The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 08, 1910, Image 7

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P SnffiDlT
IE past tew yean lias witnessed tho de-ja
Uupmcnt ot a unique activity, tho pur-a
pose of which Is to satisfy public curios
ity regarding me,n and women who nro
prominent in ono or another of tho con
spicuous walks of life. Thl3 particularly -tip-to-dato
vocation might ho dcnomlnnt-
el inL "nmip-inoiiiug or coieuruios, wincu mciiua
tho making ot in&tantanoous photographs of tho
people who are temporarily or permanently in tho
public, eyo and wheso peraonal appearance is conse
quently u matter of iutorcst to the peoplo of all parts
of trio country.
Fow newspaper readers who tako delight in tho
moss of pictures spread nowadays over overy print
ed page, over stop to rellcct what a comparatively
Bhort tlmo ago it was that first saw such embellish
ment of tho chroniclo ot tho day's happenings. Most
of our renders can doubtless remember distinctly
tho tlmo whon pictures wero unknown In their fnvor
lto nowspapcr, and oven after crudo cuts began to
make their appenranco In tho advertising columns of
tho wockllcs, and later in tho dallies, it was a long
lapso cro tho pictures wero to bo found in tho read
ing columns and n yet longer tlmo boforo tho reader
camo to expect not moro scenic subjects but graphic
pictures of tho current happenings of tho busy world.
Tho vocation of snap-shotting celebrities has
boon tho outgrowth tho very latest outgrowth, it
"might bo termed of tho practiso of recording in pic
turo as well as in story tho doings ot all tho world.
Whon tho newspaper-reading public camo to expect
tho quick reflection in picturo form of great happen-
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mAm fililliPi K 'Emm I'JimfmSmWwi
to circle anmn
Kansas City Couple on Eight
Thousand-Wile Tramp.
Their Routo Lendo to Southern, Ennti
em and Northern Boundaries of
the Nation Aro to Camp
Out a Year.
A Sure Cure.
Mother I'm nfrald Owendollno la
retting her hoart on that young Pen
niless. Father Yoti think so?
Mother I am almost sum of it.
Father Wull, ho Is not a fit person
for her to marry. Ho In as poor as a
rat and haa no prospects. Something1
must ho douo to set her against him.
Mother I havo thought of that and
havo hit upon whnl I think is an excel
lent plan.
Father Yes? Wha'. in It?
Mother Wo must toll hor that w
want her to marry him.
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ripx. ill x r 1 1 m 1 1 lss I tv ii'iiiiaj J Ari'J ufrsfii.w uv. (fi
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xmsmHnms0mMawsmmm ws& """ "'"-" ""
n 1 1 iW'JnmxmM
WttiK&&X$! voIt apnrnroa, unlesa tho po- l
iHivs.iawi ii i . ?a& TrrxMitxrfAzrm.g!,miG2LWt
r wiw vwwme3&
. u tl.' 0 1 U 1 1 li i jju' . "r r Z.I
Hill ')! ' ii ll ' "' ii .n.ii.i i i
.ii' .. . J "' L-jj"!?"!"'!gyyfty. am t iNm TJ-r rjrt n no& a KnffTV RA) )
MiiMM iri wmm:. wwmmm m$m.
tmmzmimmmmwmmM &m,
WMwmgk i iil mmMm&A,MCl s -
i?ni& - &zssmmfm
NC- ., 7.T.m.m:.' Y
tratrd many a tlmo during tho
colonel's trip through tho
west Several professional
photographers accompanied
him, iitnl w number ot the
press correspondents also ear
:In1 cameras, and often ll was
a wild raeo for them to keep
up with Mr. llooiovolt and ho
on hand at tho tlmo when tho
good "human intero&t" pic
tures wero to bo had.
Whenover Colonel Roose
velt appeared, unlesa tho po
llco arrangements prevented,
ho was at once surrounded by
a cheering crowd, every man,
woman and child of which was
W!Y JL. AfyJTe PrCWSYG fflf trying to get closo enough to
grasp his hand or nt least to
ay "Hollo, Teddy." At such
Hums a unapshnt usunlly
yielded only a mass of heads
and backs surrounding a pet of
gleaming teeth. If Mr. Kooso-
volt wns carefully guarded by i
pollco or soldiers, as was tho I
caso in Romo cities, tho task
of tho photographer was al
most us dlfllcult, for tho "cop
pers" and deputy shorlffa of
Kansas City, Mo. Air. and Mrs.
Ihugnt Woolf, who walked liom Kan
sas (. liy to Now York lam Mimmur in
lilncty-nvo days, uiu well started upon
a wall.lng tilp which is to consume
i.fiuO tulli'A and girdle an area of iump
ly two thiulii ot tho I'nlled Slates,
'lhey wero accompanied by tlielr dog,
"Don," which walked slth them on
former trips, and thoir hoiso, "liolly,"
which pulls a small two wheeled earl
containing lood. a lent, e.Mia clolhluu
and looking utensils.
"Walking Hound the United Htates'
was painted In laigo white letters ou
the bed of tho tail. In smaller lettort
It was Muted that Kun.tuii City is tin
destination au well ,.s tho startlna
imlui t tho trip. Mr. and Mrs. Woolf,
dressed In brown suits which they de
signed thcuiHclvos as host suited to
tho exigencies of tramping, lod tho
way, Dolly, traveling undrlven and
unlcd, followed, and Don, tho dog,
trotted along behind under tho enrt.
Au neighbors tamo In to say goodhy
and things wero brought troin tho
liotiFo and loaded ou tho cait, tho
dog's excitement Increased and was
not allayed until after tho last neigh
bor had shaken hands and tho entire
party had passed through tho uido
gate and down tho street. Then ho
stopped barking and took his accus
tomed place under tho cait
Tho routo of the walk In from Kan
sas City to a point in Texas on tho .
coast, enst to Jacksonville, Fin., north
to tho Canada lino, west to Minneap
olis and t bunco back to Kansas City.
Tho winter will bo spent In tho south
and tho summer In tho north, t:o that
they will suffer no Inconvenience from
I sleeping ou tho giouud during tho on-
i tiro year. Tl oy expect to return to
, Kansas City November 1, 1012.
i lleforo starting, moro than H.000
tags and labels pasted upon tho wagon
during tho previous trips weio ro-
Thcrs li more Ctnrr!i In thw nfrtlon of IM ronntrr
ttinn mi other ill civi put Unrtlur. anil until the lail
Irw jrars ;n ni.HW'l to ln liuurthlx. 1 or a ttfij
tiKcrluiHl lo'il ninnllin, ami Ly coi.Mnutiy filling
In CUM with loci I trralmcnl, inntinunrnl It InruMLIe.
Ilrionra lint tiriurn aUtrli tci lio n rntiMHiitioritl ll
rmr, Rid tliftetoro rciiulrci oiiwlllutloinl trriitinctit
Hull Ctlartli Cwi liy I' J llitniy
Aim. liilnJa, Ohio. i ttio tnty ("iimtlttillnrinl fv.rn un
tin nnrKrt. It H tAkc.i Intfrmlly In Oiwi ttnm 10
rtrtir-i tu tMpon"fnl. II (tcti (llrrttly on tiloml
ti,l muconi inirttrm nt tint iyttm. 'lliry tidtr oni
litiii'lrnl ilntlnn for Any rno It fiilli to cure. Url
tor clrinliM nnd tMtlmnnlnlv
AiMitm 1". J fill NUY A CO., Tolfdo. Ottow
fJold lit- l)rtiL'ltit. Iff.
laVo llall' rmlly l'll'J for constipation.
Tho Slflnlflcant Wink.
"I think," said tho weary stranger,
"thnt I'll go iiomowhcro and tako forty
Tho hnck driver lookod puzzled.
"What's tho trouble?"
"I wan wondering whether you
wanted mo to drive you to a hotel or
n drug store."
Femlnino Lonlc
Her A woman Is always right.
1 1 1 in How do you flguro that out?,
Her Well, n woman Is, Isn't Bho7
Mm Yob, I Biipposo no.
Her And I'opo says: "Whatever 13,
Is light" Seo7 Chicago Nows.
$c?7X&r or jmrrfflax, baj?o
fVCflySUF?, zJU5rC MlrtfS AttD
Ings all over tho world It speedily progressed frjom
Interest in placos and things to curiosity rogardlng
tho actual appoaranco of tho peoplo regarding whoso
doings tho tapers had much to say. It wab not
enough that tho newspapers should print as n coun
terfeit presentment of this or that public man a
carefully posed bust portrait, touched up to show tho
oubject oh ho wanted to appear rathor than as
ho actually did appear. Newspaper roadors with
a thirst for accurato Information camo to demand
pictures that would show tho subjects ns they
actually uppoarod. Moreover, they wanted not a
commonplnco bust photo, but a full-length pic
turo that would represent Us object as ho would
appear to ono who met him on tho street and
with a hint as to his distinctive characteristics
ob to dress, otc. From this demand was born tho
personal "snnp shot."
Nowadays tho snapshot is to a largo extent
displacing tho stereotyped vlsago in tho publlo
prints. Almost everybody who nchlovos famo
or notoriety must must ncods fall victims to tho
sharpshooters of tho camera. Tho snap-shottor is
no rospecter of persons or callings so long as "hu
man Interest" is present, nnd everybody, from
preachers to pugilists and from statesmen to
suffragists, is tho quarry of tho camera scout at
ono tlmo or another. Somo of tho peoplo who aro
snap-shotted manifestly relish it; a great number
nccopt it ns a matter of cour30 and a minority
wriggle and cquirm and gven fight at sight of
a camera. Conspicuous among tho lattor aro
Hnrry Lohr, tho Nowport society pot of monkoy
dinner famo, and J. Pierpont Morgan, tho finan
cier. It must bo admitted that tho father of
trusts does not mnko a protty picturo whon taken
unawares and ho evidently renllzca this, for ho Is
usually guarded by several private dotoctlvcs
whon ho appears in public and carries a cano
which ho Is quick to uso on any offondlng cainora
that ho can reach.
Publlo ofllclals, headed by tho president of tho
United States, aro usually tho most satisfactory
subjects for Biiap-shots because, whatever may
bo their natural inclination In tho mntter, they
quickly learn to submit gracofully to this sort
of attention. A leading statesman or army or
navy ofllclal who realizes that at public functions
ho is llablo to bo contlnunliy In tho camera eyo
Is likely to Instinctively avoid thoso awkward
attitudes and facial grimaces that somotlmcs spoil
things In tho case of a celebrity who Is now to
tho gamo and solf-consclous in consequonco. From
tho standpoint of tho snap-shottcrs perhaps tho
most satisfactory subjects In this country are tho
diplomats at Washington that is, tho alien ofll
clals who aro stationed at our seat of government
as tho ambassadors or ministers of foreign pow
ers. For ono thing, theso titled forelgnora nro
possessed of gorgeous uniforms that show up
well in unconventional pictures, and thon again
thoy aro accustomed to being constantly on dress
Tho snnp-Bhottor must "quick on tho trigger"
and ho cultivates ability in this direction almost
as earnostly as tho gun fighter of tho west did
in tho old days. Tho nowspapor snap-shots aro
mado by means of special cameras mado specially
for tho purposo, and costing as much aa $250
nploco. Only a fraction of a second is roqulred,
of courso, to mako a snap-shot, onco tho Ions is
focused upon a colobrlty In a desired position, but
tho uncertainty Ilea In tho fact that tho colobrlty
Is seldom actually posing for his picturo. Moro
than likely ho may not roallzo that ho Is being
caught by the camera or mayhap may bo trying
'WjJL !
Mr. Kickor Your bill actually
tnnku.i my blood boll.
Doctor Slick Thon, sir, I must
charge you $'.10 moro for stcrlllzlns
your sy stem.
to dodgo tho glasB eyo pointed toward him. In
any event quick action la necessary at tho crit
ical moment if tho subject sought is to bo caught
ero ho moves away, turns his head or othorwlso
spoils tho picturo. Indeed tho snap-shottcr who
would "catch on tho wing" Buch restless spirits
as Colonel Roosovclt must dovelop a sort of sixth
oenso thnt will cnnblo him to anticipate with rea
sonable certainty tho futuro moves of his subject
No other American of tho day is so much pho
tographed ns is Colonol Roosevelt, nnd yet ho
Is by no means an easy fiubject for good picturos.
It is not that ho objects to tho operation; 'Indeed,
ho seems to utterly ignoro tho cameras that aro
polntod at him a dozen times a day. But tho
colonol is ono of tho most activo nnd sudden ot
men, and tho snnp-shottcr must bo on tho alert
overy mlnuto of tho timo or ho loses tho golden
opportunity to catch tho ox-prcsldont nt tho "psy
chological moment." This was admirably lllus-
"In theso days of specialists you can't Just
step out and help your fellow humans In haphaz
ard fashion," snld tho matron on an Institution
for tho blind. "You havo to tako a courso of
training beforo you enn oven do good in tho world.
In this position tho task that requires most di
plomacy 13 declining tho services of people who
offer to entertain tho .blind. All sorts of Incom
petents voluntoer. Their intentions nro good, but
their achievements aro doplorablo. Poor readers
aro most numerous nnd aro hardest to manage.
Thoy havo had no practiso in reading aloud sinco
thoy left tho lowor grades In tho grammar Bchnol,
yet when tho fires of benovolenco break out that
Is tho first thing thoy want to do.
"Tho blind nro particularly scnsltlvo to tho
quality of a voice. A harsh, high pitched volco
that rambles on without rhymo or reason gotn
on their nerves, nnd it is our duty to shut out
nil such renders. They havo to bo handled with
caro becauso their hearts nro In tho right plnco,
and with tact their good intentions may bo do
fleeted into nomo useful channel."
Tho Pedestrian Outfit
moved and tho cart was repainted
Theso nro n fow of tho things packed
within tho ono small box:
A tent, two cots, two sets of bed
ding, cooking utensils, provisions for
dog, man nnd horso for throo days,
guns, fishing tacklo nnd clothes, camp
stovo, Btools nnd tablo, 6,000 blank
postcards, photographer's outfit, 2,000
sheets of music, writing mnterials,
violin, checker bonrd, llvo gallons of
water and nn Icobox.
"I feel llko Columbus starting out
to discover America," Mrs. Woolf said,
when asked by tho nolghboru if ho
did not dread tho trip. "Wo expect
both to stand it and onjoy It"
licards aro al present tho order of tho day
nmong London's fashlonablo "men-about-town."
In remarking about tho provalenco of facial hlr
outo adornments, a prominent hairdresser said:
"Ono would not havo thought that tho coming
of King Gcorgo to tho throno would havo mado
much difference to tho fashion of current hair
dressing, In view of tho fact that his father woro
a beard for so many years, but I can ansuro you
It has, and a very great dlfforonco nt that.
"In nil probability tho presont fashion of tho
point beard is duo in a great moasuro to so young
a man affecting ono. I havo been told that thero
was a groat rago for boards among 'men-about-town
when King Edward first grow a board many
years ago,
"In my opinion tho averago Englishman Is
trcmondously Imitattvo. Tho etylo of beard
King Georgo wears la appropriately named tho
torpodo' In tho navy, and omco tho king's no
cooslon many of tho youngor mon In tho oorvloo
havo started to grow them."
tho western towns seethed to hnvo much moro solf
importnnco than common sense. In Denvor two
of tho camera mon wero left bohlnd whon tho
colonel and his party went to tho auditorium and
arrived to find that building packed to tho doors
and surrounded by a ring of mounted pollco. To
ono of theso thoy appealed In vain. "But wo nro
bupposed to bo with Mr. Roosovolt's party," said
ono of thorn finally. "Well," wns tho chilly ro
eponso, "If you nro supposed to bo with them, why
aren't you?" And tho ofllccr's horso scornfully
switched his tnll in their faces.
It wns in Denver, too, that ono of tho most
nmuslng scenes of tho trip was witnessed. Tho
Press club gavo a "chuck-wagon" luncheon to tho
colonol In n park. "Here," Bnld tho camera mon,
"Is our chanco for somo good stuff." So thoy put
in fresh 111ms or plates and hustled out thero by
tho dozen. Tho colonel, in tho midst of a throng
of self-invited Colorado deputy sheriffs, Btood nt
tho rough board tablo and evory tlmo ho reached
for u bit of meat or put n morsel of food Into his
mouth thero wns n perfect fusillade of clicks from
tho cameras that surrounded him. Tho photog
raphers wero ranged in n triplo ring nhout tho
chuck wagon, thoso with littlo cameras in front,
stooping low; next, tho men with tho lnrgor hand
cameras, and In tho ronr tho local artists, who
had big machines on high tripods. It was In truth
a comical sight, but tho colonol did not seem to
mind It a bit, and went on eating nnd talking with I
tho utmost enthusiasm.
Tho visit to Choyonuc, of course, gavo tho snap
ohottcrs their best chances for plcturosquo views,
for thero tho colonel could bo cnught almost any
timo slinking hands with tho cowboys, cowgirls ami
gaudily painted Indians, or applauding tho work
of tho broncho-hustors.
Thero la a Chicago nowspapor man who onco
had tho unique expcrlenco of being tho only person
with a camera present nt tho coronation of n king.
Tho monarch In question was Mataafn, who had
been elected king of Snmoa by a majority of tho
inhabitants of thoso delectable Islands In 1808, Ills
reign, to bo suro, lasted but a fow months, for after
n gallant slrugglo lit wns most unjustly deposed
by tho Amerlcnns and British, who thereupon parti
tioned tho islands with Germany. Tho perform
ance took placo l& tho open, but tho king nnd
tbo chiefs who anointed htm wero not to bo ap
proached within Bomo fifty yards. Bo rigid la Sa
moan otiquotto that tho ono man with tho camera
did not daro to broak through tho surrounding ring
of natives, and bad porforco to bo content with
such views as could bo had from a distance.
Famous Old Methodist Church Still
Stando In tho Suburbs cf Upper
Oanducky, Ohio.
Upper Sandusky, O. Tho greatest
Methodist event In recent yoara wns
tho pllgrlmngo to tho famous old mis
sion church at tho odgo of Upper San
dusky, O., tho first Protestant mission
In America. In tho adjoining como
tcry nro tho gravos of John Stowart,
founder of tho mission, iuid koiho of
BSttteVf iM'aw:
v id --2 1 -itj : ' ir
1 5m
'. -act.
1 TtMb" K7ufrU4lHtl
The Old Mission Church.
his converts. This mission wna tho
result of Stewart's efforts to glvo tho
gospol to tho Indians ot this torrltory.
Stewart died In 1823. It Is unlver
eally admitted that tho organization of
tho parent mission hoard of tho Meth
odist church In 1819 was duo to tho
success of this mlsston to tho Wynn
dotto Indians. Tho mission was or
ganized in 1810. From thnt dato to
1907 tho Methodist church lion raised
through Its mlsslonruu' boards tho sum
of ? 1(5,485,957. Formuny years tho
church was allowed to fall into decay.
In 1889, through tho efforts of tho
Rov. Dr. Lovo, It wns restored to ita
present condition. A gran I to block
marks onch gravo nud two larger
slabs built into tho south end ot tho
church nro engraved with historical'
and biographical data.
Dyopepala, Gas, Sourness or Indlgoa
tlon Go Five Mlnuteo After Taking
a Littlo Dlapcpsln.
If your meals don't fit comfortably,
or you fool bloated after eating, and
you bcllovo It 1b tho food which fills
you; If what littlo you cat lies llko
lead on your stomach; If thero Is dif
ficulty In breathing, eructations ot
soiir, undigested food and acid, heart
burn, brash or n belching of gas, you
can mako up your mind that you need
something to stop food formontatlon
And euro Indigestion.
A largo caso of Papo'a DIapcpsin
costs only llfty cents at any drug
ttoro hero in town, and will convlnca
any stomach sufferer flvo minutes after
taking n hlnglo doso Uiat Pol-mentation
and Sour Stomach is causing tho
misery of Indigestion.
No matter If you call your troublo
Catarrh of tho Stomach, Dyspepsia,
Nervousness or Gastritis, or by any
other namo always remember that a
certain euro la waiting at your drug
store tho moment you decide to begin
ltfl uso.
Papo'a Dlapcpsln will rcgulato any
out-of-order Stomach within flvo min
utes, nnd digest promptly, without any
fuss or discomfort, all ot any kind ot
food you cat.
Theso largo GO-cent cases contain
moro than BUfllclent to thoroughly
euro nny chronic caso of Dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Gastritis or any other
Stomach troublo.
Should you at this moment bo suf
fering from Indigestion, Gas, Sour
ncsB or any stomach disorder, you can
nuroly get relief within flvo minutes.
She Covered Her Head.
Sceno, n country church of Eplsco
copnllnn denomination in procesB of
boing decorated for tho Christmas
Eoason. Tho rector, who has a strong
leaning towards forma of all kinds Is
fastening n festoon of cvergrcon
about tho baptismal font, whon, ou
tor Miss Dymplo, who unceremoni
ously flings her hat upon tho seat of
V pow anil comes to his assistance.
JThu rector suddonly observes that
alio Is hatless and remarks severely:
n "Miss Dymplo, It 13 particularly fori
nlddon thnt woinon chall corao Into
tho church with uncovered bonds."
"Oh, bother, I forgot!" responded
tho young lady lrrovercntly. "Woll,"
grabbing up tho rector's derby nnd
Eottlng' It Jauntily on hor port littlo
head, "will this do?"
Important to Nlothora
Examlno carefully overy bottlo o!
CASTORIA. asnfeandsuro remedy for
Infanta and children, and boo that It
1-l..n,. 41..
SIgnaturo of ZilWcC
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
Tho Kind You Havo Alwaya Bought.
Not to tho Wise.
Howell A word to the wlso Is suf
ficient Powoll Thon how do you account
for the long-drawn-out speeches ovwr
tho telophono? '
HMmmmmwmmK,ritf-jBHr?XZ j mfriatol
wii,ii -irf-v- ryi-"