The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 25, 1911, Image 3

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Sotxhy School Lcuoo (or Msy 28, 1911
Spsdilly Arrang (or Thli Papar
I.KSSON TKXT-Mlcah 4.1-S.
MEMOltY VK118B-2. J.
noi.niJN Ti2XT-"Natlon Shall Not
Lift up Sword Against Nation, Neither
.blinll They l.oarn War Anymore." MIc.
4 '3.
TIME Mlcnh prophesied In tlir rclKnf
of Jothatn, Altnz. anil itcrekluli, wlio
reljsneil (Ueechcr) from H. (.'. 754 to U. C.
I'LACH-He probably lived In hi tin
tlvo town, Morcflhcth'gath, sotithwviU oJ
IMIOPHCTS-Isalah and Ilosea.
This Importnnt lesson deals with
n subject Hint Is of tho greatest
moment In our modern life, a prob
lem Unit 19 rapidly approaching solu
tion. After ages of warfare the world
seems nenrlng tho era of pence. In
the forming of Tho Hague Tribunal
tho world has takon, In our lifetime,
by far the longest Btep ever taken
toward realizing tho Christian Ideal
of universal brotherhood. Hut, strange
to say, while this has been going on,
tho world's expenditures In prepara
tion for war have been Increased be
yond anything tho past has known or
imagined, so that the coat of a mili
tant pence has becomo tho world's
henvlcBt burden. Wo arc to dlscusB,
therefore, as a vital, urgent theme:
"Tho Terrible Kvlls of War, and the
Coming of tho Reign of Peace."
Mlcnh has beon picturing tho sins
of his nation, and the terrible punish
mcut that was to como as a result.
Now he turns In a flash to a contract
ing picture, tho glorious, peaceful
reign of Messiah.
Thero Is no thought that this hnppy
time Is to conclude numan existence,
but It Is to bo the last stago of hu
man existence, and Is to be unending.
Mlcnh saw the beloved Mount Zlon,
tho eastern, Temple hill of Jerusalem.
It was called the tower of the flock,
tho flock being tho Hebrews, and tho
Tomplo being compnrcd to the watch
tower Into which the shepherds Went
for shelter fn a storm or for protec
tion from robbers. It Is also called
tho strong hold. Zlon Is not a moun
tain but only a small hill, about 40G
feet above tho valley; yet tho propliet
saw It rising grandly and surely un
til It was lifted up far above tho
loftiest summits of tho highest moun
tains on earth.
Ho saw restored tho first dominion,
tho glory that was his nation's under
David and Solomon; yc3, even more
than that, since ho saw many nations
flow unto It to learn of tho ways of
Jehovah, tho teachings of tho true
religion. Flow Implies an Impetuous,
voluntary onrush, like the Inward
sweep of the GO-foot tides In the nay
of Fundy. Nations then will bo "born
In a day." Converts will como by
Pcntecosts. Tho earth will bo filled
with tho kuowlcdgo of tho Lord, as
tho waters cover the sea. It Is from
this trlump.innt Church or God that
universal peace will spring. It can
not como from any other source.
Tho central thought of this magnifi
cent passage Is tho reign of Messiah,
thnt which all our churches exist to
establish. Tho most striking evldenco
of that reign is tho inauguration of
universal peace.
An effective federation of tho na
tions, such as might fitly bo called
"Tho United States of tho World."
will take tho place of war. It will
havo a world constitution, a world
legislature a world judiciary, and a
world executive, Just as Individual
nations now have tbeso Instruments
of government.
Wo can lnaugurato tho reign of
pcaco by helping tho peace societies
do their noble work. By studying tho
question In Sunday schools and pub
lic schools. I)y an earnest advocacy
and study of missions, which do more
than anything olso to cultivate tho
Bplrlt of lovo for other peoples, and
understanding of them. By protest
ing" against tho war Bplrlt In con
gress nnd against tho appropriation
of vnst Bums for unnecessary war
ships. What are recent gains in tho direc
tion of international peace and fed
eration? Tho establishment of tho
International court of arbitration at
Tho Hague, which Is tho beginning
of tho world Judiciary. The enacting
by tho nations of more than eighty
treaties agreeing to submit disputes
to Tho Haguo court for, arbitration.
Tho peaceful settlement of more
thnn GOO international disputes, somo
of them most dangerous, such ns that
caused by tho firing of tho Russian
fleet upon British fishing vessels In
tho North sea. Tho establishing of
tho Central American high court of
natlonB. Tho forming of tho inter
national buroau of American repub
lics. The placing of a beautiful
statuo of Christ upon tho summit- of
tho Andes between Chile and Argen
tina, In token of Uielr agreement not
to fight each other. Tho forming of
tho Interparliamentary union, a largo
body mado up of members of tho vari
ous national parliaments nnd con
gresses, working Bteadlly for pcaco.
Tho beginning of a world cxecutivo
by tho formation of many Internation
al bureaus, such as tho universal
postal union, tho International bu
reau of agrlculturo, nnd tho Interna
tional committee of wolghta nnd
measures. Tho growing opposition to
war on tho part of financial Institu
tions and business men and on tho
part of organized labor. When tho
laboring men of tho world declare
that they will no longer sorve In
armies and tho business men doclaro
that they will no longer pay for war,
this torrlblo curso will nurely be at an
Six Nations Interested in Series
of investigations.
Mast of Information Concerning Con
ditions In High Altitudes Is Be
ing Obtained Weather Bal
v loons Uced for Tests.
Omaha. Six nntlons nro Interested
In a Bcrles of Investigations now be
ing carried on In Omaha by tho United
States government and collaborated in
by tho governments of England, Ger
many, Franco, Italy and Belgium.
Theso Investigations have for their ob
ject tho thorough exploration of the
atmosphere at a holght of moro than
ten inllos nbovo tho earth's surface,
nnd so successfully nro they being car
ried out that a mass of Information
concerning conditions existing as high
as eighteen miles up In tho air has
been secured. Similar explorations
aro bolng conducted in tho countries
named nbovo nnd when these are
completed nil Information gathered
by each country Is to be exchanged
with nil other countries engaged In
tho Investigations.
Tho rosenrch Is being prosecuted
with the nsslstanco of "wenther bal
loons," which nro sent aloft Louring In
attached baskets a number of dellcato
contrivances for measuring whatever
conditions nro met on tho trip from
earth through tho clouds and back
again to earth. The experiments con'
tlnuo for two weeks, a wenthor bal
loon being Bent up each afternoon
during that period by each of tho six
governments. When tho information
thus gained Is proporly arranged tho
meteorological bureaus In each of tho
countries talcing part will recolvo tab
ulated copies.
Tho llttlo ballooiiB, which nro bIx
feet In diameter, nro so nrranged thnt
that they will explodo somewhero far
nbovo tho tcn-mllo lcvol, tho exploslvo
force being tho hydrogen with which
tho bag Is filled.
Ono of thero balloons recently
renched a height of 18 miles beforo
bursting and at that altitude tho torn
peraturo was only 35 degrees below
zero, although nt a point between nlno
and ten milc3 high the records showed
A Weather Balloon at Omaha.
that a temperature of 91 degrees be
low zero had been gone through. On
this particular dnto tho temperature
at Omaha, the starting point of tho
balloon, was 47 degrees above zoro.
Another balloon registered nn air
current traveling nt a rnto of moro
than 100 miles nn hour.
Tho instruments used nre so deli
cate that ono of thom that for meas
uring tho humidity depends for Its
record upon the distance that a human
hair will lengthen on passing through
a stratum of air which contains slight
ly moro molsturo than did tho stratum
Immediately below it.
Tho records aro inndo upon a soot
covered cylinder by a stylus point, op
erated by a level, which In turn ia
controlled by tho Instruments. This
cylinder is slowly turned by a clock
work arrangement, nnd when the box
Is returned to tho wenthor station a
glanco at tho sooty covering will give
tho ntmosphorlc pressure, tho humid
ity, and tho wind velocity nt nny
height traversed by tho balloon.
Tho strand of hair used In tho in
strument for determining tho humid
ity Is chemlcnlly dried beforo It Is
placed In position. Thereafter, upon
passing through n moist stratum, tho
hair absorbs a portion of tho moisture,
tho hair lengthens nnd tho stylus
point records tho chnnge on tho cyl
inder. If tjio next stratum Is dry
somo of tho molsturo in tho hair Is
evaporated, tho hair becomes shorter,
and tho cylinder makes tho record
The air pressure Is determined, or
recorded by tho aid of a small cyl
inder, from which most of tho air has
been drawn. A small plunger, to
which Is attached a stylus point,
makes tho 'necessary scratches on tho
soot-covered cyllndor.
Drapery on Poster Women.
Now York. Thero was Joy In Ja
maica, especially among the members
of tho citizens' committee, over tho re
ceipt of a letter from a bill posting
company which has to do with tho
"Immoral posters" which havo deco
rated tho fences for somo time.
Tho letter was Bent by P. L. Ilann
of Brooklyn and was to the effect" that a
grent reform will bo worked In tho
matter or tho displaying of burlcsquo
houao posters, Mr. Ilann Informs tho
committee that hereafter when n bur
lesque poster shows n woman In
tights, "something will bo placed over
these tights hiding-from vlow any of
tho woman's baro limbs."
Before taking Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Kntlck. Mnss. -"I cannot express
what I wont through during tho change-
of lifo before-1 triea
Lydla K. JL'inkham'a
Vogctublo Com
nouiid. 1 was in such
a ncrvoua condition
1 could not keep
still. My Umbo
woro coltl, 1 had
creopy sensations,
nnd 1 could not sleep
nights. I was finally
told by two phys
icians that I also
had a tumor. I read
ono day of tho wonderful cures nindo
ly Lydla E. Pinkham's Vcgotablo
Compound and decided to try it,
nnd it lias mado mo a well woman.
My neighbors and friends declaro it
had worked a miracle for mo. Lydla
U. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is
worth its weight in gold for women
during this period of lifo. If it will
help others you may publish my
letter." Mrs. Nathan B. (Ikkaton,
Dl X. Main Street, Natick, Mass.
Tho Chango of Lifo is tho most criti
cal period of a woman's existence
Women overywhero should remember
that thero is no other remedy known
to mcdiclno that will bo successfully
carry women through this trying
period as Lydla 12. Pinkham's vcgo
tablo Compound.
If yon would lilco special ndvlco
nbotit your ouso ivrlto ti confiden
tial letter to Mrs. Plnklmin, nt
Lynn, Muss. Her ndvlco ia free,
and always helpful.
It sometimes happens thnt a street
fight reminds a married man that
thero aro other places like home.
Importnnt to Mothors
Examlno carefully every bottlo of
CASTOKIA, a safe and Buro remedy for
Infants nnd children, and seo that it
Tlnnro i)t
Signature of (&ffi4ZM
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's. Castoria
Doctor You aro considerably under
weight, Blr. What havo you been do
ing? Patient Nothing. But I'm a retired
grocer. Doc. Puck.
Well Mated.
Thus tho lnqulsltlvo boarder:
"What has become of tho old-fashioned
woman who used to call a wed
ding reception an Infaro?"
UQBponso by tho white-haired
"I think sho married tho old
fashioned man who used to crnck his
knuckles regularly twlco a day."
His Wurst.
Tho German proprietor of a Brook
lyn delicatessen storo has got far
enough nlong to pun In English. A
writer in tho New York Sun reports
tho fact.
Hanging In tho window of tho llttlo
shop Is this advertisement:
"Tho Best You Can Do Is Buy Our
Wurst." Youth's Companion.
Difficult to Answer.
Explaining tho happenings of tho
sixth dny of tho crentlon, Miss Fran
cos Hartz read to her Sabbath school
class: "And tho Lord God formed man
out of the dust of tho ground."
"Well," spoko up ono kid, "that's
nothln' new. Did ho put him In tho
sun to dry, tho way wo do our mud
Miss Hartz discreetly Blurred tho
answer and proceeded with her les
son. Clovcland Lender.
ftW v -r?N&-'tf
jri' "if..v..v
la It possible to nourish, strengthen and Re
build tho Brain by Food?
Every man who thinks uses up part of tho
brain each da!yi Why don't It all dlsnppear
and lcavo an empty skull In say a month of
brain work? Bccauso tho man rebuilds each
If ho builds a llttlo less than ho destroys,
brain fag and nervoiiB prostration result sure.
If ho builds back a little moro each day, tho
brain grows strongor nnd moro capablo. That
also 1b aure. Where does man got tho material
to rebuild his brain? Is it from air, Bky or tho
lco of tho Arctic sea? When you como to
think about It, tho rebuilding material must
bo In tho food and drink.
That also Is aure.
Aro tho brain rebuilding materials found in
all food? In a Rood variety but not in sultablo
proportion In all.
To Illustrate: wo know bonoa aro mado large
ly of llmo and magnesia taken from food;
therefore to mako healthy bono structuro wo
muBt havo food containing theso things. Wo
would hardly food only sugar and fat to mako
healthy bono structuro In a growing child.
Llkowloo If wo would feed In a skillful man
ner to insure getting what tho brain requires
for strength nnd rebuilding, wo must first know
what the brain Is composed of and then select
somo artlclo or articles (thero aro moro than
ono) that contain theso oloments.
Annlysla of brain by an unquestlonablo
authority, Geoghegan, nhowa of Mineral Salts,
Phosphoric Acid and Potash combined (Phos
phato of Potash) 2.91 por cent of tho total,
6.33 of all mineral Salts.
This Is ovor ono-half.
Bcaunls, another authority, showB "Phos-
Many a time thin summer you'ro go
ing to bo Just about done out by tho
hent hot, and so thirsty It Just seems
nothing could quench It. When such
moments nrrlvo or when you Just
want n delicious, palate tickling drink
step Into tho first plnco you can find
where they sell COCACOl.A. It's do
llelous, refreshing nnd completely
thirst-quenching. At sodn-fountnlns or
carbonated in bottles 5c everywhere
Send to the COCA-COLA CO.. Atlanta,
Gn , for their free booklet "Tho Truth
About COCA-COLA." Tells what
COCA-COLA is and why It Is so doll
clous, cooling nnd wholesome
When a married woman prays for n
hat, tho lxml may answer her prayer,
but It's her husband who pays for It.
Mr. Wlnnln-vN I'oolliltij? Prrup for Children
Iri'thltit;. wifteiii tin- Kii'nx, rt-ilut'CH luDiumim
tlon, ullaj ialu.ctir-a wind i-ullc, Sic u bottle.
Many a girl would promise to marry
a man If sho thought ho wouldn't be
so silly ns to expect her to llvo up to
her promise.
Beautiful Post Cards Free.
Ronil ic Htnmt) for flvn Mimplrs of our
very best (lolil Kmbossert nirt Inlay, Flow
er nml Motto I'oM C'nriln, ticiuitlfui color
mid lovt'lliat dculKtis. Art Pot Card Club,
731 Jnckiuii St., Topului, Krui.
Strictly Business.
Mrs. Knlcker Did you hold n short
session with your husband?
Mrs. llockcr Yes, I merely had hlra
pass uu appropriation bill.
Tor over fifty yonr Ttlieumntlnm nml
N'rurnlBia nitTerrr havo found prent re
lief fn Hnmlin Wizard Oil. Don't wait
for inllinuiintion to et in. Get u bottle,
To the Point.
Over In IloboUen In a shop frequent
ed by tiermaus, hangs a sign framed
lu mournful black, reading thus:
"We regret to Inform our honored
customers thnt our good and generous
friend, Mr. Credit, expired today. Ho
was a noblo soul, always willing nnd
helpful, but has been fulling for somo
time. May ho reft lu pcaco. 1'AY
Age of Oysters.
Oysters grow only during tho sum
mer and especially during tho long,
warm summers ntthat, and nro scarce
ly big enough for tho mouth beforo
tho third year. It Ib easy after look
ing over a bunch of shcllB to tell how
old an oyBter Is. A summer hump nnd
tho winter sink como ncross tho shell
every yenr, but nfter tho seventh or
tenth year full growth conies; then, by
looking at tho slnka betweon tho
humps It 1b hnrd to tell anything moro
about Miss Oyster's ago. Oysters live
to bo twenty years old.
A Question of Change.
A etnry Is going tho rounds of a
couplo of young peoplo who uttended
church recently. When tho collection
was being taken up tho young mnn
commenced fishing In his pocket for
a dl mo. His face expressed his em
barrassment as ho hoarsely whis
pered: "I guess I havon't a cent, I
changed my pants." Tho young lady,
who had been examining tho unknown
regions of woman's dress for her
purse, turned a pink color and said:
"I'm In the same fix."
Had Hla Troubles.
"Michael Dolan, an' Is It yourself?"
"Yes; suro it Is."
"Well, yo know thot bletherln' spal
peon, Wlddy Castlgan's second hus
band ?"
"That I do."
"Ho bet mo a bob to a pint of whis
ky I couldn't Bwally an egg without
breakln' tho shell uv It."
"An yo did It?"
"I did."
"Then phwntB allln ye?"
"U'b doon thero," Inylng hlo hnnd
on tho lower part of 1i!b waist coat.
"If I Jump about I'll break It nnd
cut mo stomach wld tho shell, an' If
I knpo quiet It'll hatch and I'll bavo
a Shanghai rooster scratchln' mo Inside."
Get Away From It
phorlo Acid combined" nnd Potash 73.44 per
cent from a total of lOl.OJf
Considerable moro than one-half of Phos
phato of PotaBh.
AnalyslB of Grape-Nuts showsi Potassium
and Phosphorus (which Join and mako Phos
phato of Potash) is considerable moro thnn
one-half of all tho mlnoral salts In tho food.
Dr. Geo. W. Carey, nn authority on tho
constituent elements of tho body, says: "Tho
gray matter of tho brnln Is controlled entirely
by tho Inorganic cell-salt, Potassium Phos
phato (Phosphnto of Potash). This salt unites
with albumen and by tho addition of oxygen
crentcs nervo fluid or tho gray matter of tho
brain. Of courBO, thero Is a traco of othor
salts and other organic matter In nervo fluid,
but Potassium Phosphate is tho chief factor
and has tho power within Itself to attract, by
its own law of affinity, all thlnga needed to
manufacture tho elixir of life."
Further on ho Bays: "Tho beginning and end
of tho matter la to supply tho lacking principle,
nnd In molecular form, exactly bb naturo fur
nishes It in vegetables, fruits and grain. To
Btipply deficiencies this la tho only law of
Tho natural conclusion ia that If Phosphato
of Potash Is tho needed mineral element In
brain and you uso food which doca not contain
it, you havo brain fug bccauso Its dally loss la
not supplied.
On tho contrary, If you eat food known to
bo rich In this element, you placo boforo tho
lifo forces that which naturo demands for
Mind does not work well on a brnln that Is
broken down by lack of nourishment.
A poacoful nnd evenly poised mind la neces
sary to good digestion.
Fine Scheme.
WlfpPlcaso match this plcco of
silk for mo beforo you como homo.
Husbnnd At tho counter whero tho
sweet little blontlo works? Tho ono
with the soulful eyes and
Wlfo No. You'ro too llred to shop
for mo when your day's work Is done,
dear. On second thought, I won't
bother you.
one flic mimller nftr tinlnu AUrn'n Kool-Knup,
tlio antltpptto powder to bp Klmkni Into tlia
ilioc. It imilirH tlithturnow Hliuct fci-1 oimj
Atfutt tuhititulet For I-'rre trlnl jmoUntc, ml
Urr k Allru H. OiUalttl, L Hoy, N. V.
An nrtlst Is ono who enn erento
thnt which him the power to haunt
tho mind.
ml ! I
lingering cough, bronchitis, or bleeding at tho Iunjs, it will brinrt about
cure in V8 per cent, of all cases. It is a remedy prepared by Dr. It. V. i'ierce,
cf Ihiualo, N. Y., whoso advice U given free to atl who wish to write him. His
great success has come from his wido experienco nnd varied practice.
Don't be wheedled by n penny-ftrabbintf dealer into taking interior suhsti- '
titles (or Dr. Pierce's medicines, recommended to bo "just ns good." Dr. .
Tierce's medicines are op known composition. Their every ingredient printed
cm their wrappers. Mado from roots without aloohol. Contain no habit-
forming drugs. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
hs8T7At?l 2'D2$33?&4SHOEsXwRoiim
W. I. Douclus shoos cost moro to mako higher ;railo leathern nro u.iod and RoU'Cted with grcitter
caro. Tlmso nro tlio reasons why W. 1. Douglas Mioes aro gunr
antoed to hold their nlmpo, look mid lit hotter and wear longor
than uny other times you can buy.
Tlio flcnuino hnvo W. L. Douglas nomo tho retail
price stamped on the bottom, which guarantee full value
and protects the wearer against high prices nnd inf eriorshoes.
If your rifidf r rnnot nrrly yon nlth lht nuln
for Mull orilcr t'AUlou. sW -nt rttwt from faHory n wrurf r. Ml fhrn i?!1 iMrJ?
prtptlil. V. t.. Duiinlut. 1-13 Nunrk. Ml.. Ururkiun. Musi. t2. 00,62. 00&33.0O
Child's Idea of Goodness Set Forth
In Perfect Faith, Without
All things nro relative, and to tho
child, gazing at lifo and its wondurs
with eyes ub yet undimmed by so
phistication or sorrow, nothing Is Im
possible, nothing unspenkuble, noth
ing too sacred to bo discussed or too
dllllcult to bo attempted. Not Irrev
erence nor lmpertlnonco, but Inno
cence prompts such speeches ns that
recorded of tho child of n popular
Journalist by his devoted paternal
"Grandma," said tho llttlo boy, do
Ughtcdly nddresslng her, "do you
know what's going to happen? Papa
says that It we'ro real, real good, ho'U
tnko us to tho circus!"
"That's nice," smiled tho young
hearted ndult between whom nnd tho
eager youngling no hint of ngo sepa
ration mars perfect comradsllp. "How
good do wo hnvo to bo?"
Tho embryo man, nfter a moment of
silent consideration: "Oh, ns good as
God, I gucuU"
A Poetic Prosecutor.
John Bums, city prosecutor of St.
Paul, was trying to show Judgo Flno
huut why somo young men ought to
bu lined for tearing pickets off tho
fenco of Mrs. Joo Gocslk. Mr. Burns
"I know Miko Chlcket toro off that
picket, nnd tho lady took offence."
"No lady Is charged with tnklng a
fenco," replied Judgo FInohout, "nnd,
besides, tbla is no place for poetry."
Not Particular.
She I heard Freddy Flcklo has do
elded to marry and sotUo down to a
particular girl.
Ho Huh I Sho can't bo.
"All Run Down"
Describe the condition of thousand of
men nnd women who need only to purify
nnd enrich tlioir blood. They fed tired
all the time. lCvcry tank, every rcponl
bllity, lini become hnrd to them, bccnuna
they have not tlrenitth to do nor power
to endure.
If you nre one of thcue nil-run-down peo
ple or arc nt nil debilitated tnko
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It purifies nnd inriolicn tlio blood, and
btiildi up tho whole s)stem.
(Jet It today In utml liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Snrsotnbo.
DATHMTC KnnnnpniiM ttMflp. In patent. Vm
rW 1 1.(1 1 O trrtfotirlilm. nnrftl iiagn liook Urn.
l'ltigurnlil& Co.. Hits K, WiirililiisUin, U. C
Do You Feel This Way?
Do you feel nil tired out ? Do you sometimes
think you itiit can't work nway (it your profes
sion or trudc any longer? Do you lino n poor npe
tltc, nnd lay mvnke at nij'hts unnblo to deep? Arc '
your nerves all (one, and your Btomach too? I Ins am
bition to fordo ahead in tho world left you? If so, you '
might as well put n atop to your misery. You can do it it
you will. Dr. l'iercc's Golden Medical Discovery will
mako you a different individual. It will set your lazy liver
to work. It will set things riht in your ctomach, and j
your nppctito will como back. It will purify your blood, j
II there is any tendency In your family toward consumption, j
it will keep that dread destroyer away. Even after con- -sumption
lias nlmost gained a foothold in tho form of
than ordinary Mioos.
W.MIotulai tlio. wrlln
Ho doesn't caro for money,
But his purao is far from slim;'
It's big enough, thoy say, to mako
His money caro for him.
To the Childish Mind.
Dorothy Ullman of E. Eighty-fourth
street, Is n voryillteral young porson.
To her mother's 'definition of tho All
Seeing Eyo sho returned a question
no to tho size of tho eyo. ;
"Can God boo overythlng?" sho con
tinued. "Yob, denr. Ho can boo overythlng,
at all times."
That afternoon Dorothy escorted her
mother down town. Beforo nn op
tlclnn's display she stopped. Then,
"Mother," sho asked, pointing to tho
big' winking oyo in tho window: "la
Goda eyo as big us this?" Cloveland
If You Have Money. ,
"That fellow GotroxN is a multimil
lionaire Ho has moro money than
"Well, what docs he want with,
Worry, anxiety, fear, hate, etc., etc., directly
lnterfcro with or stop tho flow of Ptyalln, tho
digestivo Julco of tho mouth, and also intor
fcro with tho flow of tho dlgcstlvo Juices of
stomach and pancreas.
Therefore tho mental stato of tho individual
hns much to do (moro than suspected) with
Brain la mado of Phosphato of Potash aa
tho principal Mineral Salt, added to albumen
and water.
Grape-Nuts contain that element as moro
than one-half of all Its mineral Baits.
A healthy brain la Important, if ono would
"do things" In this world.
A man who sneora at "Mind" sneors at tho
best and loast understood part of himself.
Thnt part which somo folks bellovo lluka ua
to tho Infinite.
Mind asks for a healthy brain upon which
to act, and Nature has defined a way to mako
a healthy brain and renew It day by day ub It
la used up from Work of tho previous day.
Naturo'o way to rebuild is by tho uso of
food which supplies tho things required. Brain
rebuilding material la certainly found in
"There's a Reason"
Postum Cereal Company, LtA,
Battle Creek, Mich,
n 8
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