The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 15, 1910, Image 2

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I HMMmmi II I. mill I I IM , ,M, I S
Thi story Im told ! Nicholas Trial. Itlst
vhlof, Hcuuior John Cnllimni, ofTeii'd thu
vatttoilo of Mfcrotitry of .unto In Tyli-r'H
inbliu't. Ib told by Dr. Wiinl thut hln tlmo
Is nhnrt. ('utliMin dorlitrcn thai ho It not
ready to die, and If ho nccpptu Tyler's1 of
fer It incanH that 'IVim and Oregon must
ho nddpd to tlm Union, Ho iilann to li-iirn
tlm Intentions of Kimliiml with rcKiird to
Moxtcn thitilin'.i UiitnncsH Von KHz, niicrnt
iiiy and reputed mls(r ,Hn of tlm KiikIIsIi
fimt)nr.Rador, I'nkonhatn, N'lcholnH Ih writ
.to hrltiK (he baroness to Oillionn'H apart
inntilii and mKsrti 11 incetlni,' with hln
hwrolhrart, KIlMiltnth Chliichlll. Whllti
HnarrhliiK for tlm Imioiipm' lintinci n enr
rlnRn diiRlifu up and Nlchohm In Invited lo
'onter. Tliu occupant In tho haroncHH, who
imyn slin In helliK tiurmipd. Tho littrmiprR
nru shaken olT. Nlrhnlnn Ih Invltod Into
tho honnn find dpllvprn Calhoun's tnrHsnKo.
3In notcfl Hint tho linronpsM hus lost a
The Boudoir of the Baroness.
. A woinan'H counsel broUKht us first to
Kvoc lirydpu.
"Wnlt!" eho snld. "We shall hnvo
IcnndlcH." Slio clapped hot hnnds
Itdmrply, ami iiKaln thuro entered tho
Kllcnt old bitvIiik woman, who, obcill
out to tx gesture, proceeded to light
additional chihIIph in the prlflin utnndn
nnd BconceB. The npnrtmcnt wns now
idlntlnct In nil ltu details tinder thlu
'nddlllonnl flood of light. Decently
Inn I might I looltod about. I wns
(forced to Btlflo tho exclnnintlon of sur
jprlso which rose to my llpn.
Here certainly wiir ICnroponn luxury
ItratiHforrod to our shores. This In Blm
llilo Washington, with ItH vast wlilto
imflniflheil cnpltol, Its piecemeal miles
of mixed realdenecm, nnd hovels! I
(fancied ntorn Andrew Jacltson or plain
f.Tohti Calhoun here!
Tho furnlturo 1 discovered to bo
lexiiulslto In detail, of rosewood and
mahogany, with many brass chasings
mud carvings, after tho fashion of tho
empire. "Mid hero nnd there florid orna
mentation following that of the court of
the earlier I.ouls Fanciful little clocks
i with carved scrolls stood about. Hero
and thorn a divan and couch showed
iclnbornto caro in comfort. Beyond Ti
llacoscrconed grille 1 saw an nlcovt
(doubtless cut through tho original par
tltlon wall between two of tlieso hum
'bio bousca and within this stood a
lilgh tenter bod, Its heavy mahogany
IposIb beautifully carved, tho couch
jltself piled deep with foundations of
i itnow not wnat or down and spread
most daintily with a coverlid of am-
jbor satin, whoso edgcB fringed out nl-
most to tho floor. At tho other ex
tremity, screened oft ns In a distinct
npnrtmcnt, tbero stood n small couch,
u Napoleon bed, with carved ends,
furnished more simply, but with cijunl
Ono resented tho liberties England
took In establishing this mnnner of
monngo in our Blniplo city, nnd nr
rogantly tnklng for granted our Ignor
ance regarding It; but nono tho less
ono was forced to commend tho
thoroughncsr, shown. My first Impres
sion was thnt of surprise; my second,
ns I hnvo finld, u feeling of resentment
at tho presumption which Installed all
this In our capital of Washington.
I prcBumo my thought may hnvo
boon reflected In some mnnner In my
fnco. I heard a gentle laugh, and
turned ubout. Slio sat there In n great
carved chair, smiling, her whito arms
stretched out on tho rails, tlio fingers
Just gontly curving.
Sho had thrown back over the rail
of tho chair tho rich cloak which
covorcd her in tho carriage, nnd snt
now In tho full light, In the splendor
of sntln and lace and gems, her nrms
baro, her throat and shoulders white
and baro, her figuro recognized Gra
ciously by every lino of n superb
gowning such ns wo had not yet
learned on this sldo ot the sen.
Sho did not speak at first, but sat
nnd Btnllod, Btudylng, I presume, to
llnd what etuff I wiib uindo of.
"Uo Bontcd, pray," Bho Bald ut last.
"Jot us talk over this matter."
Obodlont to her gesture, I dropped
Into a chair opposite to her, she her-
Bolf not varying her posturo nnd still
regarding mo with tho laugh' In her
half-closed eyes.
"What do you think of my llttlo
place?" Bho naked finally.
"Two things, madam," said I. half
.Bternly. "If It bolongcd to a man, and
to a minister plonlpotentlnry, I should
not approve It. If It belonged to a lady
of menus and n deslro to sco tho lands
of this llttlo world, 1 should npptove it
,vory much."
.Sho looked nt mo with eyes slightly
narrowed, but no trnco of perturbation
icrossod her face. I saw it wns no
ordlnnry wonmu with whom wo had
to do.
"Hut," 1 went on, "In nny enso nnd
at all events, I should Bay that tho
bird conned In biicIi a cngo, whore
Bocrocy is bo Imperative, would at
timcB find wenrlnoss would, in fact,
wish to oscapo to other employment.
"You, madam" 1 looked at her direct
ly "aro n woman of so much intellect
thnt you could not be content morely
to live."
"No," Bho said, "I would not bo con
'tent merely to llyo."
"Precisely. Thoroforo, alnco to
inalte llfo worth tho living there muBt
,1)0 occasionally a trifle of eplco, a bit
of adventuro, either for man or wom
an, I suggest to you, as something of
fi(;W r
v- I
In the Splendor of Satin
foring nmiiBoment, this llttlo Joumoy
with mo tonight to meot my chief.
You have hlB messago. I am his mes
senger, nnd, believe mo, quite nt your
scrvlco in nny wny you mny suggest.
Let its be frank. If you aro agent, so
am 1. See; 1 have come Into your
camp. Dnre you not come Into ours?
Come; it 1b nn adventure to see a tall,
thin old man in n dressing gown nnd
a red woolen nightcap. So you will
llnd my chief; nnd In upnrtments
much different from these."
Sho took up the iuIsbIvo with its
broken senl. "So your chief, as you
call him. asks mo to come to him. nt
'midnight, with you, a stranger?"
"Precisely. Could you go to the
ofllco of a United States senator nnd
posslblo cnblnot minister In broad day
light nnd tho fact not bo known?
Could he como to your apartments In
broad dnyllght nnd that fact not bo
known? What would 'that mnn
l'akcnham' suspect In either case? He
llo ve mo, my master Is wise. Great
nocesslty sets nsldo conventions, sets
aside everything. Come, then!" '
Hut still Bho only sat and smiled at
mo. I felt that purple nnd amber
glow, the emanation of her person
nllty, of her senses, creeping around
mo ngnln as sho loaned forwnrd final
ly, her parted red-bowed lips dis
closing her dellcnto white teeth. I
saw tho llttlo heave of her bosom,
whether In laughter or emotion I
could not tell. I wns young. Resent
ing tho spell which I felt coming upon
mo, all I could do was to reiterate my
demand for haste. She was not In the
least Impressed by this.
"Como!" Bho said. "I nm pleased
with theso Amorlcans. Yes, I am not
displeased with this llttlo advonturo."
I roso Inipntlently, and wnlked apnrt
In tho room. "You cannot evade mo,
tundam, so easily as you did the Mexl
can gentleman who followed you. You
have him in tho net nlso? Is not tho
net full enough?"
"Never!" Bho said, her head sway
ing slowly from sldo to side, her face
Inscrutable "Am I not a woman?
Ah, nm 1 not?"
"Madam," said I, whirling upon her,
"let mo, at least, nlo'no. I nm too
Binall gnmo for you. 1 nm but a mea
faonger. Tlmo passes. Iet ua arrlvo
at our business."
"What would you do if I refused to
go with you?" she naked, still smiling
ut mo. Hut I saw that her attitude to
ward mo hold no more than that of a
bird of prey and aomo llttlo creaturo
well within Its power. It made mo
angry to bo bo rated.
"You ask mo what I should do?" I
retorted savagely. "I shall tell you
first what I will do if you continue
your refusal. I will take you with mo,
and bo keep my engagement with my
enter. Keep away from tho boll rope!
Romaln silent ! Do not movo! You
should go If I hnd to carry you thero
in n sack becntiBO that is my er
rnnd!" "Oh, listen at him thrcnton!" sho
lnughed still. "And ho despises my
poor llttlo castle bore lu tho Bldo
street, where half tho tlmo I am so
lonely! What would monsieur do If
luouaiour woro in my place and if I
woro In monslour's place? Dut, bahl
and Lace and Gems.
you would not have mo following you
In tho first hour wo met, boy!"
I flushed again hotly nt this last
word. "Madam may discontinue' the
thought of my boyhood; I nm older
than she. Hut if you ask mo what
I w ould do with n woman if I followed
her, or If Bho followed mo, then I will
toll you. If I owned this place and all
In It, I would tear down every picture
from these walls, every silken cover
from yonder couches! I would rip
out theso walls and put back the ones
that once were here! A house of logs
far out In tho countries that I know
would do for you, madam!" I went on
hotly. "You should forgot tho touch
of silk nnd laco. No neighbor you
fihould know until I wns willing. Any
man who followed you should meet
"Excellent! What then?"
"Then, madam tho baroness, I
would in turn build you n palace, ono
of logs, nnd would mako you a most
excellent couch of tho husks of corn.
You should cook at my fireplace, and
for me!"
She smiled slowly past me, at me.
"Pray bo seated," she said. "You In
terest me."
"It is late," I reiterated. "Come!
Must I do some of theso things force
you Into obedience carry you away
lu a sack? My master cannot wait."
She. smiled, lazily extending her
flawless arms nnd looking down at
them, at all of her splendid figure, as
though in Interested examination. "I
nm nlono so much bo bored!" sho
wont on. "And Sir Richard Paken
ham Is so very, very fat. Ah, God!
You cannot guess how fat he is. Hut
you, you are not fnt." Sho looked mo
over critically, to my great uneasiness.
"All the moro reason for doing as I
have suggested, madatp; for Mr. Cal
houn Is not even so fat as I am. This
llttlo Interview with my chier, I doubt
not, will prove of Interest. Indeed"
I went on seriously and Intently "I
venture to say this much without pre
suming on my station: the talk which
you will havo with my chief tonight
will show you tilings you have noVer
known, give you an Interest in living
which perhnps you have not folt. If
I am not mistaken, you will find much
In common between you nnd my mas
ter. I speak not to the agent of Eng
land, but to tho lady Helena von RJtz."
"Ho Is old," sho went on. "Ho Is
very old. Ills face is thin and blood
less and flcshless. Ho Is old."
"Madam," I said, "his mind la young,
his purpose oung, his ambition young;
and his country )s young. Is not tho
youth of all these things still your
She made no answer, but sat mu
sing, drumming lightly on tho chnlr
arm. I was reaching for hor cloak.
Then at onco I cnught a gllmpso of
her stockinged foot, tho too of which
Bllghtly protruded from beneatli her
ball gown. Sho saw tho glanco nnd
"Poor feet," Bho said. "Ah, mea
pauvrcs pleds la! You would llko to
see thorn bruised by tho hard going in
somo heathen country? Seo, you havo
no cnrriago, and mine Is gone. I havo
not oven a pair ot shoes. Go look
under tho bed beyond,"
I obeyed hor gladly enough. Under
tho fringe of tiro satin counterpano l
found u box of boots, slippers, nil man
ner of footwear, daintily nnd neatly
arranged. Taking out n pnlr to my
fancy, I carried them out nnd knelt
beforo her.
"Then, madam," said I, "since you
Insist on this, I ahull choose. Amerlcn
la not Europe. Our feet hero havo
rougher going and must be Bhod for
It. Allow mo!"
Without the least hesitation In tho
world, or tho least imiuodesty, she half
protruded the foot which still retained
Its slipper. As I removed this latter,
through some gay Impulse, whoso nn
turo I did not pause to analyze, I half
mechanically thrust It Into the side
pocket of my cont.
"This shall be security," said I,
"that what you speak wltfi my master
shall bo tho truth, tho whole truth,
nnd nothing but the truth."
There wus n curious deeper red In
her cheek. I saw her bosom beat tho
faster rhythm.
"Quito ngreed!" she answered. Dut
she motioned me away, taking tho
stout boot in her own hand nnd turn
ing aside as she fastened it. Sho
looked over her shoulder at mo now
and ngnln while thus engaged.
"Toll me," sho snid gently, "whnt
security do I have? You come, by
my Invitation, It is true, but none the
less an intrusion, into my apartments.
You domnnd of me something which
no man has u right to demand. Be
cause I am disposed to bo gracious,
and because I am disposed to be on
nttyp, and becauso Mr. Pnkcnliam la
fat. I nm willing to take Into consid
eration what you ask. I havo never
seen n thin gentleman In a woolen
nightcap, and I nm curious. Hut no i
gentleman plays games with a lady In
which the dice are loaded for himself.
Come, what security shall I have?"
I did not pretend to understand her.
Perhaps, after all, wo all had been
misinformed regarding her? I could
not tell. Hut her spirit or camaraderie,
her good-fellowship, her courage, quite
nsldo from her personal charm, had
now begun to impress mo.
"Madam," said I, feeling In my
pocket; "no heathen has much of this
world's goods. All my possessions
would not furnish ono of these rooms.
I cannot offer gems, as does Scnor
Yturrlo but, would this bo of servlco
until tomorrow? That will lenvo
him and me with a sllppor each. It Is
with reluctance I pledgo to return
Hy chnnco I had felt in my pocket
a little object which I had placed
thero that very day for quite another
purpose. It was only a little trinket 1
ot Indian manufacture, which 1 bud
intended to give Ellznbeth thnt very
evening; a sort or cloak clnsp, orig
inally mado ns nn Indian blanket
fastening, with two round discs ground
out of shells and connected by beaded
thongs. The trinket was curious,
though or small value. The bnroness
looked at it with Interest.
"How It reminds me of this heathen
country!" rIhj said. "Is this all that
your art can do in Jewelry? Yet it Ib
beautiful. Come, will you not give It
to me?"
"I'ntll to-moriow, madam."
"No longer?"
"I cannot promiso it longer. I must,
unfortunately, havo It back when I
send a messenger I shall hnrdly come
myself, madam."
"Ah!" sho scoffed. "Then It belongs
to nnother woman?"
"Yes, It Ib promised to another."
"Then this la to be the Inst tlmo wo
"1 do not doubt It."
"Aro you not sorry?"
"Naturally, madam!"
She Bighed, laughing ns she did so.
Yet I could not evado Beelng the
curious color on her cheek, tho rise,
nnd fall of the lncos ovor her bosom.
Utterly self-possessed, satisfied with
llfo ns it had como to her, without Il
lusion ns to llfo, absorbed In tho grent
game of living and adventuring so I
should hnvo described her. Then why
should her heart beat one stroke faster
now? 1 dismissed that question, and
rebuked my eyes, which I found con
tinually turning toward hor.
Sho motioned to a llttlo tabic near
by. "Put tho slipper hero," sho said.
"Your little neck clasp, also." Again
I obeyed hor.
"Stand thero!" sho said, motioning
to the opposlto sldo of tho tnbio; nnd
I did so. "Now," said sho, looking at
mo grnvoly, "I am going with you to
seo this man whom you call your
chief, Tho fnvor mny moan ns much
on ono Bldo ns on tho other I Bhall
not tell you why. Hut wo shall piny
fair until, aa you say, perhaps to-morrow.
Aftor that"
Not as Bad as He Had Feared.
"I should think," said tho beautiful
young widow, "you would resent Mr.
Brown's romnrka concorslne you."
"What has ho boon saying about
mo?" nskod Senator Plfllo.
"Ho says you aro a politician and
not a statesman."
"Oh, pshaw! I don't mind that I
was afraid you were going to tell mo
he hod been saying I was not true to
vox jrty." .. ..
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being treated by several of the best physi
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teeing your Swamp-Root advertised. I re
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number of bottles. I am now restored to
health nnd have continued my labors. My
system wai full of Urio ncid, but Dr. Kil
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nm sixty years old.
Yours very truly,
W. 0. COOK,
State of Iowa ) Clinton, la.
Clinton County n-
n tills 13th day of July, A. D 1009,
W. C. Cook to mo personally known ap
peared beforo mo and in my presenco sub
scribed and sworo to tho above nnd fore
going statement.
Is'otarv Pnhlfo.
In nnd for Clinton County.
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Buffering with a bad case of skin dis
ease. While a child thero biolto out n
red soro on the- legs Just In back of
my ltnces. It waxed from bad to worse,
nnd nt lnt.t I saw I had a bad skin
disease. I tried many widely known
doctors in different cities but to no
satisfactory result. Tho plague both
ered mo more in warm weather than
In winter and being on my leg joints
it mado it Impossible for mo to walk,
nnd I was forced to stay indoors in tho
warmest weather. My hopes of recov
ery wero by this time spent. Sleepless
nights and icstless days mado llfo an
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A. Hnwtof, 11 Nostrand Ave., Brook
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"Yon are an optimist?"
"1 nm." replied .Mr. Dtistln Stax. "I
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rractlcnl arrangements to get it."
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