The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 03, 1911, Image 6

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The Chief
C. H. HALE, Publlsncr
Threaten to Go Down the Wholt
Tariff Reducing List Hguse May
Balk, But Compromlte Re
garded Probable.
Wool Itlll up for final consideration
JUKI vote. Hill defeated, 44 to 30.
After defeating both tho original
La Follctto bill and tlio house bill
tho uennte passed. 48 to 32, a com pro
iiiIho wool icvlnlon bill, offered by La
Lorlmcr election Investigating com
niltteo continued Its hearing,
Elections sub-committee confildercd
taking up charge!) agalnsl Senator
b'tcphenkon of Wisconsin.
Houhc free list bill toported and be
enmo tinllnlshcd business.
Houho mot at noon. Debate on
new cotton tariff revision bill began.
Indian conunlttro continued lnvos
tigatlon Into Chippewa Indian uffalrs.
Postofflco couuulttce continued hear
ing on poHtal privileges testimony.
House rules romniltlcc decided to
rait for investigation of tho so-called
"money trust."
Washington, I). C. Out of what
nppearcd to be a chaotic condition In
tho senate, there suddenly arose n
coalition of democrats and .Insurgent
republicans which bowled over tho
Tegular organization and pasted a
compromise bill for the revision of the
wool tariff by 48 to 32. This now
forco In the senate united on a mater
ial reduction or tariff duties all down
tho line, and flushed with victory is
now threatening not only to enact tho
fco-callcd Iioiifu farmers' free list bill
Into law next Tuesday, but to put
through a cotton bill as well. Tho In
surgents want the ' sugar nnd steel
(schedules Included In tho program.
Tho house democratic leaders arc
not willing to accept tho compromlso
bill as it passed tho senate, but thoy
aro moro than willing to meet tho
senate conferees.
To Make Children's Playground.
Chlcugo. In an effort to reform t.
thickly populated tenement house dis
trict on tho North Side, locally known
ns "Llttlo Hell," Mayor Harrison has,
at tho request of women's clubs and
the social Fettloment workers, or
dered traffic stopped on (Jault Place
between Chicago avenue, and Oak
Btrcet during the summer months to
make the street avallablo as a play
ground for poor children. There aro
fald to be 2,500 children in the dis
trict. Had o Borrow Railroad Fare.
Washington. K. O. Lewis, president
nf tho Lewis Publishing company of
St. Louis, testitlcd beforo the. hnuso
committee on expenditures in tho post
ofllce department that wlieteas a few
years ago he was worth $2,000,000 to
$:!,000,()00. ho was compelled to bor
row money to come to Washington to
appear as a witness beforo tho com
mittee. Woodruff Throws Up His Job.
New York. Timothy L. Woodruff,
former lieutenant governor and for
mer chairman of the republican state
committee, has relinquished control
of tho republican organization of
Kings county (Brooklyn) whero lie
lives. His action Is legarded as a vic
tory for hia opponents. Mr. Wood
ruff ban been chairman of tho republi
can county committee for fourteen
Steamer Goes on a Rock.
Toklo. Tho steamer Kmpress of
China of tho Canadian Pacific rail
way line, stranded on n submerged
rock off Nojlma Saki light while at
tempting to romid tho southern point
of Awa peninsula, In-bound to Yoko
hama Thursday. The passengers were
Attack on Grocery Trust.
Den Moines. lloimewlves received
oratory freo or charge whllo they
bought potntoes and farm produco at
greatly reduced rates from hucksters
on the city hall lawn Thursday. May
or Hanna and Commissioner Schramm
spoke to a crowd twice as largo as
that whfch scrambled to tho farm
wagons dujlng the opening of tho
municipal market placo Tuesday.
Mayor Hanna criticised tho local
"food trust" nnd promised permanent
relief In a market house to be built
by the city,
New York. Steps toward recreat
ing the American Tobacco compuny
out of tho elements uow composing it,
in harmony with the decision of tho
fcupreme court of the United States,
were taken when announcement was
made of the formation of protective
committees by tho holders of tho C
per cent bonds, tho 4 per cent bonds
and tho preferred stock. The com
mittees' notico rofers to the desire
of tho American Tobacco company to
comply with the order of the supreme
court, and uxges united action on
the part of the bondholder.
the Ncwa of Many Cllmea Told In
Short and Pithy Paragraphs, Writ
ten Expressly for the Busy
Man's Perusal.
The removal of Canadian roclprocl
ly from tho congressional stage has
left things nt tho capital In a decided
ly mixed condition.
.lames Wilson, secretary of agricul
ture, probably will attend the state
fair in Lincoln noxt September and
deliver an nddrcss on that occasion.
Tho alleged discrimination of tho
Russian government agaliiHt Ameri
can Jews Is being Investigated by tho
senate committee on foreign relations.
Tho reciprocity agreement botween
Canada and the. United States, long a
storm center In western politics,
passed the senate Saturday by u vote
of G3 to 27.
The gold pen used by the president
In signing the reciprocity treaty was
sent to Chairman of tho sen
ate flnanco committee, who led tho
fight for tho bill In tho annate.
Congress will shortly be asked by
tho war department to appropriate
?2.u,000 to complete tho work of rais
ing the battleship Mnlne In Havana
harbor. This will make a total ex
pcndlturo of $900,000.
Frank Hnletead has been appoint
ed chief or the customs division of
tho trensury. He succeeds CharleB P.
Montgomery, who lcrt to take charge
of tho customs affairs of the American
Sugar Refilling company.
Tho Fcnato has passed the Warren
bill allowing homestead claimants In
drouth stricken districts of Wyom
ing, the Dakotas and Nebraska to
leave their lands until April is, 1012,
without losa or any of their rights.
President Taft signed tho reciproci
ty bill Wednesday afternoon. Secre
tary of Stato Knox, Seeretniy or
Comnierco Nngel, Secretary to Presi
dent Tilles, several newspaper men
and a battery of photographers wit
nessed the signing.
Notwithstanding tho fact that the,
republican national convention Is
moro than a year away, voters over
tho country aro writing to progressive
senutors and representatives In con
Rress seeking dellnlto Information on
tho differences between theso progres
iIvb and tho administration of Presl
lent Taft.
Representative Ceorgo W. Norrls
will be a candidate for tho United
States senate to succeed Senator Nor
rls Drown. Ho will not Issuo a for-
mnl state at present announcing his
canclldarw-, but may do so shortly
utter his return homo ut the adjourn
ment pf congress.
Democrats of tho house of repre
sentatives, ntter a prolonged caucus,
have ratified by more than a two
thirds majority tho cotton tariff re
vision bill drafted by tho democratic
members of the ways and means com
mittee, reducing by nearly one-half the
schedule of the Payne-Aldrlch law on
manufactures of cotton.
General News
All grades or rellncd sugar have
been advanced 10 cents (u hundred
The condition of tho pope, who is
suffering from a sore throat, Is less
Hov. Michael Power has been con
secrated bishop of Bay St. Cleorge,
The revolution Is spreading in tho
south of Haytl, whero heretofore It
has niado little progress.
Unknown incendiaries stnrted a flro
that destroyed several cars of the Iowa
Street Railway company.
Andrew Anderson, a coal mlucr,
committed filicide by stepping In
front of a train near Superior, Wyo.
A speclnl dispatch to the Mexican
Herald from Merlda, Yucatan, says
cholera has made its appearance at
that place.
The Chilean government has refused
tho American offers for the construc
tion of two battleships of the dread
nought type, owing, It is explained to
tho high prlceB asked.
Several hundred houses were de
stroyed when fire bioko out in Stam
boul, Turkey, during a celebration.
Private dispatches say that Madame
Lantclme, the noted Parisian actress,
was accidentally drowned In the
Rhine, near tho Holland frontier.
Georgo W. Glover Is seeking to hnvo
tho residuary clause of tho will of his
mother, Mrs. Raker O. Eddy, tho de
ceased "mother of Christian Science."
declared void.
Flro starting In a wing of the Kan
sas Institute for tho feeblo minded nt
Wlnfleld partially destroyed that in
stitution. The damage to Gage county bridges
from Saturday night's flood is esti
mated at between 130,000 and $40,000.
Pope Plus has taken cold and Is suf
fering from a sore throat, as woll as
experiencing the inconvenience of
Tho remains of seven other mom
icia of tho crow or the Maine were
recovered Saturday, bringing tho total
found bo far up to eleven.
As a result of four cave-ins on the
lino of a municipal trunk sewer at
Muskogee, Okla., four workmen are
dead, six are Injured and seven are
Flro nt Grand Forks, N. D.,fiwcpt
through the business section. Loss
The Dig Blue river In northern
Kansas Is out of Its banks on account
of the heavy rains of the last few
Organization of tho dairy cattle
congress was completed nt Chicago
at n meeting of dairymen and cattle
Tho German cruiser Bremen, which
is at Montreal, has been ordered to
proceed immediately to Port nu
Prince, Haiti.
Yeprlm of the Bakhtiarls is organiz
ing a force, Including cavalry nnd ar
tillery, to opposo the advance of the
cx-shnh of Persia.
Mabel Warner, n 16-year-old Omaha
girl, Is alleged to havo eloped with
and married Robert Arentz, a 19-year-old
negro of that place.
Joo Do Salvo, thirty-live years old,
believed to havo been n member of
an Italian baud of blackmailers wan
found murdered nt Chicago.
A telegram fiom Constantinople
says' the condition of Sultan Moham
ed V Is causing some anxiety. He
Is suffering from kidney disease.
One man lost his life and forty more
narrowly escaped Injury or death In
u fire which practically destroyed the
Oalvatlon Army barracks at St. Louis.
Members of labor unlotiB In America
will bo asked to contribute 2fi cents
each to raise n fund to help defend
McNamnra, accused of the lxs
Angeles dynamiting.
Alnrmcd by the news thnt cholera
Iibb claimed vletlniB in the United
States, the superior board of health
Iiiib Inaugurated a rigid examination
of all passengers entering Mexico.
Final unofllclnl returns of Saturday's
state-wide prohibition election in Tex
as havu reached Dallas, and the head
quarters of each side agree upon a
r.,000 to G.000 anti-prohibition majori
ty. Ar.dro .lagcrsehmldt. the French
newspaper man who is trying to break
all records for encircling tho globo,
has reached Omsk, Slbeila. .lagcr
sehmldt expects to mako the trip in
forty-two days.
Tho plans Tor the new steamer, Ao
qultnnln, which the Cunnrd company
is building at Clyde bank, have been
modified to make tho vessel the larg
est In the world. Her length will ex
ceed 900 feet.
Flro thnt broke out at 1 o'clock on
Tuesday morning, completely do
stroyed the White Swnn mill nt Clin
ton, Mo. The mill was owned by the
Bulto Mining company of Kansas City.
Tho loss 13 $200,000.
Peter ' Fell and Miss Clara Coy
were killed and Miss Marie Herman
probably fatally injured when the
Kansas City flyer struck the automo
bile In which they were going to a
picnic at Lnngdon, Mo.
Orders from the U. S. circuit court
at St. Louis require E. G. Lewis and
wife to deed over to their receivers nil
property in connection with the Lewie
cntci prise's at University City, capi
talized at over $5,000,000.
More than sixty shots were o
rhnnged between strikers nnd guards
In a garment-strikers' riot at Cleve
land Thursday. Two strikers wero
wounded and tho police made many ar
rests and restored order.
Eight inches of rnin between mid
night and S o'clock Sunday morning
did Incalculable damage In Beatrice
and vicinity. The Blue river is next
to highest it has ever been, It having
been exceeded eight years ago.
Blue pike, which form a large part
of tho fish In Lake Erie, are threat
ened with extinction. The mysterious
disease which baffles experts Is kill
ing thousands of them) the fish being
washed ashore In great numbers.
Collapsing under the strain to
which she has been subjected slnco
her nrrlval at Los Angeles a month
ago, Mrs. Ortlo McMunlgnl, wife of
the alleged informer in the McNamnra
dynamiting case, has been taken to a
A typhoon centering. over Toklo nnd
Yokohama reached ' Its height at '.',
o'clock' Tuesday morning. Widespread
damage has been done In tho lower
districts of the cities, which are flood
ed, and from fifty to a hundred per
sons nre missing.
In response to the representations
of tho United Stntes to the Mexican
government, President do la Barra
hns Issued urgent Instructions for tho
protection of American ranchers nt
Ensenada, threatened by tho so-called
llbernls of Lower California.
Paris Is sweltering in tho worst hot
wave experienced' In twenty-five years
which is made more severe by the phe
nomenal drouth, not a drop of rain
having fallen for a month.
President Simon of Haytl appears
doomed to follow President Diaz of
Mexico, and to give way to another
revolutionary government, according
to advices reaching Washington.
Ono man dead, another fatally
wounded and a third shot in two
places Is the net result of a pitched
battle at Juarez Sunday afternoon be
tween tho city pollco nnd Insurgent
The process of removing tho water
surrounding the wreck of tho Maine la
practically completed.
J. F. Wolters, president of the Tex
as antt-stote-wldo amendment commit
tee, claims that the prohibition ques
tion has carried In that state by a
good majority.
Although a live electric wire con
taining 26,000 volts touched her, burn
ing holes In hands and feet and
through a steel Ashing rod she carried,
Mrs. Margaret Case of Falrpoint, S. D.,
had a remarkable escape from electro
cution. Prompt rescue work saved
her life.
What Is Going en Her and Thert
That la of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Broken Bow. Edward Wilcox whb
killed by lightning Saturdny night. He
wus riding In a wagon with his uncle
and cousin, A. Duscnbcrry and son,
thirteen miles south of Broken Bow.
They were driving rapidly toward
home when the bolt came. Wilcox
was knocked off the wagon, but tho
others received no shock. Death wis
Pumping to Save Fish.
Ashland. Water Is being pumped
Into Swift's lake from Wahoo creek,
the object being to save the millions
of fish in that body of water. Tho ex
treme dry weather has very materially
lowered the waters of the lake until
tho finny denizens therein were In dun
ger of perishing. This is the lake
from which Swift procures his ice to
fill his mammoth structure.
Dr. Thomas Seriously III,
Beatrice. Dr. W. M. Thomas, super
intendent of the Institute for feeble
minded youth, is very low with ty
phoid rever, an outbreak of which litis
caused n number or deaths there. Th
doctor Is reported In a dungerous con
dition and faint hopes are cnte'tulncd
of his recovery.
River Out of Banks.
Table Rook, Neb. Tho Neninhn
river Is out or Its banks nud In jmino
places n- higher than It has been for
years. It is spread out over the bot
toms nnd many fields are Inundated.
This is caused by the noncompletlon of
the ditch in this drainage district.
Soapsuds In Boiler.
Garrison. KIndler Bros., having
had trouble with their thresher, over
hauled the boiler and found It full of
soapsuds. Part of a bar of soap was
also found, put in, of course, by some
The state normal board has fixed
sixteen years as the minimum age at
which students may bo admitted to
the preparatory school at state nor
mal schools.
Dr. (. W. A. Luckey of the state
unlverBlty was honored by the Na
tional Educational association by be
ing elected the N. E. A. director for
Nebraska. This Is a well earned com
pliment, and Dr. Luckey's many
friends throughout the stute congratu
late him.
Banking conditions in Nebraska nnd
In tho middle west generally aro con
siderably better now than for somo
time past, according to Lincoln bank
ers. Wlillp business Is not strong or
even brisk, conditions aro said to bo
very satisfactory.
Fire, due to faulty Insulation, broke
out In the roof or tho governor's man
sion Thursday afternoon. Damage was
confined to the roor and to furnituro
nnd walls which wero soaked with
water. The flro was discovered by the
domestics In the ro:.- of the house and
by Governor AMric'.i nnd his fnmllv at
tho same time.
A Inrgo display ot torpedoes will he
ono of tho features of tho naval ex
hibit at the Nebraska stato fair. The
display will include complete torpe
does, such ns are used by Uncle Sam's
big warships, and materials used In
their manufacture. Attendants will',
explnln the manner In which the toi
pedocB are fired and details of their
Secretary of State Walt has In
formed county treasurers that ho holds
that when an application for reregls
trntlon is filed by the owner of an
automobile and he Is delinquent to the
state on former payments for regis
tration for the same number ho now
holds, all arrearages to tho stato must
be paid before a certificate will bo Is
suod on such application for reregls
tint Ion. )
A warrant for $10,000 hns been ap
proved for partial payment on tho
Frank home nt Kearney, which was
purchased by the board of public lands
and buildings for $24,000 for use as a
state hospital for Indigent consump
tives. Gnmo Warden Miller recently arrest
ed two men at Valley for taking bans
less than eight Inches In length. When
they wore arraigned In court It was
found thnt neither could pay a lino,
nnd ns there was no Jail near, it was
decided to turn the men loose. Twenty-seven
nets were solzed during the
game warden's trip.
The Nebraska Epworth Assembly
was organized nnd Is maintained In
the interest of the young men and
women of Nebraska. This year's pro
gram Is especially planned to Interest
them. Parents will do well to consid
er the many advantages this assembly
makes easily available to their sons
and daughters. Tho handsome pros,
pectus giving n full list of orators, en
tertainers nnd musicians who will oc
cupy tho assembly platform this year
may be had free or all cost by sending
your address to Geo. E. Tobey, Sec
retary, NobraBka Bible House, Lin
coln, Nebraska. ,
Falrbury will got a postal mvlngl
Crops are reported excellent in the
North Plntto valley.
Osceola will celebrate July 2C and
27 as Frontier days.
The cornerstone of the new Odd Fel
lows' temple nt Salem was laid Sun
Cedar Bluffs is making big preparti
tlons to celebrate Its silver nnnlvrt
sary July 26.
The Nemaha river nt Salem Is near.
iy nry and great numbers of fish nr
caught by hand In the holeB of the
Joseph Yosta, who was injured in t
threshing muchlno near Dorchester, it
'Falrbury now has a new po!lr
force, tho mayor having removed tho
entire force.
George Haywood, an old resident,
wus drowned In tho Plutte river east
of Springfield.
Havelock will celebrate the comple
tion of her waterworks system somo
time in August.
The Catholic church In Aurora hns a
new pastor In the person of the Rev
Father McKennn.
A large portion of tho town i,r tin.
ndlllu that was destroyed by fire in tho
spring iB being rebuilt.
Wymore is ranking big preparations
for a running race meet to be held
there August 3, 4, nnd 5.
Tho old settlers' picnic nnd reunion
of Jefferson county will be held In
Falrbury some time In August.
Arthur Suiter of DoWItt, the boy
who had his skull rraetured by being
kicked by a horse, will recover.
James Bacakos of Beatrice 'got
mixed up with an electric fan and will
lose several fingers ns u result.
-Mrs. Mary A. Havens, a reslden: of
Nebraska since the early seventies,
died at the homo of her sister in Fre
mont. The Odd Fellows will hold their an
nun picnic at Avoca August 3. A
large line of attractions is being se
cured. Alva Steele of Plattsnionth waa sn
badly Injured by being kicked by a
horse ho was leading, that his recov
ery Is doubtful.
M. S. Poulson has resigned as super
ntendenl of the Nebraska nntl-sj-loon
lengue. The resignation will take ef
fect on August J.
Roy Glothar, a Humboldt boy. loss
n linger when he attempted to super
Intend tho rcmovnl of u sickle bar
fiom a mowing machine.
Grasshoppers have appeared on tho
farms in tho vicinity of Rokeby in
large numbers within the last few dnys
and are doing considerable damage
to crops.
The potato cron In Johnson rnuntv
Is the greatest failure it has been in
twenty-flve years. But few growers
will get as large a yield as their seed
amounted to.
The dairymen of Bentrlce havo
vuiiiumcQ nn uoostcd the prico of
milk up to fourteen quarts for 31,
giving as n roueon the extremely high
prlco of feed.
The general store of J. W. Modesitt
of Alda was burglarized, the thieves,
however, gaining entrance only to tho
basement. They carried "away nbout
$50 worth of canned goods.
Tho rain that visited Nebraska Sat
urday night was heaviest in the south
east corner of tho state, the center ot
the heaviest downpour being at Bea
trice and between DoWItt and Crab
According to the rorort of the school
census enumerator, Nebraska City has
1,797 school children, or forty-nino
more than the census of 1910 showed.
Of these 632 were males and 963 fe
Gale Harlan, nn employe at Capital
Beach at Lincoln, proved himself a
hero when ho Jumped into tho swim
ming pool at tho edge of the lake and
rescued Miss Edith Thomas, seven
teen years old, from drowning.
tnarles iarmun, a farmer west of
Fremont, hns rigged up an Irrigation
outfit by meant of a pump propelled
by a gasoline engine with which he Is
supplying water for a ten-acre tract of
potatoes. The rotatorcs are doing
fine nnd the yield will be large.
Charles Ryslavey, employed in the
water department of Beatrice, was
badly burned nbout the hands nnd face
by an explosion or sewer gas. The
man was in a deep ditch repairing a
sewer and had struck a match to more
closely examine the work when tho
explosion occurred.
Grain in Burt county Is turning out
much better than expected. Somo
whent yields as high as rorty bushels
to the acre are reported.
Secretary Mellor or the state fair
reports that concessions amounting to
$3,020 have nlready been sold. Lust
yenr at this time the total was $1,579.
but nt the end of the fair It umounted
to $12,908.
Ad Decker, who lives between El
wood nnd Lexington, hnd his family
out In an auto when one wheel came
off, upsetting the auto and spilling the
ramiiy out. His wife was seriously
If not fatally injured.
It has been promised that the ex
hibit of the navy department In this
state this fall will be the most elabor
ate ever made at any state fair.
The Mennonlto 'deaconess hospital
at Beatrice, tho building of which was
recently completed, has been dedi
cated and opened to the public.
Hllo Lyons, a handy man about the
horseshoeing establishment of W. A.
Watson at Omaha, was sent to the
bank to deposit $100 in checks and
money. He hasn't reached the bank
yet and all efforts of Watson nnd the
police to And him or the money have
If natty (ailed.
Your Liver
Is Clogged Up
That's Why You're Tired-Out of Sort
nave Ho Appetite.
will put you right.
in a tew days.
They do.
their duty..
stipatlon. I
Biliousness, Indigestion and Sick Headache
Genuine must bear Signature
Thinnest Man Weds.
Tho thinnest man In the world was
married recently by Municipal Judgo
John R. Newcomer at the city hall.
"I had to look three times to see
him." said the Judge.
Tlio man Is Arthur Atherton, twenty
four years old. Though five feet high,
he weighs only 38 pounds. Ho mar
ried Blnnche -Buckley, nineteen years
old, who weighs 13G pounds. Chicago
Dally News.
Twenty-four Carloads Purchased fer
Lewis' 8lngle Binder Cigar
What Is probably the biggest lot o!
All fancy grade tobacco hold by any
factory In the United States has just
been purchased by Frank P. Lewis, of
Peoria, for tho manufacture of Lewis'
Single Binder ClgarB. Tho lot will
make twenty-four carloads, nnd Is se
lected from what Is considered by ex
ports to be tho finest crop raised in
many years. The purchase of tobacco
Is sufllclent to last tho factory more
than two years. An extra price was
paid for tho selection. Smokers of
Lewis' Single Binder Cigars will appre
ciate this tobacco.
Pmrla Mar. January 16, 1909.
"Boy Scout" Movement Spreads.
The "boy scout" movement has
reached tho Malay peninsula, and
Singnporo is to hnvo n flno organiza
tion under tho patronage of tho gov
ernor nnd chief justice. It Is u good
thing in many ways, asido from the
military training, nnd bids fair to
become ono of the permanent nnd
most popular institutions of tho penin
sula. All through the British colonies
"boy scout" organizations are being
"Who is that man," asked tho new
bonrdcr, "who is making such a fusa
becauso he has swallowed a fish
bone?" "That's tho sword Bwallowor at the
dimo museum around the corner."
A Symptom of Stomach Trouble Cor
rected by Good Food.
There is, with somo forms of stom
ach 'trouble, an abnormal craving for
food which is frequently mistaken for
a "good appetite." A lady teacher
writes from Carthage, Mo., to ex
plain how with good food she dealt
with this sort of hurtful hunger.
"I have taught nchool for fifteen
years, and up to nine years ago had
good, average health. Nine years ago,
however, my health began to fall,
and continued to grow worse steadily,
In BpRe of doctor's prescriptions, anf.
jbwi apius.
everyinmg i could do. During all thl.'
time my appetite continued good, onlyj
tho more 1 ate the more I wanted to
cat I was nlwaya hungry.
"Tho first symptoms of my break
down were a distressing ncrvousnesc
and a loss of flesh. The nervousnesn
grew so bad that finally it amounted to
actual prostration. Then enme stom
ach troubles, which were very painful,
constipation which brought on piles,
dyspepsia and severe nervous head
aches. "The doctors seemed powerless to
help me, said I was overworked, and
at last urged me to give up teach
ing, If I wished to save my llfo.
"But this 1 could not do. I kopt on
at It as well as I could, each day grow
ing more wretched, my' will-power
alone keeping me up, till at last a
rood angel suggested that I try a dleb
of Grape-Nuts f,ood, and from that
day to this 1 have found It delicloua
always appetizing and satisfying
"I owe my restoration to health to
Grape-Nuts. My weight has returned
and for more than two years I have
been free from the nervousness, con
stipation, plies, headaches, and all the
ailments that used to punish me so,
and have been able to work freely and
easily." Name given by Postum Co..
Battle Creek, Mich.
Read the little book, "The Road to
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