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Americans In Canada Not Aoked
Forget That They Were Born
Farm produco todny Is remunera
tive, and this helps to ninko farm ltfu
ngrcenblo. Thoso who nro studying
tho economics of tho day toll us that
the strength of tho nation lies In tho
cultivation of tho soil. Farming Is no
longer a hand-to-mouth existence It
means Indopendonco, often aulucnce,
but certainly Independence.
Calling at a farm house, near ono of
tho numerous thriving towns of Al
berta, In Western Canada, tho writer
was glvon a definition of "Indepen
dence" that wau ncccpted ns qulto
original. The broad ucrcs of tho farm
er's land hud a crop and a Bplendld
one, too, by tho way ripening for tho
reapers' work. Tho ovennoss of tho
crop, covoring field after field, attract
ed attontion, as did also the neatness
of tho surroundings, tho well-built sub
stantial story-and-a-half log house, nnd
tho well-rounded sides of tho cattlo.
Ills broken' English ho was a French
Canadian wob easily undcrstandublo
and pleasant to listen to. Ho had
como there from Montreal n year ngo,
bad paid $20 an aero for tho 320-acro
Tarm, with tho llttlo improvement it
had. Ho had never farmed before, yet
his crop was excellent, giving evi
dence 08 to tho quality of tho soil, nnd
tho good Judgment that had been uhcJ
In lta proparutlon. And brains count
in fnrming aa well nB "braw." Asked
how ho liked it there, ho straightened
his broad shoulders, and with hand
outstretched towards the waving fields
of grain, thlB young French Canadian,
model of symmetrical build, replied:
"Do gosh, yes, wo like him the
fnrmln' well, don't we, Jeannetlo?"
nB ho smilingly turned to tho young
wife standing nonr. Sho had accom
panied him from Montrenl to his far
west home, to nsslst him by her wifely
help and compnulonship, in making a
new homo In tills now land. "Yen, wo
como hero wan year ago, and wo never
farm before. Ncnr Montreal, mo
father, ho kep do grls' mill, an' do
cardln' mill, an' bo gosh! ho run do
cueeso factor' too. Ho work, an' mo
work, an' us work tnrn hnr. bo gosh I
Us work for do farmer; well 'den,
Eomctln' go not always w'at you call
Eltimstcs ol Yield of Wheat in Wrtttrn Csnids tor
1910 More Thin One Hundred Million Buthtls.
do' right, an' do farmer ho say do'
mean t'ing, bo gosh! and tell us go to
woll, nnyway ho tnrn mad. Now,"
nnd then ho waved his hand again
towards tho Holds, "I 'avo no bodder,
no cardln' mill, no grls' mill, no chceso
factor'. I am now dc farmer man an'
when mo wnnt to, mo can say to do
odcr fellow! you go ! Woll, wo
like him tho farmln'." And that wan
a good definition of independence.
Throughout n trip of several hun
dred miles in tho agricultural district
of Western Canada, tho writer found
the farmers in excellent spirits, an
optimistic feeling being prevalent
everywhere. It will bo Interesting to
tho thousands on tho American side
of tho lino to know that their rela
tives and friends aro doing woll thero,
that they havo made their home In a
country that stands up so splondldly
under what haB been trying conditions
In most of tho northwestern part of
the farming districts of tho continent.
With tho exception of somo portions
of Southern Alberta, nnd also a por
tion of Manitoba and Southern Sas
katchewan tho grain crops could bo
defccrlbod as fair, good and excellent.
Tho same drought thnt affected North
nnd South Dakotn, Montdna, Minne
sota, Wisconsin nnd other of tho
northern central states extended over
into u portion of Canada Just men
tioned. But In theso portions tho
crops for tho past four or tlvo years
wero splendid nnd the yields good.
The great provinco of Snaltatchewan
has suffered less from drought in pro
portion to her nrcn under cultivation
than either of tho other provinces. On
the other hnnd, instead of tho drought
being confined very largely to tho
south of the mnln line of tho C. P. It.
it is to bo found in patchos right
through tho center of northern Sas
katchewan also. In splto of this, how
over, Saskatchewan has n Bplendld
crop. A careful checking of tho nver
nges of yield, with tho acreages In tho
different districts, gives nn average
yield of 15Vj bushols to tho aero.
In Southern Alberta one-fifth of tho
wlntor wheat will not bo cut, or has
:-" iii; . --- -i n v
.,,. ,i,msmiryasi iiaiii 'riitrftispr' TS3itaAli
been re-sown to feed. There arc In
dividual crops which will run ns high
ns 45 bushels on acres of GOO and 1,000
ncres, but thcro arc others which will
drop as low as 1G. A safe average for
winter wheat will bo ID bushels. Tho
sample is exceptionally fine, excepting
in n fow enses where It has been wrin
kled by extromo heat.
The northern section of Alborta has
been nnturnlly anxloiiB to Impress tho
world with tho fact that It hna not
suffered from drought, nnd this is qulto
true. Wheat crops run from 20 to 30
bushels to nn acre, but In a report
such ob this It Is really only posslblo
to deal with tho province ns a wholo
nnd whllo tho estimate may seem very
low to tho peoplo of Alberta, It Is fair
to tho provinco throughout.
When tho very light rainfall and
other eccentricities of tho past season
nro taken into account, it seems noth
ing short of a mlrnclo that tho Cana
dian West should have produced 102
million bushels of whent, which Is
less than 18 million bushels short of
tho crop of 1909. It Is for tho West
generally n paying crop nnd perhaps
tho best advcrtlsomcnt the country
has over had, as it bIiowb thnt no mnt
tcr how dry tho year, with thorough
tillage, good seed nnd proper methods
of conserving tho moisture, a crop can
always be produced.
Ab somo ovidenco of tho feeling of
tho farmers, nro submitted letters
written by farmers but n few days
ngo, and they offer tho host proof that
can be given.
Mnldstonc, Snak., Aug. 4, '10.
1 enmo to Mnldstone from Menomi
nee, Wis., four yenrs ngo, with my
parents and two brothers. Wo nil lo
catcd homesteads nt thnt timo nnd
now have our patentB. The soil Is a
rich black loam as good as 1 have ever
seen. We hnvo hnd good crops each
year and in 1909 they wero exceeding
ly good. Whent yielding from 22 to 40
bushels per aero and oats from 40 to
80. Wo are well pleased with the
country nnd do not care to return to
our natlvo state. I certainly believe
thnt Saskatchewan Is Just tho place
for u hustler to get a start nnd mako
himself n homo. Wnges hoi o for fnrm
lnbor riinso from $35 to SIC ner4
month. Leo Dow
Toflold, Alberta, .inly 10, 1910.
1 nm n native of Tcxnji, thu largest
and ono of tho very best stntes of tho
Union. I havo been hero throo yearn
and have not ono desire to return to
tho States to live. There Is no placo
I know of that offers such Bplendld
Inducements for capital, brain and
brawn. I would liko to say to all who
nro not satisfied where you arc, mako
n trip to Western Canada; If you do
not like It you will feel well repaid
for your trip. Tnko this from ono
who'B on the ground. Wc enjoy Bplen
dld government, laws, school, railway
facilities, health, and Inst, but not
least, an idcnl climate, and this from
a Tcxnn. O. L. Pughs.
James Normur of Porter, Wisconsin,
after visiting Dauphin, Manitoba,
says: "I havo been In Wisconsin 25
years, coming out from Norway. Never
have I Been better land and tho crops
in East Dauphin aro better than I
havo over seen, especially the oats.
Thcro Is more straw and It has heav
ier heads than ours In Wisconsin.
"This Is Just the kind of land wo
aro looking for. Wo nro all used to
mixed farming nnd tho land wo have
seen Is ilncly adapted to that sort of
work. Cattle, hogs, horses and grnln
will bo my products, and for tho livo
stock, prospectB could not bo better.
I hnvo never seen such cattlo as aro
raised here on tho wild prairio grasses
and the votch thnt stands three or
four feet high In tho groves nnd on
tho open prnlrlo.
Sir Wilfred Laurler Talks to Amer
icans. Sir Wilfred Laurler, Premier of
Canada, is now making a tour of
Western Cannda and In tho course of
his tour ho has visited many of tho
districts In which Amorlcans havo set
tled. Ho expresses himself ns highly
pleased with them. At Craig, Sas
katchewan, tho American settlers
Joined with tho others in nn address
of welcome. In replying Sir Wilfred
said In part: x
"I understand that many of you
have como from tho grcnt Republic,
to tho south of ub n land which Is
akin to ub by blood and tradition. I
hope that in coming from a frco coun
try you renllzo that you como also to
another frco country, nnd thnt al
though you crjme from a republic you
havo'come to what is a crowned
democracy. Tho King, our sovereign,
has perhaps not bo many powers as
tho President of tho Unltoil States,
but whothcr wo nro on tho ono side
of tho lino or tho other, wo are all
brothers by blood, by kinship, by ties
of relationship. In coming hero ns
you havo como and becoming natural
ized citizens of this country no ono de
sires you to forget tho land of your
ancestors. It would bo n poor mnn
who would not always havo In his
henrt a fond affection for tho land
which he camo from. Tho two greatest
countries today aro certainly tho
United Kingdom of Great Hrltnln nnd
Ireland nnd the Republic of tho Unit
ed Stntes. Let them bo united to
get her and tho peaco of tho world
will bo forever assured.
"I hope that in coming hero as you
have, you have found llbprty, Justice
nnd equality of rights. In this coun
try, ns In your own, you Know noining
of separation of creed and raco, Tor
you aro all Canadians hero. And If
I mny express a wish It Ib that you
would becomo ns good Canndluns ns
you have been good Americans nnd
thnt you may yet remain good Amer
icans. Wo do not wnnt you to forgot
what you havo boon; but wo want you
to look more to tho futuro than to tho
past. Lot mo, beforo wo part, tender
you tho sincere expression of my
warmest gratitude for your reception."
What Is Going on Hero and There
That Is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout Nebraska
and Vicinity.
Hastings, Neb. As n result of burns
received in an attempt to make a
smoldering lire bum by aiding it with
conl oil, Mrs. K. 13. Wllber of this
place died Friday night, after suffer
ing Intense pain nil day.
.Mrs. Wllber was engaged in build
ing a lire, nnd ns It did not start
readily she applied oil. An explosion
followed and her clothing was Ignited
nnd she was severely burned about
tho head nnd body. Her throat and
lungs wore alto affected from Inhal
ing the flames.
Much Rain at Lincoln.
Lincoln, N'eb. A rain thnt began nt
8:28 Sunday evening and lasted until
r:04 Monday morning measured S.HS
inches, the heaviest preclpltution ever
recorded in a ulngle downpour In Lin
coln. The city streets were trans
formed to overflowing rivers. The
Antelope bottoms were flooded In the
early morning and Inter In the day
the flood reached the Salt ereek bot
toms, blocking railway trafllc and
driving people from their liomcs. One
life was lost. Mike Sndon. n Turk In
the employ of the Hurllngton, falling
from a raft, ills body was recovered.
To Celebrate Labor Day.
Hastings. Neb. Preparations fin
annual Labor day celebration have All iititf.fiu w-llt frit-Ill
" ' V ' .'..a .. , " ,' V.
1 111 lMIt(w ! M t " 'Mill " " "' -
lowed by a program at Prospect park. ;
Mayor Miles will deliver an nddress '
of welcome, followed by speeches by
prominent labor leaders.
To Use Lamp Posts.
Fremont. Neb. The special light
committee of business men has de
cided to light Fremont by tho post
lamp system and to place the order
with a local firm. Over a hundred
lamp posts will be put up at once. Lived 101 Years.
Fremont, Neb. Mrs. Katherine
Lewis, an old time resident of Fonta-
nello, celebrated her 101st birthday
anniversary one day this week.
Crar.shoppers are doing damage In
the vicinity of Nebraska City.
Falrbury Fraternal and labor or
ganizations in Falrbury arc making
extensive preparations for a big fra
ternal picnic to be held in Falrbury
Labor day.
.1. M. Kdinlston, one of tho oldest
and best known citizens of Lincoln,
died Saturday from the effects of a
paralytic stroke sustained some time
The Fraternal Order of Kagles of
Lincoln, through President H. II.
Swltzer, made the first offer to donato
funds to help the flood sufferers in
the lowlnndB of Lincoln.
Hastings A campnlgn is soon to bo
started to Increase the endowment
fund of the Hastings college to $.'!00,-
000 and a new building by the nluinnl
lassoclalion is a near possibility.
Alnsworth Thursday morning the
thermometer stood nt 29 degrees, ono
degree below freezing, but tho wind
Mew hard all night, so there was no
frost. Overcoats were plentiful.
Superior Committees In charge of
the Interstate reunion to bo held at
Superior on September 12 to 17 aro
actively engaged In planning one of
tho largest reunions held here " in
Nebraska City A purse is being
rnised of 94,000 with which to erect a
a permanent auditorium for the Chau
tauqua at Morton park and already
the major portion of tho money has
been subscribed, t
Special preparations are being niudo
by tho unions of Lincoln and vicinity
to celebrate. Labor day, September Ji,
In an appropriate manner. A street
parade, participated In both by tho
unions and business men, followed by
nn afternoon of sports have been ar
ranged. Burglars broke Into the general
store of H. J. Nicholson nt Virginia,
blowing open the Bafo whh dynamite
Kntrnnco was secured through ono of
tho rear doors of tho storo building.
No money was kept In the safe nnd
tho robbers secured but llttlo to pay
them for their work.
Charles K. Coutant, one of the
ploneern of Nebraska nnd a promi
nent citizen of Omaha for over forty
years, died at his homo Tuesday morn
ing.. Ills Illness wns not of long dura
tion, hut his health had been falling
'for some time.
Following tho report of a few days
ngo thnt n company of capitalists hnd
been formed to build n railroad from
Wichita, Kan., to Beatrice, making
these two cities terminals, comes the
report that surveyors will bo In the
lo'd early next month und. mnhe a
technical survey.
Tho Franklin county fair will bu
held September 13 to 10.
Tho Fico Methodists nt Atnswortli
are building a parsonage.
Tho Lincoln Ad club will hold n
corn carnival September 22d.
Fire of unknown origin destroyed
the hotel, butcher shop and a cream
receiving station nt Pauline.
William llullard of Fremont, who
was struck by a train nt Omnha FrI
daysnlght, died Sunday night. Ho had
a broken back.
Reports from Johnson county corn
fields are most encouraging, finmc
fnrmcrs nro of the opinion the county
will pioduce more corn than It did last
A. H. Harstler Ihib been elected sec
retary of the Stella Commercial club,
and nrranginenl hne been mado for
a one-day picnic In Nutter's grovo on
September 15.
Willie attempting to board a moving
train at Llnscott, Frank Oshorue, n
member of the Hurllngton Hue gang,
hnd his right leg amputated between
the nnkle and knee.
The state W. C. T. V. has urranged
for n series of good citizenship meet
ings at the state fair, to bo held In thu
atidltnilum Immediately following the
forenoon concerts.
A cut-off ditch 1,100 ret, long is to
be constructed at the Nlckurson brldgi
over the Klkhorn rler to keep the
river from cutting around tho bridge
and Into an old channel.
Flro which broke nut In the building
occupied by N'MioIhh Fritz at Pendui
spread to the Palace hotel and adjoin
Ing buildings, causing damage estl
mated nt more than $."0,ul)0.
Tho state eases which havo been
pending againM the baseball teams
of Seward and Red Cloud for alleged
iolittlou of the slate law by engaging
in a game on Sunday, June 1!), have
been dismissed.
C. .1. Kavalec. aged I'.O ears, n prom
inent resilient of llraliiard, Neb., was
ciuslied by the automatic (-levator In
the Alamo hotel .it Denver, sustaining
Itijurlr-ri from which he died half an
hour later.
Mrs. Vergln, mother of Mayor Vim
gin of Utlca, was badly burned by
the explosion of a gasoline stove one
day last week.
While "acting"' In a Juvenile circus
performance Sunday nftormmii, Sam
mle Watson, a seven-year-old Lincoln
boy, attempted to slide down a wire
from the top of a telephone pole tc
the ground. The lad's teeth were
knocked out by the force of the full
and his left leg was broken.
Tho railway commission Is investi
gating a complaint charging that the
Hurllngton for some llmo past has
violated the full train crow law In the
operation of trains Nos. 7 nnd 02, be
tween Omnha and Lincoln and Lin
coln and Wyniore. The law requires
live men in charge of a train of more
thnn llvo cars.
Indemnity bonds to cover work done
In Nebraska by u corporation under
taking compllairco with Nebraska laws
and written by a licensed Insurance
compnny must be written by n resi
dent agent. This ruling Is mado hy
Attorney General Thompson In uu
opinion delivered to State Auditor
Barton, wherein the facts of the spo
elal case in joint aro set forth.
It Is probable that a referee to tako
lostlmony in the ouster suit begun
against 'Chief or Police Donahue of
the Omaha police force will not bu
appointed until nfter September 20,
when the ilrst session of supremo
court will be held. The court will not
meet in vacation to appoint the ref
eree unless there Is a pressing de
mand for this to be done. A major
ity of the court Is now in Lincoln,
but the attorney general hns made
no move Indicating a wish for extra
ordinary action. The court is holding
up ns many things as possible until
the regulur opening of court, In order
that all seven members mny be pres
ent. This will save the majority froir
responsibility for the entire court.
Governor Shallenbergor has re
ceived a telegram from a number of
mon nt Gibbon, asking permission to
go Mo Montana to help fight tho flro
there. Tim governor was ready to
givo permission, but he did not under
stand how this could be of much value
unless funds for the trip accompanied
tho ponnlsrlou, and thero is no pro
vision for the state supplying such
September 5 tins been fixed ns the
day on which the now coliseum nt tho
strito fair grounds will bu dedicated.
Only hair or the building will be com
pleted. Its nrea will bo 200 by 175,
and when completed In the rnturo by
future appropriations will bo 209 by
Tho slate board of public lands and
buildings have decided to expend the
$10,000 nppropriated by tho last logls.
laturo for tho building of a sower for
the soldiers' home nt Grand Island
The appropriation is conditioned on a
connection of tho state sewer with the
olty sower system of Grand Island.
Owing to tho bud condition of his
knee, which hns given him no little
amount of pain and annoyance of late,
Governor Sh'tllenborgor h.-.s cancelled
all of his speaking engagements.
fewaJMMssM'- ' Tis VlnfrtaWHtiifTTr'i '; ''
A Llklncj for "Hamlet."
"Do yon like Hamlet?" asked tho
hostess of her unlettered, If gushing,
"Indeed I do," was the reply. "I am
excessively fond of It, but I alwayn
prefer it savory to a nweet one."
Thero wns n momentary confusion,
and then tho hostess realized that the
admiration of tho guest wns of a cul
inary, not Uterory, character.
"I gave her limn with an
for brenkfnst next morning,"
hostess, when telling the
snld tho
Active Possession.
Guinevere, aged four, wiib going out
to walk with n young lady, of whom
Bho was very fond. As tlioy opened
tho street door thoy wore mot by n
swirling cloud of dust, blown up from
tho thoroughfare.
"Keep your llpn tightly closed, Owen,
or you'll get your lungs full of mi
crobes," wnrncd tho young lndy.
Guinevere pondered a moment nnd
then, looking up, demanded:
"What are your crobes?" National
There t more Catarrh In tnH Motion nt the country
than ail nher iIim-am- nut toxrthir, mil until the last
tew year . supposed to lie Inrurulile, 1'ur a great
many irar doctors timnnunretl It a local iIIm-om nml
prescribed local remedies, nml by constantly falling
lo cure tilth local treatment, prounmired It Incurnlilc.
Hfletira hs proven CaUrrh tn be a eimatltuttflnal IH
esse, anil therefore require eonatltullonal treatment.
Hall Catarrh cure, maiiutartureil by r J, t'hmey
A Co.. Toledo, Ohio, la the only Constitutional cure on
the market. It la taken Internally In clear from 10
drops to a trainonnful. It acta directly on the blood
anil mucous surfaces or the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any raw It fll to cure. Scot)
tor circulars ami leatlmnnlala.
Address: V, J. CIIKNUY A CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Hold hy Druralnta. 76c.
Take Uall a Family rills tor onnstlpaUoo.
Telling a Lie.
Mrs. Jollyboy Where on earth havo
you been?
Mr. J. 1 cannot tell a He; I've been
at my office.
Mrs. J. That's whore we differ. I
can tell n He when I hear ono.
Imponnnt to Mothora
Kxnmluu carclully every bottlo of
O. A fVI'f Mil A fi uiiff. fitnl uiirn t-fimiiflv i"nl
Infants and children, and sco that It
Hears tho
Slgnuturo ofi
III Uau For Over !l Years.
Tho Kind You Havo Alwayn Bought.
Last Here.
The Minister In tho next world,
Tommy, the last shall bo first.
Tommy Say, won't I shlno whon
tho minister conies to supper at our
house up thero! Puck.
If You Are a Trifle Sensitive
About thn tlro or your hIuich, iniiiiy peoplo
i-nr Hiinillcr hIidcsIij-iihIiik AUcii'h I'oot-lCnte,
thu AiiIIhciiIU' Powdrr to hlinku Into tlm hlutm.
Jt cincH Tlrt'il, Nwollrii, Aclilnif Foot nnd
Hires text unil comfort. Just tho thing for
brcnUliiR In new HliorH. Hold rerywli-re, Sta.
Hainplu unit KIIKIi. AiHUchh, Allen H. Ululated,
I.e Hoy, N. V
A fool in an appreciates the noiibcuso
of u pretty woman more than ho does
the sonso of u homely one.
Mm. IVInMn-tr-H Soothing Syrup.
Knrc'itllilrW! tci'lhliiif, Nfli-iiHiiuuinn, ri'Ourr!
it.taiiiiiilluii.alluTHiMilu.iuruiwIiiili'oliu, u-uiutU
A girl wilt tell how n mnn mado
lovo to her when sho did to him.
J7 niiiii-
Strong Healthy Women
If a womnn in ctronjt and heulthy in n womanly way, moth
erhood means to her but littto suffering. The trouble lies
in the fact that tho many women suffer from weaknes and
disease of the distinctly feminino organism and aro tiuiittod
ior motherhood. This can bo remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cures the weaknoues and diiordora of women.
It cot directly on tho delicate and important
organs oonoerned in motherhood, making them
bcaltby, atronj, vigorous, virile and elastic
"Favorite Prescription" banishes tho indispositions of tho
period of expeotanoy and makes baby's advent easy and
almost painless. It auickens and vitalizes tho feminine
organs, and insures a healthy and robust baby. Thousands of women have
testified to its marvelous merits.
It Makes Weak Women Strong. It Makes Sick Women Well.
Honest druggist do not offer substitutes, and urge them up"bn you as "Just
as good." Accept no secret nostrum in place of this non-secret remedy. It
contains not a drop of alcohol and not a grain of habit-forming or injurious
drugs. Is a puro glyoerio extract of healing, native American roots.
Lanitnnles nnd homestead entries Increaiiln?. No cesuntlon In numbers KOlnjr from United
Btutes. Wonderful opportunities remain for those who Intend mnklnfr Canada tbelr homo.
New districts belntf opened up for settlement. Many farmers will net, tbUyear, $10 to 113 per
acre from their wheat crop. Alt the advantages of old settled countries aro there, tlood
schools, churches, splendid markets, excellent railway facilities. Bee the ernlu exhibit at thf
different State and some of the County fairs. ,
Letters similar to the following aro received every day, testifying to satisfactory
conditions; other districts are as favorably spoken of:
Mttlditone, Huk., Canada, Au. Sib, 1910.
"Mr parents rama herefrom Cedar t'ulU, tows,
four Tears ago, and were so well pleased with this
country tlier sem to Cuenr d'AIena fur roe. 1 havo
taken up a hoineatead nearthtui, and am perfectly
saUsQed to stop here." Leonard JXjuiflas.
Btettlnr, AlbnrtaJuly 31st, 1910.
ffnii . gut ui iioiu iiuiu, luna. ui,
nrlnir In euod iliswi with the stock and oTerythlnif,
,ow. I have mt two boti back In Iowa vol anil 1
Bin going baek thorn now soon to get them and an
other ear up here this fall. What 1 would like to
know Is, If there Is any chance to set a cheap rate
back again, and when wn rrtnm to Canada I will
call at jour onico for our eenineatcs."
Tours truly, II. A. W Ik.
Uralnerd, Minn., Aug. 1st, 1810.
"I am going to Canada a woek from today and
Intend to make my homntbore, My husband ha
bn there six weeks and Is well pleased with the
coantrytso he wants me to oonw as soon i po.
Ilhle. lie niel on a claim near I-andln, riatk., and
y his deserlpUon of It It n-uil be a prcuy place.
Bend for literature and ask the local Canadian Government Agents for Eiruralon Itatea,
beat districts In which to locate, and when to go.
W. V. DENNETT, 801 New York Life Building. Omaha, Nebraska
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T ' - Witch Hozei
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Is mora soothing than Cold
$a - ream , mum Healing uiiiu
is uny lotion, liniment or salve;
moro beautifying than any
t Cures dandruff and stops hair from
falling out
The Army of
Is Crowtnf Smsllar Erety Day.
Itapotuible Uny l
only giw relief-
Ihey permaaeoUy
cure loaitip
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mi, ladiitiUM, Sick HMdube, SaBov SUtu
Genuine moabtu Signature
"I have suffered with pites for thirty
six years. One year ago laat April I oc
ean takiiur CiiBcarcta for constipation. In
the course of n week I noticed the piles
began to disappear and at the cud of eix
weeks they did not trouble tnc at all..
Cascarcts have done woutlero for me. X
nm entirely cured and feci like u new
wan." George Kryder, Napoleon, O.
Pleasant. Pnlntablo. Potent, Tasto-Good.
Do Oool. Never Hlcken.WouWen or Urlpe.
HX;,25c. 50c. Never oW In built. Tho pen
ufnu tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your money buck. 920
Suint Katharine's School
For Girls
Davenport, Iowa
Atailemlc, preparatory, nnd prlumry RTle.
Certltlcuta nccrptnl by Kiinteru colteeM. bp
rial nilTuutitKeu lu Mimic, Art, Domestic- Hclenca
nml (IliiiimHliuii.AdilreiuiThe.Slater Superior.
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 37-1910.
1 1 swMinaKciGia i
I L' You Pay 10c
I 1 1 op c,ara I
I ill "Not so Good. H
mSZ& r.P.LEWI3Porln.HlB
1910 CROPS
Wheat Yield in Many Districts Will'
Be From 25 to 35 Bushels Per Sere
Myorother-ln-law, Mr. Frank J. Zlmmer.llTes there
nnd It was through hlui th.-u we decided to locate In
Canada." Yours truly,
Mrs, Ulcbard Henry Khlncer. I
Tujlors Falls, Minn., Aug. T. 1910.
"I shall go kiOumnue tills Fall with nr cattlo and
bousenoluT goods. I got a pour crop hero Ibis rear
and ray brother-in-law, Axel Nordstrom In Camruie,
wants uun to come Ihern. lie formerly lived In
Wilton. North Dakota. 1 am Kolng to bay or tako
homestead when I get there, but I do not want to
travel two times the re, for I take my bro the r-ln-laWe
word about the country, and want to get yuurlow
rate." Yours truly ,
1'cter A. Nelson, J
Vesta, Minn.. Jul
r "I went lo Canada nine years ago and took ups
quarter seoUon ot railroad Und and a homestead,
but toy burs bsvo nevor taken up any laud jet. I
UII hold the railroad land. I had to route back to
tbestatesonaecountof my health. 1'leatn let me
know at unco If 1 cau get the eheap rates to fonoka.
Alberta." Yours truly,
Vesta, Ulna. ')
Keeps the spindle bright and
free from grit. Try n box.
Sold by dealers everywhere.
' i,