The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 15, 1910, Image 3

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is Not Good After December 28th
If you want the Big Sunday Journal included the Bargain
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The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebfi
RECTION Sunday School Lcuon for Dec. 18, 1910
Specially Arranged for This Papor
LESSON TEXT Matthew IS:l-20. Mcnv
fcry verson, B, 6.
ClOLDttN TEXT-"Lo. I nm with yon
ntwny, even unto tlio end of tho world."
-Mntt. 2S:?9.
Jecun wriB In tho Kra'o tlirco iliyn, from
iKrldoy, April 7. to Sunday, Apiil 9, A. D.
J Tlio Ilestirrcctlon was enrly Sunday
Jmornlim, and wn.i from n, tomb In a Kur
ilcn near Cnlvnry.
Tlio liome of tlio disciples dining the
forty dnyn una In Jerusalem,
Tlio nppenrnnces of Jesus wero In tin
tvlclntly of .Tcrusnlem, nnd In Onlllee.
Tho Ascension ns from Mount Olivet.
Putting In the Time.
A gentleman mvuh engaging n gen
ornl man nnd tolling lilm whnt ho
wanted htm to do. "You will liuvo to
clean tlio windows nnd tho hoots and
tho lmlvoH nml ko messages, chop
wood, cut nliort grass, mind tho horse
nnd pony, look uftor tho garden mid
keen tho houso supplied with vor.o
tables nnd do any odd Job thnt In to
quired nnd If sultnblo you will Rot
ton shillings n week."
"Is thoro'nny clay In tho gnnlen?"
asked tho mnn.
"What tunkt'S you ask thnt?" asked
tho Rontlcman.
"I was thinking I could mnko hrlcka
In my spare tlnir," said tho man.
Eminent Doctors at Your Service Free
If you rtro in doubt as to tlio cause of your (lisonsc, or fed Iho need
of medical advice, address a letter lo Munyon'u slnft of eminent special
ists, and they will send you on examination blank, which you will lill oui
ntul ml nm in ihem. Thov will then diaenoso your caso and tell you
Nebraska Dairymen's Association Of
fers Cash Inducements.
Tho Nebraska Dairymen's associa
tion offers $1G0 In premiums for es
says on the following subjects:
No. 1 Why Is tho silo n profitable
eaulpracnt for a Nebraska farmer?
FlrBt prize, $15; second, $10; third,
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth,
ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thir
teenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and six
teenth, $6 each.
No. 2 How would you conduct
dairying on a Nebraska farm? First
prize, $16; sccondV$10; third, fourth,
fifth, sixth and seventh, $5 each.
In addition to tho abovo a prize of
5 Is offered for tho best essay on
question No. 1, written by a student
In attendance at a stato normal
school. A similar prlzo of $5 will be
given for tho best essay on the same
question written by a student in at
tendance at tho university school of
agriculture; another prize ofS5 is to
bo awarded for tho best essay on
question No. 1 written by a student
In nttendanco at a high school.
Students of tho normal schools,
school of agriculture and high schools
need to write only ono essay on tho
talo in order to compcto for all the
premiums offered for question Ko. 1,
but their essays should bear tho en
dorsement "normal school" "schoA of
agriculture," or "hlghfBchool," as tho
caso may be.
Tho association also offors JltiO in
prizes for Judging dairy cows, the
Judging to take place at tho uni
versity farm on Filrtay, Janunry 20.
Each esBay Is to contain not less
than 1,000 words nor moro than 1,
500, in typewritten form on ono sldo
of the Bhect only. According to tho
conditions, no name shall bo signed
to an essay, but enclosed therewith
on a separate sheet shall be sent the
name and nddreBS of tho author. All
cssnys are to be tho property of tho
naRoelntlon and nrlzo essays to bo
read at tho annual meeting of tho as
sociations to be hold at Uncoln, Jan
uary IS to 20, at which time awards
of nrlzes will bo aunouncod. All
essays, In order to compcto for prizes,
must bo mailed not later thnn Janu
ary 1 and addressod to Professor A.
L. Haeckcr, university farm. Liter
ature relating to the silo may be had
free, by addressing Professor W. L.
French at the university farm.
Any resident of the state may com
pcto for the abovo prizes. Charles
Harding of Omaha Is president, S. C.
Bassctt of Gibbon Is secretary.
Cuts Cord Wood from Grove He Plant
ed Fifty-two YearB Ago.
Fifty-two years ago Hon. B. T.
Skcen and hla brother Andy sot out a
grovo of trees on tho home plnco west
of Nemaha. On laHt Thursday Mr.
Skcen was In Auburn with a load of
cord wood cut from that selfsame
grovo, that for over halt a century
has been slowly coming; to maturity.
While possessing a somowhnt scntl
It is hard to concelvo of n greater
disappointment, or n dcopor mental
;uid spiritual gloom thnn tho Egyptian
midnight darkness, without ns star of
hope, which closed about tho disciples
whon Jesus tholr Lord was dend upon
tho cross, nnd every precaution was
taken to mnko certain thnt he way
Tonlly, lrrovocnbly, dead.
Tho enemies of Jesus guarded
against every possibility of mistake
us to tho reality of his death. This,
Is n very Interesting cxnmplo of thq
Provldenco of God. For If Jesuo did
not die, he could not bo raised from
tho dead. Moreover If tho proof that
Jesus really died camo from hi;
friends, pcoplo would question wheth'
or they did not In somo way deceive,
Dut tho enomlcs of Jcbub wero verj
anxious thnt ho should bo really dead,
fin order thnt ho might never trouble
thorn ngaln. Honco they did every
thing posslblo to accomplish their
purpose Tho soldlcrB pierced his
body with a Bpoar, and blood nnd wa
ter flowod from tho wound a proof
fcf death (John 10: 34, 35). Tho con-
turion, who was nccustomed to exo-
jcutlons, wns convinced that ho was
dond, and so reported to Pllato. Tho
tomb in which ho was burled was a
now .one, in which no ono had over
Ijbocn burled, and so there could bo no
Uoubt as to tho Identity of tho body
Sot Christ.
At tho request of tho chief priestB,
tho Btono against tlio door of tho so
pulchor wan sealed, and a Roman
(guard placed around tho tomb, so that
no ono could tako away tho body and
then protend that Jesus had risen
f(Matt 27: C2-GC).
Jesus roso oarly on Sunday morn
ling'. Of tho method or circumstances
jwo know only what 1b Btutcd hero.
"Behold, thoro was a great earthquake.
Early In tho morning, boforo tho ar
rival of tho womon at tho tomb. For
tho (an) angel of tho Lord descended
from heaven. A dlvlno messenger, to
'overawo tho guards, nnd Bhow that
'Jesus rose, and was not taken from
!tho tomb by human powor, and that'
jtho samo body camo forth that had
toocn burled. Rolled back tho otono
from tho door, and sat upon it, as a
'guard wnlttng to glvo tho needed In
formation to tho disciples. His coun
Senanco (hla appearance) was llko
, Ightning, in vivid and Intcnso bright
ness. And his raiment white as snow."
JThls wob heavenly apparel, tho vislblo
loxprc8slon of hla heavenly nature
It scorns that Mary Magdaleno first
.reached tho tomb, and Boeing the
tstono rolled from tho door, hastened
to toll tho nowB to Poter. Tho others
Wanted a Change.
MllkmanI boo by tho papers that
a Frenchman haH Invented n now wny
of transforming water Into milk.
Customer Well, I hope you'll ndopt
It. I'm getting awfully tired of tho
old way.
None In Stock.
A well-dressed womnn pnuscd In
front of the chestnut vendor's stnnd.
"Aro thoy wormy?" bIio nsked.
"No, ma am," ho niiBwcrcd blandly.
"Did you want them with worms?"
There re lnulntionji. don't be fooled.
Ask for Lewis' Sinslo Binder cigar for 6o.
what to do, absolutely frco of charge. You do not put yourself under
any obligation to them, nnd they will not feci hurt if you do not follow
their ndvicc. If they prescribe Munyon'u Remedies and you decide to
tako tho treatment, it goes with ft guarantee of satisfaction or money,
refunded. . , , , . i , -, .
Address Munyon's Doctors, Munyon's Laboratories, SJd & Jcficrson
Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. j
Truo men nnd women nro nil physl
clnnB to mnko us well. C. A. Bartol.
To Keep Well
During Winter
is a very nara tqsk ior
any man or woman
whose system has be
come weakened on ac
count of some illness of
the stomach, liver and
bowels. It is to those
persons that Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters will ap
peal very forcibly, be
cause it will tone and
strengthen the organs of
digestion, make plenty
of rich, warm blood and
thus prevent Chills,
Golds and Grippe. A
trial today will convince
you of its merit. All
uruggisiB u ii u jLciiuu a.
People Who Work
Indoors With Their Hands
Seamstresses, watch-makers, art
ists,draughtsmen,and many others,
cannot properly handle their tools
with cold, stiff hands. Many a lost
hour or two on cold winter morn
ings results from the delayed heat
of furnace or stove. -
The Perfection Oil Heater in
a few minutes gives the tempera
ture that assures the worker warm
hands and pliable muscles. Tho
. "the oest medicine
Abtolutely tmoktlcss and oiorfeM
quickly gives heat, and with ono fllllnR of the font burns steadily for nine hours.
witnout smoae orsmcii. iiossuiomauc-iocmnu "' v ...
prevents the vlck from being tucned hleh enough to smoke, and Is cosy to remove
and drop back so the wick can be quickly cleaned.
It has l mpcrtop and - cool handle. Indicator always shows the amount
of oil In the font. Tho 0 '-cap docs not need to be screwed down ; It Is put in
like a cork in a bottle, nnu is attached to the font by a chain, and cannot get ast.
The burner body or gallery cannot become wedged, because of a new. devlca
In construction, and consequently, It can always be easily unscrewed In an
Instant for rewjeking. The Perfection Is finished In japan or nickel, Is strong,
durable, well-made, built for service, and yet light and ornamental.
DtaltTi Evtrywhtrt. If rot et yours, unlit for dacrifta aratlar
lo im ntarttt ntncy cy in
Standard Oil Company
16 onnctt to
the pmWim
other ttarrh", only 11 ounce ma price end
"A?..",!'.. Thomistn's Ey Watu
W. N. U., LINC
OLN, NO. 60-1910.
then crime, nnd entering Into tho tomb,
"found not tho body of tho Lord Jc
l8us" (Luko).
It was fitting that tho resurrection
should occur at tho dawning of tho
day. It was tho dawning of tho
world's day of redemption. Mark adds,
"and Poter." For ho would bo the
' 'saddest of all. This messago would
bo n drop of Joy in his cup then, as
Is hardly an Inducement for tlio
younger generation to go to tho grow
ing or cord wood on an extenslvo
Wowant to end you this bonullful Oxford BI1vt StiRixr Shell. inneloliy
tho Honors Company it la inado of pluto silver Entire upoon fix Inches
lnn.hnndlo In four Incurs lonur, bountifully curved nnd cintjosHPd In tlio
Nnrlci&stis pitteru and llnished In the popnlur frrey French tyl. Tlie
bowl Istwolncliot long nnd ono nnd onolmlf Indict wido, unvluKAlenu
tlfully carved and draply embossed Narlcltwu In tlio bottom, It In flu
lino till highly lmlUuoi silver plato. Wo Kunrnnteo this Rimnn tolto
gonumo uxrora Biivor l'jnio. wo Kuarnntooit toinvet your iiikiwu ox
Wo want to spnd It to you without coat, oxcopt oxjieneo of
; tonhnw von tho kind of wnro It is nnd to toll von how you
Cflnoarna set of six Oxford SUvor Tea Spoons Just llko It without a
inalllnpc, just to show
on tho hind of wnro it is nnd to toll yon how you
cent of ontlay on your part.
SEND US ONLY IOC w?lFmaYl0youefreoCofaU charvoi'
oxcellent Oxford Bllver 8iinar Shell, postago prepaid. The sugar shell
win ijo yours to Keep without another cent coat or without nny condi
tions whatever.
and wo
Address Ml orora
to Tho Independ
ent rnrruoi which
Is ownod by, tlio
Htato Journal Co.,
Lincoln, ob.
Enclosed And 10c, for which plonso send me, propnld, your
Oxford Bllror Sugar Shell, as ndvertliiod.
Patient In Hastings Asylum Suddenly
Remembers Who Ho Is.
Hastings. After wandering about
tho country for months, unable to ro
membor his nnmo or his placo of resi
dence, Otto A. WItthuhn has suddenly
regained his mind, and hns.been re
turned to hlB homo near Gothenburg.
WItthuhn underwent nn operation
for appendicitis somo timo ago, nnd
lost his mentality as a result. His
mind is now clear and hla memory is
perfect as far as evcntB up to tho time
of tho operation are concerned,
mental Interest, tho wait of live dec-' 'showing Christ's forgiveness
ades between planting and repairing Tho Ascension was' tho only fitting
.closo of tho earthly llfo of Jesus.
When tho disciples had been thorough
ly convinced by "many Infnlllblo
nroofs" during forty days, that Jcbub
was really alive, then ho went homo I
,to his throno and to his Fnthor in tho
only way that would onablo thom to
reallzo that ho was their
Lord and Saviour. Tho last view of
Jesus was not on tho cross, but as-
leendlng in glory, a living Saviour.
' Tho resurrection of Christ la tho as
iGurnnco that tho death of tho body Is
not tho end of existence. For tho soul
lives on without this mortnl body, but
receives n body In tho other world,
(llko Christ's glorlouB body.
Tho rcBurcctlon llfo removes all
fears and doubts with tho nssurnnco
of a continued llfo hereafter, all wo
have gained in this life bolng but a
preparation for that eternal llfo.
Tho very bouI of our religion Is
missionary, progressive, world embro-'
dug; It would ceoso to exist if it
ceased to bo missionary, if It disre
garded tho parting words of Its found
er, 'Qo ye, thereforo, nnd teach nil na
tions,' etc. Tho spirit of truth 1b tho
life-spring of all religion; nnd whero
It exists, It must manifest itself, It,
must plead, it must persuade. It
must also convert Thero may bq
times whon sllonco Is gold, and speech
silvor ;but thero aro times also whon
silenco Is death, nnd speech Is life
tho very llfo of Pentecost.
Tho progress- of tho church through
.'missions is ono of tho most hopeful
slgnB of tho tlmos. Tho era of mis
sions has been its era of greatest ad
vancement at homo. Tho nwnkenlng
of tho nations all over tho world; tho
fruits of mission work mado manifest
within tho last ten years, nro un in
spiration to tho wliolo Christian world,
to largor giving and to dooper conse
cration. Conversion and Joining tho
.church aro but tho beginning of tho
Christian llfo. Christ's last command
was, ''Go yo, thoreforo." Do not wait
for pcoplo to como to you, but go to
The Original Florida Colony
$30.00 per Acre
50 Cents per Acre Cash; 50 Cents per Acre per Month
Church Women 8hlp Over 30,00f
Pounds to the Factories This Week.
Auburn. Tho ladles of tho Chris
tian and Baptist congregations of this
city have been collecting old papers
for somo time, and lust week shipped
a carload to tho factories nt Mar
seilles, 111.
Thero was over 30 000 pounds In
tho shipment, which will bring the
ladles qulto a neat Bum of money In
responso to tholr labors. -
The Safest, Best and Grandest Real Estate Investment in the United States Today
Because it is right at the edge of Greater Jacksonville, the fastest growing city in
the country. Jacksonville Heights farms begin one mile from where land is selling
in town lots at the rate of $3,250.00 per acre. -----
Because it was practically the first of all the Florida colonics to develop and settle
on account of its unsurpassed soil, location, altitude and cheapest shipping facilities.
Because 2700 farms have been sold to date and a population of about 700 souls sprung
up in one year and the lands are now settling at the rate of 40 families per month.
Because the Purchasers of Jacksonville
Heights Lands Have Made Good
Settlers and farmers have succeeded. Prices and values have advancedfour schools
have been erected. Hard surface roads constructed. Telephone line established
connecting up with Jacksonville local telephone. Hotel buildings erected. 210
farms fenced and being developed all in a little over one year.
Because it is the Closest Colony to. the Best
and Fastest Growing City in Florida
We opened up our 6ale on April, 1909, at $20.00 per acre. We have about 200
tracts left, now selling at the advanced price of $30.00 per acre subject to
another advance January 1st, 1911. -
Write today to Jacksonville Heights Improvement Company, 122 Hogan Street,
Jacksonville, Florida, for full particulars.
Investigate the proposition and the personnel of the Company through any
channel you wish.
We will only sell out our remaining tracts and we cannot enlarge; we can only
sell what land we now have on hand.
All large tracts beyond us have been gobbled up by big syndicates.
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmNmmmammm Write Today lor LKcmluro anwnBDannmMa
Jacksonville Heights Improvement Co.
122 Hogan Street, JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
rMn HiftfA n&nAm fcr!flMr And faitaf enlari than anv nthftr dtfi.
Muuaiaf wlUwut riMlflfl tful Write lor lrt tot Uat-llc is 0j. Biucb nod Ma Colon.
Ono 10c otcWa color ill fiber. Th? die In cold water better than nj other die. Ycu eta i
tmunnuK. umuu uu,A ausoyM wtnahu.'
1 ittiiiii jJhiHWi''MK' Hfli