The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 14, 1911, SECTION TWO, Image 8

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': ' ll,Ml'"iwi-wwwwMia.iJiAJ.,Bsaaw.rtf.'rn.TM4.-J.r,.T"s?
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ft I?
i Farms Listed and Sold on
t Commission Basis
While you are thinking of
buying a Christinas Present let
us suggest that you buy one
usefull, serviceable and lasting.
All other Property is Transi
tory: but "The Earth Abideth
We have several mighty good
Deals you ought to snap up.
Farms that will readily take
care of the investment and
grow in value. Special Pay-
Iment Terms on several. The
Largest Land List from which
to select. CHIEF Olf ice. :
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Negotiated. Lowest Rates and I
Best Optional Payments.
'Save Dollars and Cents For You.
Save time, save labor, save repairs-save all the valuable butterfat
ia your milk, anil give you fresh, warm skim milk for feeding calves and
-pics. You could not afford to do without one if they sold for twice the
'price, but the price is right.
600 lbs.
other sizes
at other
Mb---------M--M1 m
Their Quarrel I
Imogcno cnmo down the street with
a stalking step and her chin high.,
She hcrsolf might have added that!
fire flashed from her eyes, but allow
anco must be made for Imogene's ac
tive Imagination.
If nnn hntl trnnafnrrofl tilfl baza to
the other end of the block one would'
havo eecn Imogene's duplicate stalk
ing In the opposite direction Just as
haughtily. The duplicate was ,Jano.
A few moments 'previously all nego-i
tlntlons between tho two had been;
broken oft abruptly by Itnogene'i
hurling to the ground the do)! dress
which was tho subject of dispute and1
anounclng that she hated Jane and
never no, ont If she lived thousands
and millions and trillions of years
would she so far forget herself as to)
speak to Jane again. So there!
Jano had glared. Then with shrill
haste she had declared that, so far
as she was concerned, shea never
speak to Imogeno first If Imogene was
the very last girl left on earth and
never no, never would she come,
within miles of her hated presence If
she could avoid It. After which be
gan their progress down the street.
Wrath still darkened Imogene'B
brow as sho sat down at the lnnchcon
"Don't you feel woll?" Inquired her
mother In surprise.
Imogcno regarded her mother in por
tentous silence. "Jnne and I have
quarreled," sho said at last.
"Oh!" said Imogene's mother In re
lief. "I'm glad you're not coming
JLy f V -HI At
tyt w"' u
4sL -zm i Q i DST i
Headquarters For
Builders Hardware
Heavy Hardware
Majestic Ranges
Laurel Ranges
German Heaters
Bath room specialties
Gilson Gas Engines ' -
Fields Gas Engines
Olds Gas Engines
' - Badger Gas Engines
Joliet Corn shelters
Louden Hay Tools
Everything of the best at Lowest possible, prices.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
BOTH PHONES: Ind 48 Bell Red 28
There is nothing cheap about them but the price. There is no better
separator sold at any price
and are guaranteed from top te bottom by
CUcageflU Uteris, NeW. Dee Me la. Dubuque, la.
Sold by
Highest Market Price
Paid For Poultry.
I Have Moved
In my Building East Side of
Webster Street
The Duplicate Was Made.
down with anything, I don'Mee why
you and Jane cau't play without al
ways having a fuBB."
"Fuss!" repeated Imogene, Indig
nantly and coldly. "This Isn't a fuss
It's a real quarrel, an I hate her
and we're never going to be friends
any moro.
"I don't want you to talk that way,"
reproved Imogene's mother, with utter
disregard of tho seriousness, of the oc
casion. "Don't put so much sugar on
your berrieBl" , '
Imogene pushed tho berries away.
"I don't want 'em," she said. "I' guess
you don't understand. It isn't Just a
common, make up quarrel. I ain't
ver going to speak first' and she
ain't "
: "Isn't," corrected Imogene's mother.
"Well, she ain't isn't," resumed
Jmogene- impatiently. "So, you see,
jwe- won't ever speak again nor be
friends. We've been mad before, but
not llko this."
"You and Jane are eternally quar
reling for the last time," said Imo
gene's mother easily. "I guess It
isn't as bnd as you make out. It Isn't
'nice of either of you to act so."
Imogene set her lips. "We'll never
play together again," she declared. "I
.can't like her any more when she's so
mean and selllsh. Why, she-"
"That'll do!" said hor mother. "I've
no doubt that Jano thinks you're the
selfish one. I'd bo ashamed."
"I used to like Jane," went on Imo
gene In a reminiscent vein. "I thought
she was real nice. That was before
she got so mean."
"What are you going to do this aft
ernoon If you don't play with Jane?"
.inquired her mother.
"Dunno," grumbled Imogene. "I
don't care if there Isn't any one else
In the world to play with but Jane, I
wouldn't play with heri She never,
could be nice enough to me to get
me to apeak to her. Besides, I won't
speak first an' she won't."
Wm. KOON, Pioneer Heat Market.
"1 guess 1 can play without her." re
sumed Imogene after a pause. "1
guess she ain't Isn't tho only girl In
tho world. I can play by myself. I"
"Yal-e-ool" cut tho air. The call
pame from the street
"Ya-l-e-ool" Imogene called back me
chanically, turning toward theopen
Imogene's mother for once did not
reprove this breach of good manners.
She seemed to have trouble controlling
the corkers of, her mouth -'
' "Coming outr pursued the outside
T,tfb-aualH called jlmogene abruptly
fromHha tables ('Did you bring your
doll, JaneT"
Imogene turned on her mother aa
she departed. "Whatchu - laughing
fort" she demanded. I "I guess we
didn't either of us speak int. We Just
Actual Starvation
Facts Abeat IndlftesllCR aid Its Relief
That Sheuld Interest Yea
Although Indigestion ami Dypepsia
are so prevulcut. most people lo not
thoroughly understand their cause
and cure. There is no reason why
most people should not eat anything
they desire If they will only chew It
carefully and thoroughly. Many act
ually starve themselves Into sickness
through fear of eating every good
looking, good-smelling, and good-tasting
food, because it does not agree
with them.
The best thing to do is to at your
self to digeBt ariy good food.
We believe we tan relieve Dyspepsia.
We are so' confident of this fact that
we guarantee and promise to supply
the medicine free of all cost to every
one who will use it, who is not perfect
ly eatlsBed-with the results which it
produces. We exact uo promises, and
put no one under any obligation what
ever. Surely, nothlDg could bo fairer.
Wo are located right hero and our re
putution bhoulri be sufflclent assurance
of the genuineness of our offer.
We want every one troubled with
Indlgehtlon or Dyspepsia In nny form
to come to our store nud buy a box of
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets. Take them
home and give them a reasonable trial,
according to directions. Then, if not
satisfied, come to us and get your
money back. They are very' pleasant
to take; they aid to soothe the irritable
stomach, to strengthen and Invigorate
the digestive orgauB, and to promote a
healthy and natural bowel action, tnuB
leading to perfect and healthy di
gestion and assimilation.
A 25c paokage of Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets furnishes IS day's treatment.
In ordinary cases, this ia sufficient to
produce a cute. Iu more chronic
cases, a longer treatment, of course, is
necessary, and depends upon the sev
erity of the trouble. For such cases,
we have two larger sizes which sell
for ftoo and 81. Remember, you can
obtain Rexall Remedies in this com
munity only t our store The Rexall
Store. The H. E. Grico Drug Co.
History: of Red Cross .Seals
Red Orad Christmas Seals date back
iu their origin to charity stamps"
first used for the soldiers'1 relief funds
In Boston In 1869, during the Civil
War. After the war, this method of
raising money was discontinued in this
country for a generation) although, It
found vogue In Portugal, Switzerland
Austria, France, Spain, Denmark,
Norway, Sweden, Russia-, anil other,
European couutrlesr There-Hrenow.
several hundred different kinds of
charity stamps used iu all parts of the
world, as many as forty used in Aus
tria for children' hospitals alone.
Stamps or seals were first used to
get money for the anti-tuberculosis
crusade iu Norway and Swedenju 1004.
After being used in these countries
for three years, as a direct result of
the Interest of Jacob Rlis in this move
ment, the Delaware Anti-Tuberculosis
Association, headed by Miss Emily P.
Bi&sell, and the Red Cross Society in
Delaware, combined in issuing a tuber
culosis Stamp. So successful was this
campaign that nearly 13,000 was real
ized, and the next year, in 1008, the
American Red Cross was induced to is
sue a National Red Cross Tuberculosis
Stamp. From this sale, 9135,000 was
realised, that amount being nearly
doubled in 1000. Last year, for the
first time, the sale was organized on a
comprehensive basis, taking in all
parts of tho United States, 1310,000
worth were sold. In 1011 the slogan
for the campaign Is, "A Million for
Tuberculosis from Red Cross Seals.
Simple Mixture Used In Red
Cloud .
Many in Red Cloud are now using
the simple buckthorn bark and glycer
ine mixture known as Adleri-ka, the
new Germau Appendicitis remedy. A
SINGLE DOSE relieves constipation,
sour stomach or gas on the stomach al
most INSTANTLY. This simple mix
ture antiseplioizeBthe digestive organs
and draws off the impurities Jand peo
ple are surprised how QUICKLY It
helps. C. L. Cotting Druggist.
The Diamond Electric Vacum clean
er demonstrated in your home free.
Call Phone Red 97.
The finest line and best assortment
of Harness ever carried before. Call
and look it over. Mokhart Bros.
Wolfe & Whltaker, general black
smiths, now carry a full lino of farm
implements, surreys, buggies, wagons,
gang plows, gas engines, stacker ropeB,
all kinds of machinery and heavy
hardware, and all supplies for same.
Also ail kinds of oil. Licensed Plumb
ere Calls promptly answered.
Best Quality Building Materials
Ready for Prompt Shipments.
Building Brick. Hollow Blocks
SidewalkBrick. Paving Brick Blocks
All inquries for Prices will receive
our prompt attention. We solicit
Polenske Schellak 6k Co.
Hastings, Nebraska. .
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