The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 01, 1910, Image 7

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No woman cim bo healthy with sick I
kidneys. Thoy nro often tho truo
canso or bearlnB-down pains, head- i
'Evtrr Picture
TtlU A Stoty
nchos, dizziness,
u o r v o u a neaa '
etc. Keep tho I
kidneys well
and health la
easily main
tallied. Doan'a
K I d i o y Pills '
malto strong, '
healthy kidneys.
Mra. John A.
Link, 122 East
I'erry St., Dutr
rus, O., says' "I
was bo terribly nflllctcd with kidney
complnlnt, I could not ntlr out of bed.
I was attended by several doctors but f
they nil failed to help mo. Doan's Kid- ,
ney Pills pavo mo relief after I had I
given up nil hopo and soon cured me.
I havo had no kidney trouble In threo j
Remember tho name Doan'a.
TV.- ..i t if .i..i -a -
I'Ul eillll 11 llll UUillUTH. Oil IflllS il
box. Foster-Mllburn Co., Duffalo, N. Y.
Good luck HkeB to visit people who
are not expecting It. I
Lewi' Single Hinder 5c cigar epulis .
in quality most 10c cig.irs.
Every tlmo a mnn Is mistaken for a
deer It counts ono for tho door, who Is
very well satisfied.
Mr. Y!nrtfw, Ponttilnrr Myrnp.
Xorchlliln-n t i-t-i niii . Hoftt'nHtnittimit, ti-un.'.tn.
tUuiuaUuu.uUajHiijlii.curuhniuJudUu. wuaUttio.
At the County Fair.
Visitor And bo that Is what thoy
call tho wild liorao of Patagonia. What
do you feed It?
Zoo Attendant Wild outn.
In all its forms niiiong all age of liorM,
as won as uogs, emeu ami otlicM in .tiiui
stable prevented from having tho dic.ia that earthquakes or witter pressure
Vv'L S11'S!!N"S "'STEMl'KU Cl'ltK. would dislodge them, and that an one
hvery bottlo guaranteed Over (iOO.OOO I
bottles sold last year ?.rU .ind SI Ot). Any
good dniRgist, or tend to manufacturers. ,
dull La rtiMti nab iiii .r .in iiiin ii ili. .uv i
Agents .wanted. Spoliti Medical ( o peu, I
Contagiou.s Uiseabcs, Uoshcn, hid.
Reason for Strange Names.
A little colored girl appeared on !
ono of tho city playgrounds tho othor
day, accompanied by two plck-mln-nlcs,
who, she explained, were cousins
of hers, visitors in Newark. "What
aro their names?" asked tho young
woman In charge of tho playground.
"A Ida Ovcrturo Johnson and I.ucla
Soxtotto Johnson," tho girl answered. , l added to the list of tragic deaths
"You see, their papa used to woik for , '" tho family of Miss Adelaide Cum
a opera man." Newark News. I '"K of this city. She Is now In llos-
ton, summoned there by a peculiar ac-
Deafness Cannot Be Cured ! cldcnt to her sister who, on her thirty
b7 local .wiittibn.. thoy cmnot mci. th, dim I cottd birth.lay put on u now dress or
cum1 portion ut tin! ear. 'Iher-i ti only ono wny to ' tllO llobblo-Skil't Variety, and ilS she
cure tleutiicsJ. nml tlit Li by ctu.slitiitlonal ri-mi'illrs. ..i.- ,i,,.ui,... ( ,.!, ,,i ...,,i foil
l)fatm3 ti caa'wd by Jin mnamol conUlthm ot tha , 'ls ROI'lK UOWllStallb. Hipped ami Tell.
mucous llnlnit ut tl.o KmtnUiUn Tub.-. . VV lien UiU , IJcr nJ,, uono waB hiokotl.tind Various
tubo 13 Iniliinoil you lnvo i tumbllnj sound or tin- ... . ....
perfect bearing and wiicn it u entirely ciowd. Deit- complications have set In which may
mm Li tho result, ami unlcii tlie lallamtnution can h ,.,. i, ,im. out rind tlili tubo rcntorwl to tbi imnnil condl- v-J"aO "or uetuu.
tlon, licarlnu will bo destroyed torever. r.lno c.vei
.n nf l.n nr r.lKn.t flilirrll. uhlrll II ll.-lllillltf
but nn Inflamed condition ot tho mucous nurtair.H.
wo will KIVO una iiunureu uonars jor ony uw oi
DcatncM (caused by catarrh) ttiat evinot bo cured
by Hall's Catarrh euro. Wend tor clrculirs. treo.
F. J. CHi:.Vi:V ic CO.. luledo. Q
Sold by Drurcl-ti. 73c.
Toko U11b I'amlly fljli tor constipation.
Dug -Hey! Wait a minute, Mrs.
Mrs. Snail I can't stop, now; I am
going to town to do some Christmas
shopping, nnd It's November now I
Easily Prepared Medicine Which It
Said to Regulate the Kidneys
and End Backache,
To mnko up enough of tho "Dande-
Hon Mlxturo" which Is claimed to bo
n prompt euro for Dackacho and Kid'
ney and Blnddor trouble, got from any
good Prescription Pharmacist ono-half
ounco fluid extract Dandolion; ouo
otinco Kargon Compound and three
ouuees Compound Syrup of Sarsapa
rlllo. Shako woll In a bottlo and tako
in tcaspoonful doses after each meal
and again at bedtime.
Thoso who havo tried It say It acts
gently but thoroughly on tho Kidneys
nnd cntlro urinary system, reliovlue
Uie most sovoro Uackacho at once.
A well-known medical authority rec
ommends tho prescription to bo taken
tho moment you suspoct any Kidney,
Uladder or Uiinnry oiaorder or feel a
constant dull Backache, or If the urluo
Is thick, cloudy, offensive or full of
bedlmcnt, Irregular of passage or at
tended by a ncaldlng sensation; or for
too frequont urination durlug tho
This Is a real harmless vegiMablo
mlxturo which could not causo injury
to nnyono nnd tho relief which Is Raid
to Immediately follow Its use Is a rov
elation to inou nnd women who Ruffer
from Uackacho, Kltlnoy trouble or any
form of Urinary disorder.
This la suroly worth trying, as It la
easily mixed at homo or any
will do it for you, and doesn't coi;
Forging the Big Panama Canal Gates
ITTSHfUa, PA. Mischievous boys
dreumliiK of Kates to b carried
away and future Hallowe'en Irophles
would not in the wildest nightmares
i Imagine such enormous Kitten as nro
beliiB made in Pittsburg for the Puna-
'"" ."i.
It in iititnl
They will be the largest gates In the
world. Any one of the !2 of them
WH1 be about as high as n sl-sUiry
building, as wide as many city build
ings are (G!i feet), and seven feet
J,-'UI) ' thick.
The structural steel that will go to
malco them will weigh tJO.OOO tons, or
more thnn eight limes as much as
was used to build the Kirfel tower In
Tho mighty portals, designed to ad
mit a world's commerce from one
ocean to another, must withstand a
tide of criticism as well as a tremen
dous pressure of water and possible
convulsions of earth, l-'or yeni-H the
controversy over gates or no gales,
locks or oa level, has been HiV di
viding Issue of the canal problem
In the face of fear In some (plat
ters that the foundations on the Isth
mus are not sure enough for locks,
TVei mr K a f ck I rYire
w51 -v-
Mloq Ouminlntr li still n voiinc worn
-Ulrta VUIIUIUUb IS mill II i"UIIf, tt Ulil
an, but misfortUllO litis boot! with her
all her life. Her grandfather was
wrecked and drowned at sea; her
father killed In a boiler explosion;
ono sister crushed by n trunk, anoth
er killod by a snowball mid a third
by gangrcno; n nephew went down In
tho Maine, another was killed In tho
San Francisco earthquake, and their
mother Is now Insane.
James G. dimming, grandfather of
Everybody Helps to
Tho Armour-
dalo district has set tho paco and
now this city la going to bo a Bpot
less town. An idea, a clrculnr letter
and a few postage stamps did tho work
In Armourdalo.
Mr. Dean, commissioner of parks,
selected tho town-cleaning day and
then mailed tho letters to all of tho
business and professional men In that
part of town, Inviting them to meet,
properly equipped with Implomcnts,
at Shawnee park.
As early as 7:30 the Shawnee park
district looked: llko a brickyard dis
trict wheu a mad-dog alarm has been
sounded. Thoro wore men of all
sizes and wearing all sorts of working
annarol and carrying many descrlp-
tlons of Implements. When all hands
had gathered around tho bandstand,
it was found that tho group included
lawyers, doctors, mlnlstors nnd busi
ness men, and that Uioy meant busi
ness. Tho party was divided Into threo
Refusal of Water
or s
A?. (A'ATfRI
' r-.i
ut away
Gnrrctson hospital In a critical
condition from a badly lacerated
ncalp, which ho sustained when hit
by a Btreot car, Albert Maxwell, fifty
ono years of age, steadfastly refuses
to drink wntor In any form becauso
ho doesn't llko It. Ho declares ho has
been a total abstainer from nature's
bovorago for tho last thirty ycar3, aud
la willing to tako a chanco of giving
ip his llfo rathor than touch water
When Maxwell was taken to tho
hospital ho waa placed on tho oper
tlng tablo whllo the physicians aewed
ill :.(50,ooo L
1 1 .' mise'S yx
n ui iv .i7 y
I ... ti&TKB V
jK $li uss
! r-XjJpB iev
1 ' Br'
M k
i t JL
' l i-
MNBS i L&3K&i
JSv Jh y A A (SBEWftSisssflisiSS
- l "'I I I7:i " A -JiHD" 'S Bmflr"i JTTrVU.i'
iny's mines or accidental explosion
might easily destroy them, the gov
ernment bus begun to build the gates.
The cost will be $5,000,000.
Of the C0.000 tons of steel leiptlred,
the heaviest single pieces will weigh
about eighteen ions. Tho thousands
in pieces, iiuiuuorcu mm ..v
ted to go together as easily as chll- ,
drill's blocks, will be shipped by
steamer via Italtlmore and with them
will go more than four hundred skilled
structural steel builders from Pitts
burg lo yet them The advaiu e guard
of experts will leae here In Decem
ber and the Hint woik probably will I
begin early In I Si 1 1 .
The location of the 10 pairs of gates
will be, 20 at the (Jatun dam on the
Pacllle side. 12 at Pedro Miguel, and
II at .Mliallores. near the Atlantic en
trance 'I he gates aie designed to
hold bark water 17.1 feet deep In a
channel lit) feel wide, which mentis
a pressure of a million pounds. The
weight of a single guie will be about
liOO ton, and the dimensions are 77
In S2 feet high, lit) to 7.1 feet wide and
7 reel thick.
Knch lock will be iiuipie lor a Jhlp .
.",0 per cent, linger than any vessel J
alloat. and It has he n estimated that
as many us a hundred ocean ships j
may' be bandied In a single day.
There are no locks approaching (
i I.. .1... l'l... Sinn? t
l lie?'- Ill ISI.f. I II.' Minu'lin .j,. i
canal Is a sea level affair and the few i
gnat lock canals would hae to com- I
blue ihir gutes to equal the size and I
strength of the great doors of Pan- '
Pioirte o l-?rtrtiKr
. miouvo . u m.i.i.aa.n,j
the pivmMit CumuiliiK generation, win.
a sailor of Salem. Mass, and went
down with his ship whii Miss Cum-
tiling wus a young girl. Mer father '
was blown to death in a boiler ex-
plosion In Sulein. lie was a merchant
and simply happened along when tin
boiler let loos.' oly pans of his
body were recovered. One ulster was
hi faking wood over her knee when
.she fractund her kneecap. The log
was amputated but gangrene caused
her death. Another was killed by a
snowball In which a stone was lm-' my w. it r.n.iiKUTt
bedded and a third was caught while The average life of the drains in
packing a trunk. The lid crushed her many soils Is probably not more than
head. twenty-live years, and even if the
The unhappy fate of the family drnlns aro not as old as that they may
seemed to descend to the branches, for have become blocked by roots of treos
one of Miss Ciinimlng'a t.onhewK was or slnknge of Individual pipes,
lost lu the San Francisco earthquake The point then to decide will be
in one of the collapsed buildings which whether to tako up pari of the system
took fire. A brother of this Ind. Kn- , nnd relay, or commence an entirely
sign .Matthews, bad perished on the new ono. In tho majority of cases It
Maine In Havana harbor. These trag- will bo found that it Is most satlsfac
edlen so pi eyed on the mind of tho tory to lny down an entirely now sys
inothci, Miss Cunimlng's sister, that item nnd this Is the course generally
she became violently Insane and Is
now In a Massachusetts asylum. Now
tho last near relative of Miss dim
ming Is In a hospital, and it Is impossi
ble to hay whether she will escapo
tho family fate or not.
Make City Clean
sections. Wngons furnished by tho
city ami by business firms were on
hand to follow tho workers nnd col
lect the results of their labor.
w. ..... . . . .
Up ono side of tho s reet and down
the other they worked, cleaning the
street and parkings of weeds and
papers and piling them for tho wagons i
to collect and cart nway. And school
boys who had not been detained at
homo to clean yards followed tho
shovel and boo brlgndo with brooms,
sweeping up the dirt tho shnvolcra
bad missed.
And tho women were working, too.
While their husbands wero cleaning
the streets, they wore sweeping tho
yards, picking up tin cans and pa
pers and cutting tho dead weeds. In
nil paits of tho city women could bo
seon, inking up leaves and trash and
even repairing fonces. Tho churches
had men working cleaning nnd re
pairing '.ho property nnd the school
janitors tere busy In tho schoolhouso
It 'is tbi Intention beforo long to
have the 1 1,000 school children of tho
city organised Into Juvenllo leagues
for tho purpose of assisting In this
"This Is en ly a starter," Mr. Dean
explained. ". 11 of Knnsns City, Knn
will be elennei the same wny."
May Cost His Life
up his scalp, w hlch had been almost
completely tort off tho skull. Max
well stood the t peratlon well. An ho
straightened up ready to bo assigned
a bed Doctors tops and Silk offered
him a glass of v titer.
"1 never use t," was Maxwell's re
sponse to tho j'roffeied drink. Tho
physicians and the nurses regarded
tho fitatemont ue a Joke. Next morn
ing tho nurse o.fered Maxwell medi
cine lu the form of pills. A glass of
water was offernd him to take with
tho medicine, bu; Maxwell refused It.
Ho swallowed tin pills without wnter.
Tho whlto of ji egg was prescribed
in tho evening, but after Inspecting
tho food Mnxwoll declared ho thought
thoro was water lu It and refused to
tako It.
Hospital aro in u quandary
as to what to loed tho man. Mra.
Maxwell Bays It is usoloss to coax
hor husband to drink wator.
Metal Plate Fits In Palm of Husker's
Hand and Has Projecting Hooks
to Catch Husk.
If some clever young farmer
could wear concealed tho corn
busker designed b an Illinois mnn,
ho could win with ease all the husk
ing bees In bis locality. This busker
la a motnl plate fastened to a glove
llko device which Ills on the lower
rt . ... ,.., ,...,,.,,.,. .., .,,..,,,
, , Im,m Q1 (hp ,()W(,r )!U.t ()f
the busker Is a downwardly project
ing hook, while above It, on either side
are two other hooks, projecting In tho
oppoblto directions. V.c of these
spikes Is made by cutting two sides
of n triangle In- the metal and lend-
Improved Huskcr.
Ing over the point thus made
lower hook Is meant to engage the
husk as tho hand Is drawn down iver
the ear of corn and strip It off, Tho
other two projections, having nothing
to Interfere with their progress down
ward, act as guides and ensure the
hitsk of being stripped off evenly. Or-
dlnarlly. in husking corn, the husk Is
seized at the top and pulled down,
With this device the outer covering
of the com Is gripped by tho mere
downward movement of the hand.
..,.. ,., , .,., nnr-
Some Very Important Suggestions for
Laying Out Plans Which Will
Bring Dest Rcsult3.
In laying out a new scheme of tile
drainage tho following aro the main
points that will require investigation
before tho working plan can bo pre-
1 pnred or the work commencod.
I No rulo of thumb can be given, but
i it may bo said that on tho heavier
I clays a distance apart of six yards
i and an nverngo depth of two feet, nlno
I Inches would be ample whllo on tho
i lighter sands nnd wet grnvels 20 yards
! npart and an avcrngo of threo feot,
uiiuu menus iui uiMiiu wuiim iiul uu
much Afl ft ft, rJ,0 m mo.
,llm .. mlnnr .. nrn nof . ,
1 dium soils minor drains nro set cloven
DralnB need not to bo so noar to
gether on nrnblo as In grass land.
DralnB should bo nt an nverngo of six
Inches dcopor thnn the sldo drains.
Main drains should havo n fall of
not Iobb thnn ono in 2G0 or about 20
feet per mllo. Tho nctual position of
minors with reforenco to tho slopo
lins been tho subject of much discus
sion, but whero tho fall Is fairly good
thoy may bo takon across the slopo
nnd this Is genornlly tho most practi
cable way.
Tho number of square yards In nn
noro (4,480) divided by tho distance
npart of tho minors will glvo tho to
tal length of sldo drains per acre.
This, If tho sldo drains nro 11 yards
apart, their total length on nn ncro of
ground will bo 440 ynrds.
Choosing tho positions for tho out
falls Is often by no moans nn easy
task, but It may bo taken ns a prin
ciple that tho fewer outfalls thoro aro
tho bettor, as each requires to bo
cleaned out periodically, and If thoro
1b a multiplication of them ono or
tho othor Is certain to bo overworked
somo time. Tho outfall uhould bo
placed as far above tho water level of
tho stream or ditch Into which It
empties ns circumstances will nllow,
but If thoro Is any chanco of Hood
water backing up the drain, this must
bo provided against by fastening nn
hinged Ilnp over tho end of tho outfall
In tho selection of tiles great care
should bo takon for In this as In many
othor things tho strength of a chain
is its weakest link, nnd through tho
"flying" of n main drain tho greator
part of an cntlro dralnago system may
bo rendered comparatively useless.
Farmers' Wlvec.
Isolation, hard work and small com
pensation Is too often tho lot of tho
ifnrmors' wives. Thoso nro burdcnB
that nood lifting.
Pleasant surroundings modern con
'vonlcncoa, easily cbtalnnblo, will go a
long way in keeping tho boys and
girls on tho farm.,
Important Part of Hlvo Is Sheltor
That Will De Cool In Summer and
Warm In Winter.
An Important pnrt of a good hlvo
Is n cover that will bo cool In sum
mer and warm In winter. Of courno,
If one winters Indoors It does not
make so much difference. Hut most
Cover Protected by Paper.
of tho beekeepers around here win
ter outdoors and, take but little euro
of their bees at that.
I llko the Hat paper top cover quite
well, and always 'order II, but prefer
a cover n.ado like the one shown here
with, writes Klmer K. Walte, In Glean
ings In Ilee Culture. I have used sev
eral that 7 made myself, and like them
better than any othor cover for a
single-walled hive. The Inside (flat)
part can be made either ot two or
three pieces. The outside ttopj
should bo two pieces If tho rldgo la
narrow, but can bo mado of four
pieces If the whole top Is covered
with paper. Tho outside should pro
ject over the ends two Inches, or
ono ami one-half inches at least, and
fastened with several small mills. If
the whole top Is covered with paper
there will never be any trouble front
the ends of the boards splitting. I
have had no trouble from this causo.
A strip of sheet metal can be used
for the rldge-cap, or reeling paper will
do If nailed with tacks.
Old Shovels May Dc Utilized In Ma
king Places for Hands Good
Method Is Shown.
1'tie two old shovel handles cutting
them to the proper length and trim
on an angle as seen lu tho picture
Fasten these on opposite stiles, fasten
ing each very securely with screws,
Barrel Handles.
This 1b a handy wny to movo a barrol.
If n top to tho barrel Is desired
fasten a largo thread spool in tho
center with a screw. Any barrel con
taining wnter or other liquid should
bo kopt coverod.
Alfalfa-Hay Club.
Students nt Crelgbton University,
Omaha, Neb., havo formed nn nlfalfa
hay club for tho purposo of exploiting
nlfalfn meal and flour. Thoy claim
to havo made goms from this product
which wero very palatable.
Loaves are flno for lining tho stor
ngo pits.
Don't neglect to provldo amplo ven
tilation for tho collar.
Crates, barrolB and boxes for cellar
storago must bo clean nnd dry.
Fruit nnd vegonblos retain a much
richer flavor if burled than if stored
in tho collar.
If thero aro broken panes in the
bnrn windows, now is tho tlmo to put
in new ones.
Seed potatoes, llko tablo stock,
should bo stored as cold as possible
without frost.
Fall plowed land should bo loft
rough over winter to bettor catch and
hold tho snow.
Don't spend n dollar for small
ditches or tllo on n marsh until an
outlet is nssurcd.
Put tho potatoes doslgncd for seed
purposes In barrels or bins where thoy
enn bo kopt from tho light.
Drainage tllos should bo evenly nnd
well burnt, giving n clear, ringing
note when clinked together.
To keep a plow from rusting coat
tho moldbonrd with axlo groaso or
with linseed oil when not In uso.
Do not put any frozen potatoos away
into winter storngo with unfrozen
ones, If It can possibly bo avoided.
This month Is n good tlmo to spray
tho Interior tho barn with llmo wash.
A spray pump used for this purposo
will do much for cleanliness and
Perhaps tho reason moro root crops
nro not rnlscd is that thoy requiro
moro work both In their cultivation
and harvesting, and in their storing
and feeding.
So far as conditions will ndmlt It
Is nearly always best to sow wheat
reasonably oarly in ordor that it will
mnko n good start to grow beforo cold
weather set3 in.
I , I T ( IJf. IXV- 1TX I'ri'O lli.tnrnlviKl of 100
I I .?.' Air iiitoh mill ir ninlloiiH of
III ' ft;l!a.P ion iti-i nt W.I.OO tin iicro
III 1 I l F'lMIl I'llll) lllllHtf, KOOll k liiwiln.
Ill -OL i.' vfllriit nilhvny fiullltlrn,
( 1 I- HS--TI tnfl'fri?9 low frHclit mien; mmI.wi-
nZTVu r I "1 I lm ' WtfKvffti 'uV.Vp!iinpiiiot''ijistii.-.tvvvt.
i I. .mm iv "?'. iiriii'Ki'iiit or (inorriip.
l l 11 II I I -'ArwvO .Tim
Vf r Mm
V I II (mm
w i it i . .
3A I
Women seem to live faster than men.
Many a man hns lived to flirt with tho
daughter of tho woman ho catuo near
Pettlt's Eye Salvo for 25c.
Rchevpi tired, coriRcstcd, influncil anil
nro ryes, quickly stop cyn miie-i. All
dniuKistt or llouard Ilru ltnlTalo, M. Y.
There's many a penitent man In th
If you want a medicine
that will mvc you the great
est satisfaction m cases of
Indigestion, Constipa
tion, Biliousness, Colds,
Grippe and Malaria take
none but the Bitters. Its
reputation is established.
The Farmer's Son's
Great Opportunity
Why unit for tlm old farm to iipcomo
ircurn mr your lutuiti
pninpcri.r aim inueprn
ilrnrn. A nrrat oppor
tunity uitnltn you In
ur Alln'riii. whiiro you
can neciirou. Frrellouie
htrudnrbuy lalidutrua-
nuuauio prices
not ii from now, I
nni'ii i mm inn oh ""
r. '1'lm tirntllH hpeuri-il
rriiin tlio iilitiiHlunt rrnim of
Wliciit, Oittx ami . Ilurlry,
it "I'll oi caltln nil M UK. urn
I'.ttinliiK a Mead? udvanrii In
liril'P. IIOTrmilH-rifc rruinn nmiw
imi tiin iintiitini- of Noltlorn
In Mcntorn Cminilu from
tliv II. H. nnn 00 iir f'iit
lnrKor In 1010 lliliu lliu
iirivloilN i vur.
.11 liny riirnior Iiiitp mlil
for tlu'lr IiiiiiI out nf tlm
nml lovr tnltliTV rati-. npp'T to
Suji't of Iininlerntlon. OUin.ii,
t'au.,or tot'aiiaillaii (lor't AiccnU
801 Mtw Toik Llfa Bids- Om'u.lth.
iTnonddrowiiH-areUroti, 87
Nearly Every One Gets It
The bowels show first sign
of things going wrong. A
Cascarel taken every night
as needed keeps the bowels
working naturally without
grip, gripe and that upset
sick tccliug.
Ton crnt box. wpck' treatment.
AlldruL'ntoro. Illesest iellef ta
ttiu world million boxo a. ruoutti.
A Porfoot Seli-Hoattng Snd Iron
l)ur1ilr idacIs from th bmt srads of ran Iron
and uiu lilgrily polliUixl ami nickel laUd.
EX to oporata -hat rcirnlatud Inntantly
Do odor no dirt no riot Hoto.
An Idaal Holiday CltL.
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