The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 01, 1911, Image 6

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Tho Chief
C. II. HALE, Publisnor
8llencc In Chamber, Out Wild Manlfcs.
tatlons on Outside De la Barra
Will Acsume tho Offlco
Tsxlco City. General Porfirlo DIaa
leslgned tho presidency of Mexico at
4:D4 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Fran
cIeco de lit Unrra automatically be
cunio provisional president, hut wll
not take the oath until Friday. Inn
incnEo crowds thronged tho streets
hut there was no violence.
Moxlro City. Mexico has chnnged
presidents without any of thoeo derai
onstratlons or anarchy of which thq
Diaz government had expressed npi
prehensions. Citizens thronged the
streets, inarching by thousands tint!)
far into the night, but It was a dem
onstratlon of Joy a celebration wltht
out a trace of malice.
Wednesday, General Diaz's last day
(ib president, saw thousands of dollars'
worth of property wrecked and tho
dead and wounded strewing the pari;
In front of the national palace. Undeq
Francisco do la llarra ns provisional
president, there hnvo been no assaults,
no shootings and no wrecking of th
For the first time in thirty years tho
people wero expressing themselven
without restraint, but it is not too
Vuch to state that there was less (list
order than on an election night in al
most any American city. Americans
who hnvo watched the situation with
unprejudiced eyes say that tho Mexli
can peoplo have shown themselves
able to chango their government wltht
out that anarchy which was held out
as a bugaboo by the government
which sought to retain Its power.
Fleet In Dutch Waters.
Copenhagen. Tho second division
of tho United States Atlantic licet)
composed of tho Louisiana, flagship oj
Hear Admiral llodger, the Kansas,
New Hampshire nnd South Carolina,
have arrived at the fishing village o
Gillelcleje, forty miles from tho Dan.
Ish capital. A lleet of excursion steanii
bis will meet the American squadron
outside of the harbor and escort tho,
visitors to Copenhagen, where tho
ehlps will stay until June 1.
Concessions to American.
Constantinople. Tho parliamentary
rommltteo of public wotks has com
eluded its examination of tho projec;
for an extensive railway system In
Asiatic Turkey to bo constructed by
nn American syndicate headed by !),
Chester, and Issued a icport recom
mending tho adoption of tho scheme.
Two members of the committee, how
ever, dissent, pending negotiations for
tho modification of tho American
treaty, which has not yet been con
ceded. Boy of Thirteen Is a Hero.
Webb City, Mo. Luther. Hums
nine years old, was drowned, and Ed
ward Helm, eight years old, was savee
from tho same fate only by tho hera
ism of Johnny Simpson, thirteen years
old In a mill pond. Simpson saw one
of tho boys throw up h's hands nnd
elnk. Ho swam to tho spot where
the boys, disappeared, nabbing both
of them. 'Durns slipped from his grasp
nnd he swam ashore with Helm, whe
wns revived.
Inolstndt. Bavaria. An officer of the
Garrison hero had a thrilling rldo
When a military cartlve Walloon broke
,'oose from Us anchorage.
When tho balloon had reached a
height of lfi.r.00 feet tho olllcer suc
ceeded In climbing to tho top of the
gas bag and wrenching open the valve.
As the balloon was nearlng the ground
Its occupant jumped Into a tree am!
wns only Bllghtly Injured.
Girls Flee From a Fire.
St. Louis. One hundred girl em
ployes Hied down flro escapes when
tho live story warehoupse of the Gen
eral Paper Stock company burst Intc
llames. Twenty-flvo of the girls em
ployed In the sorting rooms Jumped to
un adjoining roof. The (lames spread
with such rapidity that they found
themselves trapped on tho roof until
Ex-Mnyor Frank W. Plllsbury of
Bloux Falls, S. D., died of heart troublo
nfter n long Illness.
Wlnnepeg. All Canada celebrated
the birthday of the lato Queen
Victoria. It was a goneral holiday,
all places of business being closed.
Brnndon, Portage, La Prairie, Edmon
Eton, Calgary and other cities held
horso races, while practically every
dot on the map observed the day.
Panama. Tho National Steamship
line steamer Taboga Btruck a reef off
Punta Mala on Tuesdny and sank a
ihort time afterwards. Of the hun
dred passengers on board only forty
are knowu to have been saved.
The News of Many Glimes Told In
Short and Pithy Paragraphs, Writ.
ten Expressly for tho Busy
Man's Perucal.
Bids for the $50,000,000 Issue of 3
per cent Panama bonds arc arriving
at tho treasury.
Henry L. Stlmson of New York has
been sworn In as secretary of war,
succeeding Jacob M. Dickinson, re
signed. Secretary of tho Treasury Mac
Vcagh has left Washington on u west
em trip. He will speak at Kansas
City before the bankers' association
of Kansas nnd Missouri.
Dispatches received from tho Mexi
can capital state that persistent ru
more wero in circulation there of tho
exlstenco of h plot to attempt the life
of Madero upon his arrival.
Members of tho Nebraska delegn
tlon in congress feel that a man from
that state should bo appointed to fill
tho vacancy on tho board of tho na
tional home for disabled soldiers.
Representative Sloan of Nebraska
has Introduced a resolution into tho
house naming General J. II. Culver
of Mllford for the vacancy on tho
board of the National Soldiers' Home.
General Hitchcock has decided to
designate hereafter, for a considera
ble time, one hundred, additional
postal depositories each week, In
stead of fifty, as announced a month
Weekly reports of enlistments for
tho United States naval recruiting
stations for the week ending May 20
Bhow that of 1.1G4 applications there
wero 900 rejections and only 22C ac
ceptances. President Taft has signed a procla
mation establishing the Harney nation
al forest in South Dakota. It em
braces D8.1.S20 acres formerly con
tained In tho Black Hills forest and
53,742 acres taken from tho public
General News
Parisians aro being greatly embar
rassed by the strike of 2,000 chauf
feurs. Andrew Cnrneglo and family have
sailed, for their Hummer vacation In
The announcement of tho accession
of a new emperor of Abyssinia waj
The Illinois state leglBlaturo began
a ten days' recess Saturday and will
return to business May 31.
A $150,000 fire with a big tank full
of gasollno in tho middle of It kept
firemen busy for several hours at
New York.
Friends of Senator La Folletto of
Wisconsin arc looking for him to make
early announcement of his candidacy
for president.
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Miller, suffra
gist and advocate of the bloomer cos
tume, Is dend nt Geneva, N. Y., at the
ago of eighty-nine.
The brotherhood of rnllroad train
men have decided on San Francisco
ns the place of tho next convention,
to bo held In 1913.
Driven temporarily insnno by an
accusation of theft, a woman at Dram
bach, Saxony, killed her five children
and then committed suicide.
Tho seventeenth annual Lake Mo
honk conference on International ar
bitration Is In session Moro than 300
distinguished persons nro attending.
The annual meeting of tho trans
Mississippi commercial congress, set
for September next, will bo held In
Kansas City Instead of Oklahoma City.
By a vote of 93 to 3, tho members
of tho Minneapolis Fourth Church of
Christ Scientist, have decided to with
draw from tho mother church at Bos
Master bollermakers from all over
tho United States and from Canada,
Mexico and othor countries nro in
Omaha for the International conven
tion. A little boy threw a fire cracker
Into a hundred pounds of dynamite nt
Jefferson City, Mo., and as a result
one man will die and flvo persons are
The Joint resolution -admitting Ari
zona nnd New Mexico to Immediate
btatehood, hut withholding tho ap
proval of the constitutions f both
until tho people hnvo voted on the
proposed amendment, has passed the
News comes from Torrcon that four
Chlneso were killed at a laundry, nine
at tho railroad hotel, thirty-two at a
farm and 170 Chinese and Japaneso
were shot down on tho streots. Ru
mors have It that one German nnd
twelvo Spaniards wero killed as well
as a number of government sympa
thizers. Fire destroyed tho Northwestern
Cnn company's building, a five-story
brick structure, at Chicago, causing n
loss of $100,000.
To show the Interest Chlcngoans
feel In their children, it Is announced
that moro than 250,000 porsons have
vlfalted tho child welfare organization
during Its ses his,
Cheatervllle, the original homo of
Georgo Wythe, signer of tho Declara
tion of Independence, nnd said to be
tho oldest resldenco In America, was
destroyed by fire Monday, local his
torians Eny tho building waB moro than
I7n veurs o'.d.
Because of tho high tempornturo
eight babies died Mondny nt Cleve
land, O., making twenty-four deaths
of babies in four days attributed to
tho heat.
One thousand dclegatea nttended
the fourth nntlonnl convention of the
United Presbyterian men's movement
in the First Presbyterian church at
, Eight hundred students are on strlko
at Ohio Northern university at Ada nB
the result of tho expulsion of nine
students for participating In n pugilis
tic combat.
Six convicts under sentences of from
ono to twenty years each made their
cscapo from tho Illinois stnto peniten
tiary Saturday. No traco has been
found of them.
Hindus in Cannda nro protesting
against tho 0 stringent immigration
laws which now practically prohibit
members of that raco from coming In
to that country,
It is rumored that tho resignation of
President Dlnz will bo presented to
the Mexican congress Thursday. It Is
not expected that It will bo uccepted
before Saturday.
Flfty-thrco babies under 1 year old
and most of them only a few weeks
old, died In Chicago during tho four
days of extreme heat from May 1G to
May 19 Inclusive.
Notices were posted nt tho different
ports throughout tho United Kingdom
warning tho senmen nnd firemen to bo
ready to strlko on tho receipt of a
signal to that effect.
A section of tho Buffalo Bill wild
west show train was wrecked about
eight miles from Lowell, Muss. Four
men connected with tho show wero
Injured. All will recover.
As a result of ptomaine poisoning
caiihcd by eating pressed chicken at
a missionary meeting nt Peabody,
Kas., on April 30, Mrs. A. D. Nelson,
wife of a farmer living near there Is
Tho popo has requested tho cardin
als of the congregation of rites to
hasten the proceedings relative to tho
canonization of John N. Neumann,
who is redemptorist bishop of Phila
delphia. Colonel William Hayward. wlfo nnd
little son have arrived at their home
at Nebraska City after a trip around
tho world covering moro than 42,000
miles nnd which lasted over five
The Great Western Power company
will build nt Big Meadows, in north
ern Calfornia, a ieservolr that will
surpass In capacity the Roosevelt dam
and reservoir In Arizona and tho As
souan dam In Egypt.
Officially designated representatives
of tho Mexican government nnd tho
revolutionists havo signed a peaco
agreement Intended to end the hostili
ties that have been waged In Mexico
for the last six months.
Tho American society of tropical
medicine, which devoteB its attention
to the study of methods for the pre
vention and treatment of troolcnl dis
eases, Is holding Its eighth annual
meeting In yew Orleans.
The new Now York library, of white
ninrblo throughout, which hns been
twelve years in building and cost
moro thnn $10,000,000, was dedicated
Wednesday by President Taft, Gov
ernor Dlx and Mayor Gaynor.
Aii Immediate Investigation of
sweeping scope of the renewed charge,
that Senator Lorlmor or Illinois Is not
entitled to his seat Is provided for In
two resolutions by Senntors Dllllng
ham and La Folletto. in tho senate.
President Diaz Is seriously ill. Se
nora Dlnz Is authority for tho state
ment that the president Is Buffering
from a high fever. His condition Is
not considered immediately danger
ous, but Is worse than for somo days.
Tho search of Dr. Orvllle Owen of
Dotrolt, who hns been excavating In
tho mud of tho river Wye for manu
scripts which ho bolloves will estab
lish that Bacon was tho author of
the Shakespearian plays has been
Martin Scow, an Insane patient at
the Lincoln nsylum, choked to death
Charles Brookmnn, another Insane pa
tient, late Saturday night, slept in bed
with the dead man during tho night
and evaded tho discovery of tho crluu
until Sundny morning.
Will Rogers and Joo Wiggins, the
confessed kidnappers of Baby Wildo
Rogers at Las Vegas, N. M., on March
0 last, havo been convicted, tho for
mer getting llvo to twelve yenrs and
the latter seven to twelve years. In
the ab3enco of a statute for kidnap
ping In New Mexico, tho men wero
prosecuted for burglary.
"Fainting Bertha" Llebbeke, who
extended her reputation as a mem
ber of the 'light fingered gentry
through a dozen states was convicted
on a charge of shop-lifting nnd wns
sentenced by District Judgo Frost at
Lincoln to three years in tho penlten
tlnry. After an absenco of thirty-five years
In California. Joseph M. L. Malone re
turned to his former homo at Troy,
N. Y., to find that ho had been de
clared legally dead. A largo nmount
of property left by his parentB has
been divided among his holrs unnblo
to locate him.
Three hundred thousand dollars
damages has already been 'done, It Is
estimated, to tho dam recently com
pleted by tho United Statos govern
ment at Beo River on tho Colorado
river by the summer rlso of the
Peaco now reigns supremo in north
ern Mexico, where nows of tho sign
ing of a peace agreement has pene
trated. Tho only disquieting reports
wero private advices from Mexico
City that members of tho "clentlflco"
party, deposed by tho Mnderlst agree
ment, wero talking of starting an
other revolution against tho latter
Joseph Jonas of Wahoo Run Over at
What Is Going on Hero and Thsrs
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Weston Joseph Jonas of Wahoo
was run over by tho Union Pacific
freight and Instantly killed. Jonas,
an eyo witness states, disregarded
tho conductor's orders not to board
tho way car, ns tho train was to
back up. As he reached the platform
of the car ho lost his balance, falling
on the bumpers and from there under
tho wheels, which passed over his
Church Cornerstone Laid.
Osmond The cornerstone of tho
now $30,000 Catholic church at Os
mond was laid by Bishop Garrlgan
of Sioux City amid solemn ceremon
ies. Ho was assisted by Rev. Fathers
Peitz and Stnhl of Osmond, McNn
mara of Bloomlleld, Fehaly of Dixon
nnd Kuemper of Cnrroll, In. Before
the laying of tho cornerstone the sac
rament of tho first communion wns
administered by the Bishop to a class
of forty-four boys and girls.
A Great Cream Shipping Point.
Deshler Deshler Is said to be tho
greatest shipping point for cream in
Nebraska, with tho exception of re
ceiving points. For the next- three
montliB the shipments will nverage
1,000 cans monthly. Tho cows In this
section aro mostly grade shorthorns.
Bad Flro at Fllley.
Beatrice. The most destructive flro
In tho history of Fllley occurred Hhero
Thursday morning nnd wiped out the
entire block of tho business section
on tho west side of Mnjn street. The,
total loss Is placed at between $li,00
and $20,000, partly covered, by in
surance. Strychnine Tablets Cause Death.
York. Tho little son of Mr. and
Mrs. William Couch, near York, got
hold of some tablets which contained
strychnlno and ate some of them,
death following in n short time.
New Minister Arrives.
Auburn Rev. George Grzlb ar
rived last week from the Provlnco of
Slllsln, Germany, and hns accepted
the pastorate of the German Lutheran
church of this city.
Lost Three Fingers.
Oakland Frank Erlcson, while
playing with a lawn mower, caught
his lingers In tho blade and had three
of them cut off.
Fnlrbury voted wet at a special elec
tlon last week.
Holdrege will graduato forty-ono
students this year.
Sutton is contemplating tho build
ing of a new school hdusc.
Beatrice and Red Cloud will cele
brato the Fourth of July.
Scottsblult will celebrate the glor
ious Fourth lu amplified style.
North Platte Is to have a new hank
tho Platte Valley State bank.
Tho state Sunday school convention
will bo held at Grand Island, Juno G, 7
and 8.
A girl bnby about 2 weeks old was
found in tho waters of Indian creek,
just north of Beatrice.
Tho Republican valley medical as
sociation will bold Its annual meeting
this year in Cambridge, on May 2I.
G. W. E. Dorsey, former congress
man from Nebraska, Is seriously 111
at Salt Lake City according to a tele
gram to relatives.
Friends nnd neighbors of tho Rev.
Samuel Linn and family at Axtell,
tendered them n farewell reception
when he left to assume another pas
torate. Dr. O. C. Reynolds, a practicing
physician of Lincoln for sixteen yearn,
died suddenly at that placo.
A dam is to bo built on tho bluo
river near Bcatrlco to furnish power
for light and heat.
Tho baseball fever Is certainly at
Its height In Nebraska City, because
already three of tho ministers, those
of tho Presbyterian, Episcopal and
Methodist churches, havo organized
baseball teams which play gameB
each evening at the baseball park.
The Lincoln excise board has adopt
ed a rule requiring friends and rela
tives of habitual drunkards to furnish
pictures of tho bibulous ones for tho
better information of tho saloon
keopora nnd their bartenders.
Mrs. Joe Moss, wlfo of a prominent
Amhorsl business man, was instantly
killed in an automobile accident.
While harrowing corn F. Stucker,
living near Phillips, met with an acci
dent that resulted In his death.
Stona Piper, 8-year-old daughter of
Morloy Piper, a teacher at tho Btato
normal at Kearney, was fatally In
jured when she foil out of nn atjlc
window at her home.
During tho heavy windstorm at St.
Paul Saturday evening tho large
barn belonging to A. Kasperson was
blown down nnd wrecked. Two of
his horses wero killed.
Vandals wrecked tho furniture In
tho Christian church at Havclork.
Andrew Carneglo has sent $25,000 to
assist In erecting n science building
for Doano college at Crete.
John Aherns had his arm soverely
cut by n circular saw while nt work
in a carpenter shop nt Deshler.
A vigilance committee for the pro
tectlon of citizens ngalnst highway
men Is to bo formed. In Omaha.
John Wcors of Auburn wns Instant
ly killed by the accidental discharge
of a shotgun while shooting rats.
John C. Byrnes, who hns bedn very
sick for somo time nt Columbus, Is
reported on the road to recovery.
The new stool ..bridge for wagons
and foot passengers, recently ordered
built at Tokamah, Is now nearly done
Robert Nicholas of De Witt, aged
seventy-eight years, committed sui
cide by hanging himself enrly Sundny
Louis Guldn, nn Italian employe of
tho Omaha Gas company, bit tho ear
off Nick Lcvnta and took nway his
revolver when Levata tried to hold up
Some of the farmers around Colum
bus are replanting their Corn, the
heavy rain having washed much of II
out and to avoid a poor stand they nrc
putting moro In.
Dlscourngcd by tho drouth prevn
lent throughout southwestern Ncbras
ka, many fnrmers are plowing undei
wheat which they believe has been
dumaged beyond recovery.
With his wife lying dangerously Hi
In the next room, J. D. Robinson shot
nnd killed himself at his home In Lin
coln. Ho left a note saying that ill
health was the cause of his act.
William F. Stolley, a pioneer res!
dent of Hall county, well known tc
many of tho older settlers In othei
portions of Nebraska, died at Grand
Islnnd at the age ol eighty years.
Stephen L. Myrlck of Greensboro,
N. C, has been elected president of
Nebraska Central college at Central
City, and will take active charge of
tho institution this summer to shape
its affairs for the opening of the fall
Dick Kretsinger of Beatrice, who Is
attending Doano college nt Crete,
pitched a twenty-threo Inning game
ngalnst tho Peru normal team Thurs
day afternoon. Tho score was 1 to 0
In favor of Doane. Kretsinger pitched
tho entire gnmo and made tho only
run for tho Doano team.
Railway Commissioner W. J. Furse,
acting for ex-Governor Shallenbergcr
on behalf of tho citizens of Alma, pre
sented to each member of tho public
lands and buildings a beautiful photo
graph album containing pictures ol
Alma, tho Joseph Snyder farm adjoin
ing tho city which tho citizens offer
to tho state ns a site for the proposed
state agricultural school, and views of
tho surrounding country along tho Re
publican river. In addition ho pre
sented to each member a written
statement containing reasons why tho
town of Alma asks for the agricultural
About ton o'clock Saturday night
Martin Skow, a patient at the Lin
coln asylum, killed Cnnrles Brookman,
another patient, with whom he was
sleeping, choking him to death with
tho aid of suspenders taken from
overalls which he was wearing. The
crime was not discovered until Sunday
morning, shortly before the breakfast
hour at tho institution.
Lieutenant Colonel W. Edmund
Baehr of the First regiment, Nebras
ka national guard, of Omaha, nnd Cap
tain Roy E. OlniBtead, communder of
company A, First regiment, York, hnvo
been assigned to attend tho army
maneuvers at San Antonio, Tex., for
two weeks. The two officers aro to
report for duty at San Antonio May 27
At an election of oniccrs tho Ne
braska state dental society at Lin
coln, Dr. C. C. Fnrrell of Cozad was
elected president to succeed Dr. P.
T. Barber. Dr. E. H. Bruenlng of
Omnha, vice-president; G. H. Wal
lace of Omaha, re-elected secretary,
and W. A. McHenry of Nelson, treas
urer. Governor Aldrlch hnB received no
tico that tho next annual meeting ot
governors will bo held September 12
at Spring Lake, N. J. The scope of
tho meeting and the subjects to be dis
cussed have not as yet been an
nounced. Tho Btako races nt tho Btato fair
this year will comprise a record-break-ing
number of entries. There were
187 entered last year. ' So far 200 havo
been entered this year. This number
will probably bo Increased before tho
list is closed.
Is Preparing a Brief.
Arthur Mullen, attorney for the
state In tho caso of Chief of Police
Donahuo of Omaha, who has been ab
sent from Lincoln since the adjourn
ment of tho legislature, called at the
ofllce of Attorney General Martin 8
few days ago. Mr. Mullen as attorney
for tho state Is preparing a brief to
submit to tho refereo in tho Donahue
Governor Aldrlch went to Gothen
burg to .deliver an address to high
school graduates at commencement.
FTrNw2iLJcj yUv
Finally Cured by Lydia E. Piok
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Erie. Pa. "I suffered for flvo years
from femalo troubles and nt Inst was
almost helpless. I
went to thrco doc
tors and they did
mo no irood. so my
sister advised mo to
try Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vogetablo
Compound, and
when I hnd taken
only two bottles I
could boo a bitf
chango, so I took:
six bottles and I an
now strong and well
again. I don't know how to express
my thanks for tho good it has dono mo
and I bono all Buffering women will
give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vogetablo
Compound a trial. It was worth ita
weight in gold." Mrs. J. P. Endlich,
R. P. D. No. 7, Erie, Pa.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, mado from native roots and
herbs, contains no narcotic or barm,
f ul drugs, and to-day holds tho record
for tho largest number of actual cures
of femalo diseases wo know of, and
thousands of voluntary testimonials
nro on fllo in the Pinkham laboratory
at Lynn, Mass., from women who havo
been cured from almost every form of
femalo complaints, such as Inflamma
tion, ulceration, displacements, fibroid
tumors, irregularities, periodic pains,
backacho, indigestion and nervous
prostration. Every Buffering woman
owes it to herself to givo Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound a trial.
If you want special advlco wrlto
It is f rco and always helpful.
Colored Witness Certain That PrlncV
pals In Lawsuit Had Not Moved
From Hawkensvllle.
Tho object of the suit was to doter
mtno the ownership of a cow. Ono
of tho witnesses wns Abram Reese, a
colored man who had worked for tho
plaintiff. "I will ask you, Mr. Reese,"
said the attorney for tho defendant,
"if you wero present when tho ex
chango In questldn wns consummat
ed?" "I didn't see nuffln' o' dat kind,
mlstuh." "Perhaps you don't unfier
Btand mo. Wero you there when tho
trade was made?" "Yes, sub; I wua
dah w'en Mist' Hibba dono trado de
buggy for Mist' Simmons' cow."
"Wasn't there a dlfferont understand
ing between them at some later per
iod?" "De undo'standln' 'tweon 'em
wuz all right, suh." "I mean. 5Jr.
Reese, did they ever trado back?"
"Not as I know, sub." "So far as you
know, then, everything remains In
statu quo?" "No, suh," said Abram,
with much politeness, "dey's bofo of
'em Btlll In Hawkensvllle." Youth's
"If Is tho little things In this world
that cause us tho most troublo."
"Not In my business," replied tho
shoo clerk; "It's the big things, tho
owners of which want to put into lit
tlo shoes." .
With One Exception. .
Harduppc Every man Bhould mar
ry. Everything 1 havo In tho world
I owe to my wife.
Wigwng Don't forget that ten spot
you owe me. Philadelphia Record.
Employer I want a boy who Is ab
solutely trustworthy. Do you cvei
glvo business secrets awny?
Applicant Not much, boss! I Belli
'cm. Judge.
Feed Your Brain, and It Will Feed
You Money and Fame.
"Ever elnco boyhood I have been
especially fond of meats, and I am con
vinced I ato too rapidly, and failed to
masticate my food properly.
"The result was that I found myself,
r few years ago, afflicted with ail
ments of tho stomach, and kidneys,
which interfered seriously with my,
- "At last I took tho advice ot friends
and began to eat Grape-Nuts Instead
of tho heavy meats, etc., that had con
etltuted my former diet
"I found that 1 was ajt onco bene
fited by tho change, that 1 was soon
relieved from tho heartburn and indi
gestion that used to follow ray meals,
that tho pains In my back from my
kidney uffectlon had ceased.
"My nerves, which used to bo un
steady, and my brain, which was Blow
and lethargic from a heavy diet ot
meats and greasy foods, had, not in a
moment, but gradually, and nono tho
less eurely, been restored to normal
"Now overy nerve is steady and my
brain and thinking faculties aro quick
er and moro acuto than for years past
"After my old stylo breakfasts I used
to suffer during tho forenoon from a
feeling of weakness which hindered
mo 8erlously in my work, but since I
began to use Grape-Nuts food I can
work till dinner tlmo with all ease
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