The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 11, 1912, Image 3

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IMl'lK. Vlln'l ,H,,!'1,P ,Ul,. tPn " (!. IP,
noi i'iliv ..fUi ?'" '"'Itieneu of (.in- l.ttto
"oil onivini: K powder-on tho
nXnLlt tt .'I ''."K" tlmt ran rnnlly l,i
iim . . f "V '""wlri; will only tuv a
HI n '"' ,,,,,l"t1"" (" tho choke If lllT
I llilim V'.V "nKliii' cheap "Ulg I'litf TIii-po Unking fnwil. ra
n ,1 !., Vin""' "'"'""n.iin.l -nimtline-i
r.-ii l L1, n.'"s ln .""., baklnc. '""' tin.
n'.J ', !. 'i ,a,",'"" tt'iin you upend on I...I..
!.m '",w,(I"r. In tlio whole y iir Tin- . li. ip
avoided ,,uk,ntf l'uwl'"is should l.'i
On tin. other iinmt, ninny lumwiKci
reel t lt a linking powder Is of no vnluo
jiniesv -ey p,iv M ..-iitH n pound for II -'r'L
''.'.V', ''''"riroilrnr the Huh prl ...1
rrmf l.riiti.K This u mistake in
Hie host liiifcliiir powder that enii be m .In
pin lie foh for : p.r pound If the m n.
li'?Urvt,1'! V"1"11"' "'til ii ieuoii-.l.lo
"J'"''," me br ni.l on the market
llt.'lt meets tneo reiiretnetil It Iti
y,; ' TVVT "'Ki.vt i''nvi'i:u: ..'"..-
li.'u ,U'.1.' 'v V",,,,tr. I''- -Ir-lnri noil ol,em
.ir"..",""111"11" ,,r home-.: (il
'lln i- ' ."'''l",Kt Award "t tlio World1
Pure ! ood Imposition.
Speaking Airily.
l'irsi Aviator I low far is It to tho
no xi gasoline rcsorvlor?
Second Avliitor Two graveyards
rtiid a Hilral glide to your loft, old
iiitiit. Life.
om.v iimi "Ultimo oriMNK
1 In I.A.ATIV II IIIUIVII vjn.NISK. I.nnl fur
. ....., .... ..i.w ir v. r.r.r.. iHwih inr k. w i M.t iim w.iria
tul ur.'ii I nlil in line lay. sir.
ill" MKIHIllll.'
over i.
In School.
"Spoil 'prohibition.'"
I don't like dry spells."
Don't abuse or neglect
it, and you will be well
repaid. If it becomes
weak Rememuer
tones strengthens invigorates
Try a bottle today for
The Farmer's Son's
Great Opportunity
uy wainur ino inn larm To Ui-.imin
youriniit-riiumcr jiivinnmr to
picture inr your riilimi
l)n.icriiyanti inarpen-dt-ni-n.
A rr.-ul uppor
tunlir invullH you In
Manitoba, Mukntctii-nun
or Allieria. whi-rn you
ran seen re a Kre.-l lump
Mend or buy land ulrvu
Honablu prices.
not a year f mm now,
whin In ml will be lilitli-f-r.
Tin. lir.itlls
llio ntinnilniit i-rntiii fif
lient. Oil In llurli-v.
aH writ as rnttlo rat'lnir, a'ie
riuiMnu a M.-jiiiy auranro in
prlee. llOTernm.-ii'. Trunin t.linw
that Mm in Huttlera
In Veterii t'anutla from
thn II. S. iTim HO prr cent
lurcer In ItilO tliun Hie
pretlmiK venr.
Muny funnel liavo piilrt I heir limit nut of ttiu
proeeeilH of one crop.
I'reo lliiineKteiuln of 100
lieruH nnil ire-eiiitldiii of
1HO aereH lit 8U.OO1111 iiere,
1'lno I'lllimte, kimmI hi-IhmiIm.
eieellint rullniiy fiielllilcH,
loT freight rates; m.h.iI, Mil
ler unit lumber easily olf
1-nr tiamphlct "IjikI Pert W,"
l-nrUciil.iiM'H to sullublo lomtlun
mid low Millers' rata, n'ily lo
riiipt of '.nunlftmtlun, Oitawa,
Can.,ortoCuuaUluu UoT't AtiecU
Room 4 P Bld. Omaha, Nib.
Plrwe - rltp to II.p aernt hurirt you
Nebraska Directory
CURED in a few days
without pain or a sur
gleal operation. No pay until cured. Writ
)ll. WltAY. 307 Ilea lllilfr., Omalin, Neb.
Omaha, Nebraska
KomilH from !l.00 up single, 7.ri ccntrt ill. double.
I limit my practice to Heart and Circulatory
ailments. Thirty yeart expeu:nce ouglit to
mean much lo such patients. Experimenting
and neglect is costly and bad. Write
i. S. LEONHARDT. M. D.. Heart Specialist
1726 N Street Lincoln, Nebraska
Auctioneers lire not all
nllke. rninm nro mlKll liet
Inr than atli.-rs. Tlio holler
the iiiii-tliiiii-.-r the l.iruur
yiiurrliri'lc. 't'lielieitMillliiu
uti lit- casts ytiu im
limn llin puniest. 'I'lH-rn'i
pmHt.kei urilyiiiiilRiitlklne.
lull In iliilnit huslnenN nltll
Z.H. IIUANSON. llreNiork
id llril Utile Aurlluartr. 21
1 ttnKiMrlci, UMUIA, SUh
Lincoln Sanitarium
Sulpho Saline Springs
Located on our own premlsea and used In the I
Natural Mineral Water I
Unsurpassed In the treatment 0'
Heart. Stomach, Kidney and Liver Disease?
ft DR. O.
U 1405 M str
bincoint np.
uK from
Most elderly pcoilo nro more or
lesa troubled with n chronic, per
sistent constipation, duo largely to
lack of stiMctont exercise. They ex
pel icnco dllllculty in dlsostlnp oven
light food, with n conscii.ient belching
of Hlomnch enses, drowKlucss nfler
eatltiK, hciidncho and n feeling of lassi
tude nnd general discomfort.
Doctora advise ngaltiHt cathartics and
violent purgatives of every kind, rec
ommending a nilld, gentle Inxutlvu
tonlr, like Ur Caldwcll'H Sytup IVimIii,
to effect tellef without disturbing tho
entlic system,
Dr. Cnlducll'H Byrup I'cpsin is tho
perfect laxative, easy in nrtlon, cor-
tain in effect and, withal, pleasant to
tho tatite. lt possesses tonic proper-,
tics that J-treiigthen the btoiuunh, liver I
and bowels and Is a remedy that has '
been for years tho groat standby ln '
UiotiFnnilH of families, and should be
in every family medicine chest. It Is
equally as valuable for children as for
older people.
Druggists everywhere sell Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin In TiOc and $1.00
bottles. If you have never tried lt
send your name and address to Dr. V.
II. Caldwell. 201 Washington St.. Mon-tlt-cllo,
III., and he will bo very glad to
Bend a sample bottle for ttial.
Judge Why did you club this man
eo severely?
Ollleer Out of sympathy, ycr honor.
He's a poor lonely old bachelor who
lins nobody else to club him.
"A few dnys after birth wo noticed
an Inllamed spot on our baby's hip
which soon began spreading until
baby was completely covered even ln
his eyes, cars nnd scalp. For eight
weeks be was bandaged from head to
foot, lie could not have a stitch of
clothing on. Our regular physician
pronounced it chronic eczema. He Is
a very able physician and ranks with
the best in this locality, nevertheless,
the disease began spreading until
baby was completely covered. Ho
was losing flesh so rapidly that wo bo
came alarmed and decided to try Cutl
cura Soap and Ointment.
"Not until I commenced using Cutl
cura Soap and Ointment could wo tell
what he looked like, as wo dared not
wash him, and I had been putting one
application after another on him. On
removing the scale front his head tho
hair cam off, and left him entirely
bald, but since we have been using
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment ho has
ns much hair as ever. Four wcoks
after wo began to use tho Cutlcura
Soap nnd Ointment ho was entirely
cured. I don't believe nnyouc could
linve eczema worse than our baby.
"Ucforo wo used tho Ctiticura Rem
edies we could hardly look at him, ho
was such a pitiful sight. Ho would
fuss until I would treat him, titer
Bomed to relieve hint eo much. Cutl
cura Soap nnd Ointment stand by
themselves nnd tho result they quick
ly and surely bring Is their own rec
ommendation." (Signed) Mrs. T. P.
Rosscr, Mill Hall. Pa., Feb. 20, 1911.
Although Cutlcura Soap nnd Oint
ment nro sold by druggists and deal
ers everywhere, a sample of each,
with 32-pago book, will ho mailed free
on application to "Cutlcura," Dopt
29 K, Boston.
Mnmmn was dressing when seven
year-old Freddy hurst into the room
with n loud "Moo!"
"Why, Freddy, dear," expostulated
she, "you mustn't open my door with
out knocking. I mightn't havo been
dressed nt all."
"Oh. this was all right," said Fred
dy, "1 looked through tho keyhole
llrst." Judge.
Important to Mothors
Kxamlno earetully every bottlo of
CASTORIA, a safe and suro remedy for
infants and children, and Be that it
HpnrK thn
Signature of LzL&Pz&jfctfijr
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Cnstoria
When a man buys a new hat ho
wants ono somewhat like tho ono bo
had before but It's different with a
Dr. Pierce's I'lennnnt Pellets first put
up 10 years nco. They regulate and invig
orate fctoiuat-li, liver and bowels. Sugar
coated tiny granules.
Nothing plensos somo people more
than tho opportunity to spreua bad
news about their neighbors.
Mrs. Wtnalow'H Boothlntr Syrup for Children
teething, BoflctiH tlin irtiniH, reilueen Inllammn
tluu, ulloyH lmln, cures wind colic, 25c i bottle.
A fow weeks of matrimonial train
ing will enable a man to predict brain
storms in advance.
19 7
r xr - w.vj ' 1
pr Iter. William rnn.l P.. Iilrerlor IIIMo Course
MtioUy II I tile l.lMUllte, CI.U-unu.
t.USKON' Tl'XT- l.llke 1 ."-SO.
MMJionv vr.itm:s r.T-u. or . ?7.
HOI.m'.N' TIJXT 'T.lis-xil In- Hie lonl
'1ml of l.'irael, for lie Until Ms led ntlil
rcdi ellteil IiIm pinpto " l.ttLe 1 t'.t-..
Another fulfilled prophecy mlded to
last w. nit's losou' "Math Ood said,
nnd shall he not do it?" Heaven and
earth shall pass away, but one Jot or
little of his promises shall never fall.
Ht range that Ood should lemember his
promise to a single individual amidst
the tn Iln it o multitude of the sous of
men! Yet he does, lie marks tho
'all of a sparrow. And so according to
Bod's promise, tho child was born.
At the proper time, the child vvaB
dedicated to Ood in the temple Theso
righteous parents recognized that tho
child was Ood's gift. All Oodly parents
should. Do wo? Have we presented
our children In dedication to the Lord
In the church? The first place theso
parcntn took their child was lo church,
is this true of us?
Tho naming of the child is interest
ing. John means, "gracious gift of
Ood." '.aeharlas thought, of Ood in
naming the child. What did vou think
of when you named your child? Did
you give It a Christian name, or call
ed lt after some heathen, godless nov
ellst? Does the name stand for any
thing? Is lt an Inspiration to the child?
Does It express your hope and faith
In Ood?
There are times when, in order to
please Ood, we must differ with our
friends. So it happened in the naming
of John. Out of respect for Xachitrlas,
and because of his advanced ago, nnd
knowing that ho had no other child,
tits friends proposed naming the chllri
after him, probably to perpetuate the
family name. Rut already Ood had
announced the name. The angel said
that the child's name should be John.
These godly parents stood fast by tho
Word of Ood, Irrespective of the oplu
ion. of even well-meaning Irionds.
A striking question wub asked:
"What manner of child shall this bo?"
What strange thoughts must have been
passing through the minds of thoso
parents at this time as they recalled
the angel's message and the predicted,
future of this child! As Zazharlas
looked into the unconscious face of
his child he saw tho prophet of tho
Moat High.
Parents, what possibilities do you
ec in your child as you look Into its
face? That little lifo Is for you to
mold. To somo extend you can tell
what manner of child ho is to be.
Teacher, what do you sec In tho child?
Just a bumllo of nerves to bo kept
quiet, or tho possibilities of a great
Zacharias' song 1b full of victorious
nnd prophetic hope; lt is Itself a fill
llllmcnt of a prophecy; Ood hath vis
ited his people. For over 2,000 years
tho righteous in Israel had looked for
ward to the fulfillment of this proph
ecy. Tho advent of this child brought joy,
not only to Zncharlas and his wife,
but to their neighbors.
Tho birth of this child brought forth
this hymn of pralso to Ood for his
goodness. Did you over thank God
for your children? Who gave them to
you? Children nro tho herltngo of
tho Lord. How much would you tako
for them? All tho wealth in tho world
could not buy them. Nor nro you ask
ed to sell them; but you are nsked to
think of tho Ono who gave them to
you. Thero aro your children: Can
they see, when so ninny havo been
born blind; can they hear, when so
many havo been born deaf; can they
romp, when so many havo been born
latno; can they speak, when so many
havo been born dumb! Oh yo par
ents who havo sweet children on earth
and it may bo in heaven does not
their presence cause you to burst out
In praise to Ood!
Another thing that led to this song
of pralso wns tlio fact that Zacharlas
was filled with tho Spirit. Joy and
gladness nro always associated with
tho Spirit: "Ro filled with tho Spirit;
speaking to yourselves In spiritual
songs, singing and making melody in
your heart to tho Lord." Tlio Spirit
illled man is tho happy man. Aro you
a happy Christian? If no, why not?
What a description wo havo in tho
song of Zacharias of tho dollvcranco
which Christ brings to every soul that
trusts, him: Delivcranco from Satan,
from death, from sin, from the world,
from every enemy; a protection and
covering from tho righteous vengeance
of Ood; freedom from tho conse
quences of sin; tho wonderful promise
that somo dny oven now in a moasur'o
wo shnll servo God with true holi
ness nnd righteousness in joy and
bues3lng for evermore.
Tho song of Zacharins gives us a
modol for our hymns and spiritual
Tho most prominent noto in this
song Is salvntlon: From our enemies,
that wo may bo enabled to llvo in
peaco and quietness; from sin, that wo
may be able to bo constantly well
pleasing to God; from fllnvish fenr in
our service to God, in order that wo
may ronder servico as sons, and not
ns servants or slaves; unto holiness,
that our life may bo ono that is spent.
not merely in overcoming tho sins of
our nnturo, but also In tho cultivation
of Christian graces
There nro Iwn ways lo tell wlicllicr you
have uimW kidney.
The lirht is thioiiKh the pains in the luck
nnd other niilvi.tid in-i. The wenud ii
b.v (')..iiiiiti.Hiou of tin kidney m-oitIioih.
That U why pli.vinci.uw hik-Ii a
careful oviinitt.itioti when you applv fir
insiiruue. nnd if tliete i any sit;n of l.itl
nev tioullo you ate pinelv rejected.
Kidney tliT.iM li mi ilauueroils it
is a bid ini-Uko to oveiloo!, or ni-i-leel v
nnd if p.iin in the luel,, leciirilnn heul-iielii-H.
or n netful, urn mil. tiled i-niidiltiiii
m.t ltd you Mt-.pi-1-t mimic kidiiev tt.-ublc,
I. ike the trouble to watch the l.lihiev i. (-.-
I iniii. I, onl, for any of the follow nit;
More or le than three and one hair
nlntn pieced ilnllv.
'Ion iliiik in- ion ncle n color.
i'a.ide too treiinonl, iroltie, or much
rctliu-r-il, or M-.-ilitiiiii nnil pjiiirul.
.snulv. irrltiv or i-lniitlv i-ttllntf.
I at m- iillv-lookliiit l.iv.'l- wlilcli tMllu-ri
on tin mii face when .illciM-il to Matul,
in- n Jcllv-llUc llil.-ltetiiiiir,
Matnliiil of the linen nt- ml or.
Tell pel it V ehntlgev tiliv ocelli fur ,1 tune
ft om thinu- e.iieii. hut if the li.tiit.-cil up
pe.ii.itiee cmitiiiuco, vour UpIuc.vm me out
of nider .mil need help. Ncgleel'ni.iv piove
i-i'ii. iii
Moan's Kiiiey Pill i-nrni! and icpu
late the Unlnev -i-eriimti, i-tiiniiMe mid
lied vii !, I,ii!ticv mid therein ihiveiiwav
baol.a- he, t ic p.uti, iictvoiiMii-x.di.-
Olmple Explanation of Facts That Had j
Made Young Father Green
With Jealousy.
It was a wet day, and in conse
quence the guests hud to stay Indoors.
The .voting couple started to talk of
their baby.
".My hnliv has just cut his first
tooth," said the father proudly.
"hid I?" said the other. "Well,
mine cut Ids long ago."
"Our baby," said the llrsj, "Is Just
beginning lo talk."
"dins." said the second, "cannot
t only talk, but read."
I "Knows his letters ahcady, does
he?" tiald the llrst, with a not., of
i jealousy in his vo'ue.
"Oil, es. Indeed!" said the other.
"And can llgnre like an i.vpeit ac
countant." "Ho.illv?" said the tlrst. "Then he
mr si be older than mine. How old is
your liabv ?"
".Mother." said the second, addressv
lug Ms wire, "how old Is Willie?"
"Mnelien." said mother -Judge.
Twenty-four Carloads Purchased for
Lewis' Single Binder Cigar
What Is probably the biggest lot of
ill fancy grade tobacco hold by any
factory in the United States has just
been purchased by Frank P. Lewis, of
Peoria, for the manufacture of Lewis'
Single Hinder Cigars. Tho lot will
make twenty-four carloads, nud Is se
lected from what Ik considered by ex
perts to be tho lines! crop raised ln
many years. The purchase of tobacco
Is sufficient to last the factory inoro
than two years. An extra price was
paid for the selection. Smokers of
Lewis' Single Hinder Cigars will appre
ciate this lobacco.
I'corta Mar. January 16, 1!)09.
Woman's Way.
"A woman's convention, eh? What
do women know about enthusiasm?
Now, at tho last national convention
wo men cheered our candidates lor
an hour."
"That's all right." said his vvitc.
"Wo threw kisses at ours tor sixty
seven minutes by the clock."
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Kve Iteninly. No Smart Ins.' Keeli
Kinii Ai-ih (Juleldy. 'j'ry It for lte.l, Wenh,
Watery Kjcsimil llr.-iimlateil Kyellils. JIIiih
Irate.l Honk In en.-h Pacliac.-. Murine In'il ly our lli-tilliis-iint n'-l'.iteni M.-il-li-lni."
Inn n-ii-rl In siH-risrnl I'll) &lel.t lis' l'r.ic
tli-o fur many jearH, Now ileillniie.1 tut lie I'uli
lie nnil hold by Hrm.'itlMN nt Z'ic nmt We luir llnltte.
Murine Kyi. Salve In Am pile Tillies, -J.'.! nnil We.
Murlno Eyo Romody Co., Chicago
"A number of men who get to tlio
front nro mere accidents."
"Yes." responded Senator Sorghum;
"1 sometimes think that what our
government most needs Is some roll
able form of accident Insurance."
011 will Miecc; perhaps feel eliillv.
011 think you are catching cold. Don't
wait until vou know it. Take a tlou of
llainlitiN WiJird Oil and you jut can't
catch eohl.
Just the Thing.
Howell I'm very fond of travel.
Powell Comn around somo night
and I'll let you walk the floor with
Force a man to eat his own words
and ho will soon lose his nppetlte.
What Ails You?
Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent head
aches, coated tonjjuc, bitter or bad taste in morning;,
"heart-burn," belching of gas, acid risings in throat after
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells,
poor or variable appetite, nausea at time and kindred
ymptorna ?
If you bare any considerable number of the
above symptoms you are aulTerintf from bilious
ness, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia.
Dr. Pieroe'e Golden Medical Discovery is made
ip of the most valuable medicinal principles
Imotrn to medical sciunoe for the permanent
cure of such abnormal conditions. It is a most
efficient liver invigorator, stomach tonic, bowel
regulator and nerve atrengtbencr.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is not a patent medicine or secret nostrum.
full list of its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath, A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or barm
ful habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined
glycerine, of proper atrength, from the roota of native American medical,
forest plants. World'a Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, N. V.
There arc Two Ways to Find
Out Whether the Kidneys
are Sick or Weak
rtrri'Twm' l j. a ;' ' i1
jK';l-?A JL';y-
"Oil, what a fain"
Your Back Is Lame Remember the
Sold by all Dealers. . Price DO cents. rosicr-Milburn Co, Dai fato, N. Y., Proprietors
The Father of Him.
Census Taker 01 ve the ages of
.vour live liilhhcn.
rather All light Mary will ho
thhlccn In September thirteen, yes,
that must be light; ami John Is- John
iihiiii- he's going on eleven, 1
guest' then Helen wait a minute, I
never could remember how old she Is
--but I rid Is- let 1110 see anil Anil
ie licavciiii, man! my wife will be
hack ut hall'-past live cun'i you conic
again liieu? Woman's Home Com
panion Simply Dlushlnn.
A Otllmaii man. It Is ic'atcd, has a
very red 11110, and recently a very in
quisitive pertain said to lilin: "Pieaso
don't take olfeiit-c, hut I'm curious to
know why :our iumc Is always red?"
And this Is the icply the Inquisitive
got: "My iiiim Is merely liliislilug
with pride over the tact that It lias
never hutted Into any s business'
Fort Smith iiiuosltccnrd
A Friend?
"I saw a lileiitl of yours the other
"Did .miii? Who was he?"
"Puiriigton. He was telling im
how he picked you out of the gutter
and set you on your feet."
Stop the Pain.
The lout nl' .1 liuru or 11 cut Moon when
1'i.te'H I'ailiollHnhi- Im uppll.'.l. il li -nlil
quickly nnil pt. -vents hl-iiih. Sir ami ".n h
Irii'-'ulHlH. l-'iu- lico t.ample Willi- to
J. V. ruin .v Co., liliiek lllvi-r Falls. Wis.
lllcsseu is the season which en
gages the whole world In a conspiracy
of love! -Hamilton Wright Mnblcj.
If j on would be n leader you must
set tho pneo.
2.25, 2.50, 3, 3.50,4 & a5 SHOES
All Stylea, All Leathers, All Sizea and Widths,
for Men, Women and Boys.
give W.L. Douglas shoes a trial. W. L.
touglas name stamped on a shoe guar
antees superior quality and more value
for the money than other mnkes. His
name and price stamped on the bottom
protects the wearer against Jiii'h prices
and inferior shoes. Insist upon
the genuine W. L. Douglas
Take no substitute. iV;.;SK.SB?K'
'.l.lli'inilHK Minm t.- nut MiM
1 01 ruoins Hiiuwii 111 iiinii,
' or TOlitiw; li.Mvy. ineiltiim
lit trie tvorlil. Illua.
Crawford How did jour wifo come
to buy you all thoso suspenders?
Crabshaw I think she wanted the
pretty boxes they came In. Judge.
I a9wH0W
I y ""
rine, bloating and other rcstiltn of kidney
The following eaM ii t of the eurei
effceted by Hoati'H Kidiiev I'illi. Oralefiil
tchliiuony ib the best evidence.
Cured After Doctors Gave Up Hope.
.1 I.. lli'-h.iriNoii. Ilcd Key, Indium,
H.iy: "A winiii; iILikiio-im of my cmm
imipciI me i inoiillm of teinhle pain.
When I li id broii in lied lielplei for three
liiontlii I vv.ii a lucre ln of honei. The
tnuihle lie-in with p.uti in the luck, mid
after a few weeks of it my nerved gave
vvnv i-nteplrlrlv mill inv eves not had. I
had fleilicilt illZV -u lis, telt tiled llliVil.VH,
nnd iievei n'eined In ct enough hlei p. I
iillliost w .-ill it iv. The action of the kid
iic.vh kept tettuiK wm-c, and the iirino
luiiler In p. -. Tw.-tit J . in luitin vvould
go bv without it pi-.;.'. I In- ileclnn be
gan ( take the w itei finin im with a licter. They did thn une u day for
liftj diji. tin Cliiitiiiai D.i.v, five yean
n j.i, 1 1 1 v iloii.a- told me th-il my time vvai
nlioiit up. I lived thtiiiiKli the 1I.1.V nud
til hi, loiill.nv tn epeet.tti Hi, nnd the
iievi day n fnciid gave me 11 box of Di-iiii'm
Kiilm-v PilU. I ti'i'il it and was enriiiir
need tn iiititiiuie. When I hid taken five
hi ei I pot oil' of bed. I kept on until
entiieh well, and fmni that day tn thin -live
veirs I have never hud a twinge in
inv bark."
Misleading Sncezco.
'How did you come on with your
study of the Rtimliiu language?"
'Not well. While 1 was trying lo
ptoiinuneo a few words our lamlly
phvsleian came along and loreetl mo
to tuke all Kinds or medicine to lueaU
up a cold "
For health and energy eat It for
hteakfast. Reduces cost of living.
Free Silver Spoon In every package.
Auk your giocor for a package.
And sometimes the girl's father for
bids a young man the house, when
It wasn't the Iioipic he wanted
Voitclm....!... ..ill rxlllllil III. in. i If I'A.iittlvr
I MINI' 1. 11N I., eure urn mm- r llililiit:, lllunl.
Jin ii.ii.;iir rruitiiaiiu' run mum ininj-t. iw.
"Lint- A go'den hour, set lo tlO di
amond minutes There is no reward,
I for It l gone forever." lleecher.
Your Liver
Is Clogged Up
I Tlmt'a Why You're Tired Out of Sorta
1 Have No Appetite.
, will put you right
' in a lew days.
! They do.
their duty..
I luliousncss, Indigestion and bick 1 icauaciie
Genuine must bear Signature
Shoes 8ont Everywhere All Charnca Prepaid
In your town, i-wl illn-rt in ftrtnry, THkc uirauirnirnla
winieai)inur8iii'-i; ii- mm wiaiu iiviiniiv wuriii ihhiii
or llKtit note. I h tS Ittriiml hnr mull ortlrr hull.
mnam hittlf
matw aiivt.K
ffiwn PILLS.
Wr JVfcV 1
Mffim Jr
ii w-riS''''''' Ak.
lwt. I x-j.y."'"-' 1 J IkJSV.
CalftluK hri-c. W.L. DuDOLAS.ltS 8pirkBt.,BroUton,M4l.
Mr juim jla l ljn OIL HEATER
In every cold weather emergency you reed Perfection
Smokeless Oil Heater. Is your bedroom cold when you dress
or undress? Do your water pipes fieeie in the cellar ? Is it
chilly when the wind whistles atound the exposed corners of
your house ?
A Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater brings complete corn
fort. Can be carried anywhere. Always ready foe use
glowing heat horn the minute it is lighted.
Aik yourtittlrrto ihnw you a Perffdion Smokeless Oil Hestert or
write lor descriptive circular lo any aseacy of
Standard Oil Company
521-531 W. Adums St., Chicago
of this paper desiring to buy any
thing advertised in its columns should
insist upon having what they ask for,
refusing all substitutes or imitations.
lrrlliitliiu rauMxi
liy Uui. nun or
tsiurt Itwtt- lut S?.tk
JUUNLTUOMl'Ml.mj.Nj&CO., Troy, N. V,
W. N. U LINCOLN, NO. 2-1912.