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nyir 4
The Chiefl
C. D. HALE, Publisher
Brief Mention of What Is Transpiring
In Vsrlous Sections of Our Own
and Foreign Countries.
Clifford Plnchot, former head of the
government forest scrvlco said that
the Iohb of property and life iu the re
cent nnd preseut forest fires wns tm
neeeBBnry. J. H. Miner, of Phllllpson, MnsB.,
and Frank C. Magruder of Webb City,
Mo., bnvo been appolntd engineers on
the Grand Valley project In Colorado
nnd tho Hello Fourcho project, South
Dakota respectively.
Honduras officially has Invited Dr.
Madrlz, tho deposed president of tho
Nlcaraguan government at Munagua,
to move on. This Information waB ro
celved at tho stnto department from
its diplomatic representatives.
As a final chapter to the story of
tho murder of William It. Hoggs, Jr.,
.on of Genornl William H. Hoggs or
Winston-Salem, N. C, In Durango,
Mcx In November, 1907, tho state
department has Just been advised by
Its consular representative at Duran
go, that Jesus Monarrcs had been
hcntencod to death and Emlllo Monte
nogro to Imprisonment for ten years
for tho murder or Hoggs.
Estimating the cost of tho experi
ment nt about $100,000, tho war de
partment officials havo declined re
incuts to order n bombardment of tho
fckles by nil Its guns on 1'ugot Sound
nnd nt tho mouth of tho Columbia
river In an effort to bring on rnln In
the burning forest district or the
Northwest. In addition to tho objec
tion or cost, tho army officials regard
ed tho proposal as certain to prove
The workmen's federation of Bil
bao. Spain, proclaimed a general
Mrlko throughout Spain.
The Associated press Is permitted
to stato Korean sovereignity has
censed and that Mutsuhlto, emperor
of Japan, will becomo nbsoluto ruler
or Korea, when tho agreement be
tween Emperor Yl Syck or Korea and
Mutsuhlto tnkes place.
Perfect order prevailed at tho
Portugal parliamentary elections
throughout tho country. The repub
licans secured a majority of the seats
nt Lisbon nnd Oporto, but It Is dif
ficult at the present tlmo to estimate
the results elsewhere. It Is. believed,
liovccr, that tho full returns will
fihow a great mnjoilty for the mon
archists. Tho text of the convention under
which Korea Is nnnnexed to Japan
na communicated to tho representa
tives of tho powers. The document,
which was signed August 22, will bo
effective when officially promulgated.
This will be, according to some of
tho ministers, August 29, or August
30. when tho Independent exlstenco
of tho Hermit Kingdom, the strugglo
for whose control started tho Russo
Japanese war, will cease.
Colorado has Just broken all
ords for cold weather In Auust.
Hoosevelt declares tho old guard
a 111 get all the fighting they want.
Tho Black Hills forest fires,
threatening great damage, aro under
Opposition has developed In Nica
ragua to tho presidential claim or
Hoosevelt has been asked to use
his good offices In settling mine-workers'
troubles in Illinois.
A revised tabulation of deaths In
tho forest fires of tho northwest
places tho number nt 203.
Mnny postmasters throughout tho
country are making requests for
privilege- of opening postal banks.
Tho Osago Indian tribe, worth $20.
000 nplece, 1ms been found a rich
Held for effort on tho pnrt of law
According to a statement P. Augus
tus Helnzc, tho copper man, and Miss
Hernlco Henderson, nn nctrcss, wll
bo married In New York this week.
Three masked men held up an In
itcrurbau street car at tho San Matos
(California) county line, lined up the
passengers nnd crew nnd robbed
them of their money,
A cablegram has been received at
tho Harvard college observatory from
Kiel stating that D'Arrest's comet
was observed by M. P. Gonnesiat, di
rector of tho Algiers observatory, on
August 2G.
Informal announcement was mado
that tho strike of- cloak-makers In
New York has been settled and tho
etrlkers nro expected to return to
work at once.
After selecting Atlanta, Ga., as tho
next meeting place nnd electing of
ficers, the leaguq of Amerlcnn muni
cipalities, which has been In session
In St. Paul, Minn., ndjourned.
"Dr." James Alexander Dowlo and
"Thq Rev. Bishop" Schrader, who
havo boon practicing "divine healing"
nnd proselyting for a strange religious
cult In St. Joseph, Mo., wero arrested
by the uollco.
President Taft Is to wash his hnndr
of tho New York political row.
Mr. Roosevelt was given a western
welcome In Nebraska and Iowa.
There Is a strong sentiment In New
York In favor of Oaynor for gover
nor. Tho Estrada government In Nlcn
rngua Is tottering to a fall.
Senator La Kollotte 1b directing his
campaign from his farm home.
Michigan, by her Incroaso In popu
lation, may gain a congressman.
Tho daughter of Governor Hnskcll
of Oklahoma will study for the stage.
Mayor Gnynor of New York was
taken from the hospital to his coun
try home.
Bnnker LUIIb says ho will not mar
ry former Mrs. Jnck Cudahy or any
other woman.
Turning down In Georgia of two
veteran congressmen mny preclpltato
n democratic contest.
Roosovclt on arrival In Omaha, wnB
met by his son Archie, who has been
hunting In the Dakotas.
Proclamations announcing tho an
nexation of Korea by Japan wero
published at Seoul and Toklo.
An Insano Pullman passenger killed
the porter and badly wounded an
other mnn on a Kansas train.
Tho houso committee finished Its
invcstlsntlon of tho Gore churges and
will report to tho next congress.
At Sharon, Pn., at n bedsldo, taking
tho temperaturo of a patient, Dr.
Samuel C. Johnson dropped dead.
Interesting light on tho Illinois
Central enr repair swindle was given
by a witness at tho Chlcngo hearing.
Tho war nnd navy departments
havo declined to fire big guns In nu
cfTort to bring rain In tho northwest.
In n lottor to Chairman McKlnloy
of the congressional committee Presi
dent Tnft summarized tho work of
Mrs. Russell A. Alger of Michigan,
widow of tho lato Secretary Alger,
has sailed for Europe, where sho will
remain for several months.
Vlco President Sherman before a
company of St. Louis republicans nt
a dinner declared that there nro no
Insurgents In tho republican parly.
C. S. ,L. Brown, former pastor of
itho Christian church in Leo's
Summit, Mo., shot and killed Mrs.
Anno Lamphere, nnd then committed
Tho bullet would In Mayor Gay
nor's neck has healed on tho outside
nnd tho irrltntlon of tho throat
caused by granulation on tho Inside,
has censed.
By tho death or Mrs. Flora L. Dot
er, who died at her homo In South
Orange, N. J., tho bulk or her estato
estimated to bo worth $1, 000,000, will
go to tho Tuskogeo Institute.
John Arbucklc, tho inllllonnlro cof
feo king, philanthropist nnd Inventor,
it Is said, will bo ono of tho bidders
for tho contrnct of raising tho lllfat
cd battleship Maine, In Havana harbor.
According to a report received nt
Lawton, Okla., ilvo men nnd ono
woman havo cither been killed or
seriously wounded in n dnol which
took place about sixteen miles from
Major Henry Reed Rathbone, who
waB an nido to President Lincoln,
and received n slab wound in at
tempting to Bnvo tho llfo of his chief
on tho night of tho assassination is
near death In tho criminal ward of
tho insano asylum nt Hlldorsholm,
The French newspapers print lau
datory sketches of the lato Prof.
William James, whose death they
consider will causo n great loss to
philosophy. The Temps points out
that Prof. James exercised an im
measurable influence over contempor
aneous French thought.
Hooker T. Washington, tho negro
educator, under the guldanco of .of-
flclnls of tho Anti-Slavery Aborigines'
Protection society, toured tho east
end of London to observe tho condi
tions existing nmong the poorer class
es. Ho will visit Andrew Carneglo nt
Sklbo beforo proceeding to tho con
tinent. Ex-President Roosevelt Is now on
his 5.000 mllo Journoy. He will be In
Omnlia September 2.
Great Britain's now battleship, tho
Lion, Is to bo tho biggest and fastest
naval fighter In tho world.
It Is likely that nt least ono hun
dred people, hnvo lost their Uvos In
tho forest fircB of tho west.
In n midnight duel In a cottage In
King City (Cal.) between Frederick
W. Hecker nnd N. F. Tognazzlnl, both
residents of that town, Becker was
killed and Mrs. Becker and her father
W. D. Fowler, wero wounded.
of una STATES
World Tour of Battleship Fleet
and Digging of Canal.
Speaking at Omaha, He Urges ths
Necessity of Efficient Navy and
of Fortifying the Panama
"" Waterway.
President Taft will favor a further
rovlslon of tho tariff.
Hooker T. Washington, the negro
educator, Is visiting nt Iondon.
Senator Huikctt Introduced Roose
velt nt tho Auditorium In Omaha.
Roosevelt In his tour of tho west
held great crowds wherever ho went.
Roosevelt delivered his first nil
dress on his western tour at Utlca,
N. Y.
Crlppen, tho alleged wlfo murderer,
is threatened with a nervouB brik-
Senator Warner of Missouri does
not desire re-election.
President Roosevelt makes a
speech In Omaha Sopt. 2.
Seven men In Now York nro seek
Ing to warm a seat In tho United
States senate
Lewis Barret, ono of tho wealthiest
and best known men In Louisville,
Ky., died as a result of injuries from
an automobile.
Mls3 Knthcrlno Elklns loft for
Paris, where it is reported sho will
meet her fathor, Senator Elklns, aft
erwards returning to rojoln Mrs. Elklns.
Omaha, Neb., Sopt. 2. Theodoro
Roosovclt arrived In Omaha from Kan
sas 'City at G:45 o'clock this morning,
and early as was tho hour, a largo
crowd wan on hand, and so was tho
roceptlon committee under whose
enro Colonel Roosevelt spent the day.
Tho address which the ex-prcsldont
dcllvorod was heard by a great throng
of people. It was aa follows:
In traveling In Europ last spring one
thin? which especially struck mo was Hie
fact that the two fentn which made ttie
deepen t Impression abroad were the ciulso
of tho battle fleet uround the world, and
the digging of the Panama Canal. Thwe
were tho two feats to bo credited to tho.
American people during the pant decade
which had most profoundly nnd favorably
affected foreign Judgment of America
during that time. Such Judgment depends
not In tho least upon what people say
they can do, but what they actually do;
upon their willingness to meot responsi
bilities, nnd the success of their efforts to
meet them.
Must Have Efficient Navy.
Now, there In no use of a nation claim
ing to bo a great nation unless It Is pre.
Dared to play a groat pait. A nation
audi as ours cannot posMbly play a great
part In International nffalrs, cannot ex
pect to bo treated as n weight In either
tho Atlantic or tho Pacific, or to have Us
volco nn to tho Monroo doctrine, or tho
manngoment of tho Panama Cunal, heed
ed, unless It ban a ntrong and thoroughly
eftlclent navy. Within tho lost decado
tho American navy has been about
trebled In strength, nnd much more than
trebled In efficiency, duo to Its extraordi
nary progress In marksmanship and ma
neuvering. Ho for from this Incroaso In
naval strength representing on our part
either a mennco of aggression to weaker
nations or a menace of war to stronger
nations, It has told most powerfully for
pence. Everywhere In Europo the rrulso
of tho battle fleet around the world wan
ncccptcd, not only as nn oxtraordlnary
feat, reflecting tho highest honor upon
our navy, but as ono of the movements
which tended markedly to promote pcaco
ful stability In international relations. No
nation regarded tho crulso as fraught
with nny menace of hostility to Itself;
and yet every nation accepted It as a
proof that we were not only desirous
ourselves to keep tho peace, but able to
prevent the peace being broken at our
expense. No cruise In any way approach
Ins It has ever been made by any licet of
any other power; nnd the best naval
opinion abroad had been that no such
feat won possible that fs, that no such
cruise as that wo actually mado could be
undertaken by a fleet of such slzo with
out Innumoiable breakdowns and acci
dents. Tho success of the cruise, per
formed as It was without a single acci
dent. Immeasurably raised tho prestige,
not only of our fleet, hut of our Nation:
nnd was a distinct help to tho cause of
International peace.
As regards the Panama Canal. I really
think that outside nations have a Juster
ldna than our own people of the magni
tude nnd success of tho work. I wish
our pooplo realized what Is being dono on
tho Isthmus. If a mnn of lntolllconce
who had novcr left this country usked mo
whether I would advlso him to make a
short trip to Europo. or a trip to the
Panama Canal, I would, without hesita
tion, ndvlso him to so to the Pnnnma
Canal. Ho would thero see m operation
tho completing of ono of the gtent feats
of modern times Colonel Goethals and
tho men working under him nro render
ing n service to this country which enn
only bn paralleled In our past history by
Borne of the services rendered In certain
Wonderful Work on the Isthmus.
Six years ago last spring tho Ameri
can government tool: possession of tho
Isthmus. Tho first two yenrs were de
voted to tho sanitation of the Isthmus, to
assembling tho plant nnd working force,
nnd providing quarters, food, nnd water
supplies. In nil these points tho success
wan extraordinary. From one of the
plague-spots of tho globe, one of the
most unhealthy regions In tho entlro
world, the Isthmus has been turned Into
n singularly healthy place of abode, '
where tho death-rate Is small nnd where
hundreds of children nro now being
raised under as favorable rondltlons as
In most parts of tho United States. The
quarters, food, nnd water mippiy nro ex
cellent, and the plant tho best ever gath
ered for such a purpose. Active excava
tion on a large scalo did not begin until
January, 1907. Three years and a half
have gone by since then, and throe-fifths
of the total excavation has already been
accomplished. Tho amount taken out has
passed anything which previous experi
ence warranted us In believing to bo pos
sible. In 1908 nnd 1909 the monthly aver
age of rock and earth removed wns three
million cubic yards, notwithstanding the
fact that nine montlis of each year con
stituted n senson of very heavy rnlnfall.
There remains to be excavated only about
sixty million cubic yards. If wo could
Keep up tho past average of excavation,
this should be dono in twenty monms;
but It Ih Impossible to maintain such a
rntlo ns the depth Increases; for the out
put necessarily diminishes as the field of
operation narrows. Still, It Is certain (hat
such a rate can be maintained ns will
nblo the workers to finish the excava
tion considerably In advance of tho date
fixed for opening the cnnul, Janunry 1,
1915. Indeed, I ahull be surprised If the
canal cannot be opened six months, or
even a year In advance of the tlru set.
The work hns two great features: The
Culebrn Cut. which I have been consider-
Ing, nnd the grent dam at CJatitn. Tho
latter Is to Imprison the waters of tho
Chagres and other streams Into n iHko
with an area of 161 square miles This
work Is advancing steurtlly, nnd Jut as
successfully ns tho work on the Pulebra
Cut. The water which la ultlmitely to
fill tho lock Is now flowing through the
concrete spillway In tho center of the
dam, the Chagres having been diverted
from its bed and placod under complete
control. The construction of the dam has
advnnced sufficiently io convince mo en
gineers In ohnrgo of tho work of Its ab
solute stability nnd imporvlousness. The
concrete work on tho lock Is ndvanalng
so rapidly that tho first double-set nt
Clntun will be completed this coming No
vember, nnd the enslneer In chnrgo hns
snnouneed that nil tho concrete In nil tho
locks will be In place two yenrs honce.
The date of (Inal completion nnd formnl
opening of tho canal to tho commerce of
the world will be determined by the time
consumed In placing the great steel gates,
emcreeiicv dams, nml all nnnllanrrs for
operating the ducks. But thosa In charge I
of tho work announca without hesitation
thnt everything will bo finished well In
advance of January 1, 1915.
Noxt Duty Is to Fortify It.
This Is n stupendous record of achieve
ment. As n poplo wo nro rather fond of
criticising ourselves, nnd sometimes with
very great Justice; but even tho most
pessimistic critic should sometimes think
of whnt Is to our credit. Among our
assets of the past ten years will bo placed
the extraordinary ability, Integrity, and
success with which wo have handled all
the problems Inherited as the result of
the Bpanlsh war; tho way no liao han
dled ourselves in the Philippines, In Cuba,
In Porto Itlco, In Kan Domingo, and In
Panama. The cruise of the battle fleet
nround the world wns n striking proof
that we had made good with the navy;
nnd what we 'havo dono at Panama rep
resents the accomplishment of one of the
great feats of tho ngis. It Is a feat which
reflects tho highest honor upon our coun
try, and our gratitude Is due to every
man who has taken an honorable part In
any capacity In bringing about Its per
formance. Wo now havo a further duty to per
form In connection with It, and that Is to
fortify It. Wo nro In honor bound to
fortify It ourselves, and only by so doing
can wo effectively guarantee Its neutral
ity, nnd, moreover, effectively guaranteo
that It shall not bo used ngalnst us. The,
chief mntcrlal advantage cvrtalnly ono
of tho chief material advantages which
wo shall gain by Its construction Is the
way In which It will, for defensive pur
poses, double tho power of tho United
States navy. To refuse to fortify It, nnd,
above all, to consider for n moment such
on act of utter weakness and folly as to
Invite other nations to step In and guar
anteo the neutrality of this purely Ameri
can work (and thereby really to make It
certain that In the evont of war we
should find the canal used against us as
our fleets would bo forbidden to pass
through It, or else our opponents' fleots
permitted to), would bo to Incur, nnd
qulto ilghlfully, tho contempt of tho
world; It would mean the complete aban
donment of the Monroe doctrine; It would
bo a wicked blow to our prestlgo on tho
raclflc; nnd, moreover. It would bo in
Its essence treason to the destiny of the
Way Made Clear for Financial Instl.
tutlons to Protect Themselves at
First Sign of Financial
Women Do Not Want Masterful Hue.
bands Who Will Beat Them
Now and Then.
When its comes to n question of dis
position, -says Robert Haven Schauf
tier, in his series of marriage articles
now running In Success Magazine, 8G
per cent, of tho girls In the business
world, stenographers, clerks, and so
on, would llko their husbands easy
going rather than masterful, as com
pared with 75 per cent, in tho fac
tories. Readers of the flrst artlclo in this
series wure perhaps surprised to find
nobody demanding In her future hus
band what seems to mnny one of tho
lndlspensablo qualifications for mar
ried happiness; that Is the capacity
for comradeship. Not one factory girl
mentioned this quality and only a very
few girls of business. One bookkeep
er in St. Louis added as an after
thought: "Ho must treat mo ns a companion;
not ns u doll baby." A railroad cash
ier was the only one to reason from
actual experience:
"Say, I had an experience once that
gave me a lesson! I was working In
the slgnnP tower and there was a
man worked thero with mc He was
a good looking enough fcllnh. If I'd
'a' known him nnywhere else, I might
'a' took him when he asked me.
"Thank goodness I was up thero
with him nil day long nnd I had a
chance to find out. That's tho way
to learn u mnn. If some or those
girls that get married could stay all
day with a man for awhile, every day
In tho week, thero wouldn't be so
many mlsmates.
"Oh, there wasn't -nothln' really
wrong with him, only when his lino o'
talk played out thero wasn't anything
moro to Bay. We'd olt up there silent
as owls. Say, mobbo I wasn't glad
when I got a transfer. If we'd been
married now, It wouldn't have bees
bo oasy to get a transfer."
"Washington Secretary MacVcagh's
ruling on the term "commercial pa
per" In tho trensury department's In
terpretation of the emergency cur
rency law, haB now becomo known In
Its full Import. The way Is mado clear
for the banks of tho United States to
put Into circulation $500,000,000 In
emergency money nt tho first sign of
a financial stringency. Tho law pro
vides that commercial paper upon
which emergency currency may bo is
sued shall include only notes repre
senting nctual commercial transac
tions which shall bear tho names of at
least two responsible persons, and
havo not more than four months to
run. A largo proportion of tho banks
hold he notes of reputable individu
als nnd corporations which have been
bought fiom note brokers. Theso
notes bear only tho namo of tho
maker. Secretary MncVeagh, has de
cided that tho endorsement of the
holding bank on such notes will con
stltute the second endorsement which
the law calls for.
Mr. MncVeagh also holds that notes
Issued by reputable persons for the
carrying on of bona lido business, nnd
which are discounted at banks, repre
sent nctual commercial transactions
nnd are distinct from what Is known
as accommodation paper. Tho latter
Is Btrlctly barred from being used as
the basis of an Ibsuo of emergency
In ranking a liberal Interpretation
of the term "commercial paper" the
secretary of tho treasury holds it to
bo what banks themselves consider It,
and has endeavored to conBtruo the
law so ns to meet the needs of tho
business and financial world.
Need Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Brookfleld, Mo. "Two years ago I
was unablo to do anv kind of work and
only weighed 118 pounds. My trouble
,w;n.tiL'ii;w'ii!:i!.:fe',i dates back to tho
tlmo that women
may expect naturo
to onng on inem
tho Change of Llfo.
I got a bottlo of
Lydia E. Pinkham's
vogotablo Com
pound and it mado
me icoi mucn Douer,
and I havo contin
ued its use. I am
very trratoiul to you
for tho Rood health
1 am now enjoying." Mrs. Saiuu
AjOusionokt, 414 a. .Livingston street,
Erookficld, Mo.
Tho Change of Life Is tho most crltl
cal period of a woman's existence, and
neglect of health at this tlmo invites
disease and pain.
"Women everywhoro should remem.
bor that thero is no other remedy
known to medicine that will so suc
cessfully carry women through this
trying period as Lydia 23. rinkham's
Vogctaolo Compound, mado from na
tive roots and herbs. j
For SO years it has been curing wo
men from tho worst forms of fcmnlo
ills inflammation, ulceration, dis
placements, fibroid tumors, irregulari
ties, periodic 'pains, backache, and
nervous prostration.
If you would like fipecial ndvico
about your enso wrlto a confiden
tial letter to Mrs. Pinlcliam, at
Lynn, Mass. Iter ndvico is free,
und always helpful.
2W A8K1
l " H?
KW '
Will Open to Settlement.
Washington. Approximately 679,
555 acres of land In Arizona and Now
Mexico, eliminated from the national
forests by President Taft as being
chiefly valuable for agricultural pur
poses, have been opened to settlement
under tho homestead laws by authority
of the secretary of the Interior. The
lands will become subject to settle
ment November 22, but not to entry
until December 21.
Second In the World.
Washington Greater New York haB
population or 4.7CC.8S3, under the
thirteenth decennial census, nccording
to figures Issued by Director or the
Census Durand. This mnkes New York
tho second largest city In the world
nnd ns largo as any two foreign cities,
excepting Iindon. Since 1900 the
population of tho metropolis has In
creased by 1,329.681, or 38.7 per cent,
as compared with 3,437,202 under tbo
last census.
From the Farewell Address.
Of nil the dispositions and habits
which lead to polltlcnl prosperity, re
ligion and morality arc Indispensable
supports. In vain would that man
claim tho tribute ot patriotism who
should labor to subvert these great
pillars or human happiness, theBo
firmest props of the duties of men
aud citizens. Tho mero politician,
equally with the pious man, ought to
renpect and cherish them. A volume
could not trace all their connections
with private and public felicity. Let
It simply be asked where Is the se
curity for proporty, for reputation,
for life, If the senso of religious ob
ligation deserts tho oaths which are
the Instruments of Investigation In
courts of Justice? And lot us with
caution Indulgo the supposition that
morality can be maintained without
religion. Whatever may be conceded
to the lnfluonco of refined education
on minds of peculiar structure, rea
son and experience both forbid us to
expect thnt national morality can pre
vail Iu exclusion of religious princi
ple. George Washington.
Hoke Smith Has Como Back.
Atlanta, Ga. Former Governor
Hoke Smith "came back" politically
when he was formally nominated for
governor of Georgia and endorsed for
tho presidency of the United States In
1912 by the state democratic conven
tion here. Ho was nominated for gov
ernor with 233 votes against seventy
eight for Joseph "M. Brown, tho pros
ent governor, tho balloting being un
der tho county unit system.
Over Thousand Evictions.
New York. Ono thousnnd and one
hundred cases of eviction n're on tho
docket of the second municipal court.
Idleness, hunger, misery and sickness
walk tho east side because of the cloak
makers' strike, which still exists, de
spite injunctions nnd attempts at arbitration.
Mr. Henpeck I don't want you to
put "Rcquicscat In pace" on my wife's
tombstone. Mako It "Rcqulcsco in
Stonecutter But that means "I rest
In pence."
Mr. Henpeck I know, nnd I want
you to sign it "Husband."
Slightly Confused.
All of us becomo confused nnd nil ot
ub mix our langungo sometimes, but
tho preparation of nn old negro
preacher's sermon wns tho greatest
confusion of metaphoro I over heard,
eayB a traveler. When tho lengthy dls
courso was nearlng Its closo and ho
had reached his "Twenty-third and
lastly, brethren," ho wound up by tho
following elnborato flguro:
"Evcrywha, brcdren, wo see do al
mighty all down de untrodden pathB
of time, we seo do footprints of do
Almighty hand." Human Life.
Where Size Counts,
Edna thoughtfully considered a cow
that was calmly grazing In a meadow
across the way. "Mamma, how old 1b
that cow?" sho finally Inquired. "Sho
Is four years old," answered Edna's
mother. Edna considered the answer
and from tlmo to tlmo appeared to ha
comparing herself with tho cow.
"Well," was her parting comment on
tho question, "I'm flvo and that cow
Is big enough to bo fifty."
Closing Down in India.
Bombay. In consequence of high
price of cotton nnd the general depres
sion In trade, seven cotton mills horo
have announced that they will closo
down Septcmbor 30. Sevens thousand
handB will be affected by this curtail
ment and a dozen other mills are ox
pocted to follow suit.
Generous Official.
To Illustrate tho attention to duty
on tho part of officials and their sense
of Justice, this story was told by a
well-known writer: "Iast summer I
spent several months In a nearby
placo with my family, and was driven
back to New York by the mosquitoes
in October. The tax ofTicerB, regard
less of tho fact that I was nuly a sum
mer guest, sent mo a '$10,000 personal
tax' bill; 1 took tho first opportunity to
call at tho ofllco to protest. The nfra
bio official asked me: 'What 1b your
business?' 'German nowspapcr man
and poet,' I said. Then he put heavy
llneB across tho face of tho tax bill,
and with a look which botokonod his
goodness of heart handed rao 50
Bllboa in State of Siege.
Bllboa, Spain. Tho government has
declared Bllboa In a state of siege.
This action wns taken after consider
ation nt Madrid of the rioting that has
taken placo hero as a result of the
strike Business to a great extent Is
suspended, and. clashes between the
strikers nnd the authorities are frequent.
Do Not Like O'Rourke Plan.
Washington. Arrangements wore
mado at tho war department for Cap
tain Harley B. Ferguson, a member of
the board of army engineers appoint
ed to remove the wrqck of tho battle
ship Mnlno from tho ilavana harbor,
to go from Havana to suporlntond the
Investigation into tho present condi
tion 'or the wreck. Since tho last
meeting of tho board It has developed
that at least somo of its niembors do
not look with favcf on tho O'Rourke
uln-DP for raising tho battleship,
This Is a
Good Breakfast!
Instead of preparing a
hot meal, have some fruit;
with cream;
A soft boiled egg;
Slice of crisp toast;
A cup of Postum,
Such a breakfast is pretty
sure to win you.
"The Memory Lingers'
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd
Battle Creek, Mich.
& "W'M
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