The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 08, 1910, Image 5

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Miitlnuo ul t lie IV.u" -u in ilu .if-of.
OM inputs 5 cuts (i bundle nt this,
-Lcliiml L'utthscll Is In hincolii this
Siitunhiy ufitM'iiooii Miiilnco ul llio
Lloyd Hull iiriivwl In licil Oloiul
Aucnu mo lopet' ih'.si hiituriiny
.T. M. Ifurgcsi Is building n new burn
this week. -!,-
Everybody wont to the Stnte l'nir
this week.
L, P. Albright, went to Lincoln
II. C. Wilson was down from Hnst
lugs this week.
Mrs. Kilns Uobln went to Lincoln
Monday morning.
Miss Venn Henderson was in Inavalo
tho Inst of the week.
Mrs. A C. Hostner returned home
Wednesday morning.
See Dr. Stockman for eye ghisscs
Satisfaction Kimrnnteod.
Chas. Fit, returned Wednosdny
morning from Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. .McXony returned
Saturday from Colorado.
810, Sl'2, Sill and 611 will buy a good
Single Harness at Fonkl's.
Ask The Ited Cloud Hdw. Co., about,
thct Xew Wagon you need.
T. C. Mucker deiuirted for Atlantic
City, Now Jersey Saturday.
Mrs. K. Kitz and daughter Hernial,
linvo roturned from Illinois.
Tho Host I'liuu in town to buy l'lilut
is at "Tho lied Cloud Hdw. Co."
Marthuna Laiiiiuv arrived Tiu'Mluy
voning from liurlington. Iowa.
For Sale- (lootl niileh cow for sale
cheap. Iii(i'.ii-c nf 0"-c.i: I.uK'K.
Miss (iurlriifli Hunt, of Colorado is
visiting ut tho homo of ). Cioble.
A. 1). Denuo left for Indiana .Mon
day morning on a two months visit.
Services at the Unptjst church tut
Sunday both morning and evening.
Mrs. Deal and'Miss lidi-nlce Potter
loft for Chicago Thursday morning.
Calicoes American Prints Kive
cents per yard. Mim:u ISkos. and Co.
Paul Pope and wife returned Sun
day from their pleasure trip in. Colo.
All members of tho M. W. A.
are requested to nttend lodge tonight
L. I., ISoren returned homo Wednes
day morning from Cripploi reek, Colo.
Mi (Sraeo Klfo of Iloatricc is visit
ing relatives and friends here this
Lost A .small Berkshire pig.
or leave word at the
Hen Richards and wlfo were visiting
Ilk sister Mr. Moril the hitler pint
of llif week.
The t hitff nillee lake siibscriptloiis
mid lenewaU fr the Twentieth Cen
tury Farmer.
Mr. and Mr, Homford -hipped their
goods nud weul to Wunlciu Wednos
Iny m.ii'tilnjf.
Misses Cu'heiiiio and Marie lliuke
returned to lied Cloud Fildny from
Walnut. Iowa.
All the great artists sing for the
Victor and lMison. Hear I hem at
New house llro.
Try getting your Pictures framed at
Tho .1. C. Slo-s Paint, Wall Paper, and
Moulding Store.
Mrs. Frank Wlltwer has roturned
from Aikansas City where -she had
boon for her health.
A. U. Pierce left for Lincoln Wednes
day morning to see his son Claud and
visit the State Fair.
Leroy Perry and wife of Clay Center
is tho guest of his brother Frank Perry
and wife this week.
Miss Uottu McDowell, who has been
visiting relatives in Stella returned
home Sunday evening.
Iteiuember that every thing is cheap
er and better in tho Harness line at
F()(.i:l's than any other place.
(Jo to the Rod Cloud Milling Co., for
your shorts and brands In half ton
lots or inoro at wholesale prices.
Mrs. Snider of Cordon, Iowa who
has been visit! uglier sister Mr.s.Uogard
returned home Monday morning.
I.. 11. Kust left Tuesday morning
for Lincoln where ho will meet Mrs.
liust and they will attend (he State
Will Fisher treated tlio Cliiet force
with a couple ol water melons which
hit the spot in tho right place. Comu
again Will.
Foit Tiiadk UK) acres at North
Platte. Will trudo I'orr, or inoro acres
near lied Cloud. For particulars in
juiie of .J. C. Si.oss.
Uoy Tee I wont to Lincoln Monday
morning to attend tlio State Fair, lie
will stay there and attend the. State
1'nivoisity this winter.
Chas. Kwing of Franklin was in
town tho last of the wcok visiting his
sister, Mrs. Xoblo Hall. Ho also took
part, in tho Woodmen play.
Use a Hull Oatauhable Handle Um
brella. Children si.ts gl.l'O ami up.
Ladies or gents sizes special l.2."i and
up. Got them of Xewhoii-e.
Henry Uutledge of Henry, Colo.,
ll t l t Otliliwl t lilt fltlllltXll f lilt lilKih
. hiiu ui.i.iiii.ii vuv iniii.1 ill i k tii nmiv,i
lodnoK,.., ir: !.. it. s .........i
, iuin. i-iwuii in .uiiuiui ni'ij''l'ii ujl
lioro and visited his son Johnnie and
family this week.
Dr. C. 10. Cro-s will open up a Dim
tal Olllee in the rooms ovor'Albright"
Furniture Stoic, October 1st. Tho
Doctor comes here from Franklin
wliero lie has been practising for the
last ten yeais.
Preaching at tho Christian church
not Lord's day Sept. II both morning
and evening by tho minister L. An.
Ilussong. Morning tliemo. 'Heavenly
Visions." levelling theme. "Christian
Freaks." (.nod music. Seats free.
All nie cordially Invited.
.lust as much care, In fact a little
mote, shwuld be exercised ill buying
electric Mid Irons, as in buying any
tiling else. Some irons nso more elec
tricity than others in doing the same
work, (let your electric imus f
MottiiAiir linos., they carry the author
Iztd lien. He earcfull of "just as
good" oltctrle Irons.
Mr. Clarence Kawls sou of Mrs. Anna
Kawlsand Miss Molu Carter daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carter wero
married Wednesday evening at the
homo of tho bride's parents. Thoso
young people aro old residents of Oar
Held township. Tho Chief wishes
them success over life's matrimonial
Uev. W. 11. Robblns of Plattsburg,
Missouri, has been permanently en
gaged by the Uaptlst church and re
gular services will be maintained In
tho future. This church is ouo of the
oldest organizations In thecity and we
are pleased that It will again take i
prominent position in tho activities of
Red Cloud. One of Sam Jones' favorlto
mottoes was "Get there and stay
there" and tho Uaptlst people have
adopted this as their slogan
Keep Kill.
Wo have taken ovr th lee business
and are now giving tilt sunt our per
sonal attention. Put eut your Ice
Card anil-wo will do our best to pUase
you. A. H., Thk Ii i: Man.
At Inavalo.
Tho Church of Christ of Inavalo are
in an interesting scries of meetings
with Fvangellst Clara Ha.el'iigg and
W. R. Uusbridge minister ut that
place. Services each evening at S p.
in., and on Lord's day Sept. lllh thoy
expect to have a red lottorduy in these
meetings. Will have a regular camp
meeting with basket dinner on the
church lawn and three services on
thai day as follows: Sunday School
at lOf.ll), preaching 11:110 a. in., II p. m.
mill S p in. Come, bring your friends
and wall Hlled baskets and otay all
day and enjoy thoso services.
MIhk F.sther Linden has
from her vacation at her
Last Thursday the Roil Cloud High
I school hall team and the Guide Rock
Miss Kiiiuia Miner oftireene, Iowa
is in tlio city visiting Miss Kiln Stone
breaker. The Kearney Capitalists and the
Rod Cloud Indians crossed bats hei
Wednesday afternoon Kearney won
tho game by a score of !t to ti
vui iirmifl
home in ! "'M su'1(,()l "!l" loam crossed bats at
this place. The. played a line gmue
and Red Cloud won the game by a
score of 11 to '.
In order that tho-c living out of
town may have an opportunity to so
the moving pictures the uinnngeiueut
bus arranged for Saturday afternoon
performances, coinniPiieliig with next
Saturday at !l p m slmrp.
nnd thnt'a the GREAT MAJESTIC they ore the
only ranges made exclusively ol Mallaablo and Chw
rn.l Iron outlatt three ordinary ranse dou't break.
rrarlc. or rust. Malleable Iron allows absolutely nir.tiffht
rlvrlnl lolnla In n MAJESTIC nnd ihf.c camblnnl wllh
pure astetos tlninc, tare half your fuel bill and giro you a
dependable cooker, o perfect baker CYcry day,
The MAJESTIC la equipped with n 15-calIon, all. copper
rwerroli H touches the red hot fire and heats water in a jlttjr,
Die Great and Grand
Malleable and Charcoal Iron'
bu an OTn door, which when dropped, forma a rigid (half irons' anoatn to bar
any weight -orvn rack alldta ou automatlcallr. holding anjlblnc ha bappena
to be oa II aeeuralr OlhoraltraclloMAJE8TIOfeaturea aro Iheopeu eLJ ub
pan, actluK aa aaborel aud tho aih enp nndtr II.
Mo mnii or danger of fire from red hoi atbee wllh a MAJESTIC
Bach eicfualva MAJESTIC feature makcatbla ranse more practical,
more aervlcrable, caore durable-llio best range your fflorwy can buy re
guU' ol yrtc.
Red Cloud Hdw. Si Imp. ro.
School Bonn! Sleets,
Ki.O Ci.orn, Sept. ii, 11)10.
Uoard called to order. Members
present, N'ewhouso, Gilliam, Ueckwith
and Cook. .Minutes of previous nieot
ing read aiuI apjiroved. Sup't. rejvirt
road and placed on tile.
Mr. tturwcll appeared before tho
board and presented the merits of tho
various tdiort hand systems in use and
recommended the uso of the Chicago
system. The recoinmondation of Mr.
Harwell was accepted and the Secre
tary instructed topurohnso the teach
ing right of tho Chicago sy tern.
Secretary reported S2J00 in tho bond
fund mid thatj?1000 bond will bo sub-
ject to cancellation Nov. 15, UHO.
The following bills were read and
.Seliool Suppilos ;i(i0
.1. I. IliiruuU :cirj
Nuhr. Si'houl Supply I louse i.m
IneCarr ono
.lou llurta. ..,.. lt.30
Ed Vry T s"m
Alux Mmelser &g
ICler .1 .Sou 50o
1'aliilL'r.t rilroiu; 1,75
. II. V. Hook Co .' :7;M
('Inn A- t'o y.'.'j'J
The following Is the enrollment of
tho various grades:
'ftth vatar
front. If
Vranted for
or other
A Fuel
With A
Be In
1st grade
i-'iui "
1th "
5th '
ilth '
7th "
8th "
ath "
10th "
11th "
12th '
Total ourolled
r Jl.kWV J - V II L. d
of&J y
o " r p;
C?tN r-
to Unow how to write a beoomiug epi
taph. It's an art to hnow how to build
That art wo possess. Wo, invite in
spttetiou of uiir denign.
Consult Me Beforo Uuvintf.
Red Cloud Marblend ,
Granite Wtrfcs
E. Mo A lister, Proprietor 4
Shops at Ukd Ci-oi'iiNiml Alma, Ni:nii.
An Intcrcsilnft LcKor frcm F. NchIiouo6
Sr.vii:w. Waxii , An.. 27, l(.
Mn Ciia. IIai v,
Mr u Sin: IVrsiiant to my promise
will write and toll you of my Impress
ions relative to this country. Arrived
in The Dalles on (he morning of tho
full. Tiled and dusty. Hut to begin
at Denver with my trip. Wo left
Denver in theiuornlngandsprnt most
of the d.iy going lit) the lloyal tlorge
of the Arluiusiis and arrived at the
summit at about dusk. Of course the
M-onery up tho gorge Is giaud but. as
it has been so olteu described I will
not attempt Its description, doing
down from the summit and until you
reach Salt Lake there Is little to be
seen but sage brush aud barren rock
you arrlvo at Salt liiiko at about noon.
From there you go through Ogden then
to Poccatella, Idaho, and on through
southern Idaho. Southern Idaho Is
practically a barren waste as nothing
but sage brush aud sand is to bo seen
e.eept in the few places where Ir
rigation is possible. ln summer this
country, during thu day, Is very hot,
dry and dusty, with a dust Nebraska
never dreamed of though the nights
are cool. From Hunting, Oregon to
PetiiKeton the trip is though a portion
of tho liluo mountains but is made
during the night. A portion of this
country is settled and a part is in u
Foiest Reserve In which sheep and
cattle aro pastured during the summer.
Some of the valleys aro woll settled
and contain prosperous comuuitles.
Leaving Pendleton you pass through
the llermiston. Echo, and Umatilla
irrigation projects and from there to
The Dallas tho train runs along tho
mighty Columbia Uiver Tho country
from liniitella to The Dalles that can
be seen from the train la barren, dry
and dusty anil is as yet undeveloped
in fact it is 11 very largo quest ion wheth
er any development is possible.
Seventeen miles east of The Dalles
the Deschutes River enters the Col
umbia Two railrsinls are building up
the Canyon through which Ihu Des
chutes Hows. The Deschutes valley,
that i'buI estate men advertise does
not exist as for sO miles from its
moiiih it inns through nearly a gorge.
Its banks rlso for a large part from
the waters edge nearly perpendicular
from SU0 to :il)0u feet and the river is a
torrent and earriesan immenseainouiit
of water. It is so swift that it is not j
ever fordable. A horse cannot stand
where the water Is overthreefeet deep.
l.Vrwit tlu (unlit It il frM H mlliiw it lltic I
- '"'" "J "" I' '" ' ' '"
an average fall of 11 feet to the mile
and can be crossed in but three place a.
It forms a portion of tho boundry be
tween Sluvman county and Wasco
county. Sluvman county is a great
wheat and stock county and is a large
county about .() milts long 1101th aud
south aud 10 miles wide. In speaking
of stock you must remember that
cattle aud sheep need a much larger
rango in this country than there
Wasco county of which The Dalles
is tho county seat is also a very large
county being SO miles long by fiO miles
wide in its widest portion, though nt
one time it comprised nearly all the
country east of the Cascade Range of
mountains in Oregon. Wasco county
produces wheat, cattle, sheep, timber
and fruits. Mobt of the fruit i raised
by tho dry farming process. Of which
will write more later. The country Is
very rough and is sparcely s-ettled
back from tho river. I am informed
though that the best lands are all
taken. Tho price of laud hero though
is high ranging from Sin for tho poor
est tolfiOO por aero for the best Im
proved land and then the lands are
not all adapted cither for fruits or
... mitt. . a.
grains, wneat is ratseii on tne up
lands and liny in the bottoms as wheat
would not do woll in tlio bottoms.
Each piece of land is adapted for cer
tain purposes nnd other things would
not do woll Theaverageauuual rain
fall at Tho Dalles Is nbout 15 inches
and inoro than DO per com of tlint falls
in tho winter in faot tho most of the
rain over tho wholo northwest falls
during tho winter months.
After staying at Tho Dalles for
nbout a week we, my son (leorgo and
family came on down to Seaviow,
Wash., where wc have beon for tho
last three weeks cnioying tlio ocean
breeze which by the way is rather
chilly at times and one wants nu over
cont ou. Wc take long tramps to the
fishing- rocks, to Long Beach to watch
the bathers nnd to Ihoaco where I
visitod n salmon cannery and saw sal
mon by' tho ton.
Tomorrow, Monday, wo expect to
visit Noth Head light house and the
noxt day start for The Dalles. In tho
last three weeks wo have had but two
clear days in which thu sun has shone
and not a hot. day. If I have time
will write you moro from Tho Dalles.
Your, truly,
F. Nkwiiothi;
A NY day that you'd like
to know something about
the best clothes made, in a
store where nothing but
the highest grade merchan
dise is handled, drop in on us
and let us shoot you some of oar
Hart SchafFner & Marx
fine clothes. They'll interest you;
they're made ofstrictly all-wool fabrics,
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find any such clothes ready-to-wear,
anywhere else; they're better than the
average custom tailor can make.
We'll sell you Hail Schaffner & Marx
suits from $20 to $50. Ready for service
This is the home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes.
Ladie Assistant in our Undertaking
Ed. Amack, Prop.
Restaurant Fir Sale
Suerillca if hold before guntombor
20th. For nnrtlouhirs wrftj ;
Lon.v AND iunmn,
, j. Franklin, Nebr.
, WkWs' Pension.
Thcleient Wet drJ April 10th. 1008
'gives (tb nil soldiers" wjdows a pension
of 312 pec' month.. i?rd Maurer, the
nUnmtw. has nil necessnry blnnhs.
but not "affective." There's noth-
ing stiff or formal about anything
that pertains to this
Photographic Studio.
Ease of posture, proper shading and
carreer fipIirtMh'nn nf fnnfu.-A ;. J &
picted in every photograph we print.
It won't cost much.
I --2sk
i 1 1 "
V It
I I Mj III k
' i
I. !
rrr-wva t WWlyWSy
tfSmiM3WBV,wwJWM, "