The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 15, 1910, Image 6

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The ChiefL
0. n. 1IAL13, Publisher
Brief Mention of What Is Transpiring
In Vcrloue Sections of Our Own
and Foreign Countries
Montana limits to the amount of
C0U,7CO ncrcs huvo been designated
ly Acting Secretary of tho Interior
Plcrco for settlement and entry under
iho nrnvlRlonn of the enlarged home
stead net. ThlH brings thd totnl
amount of land In Montana deslgnnt
el up to dntc up to 30,:i5r.,!)GC ncrea.
With an increaso of 3,27a,:i2G In tho
public debt nnd a totnl deficit of $17,
371.4C8.08, the United 8tntes treasury
closed tho Hecond month of tho llscnl
year, keeping on oven keel, nil clrcum
Htanrcn considered, with a working
balunco of jaO,82C.OOr.7.1!3 on hand and
tho general fund down to 8U,62:i,
207.M). Attorney Ooneral Wickcrshnm and
Secretary Nngle, who have been In
Alaska all summr, will land at Seat
tle, Wash., on September G. It Is gen.
orally assumed they have been In
AluBka making a special Investigation
of conditions there for President Taft.
Tho attorney general will probably go
to Beverly at nnco on his return.
Approximately G7!,Gr.C acreB of land
in Arizona and New Mexico, eliminat
ed from the national forests by Presi
dent Tnft afl being ehlelly vnluablo
for agricultural purpobes, havo been
opened to settlement under tho home
.tend laws by authority of tho secre
tary of tho Interior. Tho lands will be
como Bubject to settlement November
22, but not to entry until December 21.
Sixty-eight Chinese students ar
rived at Honolulu on tho Btcamer
China on their way to San Francisco
to enter various American universi
ties. Thirteen deaths from cholera nnd
twenty-livo now eases of tho disease
were reported from the Infected dis
tricts of southeastern Italy during
twenty-four hours.
During tho dinner at Berlin
Kmporor William toasted King
George and afterward detained 1-ord
Hoberts for several hours in ani
mated conversation.
King tleorge's shooting party at
lialmorul was thrown Into excitement
when l.ord Kilmarnock, second secre
tary In tho British diplomatic service,
received four pellets through tho ac
cidental dlschargo of a gun. Tho sec
retary was not seriously Injured.
In consequence of high price of cot
ton and tho general depression In
trade, seven cotton mills In Homhay,
India, havo nunounced that they will
i'Ioso down September 30. Seven
thousand hands will be affected by
this curtailment nnd a dozen other
mills nre expected to follow suit.
New York city has gained over u
million In ten years.
Tho tilal of Dr. Crlppen and MIsb
licnovo wan begun In u London court.
Returns of tho first direct primary
election held In Idaho Indicate that
(Jovernor James II. Urndy Is renomin
ated by tho republicans.
If the prosperity Is to bo measured
(y tho tlood of Americans returning
from abroad, never has thero been
Mich a prosperous year In this coun
try. ,
Senator Harrows of Michigan was
Ofcatod for renominatlon to tho sen
ate. Failure to catch a baseball thrown
Mvlftly by his brother in practlco re
united In the dotah" of F.dward W.
Hoge, aged 12 years, In Washington,
I) C.
All records for receipt of cattle nt
the South Omaha market were brok
en tho other day, when 10,281 head
wero received, mostly fetoers from
western ranges.
At tho close of a meeting of miners
ind operators In Chicago, It was an
nounced thnt tho strike situation In
tho Illinois coal fields had virtually
loen brought to nn end.
Cromwell Dixon, the dirigible aero
naut, had a narrow escape from being
driven out to sea In his airship when
his englno failed to work as he was
fiOO feet In tho air over the Harvard
aviation Held.
Pinned beneath the wreckage of n
big touring ear when It turned tur
tle at the foot of a steep hill Just out
ride of BInghnm, Me., former Con
gressman George Warren Weymouth
of Fnlrhnven, Mass., prominent In
business circles, was Instantly killed.
Three masked men held up nu In
lerurbnn street car at the San Mntos
(California) county line, lined up tho
passengers and crew and robbed
them of their money.
Dr. Hawley II. Crlppen, Jointly ac
cused with Kthel Claro l.enevo of the
murder of his wife, has suffered a
nervous collapse and was removed to
tho hospital ward of Brixton Jail.
According to a report mibmlttcj to
tho board of directors of tho Phila
delphia Rapid Transit company the
Krlko of tho conductors and motor
men in tho early pnrt of tho year
tost tho compnny $2,300,000
A non-union Iron works plant at
corla was wrecked by dynamite
Army men are not In favor of tho
O'Rourko plan for raising tho Maine.
At tho commerce commission hear
ing at Chicago railroad men Insisted
their revenue was not enough.
Toilette swept the state In Uio Wis
consin primaries.
Mayor Onynor of Now York woi
taken from tho hospital to his coun
try homo.
Roosevelt announced his political
creed, which Id that of progressive
Senator llurkott Introduced Kx-Prcn-Idcnt
Roosevelt on tho occasion of his
Omaha speech.
Thero was an nngry oxchnngo be
tween lawyers at tho railroad rate
hearing nt Chicago.
From eight to ten thousand pcoplo
listened to tho Bpeech of lOx-Prosidont
Roosevelt In Omaha.
A demented man Jumped from a
train near Missouri Valley, meeting
almost Instant death.
Medlcnl Washington wns stlrrod up
by a Nebraska physician's discussion
of Infnutllo paralysis.
Tho financial showing of tho govern
ment for tho second month of tho 11b
cal year Is satisfactory.
Some federal heads may bo looped
off nt New York for too active par
ticipation In stnto politics.
(Jovernor Hny of Washington takes
Issue witli Roosevelt and Plnchot on
tho question of conservation.
William Uarnes, Jr., of Now York
declares himself shocked nt utter
ances of Roosevelt In the west.
Tho treasury department has a
task on Its hands in tho printing of
bonds for postal savings banks.
Colonel Roosevelt was obliged to
brenk his Sunday resolve and address
tho crowds as ho traveled to Fargo.
At Torre Haute, Ind., John Mitchell,
tho labor leader In a I,nbor day ad
dress, Bpoko In favor of better laws
for tho protection of worklngmen.
Two trans-Atlantis steamships, ono
of them tho liner Lusltanln, wero held
up by tho Now York health authorities
because of the cholera scare abroad.
A movement Is under way to havo
Justice Harlan promoted to tho chief
Justiceship of tho supremo court,
with tho understanding that ho soon
Tho report received that Franco
will havo seventy-llvo noroplunos at
tho disposal of ltn nnny by tho end of
November In attracting m,uoh atten
tion In Germany.
Virtual martial law prevails In Bar
letta, tho center of tho ltallnn chol
era zone, as tho result of a clash be
tween several thousand starving nnd
unemployed people and tho military.
Juan Anier, editor or the Satirical
Weekly Chantecleor, of which tho
first Issue had Just appealed, wan shot
and killed by Joso Pennlno, n liberal
candldato for city councilman In Hav
ana, Cuba.
Ample opportunity will be given
both railroads and shippers to pro
Bent personally to tho Interstate com
mcrco commission all question bear
ing on rates, it Is stated by commis
sion authorities.
A gross valuation of tho oatnto ol
tho lato Grover Cleveland In New
York has been Hied showing $2f,fifi0,
loss taxes, commissions, oto. Tho
residue Is J32.1GS, the bulk of which
goes to the widow and children.
Davis Elklns arrived in Paris from
Carlsbad en route to Vichy, where he
will Join his mother and his sister,
Miss Katherlne Klklns. It Is under
stood that tho threo will sail for the
Un'-ted States about October 1.
At a La Folletto meeting In Madi
son, nt which Sonntor Cummins of
Iowa nnd Francis J. Honey, tho Kan
Francisco graft fighter, woro tho chief
speakers, Congressman Norris of No
brnaka was also present nnd made a
Bishop of Salisbury, Kngland. will
start for this country, arriving here
September 21. Ho Is to preach the
opening sermons at tho Protobtant
Kplscopal convention, which Is to be
held late in September at Cincinnati.
An unconfirmed reiort has been
received thnt Hvo negroes wore
lynched near Carlton, ten miles oast
of Athns, Go.
Mexico's celebration of tho ono hun
dredth anniversary of her Independ
enco begnn Sept. 1st nnd will con
tinue until tho end of tho mouth.
After a conference with tho forestry
service officials tho officials of the
American National Red Cross an
nounced that It would pay tho hospital
expenses of tho government employes
Injured in lighting tho forest flreH In
tho northwest. It Is estimated that
the expense will amount to about fl.
000, which will bo paid out of tho re
lief fund of the Red Cross.
Republicans carried Vermont by a
reduced plurality.
Colonel Roosevelt wns tho Iibor
day orator at Fargo, N. D.
Tho progressIveB dominated the re
publican btato convention In Califor
nia. Ln Folletto wns renominated In
Wisconsin by an overwhelming ma
jority. An unknown man caused n commo
tion at Fargo. N. D., by denouncing
Roosevelt ns a liar.
President Taft delivered n long und
carefully prepared address at the
conservation congress.
Mayor Gaynor was Indorsed for
governor by tho democrats of Sara-
toga county in convention.
State's rights governors at the con
servation congress left for homo, nil
mining themselves defeated.
Rear Admiral Albert G, Barry und
Herbert Wlnslow and Chaplain Da
vid II. Trlbou will retire thlu month
on account of age.
What la Going on Here nnd There
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Omaha, Neb. William Meek, a
ntonesetter, fell n distance of fifty feel
from tho top of the new assembly
room now under construction at the
deaf and dumb Institute anil was In
Btantly killed. Meek was loaning over
n heavy stone, wiring It Into place,
when tho stone gave way, carrying
him with it in Its downward flight.
Meek fell squarely across tho stouo
and death was almost instantaneous.
Tho Injured man breathed but a few
seconds. Tho lwdy was taken to the
coroner's vnrlors '1 un Iqest will
be held. No blame is attached to the
contractors, nor to an of Mcek's fel
low workmen.
Coming Mission Meeting.
Tmunseh, Nob. Tho Topeka branch
af tho womnn's foreign missionary so
ciety of tho Methodist Episcopal
church will hold its twenty-seventh an
nual meeting In Tecumseh on October
G, 7, 8 nnd !. The meeting will be
an Important one. and will bring many
delegates to this city. Among the
missionaries to lie in attendance will
be Bishop W. F. Oldham of southern
Asia, Miss Cora Morgan of Muillad,
India; Miss Kllnbeth Varney of Hlng
Hun, China; 'Miss Gertrude Drlesbach
of Manila, P. 1.; Miss Rebecca Wat
son of Nagoya, Japan; Miss Agnes
Saxo of Mutra. India, and Miss. Susan
Walker of KomiiIo, South Ameiica.
To Honor Memory of Griggs. i
Beatrice, Neb. In district court.
Judge L M. Penibertou yet aside Fri
day, September 30, as the date upon
which eulogies will be pronounced In
meniorv of the lato N. K. Gilggs. the
oldest member of the Gago county bar,
who died Sat in day at Alliance.
Airship Demolished.
Lincoln. Neb. Archie Hossey, fly
ing In a Wright aeroplane nt tho fair
grounus heie, was Injured and his ma
chine destroyed when the wing of the
plane collapsed in tly second lllght.
Will Visit Old Home.
Beatrice. Miss Nan Aspinwall.
known as "the lariat girl," who left
San Francisco Wednesday for New
York on horseback, is a Gage county
oung lady. She icsldcd nnd attend
ed school at Liberty for many years,
and her relatives live there at the
pieseut, and she will visit her old
home while on tier Journey cast.
Walter Slaughter has accepted tho
priuclp.ilshlp of the PI mouth schools
tit Falrbury.
Tho Martin Luther college at Ster
ling opened Monday with i good at
tendance. Earl Devore or Butlllngtou, Ind., has
been elected principal of the West
school of Beatrice.
James Elberte, who was recently
muidered nl Maitlaud, Mo., formerly
lived at Hastings.
Farmers near Hastings are up In
arms against the cureless work of
hunters in that vicinity.
Charles Beschler, aged fourteen
nas shot by his cousin. Ben Beschler,
while in tho hitter's melon patch at
Broken How.
A mule show was held Saturday at
Plckrell and more than sixty mules
wero lined up on tho htreets to poso
as prize winners.
In a fall from tho roar end of his
wagon, A Hin Gramllch, eIght-two
years old, came to a sudden death
near his home at Papllllon Tuesday
Four hundred regular army soldiers
composing eight tioops of the Seventh
cavalry, from Fort Riley, Kas.. will bo
camped near Llnclon irom iSeptombcr
23 to 2(i.
Threo of the best business places
of the town of Murdock wero prac
tically destroyed by lire which Tor a
time threatened the business section
of tho place.
E. E. Bolster, editor of the Blue Val
ley Blade of Seward, has purchajed
the business and subscription list of
the MUford Monitor, lately edited by
Guy W. Bundy.
i.V new engine, costing $1,320, will
bo Ixiiiglit for the municipal light sta
tion at Fremont to lncieaso the pro
ducing facilities of the $83,000 plant
that was comi-loted less than two
years ago.
Father Emmanuel Ilartlg, for some
fifty years pastor of the St. Bene
dict's Catholic church at Nebraska
City, died In Atchison. Kan. He was
born in Bnvnrln, Gormany, May I,
1880. Ho received his education In
Munich, and later entered St. Vincent
college, Westmoreland county, Penn
sylvania. Ho was ordained In Ixjav
enworth, Kan., September 1. 18G0.
An old icglstered letter, containing
$10. lw in the postoillco at Fremont
eleven yoarB ago, was found by Post
master Swanson whllo rummaging un
der nu old desk recently.
The First Nntlonal bank at York Is
tearing down Its old building nnd will
erect a new one nt once.
Dr. Hnrr, a veterinary surgeon ol
York, had a narrow escape from
drowning In n cloudburst nenr that
placo Mondny.
Home-grown peaches are becoming
so plentiful on the 'Humboldt market
that farmers are finding It dlfllcult tc
dispose ol them at a price that ptiyi
for the picking.
Physical Director Kearns Is organic
lug a fool ball squad from tho mem
bnrs of the Fremont Y ;M. C. A., from
which a team will be chosen as soon
as the .lnylng season Is on.
A mall pouch was stolen from a
truck at Lexington. liloodhounds
trailed tho thief and found the sack
west cf town. It had been cut open
und letters and packages were scat
tered about.
Tho American Automobile Manufac
turing company of Beatrice has Just
received u mammoth turret lathe,
probably the largest machine of the
kind west of the river. Tho machine
weighs twelve tons and cost better
than $5,000.
Humboldt Is considering the idea of
treating its streets with asphalt road
oil. Much favorable comment Is be
ing heard and a definite conclusion
will bo reached when a committee,
appointed .to make Investigation,
makes its report.
All recordB of attendance at the Ne
braska stato fair were broken Wed
nesday with an attendanco of 11,440.
The biggest previous day In the his
tory of the fair was lirynn day In
PJ08, when there were 43.017 people
on the grounds.
Kobcoe Barton, a prominent attor
ney of Avoca, fell down tho steps lead
ing from tho llrst floor of his resi
dence to tho cellar and ibroko his
neck. He was found In a dlng con
dltlon by his wife, who was at n
neighbor's house when tho accident
happened, nnd he died a few moments
Rev. Harry (5rnunk of Calvary
Evangelical chmch at Lincoln, has ac
cented the pastorate of a church In
Bucyrus. Ohio. He will probably
ieaVu Lincoln as soon jis he can mako
arrangements, as the telegram he has
Just received Indicated that he would
bo expected to take tho charge Sep
tember 18.
The T'nited States civil service com
mission announces tho following ex
aminations to tie held at Lincoln,
Giand Island, "Norfolk. North Platto
and Omaha: September 14. phvslclan
(male), Indian sen Ice; September 21.
assistant In wireless telephony, signal
service at large; September 21,
trained nurse, Indian isthmian, canal
and Philippine service; September 20,
examiner, United Slates civil service
commission; October f, electrical as
sistant, signal service at large.
C. O. Whedon, who wns the Insur
gent candidate for United States sen
ator and who is tho titular leader of
Insurgency In Nebruska, sent the fol
lowing telegram to Senator Robert La
Follolto when La Follctto's tremen
dous victory In the Wisconsin prima
ries was repoited:
"Hon. Robert M. La Follettc, .Madi
son, Wis. I congratnlato you, your
Btate. the nation and progressive re
publicanism on your nomination. It Is
nn indorsement of your efforts for bet
ter government, u notice of ouster to
republicans unmindful of the party
Mr. Whedon visited La Folletto ie
cently while on an eastern trip and
lent his aid whllo in Wisconsin for a
few dnjB to La Follctte's success.
J. H. Putnam of Cuba, Rock county,
hns written Uibor Commissioner Man
pin that he has discovered a small
vein of anthracite coal in Rock county
nnd that he Is making further search
for a larger vein. Mr. Maupin has for
warded tho information to Professor
Condra of tho stato university. Dr.
Condra Is out of town at present, but
on his return he will mago a personal
Secretary Mellor, after a careful in
spection of tho exhibits on the fair
grounds, said: "You may say for mo
that no better exhibition of tho agri
cultural resources of a stato was ever
shown anywhere The Nebraska state
fnlr this year caps tho climax for ag
ricultural exhibitions. It Is tho best
In tho world."
Edith L. Robblns. former! a di
rector of music nt tho Keorney statu
normal, Is on her way to Berlin to
study two years. Sho will meet her
brother, Floyd Robblns, at Hamburg.
Ho has been studying piano Tor three
years in Berlin.
Governor Shnllenbcrgor has honored
a requisition from the governor of
Illinois for tho return or Anna Schnei
der to Eurekn, 111., on '.ho charge of
taking money nnd goods bolonglng to
Eunice Davis, of tho value of $75.
lir. Nlles of tho bureau of animal
Industry at Washington and a ropre
sentntlvo of tho state experimental
station are billed to glvo a number of
lectures on tho hog cholera serum
treatment nt county fairs In the stato
durluu' tho next fow weeks.
(If (! A LM. W 1.1' VW
?Xr2Uy iovi
Survivors Taken to Ludlngton, Mich.,
Craft Property of Pere Mar
quette Road, but De
tails Lacking.
Ludlngton, Mich. Thirty lives were
lost when Pore Marquette enr ferry
No. 18, bound from Ludlngton to Mil
waukee, went to the bottom of Iako
Michigan half way across the lake.
Tho dead Include Cnptnln Peter
Kilty of Ludlngton, S. F. Sczcpnnek
of Chicago, purser and wireless oper
ator, whoso signal of distress brought
assistance to the sinking stenmer, and
two members of tho crow of tho car
ferry No. 17, who lost their Hvcb In
nn effort to rescue the crew of No. 18.
Ell Colbean of Saginaw, Mich., a
member of the crew of No. 18, would
make n thirty-first victim, but It is
believed ho was not on board when
No. 18 set out from here on her fatal
The cause of the disaster Is a mys
tery. The men who know what the
Double was are dead, nnd among the
survivors thoro nre only two theories
and speculations. The best conclusion
seems to be that the car ferry's after
water compartment filled through an
open or broken deadlight, which was
followed at tho last mlnuto by the
bursting of bulkheads.
Harlan to Act as Chief.
Washington. If Governor Hughes
Is to be mndo chief justlco of the su
preme court of the United States ho
will be promoted from an associate
Justiceship. Reports that the nomina
tion of the governor as an nsboclate
Justice would be withdrawn and his
name sent to the senate as chief Jus
tlco havo been put to rest by arrange
ments that tho New York executive
has been making to take up his du
ties on the bench the second Monday
n October.
Not Killed by Explosion.
Newport News, Vn. According to
men landing nt Old Point from the
battleships the three men who met
death aboard the North Dakota Thurs
day were not killed by the explosion
of oil, ns first reported, but were
drowned when lire room No. 3
flooded to prevent the spread of
flames nnd the explosion of the mnga
zliie located just over the fire. The
bodies were recovered when the com
partment was pumped out.
The Eucharistic Congress.
Montreal. Twenty thousand men
nnd women, speaking divers tongues,
packed the cathedral of Notre Dame
here from sanctuary pit to organ loft
for the first public meeting of the
ouehnrlstlc congress. Never before
had tho ancient edifice held such a
Delay in Settlement.
Knnsas City. Complications regard
ing local conditions in Missouri nnd
Arkansas mines hnve caused further
delny in the final settlement of the
coal strike in the sotuhwest district.
Snb-cominlttees have asked that these
local difficulties be considered before
tho final contract Is signed.
Mines May Be Reopened.
Kansas City. Mo. -Although tho
contract has not been signed, repre
sentatives of both the miners and
operators of the southwest district
who have been conferring hero for
weeks trying to settle tho coal strlko
Involving 35,0(10 workers, ngroe thnt
all dlfllcultles practically are settled.
Reaches Ripe Old Age.
Worcester, Mass. Patrick O'Hearn,
aged 10.' years, " months and 22 days,
probably the oldest man In Massa
chusetts, died here Thursday from
bronchitis. Up to a year ago O'Hearn
linil been an Inveterate smokor and
he boasted that lie drank Intoxicating
Uqunrs "when he felt like It."
Welcome the Americans.
Toklo. Tho delegation of American
business men representing sovernl
chnmbers of commerce of tho Pacific
coast on arrival in Korea, en route to
Chlnn, were welcomed and entertained
by Baron Shlbusawa, the economist,
and others of tho Jnpnnesc who hnvp
visited America.
Opened to Surface Entry.
Washington. D. C 'Approximately
.10,000,000 acres of land wlthdravyn
from entry as being valuable for coal
deposits or for classification have
been thrown open to agricultural sur
face entry under regulations approvod
by Acting Secretary of the Interior
Callfornla'e Jubilation.
San Francisco. Friday wns Califor
nia's day of jubilation, the sixteenth
anniversary of her admission to state
hood and tho crowning day of tho ad
mission day carnlvnl ln this city. B
jiroelnmntlnn of Mayor McCarthy the
day was observed as a general holiday
while the citizens, reinforced by thou
sands of visitors, gave themselves up
lo the enjoyment of tho carnival
pageants, concerts, nthlotlc sports and
other festivities that mado up the
day's program.
(L V PliK M9J-1
Your for
Youra for great
est leavening
Your for never
failing results.
Your for parity.
Your for economy.
Yoar for every
thing that goes to
make up a strictly
high grade, ever
dcpcndablo baking
That isCalumot. Try
it once and note the im
provement in yonr bak
ing. See how much more
economical over the high
priced trust brands, bow
much better than the cheap
and big-can kinds.
Calnmet is highest In quality
moderate in cost.
Received Highest Award
World'. Pure Food
"That palmist will tell you when
you are going to die."
"And then run and toll the under
taker, I suppose, and get a commission
on tho business."
Senator John H. Bankhnnd, discuss
ing a political move, said, with a
"Oh, It'r. too coldly calculated. It's
almost unfair, ln fact, it's like Mrs.
"Mrs. Blank Is a leader of Bar Har
bor society. Her husband said to her.
ono nftcrnoon, iib Bho mado n very
elaborate toilet for a garden party that
sho wns giving to some membciu of
tho British legation:
"'Why did you write to all our guests
that this party was to bo absolutely
Mrs. Blank laughed.
'"So as to bo Uio best-dressed worn
nn present, of course,' sho Bald."
Few Marriages in London.
Tho marriages of London lost year
represent tho IoweBt percentage of
which there Is any record.
'TIb much to wound a foo; 'tis more
to save him uud to win n friend. Eric
to the breakfast table-
with cream.
Crisp, golden-brown
"crinkly" bits, made
from white corn,
A most appetising, con
venient, pleasurable
"The Memory Lingers"
roHfcim On-M Co., Mil.
Uivltle Creek, Mich.
unl- 1
."!. ... uAt'..tU..,.wti,',t, .
iTBilf "'--'-'