The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 15, 1910, Image 6

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The Chief
C. D. HALE, Publisher
Home and Foreign Intelligence Con
densed Into Two and Four
Line Paragraphs.
Spoclnl nirangcmentB linvo boon
made by Postmaster General Hitch
cock for tho rupid transmission of
mall Intemlcil for delivery nbroa'l by
Christmas dny.
The net lncomo of tho 2G2.190 cor
porations of tho United Statos which
nre subject to tax under tho corpora
tion tax law was $3,125,470,000 for tho
year which ended on Juno 30.
Tho commission appointed by Presi
dent Tuft to Inquire Into tho charac
ter of legislation for tho control of
block and bond Ibsucs by railroads
will havo no report to make for somo
Tho total estimates for tho United
States navy for tho fiscal year 1911
12 to bo submitted to congress as a
basis for tho appropriation for that
year, nmounts to $120,010,059.24,
which Is $5,000,000 less than appro
priated for tho current fiscal year.
Anlmnls Imported for breeding pur
poses after Jnnunry 1, 1911, must bo
accompanied by certificates of tho bu
rcnu of nnlmnl Industry that tho mil
mala nro puro bred of a recognized
breed nnd duly registered In tho for
eign book of record for that estab
lished breed.
After a conference Instlng through
out tho day between Secretary Mac
Veagh, Collector Loch of New York,
Attorney General Wlckershnm nnd
other officials of tho Now York cus
toms, no' decision was reached as to
tho action of tho government with
referenco to tho customs frauds In
woolens and linings nt Now York.
Kuilroad bonds lead tho list of se
curities hold by tho banks of the
United States according to figures
prepared nnd mado public by Law
rence O. Murray, comptroller of tho
currency. Tho total holdings of
bonds, stocks nnd other securities by
banks In tho United States nro $4,
723,000,000 and moro than one-fourth
$1,155,100,000, nro railroad bonds.
Officers of tho .American navy wero
guests of the lord mayor of London.
Two reports are to bo submitted to
congress on tho Ilalllnger-Pluchot
Itobort Peary snys ho will not nt
tempt another expedition to nntartlc
Allen needier wu3 consecrated
bishop of tho Episcopal church nt
Michael Cudahy, founder of the
Cudahy Packing compuny, died In
Opposition to tho proposed now
navy was defeated In tho Canadian
Hiislness of tho country la on n firm
foundation although moving Just a lit
tle bit slowly.
Nebraska hns 370,335 children of
t-ehnol nge, between tho ages of live
and twenty-one.
- Witnesses nt Now York wero un
able to say foreign shipping Interests
maintained n lobby at Washington.
Suit has been begun in tho tederal
court of New York to bring about
tho dissolution of tho so-called sugar
Census return" indicate that the
United States has n population of
i.bout 91,000,000 people.
Two counties of Virginia voted is
sues of bonds nggreg.itlng $1,000,000
tor Highway Improvement.
Hdward Arthur Smith, fill years old.
a brotlior-in-law of Secretary of State
Knox, died in n taxicab on his way to
n hospital In Pittsburg.
"Retire?" exclaimed Senntor Till
man, repeating nn Inquiry. "I Hhall
not retire until they bury mo; l havo
no Idea of emitting tho game."
Tho question of which fnction will
control tho organization of the two
houses of tho Nebraska lcglblaturo Is
ono that Is much dlscitBsed.
Eugcno II. Hurr, of New York, ono
of tho momberH of Hurr Ilros. (Inc.).
recently .raided by federal authorities,
was turned na co-respondent In n di
vorce suit In which tho plaintiff,
James Harden, was nwnrded an nb
toluto dlvorco from his wlfo.
A. E. Stnndon, of Chicago, went to
tho llttlo town of Elsberry, oM., hunt
ed up It. O. Sharp and paid him $000,
an nmount ho hud borrowed twenty
threo years ngo to go Into business
which proved unsuccessful. Tho
note hnd long slnco beon destroyed.
Uov. Clark of Alaska declares In his
annual report against tho policy of
not working tho coal lnnds.
Tho total voto In Nebraska at tho
late election was 213,390. For gover
nor Dahlmun (dent.) got 107.7C0, and
Aidrlch (rep.) 123.070.
Tho Chicago Trlbuno snys that
Sonntor-rloct Hitchcock of Nebraska
Is wearing the mnutlo that has fallen
from Hrynn'a shoulders.
Governor Shullcnbcrgor of Ncbras-
ka told Champ Clark how to rofuritt
the next democratic liuuso by follow-
lug precedent of tho democrats In No-
. braska legislature
With a population of 5,328,691, 1111
iiols is tho third state in tho union.
Crlppon, tho wlfo murderer, loft re
quest that his remains bo cremated.
Senator Halo doesn't look for much
work by tho -short session of con
gress. Congressman Tnwnoy is Bald to bo
opposed to fortification of tho canal.
Nebraska hns n population of 1,11)2,
211, a gain of 11.8 per cent, since
It Is said thero will bo no pension
legislation nt tho short session of
Over thirty million dollars nre to
bo nsked for river nnd hurbor Im
provements. Much of tho red tape in vnrious do;
partments of tho postofllcos Is to bo
dispensed with.
J. A. Cudahy will soon lenvo Oma
ha for Chicago to become head of tho
big packing company.
Secretary MacVeagh favors n high
er rntd of Interest for future Issues
of Panama canal bonds.
Tho planting of Pacific const sal
mon eggs havo proven successful In
waters of Now Hampshire.
Foreign steamer companies aro ac
cused of combining to squeeze out
Amorlcnn shipping interests.
Louis D. Mrandels, who says ho can
savo tho rallronds n million dollars u
day, has been proffered a Job.
Graco ltolph, tho Pender, Neb., girl,
says sho was not kidnaped by a Mex
ican, but left of her own accord.
Tho population of tho stnto of
Maryland Is 1,294,450 according to tho
statistics of tho thirteenth census.
Hitchcock, (dom.) for sonntor from
Nebraska, got 19.G5C moro votes than
Uurkett, present republican senator.
Following Its Thanksgiving recess
tho supremo court of the United
States handed down many decisions.
Tho legality of tho Nebraska, Kan
sas nnd Oklahoma bnnk gunranty law
is soon to bo argued in tho supremo
Tho Pcruvlnn government has no
Interest In any steamship Ifno to bo
established between Now York nnd
A November without wind, precipi
tation, or Hovero cold gave Nebraska
farmers perfect opportunity to har
vest tho corn and make snug for the
John Wlndon or Randolph county,
Alabama, and Joo Wheeler of Carroll
county, Georgia, were acquitted of a
peonngo churgo In tho United State
district court in Montgomery, Ala.
"Leave tho cities and settle on
farms," was tho burden of the ad
dresses delivered at tho annual con
vention of the Federation of Jewish
Farmers of America In New York.
Tho twenty-fourth caso of typhoid
fever developed nt tho nnvnl academy
when Midshipman K. C. Woodward
of tho first class was admitted to tho
naval general hospital for treatment.
Four men blew open the Formers
bank nt Garden City, lown, with dy
nntnlte, getting $1,800. A citizen
named Ncssna was awakened by tho
explosion and begnn llring nt tho
robbers with a shotgun. Tho rob
bers escaped.
W. P. Lotchworth, agcl 87, widely
known as a philanthropist, is dead
at Glenn Iris, near Portogo, N. Y.
With his death 1,000 acres of park,
Including the falls of tho upper Gene
seo river, become by his gift tho prop
erty or Now York state.
Defects in tho .administration of
tho New Orleans customs are to bo
remedied by tho treasury department
as tho result of criticisms which a
federal grand Jury made nfter Investi
gating tho Importation of laces and
embroidery nt that port.
Seven business houses locnted In
tho business district of Petersburg,
Vn., wore destroyed by lire at a loss
of approximately $500,000. For a
lime a hotel In nn ndjolnlng block
In which a largo number of guests
were sleeping, was threatened, but
tho firemen succeeded In confining
tho flames to tho ono block. The loss
in pnrtly covered by Insurance. Nono
of tho burned buildings was occupied
at night nnd there wns no loss of life.
Tho Unlvcrsjty of Nebraska was
again to tho foro at the international
stock exposition In Chicago. In tho
slaughter tests tho unlvterslty wan
first in onoeluss and first and second
In tho other.
Tho congressional Immigration
committeo appointed in February,
1907, to make a thorough investiga
tion of immigration conditions nnd
practices tensed to exist Dee. 5. Tho
-appropriation of $125,000 carried with
It a time limit on tho commission.
T. 13. Fltzpntrlck, national treasuror
of tho United Irish League, cabled
$10,000 to John 13. Hedmond. leader of
tho Nationalists In the llrltlsh parlia
ment, for tho furtherance of tho cause.
This makes the totnl sent slneo tho
tecent mutual meeting of tho lengue
at Buffalo, $50,000.
Tho total population of the United
Statos, as revealed by tho thirteenth
census, Is expected to bo announced
by tho ccnHUB bureau on Dec. 10.
Counting Arizona nnd New Mexico
ns states tho totals for twenty-eight
out of forty-eight stntcs already havo
been nnnouncoil. Tho grand total for
tho wholo country will bo nbout 91,.
A brother of Mndoro snys the revolt
In Mexico has only begun.
Prosldont Taft urged cnbinct mem
hers to slash In their estimates.
Dr. Cook says a man cannot really
tell If ho has found tho north polo.
Heads of tho Cudahy departmont
will remove from Omaha to Chicago.
Descendants of John C. Calhoun
nro r.trlvlng to sccuro IiIh old planta
tion. Benjamin F. Tillmnn says ho has
no intention ot retiring from the Ben-nte.
What Is Going on Hers and There
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity,
McCook Probably one of the most
remarkable men In this boctlon of the
statq Is "Grnivlpn" Sherman Com
tilings, who, nlfhough ho Is about to
celebrate his ninety-second birthday,
still dresses himself, shuves, reads
and (Iocb about nil the thing that a
man of thirty-five or forty years .his
junior would do.
Grandpa Commlugs has always been
nn enthusiastic wheelman, and, most
of his birthdays In the '80s were not
considered piopciij celebrated until
ho had taken his daily spin on his
Tho proudest achlcvment of this
vonoruble old sire, however, is his
penmanship. For Instance, ho lutrf just
written n letter to one of his daughters,
his "little girl" a grandma of ninny
children and who Is seventy joins old
A Cut in Wages.
Nebraska City. Because of a fall
ing off in tho census report or tho
population of this county nearlj 3,000,
tho salaries of ninny of the county of
ficials nre reduced nnd all arc greatly
worried. It reduced the salary of tho
sheriff to $1,500, county commissioner
to $500, county attorney to $S00 and
county nsscssor to $600.
No Christmas Carols.
Fremont. As a result of activity on
tho part of Fremont ministers who
objected to nn entertainment at the
theater here on Christmas Sunday,
which did not contemplate a relliUous
program, tho university glee club's
engagement for that dale will be can
celled. May Lose His Eye.
Chadron. Whllo getting rcadj for
his run, Engineer William Bower of
the Chicago & Northwestern railroad
had one of his eyes cu.'. by a lubri
cator glass blowing out and will prob
ably loso the eye entirely.
Tendered a Reception.
David City. Governor-elect Aldrlch
was the guest of honor nt n monster
reception tendered hlni by his fellow
townsmen nnd friends at the opera
house. The governor responded to tho
words of friendship largely non-partisan,
with a pleasing address.
Wymore to Own Plants.
Beatrice. At a spocinl election held
In Wymore, the bond proposition of
$57,000 for a new waterworks sys
tem carried by a niaor!l of 315,
while tho electric light bonds carried
by a majority of 28G.
Plckrell wns visited by a fire Sun
iljy tho most dlfciistrous In Its his
tory. Fremont gained more than 25 per
cent In population during the past ten
Tho First Presbyterian church at
Fremont dedicated their now house of
worship Sunday.
John Schweitz, 70 years old, fell
down a stairway nt Beatrice and was
instantly killed.
Rev. Aust'n, pastor ot the M. 13.
church at Plattsmouth, was thrown
from tin automobile ami seriously In
jured. Professor Rouse, former hiipeiinten
dent or tho Plattsmouth schools, bus
been elected dean of the normal school
at Peru.
Pat Ryan, well known In the west
as an old tlmo Indian curio denier,
wns found dead in his bed in his rooms
nt Omnhn.
Dean Beechor wus consecrated
bishop of Omaha Wednesday with nn
Impresslvo sermon. Thero were
seven bishops nt the service.
Row S. B. McVoy, formerly pastor
of tho U. B. church nt Crab Orchard,
has been assigned to tho pastorate of
the M. E. church at Steele ty, Neb!
Idaho Bill's wild west show Is now
nicely quartered for the, winter In
the Plntto valley north of Hastings,
whero tho horses can be properly
cared for during tho winter months,
Tho Morton-GregEon tacking houso
at Nebraska City, which has been
closed for tho past six months under
going repairs, will bo opened nt once
and will begin slaughtering hogs. This
plant hns a capacity of 1,500 hogs per
Andrew Kline, who wns suffocated
when his homo cnught tiro ntWllber,
died Saturday afternoon from pneu
monia caused by smoko nnd gas.
Flro broke out In tho attic or tho
high school building at ColumbiiB and
dnmnged the building to buch nn ex
tout thnt no school will ho hold for a
week or more.
Lyman A. Harmon, for moro than
fifty years a resident of Fremont and
ono or tho men who took nn nctlvo
part In tho construction of tho Union
Pacific, died Wednesday uftor an -111-uess
or only two days' duration.
Fremont is still ngltntlng good roads
to thnt place.
There Is talk of a third nowBpnpcr
at Sterling.,
Plattsmouth is suffering from a
series of burglaries.
Charles Boyd, living near Fnlrbury
got mixed up with a buzz saw and lost
several lingers.
Mall scrvlre, which was dlscon
Untied some tlmo ngo at Hockford
oast of Beatrice, has been resumed.
Under the direction of the Y. M. ('
A. li chnpter of the Boy Scouts ol
America Is soon to be Instnllcd in
Wnlthlll wants tho county sent ol
Thurston county changed from Ponder
to thnt plnce, and 1b securing signa
tures to n petition to that etui.
Tho coin cyop or the state is esti
mated at 208.000,000 bushels. This Is
more corn than was raised In Ne
braska In either of tho past two years.
Tho corn in general throughout the
stato Is suid by grain men to ho better
than It was lost year, although tho
crop south of the Platte is not up to
tho normnl yield.
Horace H. Phllpot, for eight years
tho Lincoln coricspoudcnt of the
Omahn Bee, was tendered a compli
mentary dinner at tho Lincoln hotel
Satin day night, ut the .conclusion of
which ho was presnntel with a gold
watch, an evidence of tho esteem lit
which ho is held by the men who at
tended tho banquet.
Mr. uiid Mrs. Thomas C'leland,
plonceiM of Buffalo county, celebrated
their golden wedding anniversary on
Wednesday, It being attended by
every member of a lnrgo family of
sons and dnitghters. Three sons-in-law,
four daughters-in-law, and six
teen grand-children wero present, at
wero a few invited guests.
In addition to the farmers' Institute
and school or Instruction in Beatrice
during the week beginning December
12, there will be Institutes held nt El
lis on Monday and Tuesday, Decem
ber 5 and fi; at Virginia on Wednes
day, December 7, and at Union Hall
on Wednesday and Thursdny, Decem
ber 7 nnd 8. All aro In Gage county.
An experiment in Bheep feeding has
proven profitable to Frank Blcknell,
a furmer near Springfield. Brlckncll
bought 1,000 head or sheep in poor
condition about six weeks ngo and
turned them out on his farm. They
fattened rapidly and when shipped
made him a profit of nearly $1 per
head above expenses of handling nnd
The report from the stato peniten
tiary for the month or November
shows total receipts of $1,094.84. Ot
this amount $889.55 wns received
from tho snlo of wheat. A United
Stntes warrant for $80.85 is included
in the receipts. ThlB covers the safe
guarding of two federal prisoners.
In the monthly summary issued by
the weather bureau tho precipitation
In November of this year is shown to
bo tho smallest In the last ten years.
Only .1 of an inch foil, whllo for tho
sntito month last year 7.1 Inches fell
The menu temperature for tho month
Is shown to be 39 degrees. The nor.
mal for this month Is- 3S degrees.
Tho battery of field artillery offered
by the war department has not yet
been accepted. Tho Nebraska na
tional guardsmen of Beatrice havo
tho first chance. Tho state will pay
$1,000 a year nnd the city that ob
tains tho prizo must pay $2,000 a year
for tho maintenance nnd enro of the
equipment. No city has yet signified
Us desire to pay that amount.
Henry Seymour, secretary of tho
state board of equalization, has writ
ten a letter detailing tho credits that
ono should bo assessed on nnd the
debts that Bhould bo deducted. Tho
question in Inchoate, but tho best that
can bo got out of the present complex
of laws Is Included In the letter. In
it ho nlso lays down the law that
dogs aro to bo taxed by proinct as
sessors, no matter what the county
or city mny do with reference to dog
C. H. Rudge, a member of tho state
fair board, has returned to Lincoln
from Chicago, whero representatives
of thirty-six largo stato nnd provincial
shows mot. Great efforts aro being
mado to got uniform classifications of
exhibits In nil stato fairs, ho says, and
also to get uniform premiums for nil
of tho dlfforont classes. This will
tend to equalize tho attractions of
tho various shoWB to exhibitors nnd
will al60 glvo one accurate Ideas of
how certain exhibits In other, states
comparo with local exhibits, on which
Judgment ha3 been passed by statf
fair officials.
The squirrel and chlckon season
closed last week In this state. Game
Warden Goilua says that ho haB re
ceived no complalntB about tho dec
dtttlons or squlrrolB this year. - The
opening of the season on theso llttlo
nnlmalB by tho laBt legislature haa
served to allow hunters to keep their
numbers down. When tho gamo laws
wero boloro the legislature for consid
eration many letters wero produced,
in which farmers Btnted that tho squir
rels, particularly In tho southeastern
part of tho state, had mado lire miserable.
Attorney General Mullen, C. O. Whe-
don and I. L. Alberts Support
Enactment, While John L.
Webster Opposes.
Washington. Tho Nebraskn bank
gunranty caso was argued beforo the
United StateB supromo court Thurs
dny. Tho danger or tho case being
put back on tho docket nnd Us hear
ing postponed for more than a year
waB avoided by an agreement entered
into ns to tho division of time with
counsel representing KansnB and Ok
lahoma. Attorney General Mullen, At
torney Alberts nnd C. O. Whedon
mado the nrguments for Nebraskn,
each being nllowcd twenty minutes.
Each maintained thnt tho bnnk gunr
anty act passed by tho Nebraska leg
islature wns constitutional In every
respect and that tho United States
supremo court could not put It nsldo
ns unconstitutional. John L. Webster
appeared for tho banks. Attorney Gen
eral Mullen Is confident that tho case
will bo decided In favor of Nebraska.
Mr. Mullen and Mr Alberts will start
for homo nt once.
Capital Removal May Fall.
Oklahoma City. Chairman J. B.
Thompson, of the senate capltol loca
tion committee, has made .public a re
port agreed on nt a session of the com
mittee. The committeo announced that
under present circumstnnces it will re
port no bill for passage. It demands
nn lmmcdlnto offer of a free and satis
factory capitol 6lto, together with a
gunranteo for tho erection of a cnpitol
building freo.
The report ends with a statement
that unlcsB such n proposition Is sub
mitted forthwith tho committee will
recommend adjournment of the legis
lature. Suspicious of the States.
Vlctorln, B. C That Japan must
prepare for war with tho United StateB
is the text of an article published by
the-Toklo Nippon and received by tho
steamer Namba Mam.
"Japan must UBk herself," says tho
Nippon "what object an element of
United States cltlzenB havo In view
when they advocate tho expenditure
of enormous suras on furnishing tho
Pacific with a big fleet, of creating a
powerful army on tho Pacific slopo; of
building a hugo coal depot and naval
station in Hawaii and of fortifying the
Philippine islands, Hawaii and Pana
ma." Just a Form of Gambling.
Pittsburg. "Commercial gambling,"
that form of trade that is carried on
by Inducing sales through prizes,
came-in for condemnation nt tho hands
of tho national reform association at
its closing session. The association
also confirmed the report ot the execu
tive committee on unirorm divorce
laws and uphold tho proposed cam
paign in Illinois to hnve tho Blblo re
stored to tho public schools.
Suit to Recover Savings.
Now York. Since 1875, when Cap
tain John Coyle went down with his
ship orf, Newfoundland, $15,000 which
he had on deposit In a hank in Jersey
City hns remained thero piling up in
terest becatiBO tho heirs of tho b!V
per wero unknown. Suit to recover
tho money wns started todaj by a law
yer in behair or two Cincinnati men
who claim to be nephews or Coyle.
Get Mass of Counterfeits. -Washington.
A counterfeiting plot
extending oer two continents has
been discovered by tho secret service.
Chief WilKio's men nrrested Czare Po
lettl ub he stepped from the steamer
Italian In New York. The secret ser
vice men found on PolettI 2,000 nation
al hank notes on tho National Bank
ot New YorJc. Tho counterfeits hr.d
been made In Italy it is alleged.
Kansas City. Tho United States
marshal hero seized 175 cans of eggs
which hnd been shipped from Dallas,
Tox., to a local candy company nfter
a semi-analysis showed that tho eggs
wero Broiled. They contained 150,000,
000 bacteria to tho cubic centimeter.
Washington. Activity of a self-appointed
peaco commission which has
been endeavoring to reach a base of
settlement of tho revolutionary move
ment in Mexico apparently Is highly
displeasing to tho Mexican govern
ment. '
Chicago. Tho strike of dollveryme'n
employed by tho lnrgo retail stores,
which threatened to prevent Christ
mas deliveries, has ended.
Good Roads Paramount Question.
Indianapolis. Urging that congress
bo naked to construct a natlonnl road
from Walla Walla, WaBh., to Omaha,
Nob., to bo called tho "Marcus Whit
man way," in honor or "tho man who
saved to tho United SWteH that great
territory now comprising Washington,
Oregon nnd Idaho," Samuol Hill or
Seattle, Wash., addressing tho Ameri
can good roads congress, declared tho
question or good roads Is ono in com
parison to which the tariff question
and tho building of tho Panama canal
arc mero JokeB.
Yours for uni
formity. Yours for great
est leavening
Yours for never
failing results.
Yours for purity.
Yours for economy.
Yours for every
thing that sroea to
mako up a strictly
high grade, ever
dependable baking
That Is Calumet. Try
It once and note the im
provement in your bak
ing? See how much more
economical over the high
priced trust brands, how
much better than the cheap
and big-can kinds.
Calumet is highest In quality
moderate in cost.
Received Highest Award
World's Puro Food
wanted In rrrery town. An oppor
tunity to earn bltf money. UxcIubIt
territory. Noexicrlnnconeceiaary.
UllK s4.U.,m-1lu MUM.,Ultf
Conversation, However, Reads
Whole Lot More Like a 8ceno
In Real Life.
"And so your father refuses to coo
sent to our union?"
"Ho does, Rodolphus."
Tho sad youth awalloVred a sob.
"Ib thero nothing left for us, then,
but an elopement?" said he.
"Do you think, Clementine, that you
could abandon thlB luxurious home,
forget all tho enjoyments of great
wealth, banish yourself forever from
your devoted parents' hearts, and go
west with a poor young man to enter
a homo of lifelong poverty and self
denial?" "I could, RodolphuB."
Tho Bad youth roso wearily and
reached for his hat.
"Then," said ho, "you nro far from
being tho practical girl I have all
along taken you to be."
And with ono last look around on
tho BumptuousncsB that,Bomo day he
had hoped to share, ho sobbed and
said farewell. Browning's Magazine
The Way to Find Him.
"My wifo and I arc going to spend a
fow months with her peoplo nt
Strong's Corners," said tho mock little
man, "and I want you to mall your pa
per to me "
"Yes," Bald tho clerk, "what's your
"Well or to mako Bure, I guesa
you'd better address It: 'Mary Strong's
Husband, Strong's Cornora.' "
Ancient City Modernized.
Tarsus, tfio ancient city In Asia Mi
nor, whero tho apostle Paul was born,
is now illuminated by olcctrlclty. Tho
power Is tuken from tho Cydnus river.
Thero nro now in Tarsus 450 olcctrlp
street lights and nbout GOO lncandesr
cent lights for prlvato uso.
With Cream
With Milk
With Fruit.
Economical PsS
"Tho Memory Lingers"
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd,
Dattlo Creek, Mich.
'y wiwms:r WflftMifttMy &n?WL. ;ypitfr7Jrrsi
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.$U VA'X
.. . -K :.. A- . ,-'V ti"' .WJ:.-r& I Jp. . , V v SUBBBBBBBBBBBBBBI
b ." kT. 1 .fY. ' " . i a ., jj.1 -jmw i'A IV . A ! t , ... i ' SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Mmtmmmmmv - ti