The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 10, 1911, Image 9

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mi:moiiy VnitHKH, 21. 24.'M TRXT."Tho won! of
Oo.l ntrtnil forovcr." Irni. 40:8.
T1MH. Jcremlnh waB prophrt from n.
C CJrt, the 13th year of JoMah, till tin
itmtriirtlnn of Jrrtunloni, H. C. CB.".
JclioliiUlm rolKncil 11 yonrs, U. C. MS
t!7. Ji'roitilnli'H ltoot wan written II. P. C04
rim rni ilnv. nlnlli month of U. C. 603
JcholnUlm burns tlio book noon nftor tho
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Jcromlali iimlcr illafiwor. ,
Jcholnklin an hiiwIho klntr.
ITHIN tho rnat few yenrs
roprosuutatlvca of outdoor
sports among tlio women
of this country havo mul
tiplied and incroased to a
groator extent than in any
previous era. Although
In tho years past there
have been a few devotees
of the morv strenuous
(parts and recreations, the modern woman
fcas Just begun to roailzo all that outdoor
lUa means to her, and tho benefits she may
terra thereby.
A grant number of the women who are
taday living a Uie of health and pleasure
la the outdoor world havo developed from
Hwiifl fecbla belags of no physique what-
whosa oaqr scaucd pleasures were
found over earda and other social rune
tiaoa tie nature of which not oaly sa? the
phjalcal, bat ImyaJr the mental vitality aa
ii, Tbcaa woaaso data their convalescent
period from the time tbeaa enervating
pastimes were abaadoajed for a Ufa free
from petty worries and carea- the Ufa of
the great outdoors.
What a blessing it would be to womankind if
mora husbands and brothers, being sportsmen
tbamstelvea, would say oftener: "Come, go with
me Into the woodlaad's cool retreat, to the clear
lake where lurk the wily bass, and the air Is
filled with the fragrance of growing things," or
perhaps, "Come where Bob White a. hiding in
tht lonely willow swale."
As a rule, man Is, or has been, a selfish crea
ture where sport" is concerned, and until t recent
years has considered his work well done when
after a fortunate day of sport he came home,
glowing with exercise and vigor bringing the fish
or game for the "meek and bumblo" wife to pre
pare. But mankind also la beginning to "see the
error of his ways," and each season there are
snore and more recruits to the army of happy
men who have fitted their wives out with all
necessary equipment for the life outdoors,
' whether to meet the requirements of the gentle
art of angling or the more exerting though not
leas congenial recreation with the gun.
In the United States, those women who have
asserted themselves, either for tbelr inherent love
for nature, or the acquired attachment that In
variably springs up the result of slose com
munion with nature have proven the equal.nd
Dot infrequently the superior of man contestants,
in gamea that try the utmost skill and endur
ance in hla or her special sport To the woman
who has, aa abe will probably express it, "lost
bar health," and whose strength and courage with
which to combat everyday tribulatlone Is fast
deserting her, the one physician who can answer
every time aa positive to a permanent cure Is old
Doctor Outdoors, and hla prescriptions are many
and varied. This physician will never advise a
timid, nervous woman to go for the first time,
armed with shotgun, nor would he tell a woman
who never had heid before a more formidable
weapon than a "straight flush" to start out after
big game without some preliminary Instructions
in this line. The first advice would be: Learn
to love the outer world, cultivate a taste for
natural beauty, learn to look, learn to listen,
learn to walk correctly, to tread the woodland
patha lightly, and learn to breathe, fully and
freely expanding, exhaling, till the blood cours
ing merrily through every vein brings a warm
glow to cheeka that have long been pinched and
In using the terms, looking and listening, I
refer to the cultivation of the senses, without
which life In the open air loses much of its en
chantment. Cultlvate-tbe sense of hearing;
when out alone In the woods, pause occasionally
and note bow many different sounds you can hear
distinctly and remember. Perhapa If Is the music
of a stream as It ripples softly oer a bed of
gravel; maybe It Is the voice of the waterfull as
It tumbles .over great bowlders or through a nar
row gorge, and simultaneously you may hear
the twitter of feathered songsters In the neigh
boring trees, and the cry of some great bird of
prey on its pilgrimage through the air, while
away off in the opposite direction comes the faint
tinkle of a cowbell. While grapslng these separ
ate, distinct sounds and storing them In your
"mind your eyes' have kept busy. Perhaps you
may notice a bent or broken twig or a bush near
by, so your eye Involuntarily follows the course
of the path and 4eka the next shrub to find
' aaore beat la the aacas manner. Tour oooclastoaa
are rapid. Some animal has passed that way.
As the twigs alone, and not the branches being
mutilated, you know the animal has not rushed
by In fright, and the nipped leavea higher up
will Indicate the leisurely passage of some , her
bivorous animal, and if you feel inclined to fol
low this trail you will be rewarded in the end
by finding a atray borse. as at first surmised.
Not big game, far from it. but you have learned
one lesson In the book of woodcraft, which is
only a page of the many volumes yet In store
for the earnest student It may have been
smaller tracks that have claimed your attention,
tracks that are visible In the sof. earth. Learn
to distinguish those of a rabbit from those the
squirrel has mado. This Is easy It you will be
member that In runnjng the rabbit places both
fore feet close together and spreads the hind
feet apart, whlle-the squirrel places all feet at
nearly equal distance apart. In using the olfac
tory sense you can atand perfectly still and tell
what trees or bush Is In blossom.
Truly, one season spent out of doors In culti
vation and close observation will be of more .real
benefit than yeara over books.
These things, then, are the first rudiments
toward that higher education, the education of
the outdoor woman. Perhaps the most important
thing to be considered during tho preparatory
stage Is the clothing to be worn, for without
comfortable attire, advanced lessons will be of
little real benefit. Although the outing costume
varies with the individual taste, and also with
the expense to be considered,- still the most
wpular and the one universally adapted to roost
needs is a suit consisting of a plain ahort skirt
worn over knickerbockers, a coat of the same
material, which may be 'made plain for camping
purposes alone, or supplied with the proper
pockets for hunting and fishing. A soft flannel
shirt will be found more convenient than a waist,
and stout shoes worn with leggings are lighter
and less fatiguing than the high top boots, al
though they may be worn to advantage in colder
weather or where there la a rough tramp to be
taken. A soft felt bat, or cap with generous
vlaor to protect the eyes completes the costume.
After simplicity, durability la an item to be
considered. Strong, serviceable duck, canvaa and
khaki cloth are durable and easily cleaned, but
of recent years whole suits of waterproof mate
rl. 1 can be tiad at such reasonable cost that It
Is folly and a greater expense to make one's out
ing gasments at home. ' .
Cultivate a love for nature, which you can do
with neither rod nor gun, the tse of which lm
- plements of pleasure should come after the first
rudiments are mastered. With new strength and
nerve gained through a lire out of doors will also
como new courage and confidence."
In aome respects the prevailing variety of
sport Is characteristic of that portion of country
wherein it Is most Indulged. In the southern and
some of the eastern states, fox hunting is one
of the most popular of recreations, as the physi
cal features and topography of the country make
It the natural home of the fox, red and gray;
and In the aunny south for generations fox
hounds have been bred with the exhilaration of
the chain In view; horses have bean judiciously
bred la order to keep up with the hounds; and
who nay any but that the beauty of the famous
: women, especially of Ktntueky, nan net btea
established through generations of riding to
hounds In the open air, for It Is a sport that Is
Indulged In to a great extent by women, and It
la worthy of noto that they have proved to be
the most fearless as well as most graceful of
In the wilder portions of the west where the
turbulent broncho and tho fiery mustang hold
supremo sway, riding Is one of the prevalent
modes of enjoyment, although in a very different
manner from that of riding to hounds, for the
-cstern horsewoman differs as. much from the
cultivated horsewoman of the south and east as
the broncho differs from tho thoroughbred; and
yet tho daughters of the west are fearless riders,
many of whom are export ropers and spend their
spare moments In the healthful, albeit rude,
atmosphere of the camp.
Archery claims many devotees who aro very
e -.thuslastlc over their favorite pastime, but as
yet the gamo of William Tell has not gained na
tional pre-eminence. It seems to bo growing in
popularity, however.
More than a century beforo our beloved Izaac
Walton had published his Immortal work, "The
Complete Angler," another book was written on
the subject so dear to tho heart of the angler
this by a venerable dame, Jullanna Borners. It
was called "Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an
Angle," and even in that remote time (1496)
there must have been the same existing charm
of outdoor llfo and proof that a woman might
profit by this recreation either beside still waters
or running stream, as demonstrated In the old
dame's words: "It nede be the dysporte of
fyshynge wyth an angle that causeth a long life,
and a mery." And truly, what life can ba more
full of the sweet, seductive charm than an outing
beside a running brook? ,
Take n warm day in early spring when all
nature la awakening from her long winter sleep.
Go away off "far from the maddening crowd" to
some sequestered nook where the trees are be
ginning to wear their green dress of tho season,
and where the lark sings. Take with you tho
light rod and little coaxer, and try your luck with
the finny tribe. It la not all luck, however, and
It Is Interesting aa well as instructive to note
under what conditions the greatest amount of
success In angling can be attained.
From a practical viewpoint, angling has much
to recommend it aa an enjoyable means of
recreation, as the sport need not be made an
expensive one, although with angling as with
all other sports, it may be made as expensive as
one Would wish, according to the richness of the
outfit to be employed and enjoyed. Many an old
fisherman, and any little boy will tell you "'fit
he can catch more fish using a pole cut f '
neighboring tree, with home-made tackle, -ii
with the most elaborate set of bamboo rods and
flys ever manufactured.-
Trap shooting Is a great sport and claims
number of women devotees in this country as
well as abroad; it Is said that Queen Margharlta
of Italy is an adept with both shotgun and rifle,
trap shooting belief her favorite diversion..
Gradually but persistently the outdctor woman
and lover of this means of recreation Is asserting
herself, and at .present time plans are jinder
way to perfect an organisation composed ptj, the
women trap shooters of the United States. At
the head of this movement is one of the most
enthusiastic 'and able reicgscntatlves of trap
shooting among the fair sex. More than ever
women are beginning to realize how much out
door life means to them, and they will soon find
that no one but the doctor haa a kick coming If
they spend their vacation In the wilderness or on
the plains.
My advice Is "Throw your powder rags and
medicine bags to the first stray goat you meet
- and come with me Into the open," thereby plac
ing your name upon the great roster as aa out
doer weoun.
For twenty years Jorcmlnh lma
been trying, by oral teachings, to por
Hiindo tho nation to repent and turn
to God, but tho pooplo and tholr rul
ors had been deaf to his warnings.
As a Inst resort, In tho rourtu your
of Jeholnltlnt. tho Lord commanded
tho prophot to wrlto down tho sub
stance of his exhortations, and thus
to focus them In ono mighty blow
iiniin tho consciences of kltuj and peo
ple. Moreover, for some mason Jere
miah was Blutt tip, "rcBtrnlnod" from
public utterance, being probably for
bidden by tho authorities to preach;
so that for tlio tlmo tho written word
was tho only way by which Jeremiah
could reach tho cars of tho people.
Tim clioRoii ntnamicnnls was Bar-
tich. tho son of Noilnh, n scribe. Th
book was not Hlto ours, but was o
roll of parchment, consisting of sov
oral Hklns sewed together, tho cdgoi
cut even, and tho whole rolled on
wooden tods fastened at each end ho
that tho parclunont could bo rolled
from ono to tho other. Tho writing
was arranged In columns, each llko
tho tinEo of a book. It must havo
taken llnruch somo months to havo
written down such prophecies as
Jeremiah wished to havo road, and
which constituted a conaldcrnblo part
of tho present book of Jeromlah.
Jeremiah ncnt Baruch to tho tenv
plo to rend tho book to tho assem
bled crowil3. It WUS- a wiiury uuj.
Baruch went up Into tho chamber oi
u friendly noble, ovor n new gateway
opening both ways Into tho Inner and
outer courts. There, from tho win
dow or balcony of tho chamber, or
from tho platform or pillar on which
tho kings had Btood on solemn occa
sions, ho recited the long alternation
of lament niid lnvcctlvo to the vast
congregation. Reading In this way
wan almost the only wny by which
tho people could become acquainted
with tho word of God. Fow could
read. And copies of tho law cost n
small fortune.
Tho king Bent Jchudl, ono of his
officers, to fetch tho roll so that Je
hoiakim might loam ItH contents at
first hand and not from hearsay. Tho
king Bat In tho winter house.
It seems probable that after Jehudl
had read threo or four columes, the
king snatched the roll from his handi
and, taking the knlfo used for sharp
enlng the scrlbo'a pons, cut up th
roll himself, and cast It Into the flro.
Somo think that only the first portion
was read, when all the roll wascon
sumed In tho fire. But Professor Ben
nett says that the Hebrew Implies
that at the end of every throe or four
columns the king put out his hand for
the roll, cut nway the portion reaa,
threw It on tho flro, and handed the
remainder back to Jehudl repeating
tho process.
Tho king commanded the arrest of
Baruch the scribe and Jeremiah. But
the Lord hid them, by moans of aome
unknown providence and guidance;
or, as usual, by the use of means In
spired by God. Shutting the eyes
does not ward off the lightning's
stroke. Fools, that think that by
wringing the neck of the crowing.
cock they can prevent the coming of
the morning.
When the word of the Lord cams
the book was destroyed, but its con
tents and its truths lived. "Take
thoe . . . another roll, and write In
It." Jeremiah knew what he had aald
before, and God gave htm further
revelations. Professor Brown thinks
that Baruch's second roll contained
the first seventeen chsptera of our
Jeremiah. "Thou shalt say to Jehoia
kim that the prophecies should cer
tainly come true."
Attempts to destroy the Bible have
been made. When men are forbidden
to read It, and everything Is done to
prevent Its circulation. The frontis
piece of Wycllffe's Bible represents
tho flro of true Christianity against
which Its enemies, Satan and infidel
ity, are blowing with all their might,
trvine to nut It out: but the more
they put themselves out of breath,
the moro brightly the fire burns.
InrarsoU's prophecy, twenty-six
years ago, was that "In ten years the
Bible will not be read." The fact is
that vastly moro Bibles are Issued
every year than when that prophecy
was uttered, and In more languages.
Those destroy tha Bible for some
fieoplo, who for any reason give tho
mpresslon that it Is not true, dimin
ish its authority, and fill tho minds of
the young with doubts. And yet ev
ery attack has made It read more,
and caused It to shine In purer light
Those who disobey and neglect the
Bible, refuse to let it be a lamp unto
their feet and a light unto tbelr path,
who Ignore Its teachings, and reruss
its truths these destroy the Bible for
themselves, But tho laws Of God
movo on Just the samdT
Jehoiakim was slain. Ills son was
carried In chains to Babylon.
How a Severe Case Vai Cured Aftea
Dottors Gave Up Hope.
J. C. Ilelmors, Litchfield St., St
Paul, Minn., Bays: "I was so bad I
could not nrlso from lied. Urlno was
dark and scant, I was thin and emaci
ated, and had Intense
pain in my back and
head. My limbs
swelled and stomach
bloated. 1 got so low
that I was kept nllvo
by stimulants. Tho
doctor told my fam
ily I was In tho last
stages of llrlght's
dlscnFO, and could
not last three days.
Ab a laBt resort they gnvo n:o Doan's
Kidney Pills and slight Improvement
wns notlcoahlo. I kept getting bettor
and bettor until at last I was ablo to
leave my bed. From then on 1 gained
rapidly. It waB but n short tlmo be
foro I was as well as ovor."
Itcmombcr tho name Doan's.
For snle by druggists and gcnoral
etorokeenors everywhere Prlco COo.
IkyTt TT-"
Fostcr-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
North Carolina Gold Mines.
About Charlotte, N. 0., aro many
historic spots. Tho Mecklenburg Dec
laration of Independence, signed May
20, 1775, represents tho crown Jowcl
of this "Queen City." Nearby also
was born James K. Polk, tho eleventh
president of tho United States. The
pioneer gold mines of tho United
States wero located In this historic
county. Klghty-threo gold mines
wore recorded, and up to tho time of
tho discovery of California gold Meck
lenburg mines took tho load In gold
production. National Magazine
Laundry work at homo would bC
much moro satisfactory If tho right
Starch wero used. In order to get the
desired Btlffness, It Is usually neces
sary to use no much starch that the
beauty nnd fineness of tho fabric Is
bidden behind a pasto of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
nppeuranco, but also affects the wear
ing quality of tho goods. This trou
bio can bo ontlroly ovcrcomo by using
Defiance Starch, as it can be applied
much moro thinly because of Its great ,
er Btrongth than other makes.
A Distinction.
Mrs. Gatldy There are some dls
Unctions In life which aro very puz
zling to me.
Professor Pundit Llko what, for In
stance? Mrs. Gaddy When you write every
thine bad and mean in a man's life In
a book for everybody to read, It is
biography; but when you Just tell the
same things to a fow people on a front
porch, it's gossip.
SASKATOON requires mixed farmers,
market sardencrs. poultrvmen, dairymen,
hod and stock niters. Nowhere is there
more room or areater opportunities for
such. Aarlcnltural laborers in Rreat de
mand. Wanes high. , Work abundant.
Why not get Into this bigger life and par
tlcinato in its wonderful prosperity? Write
Commissioner, Board of Trade. Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan, Western Canada.
A Mstter of Repair.
"I soe," said Hicks, "that they have
itartod a movoment ovor In England to
remodel tho Ten Commandments."
"Remodel, eh7" retorted Dorklns.
"What a waste of time all they need
Is restoration." Harper's Weekly.
In all ita forms among all ages cf horses,
is well as dogs, cured and others in same
table prevented from having the disease
Every bottle guaranteed. Over 600.000
bottles sold last year 1.60 and 91.00. Any
good druggist, or send to manufacturers.
Agent wanted. Spohn Medical Co., Bpee,
Contagious Diseases. Goshen, Ind.
A Crime.
"What do you think of the plot?"
asked the. theater manager.
"That Isn't a plot," replied the man
who had paid two dollars to see the
show. "That's a conspiracy.
eautiful Post Cards Free. -
Bend to stamp for nv aamples of oar
very best Gold Embossed Birthday, Flow
er and Motto Post Cards: beautiful colors
and loveliest designs. Art Post Card Club,
m. Jackson St. Toseka, Kan.
Aa Willie Saw It
Ma Is the clock running. Willie?
Willie No, ma; it's Just standing
still and wagging its tall. Judge.
Tell the dealer you want a Lewis' Slsgla
Binder straight 8c cigar.
A'woman's idea of a good figure de
pends on whether ahe Is thick or thin.
I If You I ,
I Want I 4,
I To Win I ? ',
I Back I
I Your Health I
I It is a great help
I in caset of Stom- f
I ach and Bowel Ills Y
I or Malarial Disor- . $f
ders. Tryittoqay. :
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