The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 09, 1911, Image 2

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Than at Lait
A. foolish young tenderfoot becomes
fascinated with the bold, artful wife of a
Crunken prospector In a western mining;
town. They prepare to elopo In a blind
ing billiard but aw confronted by the
maudlin husband. He Is shot by the
Win, but the chivalrous boy pins it
Bote to the body taking the crime
upon himself. In their flight to the
railroad station the woman'a horse
Tails exhausted: the youth puts her
on his own and follows hanging to the
tin-up strap. Boeing he Is an Impedl
MAM . ...... ...-.. I - !...
. tm Truman iiiruam iivr ricuri iim
iiuw arm anu rmes on. iiair-rroxen
uimoiea into tne railroad station just
w inu ucan inn nuinuti unity.
wanty-five years later, this man, George
jonnly, la a multl-mlillonairn In New
"., no meets r.iennor iiaiaane. a
rmuuiui anu weaiiuy eiuemeni womer,
j iiu-upcruiPB wiin ner in ner worn.
Tjormly becomes owner of a stoamshlp
Una and finds himself frustrated In pier
aura track extension plans by grafting al
'dermen. backed by the Gotham. Traction
ipoinpany. An automobile accident brings
Roe Haldanes to his country home. Qorm
ay announces that he will be mayor of
now Tork and redeem the city from cor
ruptlon. The political declaration of the
ascrchant prince produced a tremendous
ensatlon. The whole machinery of the
wty'a detective force Is to be used to dig
lift something damaging to Oormly. The
Braaa heretofore unnnlmnusly favorable
Te the merchant candidate, under prcs
Wire, divides and the campaign waxes
warm. A resolution Is .Introduced grant
Jng a gratuitous renewal of the traction
franchise Oormlv offers ten million dol
lars for the franchise. Miss Hnldann con
gratulates Oormly on what sho terms a
lew Declaration of Independence, and he
makes an unexpected declaration of love.
He Is shocked by the confirmation of his
suspicions i that her father Is the head
nd backbone, of the notorious traction
company which he Is attempting to over-ihr2w-.
Younit JlftMane discovers his
fathers connection with the Qotham
Traction company, and Is Incensfd. In
an Interview between Oormly and Hal
oane the latter practically offers his
Muahter's hand as a brlbo for Oormly to
withdraw. Oormy refuses. In an Inter-
Jre.,W2,.KarrnJy M1"" JWane learn,
or Her (father's baseness though Oormly
LnJytrie,.w, h,,, " MemlVrs of tie
Sfim:,r.eS,arM:,'u,1.,m"e,f R. murderer and
dyclde to force him to withdraw under
J?.?.!',?' rrosecutlon. Tho chief of police
iJftSpo"". who makes a full confes
vSPrnVLniii nfU,.K- Y?,,,n a'lane runs
SSf5Jiile.t0.Kth" po,leo Hni carries the
8X5 n2ni2i.a "."wspspers for nubllea
ftmii?nyoacJ(, nBWPPrs find Dill
Hamilton, one of tho mon who were at
rS,SPnK,n ,Dovl nni' know the t?uh
Jout Oqrmly. The Tlanet nubllshes
SWi'f.E" .ory.- nm' Now T?rk "goeS
wild with enthusiasm for Oormly.
"Don't you wnnt to hear what thv
ax about you?"
,"I bad rather hoar what you have
to aay than anything In the world,
and I want to tell you Mrst of all what
comfort, what pride, whnt satisfac
tion, I take In your prcsenco here. I
know you read the mlserablo story.
Your brother bad my permission to
tell It to you laat night, If you wero
"I waa awake and waiting for him."
"Your Interest does me much hon
or' continued the man, "and that you
hare come to me now this morning Is,
M 1 say, the greatest tblng that could
kappen to me. I don't really care now
what tbe world thinks. You have
given me evidence enough that you
till raapect me."
"You don't know all tbe evidence
jjret," said tbe woman faintly.
She forced herself to look at him.
Vassfi9P-3lll I
MaWS'N4r,vF rvlD
Ha Underatood.
delation lb Hie Woman
uuarmrotts By Demon Melvll
1ntaiTi trmrti nut cwwwr
il she bad consulted her inclinations,
she would have run away; but that
could not be.
"Yes," said Gormly vaguely, scarce
ly noting her low voiced statement.
"Now that It la all over and. now that
I have lost you, if Indeed it Is proper
to say I bad lost what I had never
possessed and never could have pos
sessed, you will understand that it
was this Incident to which I alluded
when you said you respected me be
cause I had been a perfectly straight,
square man. Your words cut me to
the heart; not because I wasn't
straight or square now or that I had
not made what amends I could for the
actions of a boy and a fool since I had
become a man, but because after this
I could never persuade you or any
one that I had not always been so,
and because I could not bear to have
even your respect on a false pretense.
I wanted to tell you many times, and
you know of course that if things had
shaped themselves differently and you
could have cared for me, I should
have told you tho whole story beforo
I allowed you to say you would be
come my wife."
"I am sure that you would have
done so, Mr. Gormly," said the girl.
"And that you have come here to
give me that assurance, to show me
that you have not lost confidence In
mo In spite of the frightful tangle in
our affairs, my antagonism to your
to the Gotham Freight Traction com
pany and then this. That I take It
was your purpose in comlug?"
"Yes." faltered the girl, "that,
"What more?" asked the man.
"Whatever it Is. if It is in my power
to give It, It Is yours. What Is It
that you want?"
The woman opened her mouth to
speak. She moistened her lips. Words
apparently wero difficult, perhaps Im
possible. "What is it that you want, Miss
Haldano?" asked Gormly again.
"I want you I" she said in her low,
clear voice.
Gormly lifted bis band and stared
at her.
"You want me I" he faltered.
"What do you mean?"
"I moan to be your wife," was tho
direct answer.
"My wife!"
"Yes. That Is, If you still want
Gormly Btared at her In amazement.
"Do I understand aright?" said the
man, shutting his teeth together.
"After all that Is In the paper this
morning, do you mean to aay that you
will marry me?"
"I do mean Just that," waa tbe an
swer. "But," said tbe man, "you said you
did not love me, and"
"Must I do all the wooing?" cried
tbe girl passionately.
"You offered yourself to as one
before," went on Oormly relentlessly.
"And you refused me. Will you do
so again?"
"Why do you come to me now?"
"Can't you think of the reason?"
"I don't want to think; I want to
"I love you then," said tbe girl
resolutely. "You are the bravest
noblest, most splendid man on earth.
If you will take me, I will be tbe hap
piest, proudest, thankfullest woman
that the sun shines on."
"Take you I" repeated Gormly. "But
I can't understand"
"Will you understand this?" asked
the girl.
She walked slowly toward him. She
laid her hand on his shoulder. She
lifted her face to his. Ills arm went
around her waist. What she bad be
gun, he finished. He swept her to
him. She gave herself up yieldingly
to his embrace. When his lips sought
hers, there was no avoidance. Her
arm slipped round his neck and tight
ened there. And then at last he un
derstood. After awhllo she drew
awny from him.
"You don't ask me what I have
done?" she said.
"I nelthor know nor care since you
are here and you aro mine."
"Perhaps I should not have been
here," she returned, "If we bad not
been already engaged and the engage
ment already announced." '
"I am very stupid this morning."
said Gormly in some bewilderment
"You certainly are," was the an
swer. "For a man who aspires to be
mayor of Now York, you are quite the
stupidest and dearest person imagin
able." "I have wit enough at least to know
whero I can get correct information
upon all points."
"And where Is that?"
"Hero I" said Gormly, pressing with
his own the loveliest lips in tho world,
which smiled at him and were not re
fused bis touch. "What hnve you
dono and how has our engagement,
which, so far as I know, was not en
tered Into until a moment since, been
"Head that!" she cried, releasing
herself from bis grasp and handing
bim the neglected copy of Tho Planet.
She turned to the editorial page
and pointed to a postscript to the lead
er of the morning, which was a dis
cussion highly eulogistic of Gormly's
action and character. The postscript
waa In tho form of a belated com
munication which had been received
at the office of The Planet at the last
moment, and had beerj forced Into tho
paper because it furnished the final
and completing touch to the other
revelations it contained. It had been
printed in heavy black capitals, double
spaced. Coming closer to her, so that
he held her with one arm, Gormly
took, tho, paper with the other and
"The engagement of Mr. George
Gormly to Miss Eleanor Haldane Is
authoritatively announced. The fu
ture mayor of New York is to be con
gratulated upon having won for his
promised wife the young woman, who
not only from her beauty of mind and
person, but because of her lively and
practical Interest In the poor, the op
pressed and suffering, Ib easily first
among the daughters of our great city.
The Planet feels that this announce
ment supplies the completing touch'to
the other ndmlrable qualifications
which Mr. Gormly possesses for the
great office to which he has aspired
and to which the people mean to see
him elected tomorrow."
"Who did It?" asked Gormly.
"I did."
"But why?"
"First of all, because J found out
that I loved you."
"Why did you do it last night?"
"Because I believed that such an
announcement this morning, with its
Implication of trust, and honor, and
affection, would do more to establish
you in the public confidence than al
most anything that could be Im
agined." "You have mado my election cer
tain. But whether you have or not, I
could almost believe that winning you
I don't care."
Why Girls Excel in Study
Early Development of Their Percep
tive Faculties Required by Their
Weaker Physical State.
The superiority of female students,
both children and adults, baa been
mentioned and explained hundreds at
times, and yet the full pedagogic sig
nificance of the fact still seems to be
Ignored. The girls in many a co
educational college furnish an over
whelming percentage of tho beat stu
dents, and yet in later years tbe men
take the lead In every one of the lines
In which as boys they were bo back
ward. It Is all due to the well known
fact that in her weaker physical state
self-protection has demanded an early
development 01 tne perceptive tacui-
tlea. Ago for age, girls perceive un
derstandlngly what boys scarcely no
tice. The differences between tbe two
sexes are ao great that It Is unscien
tific to class them together, and there
is a growing suspicion that each is in
lured by current co-educational meth
od, tbe boys unduly stimulated and the
girls retarded. la spite of this self
evident conclusion pedagoguea aeetn
bent upon tbe Impossible task of mak
ing the boya keep up with the girls
a plan sure to be followed by far
reaching bad results. The boys are li
able to become discouraged, while the
gtrla aro led to embark upon careers
"Don't say that," Interrupted tbe
woman, delighted nevertheless at this
splendid declaration.
"Your father and mother, do they
"Certainly. I told them at breedr,
fast this morning."
"How did they take It?"
"You can Imagine what my mother
thought and said," answered the girl,
smiling faintly.
"And your father?"
' She sighed deeply.
"My father, I Imagine, Is not un
willing to have a friend at court
What are you going to do when you
are elected?"
"Marry you tho first thing."
"I mean after that."
"Live to make you happy."
"Do be reasonable! I mean what
are you going to do with the opposi
tion?" "I am going to do Justly and fairly
by all men, whoever they are, what
ever they may have dono. Mine shall
be no policy of ruin. Some things
must be broken down; but my aim
shall be to upbuild."
"I thought so," returned the girl.
"And what are you going to do with
the one woman?"
"I am going to love her as no worn
an was ever loved before in this
How long this might have continued
(fan never be told. Young Haldane In
terrupted them.
"Mr. Gormly," he said, "I see you
have heard the news."
"I have heard tho essential part of
It from your slater."
"Do you mean to tell me that yon
hnven't read the paper yet? Well',
sit down and read It, or I'll withdraw
my influence and vote against you. I
vupposo all Eleanor told you was the
news of her engagement?"
"Well, wasn't that enough?"
"Enough!" cried the young man.
"Why, you want to read tho interview
with Col. Bill Hamilton. It's tho fin
est thing that ever appeared. Every
body knows that you didn't shoot tbe
man, but that the woman did. They
know, too, that you gave her your
horse in the snow and that she aban
doned you. Why, man, you're a hero!"
"To be perfectly frank with you,
Haldane, this is all most Interesting
and gratifying. How on earth Bill
Hamilton turned up at tho right mo
ment and told the truth, I don't know;
but as a matter of fact, I do truly
caro more for your sister's action and
I get more satisfaction out of the fact
that I am going to be married to her
immediately after the election than I
will In winning, If we win."
"You are sure to win," said Hal
dane. "I told you not to say that," said
the girl to her lover.
"Now read tho paper, and then we'll
go uptown."
What more la there to tell? Miss
Haldane, in view1 of the new relation
ship between them, boldly rode up to
the auditorium in tbe great store by
Ue side of Gormly in the tonneau of
her brother's big car. Tbe enormous
crowd that filled tbe great ball to
overflowing, 'that packed tbe streets
outside, that suspended all traffic; the
addresses that Gormly made; the
frantic cheering that greeted him as
he stood overlooking the greatest mul
titude that had ever filled that sec
tion of Broadway, Miss Haldane on
one aide and bis old friend of a quar
ter of a century back, Col. Bill Hamil
ton, on the other, with Haldane, Whlte
fleld and a great galaxy of supporters
In the background, Including Abbott
the cub reporter, scribbling like mad
on the greatest story of the day
these have all passed Into history.
Tho result of the election, which oc
curred next day, Is of course known
to everybody.
"It Is over," be said, "and we have
"Yes. No one congratulates you as
"I have a great deal to live up to,"
was the slow answer.
"As mayor of New York?" she ques
tioned softly
"As your husband," he replied.
as wage earners In professions in
which failure Ib Inevitable American
The Hampton Court Maze.
Ninety-eight thousand persons have
paid a penny each for admission to
the famous maze at Hampton Court
palace this summer, the largest num
ber for some years. It Is estimated
that about 25 per cent, of these were
foreigners, mostly French and Ger
man. During August 24,000 people
passed through the turnstiles. For a
number of years the takings at the
maze wero the perquisites of one of
the palace attendants, upon whom the
right to collect and retain them was
conferred by the late Queen Victoria.
Since his death a few days ago the
takings have gone to his majesty's of
fice of works. London Standard.
"Mrs. Weeds." said Mr. Blnks, "I
aaked your daughter to marry me,
and she referred me to you."
"I'm sure that's very kind of Susie,
but then she alwaya was a dutiful
girl. Really, Mr. Blnks, I hadn't
thought of marrying again at my time
of life, but since you Insists, suppose
we make the wedding-day the twen
tieth of this month."
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Aj 2 iu; j
I ff
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