaalnn upon the mind of Mr Ncwoli that ho
soon after enteied upon experiments with bows
and arrows, mckots and a shortened blunderbuss
ns n means of throwing lines to stilpii ptinnded In
positions Inaccessible by small boats Kwntt:nlly
his expoi Intents culminated In compl"to success
by tli 'ise of u mortar or enrronudo with ball and
J?G2G7ur2Y? 27ZZPOJ? J'OI? J3J&ZC2Z&3 JiZSOr
line. About tills tlmo Mr. Newell was elected to
congress nnd on tho first resolution' day of the
first session of tho thirtieth congress on Jan
uary 3, ISIS, to be exact ho introduced In the
national legislature tho measure which laid tho
foundation of our Life-Snvlng Service.
Tho national government now maintains up
ward of three hundred life saving stations dis
tributed on the coasts of tho Atlantic, the Pa
cine, the Oulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes.
Kach of these stations Is mnncd by a crew of
from six to eight surfmen hardy and fearless
fellows who aro splendid specimens of physical
manhood and who arc skilled in handling boats in
angry seas and In manipulating tho various me
chanical appliances which Uncle Snm provides
ns aids to the brawn nnd the quick wits of our
coast patrolmen In the dangerous task of cheat
ing the deep of its prey. Tor devotion to a duty
that necessitates eternal vlgllanco and the most
futigulng service tho life-savers recelvo tho mod
est wage of $00 per month Moreover they re
ceive that pay for anly nine months a year, the
crews being laid off during June, July and Au
gust, at which season severe storms and wrecks
aro almost unknown. Should a life-saver be in
jured during his summer "lay-off" ho not only
cannot get back Into the service but he cannot
under existing cnnditlo'is draw any pension or
retirement pay, no matter how many years ho
has faithfully served tho nation.
Tho vast majority of rescues effected by tho
life-saving crews nre accomplished by means of
lifeboats or eurflioats. These stanch craft, which,
as now manufactured, are almost imslnkable, are
tho Ideal vehicles for taking consldeiablo num
bers of persons from Imperiled vessels In a lltu
lted space of tlmo If the patiolinau, who in his
vigils on tho beach diFcovers a vessel ashore and
hastens to the ilfe-savlng station for assistance,
tepni'tn that the us-c of a boat is practicable eltli
oil tho largo lifeboat Is Inunched from Its wa3
In the station and pmeoeds to tho wreck by wa
ter, or tho lighter surfboat is hauled overland to
a point opposlto tho wreck and launched ns cir
cumstances may dictate. Fonnorly all of theso
boats were propelled by oars and many of them
yet nre, but lntterly there have been Introduced
big motor lifeboats, which are a vast Improve
mont in overy way over their predecessors.
OfttimcB it ship meets dlFintor In st dangerous
n position or with such a IiU'b sen running that It
Is manifestly hopoless to attempt to reach the Im
periled cruft with a smull boat Under such cir
cumstances recourse Is had to tho wieck gun
and beach apparatus with a vlovv to carrying on
rescuo work through tho instrumentality of the
biecchca buoy or tho life car. First of nil a
fchot with n. line nttached Is fired ncross the
stranded vessel by means of n powerful little
mortar or snub nosed cannon, which will hurl a
lino over a wreck 400 jnrds distant, even In tho
teeth of a gale. With this preliminary lino In
their possession tho crew of u hhlpwreckcd craft
can quickly haul out n larger lino and finally a
three-Inch hawser. Attached to the hawser Is ti
board which bears in ICngllsh on one side and In
French on tho other Instructions as to how to
make tho hawser fast to a mast, or the best place
that can bo found.
When tho shlpwiecked mariners slgnnl that
they hnvo oboyed Instructions ns to fastening tho
hawser the life-savers on shore haul the hawser
taut nnd perhaps elevate the shore end by menus
of a tripod In order to lift it vwll clear of the
water, after which there Is sent off to tho ship
a bieeches buoy, suspended from a traveler block,
or a llfo car depending from rings running on
the hawser. Only one poison at n time cnr. bo
landed by the hi coolies buoy, but fioin four to pl.x
people can bo carried ashore at each trip of tho
life car. Whichever bo tho vehicle employed tho
ttlps contlnuo until all tho Imperiled poisons aro
safely ashore, after which an Ingenious mechan
ical devico known ns tho hawser cutter Is drawn
out to tho wreck along tho ealiloway and upon
arriving at tho terminus of the hawser auto
matically cuts tho rope, allowing tho life savers
to haul It ushoro and thus preserve intact a val
uable part of their apparatus.
Ambitious Inventors nro constantly devising
now foiiiis of nparatus for tho use of the United
States life-saving crows. Indeed, these iiivcn
t oris are so rtiinieious that tlio federal r?overn
mont has folt obliged to create a hoaid of exports
whose special duty It Is to test noveltlo3 and who
hold such trials several times a year. However,
not many of the new ideas that are advanced
provo pinctlcable, for tho exacting conditions of
tlie rough and ready service involved and the
above mentioned classes of apparatus continue to
bo tho stnndbys on which our llfo-snvors place
tho greatest dependence. I low over, there has
bitterly been an advauco In facilities for signal
ing and there In now In uso a form of beach light
ho powerful ns an illiimluaiit that It enables uno
to read the fncu of a vvutcu ut a distance of mor
than nine hundred feet.
Henry Schcelo, Into representative
from Seward county In tho laiit two
legislatures, has tiled for state senator
from Seward county.
Henry C. Richmond, chief clerk of
tho houre of representatives, has llled
ns a democratic candidal o for stale
auditor. Ho lives in Omaha.
There is a total of fn27.H5 1.22 ol
Mate funds on baud In tho various
state donosllorles, nccoidlug to tho
end-of-the-yoar report, mado by State
I'reaFurer George.
L. A. Varner of Slot ling, one of the
Etandpat supporters of the recently
organized Tuft club In this state, Is lo
come out for lleun nant governor on
the republican tic hot.
Stato Superintendent Delell has Is
sued a call for tho meeting of the
i ounty superintendents of the state for
January 17 and 1fl In this city. Tim
gathering will be held at representa
tives hall at the state house
Secretary Frank Odoll of tho Stato
ncokeopcrs' association lias received
word from Washington that Dr. 17. F.
I'hllllps, director of tho agricultural
Investigations for tho government,
will attend the meetings of the Ne
braska association January 17 and IS.
The millers of Nebraska won their
point before the state railway commis
sion and obtninod from railroad at
torneys an agreement whereby inter
state rules applying to milling In
transit privileges shall prevail except
that paragraph which prohibits the
bhlpment of mixed carloads.
Governor Hadley of Missouri has
informed Governor Aldrlch that ho
will bo unable to accept an Invitation
to speak boforo tho Lincoln Young
Men's Republican club on Abraham
Lincoln's birthday becauso ho has ac
cepted an Invitation to speak at u sim
ilar club meeting In Mlhsourl. Gov
ernor Aldiich had urged him to como
to Lincoln
George M. I.nird of Omaha has filed
n $1 Olid claim against tho stute alleg
lug that ho fell Into a ditch near tbr.
state sciiool for tho deaf In that city
and was permanently injured.
The stato prison board has ordcrod
tho transfer of Jennie Gelger from tho
penitentiary to tho Hastings asylum
'I ho woman was sent up for llfo for
mm dor committed in Kimball county,
and has the haliiclnatlon that she Is
not Jcunlo Gclgor, but her sister, and
Is being held for a crime sho nover
Althouiii as yet not graduated from
Iowa state collegu at Ames, whoro ho
will ilninli next June, Phlncas R. Shear
er, of Marshalltowu, Iowa, has been
ohoson ab an instructor in nnlmnl hus
bandly In the University of Nebraska
Young Shearer graduated from the
high bchool In 100S.
The Nebraska legiblntlvo association
which was organized nt n legislative
reunion hold during tho state fair, will
hold a banquet In Lincoln tho lntter
part ot January or early In February
according to Information given out bj
II. G. Richmond of Omaha, secrotarj
of the organization.
Lord Guilfoiil tolls n story of a
joimg lady's lesouicos at a bazaar,
l'.iislnos.s was In lull swing when u
voting man strolled around tho vari
ous stalls, with no Intention ot pur
chasing anything. An ho passed i
largo, beautilully decorated stall tho
joung lady heller detained him.
"Won't vou buy a clgiuctto holder,
hlr?' she asked. "No, thank you, 1
don't binoko," was thu curt leply. "Or
n pen writer vvoiked with my own
hands?" "I don't write." "Then do
hnvo this nlco box of chocolates." "I
don't eat, sweets ' 'I ho young lady's
patience was exhausted. "Sir," sho
bald gilmly, "will you buy this box
of i-oap'.'"
Tho young man paid up.
New to It.
They walked up to tho desk ot the
Getty House In Yonkers, both In sus
piciously new clothes. Ho took a pen
from tho hand or Clerk Mating with a
careless, indifferent air nnd signed
with a ilourlsh. It was Just his namo.
Maling looked nt him In surprise and
waited. Finally he suhl:
"Aren't ou going to register her,
Tho man answered, "Of course,"
nud with another flourish ho added,
"and wife."
Tho brldo looked at him reproach
fully, murmuring,'. "What did you
bupposo I hit ott in tho ribs for?"
When tho lour-.iud-tvventy black
hit tin which had been baked tn tho plo
began. Immediately tho latter was
opeiiod, to blng, the king grow sus
picious. "How," demanded his majesty,
"were you so remarkably preserved?"
ihe blackbirds, visibly disconcerted,
offered no reply.
"Was it by tho u-o or bonzoate of
soda?" thundered tho king, thorough
ly aroused. Puck.
A man knows moro nt twenty-one
than he may be ablo to forgot ut fifty.
Fortunately no Faith Was Required,
For She Had None.
"I had no faith whatever, but on tho
ndvico ot a hale, hearty old gentleman
who spoke from experience, I began to
uso Grape-Nuts about 2 years ago,"
writes an Ohio woman, who saya she
is 40, Is known to bo fnlr, and admits
that sho Is growing plump on tho new
"I shnll not try to tell you how I suf
fered for years from a deranged stom
ach that rejected almost all sorts ot
food, and digested what llttlo was forc
ed upon it only ut tho cost of great
distress nnd pain.
"I was treated by many dlfferont
doctors nnd they gavo mo many differ
ent medicines, nud I oven spent sever
al years in oxllo from my homo, think
ing change of scene might do mo good.
You may Judgo of tho gravity of my
condition when I tell you 1 was some
times compelled to use morphine for
weeks nt a tlmo.
"For two years I havo eaten Grape
Kut3 food nt least twlco a day and I
can now say thr.t I havo porfoct
health. I havo taken no modicluo In
that tlmo Grnpo-Nuta has dono It all.
I can eat absolutely anythlug 1 wish,
without stomach distress.
"I am a business woman anil can
walk my 2 or 3 milc3 a day and feel
better for doing eo. I havo to uso
brains In my work, nnd It la remark
able how quick, alert and tholcss my
mental powers hnvo become." Namo
glvon by Postuui Co., Hattlo Creole,
"There's a reason," and It is explain
ed in tho llttlo boolc, "Tho Road to
Wollville," In pkgs.
IJiit rend llie ntime leltH"? A W
nno upiieni-it from time to time. They
ire Kt-nulur, true, wad lull of fcuu
M.WftlM M...wfclfct.2?All-feg?l4,
yemm tmmiW!fi&tA