The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 16, 1911, Image 7

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No Fear of Further Kidney Trouble.
Mrs. Joslnh Clinker, State St.,Tnma,
Iowa, says: "My first Bymptom of
(kidney troublo wob Intense pnln In my
back. This tircw wnmn mnii i ..
. "" ""HI UUUCU
in every part of my
body. I rested poor
( ly and was so stiff In
the morning I found
It hard to dress. I
becamo tired easily,
lost flesh and was In
n bad way. I was
WMI nlnncrwl fll. it.
quick relief Doan'a Kidney Pills gavo
me. They Urovo the pains away and
restored my kidneys to a normal con
dition. I have been frco from kidney
troublo for six years."
"When Your Hack Is Lame, Hemom
bcrtho Name DOAN'3." GOc.nllstoreB.
Fostor-MIlburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
He When we are married wo will
live on bread and kisses, won't wo,
She Oh! I don't like bread.
"I have always used Cutlcura Soap
and no other for my baby and he baa
never had a Bore of any kind. Ho
does not even chafe as most babies
do. I feel sure that it ia all owing to
Cutlcura Soap, for ho Is lino and
healthy, and when five months old,
won a prize In a baby contest. It
makes my heart acho to go Into so
many homes and see a bwcet-faced
baby with tho whole top of its head
a solid mass of scurf, Caused by poor
soap. I always recommend Cutlcura,
and nine times out of ten tho next
time I ceo tho mother she says: 'Oh!
I am so glad you told mo of Cutlcura.' "
(Signed) Mrs. G. A. Selby, Rcdondo
Deach, California, Jan. 15, 1011.
Although Cutlcura Soap and Oint
ment aro sold everywhere, a sample
of each, with 32-pago book, will bo
mailed free on application to "Cut! 1
cura," Dept. 20 L, Doston.
The Happier Age.
Tho Hronzo Age man chuckled.
"If I wns steel, I suppose you would
dissolve me," ho cried.
Herewith he rejoiced he didn't llvo
too late.
Some men have a well-seated preju
dice against giving up their place to a
woman In a crowded car.
By Lydia E. Pinkham'j
Vegetable Compound
Baltimore. Md. "I send von here.
Kith the picture of my fifteen year old
uauguier Alice, wno
was rostorea to
health by Lydia E.
I'inkhum's yegeta.
bio Compound. Sho
was pale, with dark
circles under ber
eyes, weak and irrf.
table. Two different
doctors treated ber
and called it Green
Sickness, but she
prow worse an tna
time. LvdiaE.Pink.
tarn's Vetrotable Compound was rec
ommended, and after taking three bofc.
ties sho has regained her health, thanks
to your medicine. I can recommend it
for all female troubles." Mrs. L. A.
ComcRAX, 1103 Rutland Street, Baltl.
aore, Aid.
Hundreds of such letters from moth,
srs expressing their gratitude for what
Lydla E. Finkham's Vegetable Com.
pound has accomplished for them have
been received by the Lydia E. Pinkbam
Medicine Company, Lynn, Mass.
Young Girls, Hoed This Advice.
Girls who are troubled with painful
or irregular periods, backache, head
ache, dragging-down sensations, faint,
ing spells or indigestion, should take
Immediate action and bo restored to
health by Lydla E. Pinkham'i Vege
table Compound. Thousands have been
restored to health by its use.
Write to Mrs. Pinkbam Ljbxu
&tis.; for advice, free,
DIIDTIIDE CURED in a few days
plUr I UnE without pain or a sur
fical operation. No pay until cured. Write
DB. VKAV, 307 Oca llld., Omaha, Neb.
fHflffihisri&l I v V:
WM&ffli I
H'wRdKII fei '
mf,mm& . r tsii&ii
il)ijiii(( m. tea
W lefln fiBB Vj
i BEr WW c
i ik f A VTi r
k gpJMi iff"
I IWflLTfflfflrakW
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!..'' I'i'ilu-iJV. ..
Jfff a HM V
( iti
J vt
-yg -
algeon Hole Is Provided for Every
Ear and Is Easy to Make
Mice Are Kept Off.
A linndy typo of rack for storing
seed corn, which Is cry simul in
construction. 8 Hhnwn In tin. Illnulrn.
Hon, says tho Kami and Home. It
tuny ho made nny size, but one tlint is
seven feet high and four feet wldu Is
very convenient. Tho frame la made
of Inch boards 12 Inches wide, and at
Intervals of three Inches two laths aro
placed crosswise and wires nre strung
mm mwinwiwwiiii iifl
- -- jLJ AJ UU 1U LA M M M kfl. iK4 4 4 .. M.X I
-4 i- tjOa kUJij AiJ A 1 JtULkUi Si
ilDTnTrKrttmrVPJ'i" wTrrT;
WJAxiu-iiAaj'Mi.i'uj-i.tvrrv?i . ff'
fKai'tuuajrj.U'u jiSGttrrW'Ii M
Handy Corn Rack.
2 Inches npart, running from top
to bottom. This makes an ideal dIk-
eon hole for each ear. Two cross
wires aro run through tho center
around tho lath, as shown, to prevent
them from sagging. Each division can
bo numbered so that Individual tcstB
can bo made of every ear.
Largest of Their Kind Manufactured
by English Firm for Experi
mental Purposes.
The largest wheels ever used on an
agricultural traction engine were built
by n llrm in Leeds, England, for ex
perimental purposes, says tho Popular
Mechanics. Tho giant wheels nro 12
One of Large Wheels.
feet In diameter, with a bearing sur
face 18 Inches wide. The wheels wero
designed for use on soft soil.
Cottonseed Meal.
If cottonseed meal costs delivered
$35 n ton, each pound of digestible
protein will cost loss than 4V6 cents.
If corn Ib worth $25 a ton, each pound
of protein will cost about 16 cents a
pounu. in other words, a pound of
protein in corn will cost nearly four
times as much as a pound of protein
in cottonseed meal. ThiB clearly
shows that tho dairy farmer will lose
money If ho purchases corn to feed
his cows, providing, of course, that
cottonseed meal Is available. But if
cottonseed meal 1b not available other
feeding stuffs can bo had. Tho buyer
of grain feeds should consider his
purchase In thU light.
Marketing Vegetables.
The successful marketing of vege
tables, beyond doubt, is the most se
rious question of all for commercial
growers. In many instances it 1b ap
parently impossible to make ship
ments to the city and realize a fair
profit This condition is duo to high
freight or express charges, unscrupu
lous dealers and too many middle
men. There Is too much difference bo
tweon tho price- received by tho pro
ducer and that paid by tho consumer,
nnd this 1b tho primary cause of tho
high cost of living in the large cltleB.
Winter Feed for Oeeie.
I never feed any apodal grcon food
except cabbage to my breeding geese
during tho wlntor. But I rnlso field
corn and feed that, allowing tho geese
the range except when thero la snow
on the ground, says a writer In an ex
change. I have tried various fn0ri
.but never have found any nd vantage
ovor corn, ine pasiuro is, or course,
best of all for geese, since the bird's
will care for themselves.
Profit In Alfalfa.
One middle west seed company pur
chased recently 700 bushels of alfalfa
need. The seed, uncleaned, sold for
$8.50 the bushel, and was Bold by Ste
ven Heel of Shawnee, Okla., who re
ceived $6,060 tor the 700 bushels.
Prevent Washing of Soils. .
On billy lands great difficulty is ex
perienced In preventing washing by
heavy fall and winter rains. The use
of cover crops, therefore, becomes Im
perative on euch lands If clean cul
ture Is to bo practiced In the summer.
Size of Farms.
Our farms aro decreasing in size,
the average number of acres In farms
having decreased from 146 In 1900 to
138 In 1910.
II I II I rr
mo,, ",'
v- 43
Little Practice Will Enable One to
Become Quick and Reliable Judge
Points to Study.
With n llttlo practice ono can be
como u quick nml reliable judge of an
ear of corn suitable for Feed. Hut tt
will be necessary to study such points
as triipness to t pe, shape of ears, eolol
of kernels, tips and butts of ears, unl'
fortuity of kernels, shape of kernels,
spaco between kernels and tho pet
cent, of grain to the cob. Briefly It
should be stnted that tho rows of ker
nels should bo straight, running from
butt to tip; tho kernels w-odgoshuped,
thus Insuring a large per cent, of tho
corn on tho cob. Tho furrows, or
the space between tho kernels, should
ho narrow; the gtnins deep, tho colt
comparatively small. Tho color of tho
kernels should bo uniform, having no
Indication of a mixed vnrlety. All cars
that show Immaturity or rotted ker
nels should bo eliminated, and espe
cial enro should be tnken to select
ears with largo gprms. Tho fact should
bo borne In mind that n largo yield
requires oars that aro well tilled and
as few nubbins and barren stalks as
possible. It costs as much to produce
nubbins as It docs good ears, nnd or
dinarily 20 bushels to tho aero will
cost as much work ami other expense
nB 10, hence tho economy of Increas
ing the yield.
Method Shown in Illustration Will
Enable One Man to Do as Much
Work at Two.
Tho following method of stretching
wire over rough ground Is a good one.
Oct some big nails and drive them
into iho posts ub Illustrated, on top
Stretching Wire.
or knolls, Blaming tho nails downward.
Inng tho wlro over them. Jn the low
places drive them Into tho post up
ward, and hook tho wlro under them.
Then stretch tho wire ns tight as de
sired. Ono mnn can stretch nearly as
much wlro this way ns two can with
out the uso of tho nails.
Stock Crops.
The farmer makes tho most money
wlto devotes his fields to tho growing
of crops to feed stock, making uso of
all tho raw products nt homo, thereby
not only saving much of tho cost rtf
transportation, bpt nlBo maintaining
tho fertility of the soil. Taking every
thing Into consideration, corn will
probably produce more rood per acre
for domestic animals thnn nny othor
plant, nnd there nro but fow feeds
which can bo fed in a greater variety
of wnys.
World's Wool Crop.
About one-third of tho wool crop
of tho entire world Is produced In
Australasia, which Includes New Zeal
nnd and Tnsmanln. Last year's crop
exceeding 800,000,000 pounds. Tho
flocks of this section contain ncnrlv
rlwlcc as many sheep as thoso of tho
united States.
Spinach Is one of the best things to
Fifteen to 20 ears of corn will plant
an acre.
Don't use barb wlro If you can
avoid It.
Productive soil must contain a largo
amount of vegetablo matter.
There is no better fertilizer for
grasB than farmyard manure.
Potatoes make a fairly good crop
with which to follow millet.
There ia no more convenient placo
to haul the manuro than to tfto grass
Small patches of quack grass should
be dug out with forks and tho roots
Putting a small gasoline englno on
Iho grain or corn binder Is a new
wrinklo to save horse flesh.
Those who have not already saved
their seed corn, however, must do so
from the product as it Ib busked.
Seed corn must be selected early
enough so that It may have plenty of
time to dry beforo cold weather.
Cover crops are divided Into two
classes, based upon whether or not
they add any considerable amount of
Cover crops, when plowed under, Im
prove the physical condition of the
soil, making it porous and of better
Farmers operating on a large scale
often keep In telegraphic or telephon
ic connection with the market to
which their products are consigned.
Millet is rather bard on the for
tuity of the land, but an ordinarily
rich corn belt soil should yield two
good crops of millet In succession.
A piece of rubber hose about a wlro
pall handle offers a splendid safe
guard against cutting the band when
carrying cemont and other heavy
Tho manner In which the corn is
stored Is not so Important so long
as some method Is used which will
permit a free circulation of air all
about the ears. '
Youth and Age.
"The difference botween youth nnd
go was never bo well put," said Itov.
C. V. Pcttlow, In an address nt an
Ocenn Grovo beach meeting, "as by
a playwright who wrote:
"'Youth, which is forgiven every
thing, forgives Itself nothing. Age,
which forgives Itself everything, Is
forgiven nothing.'"
"Gladys can't hide tho fact that sho
dyes her hair yellow."
"You don't suppose, do yon, thnt
she could keep It dark?"
Color more KoodbrlKlitcrnnd faster colorntlmn
dcnny itatinrnl without rlpntiiK apart. Wrlto
How Could the Listener Know What
His Friend Was Trying
to Say?
If nny man over ndmlrcd his wlfo.
that man was Howler. And when tho
Fltznoodles asked Mrs. Howler to got
up nnd sing, "Thero Is n Garden In
My Fuco," tho husband glowed with
No mnttor thnt sho had a fnco llko
a hippopotamus and n volco llko an
elephant, ho sat beaming ns sho sang,
and could not refrain from bonding
otcr to his neighbor and whispering:
"Don't you think my wire's got a line
"Whnt?" said his nolghbor, who
was a llttlo deaf.
"Don't you think my wlfo has got a
fine volco?" repeated Howler.
"Don't you think my wife's got a
Ono volco?" roared Howler.
"Sorry!" returned tho neighbor,
shaking his hend. "Can't catch a word
you say. Thnt awful woman over
.thero Is making such a frightful row
Rubbed Hard.
Tho Venus of Milo explnlncd her
missing arms.
"I triod to get the ton off," sho said.
Herewith sljo rejoiced sho hadn't
nsed tho Bamo method on her neck."
Harper's Dazar.
The Humor of It.
Stella Wero you shopping today?
Hclla Yes, 1 got some thingB to exchange.
We Get a
The big coiTeo trust, made up of Brazilian
growers and American importers, has been trying
vurious tactics to boost the prico of coffee nnd got
moro money from the people.
Always the mnn who is trying to dig extra
money out of the public pocket, on a combination,
hates the man who blocks tho gnmc.
Now comes a plaintive bleat from tho "exas
perated" ones.
The Jotirnal of Commerce lately-said: "A stir
ring circular hns just been issued to the cofioo
trade." The article further 6nye':
"Tho coffee world is discussing what is to ho
tho future of coffco as a result of the campaign
of raiseducation carried on by the cereal coffeo
people. Wo lmvo before us a letter, from one of
tho largest roasters in tho South asking whnt can
bo done to counteract the work, of the enemies
of coffee.
"Tho matter should have been taken up by
the Brazilian Gov't when they wero completing
their benutiful valorization scheme."
Then the article proceeds to de
nounce Postum and works into a
fine frenzy, because we have pub
lished facts regarding the effect of
coffee on some people.
The harrowing tale goes on.
, "Where a few years ago every
body drank coffee, several cups a
day, now we find in every walk In
life people who Imaglno they can-
not drink it (The underscoring Ib
ours.) Ilurly blacksmiths, carpen
ters, laborers and athletes havo dls?
continued or cut down the uso of
f coffee; as thore is not a person
who reads this and will not be ablo
to And the same conditions existing
among his own circle of acquaint
ances, Ib it not well for tho Brazil
fans to sit up and take notice?"
- Isn't it curious tbeso "bur
ly" strong men should pick out cof
fee to "imagine" about? Why not
"imagine" that regular doses of
whiskey are harmful, or dally slugs
of morphine?
It "Imagination" makes the caf
feine In coffee clog the liver, de
press the heart, and steadily tear
down the nervous system, bringing
on one or more' of the dozens of
types of diseases which follow
broken-down nervous systems,
many people don't know It.
But It remained for the man who
has coffee, morphine or whiskey
to sell, to have the supreme nerve
to say: "You only imagine your
disorders. Keep on buying from
How Fldo Lost Out.
"My girl used to think n lot of her
pug dog, but I've managed to get tho
edgo on him slnco wo married". '
"How did you work It?"
"Fldo wouldn't oat her cooking, and
I did."
Pf ei.i l.l'iulil irHrt1,,i,ti,t(,nHiinirllionllinll,KKl,((.n'l.i tiltth
nny othcrtlyc. OneKVpaikacccoloiiinllfilxr. TlicydveinriililwntrrMtrrtlinnnnynthcrdvc
tor (rri' liixiklrt How til)rc. Meaclmml Mix Color. MONHOli mtUli COMPANY. UuJncy, .
Came Easy.
HepreseutiUlvo James T. Lloyd of
MIbhoiiiI whs discussing tho presi
dent's belief thnt tho extra session of
congress would not try to rovlso tho
whole tariff 'law.
"Ho had about ns much to go on,"
said Lloyd, "as tho man who n
prnached a hanker with a request to
lend him money on n note. Ho want
ed five hundred dollars.
" 'Cnn you got an Indorse!'?' asked
tho banker.
"'Sttro,' replied tho prospective bor
rower, mentioning tho ludorscr'a
"'Hut has ho got nny money?'
"'Lots of It,' answered tho other.
'Ho wins It at poker.' "Tho Sunday
A Matter of Constitution.
"There's no uso talking nbout wom
en making themselves tho equals of
men. They Hover can do It. It's a
mero matter of constitution."
"How do you make that out? It has
been demonstrated that women can
endure hardships even mora stoically
than men."
"Oh, I don't mean It that way. Thoy
will always wait for tho chango, even
If It doesn't amount to moro thnn a
Special Talent.
"Cnn your boy road 'Tho llllad' In
the original?"
"Not vory well. Hut ho can innko
ten ynrds around tho left end almost
every tlmo."
Pessimism Is tho undigested fruit
of cxperlenco.
Let us continue to quote from bis
"Notwithstanding tho enormous
Increase In population during the
past three years, coffeo shows an
appalling decrease in consumption."
Then follows a tiresome 'lot of
statistics which wind up by show
ing a decrcaso of consumption In
two years of, In round figures, two
hundred million pounds.
Here wo seo tho cause for the at
tacks on us and the Brazilian
sneers at Americans who prefer to
use a healthful, home-made break
fast drink and lncldentallykooptho
money in America, rather than
send the millions toBrazil and pay
for an article that chemists class
among the drugs and not among
the foods.
Will the reader nlease remam.
ber, we never announce that coffee
"hurts all people."
Some persons seem to have e
cess vitality enough to use coffee,
tobacco and whiskey for years and
apparently be none the worse, but
the number-Ib small, and when a
sensible man or woman finds an ar
ticle acta harmfully they exercise
some degree of intelligence by
dropping It,
We quote again from the article:
"TheaA flcrtirAR arn nnrnlvclnv
but correct, being taken from
Leech's statistics, recognized at
the most reliable."
J " I' fl IIHiMniMit bonk eif U color ami 1'tmtn-
Kl.STOhK VAltNlNIICO., Ilrnoklju, N.T.
Pink Eye, Eplxootte
Shipping1 Fever
& Catarrhal Fever
AWoWr.?. 60SHEN. IND U. S. A.
Caring for Consumptives.
Thoro nro now four special methods
by which consumptive worklnginen In
tho United States aro being cared for.
In Bitch cIIIoh tut Albany, lOlmlrn and
lllnghamton, N. Y., tho unions support
a Hcpnralo pnvlllon or hospital. In
cities llko Hartford, Now llrltaln and
South Manchester, Conn., tho work
men contribute toward tho malnto
iiiinco of n fund for tho caro of con
sumptives. Tho employers nlso con
trlbuto to tlicHo futids. Thoro aro also
two national snnltorln for tho treat
ment of tuberculosis owned and oper
ator by labor unions; ono by tho In
tornntlnunl ' Typographical union, nml
tho other by tho Printing PrcsHtnen
tind Assistant!)' union. In Massachu
setts. Illinois and nlsnwhttrn Inrcn nor.
Doratlonn and manufacture Iihtr
Ittgreed voluntarily to caro for all their
consumptive employes for u limited
length of time.
Since Teacher Old Not Know.
It wns In tho primary class of a
graded school In a western city and
tho dny was the 22d of February.
"Now, who can tell mo whoso birth
day this Is?" asked tho teacher.
A little girl arose timidly.
"Well, Margaret, you may tell us,
Eald tho teacher.
"Mine," was tho unexpected reply,
Everybody's Magazine.
After all, youngwomen Judgo n man
moro by his accomplishments than by
whut ho hnB accomplished. .
Mnrrlugo Is n contract and there
nro lots of contract Jumporn.
This Ib ono of the highest com
pliments ever paid to tho level-head
ed, common sonso of Americans
who cut off about two hundred mil
lion pounds of coffee when they
found by actual experiment (in the
majority of cases) that tho subtle"
drug caffolno, in coffee, worked dis
comfort and varying forms of dis
ease. Somo people haven't the charac
ter to stop a habit when they know
it is killing them, but it is easy
to shift from coffoo to Postum, for,
when made according to directions,
It comes to table a cup of beverage,
seal brown color,' which turns to
rich golden brown when cream Is
addedi and tho taste Is very like
the milder grades of Old Gov't Java.
Postum Ib a veritable food-drink
and highly nourishing, containing
all the parts of wheat carefully pre
pared to which Ib added about ten
per cent of New Orleans molasses,
and that Is absolutely all that
Postum Is maae of.
Thousands of visitors to the pure
food factories see the Ingredients
and bow prepared. Every nook
and corner is open for every visit
or to carefully inspect. Crowds
come daily and seem to enjoy it
"There's a Reason"
Postum Cereal Company, Limited
Battle Creek, Michigan
SM A V Coffee
9 '