The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 11, 1912, Image 5

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Columbia Graphapfoone ; i iirlhSH I'-'J; ;1 1
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IDEAL" $36.00
Intelligent comparisions is
the basis of intelligent buy
ing. We claim to have
the nmst powerful motor,
the most perfect reproduc
er giving the clearest and
sweetest tone of any
Phonograph on the market.
We invite comparison.
Columbia instruments play
am make of disc records.
We will give you a liberal
allowance for your o!d ma
chi'icin exchange and
payments to sui' you.
rJ vAW VmvA'1-
M4I Mn
imicasb-'b ik '.
m uvvraniia nv
Xolilo lti'ill spent Sunday m l'ninlc"
Cons Toit Cull 'J on 1 1, i:. Sua-
J. V. Uoubiil wiii in Superior Tues
day, i
Mrs. .1. Corliott was in Superior
James L. LlttleofOshUoshSundayod
in town.
Miss Alinu Alios spent Sumltiy in
Guide Rock
Mrs. (iiliiiiL's i'iii-itit to lier homo
& .ii .Sup T'.ir after visiting her dun-rli-zii
tor Mrs. Paul 1'opo.
Opera I or l.ul.o at the depot lias
been truusffiiod to Mindeii and lutt
for that point Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivans Aniacu of (inide
Itook visited her patents Mr and Mrs.
A V. llolnitfr.iin Tuesday.
Tlio llneM lino and best assortment
of Harness ever carried before. Call
and look it. over. Uitos.
There will be -pceiitl services at the
I'.aptist Clinrch every niht next week
beinniiiK at TiliO. You ate invited.
Harry Ituckles and (ieoi'Kr') Isoin ro-
'turned from Kaiisns Citv Sntiirdav
All kinds of Kleetrlcal work doneby evening where have been with slock.
MorliiiPt llros. Special attention kIvoii to diseases
Itnlpli Uoall of Aurora is visiting hib. if eje and ear. Illumes aoeurutely
parents tills week. ( lltted. Dr. Stocknian, Red Cloud, Nobr.
A. Terring of Hustings was in town hen Munger had thu misfortune of
Monday on business. j bulking his leg lu-t week on the icy
Miss Kllu Warner returned to her1 "idowallc, and will be laid up for some
homo a Hewitt Sunday.
Phillip S. Hudson of Onl wai i
town Satutday on business.
hobby Hydo of Lincoln was on our
streots the llrst of the week.
La Mont linker of Kansas City visi
ted friends in town Sunday.
Mrs. Chas. Starr of Lebanon Is visit
ing relatives in tho city this week.
Miss I'M mi Itusliee of Holdrcgo is
visiting friends and relatives in the
Mr. and Mis. 1 W. Cowdeu Sunday
ed in Supoiior the guest of Post nuts
tor Stltie.
"'Mrs. A. Lind'ey of Hivorlou is th,.
guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Albright
this week.
Miss (Jleiua Ildiibal uluruid lioui"
from fJr.tinaid, to visit hot- father .1.
V. Koubal
I will liny your furs, hides, Poultry,
and sell you hard and soft coal. J. (.
Miss Lucy Mef'urdy retnriiou ti
Ciunpbell after visiting friends in town
tho last vseel;.
Mrs. .1. V. Iturgess entertained the
Koyul Xeighiior Kensington Wednes.
day afternoon.
.lake I'Mliiigor, Wec-ner and Kootitz
shipped seveuil cars of st. u-U to i,1M,..
kot Wednesday.
Get Novcr-Qllp shoca put on
your horse. AH sixes at Fred
Wnllin's shop.
Get the Facts
About Our Lumber
before you decide on the con
struction of your new homo.
Investigate our stock closely
and lot us show you the differ
once between No 1 and 2 and
clear siding, sheathing etc. Kind
out llrst linud what the material
is going to cost you and then
you'll know whether or not
there's any truth in the state
ment you hear occasionally
"Oil, you can't afford fo build a
frame house at the high price of
lumber." Such expressions in
themselves arc all the evidence
you need to toll you what is
the best kind of material to use
lu building your homo. Don't
be misled, then, Into using less
substantial material until you've
found out first handed just how
high prico lumber really is and
partiuulary tho different grades
for different purposes.
"There's No Place Like Heme."
The Chief for till kinds of work in
-Job Printing, done with neatness
mid ilispttch. Printing that attiacts
Dr. Cross will lie in his ofilee over
'ho State Kaiilc ovoiydav in the week.
! Iiiviuir discontinued his visits t
I'ou Sam:; The two buildings no
uupicd by the Chief Olllce and K. II
.Vewhouse's juelry store. Inquire of
10. 11. Xi-ft house.
The Dngnie of Honor will meet next
Tuesday hv. nlng for the purpoe of
iiiMnlling l leir new oillci'i-s. All mem
'tors should b" ple-enl.
the Job Printing equipment. o
the C;c(Mllci:i is up-to-date for all
';inds nf wiiilc. iuielc service, neat
workmanship iiml reasonable pi ices.
Don't, forget we make farm loans,
iiioiny icndy th" day the title is up
proved, (Aitm:i:. Ilr-ransov & S.u.iu:x.
I, '1st Tuesday afternoon Mr, lioborl
MilJrldc had the misfortune of having
an opou viuilnw fall up n her hand
which mushed tour of her lingers very
A very line improved farm for sale
on very e isy p'iynn'iits. Worth the
money, mostly smooth, close to town
and ensv to handle Dan (Jarbei' v
Co. Chief UMlv.
Dr Wat ride, tho specialist will meet
eye, ear, nose and throat patients and
thoe needing classes properly lilted
at Hod Cloud
Tuesday, .lau. ID.
L A x I) -See us if you wish to buy a
good fat in worth tho money. The lar
gest lnenl land list from which to se
lect. Several mighty good deals.
Dan (Jiirhor & Co. Chief Olllce.
Do not allow your kidney and blad
der trouble to develop beyond the
iviion oi nioillclno. lake Foley Kidney
Pills. They give quick results and
stop irregularities with surprising
promptness. Sold at Dr. Cook's drug
Wolfe & Whitaker, general black
smiths, now carry a full line of farm
implements, surreys, buggies, wagons,
gang plows-, gas engines, stacker ropes,
all kinds of machinery and heavy
hardware, and all supplies for saino.
Also ail kinds of oil. Licensed Plumb
ers Calls promptly imswored,
Charles Durham, Loviugton, III,,
bus succeeded in iindlng n positive
cure for bed wetting, "My little boy
wot the bed every night clear thro' on
the floor. I tried several kinds of
kidney medicine und I was in the drug
store looking for something different
to help him when I heard of Foley
Kidney Pills. After ho had taken
them two dnys wo could seo a change
and when ho hud taken two thirds of
a bottle ho was cured. That is about
six weeks ago and he has not wet in
bod since." Sold nt Dr. Htury Cook's
drug store.
See .1. II. Hnl ley for a ftirm loan.
lie has a reduced rate of intuntst and
is solo agent for Trevott, Muttis .t
Dakar who are notud for praaapUicks
nnd square dealing and are always
ready for business
U I.I. iee .i Van I ian ('
a position with Hui Unite liailrnads nf Of coiltsr In nl i. to be
I'iick milling the old fo!ls again I'tit he
says, "The (Joldeii West for mine."
W, A Kent was fieliing a little
chesty the otherdiiy mnl in atteiiiptim!
to clean out the hindwiiie stole struck
a human volcano .villi such force that
ho Miller the dislocation ,,f his eight
shi'iihlor. He ts ici'oveiliig mpidh
and is planning to eompleio tlio Jiili
as soon as clieuinstiiiiees will penult.
We have a paity with $.(I1 eush
vnIio wants to biiv a qii'irter vnth iui
pioii tin ills pi Iced between P7itJ a tut
s'Mum, AIo unotlirr p.ut.i who WHUt!
a ii uter wilhonl, 5mi i'..euuiilN Hit' I
to will pnv ttie cash ii nu to I whltt
bine you got In otter..
tlAKIot;. Hi h ,IIHin A: S w.VIU.
Wl' I i ero.siny tin, ,(,,.,,( ,, ui,0.
i-v ii n '. W. (I. V ii ron hud 'he iiiN
' itutie to sllpun ineieo and u falling
I'leaU Ills iililil.' The Inn.-, weiv
lilol.en III two pmes and 'eiiiilti as
Hie accident Is he !, progi'i-ssteg as
well as could be ipeeicd undoi' Hie
eitciimstaiiccs and will -oiim Ih mil
Win Tabor returned home jester
ilav I roin Colorado and Wyoming when
he has been for seeral ye.ns. And he
sure is glad to see his old iriends
again. Hill" says; that the crops was
a failure in that section of the country
last year, but the prospects uro look
lug good for ii bumper crop this com
The American Medical Association
is vorj anxious to have established a
national department of health, with a
portfolio mid a member of the cabinet
Wo object, mid strenuously. Tho
"doctor's trust" is already, about as
iron-clad, brass-bound and copper-riveted
as it well could I'O. To create a
cabinet department would merely
moan tliat this trust would fin-tbi
lighten its already tight cinch. Will
.Miitipiu s Weekly.
The Hilluiaii Stock Co., which held
forth at. the Opera House, tho last
three nights of last week under the
skillful inanagemciit of Mr. Prank
Manning which still holds the tepii
tiitoiu of pleasing any audience, and
tliey sureiliil it here. Although the
weather was very cold a fair audience
greeted them each night It was the
best company seen at the. Opera House
this season, ami if they should conic
this way again, ought not bo missed.
M. II. I'liriiham of Inavtile, Xebr , a
veteran shipper, and a pionet r icsi-
ijent ol that section, lepolis thata con
sidciablo number of cattle ate being
fed in thaf iciiiity. "Xot the usiiui
number," ho said, "but a good nianj
more than an- fed in many other puts
of Iho cuttle fouling sections of the
corn belt that has long been a call b
feeding place, up Mid down I he Ib-plib-Mean
valley. We iuIm. siieh a large
inn ii tit of alfalla, an 1 unusually gout!
corn, that entile feeding has become
the chief inilustiy. Com is still sell
ing under Cite, while alfalfa can be hail
for about cS per ton. That is cheap
for alfalfa, the way it is selling else
whore. Like many others, wo believe
that later on both hog and fa cattle
prices will go considerably higher."
Kansas City Drovers Telegram.
1 V 1
itcwwaiiVfsjis-j a cusxsimsBi e eawacrisi
By Adclo Mendel
"How's Arthur?" naked Murola
"Pltior than over," atinwored Lucille,
"hut ho travels so much that 1 feel
like a telephone operator, saying Hello
and (Jooilhy to him so often"
"How long will ho ho lu town now""
"Arthur hi away nt present and
doesn't epcit to return for a week"
"Are you sure'.'"
"What do you Infer, Murolu?"
"Only I thought I flaw him at
the tit ator last til.''it."
"In I o slhle 1 i i, tl letter yoMir
dry." "M.iylie he rpliit'liul iiltiee."
"Not without my knowlodM'"
"Will, tho girl ho was with"
"Don't bo In lot le," Interrupted Lu
cille Indignantly, "Arthur Isn't taking
other plrki out."
"Lucille, I could swear on my hull
iIor's life that It was Arthur."
"You're loo persistent. Didn't I men
Don Arthur was away?"
" hnt are joii girls arguing about?"
broke In .latiet.
"About Liiellle's ful uro husband,"
coniinctued Marcia.
"Oh. I nnw Aithur down town this
morning, ho deliberately walked by
without oven bowing."
"It wasn't Arthur," contradicted Lu
cille, vehemently. "I'm going home to
write to hlni now."
"Poor Lucille," said Marcia. "Bui
poso Arthur was deceiving her. It's
a great risk to marry a traveling man.
J felt duty hound to tell her."
"Pooplo rarely thank you for telling
thorn unpleasant truths."
"Why, she was as cioss as two
stick, ami never oven Bald goodby."
Upon reaching homo Luclllo found n
12-pago letter from Arthur In which
ho wrote: "Don't know my next des
tination, hut ndilrcas your ever wcl-
'n I'd. I i ' i "i f-tl -i'' ll ?' I n vi i-.isv imviiii'llt'.
About '.na-i i,. , . ii I l" id .-i'l illi.'i'l'-
lii'lwi ii ii - it i t. , , , , Viiiul '.diii'li's
iiiidei oii.iiviii i''i I al i lie a,' i,st qitaiity oorii mil
iilfiUn 'iit'd in, I i nit I'M-i- (i (,ii 'in in. Lociii. il 1 miles from
"f lilt good liimls and
I TTIi I -, III li!.', stal le.
i p:i "ii, ,. n' li per
I ' !' It I . una, I i)
i i "ash 'i'
I III I'.,
- i ' An-
' i . Ml I
I ' Ml III ll
. i I , III . Ii I ill f
goiid lui u di e
ii , e
I ,1
II I'l
I t.
1 1 r
.l 1 '
p'. v uls, I I .1 i ,.l
m No. to A fine
JM n'lv w ell ii" i.'i in
IS in.idt Al i it 1 ' ' .
I KS p'i , n i i ro f
i (m H'ligl . ii' t
EC mi v.. i ,,,
S1 ' " "
w ' '
Kft nnw I
US in t e i vi
K ' v '
i i . i ii n . . ii-
En M c! ii li of !."' !' mi I
a 71 '
mm i
f$Y Ml1 1
L.J. l . LA... I VZ
! B
j " I !
" i. I'. 'ii i M'i'iio All exi'i ptiiiu-
i : i'iioiI i, p on fo' d
1 i ;o nt iti :' i. noil ;pi in
'. ii !,.'. 'i ml' ii". none
ii i. i e mi iiti'ii-rhibl w ith clay
'! I' ull'l e mm of tiow linprm e-
.s, , . oil muftis nnd I elosi ts;
ii . o ! ii n. I i i nisi v i, ml r;i) ion
ii i iM'V.ii. witii i!aiiU lloor ami
. o-.i ,. 10 unit liiilii'ls Machiiie-
' him Him H'pntr shop nil iclieil, WoihI shed
,iin " cm' Miei,Hiis with fitmiehioiis nnd
I.. T, " e illi'i'oVMiieii'M an- all bss tint ll
. i i . h o ,i i'Xei' i h.i Iiolise tt lii t won il cost I'lil littlo to lepnn into
I iii' I'litnlit ion. S "in : ot i-Miid of tinples, I'ltiiuu.eliiM mi's o:o
nii'i 1. nl out. l'inifll (irMin'il feedlol very conveiileiitlv lo
cad d cm bo uiiiito nnv s,.e ilt'-iti'.i. and ail drains by natural slope
Into the gin len anil orcbarii. h iiioki desiftiln arrmigemont. This
Lulu .ssl'iiited ill ti I ' lfi''l of goiiil ml mill disti ict of pi-odiiel ivo
fa i ins It is nil genii n.f.i in 'Ai i . mnl as ii is localod In an i v
ei Lent ei'iii pioilnoiiiK be t, with Hh tlno roM-yind and granary
ciipaeity. It is tibsolini v one of tin-la si ginin Pirius mid feeding
s a turns i ii tlio mm I et m t inn count i v P'i nty of past me lands not,
la'- distent ami no nei'i.ii.r ig competition In the ruin market
't tin i's lioin oii good town mil r, iiide- ti-otu motlier. Tin- ini
pnneinents on tin- firm (annul lie rebuilt for les, than f I ouu, and
siifioiinliii;r It' in I of no bettei niuuili iiiiil less lliait one llflh ol the
i III t ' ' nieii-s ;,i ,i i iii, iin i,e,, ,. i ii tie niaikit at S'M'.no
mil ' '' it iiui 1 1 i . vi. . ii 'lis in piiie.niser. Worth your
time to .uvesiigiitc. en I LP Ol-'FICH
Ked tIoni, Nebraska.
yT3 r i
m. a
i T- - V
7 '
c .i . . i. .C3i r..
l" ' - I I .! If.l, V.LlKll
.; -ow;. to tin- i;nd. a:-o tho largos.t
Incicstructlbln Wild Silk.
Chinese wild silk is said to be
practically Indestructible. It can bt
buried for over n yoar without great
HI effect.
IF YOU DO you'll say thank
you. No where else in Red
Cloud can you buy teas and
coffees as low in price and
as high in quality as you can
from uo. ...
B. E. McFariand
-:- All the Phones -:-
Found a 12-F.irjc Letter.
conic letter to General Delivery, Kan
sas City, und It will ho forwarded'
"How strange, hut it Is uiorel.i a co
incidence," thought Luclllo.
"Luclllo." called her younger sis
tor, "Arthur Just drove by in a cab
and did not oven look up!"
I.uclIIo rii.shcil to the window, und
could only catch a giiup-o or tho cab,
but the llguro seated next to a lady
looked ia rnngoly like Arthur
"Saw Arthur nt tlio hall game this
afternoon," said Luclllo's brother, "but
didn't have a chance to speak with
"Yes, and I caught a glimpse of him
a' tho restaurant late Inst night, drink
ing high hallo," said her brotlicr'u
chum. "Ili'ti some rport "
'It's Inconiprohctuiulc," confided
Lucille to her sister "1 can't enduro
this felraln much longer. To think Ar
thur would ho In town, and not come
near me."
"A young man wishes to seo you,"
announced tho maid.
"Oh, Arthur," cried Luclllo joyfully
as she entered the dlmlj lighted li
brary, giving him ono long, fervent
Ulsa. "Such tales as they have been
telling about yon nnd I nearly be
lieved them. Have you been In the
City? You didn't tnlto a girl to then
tor, did you? You didn't drink high
ballB? You didn't forget your Lu
cille," sho finished, giving him a hug.
"Have you lost your vofco? Why
don't you answer?"
"I'm not Aitliur," stammered tho
young man "I'm Ids twin brother.
Oon't he bo emhurriisfed. I rather like
your slstorlj welcome"
"Forget It, pleafie." said Lucille "Ar
thur never told mo how much you ro
sembled each other."
"Well, 1 wish I wnH Arthur. I prom
ised him I would call on you when In
town, but this 1b tho first opportunity
I hnvo hnd."
"To think I doubted Arthur," oald
Luclllo, after hor visitor had dopnrt
cd. "Hut I fancy If any ono had soon
mo kiss nnd hug an nbsoluto Btrnnger,
they would havo doubted mo, too."
But This Is Different.
"Fnn," said George, "you know now
I feel toward you. Do you roclpro
cnto?" "George," Fan Raid, with a Bhy
glance, "does this mean annexation?"
The Trouble.
Father You miiBtnt cry Mr It; wnlt
'til 'yba nvo older.
Uommy Then I'll bo too old to cry.
IF yr.ur . '''o is c..-r, f ,r Ii'ps rre cfttily and
quickly etc. Have f. . ;.: lv':; and de
Cccis cori. .;.;.., nov.. . :. i i''viw"Liv . wJt', bond
ed Abstracter Rcu ticuu, ,'iraiiia.
Closing Out ' Sale
3'flL 'O-a.
Boots, fiSjmoes, tA&
I will offer my entire slock at a big reduction in
prices, and the more you buy the larger the discount.
This will be your opportunity to lay in several years
supply. I have been in the Shoe Business for more than
20 years and I am nor ready to quit business, so take
advantage of this opportunity. It will save you much
money. Come fast as 1 want to close the stock out just
as soon as possible. .......
Henry G. D
Wall Paper, Paint and
Room Mouldings, Pict
ure Framing, Pictures
and artist Material
The Diamond Klootrlo Vaeum clean
er demonstrated in jour homo free.
Cull Phono lied 97.
The Only Exclusive Store.
D. D. Sanderson, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
Ollleo in .Moon HloeU.
Hull, Ulaolf 4; Ind., 111,1
Uoildenee, Uoyal Hotel.
Hull, 47; Ind., 'I'l
(Jullh Answered Day or Nlfut
nun ci.oun, Ni:n.
' M
. 'Wl
W hlfflt
' m