The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 13, 1911, Image 12

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    I U mMmkum Hnm,
In tho Banking Business
there Is nothing tlmt is htioiucr limn
a i?onil tuiiiio. If it is tin buslniss ii 1 1
A'llO rt'tlUOMts lUI llcTOtUIIIOi'SlllCII 'it l"s
liana. Ilu' tli hi question fs d i's lu
;jf,u n jrood miii."-"." W In1"
IVc Solicit Your Account
your llrst thought Is, "has tlii limit, a
jjood iiinueV" nitil we arc pininl of '"
fact Unit. tln Hii-wiT iniixt In1 .vi''." ii"
wo hate made ii reputation for niir-U'-yuinI
mircfulnus.s -ei'oiiil in num.
.Interest paid on Time Deposits.
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F., President, S. R. lrlorance, Cashier.
B. F., C. J. Pope, X'm. M. Crabill, Win, II. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
It. This w IN In-one r tin- heir rcsl
ih'iici'H in the vlNnio.
I'li'il ilcrlneh iiinl Men lludon c'iiiii'
In from tin' s:in I hills Monday. wlu-t
tli Iinil liecu on ii short visit. I'lu'V
for tin1 t'liiiiitiiuqmi whleh cothiucm eh
Inly hi Hint ends the 'Mil.
Will l'l-l,i'r. the fmil luiss, Illleil in
tli e lliei t eill'elt mi I'l" hill loiid
III the
a poor
He wits het-
.John DunhdihiiH In en quili
pnst week.
Hastings .Miluer It 111 1 I'tllti'
turn Tuesday afternoon
lor at last leport.s.
Will Ward a cousin of .1. S. (ileiisnn.
Sr. spent Sunday In Guide Ituok. Ills
'mine is in Kiuimih.
W. S Lambert ui rived home. .Mom
lay evening fioin 1'mlionll. lie was
called thoio to attend the, funeral id
3iis fther which occurred Saturday
Tho W. (J. T. I'. tmmibers aru Invlt
.Ml to tuko their linshets and upend
next U'ednesday July U. with .Mr.
o.Venl who lives south of Uib liver.
Idltltf Miss Kninees Kveln Viwk
whs born Tuti!ay iiioriilni .Inly 11.
I'dl to Air. and Sirs .lohn Yiiujr Tho
p.neuis are Jeoeivlhg; eunjrintuhilioiiH
'nun their many friend
W. R Touipkliin, f)m MhiiIkoiiu'IJ
.ml W. K. Montgomery wmt Monday
to Wacotaa Nlirtlijfsi lo tnki-treatment
S'.'veral who lmvo lalten tho baths
t he! ii fcpoinn to lmvo bti'ii grit illy Ih-h-.-litU'd
and duoi'tre I". Hunt of Hurr o.ilc,
Kansas, aliil her njfod mulliui Mis
.MalisMi Hunt. The funeial was held
at the home n! eleven o'clock Tuesdiiy
mot nine;, duly II Itev. Koliliins of
the lliiplisl ehllieh colidueled the
services. .Mrs. Watt was an honored
member or both the Decree of Honor
and Kcbekali lodges, luivlnu' passed
through all the highest olllces of botli
now, in-
I. uulh Struct? or died Monday inoin
intf at eight oVIook nt the home of
Henry (.diiustide The young man was
1 went six eais nf iiL'e and had lived
.lack Waller needs a cauu
.stead of ball bat
Fuller ..V Itennutl shipped n car of
mixed .stock to Kansas City Mon
day Wallace. Yunca will soon hav his
new house completed itutl leady to
nmvu into.
Wo hnd iibont an Inch of win Hun-j
day morning, which makes the corn j
look much better. , )
Hoy Scot I had mi ub.ctfc tiilceli
from his fa"e .Monday. Il seems to1
lid getting tllDIiLT Hue. j
rcpoit things looking very well. I... I II I Muriel mid F.thel Fisher visile I t
T. W. White last week unl'iotiirnil
home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs J. A. Itobluson visileii
at their son-ln Inw'.s uxor Niitiiidii.t
night iiml Sundnv.
(Seurgu Han Is tuoweil his oats ami
stacked them Tuesday He didn't
have to relit mole ground lo stark on
but hud plenty of room on the patch
whore they glow.
A line rain fell In this iieifliborlmod
on Saturday liiidit. which did lots ol
(.'ooil to the corn and helpedjlhe people
Unit had tin blues iiinl It was gct'iug
I pretty (niiliigi'i'ii M I i;n,-l,.
Ladv Candidcile
Miss Edith, Daughter of W.
A. McKeighan Files for
Court Clerk.
The Ned Cloud Chief carries the an-
niiuiit ent of MisslMitli McKi-iluin.
the accomplished daughter of lion. W.
A. Mi'Ki'lKhun. deceased, as caiidldnte
for tlm otllce of distiiel eoiut eld k, n
position asdeputv which she has hild
in Webslei county for a number of
yeais. It (foiis without saying that
the fair aspirant will receive the nomi
nation tit the hands of the DiMiiiM-riit
and Independent voters.
.May she win and in lime be u ciedit
to her Hills' ricnis lutlier. - Side i's"
'i'amora l.vie.
is (,'. till .' i iy dry
Wo had ' i short lnlt from tile ml
VL'fllsinjf fin of lied Cloud Tuesday,
when they wine touring the I'onnty
udwirMslntf their chautniuiiii. We are
jflad to sec yon, boys, f'otue uKaln.
Mr. ami .Mrs. ,luil White retiiriipd
home from Oherlin, Kan., Monday,
where they had been visiting their
son. They had very wet roads nil tho
way horn Oberliu to Ned Cloud. Their
sou, I'd White, ie turned homo with
Ilium ami' is looking for u place to
rent, as iie intends to stay in Nebras
ka, where it lains (snuicllinesi
Since the rain, corn is looking line.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Fry spent I'll
day with her paortits.
Mr. and Mrs. .loliu llolcomh spent
.Sunday at l'rcd might's.
A! is. Juke Fry spuut Saturday and
Sunday with her parents.
The DiuiL'u nt Cms I'mid's Saturday
night was line. A large crowd was
The ball giimc tietw'Gcn Lester and
Citilde lioek resulted in u scoie of It
to I in favor of Lester.
Hen Nasser of Lester and Win. Mes
senger of liuide Nock ran a 1'J.Vytiiri
fuotraee, Sunday. Nasser won.
Mrs. Mittlic Cliasu and children,
'rum Washington, are visiting her
father, I. I'risbie, and other relative.
Mr. ami Mrs. Harvey Cox mill son
in e here from lioston. .Mass., spending
their vacation nl the home of 1 Prin
I (lie and family.
Slncthe inch ami a half of rain
whlijh fell Saturday night, LiMcr itt
tendh to take in the elmnlauquu at
UpiI f'loud iift.vl week.
.Miss Jessie Moiaitvlllu of liittdc
Cj The Retailer in any line of business
should stand for the interests of his
customers. In the long run, it is on
them HE must depend.
It is because we know this that we
have always handled the BEST goods
in every line, and only such as would
merit our guarantee of
Newhouse Bros.
C U. Z Q. Watch Inspectors. Jewelers and Optometrists.
& White Svan 'M
l I, Ml,.. I I I. ..I.. . ., ..! Ml... It. jl
j llUlHi.MlT W UU HI'MfsfHim li-1 HilA'l ..eiu..eis iiuuiiK h wuii l. . Suladen of Ne.l
spent Sulttrdtiy
and Sundav at .Inn Dovle'
down this, week-. The Ithiden well'
men aie doing the work
lleuiy ilcTaggatt. of thu llnu of ....,. .... ..
Wells , Mc'l'aggurt, was on the sick -ir IvP I li 1 . U
l i: . i i .1 i Xl'ill l?J If. .If.. M....I....
with his lelatlvcs II. Ohmstede and j l n'""J """ ""'ay. ', ,.,,.,..,,, .....
latnlly hlui'e his seventh jeur. The The IJIeuwood Telephone coinpanv' Clyde Nowen lost a nice hog on the
funeral was held at ,' o'clock Tuosihiy is thinking of changing its wires ami i-ourlh
afternoon duly 11, at the home. K'ev putting I hem min street. Will Kisher cut Smith ISros'., oats
Nobbins of the Nuptist church deliver-. Mrs. Costello isited lier parent-, J last week
ed the sermon. Interment was made Mr. and Mis. I-J ,1 Conrad, in llluu' Smith llros.. dinned their Iiol's one
lllll, Monday, between trains.
in liuide Nock cetneteiy.
Mrs. .Jennie K. Watt died of heart. i Nev. Milhud Scott or Lincoln, sou
failure .Monday afternoon duly IU,).'uf Winliohl Scott, preached at the
.lentiie L. Hunt was horn IVIuuay ','S,' Congregiitioiial church Sunday.
KSiill at Wynona, Marshall, County M. I. Adanisou is running the l A.
Illinois Shu was married to A rcliio (iood lumber vard while Mr. (iood is
day last week-.
Campbell December 110, IHSs. To them J taking his outing in his Chalmei
one son was horn Wendell A. Camp
bell. Mr. Ciuiphull died April It) WMrl.
Mrs. Campbell was man led to I'red
Watt August '.i. inns Iteshlesthc hus
band ami son she icavos one sister Mr-.
V, S. Lambeit of (itiide Uock, two
brothers .lolin Hunt of iilem. Oregon
dim DeWitl sold his hogsuud haul
j ed them Saturday.
(ieoigc Coon and family weie on
wind mill row Sunday.
A. W. Shipmau and family called on
Frank Amuck Sunday.
Harry McTaggart Is enjoying a visit, i llenrv Wiggins and wife visited at
from his father, who lives in (kla- Mrs. Ida Kents Sunday,
lioma. Ho says it has been very drv I .luiia Kngcls was a pleasant
down there. j,. xviml mill row Monday.
dames Meltride's house Is neming The fourth is past and everybody
completion and he will soon occupy seemed to have a good .time and now
Ur.ii! fr1at: I rnnsfcrs.
IV.uisfcrs lepnrlfil ly th Fort A
struct Co. for the wi-ek eliding V . I
nesdaj-. duly J 'J, Mill
Net ta Miner l G Urommer, n
A; e'j se '.M 3 11, wd 1 1 1"0
Hliz'.beth Nettie Nich to J. V.
Kob.ii.soiiilot.s7, a, Nik. 0, Vnnc
es add to t'iuido Ilnelr. wd t."i"i
(J. K. liitud toSaraii II. Keuvcw,
lot r, lilk. R, Uohrers add lo
Nine Hill, quil 1
Mi'm Harris loCliailes A Camp
lie. i, lot :; in il, hi I. s, !w .).
all tu It'', wit ' mi
p Mattress
p Complete Com
vfort ..
'0 Guaranteed
30 Years
1 1.
"Cheap Cost"
Neat Con fort m
Mortgages tlli-il, .?lUi:.on).
loitirages released, tinm'.
Wwfi "''Mr'''- . fi " '.
DO I OU Soon Loei, C.onc'g
' m to Pieces in f. .;'
w t
Wt J few ic;n-j
,-'--. - - I'tfWattWMi: '
Pile "White Svnn" is poMi-vely tOt lugRMi mainc oi'K?iv .
Y b)M: No maitriss m j. v p'icis lnitir. No- otlurjs gjaranticM
soMronglv.' Von lan't go wiuiir if 7" ,)u' a "Vhili' f.w.n."
, H 4 VI. A"-r- m-r.-.r w
Come in and sic the White Swan Mattrcus ami lit U3 'ml one in .iu
home lot M uas. j-
f. mm
Our Uoostei idub made a Hying tlip
over t he county Tuesday with seven
teen automobiles in the interest of the
Chautauqua which will begin here
Sunday. Cow It's, Nine Hill, llladen,
Campbell, t'plaud, Macon, I-'rankliii.
Nivcrton and Inavale were visited and
everywhere they were received with
pen nrms. The Ked Cloud Concert
ItaUil aceompaiiied the club and de
lighted the people along the route with
thuir splendid playing. This is the
best ndveitlsing trip ever given a Red
Cloud Chautauqua and the ell'oits of
our club wiil undoubtedly be success-
fill in bringing the largest crowd ever
here on a similar occasion. Our boys
found many, who were planning on
attending this yesr and they all ex
pressed themselves as being well sat
istied with the talent which will oc
cupy the platfotm this year.
Undertaking a Specialty All the Phones
fVV'V,, '
f0fti' V ,VV J
Avf "'W'N V"V
61 SE, Dry Goods
j 11. moerat - tliat n'cins to lie his only
Ladies' White Skirts Children's Muslin Drawers
Willi 6-inch em
broidered flounces
and cluster of I wo
Ladies' X Intr Skirls Aiili three rows lace
msution and lace edge, $1.00, $2.00, $3.25
!..' iu..
With hemstilched ruffle, sizes
from 2 to 8, at - - I 3c
With embroidery rufllc, ages
from 2 to 1 2, at - - 25c
.1 r Di iv llvmn Ui m.n of Hustings is
making an ellort to sueeeml himself as
judge of that, judicial district, and as
Is usual 1 1 t he case the Nepublicans an
Now is the Time to Buv
I ;im offering everything in the
Fly Net line at
This 20 per cent
once makes Nets
Misses' Muslin Drawers
Misses' Muslin Drawers, 2 tucks with I -inch
embroidery, sizes 8 to 12, at 25c
oi line Judge Duugati is, the judge
when piesidlng. mid that seems to In
one ot the teasons, why the little
him nibbling at him. Taiiiorn Lyre.
We uuiloi-stnud thrit v.. I. Overman
I of this city has tiled as a candidate
tor judge in this district
Thu Ned Cloud team went to Nine
Hill yesleida.v and won a one-sided
gum', '-'.I to i.
from factory
very cheap.
Call and see. Also, my HAR
NESS slock is complete.
A-. Aw. AWvnJ
D row
Ladies' Nightdresses
s Ww neck Mightduss with J k 1 ff
insertion and lace edge in neck, K j 1 Bi 8
,s iuc'n in sleee, sleeve lace-edae r VV
Children's Bloomers
tows cmb. in- d 1 CC
t ition in yoke, joke edged with cmb., at 4 I VJU
lies lNiunturcbses Willi j
Ladies' extra large Nightdresses, insertion
in yoke and embroidery edge, at - -
All three numbers are bargains at these prices
grade of
een, ages
I 2, at
of a
Sole Agents for Butterick Patterns
TELEPHONES: Independent, 53; Bell, black 41.
In Tho District Court of Webster Conn
ty, Nebraska
I n mi, i I I im i It.
Mini I W Hill, ui I'lisllli I
l li'iiilaut.
Nil i H I 111 . MINI ii w l.i.l M s i isiiim:
.ii :i if lieudy iiDttlleil that Knuimr, !..
I'uMiilt (licit lita pallium iu the UMrli't
i ,,iirl nl Welitter CiumtJ, Nelilnsku mi the
st ki .1:1 ui Inly, lllll. (IXUlUHt you. the nhjcot
iiinl pr:iyi rot which are In unlet Hie title lo
tin (.iiluuliu- iluf-erlbi'il proiil,si. tii-wit: ;
I'.iri of oiie-hiilf nt ihc uiirih ctut iiimitcr
,.l--iiiiunl Town -', Ilnnsv .to. Wihi ol tin
ii I'. M. In W'utistii I'oiiiitj. Nelirnskn ami
I'liiitaiuiiii! oiiinit uvunj aeri mill niurt'
illl III llllll dt'M'l ll'l'll tlN JlllloWS. -lllllllllll it
ii.i tin umililix the uurtlimu ol said mi llmi
I 1,11 lilt' VMsl l. hunt iti uliil t" 1 1 1 u . W.
iiatitiur iiinl tin iiiiilli'iaalliiii nl M1i suit
In tlio lllaut ol l unlt'i on the smith h the
mil III iHituitlitry of ilaiiis street nl Hie VIII
nu( (it I'uivli s. mi the Kusl by land hi'it'lntoii.
iUiiUiI to lilu:uil iillliuilaiiil e('.illuu ami
riMTNlm: Ihc rluhtjif way of the II. A M. Hall
mail tlirondi said hnd. niicIi ,iinsiiii iiiiu-
iniiH'lm; on the luth day ol iiitt'iiiliir. Is'.M1
Iu the said Kiiinmr I., ruwcetl. anil imalnst
any ami all claims nt whatsoever nature) mi
imi) hav In the atiiiviidesorihcit real cMatc.
Youanrcjlilrid In aiiKwer muIiI petition (iu
or Imlore .Mondny tin,' iStli daj ol Anunst,
lull or unlit petition will ho taken in. true ami
Judgment reintercil as ihircln prn.M'il.
ICmmuii r. l-'Awcrrr.
Iiy licrmiiil MeNtuiy
lilt Attnrmy.
Ordinance No. V.
iiiilliinni'i- leriuiit lli iiiiiml i.ii"
pilalluii hill aiuiiiilatlin; "i' h sums nl
Liniiniy as ni-e in irssaiy in pay an
and ll.ilililtiesas s, i rmth hv pn lmis i sti-
male made ill till cm Ii lit J ar.
I ... , . 1...1 .. I I I.. ilw. M ti t in ,i it.l I ', iii ii nil I
III' II ' n II, iiiii il i,j i,n ....,.., ,,.i.. -
nl llnl ,' limit. Nehuiskii.
si.iiinvl. That Hie Iiillnwlm: sums nl
iiniiiiy heiiud thu Mime are heieliy iipiiro
Vilalul Iiiiiii tho amount ol tax en aiilhoi'
liiltulK levied for the furreiil ytnr to ite
tia tho necexsaij epeiiM'f.anil llahllltlesot
Nildi ny nl lied t luiiil fur the euri'i'iit llKcai
ytai and fur ihc purpose herein stated
iiilleii-ssahules .. ,.
rity Miuruey
I'll'CllOllH .
Ittllll. ..' ..
Pour .. - -
i Itj PrUuner - -
I.llltfnllim .. ,...
Mtkcfilimcmw i:xiwiurs
i 'riin'alkH ,
.stmt null;
Iju nlliK KtUelM
Supt. watei .i l.luht I'lant ami help
I Hill
ill ami wiihtc i ..
aier i cuts
i:l iikluii ollliu s
NivV.Kqulpiuciit Water and Muhl
(illli'i) r.peilM' Water A l.lulit Ciim.
lutercktoii Willi r A I.Uht lloiuls
Inp.ililtilllh from mm
mo no
1U0 (Ml
7i) 111
T"i oo
l.'jO I HI
, DO
1011 00
Jan no
Tun no
liIHI no
mo no
Vl 11(1
:tmo oo
KHJU 01)
in) no
l'i ui
itMi 0i
::,Hii im
,'UMJ 00
1T00 00
17.V) 00
1000 Wl
mm he
k -rjJi oo
'I'liinllrillmi nee hhalt take elleel
In lorce from and afh i 11k iiiishiiuc.
nppioviil iiiul puliiicatlnn.
Adopted July tl, mil.
Apiirovcd .Inly 6, It'll,
(Seal) S. W. Koh, Mu.Mir.
AttMU o. v. Tkki., l"liy eierk.
Notice to Ihosi! Ikslrini to take Tench
cr'.s Examination.
Itecular tuaelier'o OMitnination will
lie held at Mine Hill, Friday nmlMitur
(Iny, .luly Ml and '12. Special teaelier's
CMiiniuHtion will Iju held at lleil Cloud,
Tlmrsilny and Fildn'y. July -7 anil 2s.
M.Mll'.l. HARIilKT D.w,
fount v Superintendent.
The Hustings Chamber of Commereo
liiivn engaged Company 1) of the htute
uiititin to act ab a (,'uartl and to help
bundle the crowd, during their avia
tion meet, July 18th. and .10th.
I have opened a lml. ery in Kid
Cloud and solicit a sl.are ut
your pat ruiuie
Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
uhvriyh in htui'k, I'luiiic nu
our wants (lud. phout Ii (
Deliver to any part of the city
lict.ii! stnte opposite I'ost.-f
tiee, .n Diodi'iicli luuldii t'