The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1910, Image 7

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Crop Should Do Graded and Packed
in Barrels as Soon as Posrblo
Potatoes, although one of the most
Important of our truck crops, are
usually badly handled by tho average
grower. Instead of being sont to
market In bulk by tho wagon load, po
tatoes should be graded ami packed In
barrels. Tho packing .should bo dono
as soon ub poslblo after tbuy arc dug,
for If exposed too much to tho huh
they will become seift and the akin will
turn green.
It Ih a very good plan to grado and
pack potatoes In the Held aa they are
lifted, although when very largo crops
nr grown und It la desirable to grade
them more carefully, this cnn'be dono
better by first Bending them to the
packing Bhed, whore they can bo run
through graders and the work done
more rapidly. It Is Just us important
to grade potatoes as fruit or any other
Knrly potatoes should bo shipped In
barrels with holes cut in them for
ventilation, and covered with burlap.
Poorly Packed Potatoes.
Tho barrels should bo frequently
nlmkcii whllo being packed, In order
to settle the contents llrmly, because
being heavy, otherwise) they will be
sure to arrive at market, utter long
dlstanco hauling, In very bad condl
Liberal Dressings of Freshly Ground
or Slaked Lime Will Prove an
Excellent Tonic.
Hy W. It. OIMsniiT.)
Complalnta are common from com
paratively small and constantly crop
ped gardens anent tho poorness of the
produce. Even such a thing as a cab.
bage Is so faint-hearted as to run
away on lanky legs as no well-behaved
cabbage should.
All this Is very annoying to those)
who take Infinite pains with their gar
dens and go to some expense In get
ting reliable Becds. All this may
occur, and does occur, where amplo
umnuro of Uiu barnyard Is applied
to keep the soil In fertile condition.
It la In fact a kind of soil sickness
which ordinary manure cannot over
come, but actually aggravates.
One sees far less of this in large
gardens for the simple reason thut the
larger area gives a much wider rauge
and rotation of cropping, yet even here
comparisons may often be drawn be
tween tho produco of tho large areas
and vegetables undor Held cultivation
to the distinct advantngo of the latter.
There- Is fortunately an antidote, for
freshly ground or freshly slaked llmo
Is an antldoto for this. In liberal
dressings It will .prove a quick and
lasting tonic to tho sick soil, and not
only should this be administered when
spring opens, but aa far as possible
dressed through crops of cabbago and
similar things during a dry day and
lightly hoed In.
When lime can bo readily obtained
In the best condition thore Is really no
excuse for the bad state of things de
pleted, and oven if an extra price has
to be paid it Is still the cheapest be
cause the only satisfactory thing for
tho purpose, and whatever may bo
spent In ordinary manure, if expended
on tlmo for several seasons would
work wonders.
Excellent Method Is Shown by Accom
panying Illustration Is Quito
A ltttlo wlro fenco, as shown In the
Illustration will savo Us cost 50 times
Saving Hay Stack.
ovory season ami allow stock to run
In Inclosuro whero liny or other grnln
Is Btncked. Uso strong wlro fenco
netting and fasten to posts of 2 by i
and put thcBo securely In the ground.
When not In uso tho fenco can bo rolled
up and put away,
Mot Important Part of Producing
Good Celery Is to Have Plants
Firm and Tender.
Mlauchlug Is a very Important part
of producing good celery; because, un
less tho plants aro white, Hrm and
tender, they nre not only unpalatable
for thu farmer's family, but are, of
course, unsalable. Including tho light
Induces a solid growth In the heart of
tho plant and this growth Is very
rapid. It also turns a plant from
green to puru white.
Homo growors blanch their celery by
placing over tho plants a section of
V ""S
VatM,. .t-A ., - 7 fiY?.
jfc.tiaAiVjuva' .
: r ffWVJi
Blanching by Drain Tiles.
drain tile and covorlng up the top with
a coarse cloth or litter.
Persons contemplating growing cel
ery for the market should not attempt
to do so until they have visited one of
the large commercial celery gardens
nnd learned from observation exactly
how the work of Heeding, transplant
ing, cultivating and marketing is done.
Hut tlie farmer who simply desires to
grow enough celery for his family
use, may, If ho follows instructions,
grow good crops, always providing
that his soil is very rich and well
It Is Mistaken Idea to Think That
Thsy Oo Not Protect Buildings
Wire Fence Danger.
It Is a mistake to believe that
lightning rods do not protect build
ings. They do when properly put up
and no fanner can afford to go with
out them unless he chooses to curry
bis own Insurance. Iti any case the
cost of lightning rods Is so small com
pared to the protection they give that
It Is doubtful whether It is good poli
cy to take any tlsks without them.
Of course wo cannot put lightning
rods on liny and grain stacks but wo
can put the buy and grain In our
barns and protect tho buildings with
lightning rods.
Speaking of lightning, atl danger
of death to farm animals coming In
contact with fence wires heavily
charged may bu avoided by attaching
a wlro to the strands of the fence for
two or three hundred feet, running
one end of it Into thu ground about
four feet deep. This will afford nn
outlet for tho electricity and render
the who fences ns safo aa any other,
Shelling Beans.
After beans reach the Btage for
shelling they mature quickly. Keep a
shnrp lookout that some are not
wasted before you are aware. The
little white Hold henna aro especially
prone to scatter their seeds as soon
as the pods become dry.
Lot posterity help pay for the roads'.
Tho log drag Is tho best dirt road
For successful rotation clover should
be one of the crops.
Careful breeding Is the foundation of
the best results In boo keeping.
On tho farm, the best tlmo to do
a thing Is just before It Is needed.
Letting weeds go to seed means that
you are laying up trouble for next
If dry weather sets In do not neglect
to stir thu soil nnd mulch. This Is Im
portant. Curing honey simply means n
proper evaporation of tho water It
Adjust tho knives of tho lawn mow
er to cut within two Inches of the roots
of tho grass.
Although tho watormelon Is n suc
culent fruit, wet Is more damaging to
It than drought.
Half tho plantB which refuse to
grow for amateurs are starved to death
or killed by kindness.
Manure will not waste as much
fertility In tho Hold as It will In tho
average farm barnyard.
Cabbago and all other plants of the
cabbago family require a very fertile
and cool, moist soil for good growth.
Carrots are splendid for folks who
need Iron In their blood. Ono of tho
host ways to got It Is to cat theso nice
Sunshine, rainfall and temperature
aro threo Important factors In canta
loupo culture bojond the control of the
If your boot rows aro too thick, pull
out Bomo and boll them for greens.
Nothing bettor in tho world for this
Never save beans for seed from
rusty or dlseasod poda, and do not sell
thorn for sued. This same rule applies
to some other soeds,
Aftor tho ground Is plowed for
wheat It Is a good tlmo to haul out
and scatter all of thu manure that it
Is possible to gather up.
Many growers do not attompt to con
trol tho melon aphis, but loavo It to It;
natural enemies, of which tho lady
beetles are tho most Important.
ism a
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Romantic Story of An Old-Timo
London Beauty.
Circumvented Her Irate Father In An
Ingenious Manner Lover, Dis
guised no Baker, Carried Her
Off In a Hamper.
London. The old saying that lovi
will find a way was never better Ulna
trnted than In tho romance of Hllza
both Spencer, the most beautiful worn
an In all Kngland In tho rolgti oi
Queen Klizabeth, and her devoted
cavalier, Sir William, second llaror
Compton, who nfterward became tin
first Karl of Northampton.
Kllzabeth had tho double advantage
of beauty and of wealth. Sho was th(
only danghtoi of Sir John Spencer
who reached Loudon a penniless boj
from the country during the reign oi
King Henry VIII and who became Hi
wealthiest citizen and In turn sheriff
and lord mayor of the old city of Lon
don. Like many another self-mad
man Sir John was somewhat of ur.
Idolater a uoishlper of self, lie re
garded himself, and very likely will
perfect Justice, us the equal or man
of the nobles of England and tho hu
perlor of some, and when ono or these.
Sir William, liaron Compton, lire,
snnicd to muko lovo to the beautiful
Kllzabeih ho was shown the door am1
told not to return.
And so the loveru planned how to
circumvent tho wealthy and pemipoup
Sir John.
Ono day a handsome young bakei
called at Crosby Hall, trundling a
burrow upon whl-h rested a cupuclouj
and Mat-topped basket. Ho lugged the
baskot Into the tioiiso easily enough
and soon emerged with It and laborl
ously carried It to the barrow
Chnnclng to meet Sir John ho tlppcc!
his hat to the great man, who
pleased with this mark of courtesy
cheerfully 'gavo him a sixpence. "A
civil young man," said Sir John tc
himself, "and his face somehow look:
A little later Sir John discovered
that thu "civil young man" was the
"scapegrace," Sir William, and that
his daughter had elope J In the basket!
Messengers were at once dispatched
Eloping In a Basket.
In every direction to arrest tho fugl
tives, but the plans of tho lovers had
been carefully luld and before theli
whereabouts were discovered Eliza
both Spencor had became Lady Comp
ton. Tho rago of tho father know no
bounds and he roundly swore that Sir
William had seen tho only nlxpcncu
of his money ho would over touch.
This determination would very likely
havo been adhered to wore It not for
tho nppenranco on tho scejno of un
other actor.
Queen Eilzaboth yearn before had
met Kllzabeth Spencor and had takon
some Intorost afterward In her af
fairs. Driving through tho city ono
dny tho queen saw Kllzabeth and
beckoning her to tho royal carrlngo
paid her tho compliment of pro
nounclng her the owner of "tho sweet
est fnco I havo seen In my city of
London." Naturally, Bho learned of
tho beautiful girl's elopement and
later concocted a plan of effecting a
reconciliation botween daughter nnd
A year after tho elopement Sir John
was summoned to tho presence of tho
queen. After expressing her sym
pathy with him ovor tho lngrntltudo
of his daughter sho askod him to be
come sponsor with her nt the baptism
of a baby, who wna Just born to a
couple who had married against tho
wishes of tho mother's father. Hon
ored by tho request, which of courso
was tantamount to a demand, sir
John readily consented nnd also will
ingly acceded to the quecn'u desire
that ho permit his own Biirnnmo to be
used ub tho Christian namo of tho
child, nattered boyond measure by
the qucen'B graclousness, Sir John de
clared that as hu had discarded his
own undutiful daughter ho would
ndnpt the Infant as holr to his for
tune. Ho was then told that the child
was his own grandson, the offspring
of his daughter Kllzabeth. A recon
ciliation was then effected and yearn
afterward, when Sir John was gath
ered to his fathers, tho son-in-law, sir
John, or Lord Northampton as ho had
then becomo, erected a mngnincent
tomb on which tho disobedient daugh
tor, In contrition for her fault, Is soon
kneollng at hor fnthor'B ftot.
Find Germ of Leprosy.
Honolulu. Urs. Hrlnkorhoff nnd
Curry and M. T. Hallman of Honolulu
Imvo succeeded In Isolating germs of
This moans tho ultlmnto discovery
if a cure for tho disease.
Tho doctors nro now attempting to
nako a toxin from tho bacilli. Ex
eriments at tho leper dottlemont will
oon bo uuido.
Nlnety-Flvc Slain While Entranced by
Strains of "Home, Sweet Home"
and "Where Is My Wandering Boy
KM. Neb. Having read of music be
ing used to Induce cows to give larger
quantities of milk and of birds being
charmed by Hie playing of a mouth
organ, John Peterson, owner of a large
ranch a few miles south of this place,
has tried his violin on coyotes with
great success.
Peteiiion Is considered by rolks In
this community as being an artist on
the violin. He plays for all the coun
try dances, and fills an Important
iilcl.o In a local orchestra. lie has a
local reputation of "making a llddle
Alter rradlng stories In the news
papers of Imw animals and birds were
nitracted by music, he said to Mrs
Pet-TMiii: "I'll Just try It on those
pesky eeiyotes."
A few days Inter he and IiIh sein,
Henry, eixti en years old, took a re
peating rifle, a largo supply of ammu
nition and a violin and i (-paired to a
shed near the tenter of the fi.OOU
new sand hill ranch.
Seating himself cm a soup box In
the doorway of the stable, and grasp
ing his violin, Peterson began to play
He giound out the) "Devil's Dream,"
"Klshcr's Hornpipe'," "When tho l'low
cis Illeiom Again" and n ileze'ii other
Himllur airs. Seme eif them brought
the eoyeites.
Petersen) was a little skemtlcal and
seimewhnt disgusted. Then be tried
tome of his best "ragtime." Hardly
had he finished his first Ki'lortlon when
there' came a yelp from ovor a hill to
the left, nml a little later an answer
Ing yelp from the right, followed by
Btlll eithers fremi other directions.
Coyotes commenced to appear and In
a few minutes thu stable was I'ttolr
cled by thu anlmnlK, all hitting on
their (munches, howling in unison, and
evidently trying to keep tlmo to the
Peterson sawed away on his Instru
ment, but not a coyote would come
within tho range of Harry's rllle. Then
the fiddler decided to try something
more plaintive'. Dnipplng ragtime, ho
htnrtod to dish out "Home, Sweet
Picking Off the Coyotes.
Home." Hardly had ho Btruck a dozen
notes when the clrclo of coyotes, like
ono coyote, aroso to their feet. They
stopped howling and commenced to
wnlk toward tho stable.
Uy tho tlmo that Peterson had fin
ished "Home, Sweet Homo," tho mil
muls were within n quarter of a mile.
When ho atopped for a moment they
also Btoppod. Again ho played rag
time, and tho coyotes squatted, upon
their haunches and commenced to
howl, apparently disgusted. They bo
gan to retreat.
Hut Peterson was e.'qual to the oc
casion and ho quickly began to play
"Wo Shall Meet to Miss Him" and
"Where Is My Wandering Hoy To
night?" The effect was like rnnglc.
Apparently electrified by tho music,
tho coyotes snuffed the air, and, stri
king a rapid gait, began to close In on
tho stable.
Harry began to shoot with unerring
aim, and an animal, sometimes two
or threo of them, foil at each crack of
tho ritle. Animal after animal went
down, hut this did not seem to create
any consternation among tho pack
On they came, nnd from window te
window the boy wemt, shooting at tho
advancing column, whllo his father
kept on playing dreamy melodies. Tho
lad fired until nil his cartridges were
gone. As tho last shot was fired tho
fathor laid down his how. Immedi
ately tho un wounded coyotes fled for
the hills.
An Investigation Bhowcd that 05 ani
mals had boon killed, whllo nenrly
half that nunihor were wounded so us
to bo easily put out of commission.
Sheep Bone In a Man's Arm.
Now Orleans, La. A patient at tho
Charity hospital hero has had a
sheop'a bono transferred to lils arm.
Newark, N. J. PcrsoiiH who have
been going regulnrly for tho last few
weeks te the barber shop ef Sebastian
Salano, In N't. 010 Springfield avonue,
this city, to get shaved and slinm
pooed, got a surprise tho other day
when they learned tho young man
known to them ns "Jlnimlo," whoso
chair they all sought because his
lenich with the- razor was bo light, was
Mary d Marco, an Italian girl. Her
hair had been cut short and sho woio
a natty blue si'rgn suit with such
mace that her ellxgulso was perfect
ami none suspected she was a woman
masquerading In a man's clothes.
The young woman might have kept
up her ellsgulse feir many weeks more
Working as a Man.
without Salano's customers bolng any
tho wiser hail not thu police got wind
of tho case and exposed the trick by
arresting the barber ami his girl as
sistant, whose) skill with tho razor was
Increasing his buslne'ss dally. The
police also arroKtod Albert Ueisso, an
other barber, of No. 1118 Sixteenth
avenue, who was Implicated by tho
young woman.
Tho trio were arraigned boforo
Magistrate) Yulll In tho Fourth pre
cinct court and thore tho story cmno
out of how thet young woman had be.on
feirced to work In thei barber shops of
both men She told tho magistrate
sho lived In Irvlngton, and Hindu the
acquaintance of lleisso through Sn
lano. Two months ago Rosso Invited
her to go with him to Mnplowood,
sho asserleid. Tho young woman al
leges sho wait drugged nnd whon sho
regained her senses sho discovered
her hair had been cut off and she was
dressed In a man's suit of clothes.
Sho found herself In Hobso's barber
rhop, nnd when sho asked him want
had happened to her sho alleges ho
told her ho had cut off hor hair ami
had burned hor clothing.
Sho said she obeyed Itosso's Instruc
tions to work In tho harbor shop, nnd
nn she wbb familiar with tho uso of
a razor she hud ltttlo trouble In koop
Ing up tho disguise. Sho got tlrod or
the Job und lied to Salano's placo and
bugged him to help her. Monntlmo
Bho still wore her dlsgulso nnd shavod
tho nion who enmo to Salano's place
Magistrate Yulll hold Itosso In de
fault of $1,G00 ball and Sulnuo In $G00
ball. Tho young woman was hold as
a witness.
Burglar Throws Away $2,000 In Treas
ure When Police Chase Him
Into Swamp.
New York. Somewhoro In a four
acre swamp which faces on Feather
bed lane, an old Dutch thoroughfare in
tho outskirts of tho Bronx, thore Is n
parcel of allverwaro and Jowolry valued
at $12,000. Tho valuables aro working
downward through tho mud nnd quick
sand, and probably will nevor bo re
covered. Tho treasure wus stolen by
a burglar, who "Jimmied" his way Into
tho Hat of a wealthy real estato opera
tor. Tho burglnr had tin easy tlmo, be
causo tho family hud gono out of the
city for two dnys nnd tho servants had
a holiday. Whllo ho was at work,
howovor, a woman saw him nnd called
tho police. Tho burglar heard her and
lied. -
Tho thief rnn Into tho swamp and
hid In tho tall marsh grass. When tho
policeman found him fast In tho quick
sand his booty had disappeared. "I
threw tho stuff Into tho Bwamp," ho
Bald. "Nobody will over got it."
Sprouts In Lad'o Nose.
Nashua, la. O. 11. Taylor's llttlo
son had to bo taken to a specialist to
havo a grain of corn removed from
his noso. Tho boy had pushed tho
kernel up his nostril snmo tlmo ago
ami his pnrents supposed it had passed
through Into his throat, but a fow
days ago tho boy began to have
troublo with his nose and when takon
V a specialist and examined It was
found tho kornol was still lodgod
thoro. It was romovod, nnd whon
brought to light it was found to have
Mutteq ttiosMn noft nn TnlTft. ItnproToi any
i-unilcliiii. llt'Ht ilimupuo made Curemo-U
hUln criuillotiH,
MuiijtHi'M llulr Inrlitorntnr curM ilnmlrtiff,
ntoimlmlr (rum fulling nut, hinliru lialr ki-ow
if yim Imvn l)jn pilii, or tiny Htit trouble,
ihp MuimmV Vtiw IViw I'llli. Tliov rurn nil
InuxiiciH.Ciiniitliinlluii ntnl itrlre nil liiiiurltl
from tin- l.looil MUNY0NS HOMEOPATHIC
HOME REMEDY CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
For ReJ, Weak, Weary, Watery Ejtt and
Drotiliti Stl MntaiEraRiBwJr. lltili!,lS.50ctt.0H
Murine Ey Salre, In Ancptlc Tub?., 2.rc 51.00
Mu rlno Eyo Remedy Co.,Chiexigo
1 would Miy to all: Uso your gent
lost voice at home. Kllliu llurrltt.
LowiV SimrIc Hinder t might t ri(pr
H nuiile to satisfy the remoleer.
Tho more worthy any noul Is, the
larger Its compassion. John UrlghL
Mr. Wlimliwii Hootlilnif Hjruj.
Kiirrtilliln-n ti'rthitm, vofti-ni Un- uiunn, mliM-rttrk
iau)nmtii)ii,ll.i)r iMin.curni wind oullo. Xj UitUo.
Write mo ns ono that loves his fol
low men. Lolgh Hunt.
Important to Mothorn
nxnmluo carefully ovory bottlo of
CAHTOUIA.n safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and tico that It
Iti'nr.4 llin J7
Signature of UzAfyrMjjk.
In Uao For, Over JJO Years.
The Kind You Havo Always HoughL
Does Engineering Work.
Mile. Ilandnrln Is superintendent of
nn engineering firm In Russia. Hho
wns graduntod from the Women's
Technological Institute In St. Peters'
'uirg, nnd has hail practical expo
tliMico In engineering. Sho built n
Htoi'l wnre-house for an army ceopcr
fltlvo society, has been assistant en
gineer In building a bridge ncross tho
Nova and has tlouu either Important
Not Impregnable.
Horace Ave)ry, K. (J., Just appointed
it Judge, Is ono of tho mordant wits or
the Itritlsh bar. Ono day cross-ox-nmlnlng
u recalcitrant wltnoss hu
nsked :
"What are you?"
"A retired gentleman," proudly as
sorted the ox-cliposemongor.
"Well," snnticd Avery, "when you
achieved tho position of gentlomon,
why did you retlro from It?"
Tho Enemies.
Apropos of tho enmity, now happily
burled, tunt used to exist between
Minneapolis and St. Paul, Senutor
Clapp said at a dinner In tho former
"I remombor nn ndelross on careless
building that I once hoard In Minne
apolis. "'Why,' snld tho Bpoakor In tho
course of this address, 'ono Inhabitant
of SL Paul Is killed by accident In tho
streets every 48 hours.'
"A bitter voice from tho roar of
the hall Interrupted:
" 'Well, It nlu't onough,' It Bald."
"Tho Wish Is Father to tho Thought."
Dr. Itobort L. Waggonor, the presi
dent of Baldwin university, said, In
tho course of un address on .peda
gogy at Deroa, O.:
"And ono of tho most remarkable
changes In tho last 30 years of teach
ing Is tho abolition of corporal pun
lshmont. A boy of this gonoratlon Is
novor whipped, nut a boy of tho lust
generation well!"
Dr. Waggonor smiled.
"Tho boys of tho last generation,"
ho Bald, "must have boltovcd that
tholr instructors nil had for motto:
"'Tho swish Is father to the
Coffee's Weight on Old Age.
Whon prominent mon roallzo tho In
jurious offects of coffoo nnd tho change
la health that Postum can bring, thoy
aro glad to lend their testimony for
tho benefit of others.
A superintendent of public schools
In a Southorn Btato saya: "My moth
er, olnco her early childhood, was an
invctcrato coffoo drinker, had been
troubled with hor heart for a number
of years and complained of that 'weak
all ovor' feeling and alck atomach.
"Some time ago I waa making an of
ficial visit to a distant part of tho
country and took dinner with ono of
tho merchants of tho placo. I noticed
a somowhat peculiar flavor of tho cof
fee, and asked him concerning It Ho
replied that It was Postum. I was so
pleased with it that, after tho moal watt
over, I bought a pnekngo to carcy
homo with mo, and had wife pre
pare somo for tho noxt meal; tho
whole family lilted It bo well that wo
discontinued coffoo and usod Postutn
"I had really been at times vory
anxious concerning my mothor's con
dition, but wo noticed that aftor using
Postum for a short tlmo, sho folt so
much better than she did prior to Ibt
uso, and had llttlo troublo with her
hoart and no sick stomach; that tho
headaches wero not eo frequent, and
hor gonoral condition much Improved.
This continued until sho was ns well
and hearty as tho rest of us.
"I know Postum has bonefltod my
self and tho other tnombors of tho fam
ily, but In a moro marked degrco In
tho caso of my mothor, as sho was a
victim or long Btnndlng."
I'.vcr ri'iul tho nbnvn IcttrrT A uevr
one nppcnrit from limn tit tlnir. Tlirjr
nro ifenulnc, true, ubU full vt bamuu
m - .TVWVVWa "l'-ll-T,iTWt-
(- '"- M
- -y