The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 16, 1911, Image 5

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AtMmftH wfcllWfcfc V -.
vMv1h Savvt tAv iv
A Stli3JSW.S?! iS. -
Cured Without Operation.
I, Richard Jahrclss, of Owatonna, Minn,, being first duly sworn, do
say that I am the person named in and who snirnU,.,i 41,0 Li.
Kere Is Sworn Proof:
lowing statement and the same is true oi mv own knowl.-H,.,.. J,.'
,.,l "
case Appendicitis and advised an operation. Instead I went to 1
in every particular;
bovc tlie Append!
person named in and who subscnln-il ihi fi.
, - - .... .- c .
nnu 111c same is tmc oi my own knowledge, MZ1
ir: I had severe pains in my right side, just a- "'&"
X. I WCni to llir. ilm-tnr nn.l ti- -....... ??''
0...1 .i..i" .7 """".;.. vw.r"V".M""""y Ntw'i
jsaniuoni tiros,. Drug Store and bought a bottle of (Adlcr-i-ka)
Treatment. After takim it the result wMlnrirwnmt.Wni ti.
pains stopped and I felt like a new man. I hcaitily recommend (Adlcr-i-kai
Treatment to anyone troubled with Appendicitis, as 1 know it im cured me."
R4.- mk. q,i o . ,. sinc'l RICHARD H. JAHREISS,
HF Subscribed and sworn to before nic June 29, 1905.
j. Htwoiu,!, notary I'ublic, Steele County.
Appendicitis Is bKomlnffirorw and vorw, and o cr one should l.nmv of this womlertullv uccrfu'.
treatment. A valual.U-louk, Bhcmlmr many pictures,.! that curious and llttlo knotv oruan. th
Hm2n' M)J !!!?iz'.al!.d tel1""' how AmmlkltU U c.ius-.l. h It cm 1.e treated lth"t wwatlw!
wiu mm juu wu easily KU.uu yourscn 3L'aitm It, will be BlTOIl FKI;B to
an) one calling at our Btoro
CHAS. L. COTTING, The Druggist.
Leather Bolting ut Fogel's.
Father Fitzgerald is home fnun Lin
coln. Ed McAlister Is In Hetidlcy this
W. V. Heal was In Blue Hilt lust
P. R. Rose of Hebron SunclajvdJ in
town. ,
Clare Wolfe is in Dodue City, Kns.
this week.
II. P. McTaggert of Cowles was in
town Friday.
C. E. Chamberlain of Nelson was in
town Monday.
All kinds of Electrical work done by
Morhart Bros.
Jake Welton of Emerson was In the
city Wednesday.
The county commissioners were in
session this week.
Gordon Hammond of Hastings spent
Thursday in town.
R. G. Lawrence of Guide Rook was
in town Saturday.
Jas. Peterson made a business trip
to Omaha Tuesday.
Only six weeks more to Xruas. Do
your shopping early.
Mrs. Ilernard McNeny 'entertained
the Xmas club Thursday.
Aaron J. Cole of Oxford transacted
business in town last week.
Geo. W. Lindsey went to Cripple
Creek, Colo., Tuesday night.
Joe Good and Geo. Johnson of Civ
erton were in town Saturday.
Miss Bertha Potter entertained the
D. A. U. P. club Monday evening.
Pon Sale 15 and1 20 gallon elder
barrels. Inquire of Parks fc Havel
John Sharpe of Oxford spent Friday
in town transacting business matters.
Robt. McMullen of Grand Island
spent Tuesday In town visiting friends.
J. C. Waller and daughter Beverly
were in town visiting friends Friday.
Mrs. C. Mitchell and son of Franklin
were. visiting friends in town Wednes
day. I will buy your furs, hides, noultry,
.and sell you hard and soft coal. J. O.
Lloyd Bradbrook of Druning spent
the first of the week in this city visit
ing his mother.
Mrs. .Earner has returned home
after an extended, visit with relatives
at Missoula, Mont.
Urt J. E. Jarboe will preach at the
Brethren '.church next Sunday both
morning. and evening.
Mrs. It. McFarland gave a farewell
party in honor of Miss Edna Fitzpat
rlok, Tuesday evening.
Preaching atthe Indian Creek school
house next tiunday at 3 p. m bj Rev.
Jarboe. All are invited.
Anna J. Chaflin, widow of Attorney
John M. Chaftia has been granted a
widows pension at 912.00 per month.
Fred Maurer was her attorney.
Mr. and Mrs. Eri.UarbcrpnterUlnrd
the 500 club Tuesday. A good time Is
reported by those present.
Walter Means moved his pool hall
this week Into tlu building formerly
occupied by Win. Upright.
Mis. Wm. K0011 mid her mother, Mrs.
Duckworth, have gone to Norman,
Nobr., for a two weeks visit.
Miss Ertna Llndley was down from
Illverton Friday and was accompanied
homo by her cousin Helen Albright.
Miss Edna Fltzpatrlck returned
Wednesday to her home at Denver,
Colo , after a week's visit with friends.
Special attention given to diseases
of eye and ear. Glasses accurately
fitted. (Dr. Stockman, Red Cloud, Nebr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hill of Minneapolis)
'Kas were called here on account of
the Illness and death of Mrs. Hill's
Dr. Cross will be in his ofllec over
the State Bank everyday in the week.
Havinc discontinued his visits to
Foot warmers and all kinds of Lap
Robes, everything to keep you warm
while you ride. Joe Foqel the Har
ness Man. "
Hardy W. Campbell, who was en
route for Denver, came In on Satur
day morning's train and spent the day
with C. J. Piatt.
Traveling Auditor Sarson of the Ne
braska Telephone Co., was in town
Wednesday auditing the books of the
local exchange.
Ernest Welsch has purchased the
Neuerberg property in the south ward
near the depot and will open a-lunch
counter this week.
Hlllman Ideal Stock Co., at the Op.
ra House Three uights Nov. 18-17-18.
special prices on season ticket at
Cook's Arug Stare.
Mrs. U. E. McFarland returned
home Friday from Columbus, Ohio,
after an ' extended visit. Needless to
say Hen is all smiles again. -
See Hlllman, Ideal Stock Co., at the
Opera House Thursday night, Nov. 1C
and you wont miss the next two if you
do. Regular Prices 25-35-00.
Mrs. J. M. Weesner came down from
Red Cloud this morning to spend the
week with her parents, T. M. Skain
baugh and wife. Tuesday's Superior
Mesdames John Polnicky and Mark
Parks entertained at the former's
home Thursday in honor of Miss Edna
Fttzpa trick ' of Denver. About 16
gaests .were present. ,
Clarence ",I,efty" Mitchell of Frauk-
lln was in town Wednesday renewing
acquaintances. Clarence will no doubt
be tfee pride of Detroit next year in
the American League.
The Degree of Honor meets next
Tuesday night. The Guide Rock teana
will be here to put on the work. The
Lodge is making preparations for a
big time to be given in the near future.
See J. H. Bailey for a farm loan.
He has a reduced rate of interest and
is sole agent for 'CL'rcvett, Mattis &.
Baker who ara noted for promptness
and square dealing and are always
ready for business.
(mod minis pioiiiote prospeilty: bud
road proMike profanity.
Mis hiiim the limpeftor of th W.
it. C will l)i with us S'ttut-dny at tlneo
p. in., evuiy member b! present. AlV
the(. A. II. arc requested to meet
with thein at sW p, tn. Saturday even
Eld, Jni boe and wlfo returned homo
the lltst of this week from a ton weeks
evangelical tour. They will bo at
home, now the rest of the winter and
Mr Jnrboe will take up his regular
elimeh Work at the Hrethren church
In this eity.
Hlllman Ideal Stock Co. give us the
same hIioa-s that you see at his Theatre
in Omaha that you pay from one to
two (lollnih. Will be at tho Opera
lloiisethteeiiights Nov. 10-17-ltf. Reg
ular prices 'J.V:i5 50. Special on season
tickets at 'Cook Drug Store."
The Humeston Musical Co., held
forth in the Opera House last Friday
ami Saturday nights. On account ot
the eold weather many did not attend
but those that did attend were well
repaid and report it ns the best enter
tninment ever given In this city.
Foil My residence property, a
10 room house new nud all modern.
Might consider a trade for a cheaper
property in town. Also p. Hudson
automobile, to trade for farm horses
and must make a deal in the next ten
days. For particulars inquire of Ciias.
A. Schwltz.
1? N
4 k
Now is the
to if
Tim Cm mm
Wolfe A. Whitaker, general black
smiths, now carry a full lino of farm
implements, surreys, buggies, wagons,
gaug plows, gas engines, stacker ropes,
all kinds of machinery and heavy
hardware, and all supplies for same.
Also all kindsofoil. Licensed Plumb
ers Calls promptly answered.
To the many voters who gave tne
their support In the election of Coun
ty Superintendent of the public schools
of Webster county I give my heartfelt
thanks and I will endeavor, to the
best of my ability, to merit the confi
dence they have reposed in me.
Gertoudk L. Coon.
Hlllman Stock Co., has always car
ried an extra good class of shows and
oomes here direct from his Theatre in
Omaha. He hasabetter company than
ever this beason and will play at the
Opera Honse Three nights Nov. 10-17
18 Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Reg
ular prices 2K-35-5G Season tickets at
special prices on sale at Cook's .Drug
The Red Cloud High School defeated
the heavy eleven from Bloomington
Friday by tne overwhelming score of
40 to 0. The game wasnever In danger
for the locale and the fast back field
of the locals scored at will. The feat
ures of the game was the playing of
Robinson and Johnston an the touch
down by Cather.
The Real Kstate firm of Dan Garbcr
&. Co. of Red Cloud, Nebraska arc ad
vertising farms for sale iv the great
Republican Valley in the vicinity of
Red Cloud, that will rent for 'cash for
as much as G per cent, of purchase
price. The great corn,whoat, hogiiid
alfalfa country. Homcseekers should
writ for their land list. .Fine well
improved homes.
According to the 'Pacific Coast pup
em the Seattle Athletic Clab iraet Hie
Vancouver, B. C,. club last week and
we notice in the report that -Oliver
Rancbey flattened Jaok Smith the
Canadian Champion in .five ttninutea
and twenty-four seconds'. Oliver is
the best 135-pound wrestler 00 the Pa
elflo coast. He will be renembered
here as the little fellow who did tumb
ling tricks on the aidewalks a smmber
of years age and as a brother of Dick.
' There are tnany friends In Hastings
who are pleased that Miss Edith Mo
Keigban, daughter of the late Congress
man McKeighan, was elected to the
office of clerk of the district court of
Wcbrfter county on the fusion ticket.
Miss McKeigban was secretary for her
father duriug his terms In congress,
held the position of stenographer iu
the office of J. V.Wolfe, commissioner
of public lands and buildings, and was
private secretary to Dr. Damercll
when superintendent at the Hastings
asylum. Monday's Hastings' Republi
Royal has no substitute for
making delicious home-baked foods
High School EiterUinmeat
mmmzilmmmwm if
wf Jw
sPMl "M.
f l'h-:. rrii r 1
f &m fell
Right now is the time to
buy the Winter Coats for
yourself and Children.
We are showing greater values this season, than
ever before, in this line of Merchandise.
Our stock is complete in every particularno two
garments alike Our plan is to give our trade assort
ment in price, style and pattern, of the best garments
from the best garment makers in America.
Ladies' Stylish Cloaks
...Up-to-date Kind...
From $ 7.50
tO $12.00 S
to 25.00 jg
Prices to fit purse of every people.
We cater to the trade with the best and newest as- jj?
sortBeit of Shoes and General Dry Goods, in the conn- JjJ
ty. Our desire is to have the privilege of showing ifc
yta our lines. W
Turnure Bros,
f '.-- it
LpBBLL?aBr.r.Pak SfcT P S i " ia 1 Piiiwiaaikis7KT "
S . r-r- - l. r-- 1
PtsUl Saviags Bank Opens
Nov. 22.
Baking Powder
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
of its kind that has beep 4ven by the
sfehool and it pronWs' to be unique
and entertaining. "The .' 'proceed! of
the eveulng will be used to purchase
a high school library.
ritOOHAM . -
Music Profrtictz's Orchestra
Drill in Oreciaa Vostume .
10 High School (lirls
Mnsio .. . .Prof, Betz's Orchestra
One Act Farce
O "AProposal Under Dltllcul ties'
Irene MuOulre, Uertha IJeauchump
Verlin Tnylor, AJun Blackledge
Trombone solo , . . . .Hoy1 Robinson
lleuding-Selected-Josepliine Richards
Music Prof, ltetz'h Oruhehtra
Flag Drill 1G High School Girl
A 'owe price admlrtsloii will bo clinrg
ed iucluditig reserved hoats. 25 cents.
Tickets on ftalo at Coolc'i Drug stoio
Satnrdiiy. Xov, 2r, HtOn. m.
The Red Cloud High School students
are arranging to give an entertain
ment at the opera house Thanksgiving
nfRhc. This is the first nUrUlnmant "!." "vJL., . .. ,rM
n.1 th.t ha. Iu ... l, u- lr,1 wr "'t " w. M, ....
Uncle Samuel will open a postal sav
ings bank here tli 22nd of this mouth.
Postmaster IIaker has on hands now
the official blanks but the bank will
not receive deposits until the above
date.' Deposits from HI cents to f0
may be made at one time. Miould you
have 9100 you wish to deposit, you will
have' to come two times The highest
amount that any person can have on
deposit is tfOO. This Is done in order
to keep the newspaper men from get
ting a controlling interest in the bank.
Mr 'flacker was showing us a blank
to be filled out before one can hand
over his money. It is quite explicit es
to detail, and when filled out contains
about as much information as a cen
sus report. As we remember, the de
positor must In addition to bis name,
give age, weight, and height; where
born, the year, month, and the day
ibis important eventoecurred. Wheth
er, if a mule, he's a man, or, If a
female, she's a woman. In addition to
this, a personal description, whether
blonde or brunette. If a man, wheth
er smooth face or whiskers. If facial
foliage how worn burnslde, galloway
or van dyke; if a moustache, whether
black, gray, sorrel, or of a duroe shade
and if trimmed to resemble a dauber
on a shoe brush, pig-tail twist or pirate
dropp. If a lady the color of her hair,
and whether a natural shade or one
acquired peroxldely. Whether fair of
freckled, natural complexion or arti
ficial and. if addicted' to tho gum habit,
the brand most used and whether mar
1 1. 1 1
Wkmtmw BLaLa
mmmmr Saa"
mm '
' r,
Tba name of the depositor's father
and mother with nationality and year
6f birth.
The above of course is not an exact
wording of the application blank but
Is near enough to show that your
Uncle Samuel Is as particular about
identification of patrons of bis bank
as be Is about allowing a pension.
Hut he's backed by the United States
of America and according to Dun and
Brndstreet ho Is good us old wheat.
He does not pay as high a rate, of in
terest but he will exchange you gov
ernment bonds that your assessor enn
not tax. This will help some, flov
bonds for us, Wm.
Ill fares tlin town, to hit stoning ills
a prey, where teams turn to some bet
ter way.
30 Horse-power Five-Pass-
enger Fote-Door
louring Gar
This car is now ready for demonstration. Come and see it.
To fully understand the exceptional value of this car you have but to
compare it with what the entire market has to offer for 1912. Study
the specifications below carefully. In what other car will you find
such value at such a price? What machine under $ 1 25 can you line
up against this anditem for item seeso much for so little money? When
you stop to consider the fine thorough construction the heavy drop
forgings the pressed steel framethe selective transmission fitted with
F. & S. annular bearings (which the most expensive cars in the world
use) --the 30 horse-power motor, the big wheel base, the fore-door
body with door handles and all levers inside the car, you can better
realize what an actual advanced manufacturing step this new car is.
Wpeel,base, 106 inches; body, five-passenger fore-coor touring; motor,
4x4 1-2;' horse-power, 30; transmission, selective, three speeds and
reverse; F. & S. ball bearing wheels, artillery wood, 12-1 1-2 inch
spokes, 12 bolts each wheel; tires, 32 x 3 1-2 inches Q. D.
Silk Mohare Top and Brass Wind
SI000 F. 0. B. RED CLOID
See The Chief Office for Up-to-date job work
lfi v
f Mi-