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City Wages War to
Tliey foiiKhl tlio doRi nml killed the cnts,
And lilt tlio ImlileH In their cradlea.
riuy ale the clieeso out of the nls.
And dr.iiik tlio soup (rum the cook's
own ladle.
-"Tho Pled Piper."
CHICAGO. Tho henlth department
estimates thcro nro more than 600,
000 rat8 In Chicago and that tho num
ber Is Increasing day by day, despite
the efforts of professional rat catch
ers nnd tho tiso of mechanical devices
for their destruction.
War of extermination against mem
bers of the surmulot tribe is carried on
In all parts of tho city, but In no place
Is the slaughter greater than at the
stock yatds. There tho battle is waged
Kvery mornlug for breakfast men
who lmvo studied th'o subject Bay the
little brown rat In this city consumes
a quantity of food equal to tho meat
of C2 cows. Slnco thoy eat threo
meals a day in each twenty-four hours,
they consume threo times that quantity,
or equal to 1G6 head of cattle. This
Weeping Widow Quickly Weds Consoler
SWAINSDORO, Ga. Standing beside
tho open grave into which tho
body of her husband was about to bo
lowered, Sirs. J. J. Jewell was hyster
ical with grief, and friends had to re
strain hor from throwing herself Into
the grave upon the casket of the man
with whom she had lived happily for
15 years nnd who was the father of
her filx children.
Women tried in vain to comfort her
and the scene was an unusually pain
ful ono until Robert S. McDaniel, a
young man who recently came here
from Joplln, Mo., and who had become
very friendly with Jewell, stepped
close to the widow and whispered a
few words through her heavy veil of
Whatever McDaniel Bald seemed to
give the widow courage to bear up
during the soul-trying "ashes-tc-ashes,
dust-to-dust" period of the ceremony,
and she waited through those painful
momentB with surprising fortitude,
considering her pitiful .condition be
fore tho whispered consolation given
to her by McDanleL
Turning from the grave when it was
all over, she leaned on the arm of Mc
Daniel as she walked to tho gate,
where sbo and her children were
helped Into a carriage by kind-hearted
neighbors and were driven to tho fa
therless home, a llttlo farm for which
Horse -Poisoning Is
NSW YORK. The here be
lleve that thoy havo Anally suc
ceeded in breaking up ono of the
strangest as well aa one of the mean
est forms of graft which tMmcmbers
of tho underworld, always fertile In
such schemes, have ever developed.
This form of. graft in no way resem
bles the good old bunko games of the
professional sharper, but has brought
nbout instead the new calling of the
professional horse-poisoner.
xThe methods of earning a livelihood
in tbl3 manner, as revealed by the
capture of a gang of poisoners, are
simple. As practiced here, tho gamo
haB been worked by men acting in
couples, one to handle the finances, tho
other to do the poisoning. Tho for
rcor, to begin operations, selects a cer
Texas Papas May
FORT WORTH, Tex. Elopements of
lovers under the legal age, twenty
ono for the young man and eighteen
for tbo girl, will be effectually checked
In Texas by the new law adopted by
the late legislature and now effective.
Under this law no person under tho
legal age can obtain a marriage li
cense without tho written consent of
the minor's parents, and the papor
must be acknowledged before a notary
public like a deed. If a minor has no
parents, a county Judge's consent to
the union is necessary. If the clerk
doubts that either the prospective
bride or bridegroom has attained the
legal age, be Is authorized to require
the affidavit of some other than the
contracting parties. County Clerk
Beavers has Interpreted the law to
mean that the written consent of both
parents, properly executed, must be
filed, and that the consent of the fa
ther or the mother singly is not suffi
cient. The old law authorised the county
clerk to require tho bridegroom or oth
er person applying for a marriage II
cense to make affidavit to the ages of
Rout Army of Rats
estimate Is based on an allowance of
one ounce of food for each rodent each'
Dogs, ferrets nnd cats nro used In
the war of extermination, nnd although
thousands of rata nro slaughtered
dally their number continues to in
crease. This can cnslly bo understood
when It Is known that from ono pair
of rats to a nest 'one thousand young
surmulots will breed In n year.
"Hack of tho yards" crowds of boys
gather nightly to go on hunting expedi
tions for rodents. Oarbago cans lire
overturned, and as the rats scamper
nwny dogs nccompanjlng tho boys
catch and kill them.
The boys carry sticks or clubs In
their hnnds and kill the rats when
they attempt to escape. Mnny become
so expert at rat catching that In after
years they embark In it ns a profes
sion. Some of tho Blorcs In the loop dis
trict hnve a pack of trained fox ter
riers to keep tho rats away, but tho
animal which has earned the name of
"nature's police woman" Is the plain
alley cat that stalkn the street at
ltats canto heavy losFes to business
houses. They burrow through bolts of
cloth to build their nests, destroying'
mnny thousands of dollars' worth of
Mrs. Jewell and her husband had
worked hard to pay.
Jewell died on Tuesday and the
funeral was held on Wednesday. The
next day the widow drove Into Swains
boro, nccompanied by McDaniel, nnd
went to the courthouse.
"Tho Widow Jewell ain't losing any
timo In settling up the estate," re
marked thore who saw her enter the
courthouse, and her prompt attention
to business caused comment among
those who had feared the day before
that she would collopse at her hus
band's funeral.
It wasn't the probate judge that
Mrs. Jewell was looking for, however,
but the marriage llcenso office. Guid
ed by McDaniel, she walked Into the
office and gave Iter ago as thirty-one
while ho gave his ns twenty-six.
Lifting her black veil so that she
could see to wrlto her name, the
widow signed the affidavit and In a
few minutes tliey wero married and
on their way back to tho Jewell farm.
the Newest Graft
tain section of the city, preferably ono
in which one or more big stablos are
located. His assistant is then sent out
to poison two or three horses a day
for a week.
This is accomplished by giving them,
as the opportunity may occur, a lump
of sugar, half an apple or some other
cqulno delicacy, loaded with poison.
There Is no monetary gain la this,
the preliminary stage, which is mere
ly done to create a favorable state of
affairs that is, from tho viewpoint
of the grafter. As soon as the poison
ings begin to be talkod of tho finan
cial man gets busy. He goes to the
owner of a largo stable, mentions the
numerous deaths from poison, and of
fers protection for a sum varying from
$25 to $100 a week.
I If the owner refuses to pay, coercion
'Is brought to boar In the shapo of a
few deaths among his animaTs. The
fact tha't the two grafters wero never
soon together roado tho game a diffi
cult one to stop, but tho final rounding
up of tho gang of poisoners should end
this peculiar graft, slnco tho penalty
under the law Is a heavy one.
Prevent Elopements
the parties, In ease of doubt, but this
law was frequently and successfully
evaded. '
A common method of evasion was
for the young man, if under age, to
put a slip of paper, bearing the num
ber 21, in his shoe, and for the girl to
put' in her shoe a slip of paper with
the number 18, and then the man
would cheerfully make affidavit that
he was "over twenty-one," and with
equal 'sincerity the girl would make
affidavit that she was "over eighteen."
In a few instances indictments have
been returned against bridegrooms for
false swearing, but uniformly the
fathers-in-law after a few weeks have
decided to make the best of it, and
have refused to testify against Uitlr
unwelcome sons-in-law.
License &2Umm
"sT J otfuf Vlaw T I
Strange Conglomeration of Teachings
of a So-Called Religious Cult In
Which Women Disciples of the
Apostle Became Entangled.
Chicago. Evelyn Arthur See, re
fcaler of tho "absolute life." who was
convicted by a Jury In Judge Honore's
court on a charge of abducting Mil
dred Bridges, one of his girl disciples,
was released on $5,000 bail pending
the hearing of a motion for an appeal.
Tho penalty for tho crlnio which the
head of tho Rnclno avenue "love Jun
glo" was convicted Is an Indetermi
nate term ln"lho state penitentiary of
from ono to ten years.
Evelyn Arthur See was nrreoted In
his "templo" on Racine avenue Janu
ary 6, 1911, on complaint of Stephen
II. Dtldgcs, who charged tho abduc
tion ,of his daughter Mildred. Bridges
had at ono time been a follower of
Sco nnd had beeu made president of
the cult In return, It was asserted, for
his financial support. Mrs. Bridges
bIeo was a member of tho cult nnd at
tho trial she took the stand In See's
Whllo tho state was investigating
the tho federal authorities also
took up tho quest to ascertain if there
had been any violation of tho "white
slave" act. See's wife sued him last
March for separate maintenance. The
Seos had been separated for years.
Following the filing of this suit the
safo in tho "templo" wa3 opened and
tho "revealer'B" book nnd papers, In
cluding tho manuscript of tho "Book
of Truth," were seized.
Some parts of the "Book of Truth"
have been published. Other parts, not
published but taught to the woman
and girl inmates of the love Jungle,
have been seised by tho United States
government and form the basis of a
prosecution against See In tho federal
courts. The federal authorities say
the matter Is unfit to send through the
See's counsel hoped for acquittal
largely on the testimony of four wom
en Mildred Bridges' and Mona Rees,
"high priestess" of the cult, testified
there had been no wrong at the Sco
apartments on Raclno avenue, and
Mrs. Rees and Mrs. Bridges took tho
stand and accepted responsibility for
tome of the declarations In the "Book
of Truth."
During tho trial, which dragged
along through several weeks and cost
the state $10,000, a strange conglom
eration of documents was offered as
Apostle See and Mildred Bridges.
evidence. See's teachings embodied
In poems, documents patterned aftor
the nible and a spiritual dictionary,
were Introduced.
"Absoluto life, the all with" Is the
definition given of tho cult In the dlo
tior nry,
A kiss is defined as "when tho Ion
of the absolute welds with the Ion ot
the spirit of mortality, purified through
the finding of the personal conscious
ness seeking to. be pure and with the
consummation of the spiritual essence
of man in God and God in man, there
comis tbo gentle benediction of the
absolute, the door of absolute life
yawns more widely and there has
come Into being a kiss."
Hangs ky Cellar Doors.
Portsmouth, O. Frank Walker ot
this city had a narrow escape from
hanging between the cellar doors of
bis home. He was coming up the
outslle cellar stairs when the half of
the door he had left open was blown
shut by the wind. As the door fell
Walker Jumped '"backhand turned his
head away from the falling door,
which landed on ale-neck. He was
being choked beiwoen the (".oors when
,lbcrntod' '.tJ
Mollle She's gicat on adopting now
Jack Hut sho objects to now
"When my first baby was six months
old he broke out on his head with llttlo
bumps. They would dry up and leave
a scale. Then it would break out
again and it spread all over his head.
All tlio hair camo out nnd bis head
wns scaly nil over. Then his face
broke out nil over In red bumps nnd
It kept sprcndlng until it was on hlB
hands and arms. I bought scveial
boxes of ointment, gave him blood
medicine, nnd had two doetois to ttcat
him. but he got worso nil tho time.
Tlo had it about six months when a
friend tod mo about Cutlcura. I sent
nnd got a bottlo of Cutlcura Resolvent,
n cake of Cutlcura Soap and n box of
Cutlcura Ointment. In threo dan
nfter using them ho begnn to Im
prove. Ho began to tako long naps
and to stop scratching his head. After
taking two bottles of Resolvent, two
boxes of Ointment nnd three cakes of
Soap ho was sound and well, and never
had any breaking out of any kind. His
hair camo out In llttlo curls all over
his bead. I don't think anything else
would have cured him except Cutl
cura. "I have bought Cutlcura Ointment
nnd Cutlcura Soap several times Blnce
to use for cuts and sores and have
never known them to fall to cure what
I put them on. Cutlcura Soap Is the
best that I have ever used for toilet
purposes." (Signed) Mrs. F. E. Har
mon, R. F. D. 2, Atoka, Tenn., 8ept.
10, 1910. Although Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment nre sold everywhere, a sam
ple of each, with 32-page book, will
be mailed free on application to "Cutl
cura," DepL 16 L, Boston.
"Tough luck Jlpson had."
"What happened?"
"In order to keep his cook, be told
her sho might have the ueo of bis
touring car two afternoons a week."
"Yesterday she eloped with tho
Sirs. Wlnsiow's Bootblnp; eyrnp for CUIIdrer.
tfthlnif, noflf lis the nums, reduce Inlliunmu
Uod, allay paio.curnu wind colic, 26c a bottle.
The First Difficulty.
"I can marry any girl I please.'
"Yes, but you can't please any."
Smoker like Lewis' Single Binder cigar
for its riih mellow quality.
You can't tell the ugo of a saw by
looking at Its teeth.
Vegetable Preparation Tor As
similating iheFoodandRetlula-
ting the 5 lomachsand Bowels of
Promotes Dition,Chrful
nessandRcst.Conlains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic.
f0pti Sum
Anin ni
A perfeel Remedy forCorwIlp
Hon , Sour Stonwh.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Lots OF SLEEP.
Vac Simile Signature of
Xgwsranteed under the Poodaaj) tf Hff UlllsH
ass CoW ! VVaaffeSj wis tuiiw . ws w aim
as at Icicle
If you want
winter weather
if you want to f orect
dust and the thirst for
As sparkling, wholesome
iwm iviwivi m iivai,
or thirsty, if you're anywhere near a place that
sells Coca-Lola, go
real treat.
Stniret aW "7"?. ."".
STji riAuitSiAaA
OUtlnlttttt. BlBW TUB VUIA
Int. bookltt, eBSw Atlanta, Gt.
"ThaTtalH "BBalSa.
About Caca-Cala"
Low round
New York, Boston
New England, entire Atlantic Coast and
other Eastern Summer Resorts
NewYork&ntral Lines
Lake Shore Big Four
Tickets nt reduced
lieges, nnd
tllH. Nttl. CltlA.
lomameaul. coovra
kutthup. LMtitn
MtMi. lin'lipiiiof
Up oTCf, will no loll
jor lnu taytlilpt
GuriAteftd tflftt.
IM. 01 all !
IwRt prfpalttfor SOc.
For Infants and Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
r 1
Mam .vr.I JSMur
aan i --- -
Jr fawTiXu; ' i "TsJ-tP
m flttMaejZ.1" yj JPQ
aWMEVr TmUunderad clean with Faultiest Sure,"
MclIflM8 Said Phoebe to the Coa.
rSHJLMHk. lf this U not a parlor car,
Hj-ajMWB (CV 1 " 1 won't ! on."
II T of ihit paper & II
I IKCdClCtS iIJIobur I
II " anything drer- II
II tned in iu columai iKoula inn upon II
II hiving wht they ik (or, rclunag all II
II lubaitutn oc imitation. H
vj" For Over
Thirty Years
to think of crisp
and sparkling frost ;
the heat and the
real, cool comfort
and refreshing asa sprint
asitaw wuu li liui Ul II1CU
in and give yourself a
fM Me
Atlev think
I Can-Celt
trip fares to
Michigan Central
fares will be on sale dally during
August nnd beptcmbcr. Many free stop-over prjv
optional boat trips on ureal uucea,
bt. Lawrence and Hudson Kivera.
Wc will be glad to send you full informa
tion aa to farc3, berth reservations and
routes, and on request wilt send
copies of our new 1911 summer
booklets and folders. '
Address W. B. Jerome
03 La Salle Street SUtioQ
-.-. . Chicaso.lU.
fuiiuM and busline lb late
I'romotea lutirunt mk
Tr Fall to Bettor. Stat
Jaatr to Ma Toothful 0m7
Cutu Kilp dlmMtaj batrbliigv
aOc,udlit Dnitjhta
".'i ThtffptM'sEytWaUr
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 31-1911.
Nebraska Directory
'.Meat, Hafcat and fluraat mettioda. Ma
fail. Toiiaeeo ana DriiR Habita alao aae
fullr treated br the lateHt and ahorteat
oda. No plirafcal or mental Buffering. QaJl
or aenu ior iitcraiuro una euaorxmcu
S09 So. 11th Street Lincoln,
The Dr. Beaj. F. Bailey SaaatorSea
Llacola, Nebraska
Its brick and-ston' bulldlnn so taa
fully furnished :siA thoroughly equippea
In t!xi Veantlful rrk of a." -.crcs, whfc
star ci kXprrience ant. . nursing' corps)
of nusua! mcr offer; you ;noat pae
fcc. hosplwi results, yot ah.-yc pja
scr.'os the i tmocpher- of a dallgfetfaf
country HOME Writ- for particulate
i - i, . . . j . i .
aHaaMDiBPHbyBd,' iHeMBWBWal
)P1 ul
-aH-. ssaq
A Modern FuKy eisW
Firtprmof Hotpltmi
Fully equipped for the treatment of ckroats
rheumatiam, diseases of kidaeys, MsrHer
and other chronic diseases by bathe, alas
tricity. etc. A COMPLETE XKAY
OUTFIT. Modern 'aseptic operating
rooms for the care of surgical petkrus.
A full corps of trained nurses. Rates
moderate, Vox further information address)
Irving S. Cutter, M. D., Sup't
J849 Sumner Street, Lincoln, Netr.
s n.'l,
. a.1 ":w:$'M
& f-'-V, -
.-'. M
HAi-sji . :Ktif,f? . Av.
ff v.- .. t i.
iT - rH tXi&y & j ., to
-mktfrvcsk $ mjmmimm a
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