The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 22, 1910, Image 4

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IK 1
. Cloud
tn'tcred In the I'oitnnire nt Kcl Cloinl.Net.,
V bk Sordini dust Mutter,
0 It. HALE
Tito CoiniiiiTclal Cluli milil Mtirt
Uic now your rili- by tfivinK u liitf
batictuL mill a hourly send oil". Thorn
nrc ninny problems to bo solved the
uoinhiK yenr inn. our business men
ought to net hi harmony.
To those oei'iisionnl reiulurs who
Honiollmos rim tuiross n copy f tins
Chief wo o,l oml t'onlbil invitation
to becoino reKuliir .siibverlbeiH. Wo
iiim to kIvo the news ami events of
, local interest, to inform yon of the
doings of your friends and itcipiaint
uncos ami to keep you posted np-to-date.
Our subscription price. Is S 1 .fit)
per year and yon can begin any time.
Tho Royal Welsh Choir not only
i;avo the peoplo of this city tiuvv urn
Hlcjjit.lnHplrntloiiP, but they also fur
nished no Hew type of head JT Koar.
Those Htatoly stovepipe hats presented
a far more pleasing appearance than
most of the bat effusions to be Keen
on tho streets of our American cities.
One look at those distillled Welsh hats
vh.V most refreshing, especially after
being 'compelled to dodge and dtteU
for" so long u time. Wo would be
pleased indeed to see the tar I II' reduced
downward, but wo would bail with de
light tho reduction of ladies' huts
downward, upward, inward, and outward.
ably be expeuted In any IiuaIiivhh.
During the coining year we hope to
add a few more Impiovemonts and at
tiactions for the boncllt of our patrons.
Wo will nmlco thcc changes just as
fast as we can get to them as we uutit
to get bigger and bettor a.s the yeais
roll by. Our hiibcriptloii list shows a
healthy growth. c have added many
new mimes to the Chief family. Our
Job department has had a geneioiiN
patronage and jtltogothor wo are very
well Mitlslled ult It the treatment which
hits been accorded us. Here's wishing
for lied Cloud and Webster county
piogtess. peace ami ptospeiity
The Real Good
Of ththreo hundred mid sixty live
days in each year, in no one of tliom
is so much happiness concen tinted us
In that of Chilstmas. Parents aril
guardians are made liuppy by the e
pemllluio ol Irthoraml inon(; to please
tho young, and the leliniug inlluenco
of those acts on their own natures is
of more value to them than thrice tho
amount of gold and silver they have
expended In procuring tlietn. Who Is
tho man or woman of llfly or. sixty who
cannot look back over these vani-hed
years and recall with pleusltig associat
ions some token in his or tier youth
from some kind friend on Christinas'.'
So nill it be now. mid liotii genera
tion to generation. The real good
and the extended Influence of these
gifts to the young we may notpresume
to measure. In u rellning sense they
are more durable ami far exceed their
price in stiver and gold.
A Store Full of the Finest
e re ha ml
Awaits Your Selection
Witb this Jssuo we close our second
year under tho present management.
Those two yenrs and especially the
last one lias been for us most pleasant
nud we trust that our renders and ad
vertisers have also found the Chief en
joyable and profitable. Wo have
labored nearly to the best of our abil
ity for the advancement, and upbuild
ing of tho city and county ami have
had our shoulder to Hie wheel the
greater part of the time. The many'
woids of encouragement have been
most gratefully received and we wish
af, tills time to e(eud our sincere
thanks to nil those who have made
nnr path brighter and more easy to
To our faithful correspondents we
especially extend our thanks lor their
promptness and for the. newsy Items
of interest. Much of the success of
our paper has been due to the regular
appearance of our special correspond
ence columns. Wo hae endeavored
to ploase all but of course our policy
has tint always met the appiuwil ot
all our readers. Tills could not be ex
peuted but the dilfcrciiccs which we
have had were not of so serious it na
turn as to result on open warfare. On
the contrary these little tilts were
friendly ones and such as may reason
Royal is the
only baking-
powder made
from Royal
Grape Cream
of Tartar
Highest, in
No Alum
No Lime Phosphate
aWvl "- T2Z3.r?Jff.
.Married at tile home of the bride's
parents. Mr. and Mis. D.ri.Ml Abel,
their daughter, Clara U., to Ansil U
Crablll, by the pastor of the Congre
gational church, ltev. A. A. Oressinan,
on Thursday evening, Dec. in, IIUO.
What more appropriate time could
there be for the union of hearts than
this holiday season, when the hearts
of the whole world are going out to
their fellow men. The homo was dec
orated with becoming gaiety and pre
sented a most pleasing appearance
The marriage ceremony was simple
lint most Impiessive.
The bride ami groom both have
grown to maturity in this community
ami enjoy tho love ami esteem of a
largo oil tile of friends and ac(iinint
anees. This event marks the most im
portant milestone in their lives. ,n
oilier home is made, a new stait. in
life is commenced under tho most
favorable circumstances. .Mr. und Mrs
Crablll will commence housekeeping
on their farm, thieo miles west of this
fit j. We wish them long life and be
.speak for them much happiness-. The
Chief j6ins their many friends in con
gratulations and hearty good wishes
Christina Plums
He merry.
I!u friendly.
Chide mildly.
tiivo good gitt.s.
Don't bo grouty.
Love all, hate none.
Korget your troubles.
Itemember dear ones.
Make everybody happy.
Wish all a merry Christmas.
Tone up ami be at your best
Wind up the year as well as you be
Don't spend the day so It will bung
I'or goodness sake pay up your sub
set Iptlon.
I-'oiget your grudges and give a
friend I y grasp.
Appear different, ir it'.s nothing
more than to smile.
He gratelul lor what you have, und i
hopeful for what you might reasuiiHln
1 1 you enjoy a good tat diiun-i iloi. t
toi net the iniiiiy that will miiimiiii 1 n table.
Don t down so much plum puddiiin
and stiiillug' that you'll tcirono oui
xloinaeh anil have the gout torn mouth
In jour homo gatherings let some
ne read the Events of the N ear " as
rellected in this paper, then subscribe
for it, lecomuiend it to your noighbojs
and send it to your friend..
Hut our dish U rull of Christmas
plums, so now partake 'til New Year
comes, ami uo wish 'Our renders' u
merry time, in fact, of all others, the
most sublime: be good; bH,,trne, -jiud
lie ye cheery, and may yourChristinas
be right iiieny.
Ll ' ' '
Subscribers Nptlce
The subscription sesonis again at
baud, ami .lituuar'y 1st not far away,
when vv hope to have all that Is due
paid in, as the I'ostal authorities are
insisting all newspapers eloar their
books uf delinquencies hi order to
keep within the leipiiiemeiits ot tho
fceoond class mailing privilege.
Many Chief KUbseiijitioti have ex
pired, and while the amount Individ
uully Is ninnll, In the aggregate it
menus u thousand dollars ami more
that has been earned In the best way
we know how, ami vvu stand in need of
the money,
Kindly give this matter yourattent
ion, and your piomptness will lie
gi eat ly appreciated,
Tin: IJkij Oi.oi i C'liii.r
We offer you thoroughly dependable goods, quality
goods and merchandise that is New, Correct in style,
and in every way desirable. :::::: :
In buying stock we keep constantly in mind the needs of our pat
rons and endeavpr'to supply them with the goods which will in every
respect satisfy in quality, in service, in style. IJWe know we are
right when we assure you of your complete satisfaction. : : : :
Dry Goods, Womens Coats, Suits, Furs and Furnishings, Carpets, Rugs, Lac Curtains,
Shoes and Groceries.
Christ a s u
KU-Iart ScharTncr 6c Mar-
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a iljL. e tIr g. mmM ft' m&J
i . p-- " -i Hsr kJETi' v m , r .MnJi rr - jb": r. K-r r . m ji-fcv 7 rr
'H lP"'a U3 J1fAKl..?Si'- V sS&UfiemL 6
ik Hr : . GT&IP Xjdfrvj9fe- wfm wmumi H
IM4 : . . . i;aj ur i
ex M.r.rarrta "nrMr it tv - -." - v.tJj f rnvr i.i - . ---.-i '.... w n. . mm . r !. ... -
a il2ifew;ii,AS wRk. AT....ifi'i5tfy i riig.L.
Hi ! il I i ' l l ,.. . 'A . lJr-' 4Mlr- '. "VV - rT H.- ?-MV ..TXiTIW
in ! Br-Ku(Miff(.'o.,v-r ',ii iy r -- r LVrK r r t r?rwu - -vv. .j .-.! r "tr r v .- r '-v. ,
I IWWiiFQMr H2 H Wmk
H A ' GtA II . I I ---,& UPL f 'y7'.7BA-,r--rjrTASaffi " ssssik;
W -l 1 1 il I I . vs0 .1 rr-IL .J-. r rm at -- " - T4 F.W. JT1 T -rl . n-- I if 1 , 1
mi 1 ' I1 fi 111 Sfe?-aB Jmpfftto. & .. M
iS Ei--r - r--- s$i -l. jk$s&f&J -. H1
M - ".- .-NSfll- S5r"-'. ' - s. IP k- M.1
I tE2- -Sf2-&J a--3Bi
l(mn...v-i. ,. -
Ci)ti);lit Hrt lullncr .Marx
For Christmas shoppers we have provided an
arnpje supply of The Newest and brightest of
goods in our line: We cannot tell you about
them but invite your inspection. : : : :
t ,rt
THe clothier.
"' f
ff1 !''
i-T. -iU UfW '
r ' .--. j-
I",'" 'A. r1il'!Ji- - -? -v- '- :m
2 . JLJKiKtT k i . B,,Vi it . . V.
ilf f MWMI-''v .. ,Mttl..iLmrWkAV,i, fit I
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At Jw nlHWlin