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The Chief
C. B. IIALK, Publisher
Tho News of Many Cllme3 Told In
' Short and Pithy Paragrapho, Writ
ten Exprcosly for tho Dusy
Man's Perusal.
Ex)ortallou8 of liinnufiicturcs In
March were at the rate of more than
one billion dollars a year.
Senator Stone of Missouri has urged
Intervention In Mexico and eiijh the
Americans are being "murdered."
Tho Independence of the Philippine
Islands Is contemplated in a Joint reso
lution Introduced by Senator Goru of
Congressman John A. Maguire of
Nebraska Is greatly pleased over the
passage of the farmers' freo list bill
In the house.
lioth Nebraska senators say tbut the
tariff bill will bu benettclal rather than
harmful to tho farmer, as well as to
the lest of the country.
Tile tariff bill jmsscd tho house by a
vote of L'liti to lO'.t, tho democrats vot
ing solidly and mustering twenty-four
republicans with them.
Olllclal conllrmatlou of t lie intention
of President Diaz to retire bus been
received by Senor Zamacona. the Mex
ican ambassador nt Washington.
Considerable interest in tho presi
dential situation in J'Jl'J alone serves
to break the monotony of endless dis
cussion on the so-called farmers' free
list bill.
Tho houso of representatives has
called upon the secretary of the treas
ury for a detailed statement of all
money spent by tho monetary commis
sion eIiico its organization.
Postmnstcr General Hitchcock has
designated thirty-six additional post
olllccs as postal savings depositories,
which, including those previously se
lected, will make a total of lli!) estab
lished sinco January 1.
For the first time in nine years, the
original Declaration of Independence
and Constitution of tho United States
Xcro taken from their nblding place,
opened to tho light of day and found
In as good condition as when they
were placed in the cues especially do
tlgned for their custody.
General Ncwb
There Is nn epidemic of smallpox
nt the Missouri state university.
After a light of only four hours
rebels captured Juarez Wednesday.
Des Moines teachers are on tho
verge of a strike for an advance In
Hobcrt Hagley, 17 years old, was
killed while attempting to board a
train nt Chicago.
Tho municipal lighting plant ut
State Center, Iowa, was destroyed by
tire of nn unknown origin.
Mexican gold coin to the amount of
nearly ?I.O0O has been received at the
federal subtrcasury and assay olllco in
New York.
Uelween 5,000 nnd n.OOO settlers on
the Laborator coast are suffering from
food shortage and the effects of a se
vere winter.
Having tilled his bag with tropical
fauna, Col. Roosevelt plans In tho sum
mer of 11112 to try his luck at polar
bears in Greenland.
Tho Canadian Northern railway has
lost fifty miles of track and a dozen
wooden Tirldgctv from forest fires now
raging In Manitoba.
An entire family was wiped out near
l.uthcr. Mich., when Casey Van Ueren,
a farmer, shot and killed his wife, his
two children and himself.
Popular feeling ngaiusl the Turkish
government on account of the Jerusa
lem incident is so strong that the min
istry may be forced to resign.
The first court of King George's
reign and the first big ceremonial
function sinco tho death of King Kd
ward was held at Buckingham palnce
The Florida stnto senate has passed
a drastic bill which prohibits the salo
of llipior to habitual drunkards, re
quires saloons to close from S o'clock
tiutll 7 o'clock the following morning,
abolishes all screens and forbids music
or games in saloo:.
The American Federation of Labor
has issued an appeal for funds for the
defense of the McNaninra brothers, In
Jail In Los Angeles for using dynamite.
Fourteen laborers, residents of
Portsmouth, O., who were chnrged
with selling their votes at from $1 to
?3 each, have been disfranchised for
five years.
Two hundred nnd fifty houses wore
inundated, docks along the wnter front
were wrecked and mnsses of lea fifteen
feet thick scattered nlong tho princi
pal streots of Fairbnnks, Alaska, as n
result of the greatest Hood ever known
Threo men were- burled under six
teen feet of dirt by a cave-in at a
gravel pit near McPhcrson, Kns. The
men were dead when reached.
Judge- Itobcrt B. Fleming, who was
a freighter fro mthe Missouri river to
Pikes Peak during tho gold exeltonient
there in the fifties, is dead at St. Joseph
Tho Catholic club of New York has
completed elaborate arrangements for
tho reception to be given In honor of
Cardinal Gibbons of Ualllmore.
Tho tilal of Mrs. Iloxey on a chargo
of bigamy, at St. Louis, has again been
Eight bodies have been recovered
from the ruins of tho Kniplro music
hall at Edinburgh, Scotland, which
burned Wednesday night.
A long-awaited edict abolishing the
grand council of China and substitut
ing a constitutional cabinet of ten
members was issued Monday.
The new Anglo-Chinese agreement
for immediate leduction and final ex
tinction of tho exportation of Indian
opium to China has been signed.
'. The Australian astronomer, Wraga,
reports having witnessed from Llfu
iBland. one of tho lxiynlty group, tho
total eclipse of the sun on April 29.
The Japanese military commission,
headed by Major General Yamcguchl
and Todoye, lias arrived nt Berlin for
tho study of artillery fortifications.
Milltnry rule wl.l bo established In
Pittsburg nnd other Knnsns towns un
less the prohibitory law is more rigid
ly enforced by the local authorities.
Joseph Axtcll. a hotel fireman, was
shot and killed at Salt Lake City whllo
trying to stop n bandit who had
robbed a pawnshop of ?u,000 worth of
Mrs. Lymnn Ucechcr Kellogg, one of
the first women admitted to the Kan
sas liar and a widely known club wo
man, is dead nt her home in Emporia,
aged 01 years.
Seating himself at a piano and play
ing a march as the pupils filed out, a
Pittsburg schoolboy prevented a panic
when an alarm of flro in the building
was turned In.
One mnn wnc shot and four others
were slightly Injured during a light
between special follco employed by
the Oklahoma Street railway company
and union men
Jgseph 11. KInghnm, assistant post
master of the Cheyenne office, has
been chnrged with the embezzlement
of ?L,;!,:i::r), which he had taken from
the money order department.
Arsenic In tho coffee nt a dinner in
the olilcers' quarters at the Minnesota
soldiers' home enmo near resulting
fatally to several of the guests, and
tho matter will be Investigated.
Sixty-two babies were rescued from
death by burning when flro destroyed
tho Mary Marilla Hobbs building of
tho Methodist deacons orphnnngo at
liiike llluff, a suburb of Chicago.
Renewal of the trouble between the
Muscatine button workers and the
manufacturers Is expected, and It may
be necessary for Governor Carroll to
again take a hand In the dispute.
Tho body of Halsey C. Ives, tho art
director of tho city museum of St.
liOiils, who died at London Friday
night wns cremated nt Golden's
Green. Tho ashes will be sent to the
United States.
Following the closing of the Paw
tuckett, R. I., grammar school Friday
it was announced that a boy suffering
from a pronounced case of leprosy
had been taken from tho Institution,
which Is attended by 500 children.
The application of John J. McNn
mara for the fixing of bail on the
charge of dynamiting has been disal
lowed by Superlod Judge Uordwell nt
Is Angeles without prejudice nnd
with leave to renew It at any time.
San Antonio That Torreon, Coa
bulla state, Mexico, has fallen into the
hands of the revolutionists Is the news
In (i private telegram received in San
Antonio. Tho telegram was in cipher.
Alva Iiruner. soventeen years old,
whose family is believed to live In
Omaha. Neb., Is dead at Colorado
Springs as tho result of Injuries re
ceived In an attack on Plko's Peak by
an unknown assailant.
Cludnd Juarez is now the provisional
capital of Mexico, and Francisco 1. Ma
dero, jr., provisional president, nnd his
staff, have taken possession of the
place after winning tho bloodiest bat
tle of the Mexican revolution.
Flags were dlsplnjjd on all public
buildings In Mndrid Wednesday and
at tho naval and military stations the
customary salutes were fired in honor
of tho fourth birthday annlvorsnry of
tho Prince of Asturins, eldest son of
King Alplujiiso and heir to tho Span
ish throne.
The attorney general of Kansas de
clares that all Sunday performances
of any nature In that state are a vio
lation of the law, and has Instructed
sheriffs to arrest any mannger at
tempting to operate vaudeville, mov
ing picture, or legitimate show houses
on that dv.
At 10: IT. o'clock Saturday night the
Joint assembly of tho Colorado legisla
ture, balloting to select a successor to
tho late 1'nltod Statcs.Sonator Charles
J. Hughes. Jr., was formally dissolved,
leaving unbroken the deadlock which
has existed sinco January 12.
The legislative commission of tho
Presbyterian church will endeavor to
raise $3,00u,u00 for benevolent nnd
nihslonary purposes.
Incendiaries nro said to have set fire
to the Juarez postolllce, the Northwest
ern freight depot, passenger station,
city market place and other public
Ropresentatlvo Sloan .of Nebraska
spoko In the houso against the pend
ing farmers' freo list bill.
The Rev. Father John Tohnn. eighty
four years old, a widely known edu
cator of tho Jesuit society, Is dead at
St. Marys. Kan.
Glasgow. Threo stoamors sailed
from the Clyde Saturday carrying
Scottish emigrants bound for Cnnndn
and tho United States.
General Portlrio Ulnz has Issued a
manifesto to tho peoplo of Mexico de
claring his Intention to resign the
presidency as coon as is re-
1 stored,
What Is Going on Hero and Thorn
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Aurora. Tho stnto declamatory con
test was held hero with a largo dele
gation from many towns over the
stnto In attendance. Tho contest was
divided Into threo classes and occupied
tho entire afternoon nnd evening.
In tho orntorlcal class Elmer Nel
eoa of Sidney won first place; Earl
Williams, Eddyvlllc. second; William
Medlar, York, third. In tho dramatic
class, Harry Hawkins of Stanton won
first; Mary Bowman, Broken Bow,
second; Viola Beckler, Crnwford,
third. In tho humorous class, 13. M.
Burr of Aurora won first place; Leo
Cheney, Cambridge, second; Bculah
Smith, Alliance, third.
Tho Judges were Professor W". E.
Gllson, Donne; Mies Beiilnh Ohninp,
Wesleyan; Miss Altai Walton, Nebras
ka University, nnd W. 11. Plasters, Ne
braska University.
Revolution Too Slow.
Lincoln. Rex McDlll, a former Lin
coln .university student, has written
homo that life with the Mndero forces
on tho Mexican border Is too dull for
an American who Is really seeking
excitement and that ho has now re
turned to El Paso.
Victim of Peculiar Accident.
Humboldt. S. Parker of this place
wns the victim of an unusual accident
which nearly cost him his life when a
bottlo of carbolic acid In his pocket
was accidentally broken. His body
was badly burned, but It Is thought
that ho will recover.
Killed in Runaway.
Osmond. John Beltz, a wealthy
farmer residing near Foster, was killed
In a runaway. The front axlo of his
buggy broko down nnd ho wns thrown
over tho dashboard and kicked to
death by the frightened horses.
k.1 . V'f H I
Deshler has sent
brooma to Boston.
u ear load of
Scottsbluff has been incorporated as
a city, and is putting on lots of airs.
The state encampment of the G. A.
It. will bo held at Kearney .May 17 to
Twenty-one hoboes were guests of
tho city In the Jail at Wymoro In one
"Undo Zed" Goodwin, a pioneer of
western Nebraska, is dead at Alli
ance. Merchants of Fremont nro talking
up a big Fourth of July celebration
Music will hereafter bo one of tho
courses of study In tho Auburn public
Plans are being mndo for an avia
tion meet at the state fair grounds on
.May 2 1 nnd 25.
Over 200 delegates wero present nt
tho annual Sunday Bchool convention
at Osceola last week.
Hastings won out against Grand
Island In tho contest for tho next camp
of the Modern Woodmen of Amorlca
in 1011.
Rev. Farley, pastor of tho M. E.
church at Shlckly, is dangerously ill
with blood poisoning caused by prick
ing himself with a splinter.
Rev. W. W. Talt. Into pastor at Mln
den, has gono to Tecumsch, where ho
will become the pastor of tho First
Presbyterian church In that city.
Surveyors for tho proposed lutcrur
lian from Omaha to Fremont nnd
thanco northwest to Norfolk have com
menced setting stnkcs In Fremont.
Flro broko out In the opera houso
nt Mason City and was with difficulty
extinguished. Tho volunteer lire de
partment did some work. John
Frazler almost lost his life In bringing
a woman from tho burning building.
Ho was badly burned and partially
overcome by tho heat and smoke.
John Wrlg'it was caught In tho
elevator of tho new First National
bank building nt Lincoln and had his
head and face badly crushed, but It is
thought he will recover.
Eighteen carlonti.3 of Russians, men.
women nnd children, havo left Lincoln
for tho boot Holds of tho west. Tho
crowd of laborers Is bound for Bill
ings, Mont:, and Rnncliestor, Wyo.
Hurry S. Ayres, station agent nt
Franklin, fell under a fast freight
train nt Culbertson, whllo attempting
to board tho moving train. One of his
legs was cut off at tho thigh. Ho Is
not expected to live.
Miss Ollvo Griffith, a Nebraska girl,
whoso parents llvo nt Pnwneo City,
lins raturncd to her homo after nearly
6lx years' absenco In India, whero she
lins been a missionary since her grad-
nation from tho University of Nebras
ka. M. W. Cozier, who together with his
wlfo was poisoned by eating greens,
died nenr University Placo Friday.
Ills wlfo died a couple of weeks ugo.
Lloyd Knox, tho 1-yenr-old 6on of
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Knox of Rlverdalo,
died of blood poisoning which resulted
through severely burning his hand on
a t-tovo Monday.
AH Btato offices were cjosed during
tlio funeral of tho lato Lieutenant
Governor Hopewell.
Tho voters of Fnlrbury will decide
at a special election on May 1G wheth
cr the town is to have saloons or not.
The nnnunl convention of tho Ne
braska Stato Pharmaceutical associa
tion will be held In Falrbury June 1J
to in.
Lawrence Hnnaka, twenty-one years
of age, committed suicide at his homo
two miles cast of Shubcrt Saturday
Whllo Mr. J. A. Cook, was crossing
tho street nt Auburn he was knocked
down and run over by an ntilo but was
not seriously hurt.
Thos. P. Kennard, a pioneer Nebras
kan, was Injured when a Lincoln street
car struck tho buggy ho was riding In
and demolished It.
Tho board of education of Spring
field has elected O. E. Ileacock, o
graduate of the state normal, princi
pal of the high, school.
W. II, Gnrdnor of University Place
has been appointed county stiperln.
tendcitt by tho Lancaster county com
missioners. The uppointment follows
tho death of O. II. Morris.
Damage conservatively estimated to
be In tho neighborhood of $75,000 re
sulted from a flro that for a time
threatened tho destruction of the
Crelghton university arts building nt
Mrs. Grnce Gerry, who, at the ago of
more than 82 years, recently died in
Glltner, was a niece of Elbrldgo Gerry,
signer of tho Declaration of Inde
pendence nnd vice-president of tho
United States.
To Pass on Qualifications.
Lincoln. Robert W. Porter of Alma
has appealed to the supreme court
from the mandamus Issued by Dlsfrict
Judge Harry Dungan to compel Porter
to turn over to Miss Jean McKeo tho
moneys nnd books belonging to the of
fice of treasurer of tTTo city of Alma.
Unless the court holds that she has
no right to tho office or is disqualified
in holding it, Porter will have to com
ply with tho demands of the lower
Tho supremo court held several
months ago that another woman, Ger
trude Johnson, was qualified to hold
the office of county superintendent In
Cherry county.
Mrs. John N. Hubbard, who was
elected as city clerk of Almn, will also
have her qualifications pasead upon In
the samo case.
Job for Board of Pnrdort3.
Governor Aldrich has saved a Job
for the advisory board of pardons. He
has decided not to take up the appli
cation of Mrs. Nnnnio Hutchinson of
Nuckolls county for a vardon for her
self and her .son, who were convicted
of murdering Ell Feasel, a farmer for
whom -Mrs. Hutchinson kept house.
Tho woman Is serving a sentence of
ten years nnd tho son a sentence
of twelve yours. A brother of tho
murdered man proposes to resist the
application and tho governor will de
fer action till tho board of pardons
comes Into existence, July 7.
Tho legislature failed to mako a spe
cific appropriation for state aid for tho
building of bridges nnd sinco the dis
covery has been made It Is said State
Auditor Barton will not draw warrants
on tho treasury until tho nttornoy gen
eral or tho courts decided that such
warrants shall bo drawn. In any event
no part of tho one-fifth mill levy can
bo drawn out of the treasury until the
lovy Is made by tho state board of
assessment and until tho money Is col-
No more examination periods will be
tho 'rule next year at the stato univer
sity. According to a series of rules
passed at a. meeting of tlio university
Bcnatc, class work will contlnuo
throughout the year, and tho final ex
aminations will bo given at the regu
lar class hours, Instead of discontinu
ing classes for nn entire week at tho
end of each semester ns Is now tho
rule and scheduling all examinations
for this period.
Circulating magazines, on tho seven
dny book plan, forms a now feature
at the Fremont public library.
Stnto Accountant Tulloys 'has an
nounced tho completion of his four
weeks' Investigation of tho nccounts of
tho Boatrlco institution for the feeble
minded for the two years ending Jan
uary 2(5, 1911. As n result of his ex
amination ho found discrepancies
amounting to $1,30S.47 In tho accounts
of T. E. Stewart, bookkeeper or tho
lnstltuto during tho superlntcndency of
Dr. O. L. Roe of Bcntrlce.
Falrbury will hold a Bpeclal election
May 10 to decldo the question of
saloons or no saloons'.
Tho secretary of state reaped a rich
harvest for tho salo In nutomobllo
registration fees during tho month of
April. Ho collected from that source
$12,108.90. Soon his feo will bo paid
to counties Instead of to the state, if
tho bill passed by tho last legislature
can bo so interpreted with nil of Its
contradictions. Tho feo is not cnlled
a license feo In tho old law becauBO If
It wero a llcenso feo tho money would
havo to go Into tho state school fund.
So tho law makers call It a "registra
tion fee," nnd tho money goes Into tho
general fund of the state.
Captured Border City Settling Down
to Normal, But Watchful Eye
Maintained for Possiblo
Outside Attack.
Jnurez. After a long conference
of rebel chiefs, the appointment of the
following members of tho provisional
cabinet was announced:
Minister of foreign relations Dr.
Vnsquez Gomez.
Minister of finance Gustavo A. Ma
de ro.
Minister of war Venustlano Carran
za. Minister of interior F. Gonzales
Minister of Justice Jose M. Pino
Private secretary to President Mn
dero Juan Sanchez Azcona.
Jaurez. .Mexico's provisional gov
hns become an established fact with
the nnmlng of a cabinet by Francisco
I. Mndero. Jr., provisional president
and the estnbllshment of a capital at
the captured city of Juarez.
Secretary of War Carranza will
hnve chargo of the railroads and tel
egraphs, and his first act was to grant
permission for tho repair of the Mexi
co Northwestern railroad. A gang of
men Immediately set to work repairing
tho torn up road bed south of Juarez.
Gonzales Garza will havo charge of
tho mall service and Secretary of tho
Treasury Gustavo Madero will direct
tho nfTnlrs of the custom house.
That the insurrecto army Is more
than an armed mob was shown in the
complete absence of looting and of In
toxication and tho quickness with
which the shattered city was cleared
of its dead and wounded.
Tho embargo against visitors was
removed Thursday morning, and cur
ious sightseers by the thousand poured
across tho bridges leading from El
Will Move on City of Mexico.
San Antonio. "Unless President
DInz resigns nnd peace Is made at
once, General Francisco I. Madero, my
brother, chief of the revolutionary
movement, will bo lending a force of
10,000 men through tho streets of Mex
ico City In less than a month. This Is
no idle talk. It Is the military plan
which he has made."
This statement was made here by
Alfonso Madero, recently a peace
Lutheran Synod Convention.
St. Louis. Many states are repre
sented at the annunl convention of
the Missouri synod of the Lutheran
church, which has met in this city for
a ten days session. The synod Is the
largest Lutheran organization In the
country. One of the interesting fea
tures of tho meeting will be the cele
bration on Sunday of the one hun
dredth anniversary of the birth of Dr.
Walther, tho founder of the synod.
No Successor to Senator Frye.
Washington. Tho inability of tlio
republicans In the sennto to control
a caucus edict without the aid of the
progressives was demonstrated In the
ceiiato when, after more than two
hours of effort nnd as a result of seven
ballots, tho sonnte failed to elect Sen
ator Galllnger of Now Hampshire as
president pro tempore to succeed Sen
ator Frye of Maine.
Will Walt a Bit.
Washington. Secretary Knox, whllo
ready to enter into negotiations with
New Foundlnnd for a reciprocity ar
rangement upon lines similar to the
moHsnre now pending before congress
has decided to await the action of
congress on tho Canadian bill before
proceeding with what would bo a use
less task in tlio event that tho Cana
dian arrangement fails.
Washington. It Is Indicated that
Secretary MacVcugh will call for popu
lar bids on an Issuo of $50,000,000 of
Panama bonds in a fow days.
New Bishop for Lincoln.
Rome. Announcement has been
mndo at tho Vatican that the Right
Rev. Mgr. J. H. Tlhon, chancellor of
tho diocese of Wichita, Kas has been
appointed bishop of Lincoln, Neb., in
succession to tho lato Right Itev
Thomas Bonacum.
Washington. Tho Joint resolution
providing for election of United States
senators by direct vote of the people,
which already has passed the house, Is
to bo taken up In tho senate and kept
beforo It until voted upon.
Big Bond for Road Building.
Peking. An Imperlnl edict has been
Issued authorizing tho Hukwang loan
of $30,000,000 for railroad construc
tion In central China. It was signed
a yenr ago by financiers representing
tho United States, France, Great Brit
ain and Germany. Deaplto provincial
opposition tho amount of tho loan ro
mains at $30,000,000.
Bradford, Pa. Forest fires havo
broken out In tho oil fields nbout here
and It Is feared tho loss of oil proper
ty will bo heavy.
Is the specific remedy for that
tired feeling so common in tho
spring or upon the return of
warm weather. It purifies
and enriches the blood.
Get it today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called SnrBatab8.
ShnKe Into Your Shoes 4
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til (i liar. Allen's Foot Kits male
tight or new aline I ml eaty. It ma.
certain relief for Ingrowing nail, per.
fplrinr, callouiand tired, erlilna-feet.
We hate n?er ftl.ooottntlmnnlala. Tit Y ,
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Uant bj mail for 126c. In atampa.
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UseAlrnV l'flih. sickly Children. Sold t I
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MOt-Ute." Trial 1'ackaneHtEE. Acldrmii,
The Wretchedness '
of Constipation
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Purely YegctaUo
act turdy aocl
gecUy oa tho
liret. Coxa
UU1X' " jaf. '
n:, and Indigestion. They do trior duty.
SmIl POL Small Do. 'Small Pric. f
Genuine outtim Signature
Many Women There Are Who Will
Understand Just Why Long-Suffering
"Worm" Turned.
Several years ago an Atchison couplo
wero living happily together. Tho
community wns shocked ono day when
tho wlfo applied for a divorce and got
It. Tho story of tho divorce 1io.b coma
out. It seems that tho wlfo went Into
the kitchen and "slaved" all day. Sho
mndo bread, pies, cake, cookies and
pork and beans. Sho boiled a tongue,
mndo a potato salad, stuffed eggs,
mado a custnrd and brown bread.
When her husband camo homo at
six o'clock In the evening ho found her
dressed up. And on tho tnblo wan
cold tongue, pork and beans, fresh
bread, cako, cookies, pie, potato salad,
stuffed eggs, brown bread nnd cus
tard. The wlfo thought her husband,
would ay: "You poor darling, how
you havo worked today!" Instead, ho
said, in a surprised way: "COLD sup
per! Lord, but you havo an easy,
time!" Ills wife did not answer hlra.
Sho was speechless with rage, and
ho does not know to this day why sho
nsked tho court to bo divorced from
a BRUTE. Atchison Globe.
Time Saving.
A new version of tho new long fa
miliar "whllo you wait" sign Is found
In an uptown nvonuo whero n barber
shop and a tailoring shop stand sldo
by side. In front of tho building hangs
n sign on which aro displayed tho
name of tho tailoring concern nnd tho
name of the barber shop and this an
nouncement: "Suits cleaned and pressed whllo
you aro getting shaved." New York
Gerald Coffco keeps mo nwako.
Geraldlne Me, too; I always drink
an extra cup when I know you nr
coming to call.
Sincerity transforms nil things. Tho
greatest fault, If It Is nvoided In a
loyal kiss, becomes a verity mora
beautiful than Innocence.
Poverty Is by common consent an
ndmlrnblo training for mental and
moral perfection In others. Flnloy.
Get the
with cream
for a breakfast starter pro
duce it.
And there's a lot in starting
the day right.
You're bound to hand
happiness to someone as you
go along, and the more you
give the more you get.
Buy a package of Post
Toasties and increase the
happiness of the family!
"The Memory Lingers"
Uattlo Creek, Mfcb.
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