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The Chief
C. B. HALE, Publisher
One of the Forte Making a Vigor
oue Return Italian Flag Re
ported Waving Over Be
' aleged Town.
London. Tho Italian flag floats
ovor Sultanla fort, Tripoli, which la
occuplod by landing parties. Part of
the fleet Mb anchored In tho harbor
and the other warships Ho a short dls
tanco from tho dismantled fortifica
tions. Fow bodies of Turks have been
found among tho ruins of tho forts,
and apparently no groat nutnbor of
Turka were killed by the bombard
According to a Constantinople ro
port, not yet confirmed, tho Italian
warships havo bombarded Benghazi
and Doraa. Various rumors concern
Ing a naval engagement in Turkish
waters, an attack against Mytllcno
and tho blowing up of tho Italian bat
tloshlp Conto dl Cnvour at Tripoli
havo 'not been couflrmcd from any
An interesting roport Is current
from Constantinople that whilo Ger
many favors tho adoption of tho
Italian ultimatum ns tho basis of
pcaco negotiations, Great Britain pro
poses that Tripoli shall becomo a
protected tributary territory or Turk
ish vlllayot, under joint Turco-Itallan
administration, thus retaining tho
Euzeranlty of tho sultan.
To Curtail Initiative.
" Washington, D. C Tho task of at
tempting to put an end to all Inltlativo
and referendum legislation In this
country was begun In tho supreme
court of tho United States whon coun
sol for tho Pacific Stntes Telophono
ft Telegraph company Hied a brief, at
tacking a taxing law of Oregon be
cause It was enacted by virtue of the
Initiative amendment to tho state con
atitutlon which is nllogod to bo In vio
lation of tho foderal constitution.
' Argument In Eddy Case.
Boston, Mass. The hearing In the
supremo court of equity regarding tho
domlcUe'.of Mrs. Mary Bakor G. Eddy
at tho time of her death, was conclud
ed with ovldonco of Joseph Fcrnand
of Concord, one of tho trustees of her
property, and Genoral Frank S. Street
or, her personal counsol. They tostl
Hod that Mrs. Eddy always regarded
Concord as her legal resldonco. A dij
clsion Is expected In a fow days.
Fatality at Guard Meet.
Omaho. Earl Holbcck of Wlsner, a
militiaman, was almost Instantly
killed by a blow in the breast with tho
bare fist from a follow guardsman,
Don McKcnzle, also of Wlsner, at the
camp near Bellovue, whore tho militia
of the stato Is now holding Its an
nual maneuvers. The affair was tho
result of a quarrol over a trivial mat
ter. Both 8ldet Claim Victory.
Mexico City, Mox.Wlthtn a week
It may bo posslblo to ascertain who
was elected to tho vlco-presldency of
Mexico, but now it Is predicted that
It may take tho official count of tho
20,000 Totes of tho doctoral collogo
throe weeks honco to definitely deter
mine the winner. Madoro has boei
elected president, without doubt.
McNamara Brothers Tried Separately.
Los Angeles, Cal. -It has boon stat
ed authoritatively that the McNnmara
brothors, tho allogod Tlmos building
destroyers, would bo tried separate
ly. James B. McNamara probably will
bo tho first to go on trial noxt Wed
nesday, according to a statement of
ono of hlB counsol.
Royalists Are Gaining Ground,
london. According to a member of
tho colony which has established it
self around tho deposed King Manuel
at Richmond, cablegrams recolved an
nounced that In north Portugal bands
of royalists occupied tho towns of
Chaves, GuimarrcB, Barloria and Bo
ranaca. Manuol, who has boon tho
guest of Enrl of Longsdalo at Lowthcr
castle In Penrith, brought his visit to
an unexpectedly oarly termination,
leaving tho castlo at midnight for
Richmond, where ho arrived Thurs
day. Street Car Riot at St. Joseph.
Bt. JoBoph. Tho entire police force
Of the city was called out to quell a
riot at Fifth and Edmond streets, tho
principal junction, which aroso over
an order Issued to street car conduc
tors not to accopt tickets detached
from bookB. For two hours tho corner
was Jammed by people who were try
!ns to rldo on strcot cars and pay
their faro with detached tickets. The
conductors, aided by extra holpf were
ejecting tho patrons whenever they
refused to got off,
Items of Events That Are Transpiring
In Our Own as Well at In
Foreign Lands Washing
ton Political News.
Tho Atlantic fleet will mako no
truiso In foreign waters this winter.
Tho war department is preparing
for tho maneuvers noxt year.
An aorlal mall routo has boon es
tablished botweon Now York City and
sltlcs on tho Pacific coast.
Commissioner Cabell of tho Inter
nal rovenue bureau wilt recommend
tho enactment of a law compelling
manufacturers to It-bol all adulterated
Postmaster General Hitchcock has
Issuod an order directing tho post
master at Now York to dispatch lot
tors via tho aeroplano route to the
Pacific coast
Tho stato department has decided
to await tho action of European na
tions more dlroctly Interested In tho
prosont war before issuing a neu
trality proclamation.
On tho recommendation of Repre
sentative Klnkald, Dr. G. E. Penning
ton has boon appointed pension ex
amining surgeon at Broken Bow, Nob.,
vlco J. J. Pickett, deceased.
A movement to raise a half mil
lion dollars to build a national mnnu
mont in Washington to tho memory
of tho women of tho civil war has
boon launched at New York.
Successful transportation of maga
zlnos by fast freight for delivery by
tho postofflco department was indicat
ed by tho Soptember reports compiled
by Postmaster General Hitchcock.
On tho witness stand tho senatorial
investigating committee, United States
Sonator Stephenson testified that al
though ho spent $107,793 In his cam
paign ho had Httlo knowledgo as to
Just how It was spent.
United States Sonator Isaac Ste
phenson of Wisconsin probably will
tako tho witness stand this week In
his own defense against charges that
bribory and othor corrupt uses of
money contributed to his election In
March, 1909.
Thoro is still a possibility that the
engines of tho Malno In Havana har
bor, aro In such condition that thoy
can bo restored to service and tho
temporary bollors pormlt of tho wreck
proceeding out of tho harbor under
her own steam.
One Central American mosquito
may cost thousands' of lives', is 'the
aubstanco of protests cabled to Wash
ington against orders relieving
steamers of tho nccossity of fumiga
tion before leaving Central American
ports for tho Hawaiian islands.
General News.
Much damago was dono by floods
at Pittsburg.
Tho Russian declaration of neu
trality Is bolng drafted. It will not
bo Issued for a week.
Wm. Taft spent Saturday as tho
guest of the Missouri stato fair and
spoke briefly on tho tariff.
The democratic state convention of
New Mexico nominated W. C. McDon
old of Carrlzozo for governor.
Tho second trial of Dr. Hydo, charg
ed with tho murder of Col. Swope will
begin at Kansas City noxt week
Three-quarters of a million dollars
damago wbb dono by tho rainstorm
which swept ovor northern Ohio.
La Follette headquarters for Ne
braska havo been established at Lin
'coin with F. P. Corrlck In charge.
A flro Iosb of $125,000 resulted from
tho fourth attempt In as many months
to burn up tho town of Sectdalo, Pa.
Tho strlko of shop men of tho Har
rlman system is, a very ordorly affair,
with no rioting and Httlo demonstra
tion. Crop failures duo to drouth In the
summor months means that a hard
winter Is In store for the poor of Ger
many. ,
Tho Missouri pure food commlnalou
iu making It warm for Kansas City ice
cream dealers who are not keeping
tholr products up to tho standard re
nu'red. Moro than 100 royalists havo been
arrested and othor arrests aro to bo
mado following tho discovery of a
monarchist conspiracy at Oporto, Por
tugal. A carload of strikebreakers bolng
takon from Chicago to Now Orleans
by tho Illinois Central was attacked
by a mob at McComb, Miss, Sunday
Honry Meyers shot and fatally
wounded William Gentry at Tenny
Bon, Intl., alleging that Gontry had
cut tho harness from his horse to pro
vent him calling on a young lady for
whoso hand tho men wero suitors.
Tho Italian steamer Ernoso Ilardl
and crow, havo boon captured by the
Turks, who havo lost tho bark Con
stantino to tho Italians.
Gustav Anderson, U. S. Commis
sioner at Omaha, dropped doad from
heart disease In tho union depot at
Chicago Monday morning.
Flro In tho plant of tho Homo Stovo
Works at Chicago destroyed six fac
tories, causing a property loss of
$100,000 and throw many men out of
Monoy nod food are noeded to carry
on tho work of clearing tho dobrla of
the ruin caused by '.ho flood at Aus
tin, Pa., and tho stjito hoalth commis
sioner has Issued an appeal for bath.
The roturns, coming In slowly, Indl
cato that Genoral Madoro has re
ceived a practically unanimous vote
for president of Mexico. '
Bandits held up un M., K. & T. train
noar Okosn, Okla., and rifled tho mail
and baggago cars, but it id believed
got lltllo for their trouble.
Incossnnt rains for tho paBt throe
or four weeks havo caused tho Illinois
rivor to go on a rnmpngo and much
damage has been cnuscd as a result.
Tho spoclal session of tho forty
ninth gonoral assembly of Illinois
which recessed late In Juno until Oc
tobor reconvened Tuesday.
Tho property loss caused by tho
flood nt Austin, Pa., will exceed $0,
000,000 and It 1b tho general opinion
Hint tho town will novor bo rebuilt.
Following a rainfall of almost three
Inches nt 3 o'clock Sunday morning
St. Joseph Mo. was visited by tfce
most disastrous flood In Its history.
Consldorablo anxiety is felt by the
officers In chargo of tho work In the
wreckage at Austin, Pa., because of
tho non-arrival of sovoral cars of sup
plies that havo been reported on tho
way. '
Twonty-four coasting vessels went
ashoro and forty small craft were
sunk In a storm that swept tho
North sea Sunday. Many lives were
Tripoli has bocn bombarded twice
by tho Italian fioot. The first shot
was fired Tuosday afternoon. Shelling
was resumed the noxt morning after
a quiet night,
Italians gathered at Salonlcn from
all over Turkey, to sail for homo, wore
nttackod by tho Turks. There was
blody fighting. Tho exact death roll
is unknown but heavy.
A call has boon Issued for a meet
ing of tho national republican com
mlttoe nt Washington
Tho meeting
dccldo upon tho tlmo und placo
io noxt convention.
of tho
Governor Dlx of Now York has
signed a pardon for Cnptaln Potor C.
Hnlns, Jr.. who klllod William B. An
nls nt tho Bnyslde, L. I., yacht club
houso In August, 1903.
A special vonlro of 125 posslblo
Jurors for the trial nt Los Angeles of
tho McNamara brothers, alleged dy
nnmiters, has been drawn. Tho trial
will begin on October 11.
John Jlnuso, a recent immigrant
from Russia, was taken into custody
by dotoctlvos at Dcs Moines because
It was feared ho was plotting agaliiBt
tho llfo of President Taft.
Georgo Schobor, the heaviest man
In tho United States, died at Jersey
City Wednesday. He weighed 050
pounds, and it required twelve pall
bearers to handle his coffin.
Negroes of Oklahoma may vote In
the olection of fedoral officers with
out heed to tho "grandfather" clause
of tho Oklahoma constitution accord
ing to a decision rendered.
Advices from Holslngfors, Finland,
indicate that tho Finns are preparing
to resist, by peacoful means If pos
sible, by force if necessary, tho now
Russian policy of aggresion.
Two sections of tho bleacherB nt
tho stato fair grounds at Springfield,
111., collapsed during tho raceB. About
750 persons wero precipitated to tho
ground, twenty being Injured.
Tho fourteen men who were en
tombed In tho Shakespere mine on
Nome crook, Alaska, were rescued
Monday, none tho worse for tholr
confinement of eighty-four hours.
Six prominent Mexicans, one of
thom a Baptist preacher, wero poi
soned near Sanderson, Texas, Sunday,
proBumably from Btrychnlne In the
flour from which a meal was prepared.
Robort Mitchell, an IlllnolB Central
switchman, was shot and killed in tho
railroad yards at Mounds, Illinois, by
a machinist, brought as a strikebreak
er but later discharged for Incompe
tency. . . .
In a fight In the freight yardB of the
IlllnolB Central at McComb City, Miss.,
botweon strikers and strikebreakers,
sovoral porsonB are reported to havo
boen seriously Injured, one probably
Fifty porsons wore Injured at Adflo
vlllo. La., a number Berlously and
sovoral hundred thrown Into a panlo
whon a nrand stand at a WeBt Side
park collapsed. Several had limbs
A special eesBlon of the Chickasaw
and Choctaw council assembled at
Tuskahoma, Okla., Monday to make
recommendation as to the disposition
of tribal property and to wind up the
affairs of tho trlbo.
South Dakota, North Dakota, Mich
igan, Wisconsin, Now York. Pennsyl
vania, Oregon, Montana Minnesota,
Iowa. Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma
and Nobraska are represented at the
land drawing at Gregory, S. D.
Thero was a "cheaper food" riot at
Warsaw directed against the Jews
In tho suburbs. Throe JewB and two
Christians were wounded. Tho po
llco restored order.
The French cruisers Lean Gam
betta, and Ernest Renan aro In read!-,
ness to start at a moment's notice to
Tripoli to protect tho French resi
dent's there,
it was stated at the foreign office
thnt although no offer of mediation
had hnmi made, the uorman amoassa-
dor at Constantinople, was working
actlvoly at tho Turkish capital trying'
to effect a, peaceful Bouiomem oeiwcon
Ttnlv nnrt Tnrkev,
Tho anniversary of the founding, of
Cotnor university, noar Lincoln, fan
celebrated with appropriate cero
monleB Tuesday.
Tho Jewish people throughout the
world Monday colobratod' Yom Kip
pur, or tho day of atonemont, the
most widely observed of all tho
many feaBts and fasts In tho Hebrew
Read Admiral Winflold Scott Schloy,
tho hero of Santiago Bay, rotlred,
dropped doad In New York City on
Monday aftornoon. The admiral had
long been a auflorer ' f rom heart dis
ease. '
What Ib Going on Here and There
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Mui i ay. Mr. Charles Plillpot
threshed twelve acres of alfalfa this
week on his farm six miles west of
here, yielding ninety bushels, which
ho has sold for $900. From this field
ho also cut thirty-six tons of hay,
valued at 300. In tho spring ho pas
tured sovonty-flvo BhoatB on this field
for four weeks, and has had 100 head
of full grown hogs running on the
twelvo acres since tho seed crop was
removed four weeks ago. He will
pasture theso hogs on this alfalfa
Hold another month. This twelve
acres has yielded in seed and hay
$ 1,260 and pasture estimated at $150,
or a total of $1,410
Silver Jubilee Convention.
Lincoln. The Nebraska Christian
Kndeavor Union will hold its twenty
fifth annual convention here October
26-29. More than fifty speakers
among them such men as William
Shaw, general secretary of the United
Society of Christian Endeavor; Karl
Lchmnn, International field secretary
'" tho United Society of Christian
Endeavor, and a host of other prom
nont Endeavor workers will appear
on o Platform during tho sessions of
tho convention. From 2,500 to 3,0'00
delegates aro expected.
Richardson County Get Wet.
Humboldt. An eight and one-half
Inch rain In this section in approxi
mately flftoon hours has proven too
much for tho capacity of tho now
dralnago dUch In district No. 2, Rich
ardson county, and as a result tho
low lands adjoining aro Inundated
from a depth of six Inches to two
feet. Those bottoms aro producing a
fine stand of corn this year anS were
It not for tho Blow current might
suffer considerable damago. As it Is
tho owners nnticlpato no very great
Beatrice. Soma tlmos Wednesday
night thloves entered tho public li
brary and after breaking open the
librarian's dosk, stole $28 in caBh.
Entrance to tho building was gained
through a rear window which was
pried open. .
" ' ,
J. C. Elliott, editor of tho West
Point Republican, was nominated for
congress In tho Third district.
According to tho quarterly report
of the stato banks, deposits havo in
creased $2,500,000 in three months.
Platto county has made application
to tho state for aid in building a 2,000-
foot bridge across tho Platte river at
Monroe. Tho bridgo Is to have a six
teen-foot roadway and will cost $34,
000. If stato aid Is extended tho state
will bear one-half of this cost.
Ernest P. Blcknell, national direc
tor of the Red Cross soctoty, has
written a letter commending Adju
tant General Ernest H. Phelps of the
Nebraska national guard for Issuing
an order to discourage the abuse of
the uso of the Red Cross emblem by
persona who are not authorized to
use it.
Teachers throughout the state aro
planning to attend the state teachers'
association which will meet this year
November 8 to 9 In Omaha. Tho teach
ers of Hastings, sixty-four In number,
havo decided to attend tho meeting
and havo already completed arrange
ments. Tho faculties of the stato nor
mal Bchools at Chadron and Peru have
decided to attend.
L. W, McConnel, a druggist at Mc
Cook, has been appointed one of the
secretaries of tho state board of
pharmacy, Tho appointment Is made
to fill tho term of Mr. Sherman of
Omaha, which has expired. The ap
pointment waB made by Attorney
General Martin, Secretary of State
Walt, Auditor Barton and Land Com
missioner Cowles.
Slnco July 7 tho state has paid $4,
248.14 In indemnities to ownors of
horsos and mules suffering from
glanders and killed under direction of
tho state voterlnarlan.
Governor Aid rich declined to par
don Albert Jacobs of Howard county,
but Instead Issuod a parole. Jacobs
is twenty-two years of ago and is
serving a term of eighteen months for
burglary. Judge J. N. Paul, who irns
the trial Judgo In the district coirt
and the county attorney, recommend-
ed a pardon, , but the governor accept-
the recommendation of tho board of
pardons that a parole bo issued.
An efficient flro drill In tho public
schools at York is roported by Flro
Commissioner Randall and Inspector
Buck of tho same office, who have Just
returned from that clty Thoy Baw
960 pupils march out of the Central
Bchool building at York In 1 mlnuto
and 50 seconds, at tho sounding of a
fire alarm. Tho children did not know
in advance that tho fire drill was to
be given.
Tho 1911 stallion registration law
requires all males, pure bred, cross
bred, grade or Jack to be examined by
a state inspector.
Slot machines havo been ordered
out by tho mayor of Grand Island.
John Vanderhcidcn was accidentally
shot while out hunting near Rushville.
Tho Johnson county fair Just closed,
was one of tho most successful in Us
history. '
Tho new commercial club at Dav
enport is making plans to hold a win
ter fair.
Carl E. Peterson has been appointed
mail carried and Edith Peterson BUbi
stituto at Bertram!.
Tho university report for the first
week shows 2,051 registered, an In
crease ovor last year.
Mr, and Mrs. K. L. Evans of Shu
bert rocontly celebrated tholr golden
wedding anniversary.
Wcstcrvlllo Is proud of tho fact
that a man 117 years old Is an In
habitant of that placo.
Earl Luther, working on a ranch
near Broken Bow, will lose an eye as
tho result of a corncob flght.
Yeggmen blew up the safe in the
Farmers State bank at Wabash, Neb.,
and escaped with tho contents.
Work on the new Lutheran orphan's
home at Stromsburg has begun and
will be pushed as rapidly as possible
T. E. Henry, a Northwestern brake
man, was fatally Injured under the
wheels of a freight train at Fremont
Hastings will bo a lively placo
from October 9th to, 14th, when tho
Central NobraBka fall festival will bo
in progress.
John Wajt, for some time railroad
agent at Plckrell, has disappeared,
and numerous townsmen are anxious
to locato him.
Frank Collier was dangerously and
perhaps fatally Injured when ho got
tnngled up In tho lines of a runaway
team at Alliance.
Xlio Nebraska federation of
womon's clubs will hold Its seven
teenth annual convention at Hoi
drego, October 9 to 12.
J. W. Ault, near Woodlawn. has
succeeded In raising qulto a crop of
cotton, tho seeds of which ho secured
during n recent visit to Oklahoma.
St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal
church at David City gave a reception
to Rov. J. R. Gottys and family on
tholr return to David City for tho
fourth year.
Tho body of Georgo Jarrels, a bach
elor 42 years old, was discovered In
his shanty at Syracuse. His skull
was crushed In and his throat was
cut completely across. .
Tho wheels of the sugar factory at
Scotts Bluff havo begun revolving for
tho grind of 1911. The beet crop Is
better than expected, being about 110
per cent of a normal crop.
Rev. C. G. Grassmuock and wlfo of
Osceola celebrated tholr silver wed
ding last week, and friends from all
ovor tho county gathored to wish
them many happy returns.
The Normalite, a school publica
tion Issued by the student body at
Peru, started on Its sixth year under
most favorable circumstances, with
an advance subscription of over 600.
Small worms In great numbers ap
peared In tho wheat field of Wilbur
Htatt, northwest of Odell, and after
working twenty-four hours In tho
fiold, destroyed abont one-third of It.
Tho annual Merrick county corn
show, an event which Is always
looked forward to with Interest, has
been set for Novombor 15 and 16, this
year. As usual, It will bo held In
Central City.
Bishop Tlhen of tho Catholic dio
cese of Lincoln will speak in Omaha
tho night of October 12, tho occaston
being a meeting of the fourth degree
of the Knights of Columbus. His sub-;
Ject will be "Our Heritage, Our Be-
quest." 1
The spire of the Tecumseh Pres
byterian church was struck by light
ning during a recent storm and, the
shingles badly torn therefrom, but
tho building did not catch fire. The
lightning struck in many places In
the city.
Win Sudman was instantly killed
and Charley Hudson seriously In
jured at Chappcll when tho auto In
which they wero riding skidded on
the wet ground, throwing thom out
and running over them.
Tho first demonstration of the real
work of tho wlroless telegraph in
Tekamah occurred last week, being
carried out for tho government by a
squad of soldiers from Fort Crook,
Nob., undor the direction of Sergeant
Eaton. Tho atmosphere was vory
clear and conversation was carrlod
on with tho station at Key West, Fla.
Anselmo has started the building
of a water works system which whon
completed will compare favorably
with any In the state.
Rov. E. M. Furblon, who has Just
been returned to the M. E. pastorate
at Hobron, was tendered a reception
by tho congregation and friends.
Jefferson county farmers are busily
engaged In sowing their winter wheat
An unusually largo acreago Is being
placed In winter wheat this autumn.
A man and a woman traveling
through the country in a buggy Bold
a bnby for $5 to Homer Howell, a
young farmer, residing near Auburn.
Civil service examinations will bo
held October 28, for rural carriers at
While playing with a revolver which
he didn't know was loaded, "Bunny,"
tho ten-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. Ballard of Beatrice, put a bul
let In his leg, which will disable him
for some time.
Tho two-year-old child of C. H. Win
klo of Blue Springs found lomo
matches and set them afire, and be
fore members of tho family could re
spond the clothing was nearly burned
off the body. It Ib thought the child
will recover.
Trapping Time Is Soon iure
SoGet Posted We Furnish Free CorkccI
Quotations om
THeHouseTnat Rarely Loses aSmippeii
for Coughs l Colds
Hiram Greene What did vour nta.
ter say when you told her I was going
to mnko a speech in tho town hal
Willie Sho didn't say nothln'; she
lust laughed until sho had hysterica,
The Simple Life.
Anna Maria Wilhelmlna Pickering,
In her "Memoirs," edited by her son,
tells a Yorkshire incident which con
tains a great deal of human nature.
Variety spices life; the plain is monot.
onous, until Its extent entitles It to
tho namo of pralrlo or desert, and i
gains Interest through vnstness.
There was an old couple In tho vil
lage whom I used often1 to go to see.
One day, when I found them Bitting,
one on each side of the lire, tho old
man said to me:
"Well, f missis and me, we've been
married night on 60 years, and we've
never had one quarrel."
The old woman looked at me, wltn a
twinkle in her eye. and Bald:
"It war verie conscientious, Jul
arte dool." Youth's Companlop.
Learned From Nature.
An enthusiastic friend was dilating
to the woman landscape gardener on
the obvious advantages he must de
rive from actually superintending the
workmen who executed her designs.
"Being right out with nature that
way you must learn so many Interest
Ing things," said the friend.
"1 do," said the gardener, "I can tell
the different kinds of whisky, the dif
ferent kinds of tobacco and tho differ
ent kinds of profanity a rod away."
Not a Bit.
"In getting married Mr. Sothera
and Miss Marlowe showed very little
consideration for the public."
"Why so?"
"There's no fun In watching a man.
and his wife play 'Romeo and Juliet' "
When wo look back now upon soma,
of the things we used to worry about,
we wonder what the lunacy commit
lions were doing all that tlmol v
Can Easily Be Secured.
"Up to 2 yearB ago," a woman writes,
MI was In the habit of using both tea
and coffee regularly.
"I found that my health was begin
ning to fail, strange nervous attacks
would come suddenly upon me, making
me tremble so excessively that I could,
not do my work while they lasted; my
Bleep left me and I passed long nights
In restless discomfort I was filled
with a nervous dread as to tho future.
"A fricpd suggested that possibly
tea and coffee were to blame, and I
decided to give them up, and In cast
Ing about for a hot table beverage,
which I felt was an absolute necessity,
I was led by good fortune to try Post
"For moro than a year I havo used
It threo times a day and, .expect, bo
much good has it done mo, to con
tinue its use during the rest of my
"Soon after beginning the use ot
Postum, I found, to my surprise, that,
Instead of tossing on a sleepless bed
through tho long, dreary night I
dropped Into a Bound, dreamless sleep
tho moment my head touched the pil
low. "Then I suddenly realized thnt alt
my' nervousness had left me, and my
appetite, which had fallen off before,
bad all at once been restored so that)
I ate my food with a keen relish.
"AH the nervous dread has gone. I
walk a mile and a half each way to
tny work every day and enjoy it Z
find an interest In everything that
goes on about me that mokes life a
pleasure. All this I owe to leaving oft
tea and coffee and tho uso of Postum,
for I have taken no medicine" Nameh
given by Postum Co., Battle Creek.
"There's a reason," and it is ex
plained In the little boob, "The Rood
to Wellvllle," In pkgs.
Ever read the abnv letter? A tier
bc appear from time to time. The
are teauUe, true, u4 (all oC humasr
--BtTw Z
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