The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 01, 1911, Image 3

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Crow Heads Puzzle the Officials
V ) 'SJANOThcnj b4 J
flN'DIANAPOLIS, IND. Hero is a
1 pretty Ucttld of llah. Tho ofllccs
of tho county clerks In Indiana nro
being filled to overflowing with tho
hends of dead crows, and tho result 1b
not pleasing to the sense of smell, to
say tho least. Cnmo about this way:
At tho last session of tho leglsldturo
the formers of tho state succeeded In
having a law enacted which placed a
bounty of ten cents upon tho head of
every crow. Tho farmers argued that
tho crowB destroyed much of their
crops by eating tho seeds after they
were scattered on tho ground and
were n, nulsanco in general. Every
body thought it would bo a good
schemo to nbollsh the pest by killing
off a largo number of the proline
crows. And so it camo to pass that
tho law was enacted and 'most every
body thought the question was solved
at once and for all time.
But it wasn't. The county clerks
nre the sufferers and complainants
now. Tho farmer boys spend their
Chinese Queues
CHICAGO. Prices of coiffures are
due for a slump nnd "milady of
tho boulevards" may soon be prome
nading down Michigan avenue be
decked in tho very latest of lato Im
ported puffs which but recently form
ed tho most conspicuous part of tho
hirsute adornment of tho Celestials of
South Clark street. "
It may seem strange that tho most
fashionable of Chicago's smart set
will bo able to purchase real "import
ed"' puffs, curls, braids, switches and
rats which wero once tho queues of
Chicago chop Buey waiters and Chin
ese laundrymen, but tho fact remains
Indisputable, for according to the edict
recently passed in China 90 per cent
of all tho Celestials in tho United
States have divorced themselves from
ono of tho most typically distinguish
ing features of the race tho queue.
Following a similar movo in tho
Chinatown of New York, San Francis
co and other cities, tho Chinese' of
Chicago the other day kept tho barbers
busy with tho shears and by night
thero wero few left along South Clark
street who could boast of tho "pig
tails" which wero their pride of other
days. Hip Lung, mayor of Chicago's
Chinatown, and tho leaders of tho
Wife Rifles Pockets! Then Beat Her
said irwn
his wire
Hi? POCrtnSj
Leo of tho superior court, in tho
course of a separation suit brought
by Elizabeth T. England against her
husband, John E. England, stated that
a man Is justified in chastising his
spouso if sho rifles his pockets.
The Englands have been married
about five years, nnd recently thero
has been trouble in tho household.
Mr3. England wanted separato sup
port from her husband when Bho came
Into court. Sho told on tho wltnesB
stnnd that they had threo children
and had been living happily enough
until a short tlmo ngo.
Ono night, sho related, Mr. England
arrived at his homo on Warren street
about 3 a. m., and proceeded to curl
up on tho floor. Mrs. England ad
mitted that sho thought he was asleep
and started to go through his pockotB
23aTr lfe
ym&&r'- rVv'IEfc i
Aero Landing and Lake on Roof
NEW YORK. New York within a
year la to have ono of tho most re
markable buildings on earth. It is
designed to replace Madison Squaro
Garden, nnd not tho least of Its fea
tures will bo a landing stage for fly
ing machines. A $2,000,000 structure
is to bo reared on tho sito of the old
Brewster carrlago factory on tho west
side of Broadway between Forty-seventh
and Forty-Eighth streets. It will
bo used mainly for exhibition pur
poses and various trades in tho sport
ing lino.
Tho Broadway project Is backed by
Interests identified with the Schlltz
Browing company of Milwaukee, rep
resented in New York by John Oh
xnels, rcBtauranteur, nnd Oscar
Schmidt. Tho building will bo erected
by tho Atlas Development company,
which In January of last year took a
long leaso on tho Brewster sito from
tho Sutphln estate
Tho now building Is to bo adapted
particularly to tho needs of tho au
tomobllo, motor boat and aviation in
dustries nnd their allied trades. With
XS-r-rk fa hrLw , beOn
4 '
"off rainy days" hunting crows. They
aro bringing thorn to tho county seaU
by hundreds. The hends nio strung
Hko so many bcnilti or pearls, and oft
en tho strings measure four or flv
feet in length. In communities whore;
tho crowfl nro plentiful and thai
seems to be nil over Indiana tho gun
tiers can bag enough crows (n a day
to realize a good compensation for
their work.
Hero is whero tho rub comes in.
Tho county clerk who receives and
pays for tho crow heads must keep
them until his books, stock and offlco
materials aro audited by tho county
commissioners, which 1b onco n year.
Now what Is the county clerk going
to do with tho hundreds nnd hundreds
of crow heads brought to his offlco7
Surely ho cannot put them away in
the safo with other valuables. Neither
can ho throw them away, for in that
event ho would have to stand tho
bounty money fPom his own pocket.
Tho result is that his offlco smells to
high heaven, nnd oven the salo of
marriage licenses has Buffered a
And that Is the reason the county
clerks of Indiana have signed a round
robin nnd forwarded it to Governor
Marshall, praying him to offer a solu
tion, or at least appoint a commission
for that end.
for Milady's Wig
famous Moy family, Moy Tong Geo
and Moy Tong Hoy, all bowed with
good grace before tho power of tho
Tho hnlr is being shipped by tho
Chinese to London where largo Eng
lish hair dealers will convert it into
coiffures of tho latest fashions and
of various shades, and then ship "real
imported" puffs back to American soil.
The money which tho Chinese in
this country will receive for tho hair
is to bo sent back to China.
Some time ago an edict was passed
to the effect that all citizens or for
mer citizens of China might cut off
their queues or retain them as they
saw fit. It was formerly one of tho
strictest laws of tho country that
every citizen must wear a queue, and
those without them wero not allowed
to return to the empire on pain of
sevcro punishment.
In search of n watch and ring which
she claimed belong to her. Hut Mr.
England woko up and gavo her a slap
in the face.
Sho tried to go through his pockets
again and testified that ho gavo her
a kick in tho back. Under cross-examination
Mrs. England told that sho
had struck her husband with a shoe.
After listening to considerable of
this testimony, Judgo Leo stated in
his opinion this couplo ought to bo
brought together and become recon
ciled. Ho brought out tho fact that
tho woman only wanted separato sup
port and probnbly would becomo
reconciled to her husband somo time,
and thought the proscnt a good tlmo.
Judgo Leo conferred with Lawyer
Thomas F. Cooney, who represented
Mrs. England, nnd Lawyer Arthur
dishing, representing Mr. England,
and they agreed to do what they could
to effect a reconciliation.
"But you must tell your client," ad
monished Judge Lee, vith a smile, in
nddrcsslng Lawyer Coonoy, "that sho
must not go through her husband's
pockets again. A man is justified In
slapping his wife if sho goes through
h'lB pockets."
this end in view, certain unusual
structural features have been planned,
such as a starting and landing track
on tho roof for flying machines, a
lake CO by 125 feet, also on tho roof,
for tho display of motor boats, and an
enormous freight and passenger ele
vator, 25 by 52, capable of carrying an
aeroplane, a 60-foot motor boat or
about 400 persons at ono trip.
Tho basement, which will havo a
very high ceiling, will contain a res
taurant seating 6,000 or 7,000 persons
and run on tho plan of tho famous
rathskellers of Berlin and Munich,
Tho roof will bo used as an open air
garden In the summer. Tho lake is to
bo utilized as a skating rink in th
(7 ,tl ..." jUl . '" iri
0 g7JW f. IfiflffiM
Johnson Fisher of Men and Fish
er of the Sea.
6upplement8 Meager Salary as Pastor
by Toll on Waters With Fisher
men .Tolls Every Work Day
nnd Preaches on Sunday.
Rockland, Me. Tho wind had
Veered around to the northeast and a
sudden snow ilurrv offered tho pro
moultory symptoms of an approaching
blizzard. Tho outer harbor In nn In
stant was blotted from view and tho
dull booming of tho breakwater fog
ilgnnl told mariners that thero was
danger abroad.
Out of tho gathering darkness thero
suddenly emerged a power bont well
known to tho hnbltucs of tho water
"Thero comes the parson 1" ex
claimed n longshoreman.
"Ay, it takes moro than n nor-caster
to keep him in port," said another.
Eventually the newcomer reached
an anchorage. "Crustucean," read tho
namo on tho bow. A man of medium
build, clad In nn oil coat covered with
frozen sleet, sprang nimbly up tho lad
der, with a hearty hnmlclasp and
cheery smllo for nil. "A bit nasty out
Bide," WttB his only comment.
"That's Johnson," explained n by
stander. "Ilov. Fred N. Johnson of
Swans Island, n flehcr of men nnd a
fisher of tho sen." Swan's Island is
about 25 mllcB southeast of Cnstlno.
It is in Hancock county, is about flvo
miles long by 2V4 miles wide, nnd tho
pcoplo living there nro largely en
gaged In fishing.
Rev. Frederick Norton Johnson had
no objection to telling tho modest
story of how ho supplements a mea
ger pulpit salary In a small Island
community with tho frultB of the sea,
tolling every weekday Hko his broth
ers, and on the seventh carrying splr-
Rev. Fred N. Johnson.
Hutu greetings to thoso who caro to
hear tho Gospel preached.
Born at Machlasport, almost within
6lght of tho "jumping off place," aB
tho downeastcr expresses it, ho has
Just turned forty-five. Ho Is a son of
Abram N. and Emily S. (Bryant)
Johnson. H1b father was a sea cap
tain in tho coastwise trade.
When Fred was four years old hlB
father gavo up seafaring nnd moved
to Vinalhaven. From Vlnalhavcn tho
family moved to Houlton, whoro tho
lad had two years of schooling and
thenco to Calais. In Mllltown, ncrosB
tho border, ho went to work nt sev
enteen ne loomflxcr in a cotton mill.
ThlB Job ho gavo up bIx years later
bocauBo of ill health.
Back to Vinalhaven ho went, firmer
than over In the conviction that thero
was another field for him tho minis
try. A theological education, so far as
It related to school or college, was
quite out of tho question, but tho
young mnn's will wns indomitable
and ho -went steadfastly at work on
the task of gaining self-education for
tho ministry. Ho was ordained at
Rockport, where, almost unaided, he
organized an Advcntlst church.
For n third timo Rev. M. Johnson
moved to Vlnalhavcn, this tlmo as
pastor of the Adventlst church.
Returning to Maine, ho was pastor
two ycarB at Brldgton, resigning
against many protests to Btay and
declining two calls which tho church
extended to him after ho had left
town. Mr, Johnson has held his pres
ent pastorate at Swans Island ten
For two years after going to
Swans iBland ho engaged in lobster
fishing and subsequently became
Btato agent for a concern dealing Jn
gas engines and supplies. Still there
remained time on his hands which he
was unwilling to sacrifice to idleness,
and ho took up tho task of boat build
x Urn ymMMmiMlmW
Kidney Trouble Never Returned.
Mrs. Everett Grlfllth, 2815 13. Indi
ana Ave, EvatiHvlIlo, hid., says: "I
was certainly In bad tthnpa from kid
ney dlseaso and It Is really a wonder
that I am alive today.
Tho kidney ncrrctlonB
passed Irregulnrly and
wero abnormally
thick; I had bad spells
with my head and at
times could hardly
stand. My left limb
below tho kneo be-
fff3Nm$h r vnmo FO ""-'"' bwoI-
'jrt fWA'l r Inn t licit I linr-ntt in
treat myself fur drop
sy and my back was so tuiro nnd lamo
I could not rnlfo tny anna nbnvo my
head. I was llnnlly Induced to tnko
Moan's Kidney Pills and In six weeks
I was well. My euro was mndo In
1S!H and 1 luivo enjoyed excellent
health ever since."
Remember tho nnmr-Moan's.
For salo by all denlers HO cents n
box. Fostcr-Mllburn Co, Buffalo, N.Y.
Mrs. Wiggins Our daughter Mary's
In love.
Mr. WlgglnB How do you know?
Mrs. Wiggins Sho rcferB to twi
light as tho gloaming.
"I wns taken with tho itch In April,
1904, and used most everything. 1
had a friend pay mo a visit from
Cumberland, nnd sho advised mo to
ubo Cutlcura Remedies which I did.
Tho euro was certainly quick, nnd I
ubo them to this day. I had It terri
bly under my knees. I only used ono
box of pills, but two boxes of Cutl
cura Ointment, nnd I uso tho Cutl
cura Soap all tho time. T hopo this
will benefit others, as It linn me, after
Dr. ' and otliers could do noth
ing for me." (Signed) Miss Lu John
son, 1523 Ninth St., N. W., Wash
ington, D. C, April 3, 1910.
In a later letter Miss Johnson ndds:
"Tho trouble began with an eruption
under my knees, nnd extended up
wards toward my waist, until 1 wan
not nblo to Bit down. It kept n con
stant itching nnd burning all the time,
night and day. I went to my doctor,
but ho could do mo no good after I
do not know how mnny medicines ho
gavo me, and then told me I would
bo compelled to go to n skin special
ist, which I positively refused to do. I
cried all tho tlmo. Finally I mado
up my mind to try Cutlcura Rem
edies, ond tried Cutlcura Pills, Oint
ment and Soap, and wob entlroly
cured of tho Itching threo days after
I Btartcd using them. Tho healing
took about eight days. I consider
Cutlcura Remedies marvelous, and
would recommend them everywhere."
Cutlcura Remedies aro Bold through
out tho world. Send to Potter Drug
& Chem. Corp., Boston, for freo book
on skin afflictions.
At All Hours.
"Professor, what do you consider
tho mobt wonderful thing in tho
"Tho brnln of a centipede; it 1b In
flnlteslmnlly Bmall, yet it has perfect
control over tho crcaturo'B entiro sys
tem of legs nnd feet."
Important to Mothers
Exnmlno carefully every bottlo of
CASTOIHA, a safo and sure remedy for
infanta and children, and sco that it
Bears tho
In Uso For Over 30 Years,
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Don't mind being laughed at; somo
day you may Bplash mud on tho laugh
ers with your touring car.
The herb laxative, Garfield Tea, prompt
ly overcomes constipation, bi!ioufnes,
lick-htudadic and insures better health.
Peoplo who say Just what they think
aro moro numerous than popular.
Sm f$
c hjm
vuow yy I ' x5S
The family with young children that Is
without sIcknesB In the house now und
then Is rare, and no It Is Importunt that
tho head of tho house should know what
to do In the llttlo emergencies that arise.
A child with a serious ailment needs a
doctor, It Is true, hut In tho majority of
Instances, ns any doctor knows, the child
BUftjern from somo intestinal trouble,
usually constipation.
There Is no senso In Blvlnp It a pill or
a remedy containing an opiate, nor Is
Hushing of tho bowels to bo always rec
ommended, Hnther Klvo It a smnll doso
of u mild, irentlo laxutlvo tonlo Hko Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, which, by denn
ing out tho bowels and strtnethcnlni; the
ColormoreKoodtbrlcriternndfastcrcolors than
dye any garment without ripping apart. Write
Next tlmo you'to out with Trlcnds,
and you're all wondering what you
ran drink to quench tho thirst some
thing thnt you'll all enjoy suggest
Everyone- will thank you for nn In
troduction to tho most delirious, re
freshing and thlrst-quenchlng hevorago
thnt nnyono could drink. It Is cool
ing relieves fatigue and Just hits tho
dry spot. At hoda-fountnlna or carbon
ated In bottlcB 5c everywhere.
As to Its whoIesomenesR write to
tho COCA-COLA CO., Atlanta, (In., for
n copy of their booklet, "Tho Truth
About COCA-COLA" compiled by authorities.
A man can get along without doing
much If ho has bciibo enough to know
what not to do.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is a positive cure for weakness nnd disease o( the feminine organism. It allays
, infiammationj heals ulceration nnd soothes pain. Tones and builds up the nerves.
Do not permit a dishonest dealer to substitute for this medicine which has
record ol -tO years of cures. " No, tliunk you, I want what I ask for."
Dr. IHerce't Pica fat Ptlletu Induce mild natural bowel movement once a day.
iir'eurfnt1poi0tlYrrfTfntlT.nnrettfrhowhomritnTitK Kra (nfaclM
or'ipnrl.M l.l'iulil.aliruon lb etctitfiiii tariff uii IbeltlomlftnilMUmlffi irtilL
tHinnnuiKtrmfnimlibnl7. mrral'Utrnir In Dng ndHhrplnlC'bor In
roiillry. f.rirot'lllnKlltitn-li rrinnlj, Curr I llrlrpo nmonirtiumni llnc
nl lfln. klilnrr mnaly, dflc ami II Ixitllxi H ml f 10 ft rtntvn. Cut thin out.
Krrplt. hhowtoToiirilrti(ir1t.wtiorllltllforiou. i rt Vooklet, "WMfroper.
Cum nil C'urrm" Hiwrl' f ntn wantixl.
Who She Was.
"Well," lnughed Squlggles, "some
men never know when they are
snubbed! Tho lndy you Just Bpoko
to wns about ns distant as they mnko
'em lu her greeting "
"Well, why shouldn't hho be?" re
torted Jabbers. "SIio'b a distant rela
tive of mine."
"By marriage?"
"No by divorce. Sho got rid of me
at Sioux Falls back In 1808." Har
per's Weekly.
Sure Thlnnl
Hubby (with newspaper) Well,
well! Another bank gone to BmnBh
nnd none of tho directors knew any
thing about what was going on.
Mrs. Votington Of course, not! It
wouldn't bo so If tho directors wero
all women. Boston Trnnscrlpt.
Give Deflnnce Starch a fair trial
try It for both hot and cold starching,
nnd if you don't think you do bettor
work,- In less time nnd at smaller cost,
return it nnd your grocer will give
you bnck your money.
And You Must Pay.
"Experience Is tho best teacher,"
quoted tho WIso Guy.
"Yes, but her charges aro mighty
high," added the Simple Mug.
Ihn Amlwiptli- Kwdrr to slmkii Into your iihiini, Ho
lloves Corn, llunlnnn, Ingrowlnu Nails, Hwollcn unit
Kni'iitlng frit, llllktom unci Cnlloun apl. BIJ
errrjrwlicro,26o. Dim turctptnnviuMitutr. Hum
plot'UUK. AUtlrua Allen H.OlmatcU, Le Hoy, N.Y.
The softest powder puff In tho world
Isn't ns agreeablo to tho touch of an
old majd's heek us a two dayB growth
of beard.
Beautiful Post Cards Free.
Send 2c stamp for live samplcH of our
very best Gold KmboRHetl Ulrtliday, Klnw
er urtd Motto Poht CardB; beautiful colors
nnd lovelltHt desknti. Art Pout Card Club,
731 Juckson St., Topcka, Kan.
Thoso with whom wo can apparent
ly becomo well acquainted In n fow
moments are generally tho most dif
ficult to rightly know und understand.
Mrs. WimilowVi Boottilnu flyrup for Children
If cUUni, KnftniH tlir friinis, rrtlucrn In Hum mil
lion, alluyn palu.curi tt wind colic. S&c a bottle.
Tho right kind of a decision today
will put powder in your gun for to
morrow. Garfield Tea cures constipation, keeps
the blood puro nnd tones up tho system.
Many a man succeeds because he's
a good gucsscr.
Lewis' Smcle Hinder, extra quality to
bacco, cobts more than other Be cigars.
Don't lot your money burn a holo
In somo other fellow's pocket.
little stomach muscles, will Immediately
correct the trouble.
ThlB Is not alono our opinion butNthat
of Mrs. N. II. Mend of I'reoport, Knna.,
whoso RrnnddaiiKhter has been taking It
successfully and of Mrs. J. It. WhlUnu
of Lena, Wis., who elves It to her children
nnd takes It herself. It Is sold in fifty
cent nnd ono dollar bottles nt every
drug store, but If you want to test It In
your family beforo you buy It send your
address to Dr. Caldwell and ho will for
waid u supply free of charge.
For tho frco samplo address Dr. W H.
Caldwell, 201 Caldwell building, MonU
cello. 111.
any other dye. OnclOcpackagecolorsoll fibers. They dye In cold water hetterthan any other dye. You can
for free booklet How to Dye. lilcjch and Mix Colors. MONRO!! OUUG COMI'ANV. (Julncy, III.
ThatTired Feeling
that is rntictl by Impure, impoverished
blood or low, run down condition cf the
system, in ImrduiiKotno nnd diicourncing.
Ik) not put up with it, but tal.3 Hood's
b'niMpnrilln, which removes it as nothing
eho does.
"I hud thnt tired feeline, had no ap
petite nnd nn niiiliiliou to" do nnythina. A
friend ndincl me to tnke Hood's Harm
pnrilln. I did m, ntiil kooii Hint tired
feelinc wan kmw, I hurt n i;oxl nppclito
I nnd frit well. I believe Hood's wived mo
I from n lnn illness." Mm. II. Johnson,
j Vct field, N .1
' (Jet Hood's Hnrpnnnrlltn tnilnv Tn liquid
form or In tulilttH Milled Sarontntio.
l In nrnit variety for mlniittht-lrwtil pr ri br
wNtnu Mnrti'rit ntnv,(i.iMf
W. N. U.. LINCOLN, NO. 21-1911.
Is only one of many symptoms which some women en
dure through weakness or displacement of the womanly
organs. Mrs. Lizzie White of Memphis, Tenn., wroto
Dr. K. V. Pierce, as follows t
"At times I was hardly able to bo on ray feet
I believes I bad every pain and actio a woman
could have. Had a very bad case. Internal
organs were very much diseased and my buck
wns very weak. I suffered a great deal with
nervous lieadnohcs, In fact, I suffered all over.
This was my condition when I wrote to you for
advice. After taking your 'Favorite Prescrip
tion for about three months can say that my
health was never better."
rink Typ. Eplzootla
Shipping Fovcr
& Catarrhal Fovcr
Splendid Crops
In Saskatchewan (Western Canada')
800 Dunhols from 20 aoroei
ol wlicut was the tnreaher a
return from a Lloyd
I minster farm in the
teuton of 1910. Many
iltltlt In thHtiitwellKD
I other dlttrlcts yield
ed from 25 to 35 bu-
thels olwhrnt to the
acre. Other crulrm In
orr thus drrlvril
In. m Ihn FIU',1:
if WvKlrru l.nnnda.
Till .-irnlli'iil klitjfflna cntMfc
nrlrr to iidvuncc. Ijtml Tnlnrs
Bl.miUl dnUulHln Inn yun' tliui-
(Iniln croii Inu.inUtiil fariii-
Ilig, uui riimiiiKMiiii iimry
iik nro nil prtilliithlr. u-t
lliiiiii-KlriKlixif 1110 urrrsnrt'
to l IiiiiI In tint very lirnl
rilntrlrtai 1IW ni'r r-enil-Hunt
l ttll.OD MTtu rn with
in nrliilii iiriiiK. SrlKiiiltuiKl
iliurrli-H In ttrry e.ttlr
incut, din ii tit unexcelled.
Mill I lie rli lii-itlt itiioiI. wutrr
mid liullilliig iiiiitcrlul
plentiful. IV
l-nr iHittlrulnrft ox to lontlnn.
Inn K'lilrri-' lullwa? rntra and
di-rrlitlvt llltiMratrd lanirblM.
"1jH lli-M WrM," nnd ollirr In
liiriuiit Ion. rlir U) Hup'tnf lininl
Linitlcin, (ittnwn, I'linoiln. or to
t'unudlun Uimrnicmi A genu
Room 4 Bn Blrfc Omitii, Rib.
I'lm.o write to ttie nernt nr rmt you
Ths Pleasure of Llrlmrln thoConntrr
Umall Town Is Greatly Knhanced br a few
City Conveniences, tho Most Neceisurjr
and Comfort Olving- of which Is a Satis
factory Gas Supply,
Ga to Lijfit with.
Gaa to Cook with.
Cat for Laundry purpotet.
Gat to baat water for tho bath and
other utot.
Gat to operate est anclna for
pumping and other purpotaa.
You can havo all.'theso con
veniences cheaply and
automatically D7 in
stalling the
will not Inertait your Imartaet
rtt.t OuUMtiiMktloferlOyfin.
Mdrttliftn I&.OU la um Id Rii
dncti,ltum, rtrtor.i.C1iurcti.f,
Kehonlj. Colltf.i. Hoipitil, liwlll
l'ar You tilnt.atli.t.. WHUdi
lxir SOW poil-f U4.
4SS r.M Slrail, Ottrm, UM.
cuiciiTt ritMiliiM riniHi
In Wn!iltiirton County, Kansas, must be void to
elute nn t-Htute. Kine opportunity for practical
farmer with eijulpincnt unll,n0Uorf5,00Ucnsh.
Allundei'cultlvatloii, Alfalfa lanil. Corn.wbeat,
ontn, cane, growing thin nciihun, meadow and
tiaxiure, orchard, necr falling Nprlng. two
hoiiNCM, etc. Will sell entire or tn U section
tracts. - Detail Information on request. Add.
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