The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 08, 1911, Image 2

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MM HlWl lwtHW I III ! Kll IIHimiMlU
Protects Them From Injury of Freez
ing and Thawing and Conserves
Molsturo Fruit Needs.
Tho average farmer doesn't grow
itrawhorrleB nt all and many of thoso
who do entirely neglect to mulch
thorn. Tho beneflts of mulching aro
threefold; to protoct from tho Injury
of frcozlng and thawing, to keep tho
berries clean and freo from grit and
to conscrvo molsturo that tho fruit
often needs at tlmo of ripening. In
favorablo seasons berries can bo suc
cessfully grown without mulcihng, but
for u term of years thero is no caro
that pays bettor. Tho work Is best
dono tho first tlmo tho ground is
frozen hard and any kind of straw
that is perfectly freo from grass or
weed socd la good material, says a
writer in tho Ohio Farmer.
I hnvo mado two bad mistakes in
selecting material. Onco when I UBcd
wheat straw that had timothy seed In
ll nnd again when I used clover hay.
I had such a good stand of timothy
nnd clover thnt I couldn't fruit tho
bed tho Becond season, but had to
plow It and start a now one. Wlillo
tho work is considerably moro thero
Is no material quite so good for mulch
ing as leaves. This season a strong
wind swopt tho leaves clean from
tho lawn and lodged them in a great
Leaf-Spot May Be Prevented by Uso
of Bordeaux Mixture Mildew
Usually Found on Sprouta.
Loaf-spot and rqMdow tho first
named dlscnco Is caused by what Is
callod "Shot-holo Fungus" and may bo
successfully prevented by the uso of
bordeaux mixturo, except that only!
half tho strength of tho mixturo may
bo applied with safoty to tho foliage
of tho cherry. The mildew is usually
found chiefly upon sprouts and young
Early Ozark.
bank against tho garden fenco, right
closo by tho strnwborry bod, bo that,
with largo baakots, It wa3 but a few
minutes' work to put them whoro they
would do tho greatest good.
As soon as all danger of freezing is
over In tho spring I remove a part of
the mulch that is directly over the
plants, taking off Just enough so that
I can boo an occasional green leaf
peeping up through, rak'ig it between
tho rows whore it is left to act as a
mulch to conservo molsturo nnd mako
a clean path on which to walk whllo
picking tho fruit. The plants will
push up through a qulto heavy mulch
and it is woll to loavo enough 'directly
over tho plants to thoroughly protect
tho berries from grit; for aside from
tho extra work of freeing them from
the dirt it is well known that it is pos
sible to wash out much of tho delicate
flavor of tho strawberry by repeated
Sound and Rotted Cherries.
Bhoots. If spraying is required for
mlldow, two applications will probably
bo very satisfactory.
Leaf-spot symptoms aro overywhero
abundant and aro really of very dl
verso origin. In any example In which
tho leaf tissues aro locally Invaded by
a parasitic fungus wo may expect
evident effects. In tho downy mildew
troubles thero may bo wet-rot symp
toms when tho moist, after
tho loaves havo become badly dlBi
cased they may appear to dlo very
suddenly becauso tho gradual inva
sion of tho areas has been overlooked.
In many other leaf diseases no such
rapid multiplication or reproduction of,
tho parasite is posslblo and limited
dead patches or spots aro tho result.
These leaf troubles aro commonly
very evident during rainy seasons and
aro preventable by spraying tho fol
lago of tho diseased plants at repeat
ed intervals, thus keeping a supply
of the funglcldo on tho leaves to ar
rest renewed spore development.
Cherry rot, or brown-rot, affects 'all
Btono fruits, including peach, apricots,
etc. It Is by far tho most Borlous
and baflllng of chorry diseases to tho
commercial cherry grower.
Tho decay of tho fruit is caused by
this fungus. Tho conditions of. tho
senoon may favor or retard tho spread
and development of tho disease Tho
threads of tho fungus survive in tho
rottod fruits, which may bang on tho
trees unless removed. Careful re-
ll. STI
Leaf Attacked by Spot Fungus.
moval of all rottod fruit and spraying
for tho fungus, as per the calendar,)
may bo relied upon to save a part of
tho fruit, but Judgment and attention1
to tho details of tho work aro alwayir.
roqulred. It Is to be understood, also,
that checking tho curcullo is a sure
means of helping to check rot.
If Not Wanted Young Suckers and
Shoots Should Be Dug Up Cut
Out All tho Dead Wood.
Tho young shoots and suckers from
tho old canes, if not wanted, should
bo dug up. Cut out all dead wood,
loavlng threo thrifty stock in each
hill. If a now plantation is to bo
mado, dig up carefully with a ball of
earth tho strongest young shoots
growing In tho rows. Set theso in
clean, mellow ground; mark tho rows
flvo feet apart; set tho plants threo
feet apart in tho row. For tho family
gardon sot two feet apart in tho row
and train to a wiro trellis. This is de
cidedly tho best method, as tho bed
can bo properly worked and moro nnd
moro and tlrmor fruit can bo grown.
Tho Cuthbert is tho loading rod rasp
berry. It is productive, hardy, with
largo, healthy foliage. Golden Queen,
a yollow variety, seedling of tho Cuth
bert, is a productlvo and hardy va
riety. Deing of largo bIza and of a
beautiful color, I consider it ono of tho
best for family use aB well as for mar
ket. Cumberland Is tho popular mar
kot black cap.
Clean out tho grass nnd weeds In
tho rows; spread ono forkful of rot
ted manure around each hill; culti
vate tho ground botweon tho rows,
then throw a light furrow to the hills
on each side of tho rows.
Tho dead wood of tho currant bush
es should bo cut closo to tho ground,
fork out the grass and weeds, and glvo
tho samo fertilizing and culture as for
raspberries. Tho work should be
dono in tho fall and not left until
Newly Set Strawberry Bed3.
Pick off all tho blossoms from new
ly set Btrawborry beds; thus you sond
all tho plantB' Btrength back Into them
bcIvob Into growth. It is unwise to
let plants fruit tho first soason.
Fruit Growers.
Fruit growers aro mostly in tho for
estry business. They train their trees
to produce wood and wonder why
crops aro lato in appearing and dull
in color when they come. They should
bo in tho fruit growing business, and
pruno so as to let In light and air, also
to induce' early productivity. It Is aa
ensy to grow good fruit as poor firewood.
Strawberry Planto.
Tho now strawberry plantation
should bo mado boforo any other out
door work la attended to. Tho suc
cess hinges largely upon early plant
UK, In a cool, moist colL
Seeds of apples and pears should bo
sown early In good, rich boII.
Thero aro several hundred serious
and Injurious plant diseases.
It is said that apples aro an anti
dote for liquor and tobacco.
Helleboro is tho best poison to uso
on gooseberry nnd currant bushes.
Red raspberries thrivo best in a
deep, rich, yellow, cool, moist, well
drained loam soil.
Wherever fruit or truck crops aro
raised commercially spraying forma
part of tho caro of tho crop Just aa
much as docs tillage, pruning and fer
tilizing. If roso bushes have been injured by
tho frost, tho tops should bo cut off
nt or below tho point whoro tho In
Jury stopped, which Is sometimes closo
to tho ground. '
Strawberries must not bo uncov
ered too early. Tho mulch should stay
on lato, bo as to retard growth and
thus mako tho bloom como after tho
lato spring frosts.
Old applo, poar and cherry trees
should havo tho dead and all small
cross branches that intorfero with tho
freo admittance of light and air to tho
body of troo cut out.
Thoso who used tho llmo-sulphur
Bpray last year wero satisfied with
results, both for San Joso ecalo and
scab, and will use samo hereafter In
proforenco to bordeaux.
Tho uso of orchard stoves or smudgo
pots for protection of fruits against
lato spring frost is only In tho experi
mental stato in the east, although a
regular practlco In largo orchards of
tho for wost
'CZ Sliced vfll
W Dried Beef M
M Old Hickory Smoked 1
$ Highest Quality jfij
41 Finest Flavor (ft
xiv. .In f enled rUs jari at your grocer 4fl&
DflTEflTC Portunn urn raaao In patentn. l'rc
rA I til I O toct Tour Upb . Our CI pig book fro
Fltzforalil Si Co., Ilox li, Washington, 1 C.
. mi mmmmm m
surelyTeserves a medal
Record Act of Bravery That Is Set to
Credit of Intrepid New
York Man.
Tho bravest man In New York
made his appcaranco in a Broadway
storo last week. Ho carried an enor
mous bandbox which contained nn
enormous hat-In which tho man want
ed what he considered an enormous
amount of money refunded. Tho man
was pretty mild and whllo looklug for
some ono who had tho authority to
negotiate the transaction he talked
loud enough for everybody to hear.
"My wlfo bought this hat." he said.
"She doesn't need it. She has already
bought threo hats this spring. Sho
paid $33 for this ono. Sho has never
Worn It. It Just came home last night.
I can't afford to throw all that money
away and I want you to take the hat
back. She wouldn't bring It down, so
I undertook the Job ivyself."
"By tho sldo of that man Napoleon
va3 a cringing coward," said tha
young woman who had lundo the 'sale.
"Imaglno his flouncing Into a Parisian
millinery bkop with a hat that he
didn't want Josephlno to buy. Ho
couldn't have dono it. Very few men
can. Once in a long whllo some poor
Now Yorker with the courago of
desperation in his heart returns mer
chandise which ho cannot afford to
buy for his wifo and his nudaclty up
sets tho wholo storo for a month."
New FUhlng Industry.
Alblcore fishing In Nova Scotlan wa
ters has bocomo interesting, but for
financial reasons. Theso flsh frequent
ly weigh over 500 pounds and are
known ns horse mackerel. A number
were shipped to Boston last season.
Tho avcrago price thero Is threo and
one-half cents per pound. Formerly
these fish wero considered a nulsanco
to tho fishermen.
Whero They All Happen.
"I heard of a remarkablo adventure
with a boa constrictor."
"Whoro did it happen?"
"At a cafe table."
Knlckor Brown counts his wealth
In soven figures.
Bocker Porpondlcularly.
Thero 1b no fool like the peacemaker
who interferes between husband and
Greatly Improved by Leaving Off Coffee
Tho manager of an extcnslvo cream
ery in Wis. states that while a regu
lar coffeo drinker, he found It injuria
oub to his health nnd a hindranco to
tho performance of his business du
ties. "It Impaired my digestion, gavo mo
a distressing sense of fullness In the
region of tho storanch, causing a most
painful and disquieting palpitation ot
tho heart, and what is worse, it mud
dled my mental faculties so as to seri
ously injure my business efficiency.
"I finally concluded that something
would havo to be dono. I quit tho use
of coffee, short off, and began to drink
Postum. Tho cook didn't mako it
right at first. Sho didn't boil it long
enough, nnd I did not find it palatablo
and quit using it and went back to cof
fee and to tho stomach troublo again.
"Then my wife took tho matter In
hand, and by following tho directions
on tho box, faithfully, sho had mo
drinking Postum for sovoral days bo
for I knew it.
"When I happened to remark that
I was feeling much better than I had
for a long tlmo, sho told mo that I
had been drinking Postum, and that
accounted for it. Now wo havo no
coffee on our table.
"My digestion has been restored,
and with this Improvement has como
relief from tho oppressive senso of
fullness and palpitation ot the heart
that used to bother mo so. I note such
a gain in mental strength nnd acuto
ness that 1 can attend to my offlco
work with ease and plensuro and wltln
out making tho mistakes that wero so
annoying to mo while I was uslnar
"Postum Is tho crcatest table drlnfc
of tho times, In my humble estima
tion." Namo given by Postum Co.,
Battlo Creek, Mich.
Road tho llttlo book, "Tho Road to
Wellvlllo," in pkgs. "There's a reason."
Ever rend he nliove lftterT A new
one appenra from time to time. They
ore bcuuIuc, true, and full, of human
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