The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 20, 1911, Image 1

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Stnto Historical Society
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volume xxxvnn.
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A NcwsiwiJf.r That filvcs The Fifty-two Weeks Eacli Tor $1.50.
ED CLOTJD, !C 111 A SKA, A1MML 4J. J)11.
NUnUSll I (J
"i))n"t carry large Minis of inonov
mound with yon. Holdups uio not
iliilic.ud of.
Don't hide money nrouud the hnuso.
Tl ore arc u fow burgluis left.
Don't be extravagant, put your
money i tliis bank and add all you
eau spare to it.
Don't fail to take this advice and you
will have an easy and happy old ago
Interest Paid en lime Deposits
rvxrrff rrhhr9dn
ojf gjtrrrTi.T.'gnf
.hid llailoy and family of Kcd Cloud '
Wire in (Jt.wles Wednesday vhlting
William U'aller.
I-' A. Good ha put in two much
needed eiossincs (his woek. Lett ho
Rood work go on.
I)r i uulk bus an uncle visiting him.
C V Fuller, of the firm of Fuller k
iIohtiMou. is in the state capital thlsi
weik I
The base ball game between the
111 ue Hill high school and the Cowlesl
Homer Parker won the medal at t ho
L. T. i contest al the MethodWt
church laM Monday evening. Pour
boys and four girls contested. The
Judges wire Mr. M. Iiovltl, Mrs. I A.
Pace and M K. Ulckard.
.I.M Stanley was stricken Satuiday
night nlont ten o'clock anil passed
nwuy Tuesdav morning at four o'clock
without having regained conscious
ness, He leaves a wife, Ihrco sons.
John, Arthur mid (Jhcslor, and two
uaugniers,.Miss MiiiciMuuicvniiu Mrs
high school resulted In a score of 8 fo Miimit. lvtlit Tho rmK.ravui lv t
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President, ' S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
5 in laor of lUue Hill. You will have I
to learn how to play ball, boys.
.Mrs. Charlie Rasser is on the sick
Mr and Mrs. Al Decker Sundayed
at Connie. Rasser's.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Alf Suladcn and family
spoilt Sutiduy at Charlie Prisbie's.
Mrs Charlie Lewis and son spent
Sunday with Mrs. John Kmlck and son.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lue Uergflold and
daughter spent Sunday at Charles
Tho B.ister exercises weio well at
tended at tho Leslor school house.
tiet busy and come every Sunday.
Mrs I2d IHmcs has returned homo
from Hastings, where she had been
called to attend bar sick grandson.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Knsser, Tom
Simpson, Miss Dollio Rasser, Ed King
and Miss Mary Ilolcomb Sundayed at
Andrew King's.
R, Uussell visited Mr. Halo's Sunday
Messrs. J. Jensen and S. Jensen vis
ited friends Sunday.
Hen Reed and sons visited his daugh
ter, Mrs. Pearl Huns'idcer.
Ocorgo Scott was in town the latter
part of last week on business.
Mrs Iviiutsou and (laughter weic
visiting Mrs. P. Knutson Tuesday.
The Durlington Railroad company
is raising its tracks and bridges south
of town.
Mrs. (Ultchey) Ilcrriuk came in Sat
urday evening for n short visit with
hor parents.
llrothcr Rose of ISlue Hill has beou
engaged to preach for the people of
Cowlos at tho Christian church every
twp weeks.
Ira Columbia had a dunce Saturday
Tho Mel'ica family have moved to
the country.
Theio was a club dance at the hall
Monday evening.
Alva Miner and Archie Lambert are
doing cement work at Cowlcs.
J. S. Gleason visited the first of the
week with his sons neur the slate line.
C. R Vnuirhan is fencing Ills halt
block of alfalfa in the west pnrt of
George I' nil Held and faintly wore
Sunday guests at the homo of Dr. C.
L. Holes.
Reese Stickloy and family spent
Sunday with his son Alva Stickley
and family.
O. J Kailcy and family moved Tues
day into the Mlllor property ill the
north part of town.
Mrs. J. S Gleason nnd daughter, Mrs
Will Payne, returned Sunday evening
from a visit with relatives near Hub
boll. Mrs Anna Gregg of Corpus Christ),
Texas.vlsited recently with her sister,
Mrs. L.C. Cono. She departed Tues
day for Iowa to visit other relatives.
Superior Thursday.
0? The Rod Cloiid Blind on Hit: Exnlnft
o? April 27th
The New rrivnl.
March and Two step Anthony S
Hits of Remlck'a lilts No. .'.
Medley Qverturc ,1. llodewalt Lampe
A Mexican Idyl.
On the Mesa-Grande Louis Maurice
Trombone Solo Answer
A. G. Robins Roy Robinson
IluvilumVs Happy Hits.
Medley Overture No. 1 R. L. Hallo
Zeonn Waltzes Wm. Arnold
Star Spangled Itaunor.
J E. Bin., Director
F. NE WHOUSE - - Dry Goods
One of the little helps to good
health we're selling for children is
the Nazareth Waist.
Can be worn over the underskirt
if extra warmth is desired without
Being clastic knitted it does not bind or
interfere with the movement of the child.
If the children are complaining of the cold
protect their chest with Nazareth Waists.
Sizes 1 to 13 yrs: for boy or girl.
Price 25c.
The best brass pin made at 5c.
Their is nothing so aggrevating as
to have a needle bend when you
are sewing. Try ours they do not
bend, 5c a paper.
Pearl Buttons, the kind that wash
and do not turn black at 5c a dozen
and all the better and fancy ones at
10c up to 60c a dozen.
At her home adjoining this city, Ann
Scott, April IGth. 1911, at the agoof 70
years, 1 mouth and 1 day. Mrs. Scott
was the wife of Henry C. Scott, county
assessor, and the two came to Nebras
ka in the year 1870. They wore marri
ed in August, 1802, and to this union
were born nine children. Five of tho
children survive their niorher and four
passed on to the great beyond before
tier. It will thus be seen that tho
deceased was married during a time of
great national trouble and that she
came to Nebraska and endured all the
trials and privations of pioneer life.
All these, troubles were met without n
murmur and sue lived to bee them
vanish nwuy. Rev. (1. W. Hummel
conducted thesorvlces at the homo and
interment was made in the Rod Clond
The Birthday Gift
The practise of gift-giving at Christmas time is a
modern fashion a habit. There is nothing in the original
significance of Christmas to even remotely suggest a gift.
It is nevertheless a beautiful idea.
A much mote oxprcssivc and consistent gift is a Birthday or lli cr
anniversary gift. The anniversary is hers, or his very own-Christmas
is cverbody's. There is a distinction in the anniversary gi!t--a com
pliment that the Christmas gift lacks.
Give her, or him, or them, mother, sister, wife, father, brother, hus
band or friend a gift on an annivmaiy aid it means something.
Make that day the happiest of the year.
Our slock olfcrs articles of use and beauty suitable for all gift oc
casions, qualities unsurpassed and scmclbing al a piicc )cu can afford,
Newhouse Bros.
C. -B. & Q. Watch Inspectors. Jewelers and Optometrists.
Harness Repairing and Oiling Neatly
Done at FOGEL'S
Also my stock of Harness of all kinds and Harness repairs
including Strap work, Collars, Halters and Saddlery.
My line of Harness Hardware is complete. Remember I
can give you just what you call for in this line and prices
always the lowest.
Joe Fogel, The Harness Man.
F. NEWHOUSE, Dry Goods
Butterick Patterns.
Both Phones.
Spanish War Stldtors ReunUs
The Spanish war soldiers of Lin
coln and Lancaster county are making
big preparations to entertain their
comrades on April '20-27, 1011, at the
fourth annual reunion to be held in
The reunion is for all Nebruslcu
soldiers everywhere utid all Spanish
war soldiers in Nobraslca, no matter
from what state or whether n member
of any orgtiui.rtiou.
Headquarters will be at the Lindell
hotel, where nil soldiers should report
for registration immediately upon ar
rival Tho committee isalieady assuied of
the bluest attendance yet, and have
added tho feature of Kotting' u news
lottet from each comrade unable to
come, which will he on Jllo at hcad
quurtcrs for perusal by his comrades
A large number of these letters have
already come, some fioni foreign
shores, and.the boys at heudqimrters
say they aro infghty interesting read
ing. Many inquiries as to where this or
that comrade is havo reached head
quarters. .Some could not be located,
but the secretary lins written between
inO ami 200 pcrsonul letters arranging
for comrades to meet at this reunion.
Every company, troop and band will
have its reunion and there will be a
big camp fire whero all will attend.
Theatre tickets for one evening will
be furnished all comrades fiom out
side .of Lancaster county and the
other evening will bu devoted to a
banquet to which all are invited.
Tho committee is unable to get the
address of many Nobraasltu soldiers
nnd so havu bcon unable to scud them
notice. It is hoped that every soldier
who roads this article and whohnsnot
...w.,,I..,.1 i.n.... f..... ii. :......
v.'lt.llllin IUHl'1 IIUUI UIU UlUllllllllUl! I
will at once write Frank I. Ringer,'
- to
'ifc&Pfc, mS iff '-t
"IMPERIAL" high patent Flour $1.00 a sack, "SELECT"
Flour, 90 cents a sack, and in addition, in each sack of
Flour will be found a coupon, and eight of these coupons
and $2.95 in cash will entitle the holder to an
Each sack of Flour is absolutly guaranteed. If not
satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded.
Phone your orders to the mill, phone Red 45. ALL
Free Delivery mado to all parts of tho City,
!Fs5lllEl) GMHJD fllililflG GDpPflJf Y
W regiment and proont add" 1 !
ljU--iyS'f Jy.,
xsSz: Zz;: :T9aasi..
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