The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 06, 1911, Image 4

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Red Cloud - -
fok cuvaik nisriikT i oriir.
I lit n lv tinnniinie Iii.vmcI an u riuiilMntc
tuptlii ..111.....! nlfirt f flifi illufilftl Kintrl
INeurasKD. 'M.bjict to the will of tliu liciniieintle ami
People' liiilcii'tiili nt intern lit the !rlniitry
election to hi held AiikiikI 15. lull.
Km I II I.. Mi'Ki.itiil.i.v.
llBWfed In tho Poitoftlre nlilfcJ flnuil. Neb..
rV RoScrnncl cIk Mutter,
Political Announcements.
Tliu columns of tho Chief are oM'ii
for legitimate advertisements or till
kinds, Candidates, regardless of party
iillllliitlon, aro welcome, to use these
columns, Price of announcement, So,
I lien liy iinnnuiiec myself nn n eitmlliliile
lor the olllic of county clerk of Wulwter
county, Nebraska, Hiihjtet to the will of tliu
liiterx of the Democratic nml l' o;iIi;'m lllli
k iiilcnt partliH tit the lirlnmry diction to
he hi hi AtiKiist l'i, IUII. (I. W. H.lVIH.
I hereby announce iiiym If n ii caiullilatn
for ru-tlcctlon iih County flirt: of Webster
County. Nilir., tin the ltcpiiblliaii ticket,
milijeet to tliu iIiiIkIoii of thi' intern lit thf
rrlnmry Kliftlon tolii'hihl Audit.! Hi. I'.'ll.
i:. V. Hiihs.
I hereby nniiimnru inyMilf n iiinilhliitu for
tliunoinliiiitloiiof .slierlll of Welmtcr county
xiihjcel to tho will of the Itcpubllcnn intern,
to licexprivhcd nt the primary election Aug.
iihi, mil. o. l. Hkiioi:. S
I hrri'liy iiiiiioiincu myself u candidate for
IhciiutiiltiutlniiofHhcrlll of Webster (ounty
subject to the u 111 of tho Democratic nml
Piople's liiili'peiulent purt Its at the primary
election AukiM lo. lull. f.iMK.t.Mrlliinir.
I hereby Hiiriiiiiicu injMlf as u cnnilhliitu
fur tliu olllce ol County Clerk ol Webster
County. Nebr., xubject to the will of the lot.
era (if the lleiiioeriitle anil IVoiili'
(.fit Party nt the I'rliuury Klcctlon to be lulil
Aiit!.l.'.,l!ill. W. It. Il.lll.ui.
Wc have been uuHiorleil tonnnoiince the
inmcoKiKoitdK ll.iliui.i., ol lied Cloiul. for
noniliintlim of County Clerk, Htilijtrt to tliu
will of tliu Ueinocrnt and I'copliiN Imlepend
c:nt voters fit tho I'rlnmry eUctloii Auuust
13th, l'Jtl.
Tho papers of the east have devoted
considerable Hpuco during tho past
year on "How to get along on ti thous
and dollars n year'' hut they lmv
neglected a golden opportunity by not
consulting tliu people of western Kan-
.sas and Nebraska.
Wo nro uutliiiilid In itiiiinuni'i) W. U.
KhnnuounHn eanillilatc for nomliiutloii as
county clerk mibji el to the will of Hie re-
iiiillk:iii voter nt the primary elieilnn.
August IMIi,
1 hereby announce mysi 1 1 k n ciinillilato
for Clerk of tliu IllNtrlet Court of Webster
(Jointly, on the Itcpubllcnii ticket, xubjccl to
thedcclhlon of the inters nt the prliiiiuy
llietloil to belli hi UKtlst ir.lli.. IUII. K. ItKltll.l .
The new agricultural .school which
has been located at Curtis .should
have, benn established lust year. This
season would have been an ideal one
to develop a toot hod of raising grain
without rain. Anyone fan raise crops
in this country when the season is
favorable but it Is another thinir to
harvest a crop In the teeth of a hot.
wind, o, well, maybe this will not. be
the last chance and the new venture
may yet prove to be beneficial.
cession humping to lieep up wllli lilm:
he Is lmsllo fiotn his feet up and from
his head down; he is not only In the
push, but he is tho push the whole
thlny: and say. the way he iimhes
things (joint) and IhibIucss hum is a
caution ; tho way the world takes that
follow up and Is yood to him makes
your lieart glad; he's all rii,'ht, he is:
he grouses the wheels of progress and
beeps tho World spinning round.
V. .). Furso may or may not waut to
make the race for rail way commission
er this foil. That is immaterial. He
will be the democratic candidate for
the very sufficient reason that- the
democrats could not make a bettor
nomination, nor could tho voters of
the state make h better choice. Mr.
Furso has made ood in every position
liu has tilled As n country editor, hs
h court roportor, as tliu governor's pri
vate "-ecretary, as railway commission
er and as a successful man of affairs,
he has shown himself capable of till
luj,' any olllce within the ift of Ne
braska. He is especially well tltted
for tlio position ho now holds. Ho Is
a lawyer of ability, a man of keen
judgment, thoroughly well informed
on all matters pertaining to the best
interests of tliu state, and vigorous
enough to stand the urduotis work in
cumbent upon a member of the com
mission. Mr. would save trouble
by volunteering. If he does not, ho
will be drafted. Will Matipln's Weekly.
q. vvv'vvVvvvv'vvvv'vvvv'vv'yVK
Those who are.preparing for the vaca
tion ahead will.fintl a host of surges
tions for outing and' traveling gar
ments in the new
We hair been authoi leil t tiniioiiiice the
cnndldacy of Ok.o. W. I.iniiskv lor tliu olllce
of county treasurer, subject to the will of
the ntiiiiicrnt and People's liidepemb ut
liarHikiilllicp'Inmrydd'Hiiii AiiuhI IMIi.
We hale belli iltlioi led to auiioiiee the
raiidldaey of II. C. Wlllillir, of llnseiiioul,
for the olllceot County Treasurer, subject to
the u III of Hut licmuc ratio and I'eopliK In
ill pendent Parties at lliejjprlmary elieilnn
August IMIi. IUII.
Wo hale In en aiithorled toauiiounie the
raiidldaey of It. W. Koos i. for ihu olllce ol
county iicimiii i. Kiilijiet In the nil) of the
lit publican niters at the pilmar.i cltctluii
August 1Mb. IUII.
We haie In en authoi li it to announce tin
nanieof ii. A. Aruobl.of lllue IUII, for the
nomination of Count) I'icumiht, Milijicl to
the n III ol the Deimiciiit and Pioplc's Inde
pendent intei sat the Primary elietlon to he
lltd AllKUSt l.'i. lull.
I hereby announce myself us a candidate
for Shcrltrof Wi bstu County, NibriiKka, on
the ItcmiHrntic ticket subject to the di cNlon
of tho voters nt the Primary elietlon to lie
hcttt Auuust ir,. mn. ,i.t. Uiiii.miiik.
I hfieby niiliouuce ui)h('lt;i candldale lor
tliu olllce of Shcrllt of Welister Count) , sub
jM't tnthe nlll of the inters of the Deino.
4irllcaud l'eide-H Inileptndciil Partlis.
.Iiik W, Clluw.
When the sun shines and tlio streets
become dusty, vott wish it would rain;
when it rains nml the streets become
muddy, you wish the sun would shine
After you are married you wish you
was single, and If you get a new dress
you wish you had a now hat to match
it; if It is it boy you wish it was a girl,
nml il it Is a girl you wish it was a
boy was human nature eversatislled'.'
Guess not, and glad of it, for then
there would be nothing to "kick"
The cordial reception given our
booster elub whenever it has irotio out
to adveitise the Fourth of duly eele
braliuu lemiuds us that this feature
of our city life should be arranged to
occur every year. As a trade getter it
certainly is a winner and if wo show
tlio other towns that we are interested
in them enough to make tjiem u visit
now and then they will feel that they
are welcome whenever they come to
see us. We trust that artnngements
will be made to make this u permanent
Tlio hottest and dryest June tills
county has over experienced has just
passed into history. June t'.Hl will
lie remembered for its intense heat for
years to come. In this immediate
neighborhood one nice rain fell which
was denied the other portions of the
county Day after day old Sol seemed
to delight In turning on tho best ho
had much to the discomfort of our
people.' However notwithstanding the
extreme heat corn is tlll holding its
own and is looking well. It. cannot
stand this weather indetluately and
unless tain comes soon there will be
little raised this year. The wide. scope
of country which is cliected by tho
heat and drouth makes it all the hard,
or for rain to full, .lust a few Ne
braska smiles nt the right time will
turn defeat Into victory uutL wo may
yet have a record breaking harvest.
I heiebv annum'!! injscK a candidate (or
the nomination of Sliei III of Webster en; til)
subject to the will of the Itepubllcan Miters,
to hccxpicxKiil at tln pilimuy election uu
list IMIi. IUII. U l, Wol.l K.
Ihmb) iimiiiiice m.iM'lf a i aiulldatt foi
(lie nomination ol shi i lit' of uehMii tounlj
Hiibjict In the will of the Mcnioeiatle and
I'eoplis I uiU p, mil nt pailbsal the pilmary
ilictlou Miuust IMIi. IUII. I'.. . Coci.i. ."
liou-ed in a building that would be tin
lie low we publish a iuble showing
the assessed valuation of all taxable
property In Webster county, both real
and personal. As tho assessed valu
ation is but onellfth of the actual
valuation. It will be seen that the act
ual wealth of Webster county is .?-J'J,
'Jfti.tiTo. With all this magnificent
showing of uealtli and prosperity, the
valuable records of the coniitv are
W. F. Olngrich, agent at tho (J. H. .x
i). station, reports the sale of ninety
tickets to Red Cloud yesterday. Many
report a tine time and give Rod Cloud
credit for a very interesting program, i
tho absence of rowdltiess being espec
ially noticeable on the grounds. Wed-1
nesilny's Superior Daily Journal.
Word has been received of the sad
death of Mrs Fred .Schumann an early
settler of McPherson County, who
moved from here about si.x yeais ago.
The deceased was bom In Germany In
1S(W and died Juno i!(Jth, 1!M1. She
leaves a mother, a brothers, a husband
huh one uaugiiier i-.n.uoetn, ami a
circle of friends to mourn her depth
The funeral was held at her late home
in McPherson. County, June 27th The
funeral was conducted by Re-v. A. G.
ago and wife.
The Second Omaha Land Show will
htivo a feature which will appeal to
the exposition and like the popular ex
hibits in the Coliseum building thim
in tlie machinery annex will nil be
live ones. The newest things in im
plements and machinery will beshown
in operation ami everything for usv in
farm and development work, froin- an
electric light plant to u gas tractor
pulling a gang plow, will be display
ed. Tho exhibit will lie held from
October Jt! to '28 for the purpose of
building up the west and this cuinty
has been invited to take part.
Paul Stoiey ami F. A. tiood with
their wives leavetoday forSpirlt hake,
Iowa for two weeks outing and camp
ing. The party will go from here di
root to Omaha, cross tliu river to Coun
cil Bluffs, thence to Des Moines, thence
to Perry where they will stop over for
a short visit witli Mart Oood before
proceeding to Spirit .Luke. From
Council 11 In It's to Deb Moines the party
will travel over the famous dirt road
that runs across tho state of Iowa,
and with which the state lias been ex
perimenting by grading and dragging
for past number of years.
The trip wilt cover about 1200 miles
and will bo made with Mr. Good's
Chalmers-Detroit car with which lie
utid his party made their t;nOo mile
eastern trip last year.
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns
Not only are these patterns authentic
as to style and accurate in sizing and
fir, but they are so simple that a child
can use them with satisfaction.
Pennies count when we're saving for
vacation, and there's no easier or
more satisfactory way of adding to the
vacation fund than by making the
vacation garments at home.
Miner Brothers Co.
"A Mighty Safe Place to Trade."
tsH 52j
Ihe Real lest
A FTER all, is in the
final product, for
when it comes to eat
ing that's the REAL
test of Flour, wherein
quality is evidence.
Quality and IMPER
IAL, one word.
I hi 1 1 by aniiouiiie ni) self a uiudldulc loi
the nomination nisi,,, nt ,,( WehMci iniiut)
mibjcoi to the Mill of ihe He uinciallc and
People' Imtcpiiuli nt pai lb sat tin prlin.ii)
ilicllon .MiuiiKt IV lull.- I'ltlM, III i mi."
III. i i Dili. Num. Iiini-iith. cm.
I In ii by uiiiioiiiiM ui) m If n a candidate
or county in, Ice of Webster loiiui). .
hnikkii. xubjut to the mil of the I:ic!un ot
thr Henioiratle ami People' ludependinl
l'uilleiil Hie eiliiiai) i.lietlon In t,e In hi
Aiii:ill 1Mb. llll.-. It. It is m i.
I lieleli) llllllliiilice hum If a euuilliliili lot
the nomination ot louiuj niinul-.Miiii-r of
rniuiiilfcsltiltci' liUtilct no, Milijicl to tin
ulll ol Ihe I'diplei, linUpeiiiliiit .in, Memo
eiallc paillisat tin pilumi) iiuilou i iM
lielil Alltjinl l'i. Iiill.-(,ni .. Coon.
eyesoie to the poorest community in
the land. How long nlll the people
siiliiult to this outrage',
Following in o the tigures us taken
from the tax rolls:
IVisonal property $l.lli.'l.7Ui
KailioHd, including tracks.
bldlngs and rolling stock .Vt.'l,2!tS
Fui in hinds and improve
Town lotsiiiul improvements
HTff f m . M M - - -
i ne nest mattress 2rs
- sL rkATET trl tfSafc;M
Id CffC ViTLi M fCI CXpJ - ---"i
JsiwT' "f.
CAN Afford
J. f.'Il.lMM
Total iissesbed valuation i l,ll(i,0.'i
I hereby iinmiuuie ni) M'lf a lamllilate (oi
Hie iiomlhatiiin of i niiiiii i olnllonl i ol
loinuiN'-loner nlstilct mi, i. u 1 J t , t in tiu
nlllof thu PeopleS Imlcptiuleiil and Hinio
cratlc p.irtlfh at llieipilniai) elutlnii to M
III III AlllMlht l'i, ItUI. . II llllll.lll.
I liereb) auiKiiiiice iii.imK a candidate loi
Itoail ilierneerof lloiul Hlnlilet .No, ". M eb
Hltr i iuill), fciibjict in Hie will of the mien
of Hie Itepulillcan pail). Win I'isiirii.
.iy. do (in know the kind of fellow
who- just to tho w orhl's niimlv The
kind the world can't lose? The kind
that folks oi er and tako oil'
theli Imt- to. Why it's the mau-uho
does. He's the fellow! Not the fellow
whose gialiilpu got there, not the I'd
ton who would if hn could: not the
gentleman u hoV going to some duj ;
but the mull wlui-does now, today.
No Fitting ui ound waiting, about him;
no expecting something to happen; no
Unking for something to turn up, No
sir! lie calTs the tut ii and turns 'em:
lie takes off Ids coat and doesn't care
It he stitrth n little sweat; he doesn't
need tt big, bracs-bnttoned copper to
tell him to move on; he Wrffps the pro-'t'g
A cheap mattress is an extravagence. It deprives
rcstfulucss that a good mattress would give you. A c
tress is oftentimes unsafe sometimes becomes a positive
tor of disease germs at the best its service is brief far
for even the little money it costs. Buy the biggrst bargain
in mattress quality, purity, comfort and service
The White Swan Mattress
Built of tier cleanest, purest, most beautiful mattrcs material on earth
snowy nhite, long-filirr-stnple I'cxa cotton. It's the only cotttindclt mattress
made entirely of this highest grade material, the only one with a
30-Year Guarantee
not by "sav mi," hut bv a leg-d, binding bond that's given with each mattress.
Come in and see mir line oi White Swan Mttreiet inspect the cotton-felt
that's put into them then if ou wish, try one for 30 days in our home.
you of I
mat m
too littleAIJ
m- I
Undertaking a Specialty ....'. All the Phones
The Bense Farm and Brick Building
for Sale to Highest Bidder
A quarter section of line, rich, fertile soil, thoroughly im
proved with fences and buildings. Fine alfalfa Held, plow land
ami pasture Land all tillable. Buildings all new, conveniently
arranged and located, and well painted and in Hist class repair.
The lleii'e farm is located t! miles from lted Cloud and .'! miles
from Cowles.
FIoip-o li 1 .x.!(! feet, (! rooms, ice box room, .summer kitchen
1 1 HI. cellar 11 x 10 and 11 feet deep, cemented walls, easy stair
way, till well built. Milk house s x 10, cemented supply tank,
underground, "JOO barrels capacity. Xew windmill and pump, 40
ft. tower. lt ft. wheel, 10 in. well and abundance of water. Well is
curbed with tile, and anchor posts to mill sot in concrete. Work
shop, coal and cob house 14 .x'JO. Three chicken houses, one 14 x II,
one 14 x 18 and one '2 x J. cemented lioors: large hen house, built
on modern plan and cost 000. Six well built small chicken yards.
Four cement feedwHy.-, three of them with troughs.
Nine hundred feet cement walks running from house to drive
way, windmills, milk house, summer kitchen, chicken houses and
outbuildings. "Implement house !0. ,"(, granary 2s.32 with loft,
ice house 14 x Hi, holds 50 tons of lee. Two hog houses with room
for H sows, floored inside and outside with concrete.
Thirteen separate hog lots with good gates to each lot. Large
house and hay barn 10 xiU, holds 70 tons of bay; driveway apd
feed bin tlL' x40, all concrete floor on ground, :t inch tight flooring
in hay mow, 10 ft. space between ground Hour and mow. Stulls
all t feet wide, built of 2 inch planks, ami two harness rooms in
barn. Cow barn 14 x. 'Id, hay mow for 2 tons of hay, 2 inch milk
. ing tlnor.
Plenty of room for all implements to be stored away in the
dry. and in good, well built and well painted buildings. All
buildings are new and well painted. This farm Is all feuced and
cross fenced. dO acres corn grouud, M in alfalfa, 20lu pasture, 10
acivs wild grass meadow, lit acres hog lots l'lenty of fruit and
good shade ttees. Land is free from sand or rock; much is level,
and all is readily tillable. Plenty of grapes, apples, peaches,
plums, small stuff and dowering plants House lot is fenced in
200 xtlOtl feet with Ml inch heavy woven wire. Two good corrals ..
boards high, posts S feet apait.
Complete water system, ."Obhl concrete stock tank with cover,
concrete water troughs in hog lots, utid abundance of water at
each lot, barn, milk house and summer kitchen. All piping 1 1,,
Inch galvanized, 7 feet under ground, never freezes. Water sys
tem alone cost 82,000.
This farm was bought by W. S. Uense, the preseut owner, in
the spring of liiim for jn.."it(, and since purchasing the same he has
put on JWOii worth of improvements In spot cash. The raise in
the value of the land Is not consideied. Mut the high dollar buys
this fitini.
Anyone thinking of buying a good farm ami a nice hotpo should
go out and look this place over.. You will have plenty of time to
do vii Us the bids will run from now until .Ian 1st., 1012. All bids
will lie kept a secret and no one will know an others bid until, Tan.
1st All bidders must deposit S.'iOO in either bank iu Ucd Cloud to
insure good faith and if any hid buys either place and bidder fails
to eonsuniiite deal $500 shall be forfeited,
The llriek llitilillng is 2l.xli)0 feet, basement and two tloor.s,
brick engine loom 12x20. Untitling is now used for restaurant
and bakery. This building was purchased by .Mr Dense for 7000
in 1001 and he has equipped and improved it at a cost of $5300
more, lltillillng rents at ', per mouth by the year, for the reas
on that the present, occupant bought the House stock and fixtures.
Mr. Ueiisu desires to sell out to go into business in Salt LakeClty.
lie likes to farm ami has made it pay. Ho has done woll and pros
pered in lied Cloud and likes the people. Hut Hilly, like many
otheis sees opportunity knocking at bis door, calling him else
where, lledeslies to sell all his holdings hero and otlots them to
highest bidder.
Mr. Iletise lesorve. the right to reject any and all bids not in
consistent with fair play. But hu proposes to sell and sell ho nro
bnblv will to the highest bidder. '
All bidders are cordially invited to go outand look this farm
oier. Also to lock over the brick building. Mr. Dense will he nt
the farm and 0iow you iirotinU iu person.
W. S. Ukxsk,
Red Cloud, Neb
4DiMWifcHMff""lW 'Cym tawtM