The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 23, 1911, Image 8

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W !' I
For Everything in the
Line. Also a fine line of
Undertaking a Specialty. All the Phones.
Ed. Amack, Prop.
While They last
20 per cent Discount
; 20 oer cent Discount
P. L. Haurvsen, Prop.
won moved and seconded that the as
sessment (if .1. ljiilcns on personal
propel ty for llin year WW, lie ntxl t lie
miihc is lu-tehy struck liotn tin1 tux
list foi s.ilil ,i"r l!Ml mid the County
TicaMirer is hi'inbv anllh'i lz"d and ill
si riiftt'fl to ooi reel til, book to I'umply
wlili nliovi' order. (iiiii(.'(l.
Moved utnl seconded I lull the claim
Of Ijoo Kltlen for ill 01) for toad work
bo n mi Is hereby rejected Curried
On motion Hoard adjourned to Miircli, 11)11 at o'clock a. in.
March 15, 1 0 1 1 . Hoard met pur
btirmt to adjournment all meuiboiH
present, On motion f lie official liond
of Albert Sfcjolvor, as toad overstor of
Dint, IS, was approved. Carried.
In the matter t,( the road petition
asking for a load' to bo established be
tween sections fi and 0 Walnut Creek
precinct it. was referred to CI. V. Hum
mel, Paul Storey and I'. V Schmidt as
a committee, to investigate said road
and report on tlio same at next meet
ing of the board, April 17, 11 1.
On motion board adjourned to meet
April 17, 1011 K W. Uosh,
County Clerk.
: - ??tifrTTF3rss skJi, III? ill
: .f-,j,iiii- jwBlulii ii i.
Ccpyfljlil 1509, ly C. T. Zimmerman Co --.No. 7
Sicccssor to A. C. Blaby Rod Cloud, Nob.
Everything Electrical
G. C Bailey
Electrical Contractor.
Notice to Creditors.
I Stiito il Nebraska, I in tho rnimtv Court
Wobntcr County, f ' cminij Mnirt.
!. the matter ot the estate of Frederick
NowIioukc, Deceased.
. Notlco 1h liereliy ijlvun to all jitTHons liav-
I Iiik clalniH mul (luiiuimtH aRalaxt Krcderlck
NcvvhoiiHu, Into ot Wolmter county, derviiHCit,
that tho tlino lUcd torllltiiK clalniK kIiihI
Hald estate In nI iiioiUIim from the nth itny ol
Anrll inn
All KlIIlC OT rlfs: All Hueli perrions are reiiilieil to present
- r -v M mm m --w
trie repairing;.
Bell phone, Black 20.
Moon Block, Red Cloud
In Riverton every Monday
Notice of Election.
Nollii'lK luriliy kIm-H to tint li-oturH (
ilii'oll, of Itcd Cloud, NfliniHku, that at the
i'oiiiIiiu iiiuiiU'liil I'lci'tlon to he held on the
llmt TiiiMhiy In Aull. I'.MI. the Inlloulin;
iroioxltlon will he vuttd iiikiii. ptirxuant
to the resolution ol tin itmyor mid coinu'll
ot Hitld city uk lirrliKilli r nppi'ni.
WheretiH, There Isn ilelteleney ot water In
tlii' city t lis. mul II ix mcchHii.N to adopt
Mime oii'iuis tor liii'itiD-Ini; tin Mippl.v ol
Miller, mid
Whereas. Tin le an not t uointhin tilns In
thcelty to supply all the liihiililliiats with
water, and Hie iiiiiiniui ol mom iiiulred
lorsueh purposes enn not he proldid hv
the ordllKirj leMlini'K of tin elt: tliin
ture, hi' It
ItisolMd. 'I hut the lullowliiii proposition
lieMihailttiil to the Mill rs ol tlieett) iittlhc
neu t lii'ilou lor ell) oilli'i i':
Shall the Mayor mid t'lly loiiinll o( Uod
t'lotiil, Ni-liinsku. he ituthorled to Issue the
-oupoii ImuiiIk ot siild city, to lie delioml
iiatut TheJWater KMinslon llomls of the
'lty ol ItiiK'loiiil," lu the amount o(4 sii.txw
(six thousiiudihilhirNi, in dfiiotulnittloux ol
I'Ue Jluiulrcd Uolliiih each, puyahle to
hearer, and to hecomc duo twenty years
alter date, hut pitjnhli at any time alter
the expiration ol ten j earn, at the option ot
Mild city, and hearing not to exceed ft per
cent IntcrcNt. payable semi-annually, 'and to
lie dated the day of their Issunuce, Interest
and pifuclpiil ot snld ImiikIh to he puyahle at
iiik llhcal agency of the State ot Neluaska
lu the t'lly of Neu York, said honds to U)
Holil.fur not liss than par value, and the
prucetds theieof to lx used hy snld city for
the purpose ot extending. enlarKlin; and Im
proving its sjstum ot iwater works hy con
iteelliiB the Maurer spilnuK, iinil us the
needs of said cllv and lu luliuhliantx may
hhall the Major and (lt ,t ouuill of said
city annually levy the iucihmio ta.x upon
all tho tnsahle property within s.tld illy,
In addition to all other taxen authorlcd by
law, to pay the Intension tmld ho.iids an tho
Nimi) hexomes due, and to provide a Htnklnc
(unit for the payment of the prluclpnl of
s Id Itouds.
'iheclcrkr Is tuxt ructoil to print upon the
regular ballots:
Vote (or Dim
1'or water oxtcuklon IkuuIk and taxes .
AKntiibt unit rex tension ImiiuIn mul
taxoii ( j
The city clerk Is Initiuclid to publish th
above proposition and the notice ot election
In the licit I'loud I'hlel, a new simper ol gen
eral circulation In said city, at least twenty
ilaj'B before said ehctlon, and jiost notlccH
thertot at each of the pollliiB placm in said
elty during tho day of election.
(. II. l'ortniOlayor.
ni:ai. d. C',Ti:i:rl'lerk,
their claims', with the Miuehers, to the
t'ouuty .IuiIko of said county, at his oillce
therein, on or belore thellthday of Dctobcr
lull, and all clalnm ko tiled will he heard
before the said Judije on tho 7lh day of
October Hill, at one o'clock p. m.; and that
the administrator Is allowed one year from
the Kith day of March I'JII. lu which to
pay the dchtH allowed against said estate
and settle the same.
County Judue.
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This Order
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thing be more fair for you'.4 Is there
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are eaten lilie candy. They aro very
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iiciHin, and particularly agreeable in
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rhoea, nausea. Ilattileneo. griping or
any inconvenience whatever. He.Mill
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ehildiuu, aged and delieato persons.
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During this, the eleventh week of
tho lcgiiihitura, sifting committees
have been Holootcd to take charge of
tho general files and select from the
great quantity of introduced bills
tlioHo of most far-reacliitig and general
importance. Much Importance at Inch
os to these committeoH und much of
tho record of the session depends upon
tho good judgment they may use in
selecting for consideration tho pro
posed laws.
When tho House and Senate each
approved tho report of tho Conferenco
committees Friday on Senate File No.
No. 1, and thereby simultaneously ap
proved of tho Sidles Initiative and Re
ferendum resolution, the democrat
legislature again redeemed another
platform pledge Another was.lho ap
proval of tho national amendment pro
viding for the income tax. Tho hitter
bill was introduced by Doloznl of
Saunders County and passed each
branch several weeks ago.
Among tho bills that will come up
for serious consideration this week
are the measures providing for a non
partisan board of control for state in
stitutions. This is auothor democratic
pledge and will unquestionably meet
with public approval. Tho plan is to
place the management of all of tho
various institutions of the state under
the supervision of a board of experts,
who will be selected witli regard o
their fitness rather than their political
atllliatious. It is suggested that tills
action would make the ollice of laud
cqinmissioner useless Advocates of
the meastue are able to show Unit
such n hoard would save the state
annually about a half million of -dollars
.Scveial Mich bills are before the
legislature but it will require careful
thought to select the best one.
The (Juackenhush bill providing for
the election of supremo judges by dis
tricts Is in tho hopper ready to bo con
sidered at an early hour The measure
contains n provision that Is now in
that there would be a circuit court of
appeals established to rolieve tho su
preme tribunal of some of Its great
volume of work.
There was consternation in the
House and Senate Friday when it de
veloped that tho Ollis stock yards bill
was lucking the enacting clause.
Prompt action on tho pint of tho
friends of tho measure soon remedied
the dilllctilty in tho Senato and it was
returned to the House in correct form
and was read for the Hist time at once.
Tlie Taylor stock yards bill 1ms passed
both houses and is awaiting the ap
proval of the governor Tho esstntiul
diirerence between the nets lies in the
fact that tho former declares the stock
yards to bo common carriers while tlio
latter would have them denominated
as public markets. The claim is made
on the one hand that" they are not
common carriers and on tho other
hand that the railway commission has
no jurisdiction over n public market.
Ki.n Ci.oui), Nkiir., March llth. 1911.
Hoard of County Commissioners met
pursuant to adjournment. Members
present Paul Storey, 15. Ohtnstede, T.
.I.Chaplin, 1,. P. Schmidt and (J, W.
lltinuuel Chairman of Hoard,
.Moved and second that Albert
Skjelver. bo ami is heroby appointed
overseer of lload Hist No l.v for tho
year IDll. Carried.
Un motion tho following claims
were audited and allowed and tho
clerk Instructed and authorized to
draw warrants ou poor farm fund in
paymenfof sntne; I'M Amaek I.VJ.50,
Morhurt llros. $;10.55, Piatt A Frees
$82,118, Hurry Moody $7.7fl. total
amount allowed S180 1H.
In the matter of tho railroad cross
ing on section line botweon section 15
and 1(1 town 4 range 10 in Potsdam
Precinct, Webster County, Nebr It
was referred to tho County Attorney
for adjustment.
In the matter of the- double assess
ment of J. II. Lukas of Oak Creek
Precinct in the name of ,J. fntkos It
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- vm
S' I Vi
"TH X2-ST-
ai 1U L'QLUl 1
111 c
ITi o
Sji Sod coig
The House has been working indus
triously all tho week over tho regular
appropriation bills In view of the
added state normal 6chools and the in
crease in population at the hospitals
and reformatory institutions additions
have been necessitated in the budgets.
It is tho manifest disposition of the
legislattiro to deal gonorottsly with the
educational Institutions and to take
good caro of the unfortunate wards of
the state. Improvements in buildings
havo been ordered by the House tit
several of tlio hospitals mid schools.
It is highly probable that this sess
ion will require nn natieil appropriation
to meet the bills of the session, Tho
regular oxpousos havo boon no more,
If as much, as formerly, but tho Omaha
investigation, made at tho instigation
of Governor Aldricu will cost into tho
thousands, Tho bill for tho steno
graphic reports of tho proceedings
amounted to nearly n thousand dollars
alone and the Governor's attorney has
asked for a fee of 81,500, Thocontract
price for tlio printing of bills has been
vastly higher than formerly, a mutter
over which tho legislature had no ecu
a w
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Horsemen Attention.
H. A. Johnson has his
string of Horses and Jacks
at his barn in Red Cloud for
the season of 1911.
Phone Farmers Rural 186.
The idea of doing away with tho off
year elections is gaining favor among
the Solons aud It is not a far stretch
to predict that an amendment provid
ing for bbenniul elections will bo stb
mitted to tho people at the I9li! election.
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p-(-v 'HJ- -y J "Wjttjr I'MU-" '
JW-Ufttr "