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C. n. J1A1.K, Publlnncr
Politically Inexpedient and Improp.
erly Drawn as a Tariff Law
Disputes a Claim of
Wui-liliiKton, ). C Senator Oiim
InltiK continued his nrKiiinuntu iiKalnut
Canadian rcclpinclty to tho wnnte,
but did not conclude. Me attacked
tbn measure from tln standpoint not
only or Hk alleged Injustice nnd polit
ical Inexpediency, but on tin wound
that It wan not propel ly drawn as a
tariff luw. If panned In Its prevent
Torni, Senator Cummins said, the
tiKreeinent would give Canada the op
tion of iucokuIzIiir one-half of It with
out accepting It all.
Senator ('uiumlnB Bald the pasHHgo
of the bill would be followed by a
slot in of dlHapproval against which
the republican party could not stand.
Mo declared It would be accepted by
the agricultural Interest as notice
tbut congress had determined that
they were not entitled to the same
consideration that la Riven to the
other producers of the land.
"No M'lf-rcHpectinK nation ran ac
cept without qualification the Cana
dian agreement in tho text form pro
posed to tin," declared the senator,
tienator Cummins declared he believed
In tariff revision, "but mark my
words," he said, "tho people, of this
(Wintry, In their own judgment will
know who Is responsible for putting
Iho farmer into free and unlimited
competition in what he sells, while
still protecting the things that ho
Ncbraskans at Amherst College.
Amherst, .'.laae. In the announce
ment of prizes at Amherst college,
Paul P. Good. M.I. of Wahoo, Neb.,
won tho second Hillings prize In Iutln.
Thirty and twenty dollars are tbe
prizes awarded. Young Mr. Hood also
won the flist Walker prize, eighty dol
lars, In mathematics. I'hlllp W.
Payne, '14, of Omaha raptured tho'
fcecond Armstrong prize, thirty dollars,
for excellency In composition for
Centenary of Thackeray.
Ixindon. Many persons of prom
inenco In art and literary circles and
in the official world attended a dinner
given by the Tltmarsh club ut the
Charterhouse in celebration of the cen
tennial anniversary of the birth of
William Makepleco Thackeray. The
famous novelist was a stndent at the
Charterhouse In IiIh early youth and
incorpciated his experiences there In
several of his novels.
Light on the Steel Trust.
Washington. After two ears' In
Vestlgatlon of the steel trust, Herbert
Knox Smith, commissioner of corpor
ations, lias laid before President Tuft
an exhaustive report of bis tlndlngs.
The report soon will bo made public
at tho president's direction, ho the
bouse committee investigating the
ctccl trust may obtain the benefit ot
Stanley Dam Is Fnished.
nenter. The Stanley dam, the larg
ist or Its kind in the world, which will
furnish water for ' 10,000 acres of land
north and east of Denver, Is finished
and within sixty dajs water will be
pouring Into the ditches. To build the
reservoir 11,000,000 cubic yards of earth
vere excavated.
Taft Approves Bonds.
Washington, President Taft hns
tpproved an issue of fl,r00,000 llama
Han bonds, tho money to be ntod in
public Improvements In the Islands.
The bonds will be dated August 1.
1911, and will bear not to exceed 4'a
per cent. They ate payable at V. i
ml of t hiity years.
Forbid Castro's Landing.
St. Thomas, I). W. I. In accordance
tvlth instiiictloiis Irom tho government
at Copenhagen all steanibhlp agents
of St. Thomas have been untitled that
tho government t'oihlds the landing on
the island of (Jeneral Castro, the de
posed president of Venezuela, If he ar
il ves theie.
Diaz Arrives at Norhelm.
Norhelni, (ierninny. General Por
tlrlo Dlu. has arrived here. He win
accompanied by his family and will
take tho euro at this place.
Chicago. Tho reclamation of SO,
000,000 acres or swamp land in the
.Mississippi valley, 1,500,000 ot which
are located in the state of Illinois, is
the object of u campaign started by
tho board of control of tht national Ir
rigation congress. Federal legislation
will bo sought In urging the swamp
land reclamation hill Introduced by
HeurcEentative Uupro of Louisiana,
Tho cnmpagn also will be n crusade
1o have tho iliO.OOO.OOO asked for the
lljiifols deep waterway used, at least
in part, fur tho draining of swamp
Urns of Events That Are Transpiring
In Our Own as Well as In
Foreign Lands Washing
ton Political News.
The date lor the vote on the reci
procity bill seems rather i emote. .
I'icsldctil Taft has been assured that
tho Nebraska delegation to the next
national convention would vote for his
Senator Wflllam K. Month or Idaho
as tho i tinning mate for President
Tart In 1!HU Ik the latest political rip
plo or the hour.
Norrls Drown secured a victory in
tho senate committee when It was
voted to report tho Arizona New Mex
ico statehood bill back for tho favor
able consideration of the senate.
The Hoot amendment, proposing a
modification of tho wood pulp and
print paper section of tho reciprocity
'bill, was defeated, after seven hours
of debate, by an overwhelming vote.
President Taft has accepted invita
tions to addiess the Christian Kn
deavor convention at Atlantic City,
July 7, to visit the New York stute
ralr at Syracuse in September and to
slop at St. Louis later that month.
Speaker Champ Clark issued a dell
when he heard that President Tart
proposed to veto any tariff legislation
that might be brought to his desk for
Approval. Speaker Clark asserted that
the democratic party would rest its
case with the people.
During tho icclprocitj debate Sena
tor Cummins attacked its construction
most vehemently and also criticised
the power exercised by the president
to ncgotlute it and to bring It to the
point of a definite agreement between
tho two countries.
Representative Pepper of Iowa Is re
sponsible for a systematic effort being
made to And out what candidate In
the democratic party is preferred for
the presidency. Having just com
pleted a poll of his district it showed
Speaker Clark far in the lead.
Ily the terms of un order issued by
the commission, every common rail
way carrier will be required, after July
1, 1911, to report to the interstate
commerce commission by telegraph,
"any collision, derailment, or other ac
cident," resulting in the death or one
or more persons.
General News
A Ore at Uorderton, Ohio, destroyed
property to the amount of $100,000.
Lieutenant do Malherbe, a French
military aviator, flew from Paris to
The new census of Australia shows
an Increase or nearly a million In ten
The German Order or the Red Eagle
has been conferred upon J. Plerpont
Tho eighth annual convention or the
Catholic Educational association is in
cession at Chicago.
Not less than 0,000 persons were In
attendance at the coronation party In
Huckingham palace.
Lata Superior steamers were de
layed several hours Thursday on ac
count or a severe snow storm.
Tho Oregon express, on the South
ern Pacillc railroad, was hold up and
nibbed at West Fork, Oregon.
It is Mild tho central passenger asso
ciation will nttack tho '..'-cent tare
laws of Ohio. Indiana and Illinois.
The Philadelphia brokerage firm of
Normal MncLoitd & Co. has suspended
with liabilities of over a million dol
lars. Crop conditions In South Dakota are
the worst In fifteen years. Wheat and
Jther small grain are damaged beyond
recov cry.
A shortage of funds has been dis
covered In the Oklahoma Mute audi
tor's olllce, and ait investigation will
be made.
A severe wind, rain and hull storm
swept over Washington Tuesday, caus
ing such a disturbance that the senate
lxmlsville bus been chosen as the
city to entertain tho next saengerfest
of the American sacitgerbtiud, to be
held In HM4.
Farmers or Alberta have presented
i memorial to the Canadian parlia
ment saying reeling ror reciprocity
agreement Is pructlcallv unanimous.
The lit Ilov Sidney C. Partridge,
fount') ly bishop or Kioto, .lupuu, has
been euthtoned bishop of the Protest
ant Episcopal diocese of Kansas City
in succession to tho late lllshop E. H
A body believed to be that of the
Uev. Timothy Sullivan of Fort Dodge,
la., was found In an overflowing bath
tub In an apartment of a New York
hotel, supposedly a victim of henit
The Swedish moll steamer Hor I.,
with 1!00 Stockholm excursionists on
board, was wrecked off Korpe Islnnd.
Five men playing cards at the so
calleJ Editorial club in Snn Francisco,
were covered by revolvers In the
hands of two masked men who de
prived them of money und valuables
totaling more than $1,000.
Edward Valentine Lee, the paymas
ter's clerk who is alleged to have taken
$48,000 from the safe of the battleship
Georgia In Havana harbor, has admit
ted his guilt, waived examination and
was hi I1 for the grand Jury Indict-went.
Misb Florence It, Cmhlng of lloston
Jumped from the reventh story of a
Itotel In San Francisco and wns In
stantly killed.
The Carnegie fund system hns been
scathingly attacked by the National
Catholic Educational association It
bcsslori at Chicago.
Four thousand additional dock hands
have Joined tho sailors' strike at Liver
pool and work at the docks is practl
cally at a standstill.
Three boys, all under fourteen years
of age, were drowned In tbn Missis
sippi river at Davenport while attend
ing a Sunday school picnic,
Tipplers and brawlers will bo barren
from benefits In the new hospital de
partment to be established by the lilt
nola Central railroad at Chicago.
The first championship tourney of
the Western Archery association is be
ing held at Chicago, and bowmen from
all over the country are In ttendnnco.
Colonel Harrison Power, an Amer
ican oil promoter, is In London Tor the
purpose or orjjanMiig a concern to
consolidate the oil Interests or Wyom
ing. An explosion in the corning mill or
the Western Powder company at Ed
wards, 111., resulted in the death or
two meii and the demolishing or the
Effective July 1, rates on grain and
grain products from stations In the Da
kotaB will be advanced, the rise rang
ing from hair a cent to L'c per hundred
The movement to have this year's
camp or the Modern Woodmen or
America Incieaso the number or year
ly assessments rrom ten to twelve was
Two thousund gallons or water, re
lented by a break In the tank of the
stage of a San Mates, Cal.. theater,
nearly drowned the members of the
An explosion on the oil barge Gulli
ble In the harbor at Port Arthur, Tex.,
caused the death of one man and the
destruction Jy fire of property valued
at $200,000.
A civil anti-trust suit against the
periodical publishers' association, com
monly called the magazine trust, will
Ik? filed In the United States circuit
court In New York.
The Kansas City Navigation com
pany's steamer Chester arrived, bring
ing the first cargo that has come to
that city by river from New Orleans
In twenty-five years.
Edward Valentine Lee, a paymaster
clerk who is charged with taking $46,
000 from the battleship Georgia at
Havana, was arrosted at Buffalo, N. Y.,
by local detectives.
Tho shortage of butter, bacon and
cggB, of which enormous continental
suprlles are held up at Hull by the
seamen's strike, is affecting the prices
of provisions In England.
The Spanish government has Indi
cated to ex-President Diaz that it does
not desire hiin to establish a residence
in Spain until the popular reeling
against him has subsided.
"The secret of the destruction or
the battleship Maine will never be
known," says General W. 11. Blxby,
chiet or engin'eera In charge of the
work or raising the Maine.
An elaborate banquet in honor or
John Hays Hammond, the special
American ambassador to the corona
tion, was given In London under the
auspices or the Pilgrim club.
Disturbances about the plant of the
Baldwin locomotive -works at Philadel
phia, where a strike of more than 5,
000 men has been in progress for three
weeks, arc becoming more frequent.
The grand Jury Is hnvlng bard work
to induce Mrs. McMnnipal to testify
against John and James II. McNamara
on the charges or murder In connec
tion with tho Los Angeles explosion.
Jefferson City. Mo. Many letters
are being received dally by Governor
II ad Icy asking that u day be set aside
by proclamation for rain to break tho
drouth which is threatening the crops.
J. Plerpont Morgan has presented
Emperor William or Germany with the
autograph letter written by Mai tin
Luther to Emperor Charles V, and lor
which tho Ameiiian lately paid
Tho raniotiB Cunlngham-Alaskn coal
land claims, through which It has befn
alleged that the Morgan-Guggenheim
syndicate had planned to control ono
of tho most valuable fields In the
world, have been disallowed.
Mrs. Laura Alslp's contest or tint
will of John "Lucky" Baldwin, alleg
ing thot he was her father, and ask
ing a daiightir's tmare of bis $11,000,
000 estate, has been dismissed by
Judge Hives of the superior court.
Iowa farmers on the Missouri bot
toms complain that green-heud tiles
lire the most numerous ever known.
Thero are now 14,946,004 Sunday
school pupils in this country, accord
ing to the report of General Secretary
Marlon Lawrence, read In the Interna
tional Sunday school convention at
San Francisco.
Approximately 20.000.000 gallons of
liquors are shipped by expreisi prin
cipally from mail order houses direct
to consumers In prohibition r.tutes.
This was developed in an Inquiry con
ducted by the Interstate commerce
The worst cyclone, known In years
struck the coast of Chile, wrecking
ships, boats and buildings and causing
panics In many places.
A massive chorus of 15,400 voices
rendering German folk songs und other
compositions was the big -reature of
the festival or the thirty-third saen
gerrcst or tho North American Saen
gcrbuml at Milwaukee,
Rebels in great force surprised and
cut up a Turkish column commanded
by Mahomed All Pasha outside Ghee
sun, a town on tho Red sea. One hun
dred Turkish soldiers were killed.
Mahomed All Pasha is missing.
What la Going on Her and Thsrs
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Auburn. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Paris
felebreted their sixtieth wedding an
iilvoisiiry with n family gathering nt
their home in Auburn this week. Mr.
Paris and Miss Alvlan Fraser were
married In lowu In 1 851. Forty-seven
years ago this couple came to Ne
braska and located In Nemaha county,
near Auburn.
The Nebraska 3llo Company
Wants to tell every farmer how to
make one acre or corn worth three.
Twenty acres or corn tliHt will produce
fifty bushels per acre Is worth $."00 In
the crib. The sume twenty ncres of
corn will produce .'100 tons of ensilage
and Is worth $1,800 in the silo. Have
you a silo?
The Hinge-Door Silo Is the" highest
quality alio ever placed on the mar
ket. It is built or triple "a" Washing
ton fit the best material known for
silo construction. It has hinge-doors
the greatest improvement ever placed
on a silo. Send for catalogue. The
Nebraska Silo Co., Dept. W. U., Lin
coln, Neb.
Partial Failure of Suicide Pact.
Falrbury. "Teddy" Brown and Miss
Emma Cook, both or Endicott, swal
lowed doses or strychnine, the former
with fatal effect, but the latter appar
ently regretting her net. saved her life
by swallowing a quantity of suds, this
being wash day and plenty of the an
tidote being at hand. The young peo
ple, who were supposed to be lovers,
evidently intended to end their lives
Arretted in Russia.
Lincoln, Neb. Denounced by the
widow of his alleged victim, Max Kulo
wot off is under arrest in a village of
southern Russia. He is accused of
killing John Kurlchlck in this city
July 8, 1910. It is said that Mrs.
Kurlchlck discovered Max visiting his
relatives and immediately notified the
local police. Kurlchlck was brutally
tabbed to death near his home in the
bottoms west of Lincoln.
"Horned" by Catfish.
Fiiirbuiy. Jack Cutblrth Ic con
fined to his home with u serious case
of blood poisoning. He was fishing
on the Little Blue river and landed n
laigc- yellow catfish. The fish
"horned" him on the light hand and
blood poisoning set in.
Received Electric Shock.
Kearney Until, the flvo-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Scoutt,
Is in n ciitlcal condition, the result of
nn electric shock received from a vi
brator while standing in a bath tub.
The child remained iincoiu'ciotm for
six hours after the accident.
Friend will celebrate on the Fourth.
Nellgh hou voted $10,000 for sewer
age. Two gliiB were drowned In Carter
lake near Omaha while in wading.
Sterling is worrying about btirglais
who are getting In their work there.
A fund Is lielng raised with which
to advertise the town or Broken Bow.
Carl Atwood, a York boy, was seri
ously Injured in an auto accident at
Kansas City.
Lightning caused tho death or Joe
Alex, Sunday evening, near Champion,
in Chase county.
The poisoning of thiee horses on a
farm near Jamestown In Dodge coun
ty Is being Investigated by officials of
that county.
An electrical parade on the order of
the parade of the Ak-Sar-Ben pageant
will ho ono of tho features of tho Gor
man day celebration to be held In Lin
coln, probably September 27 and 28.
Bethany citizens have organized a
commercial club to promote tho
growth of tho Cottier college town.
A. It. Talbot of Lincoln was re-elect
ed head consul of the Modern Wood
men at the leceut session In Buffalo.
During a light shower lightning
struck on the Elsninn farm In Nemaha
county, killing a colt nnd silvering n
number of tolejhone poles in the vicin
ity. J. C. Fowler, an aged resident of
Lincoln, committed sulcldo by shoot
ing. He was eighty-two years of age,
und was formerly United Stntes mar
shal ut Peoria, III.
Thomas Cannon, nn expert machin
ist from Kansas city, who was burned
by ammonia nt the plant of the Bea
trice Poultry & Cold Storage company
Saturday, died of his Injuries.
J, F. Losch, u prominent attorney
nnd capitalist of West Point, Is seri
ously 111 with a mysterious malady
which baffles the medical men and
which they appear unable to diagnose.
Auroru is suffering from a scourge
or tramps. They may bo round in the
railroad yards by the dozens and
scores, and pester tho citizens by ap
pearing ut back doors und asKIng for
1 """"
Calvin Gray, the twelve-year-old on
of C. W. Gray or Callaway, was acci
dentally shot in the leg by some com
panions who were shooting at a tinge'
with a .22 rifle.
"Tom" Can-, convicted of the IlltcH
sale of liquor at Lincoln, lias beer,
tnken to Fremont to serve sixty dnyi
In the Dodge county Jail. He was cou
vlcted In the federal court.
Arrangements ate being iitndo b
the Commercial club at Cedar Bluffs
to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniver
sary of that place on July 20 Instead
or the usual Fourth of July celebra
tion. -
Congressman J. A. Mngulre has nom
inated Colgrove Reynolds of Johnson
county for n cudetshlp at West Point
Mr. Reynolds will accept nnd will go to
Fort l4eavenworth for examination on
July i".
George Gelsler, the twelvc-yeur-old
son of Mr. nnd Mrs. George Gelsler, at
Lyons, died us a result of Injuries he
had lecelved Monday while riding n
pony which rati Into a barbed wire
Mrs. Henry Stokesbary of the vicin
ity of Aurora dro;.pcd dead from heart
failure Tuesday afternoon as she wns
carrying a lunch to her little boy who
was working In the field. Three small
children aie left motherless.
Three bars' of silver and lead bullion
weaning 100 pounds each was discov
ered lying along tho Burlington tracks
leceutly by a brakeman of a passing
train near Bumham. They had been
lost In truuBlt from the smultlnp
John Friday Is undisputed mayor of
Norfolk. Counsel for B. E. Coleman,
the rival candidate. droped the legal
contest against Friday's election. On
recount In court they found Friday had
fairly won by a majority of three to
Ave votes.
Conductor A. E. Pounds of the
Northwestern Is lying at the Fremont
hospital with a bullet wound in his
leg as a result of being shot by Sher
man Richardson of Blair. Physicians
Bay that unless unloosed for complica
tions set in ho will recover.
A demand ror $10,000. accompanied
by a threat to blow the place Into
smithereens by a stranger who walked
into the First National bank at Om
aha, momentarily disturbed the routine
of that establishment, but the stranger
made his departure without making
good on either item.
Edward Warnes. 92 years of age,
and one or the first settlers or Lincoln,
died Saturday night at his home, 701
A street. Extreme heat brought on u
sinking spell which resulted In his
death. He was the first man to build
a log house in Lincoln and was the
oldest man in the city.
Twenty-five hundred quarts o
oherrlea were picked from fifty-eight
trees on the Union college farm neat
Uncoln. This makes an average yielc
of almost a bushel and a half to the
tree. The trees are ten years old, and
this is said to be an exceptionally
good yield for trees of that age.
Reformed spelling will be recognizee
us correct In the state superlnten
dent's department, and teachers using
reformed orthography will not bt
graded down or criticised, according
to a letter written by State Superln
tendent Crabtrce to E. Benjamin An
drews, chancellor emeritus of the
University of Nebraska. Dr. Andrews
has long been a champion of reformed
After August 1 the selling or colored
distilled vinegar in Nebraska will be
considered a violation or the law. The
pure tood department Is now send
ing out notices to dealers stating that
tho time between now and then will be
allowed them In which to sell off the
goods they hare on hand which do not
conform to tho new law.
Stato Chemist Itedrern. after analyz
ing samples or u intent medicine ad
vertised to cute rheumatUm, has
found It to consist of two cheap ingre
dients, sugar and chlorate of potash.
The directions Instructed the user to
dissolve It in whisky or In cherry
wine. The dope wns put up In small
packages In powder form und sold a
the rate of about $S per pound.
The Platte Shirt company of Chi
cago, which had a contract for convict
labor at tho Nebraska statu penllen
tlary anJ which Is said to be delin
quent In the stun or $1,700 in payments
to the state, hns telegraphed So ere
tury ot State Walt that It will pay.
The message also nsks the state board
to cancel leu contract ror convict labar.
The telegram asks the board to re
lease the Platto Shirt company from
Its contract "as per Information we
get from newspapers that you had
agreed to the proposition of our re
lease." In a letter given to the press, Attor
ney Oonoral Martin defends the action
of the state board or public lands and
buildings in locating the agricultural
school ut Curtis. Ho claims thnt the
town is tho logical place ror the new
school, Is not inaccessible, and four
kinds of soil are available for experi
ments. Father Tlhen, the successor of the
late Bishop Bonacum, will arrive In
Lincoln July 10. A religious ceremony
will be held at St. Theresa's procaine
dral and a civic reception will take
4 place tb iam day.
ml Nfi NfflW jy k
Vflftm. JtirTt 1
1 wfliliK. jl. vU
mi Till HAif
mm Jllfl ij fmm-
Harry Nort I'm going up in un alr
ship tomorrow.
Flat man Well, drop In on us il
you're passing our way,
A hand-made cigar fresh from tho
table, wrapped in foil, thus keeping
fresh until smoked. A fresh cigar
made of good tobacco Is tho ideal
smoke. The old, well cured tobaccos
used are so rich In quality that many
who formerly smoked 10c cigars now
smoke Lewis' Single Binder Straight
5c. Lewis' Single Binder costs the
dealer some more than other Dc cigars,
but the higher price enables this fac
tory to use extra quality tobacco.
There are many imitations; don't be
fooled. There 1b no substitute! Tell
the dealer you want a Lewis "Single)
Awful I
Mrs. Willis Isn't it awful the way
people paw over goods in a store?
Mrs. GIIHh Shocking. I went over
to the waist counter this morning and
picked up every single garment and
thero wnsn't one that didn't have the
murks where somebody had been han
dling it.
SASKATOON wants agriculturist in nil
branches. Poultry farmers, market gar
deners, daily farmers and hng raiders are
badly requited. Prices are very high; de
mand great and supply trifling. This i
your opportunity. Ilrtter write for pai
ticulurs to Coumiitioner, Board of Trade,
Saskatoon, Kaskatiitewan.Westein Canada.
"That fellow cut me out In a very
underhanded way."
"Yet you are going to the wed
ding." "Yes; I may get a chance to soak
him with an old shoe."
Give Defiance Starch a fair trial
try it for both hot and cold starching,
and If you don't think you do better
work, in less time and at smaller cost,
return It and your grocer will give
you back your money.
Smoke Volumes Only.
Architect (showing plumO This
room will be your library.
Mr. Newrlch My llb'ry? Oh, yes.
of, course. I must have a place to
smoke. Exchange.
one nice araaller after unlna Allen's Foat-E,
the nllaeplle powder to be nhaken Into lb
nbcxi. It maktb tight or new shoe (eel .
Kttuu rohlituttt. For Fre trial package, !
dreaa A lieu S. Ulmaled, Vt Roy, N. Y.
A half truth always seems more Im
pregnable than a many-sided view; a
liberal is nlwnys at a disadvantage in
contention with n dogmatist.
It's Good when the
stomach is bad.
It's Good when the
bowels are clogged.
It's Good when the
liver is inactive.
It's Good in any
malarial disorder.
IrMt. -- Mil til
in. rr( cieta
ornimrbUl renter
lcDtchrap. Last II
ifiMt, Lan'tfpiller
Up over, win net to.
or Injur any thin J.
Gurjntrti cHtv,t
lr. 0111 andtrto
itnt pi r paid loi 70c
runm.u -ma.
IIO If Itlb iffe
fMIIJft Jl.T.
Kidney trouble preys
upon the mlml, discour
ages and lessens ambl
find liknlitu I'lnnn Otl1
nun , nruut, " -
WOMEN 5i!Le?rfm:!!"" "" ,1,5:
are out of order or diseased. For good re
sults us Dr. Kilmer's Hwamp-Uoot Die
great kidney remedy. At druggists. Ham
pi bottlo by mull Irw, alao pamphlet.
Addrem. Dr. Kilmer Co.. Blnghamton, If. V.
For Storing Grain
Tanks ! all Kinds
Write for Catalogue
Columbian Stall Tank Co.
STCSIVS) VViRDnriara nude In tuitiMitL I'rtv.
TiUcsraid Co Bo K. Washington, 1. U