The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 22, 1911, Image 1

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5ia. "W 1" ,OJS8L Lv
V OliTJMB xxxv in I
i not so greatly dreaded if you li.ive
ot:o of our deposit books with h good
sua to your credit; iu pinve-.
to be the "friend Indeed" li not
neglect this important mallei: e. t,
,t at once that you start u ibaio.
.count, however .small, and tlii-n n-d
all you can spare to it. Itemnnl." .
the rainy day is bound to corae.
Interest paid on Time Deposits.
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President, S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
Mr. aud Mrs.. Will Robertson spent
Sunday at Charles Rasscrs.
Sylvester Emick and mother spent
Sunday with Porter Hale and family.
Mr aud Mrs. Al Dockoraud Mr. and
Mrs. Snider spent Sunday at Conle
The Misses Price from Pouusylvaula
iretees of Mrs. I. Frisble are liere visit
ing them.
MisiJ Mae Friable returned home
Sunday. She has been visiting friends
in Guide Hock.
Mr. Cory an uncle ot Lue and (iracc
Frisble returned home Monday after
a short visit with them.
A dry rally was held at the Lester
school house Tuesday night. A host
of friends were there celebrating for
Lester for it sure went dry.
F. NEWHOISE, Dry Goods!
Ladies' While
Ladies' White Skirts with three rows lace
insertion and lace edge, $1.00, $2.00, $3.25
Ladies' Nightdresses
Ladies low neck Nightdress, with 2 A 1 ff
rows insertion and lace edge in neck, K I WW
3 rows ins'n in sleeve, sleeve lace-edge r
Ladies' Nightdresses with 3 rows emb. in- J 1 AA
sertionin yoke, yoke edged with emb., atP VV
Ladies' extra large Nightdresses, insertion fr 1 AA
in yoke and embroidery edge, at - - P I VV7
All three numbers are bargains at these prices
Sole Agents for Butterick Patterns
a TELEPHONES: Independent, 53; Bell,
Ill'turlcal Sud-ty
m impawn poum
'Mr. and Mrs. Win Wnllcr was in
Hastings over Sunday.
Mrs. Mitchell of Franklin is visiting
John Wallers for a short time.
Chas. FulU-1- went to Red Cloud
Tuesdayevjfiuliig on business.
Guy'fend fJeorgia Scott arrived home
Saturdy"cvening for the summer vn
C. It.'Scldoinridge has a gang of men
here repairing his clcvator'nnd getting
it iu shape for the new crop.
Chac. Norris received a new steel
Case seperator Tuesday, which looks
like it ought to do tine work.
Our enterprising firm lloit it Itoieu
sold eight twelve foot Headers to the
farmers to cut their short prop of
Ross Paul aud family of Omaha
came in on the train Satutday for a
With 6-inch em
broidered flounces
and cluster of two
v-x oi
Misses' Muslin Drawers
Misses' Muslin Drawers, 2 tucks with I -inch,
embroidery, sizes 8 to 12, at 25c
4 Newspaper That (lives The News Flfty -
short visit with
his father, known as
'atil They returned
Uncle Dave I
home Monday evening.
Will Deakln and family of Oinuha
arrived Saturday for a short visit with
his parents. Will has a department
in the post ofllcc in Omaha.
The writer visited the cement bridge
south of town which Is being built by
F. A. (Jood and thinks It will be a
permanent improvement. It Is forty
feet long and bus otic largo support in
the middle.
It Adamsoti came home from Lin
coln Monday wheie he had been for a
shoit stuy. He said while ho was
there that he visited llryan's farm and
saw the best show for oats that he bad
seen any where iu the state.
Mis. Ed. Sawyer
has returned
Guide Hock.
The W. U T. U., met with Mrs.
W. Miller Wednesday afternoon.
C. E. Vaughun and wife visited Sun
day with Dr. C. L. Boles and wife.
William Sawyer is entertaining a
brother and sou from St. Francis, Kas
Jlig strings of ilsh are beiug caught
in the river tbese days by our sports
men. The Guide Rock base ball team de
feated Franklin here Wednesday.
Score 8 to f
Mrs. L. T. Uleasou was over from
bear tlic state tine Monday visiting tf .
S. Olcason and wife.
fieorge Kailey is constructing some
gigantic lly traps. They are certainly
catching large iuuutities of the Hies.
Miss Mabel Simpson and Miss Esther
Urchin went to Geneva Tuesday to at
tend the Epworth League district eon
Miss Louisa ltuhoff gave a lecture
Sunday morning at the Methodist
church on "Japanese Mission Work."'
Children's Muslin Drawers
With hemstitched ruffle, sizes
from 2 to 8, at - - 1 3c
With embroidery ruffle, ages
from 2 to 1 2, at - - 25c
Children's Bloomers
Made of a good
grade of Black Sat
een, ages from 2 to
12, at
black 41. .
tm Weeks Each Year Far $1.50.
Miss ItuhotT has been n missionary in
Japan for many years. Her people I
live hero in Guide Rock.
A number of Superior people were
up by auto Tuesday. They vMsltcd at
the homes of 11. M liner and F. A.
Ivans Amack ami wife weie guests
Tuesday of .1. T. Mason aud wife.
Mrs. Holmgrain of Rod Cloud, mother
of Mis. Amack accompanied them
Rev. X. A. Martin, District Superin
tendent of the Hastings District, irate
a flue lectin e last Thursday evening
at the Methodist church on the Yel
lowstone National Park. Thequarter
ly cotifcuncc was held following the
lectin c
Red Cloud, Neb., June l!, lull.
The boat d of county commissioners
met in regular session. Members
present, Paul Storey, L. F. Schmidt,
lit ( Ohmitede nad G. W Hummel,
chairman of said board.
fn the matter of the double assess
ment of Delia E. McCallum on lot six
(j), block one (1), origlual town of
Bladen, for the year 1010, in the as
ses ted valuation of 1100 and the taxes
tbtreon,, and paid by the said
De la McCallum. Moved aud second
ed jthat the county treasurer bo and is
hereby authorized and instructed to
refund to Della'E. McCallum the sum
i'of 90.11, the amount of the taxes on
tho double assessment on the above
described property for the year Win.
Motion carried.
Now comes the county superintend
cnt and makes application for 105 to
be used as institute fund. Moved aud
seconded that the above application
be approved, and the said county su
perintendent be and is hereby allowed
t65 for the purposes as stated above.
Motion carried.
On motion board adjourned to meet
June 20, 101 1, at 1) o'clock a. iu.
June 2o.
Hoard met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Members present, L. F. Schmidt,
(J. Ohmstede, Paul Storey and (5. W.
Hummel, chairman of said board.
Motion made and seconded that the
surety bonds of all the several banks
given to the county of Webster be
cancelled by the county clerk upon
the presentation aud filing ol cei ini
tiates from tho state banking board
certifying that they have complied
with the guarantee banking laws of
the state of Nebraska Motion car
ried In the matter of the road petition
of N. IJ. Harvey aud others asking for
a road to be established on section
line between sections 10 and 30, town
2, range 12, Webster county, Nebras
ka, aud also the petition of D. L.
Dailey and others objecting to the
opening of said toad, now coming
on to bo heard, and after a careful
consideration of the facts conuccted
with the opening and establishing of
said road, it was moved and seconded
that any further action on the peti
tions be laid over until the next meet
ing of the board, iu order to give the
board an opportunity to view the loca
tion of the proposed road. Motion
On motion the board adjourned to
1:30 p. m.
Dourd met at ' :30 p.m. Members
all present.
In the matter of the petition of Con
rad i. Starke and others petitioning
the commissioners to grant a Recuse
to William Doyle for the sale of vin
ous, sptritous and malt liquors on the
northwest quarter of section 2, town
1, range 10, Webster county, Nebras
ka, for the period of one year, com
mencing on tho day of June, 101 1,
and ending on the day of June,
1012, and also the petition of F, S.
Frisble aud others as a remonstrance
against tho granting of said license,
now coming on to be heard, it was
moved aud seconded that the hearing
be postponed uut 11 4:30 o'clock p.m.
Motion carried.
1:30 o'clock P. M.
Iu the matter of the petition as
The Retailer in any line of business
should stand for the interests of his
customers. In the long run, it is on
them HE must depend.
J It is because we know .this that we
have always handled the BEST goods
in every line, and only such as would
merit our guarantee of
Newhouse Bros.
C. . Q. Watch Inapactora. Jawalara anal Optamatrtata.
Real Estate and Loans
Dan Garber & Co.
Rmd Cloud, Ntbraskm
above set forth, now coming on for
further nction of said board, aud the
applicant and petitioners for license
appearing by Uerimnl MoNuuy, their
attorney, withdievv sulil petition and
application for license Thereupon
said pioceedings were dismissed and
On motion the following claims
were allowed on the poor farm fund,
aud the clerk instructed to draw war
rants on tho said fund in payment of
same: It. E. McFarlaud, (8; Yost .1
Itutler, t(l; W. A. Smith,; Elmer
Long, $25; .lames Robinson, SI
On motion boards adjoin tied until
JulvO. HML '
E, W. Ku, County Clerk.
Office Mints
Never send articles for publication
withoutglving thy name, for thy nnnio
often secures publication ol a worth
loss article.
Tliou shouldst not rap at the door of
a printing oflice, for ho that hearcth
thoe rap sneereth In his sleeves and
Iooseth time.
Thou shouldst never read the copy
on the printer's ca9o or sharp and
hooked container thereof, or he may
knock you down.
a Never inquire of the editor tho news,
for behold It Is his business to give it
to thee at the appointed time without
asking for it.
Itls not right that thou should ask
him' whoU the author of an article,
for it is his duty to keep such things
to himself.
Wheu thou dost enter hlsolllce, take
heed of thysolf that thou dost not look
at what may corcern thee not, for that
is not meet in the sight of good breed
ing. Neither examine thou the proof
sheet for it is uot ready to meet thine
eye, that tbou tuayest understand.
Chlmf OMem
The Real lest
A FTER all, is in the
final product, for
when it comes' to eat
ing that's the REAL
test of Flour, wherein
quality is evidence. ,
Quality and IMPER
IAL, one word.
Successor to Dr. J, S, EMIQli
At the Mstami over tbt
State Bank. PkM 131.
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tr BSSSmkLa
tv laSBaaaaaaaaM
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aBSrxsacrifett,AtBrtMia.''WiiiirMliiiil h, t Arawmmm4iX'maammiii -Mtmmmmr