The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 16, 1910, Image 4

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    u itvwsenrirT5i4jn3Srt Jf iVp,
and ten other kinds. Delight
ful natural flavor and made
from the very best materials,
with the care of experienced
chefs, in the great White Enam
eled Kitchens.
Libby'a Soups nro ready
for immediate use by adding
an equal portion of hot water
Ask your grocer
for Libby's Soups
Libby, McNeill
& Libby
Complacent Smoker Had No Uce for
the Bands, So What Was the
Thoro wore four of thum on the
i ear platform of a car, thrown to
gether, so to speak, by a rough traek.
All wore Bmokliifr. An odor, not of
cigars, detracted somewhat from in
forest in the general conversation.
TJio odor became pronounced. Ono
of the quartette- cast about for a rea
son. He saw ono of his companions
complacently smoking a cigar that
had burned down past tho flaring red
band that girdled it Thcro remained
no question of tho source of tho odor.
"Excuse me," the discoverer said to
tho complacent one, "your cigar band
is burning."
"That's all right, old man," tho com
placent one replied, "I'm not saving
The Vocabulary.
Webster was compiling the diction
ary. "Getting together a few words to
use in a CO-word telegram," he ex
plained. Heunvlth tho public called him
If a man who is early to bed and
early to rise doesn't got rich, his wifo
Is firmly convinced it's becauso ho is
too honest.
Tho mnn who Improves his talent
always gets God's reward for doing it.
A Happy
Follows a breakfast that is
pleasing and healthful.
Are pleasing and healthful,
and bring smiles of satisfac
tion to the whole family.
The Memory Lingers
Popular Pkg. 10c
Family Size 15c
Posttim Cereal Co,, Ltd.
Battle, Creole, Mich.
Religious, Social, Agricultural, Pollt.
leal and Other Matters Given
Due Consideration.
All tho agricultural schedules for
tho Second Nebraska (Omaha) cen
sus district luiwi been finished and
sent in to tho census bureuu. The
population schedules have not yet
been sent in, as the force in Super
visor Saunders' ofllce is still en
gaged In examining these and check
ing them over, so that they shall be
absolutely accurate before leaving
tho district ofllce. Straggling re
ports arc still coming in, and the
oflleo has made an application to
permit the work of llnlslilng up to he
continued a month longer.
Tired and covered with the dust
and dirt of 200 miles of travel In
automobiles. Kearney's Commercial
club boosters pulled Into their home
town at C::!0 In the evening. Kvcry
man woro marks of the Journey ami
spoko in tones but little over a
whisper. Tho trip was n success The
boosters pr.'vcd throu"h foui:.-:n dif
ferent towns and weio greeted by
nearly 8,000 people. Small towns
nlong tho route were decorated' In
honor of tho boosters.
For tho first time iu ninny years
tho Platto river at Central City Is so
low at this season that flsh can be
speared in tho open channels and
great quantities are being taken out
1y parties in that vicinity.
In tho district court of Uuffalo
County Judge Hostetler gavo judg
ment for ?l,20!).2.ri In tho suit of St.
Luke's Episcopal church against
Francis G. Keens, this being the full
amount prayed for. Tho suit was
brought to recover on a note given by
defendant, or contract, to pay one
fourth of the cost of erecting the cast
eighty-two feet of the new St. Luke's
Tho Daughters of tho American
Revolution have arranged elaborate
exercises for the unveiling of a monu
ment which will mark the placo
whero tho old Oregon train crossed
Central avenuo in Kearney. The ser
vlco will tako place on Juno 9 and
Is tho first monument in tho state of
Nebraska to commemorate tho old
trail that was beaten in tho sod of
the prairies by the gold hungry men
who crossed the continent in tho
Tho dates for the holding of the
Kearney Chautauqua have been sot
for July 10 to 21 inclusive. This is
tho first year that tho assembly will
bo held in its own. grounds, which
havo been acquired sinco the last
Deputy State Superintendent Frank
S. Perduo will file his namo as a
candidate on the republican ticket
for state superintendent provided
Superintendent Hlsliop decides to go
to Iown. Mr. Perduo was county
superintendent of Madison county at
the tlmo of his selection as deputy
state superintendent.
Tho effort by the aid of blood
hounds, to trace thieves who ontored
two stores In. the town of Phillips
woro abandoned. The robbers secur
ed nothing but a few pennies and
mado out of Phillips on a railroad
velocipede, stolon and ditched
at tho outskirts of this city. The
hounds were from Ioxington. They
wcro unable to find a scent.
At tho fifteenth annual commence
ment exorcises of tho Harneston high
school tho class consisted of llvo
members as follows: Oliver W, Town;
send, Cantlla F. (Joehrlng, Jesso E.
Edda M. Nolan and Harold II. Woods.
Rev. U. O. Drown of lJeatrleo deliver
ed tho conunenncment address.
When tho Darlington train from
tho west was approaching Seward
tho other day, two men snatched $135
from a passenger with whom they
had been playing cards. The man who
wa3 robbed notified the conductor,
and one of tho money snatchers was
cnught. Tho other Jumped from tho
train and was caught, being found un
conscious with ono of his legs
A partition of tho estate of tho
late John Warren of Dentrloo has
been ordered by Judge L. M. Pern
berton in district court. C. G. Baker
was nppolnted refereo to report be
fore November 1. Tho Warren estate
consists of sixteen fnrms In Gngo
county aggregating 4,700 acres, two
farms of JiGO and G40 acres each in
Jefferson county together with con
siderable farm land in Kansas, Mis
souri and Canada. It is estimated to
bo worth half a million dollars to ba
partitioned among four heirs, tho
widow, two sons and ono daughter oS
the deceased.
A largo crowd greeted Georgo U.
Irving, tho municipal (specialist of
Chicago lu Holdrugo, when ho lee
tured in conjunction with tho
"Boosters' day" program arranged
by tho Commorclal club. Mr. Irving
suggested sovoral improvements fr
Holdrego, Ills address touched upon
various- faulte which tend to retard
tho growth and advancement of the
smaller cities.
For tho llrst time in four years
Ashland will celobrato tho Fourth of
July with an elaborate program of
sports and amusements.
Representative Foelker Tells How
Y. M. C. A. Gave Him His
First Real Start.
Washington -The general secretary
of the Washington V. M. C. A. was
recently surprised by a call from Con
gressman Otto ( Foelker, who asked
him If he recognized In him a Ger
man boy who was a member of tho
association of which he then served as
general secretary in Brooklyn 15
cars before.
This brought to light tho story of
the study and development of a sturdy
German baker boy, who started on
his upward climb with $1.10 In bin
pocket and was helped by I ho friend
ship of this secretary and tho educa
tional to a career. Tho gam-
Congressman Otto G. Foelker.
biers will not forget that It was Sena
tor Foolker's vote that blockod the
race track bills in tho famous contest
in 1008 in the senato of the stato ot
Now York, although ho had to bo car
ried to tho senate chamber on a cot
to cast his vote.
"I landed in Brooklyn with $1.19 In
my pocket and without a friend or nc
qunlutance so far as I knew within
:t00 miles," said Mr. Foelker. "I had
struck out for myself and iu tho great
city of New York I thought 1 would
find my best opportunity.
"Sunday was a lonesonio day for mr
until I happened into tho Calvary
Episcopal church, whero tho good rec
tor, Dr. Twlng, at once commanded
my esteem nnd nftorwnrd became my
friend. Ho took mo to tho Young
Men's Christian association and tho
general secretary, William Knowles
Cooper, won mo by his friendly Inter
est and his sturdy, friendly hand was
a positive help In keeping mo at It In
those days or poverty and of struggle
"I pumped tho organ on Sundays
and lived in a lodging house at ton
cents a night. I worked at my trado
part time.' Finally I got steady em
ployment In tho German Legal xld
society In the early part of 1890 and
that Is what led mo into tho law, into
tho leglslnturo and into public life."
"I studied law at nights in a law
oflleo and got my llrst start In the le
gal aid society. I had ono year in a
Troy business school, but it was only
a small part of my real training.
"After making up all of tho elemen
tary training I needed In tho associa
tion school and having mastered a
good deal of tho secondary work, in
1902 1 attended tho New York Law
school, and lu 1908 I wns admitted to
tho bar, after having secured my aca
demic certificate through tho years of
supplementary study."
In 1904 Mr. Foelker was elected to
the Now York stato assembly. His
early training in tho Young Men's
Christian association In the formation
of friendships, ho says, gavo him
training for that llrst election.
Soon Mr. Foelker became tho most
bitterly hated man In tho entire state
of Now York In certain quarters
and ho was not better loved by the
race-track gamblers for risking his life
In casting tho vote against them.
Mrs. Louise K. Gillson of Wllmette Is
Elected President by Illinois
Rockford, III. Mrs. Loulso K. GUI
son, who wns chosen president by the
Illinois Congress of Mothers at its con
ventloa in Rockford, has been for
many years active in club nnd charl
tablo work In Chicago and vicinity.
She is now finishing her second term
of three years ns treasurer of the Nn-
Mrs. Louise K. Gillson.
tlonnl Congress of Mothers. Sho Is n
resident of Wllmotto and n prominent
member of sevornl women's organiza
tions of tho town. Before moTfng to
tho suburb Mrs. Gibson for a time
Woman's club.
' '
Farm lands in Cannda increased in
value this Sptiug from fifteen to twen
ty per tent, and mi a result of thlo
incteaso thousands of those who linvn
gone there within the past few ycarB
have had that much more value added
to their Moldings. There Is proof hero
that as a Held for investment thoro
Is nowhere to bo found a moru prollt
able one than In purchasing farm
lauds In Canada. And, as a Held for
occupation and working tho farms
there Is nowhere on tho continent
whero moro satisfactory return is
given. Tho crops nro always euro and
tho piIccb aro always good. With
railroads entering nnd traversing all
the settled pirttt, thcro aro very few
districts In which the farmer will be
more than from ten to twelvo miles
from a railway Ktatlon. ltoada nro
good, and big loads aro easily handled.
Tho price or getting grain to tho pri
mary market Is low on this nccount,
and then In reaching tho world's mar
kets tho rnllwaya have their rales con
trolled by tho Government, nnd what
may bo considered a fair deal is cer
tain. Good prices for all kinds of
grain is tho rulo, and If tho Investor
has made good money by tho increased
value given to his unworked land, It
is not difficult to understand that tho
profit to tho man who works his land
is just that much moro, nnd thcro
will bo no depreciation. Tho man
who holds a free homestead of ono
hundred and sixty acres of land,
which he got for $10 as an entry fee,
has land which at Ub lowest estimate
Is worth $10 an acre yes, $15 an aero
the moment he hns completed his
three years' residence duties. It will
continue to increase In value until its
earning power gives a reasonable In
terest on a certain sum. That is, If
he takes off tho land fifteen to twenty
dollars per aero clear profit each year,
his land Is worth to him, at a fair rate
ot interest, $200 an ncre. If ho only
realizes $10 an aero clear profit, It is
worth $100 per aero. Now, thou
sands of fnrmers nro duplicating these
figures. Tho price of land in Canada
today Is much less than its realizing
value. Tho fact that tho fifty thou
sand Americans who went to Cannda
year beforo bust were followed by ono
hundred thousnnd last year offers
some evidence, and good evidence, too,
that there is getting to bo a pretty fair
knowledgo that money Is to bo made In
Canada lands. As an Investment money
Is to bo mado, but moro by living
upon the land, secured either by home
stead or purchase. Tho ono hundred
thousnnd of last year will bo one hun
dred nnd fifty thousand this year.
Those compriso people from every
stato in tho Union, and It Js Jubt being
realized tho assot that awaits tho
uomescokor in Canada, Tho largo
numbers that have gone, though,
tnnkes no nppreciablo difference in
the supply of land. Thcro Is still left
vnst quantities of tho best of It. But
tho longer a delay is mado in arriving
at a decision, tho prlco will advanco
proportionately, and tho moro de
sirable homesteads near tbo railway
lines become moro difficult to Bccuro.
The Government publishes Interesting
literature, which may bo had on ap
plication to any of the agents whoso
offices aro located at different points
through tho Stntee, nnd they (tho
agents) will ho pleased to nsslst In
any way passible in tho choico of lo
cation. Oacey at the Jet.
What's this 1 hear about Casey?"
asked McGlnnbi.
"He's been trying to asphyxiate
himself," said O'Reilly.
"C.'wan! What did he do?"
"Ho lit every gati jet In tho house
and sat down and waited." -Everybody's.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Alcrcury,
us mrrctiry will pircly destroy tho wn-w of amfll
ii(l completely drraiiKn ttio whirto cyntrm when
rntcrlni: It through tin ihonmis mirUrrn. Sudi
articles Bhould never bo uwl except on nrrscrln
ttona from reputable pliyuh-lwis. aa tbo damaee they
will do l ten fukl tii tbo eixxl ymj ion rxwilbly de
rive from tliem. Ilnll'B Catarrh Cure, manulacuirwl
by F. i. Cheney A Oo . Tolwlo, )., contains no mer
cury, and h token Internally, actlnc directly upon
tho blood and rnnooiw urfacea of tho irjetem. la
buying Hall's Catarrh Cum bo sure jou get tin
eenolno. It la taken Inteniany and made m Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A Co. TwrtlinonUla Ire.
Hold by DnicKUta lTtco. 7fcv, ler botUe.
Take llall'a Family l'llls lor cornttlpallon.
your wife die a natural
"And did
"Oh, yes. She
tho end came."
was tnlklng when
Mn. 'Wlnalow'B Roothlnp; fljrnp.
For children trolhlnr. aoflna Ihu Burnt, inineea In.
tUninaUaura)laTHpln,curowlnloullc. l&uatxAUii.
Honest politicians nro iih plentiful
In somo places as white blackbirds.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is tho best of all medicines for the cure of diseases,
disorders and weaknesses peculiar to women. It is tho
only preparation of its kind deviled by a regularly gradu
ated plrysician an experienced and (.killed specialist in
tho diseases of women.
It is a safo medicine in any condition of the system.
THE ONE REMEDY which contains no alcohol
and no injurious babit-formin drugs uud which
creates no craving for sucli stimulants.
THE ONE REMEDY so good that Its makers
ere not nfraid to print its every ingredient on
each outsido bottlo -wrapper and attest to tho
truthfulness of the same under oath.
It is sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't it enn
get it. Don't tako n substitute of unknown composition for this medicine oi
known composition. No counterfeit is as good as the genuiuo and the druggist
who suys something else is "just as good as Dr. Pierce's" is cither mistaken
or is trying to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man is not to bo
trusted. Ho is trifling with your most priceless possession your health
may be your life itself. See that you get what you asi for.
- --er - "?-?--- t-- tr
ET- rd-c-r sri5-?f
AStficfaWc Preparation for As
ling Ihe Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digcslion,Clvccrful
ncsscituiRcst Contains neither
Opiuin.Morphinc nor Mineral
Not "Narc otic
Pwykin Snd
ttinkiyrrtrt Zfier
A nrrfect Halted v forConstlpa
(ion . Sour Stomnch.Dinrrlioca,
FacShmlc Signature of'
Tire Cuntauii Company.
'Guaranteed under the Feudal,
Exnct Copy of Wrapper.
C tff? Sm You
m aryrL-Pjrx tm4 "eat
Here is a stove that gives IIO
I X7bKSJa'lw l"'ljaa i in i qi
fill' uTSiTDW' -J?1KJGi:lll
tl U:i:Hi(ii1ilif;;;i;,f;llin
pi Jt MMJilw?Tf .yiZF )tr JF JTFIwHWWB!
is concentrated at the burners. An intense blue flame (hotter than
cither white or red) is thrown upwards but not around. All tho
heat is utilized in cooking none
IMew Perectioit
Oil Cook-stove
entirely removes the discomfort of cooking. Apply a match nnd
immediately the stove is ready. Instantly an intense heat is pro
jected upwards against the pot, pan, kettle or boiler, and yet there
is no surrounding heat no smell no smoke.
1 HpaSiuC5fflK'5K2
Cautionary Note: tie sure If
w vou cet this Btove cee H
Cautionary I
vou fret this ntove-
that ,the name-plate
read "New Perfection."
Standard Oil Company
Rejected by Hobo.
Weary It' n poor rulo tlint docNii't
work both wnyH.
Willie G'wanl It'n i poor ruin to
work at all.
When Rubbers Become Necessary
rml your bIioch nlnr.h, simUti Into your
ihorH Alton's Knot-12iint tliu uutlscpllr:
powder fur llio fret. C'iivch tired, acliliil.'
feet und tnltcH tlio bIIiik out of Uorns nnd
lltinlnns. Always UBn It for HrpnldtiK In
New hIioch nnd for dnnrlnK pnrtles. Sold
ovcrywliern UTo. Hnniplo mailed KREIB.
Address, Allen 8. Olmsted. m lloy, N. Y.
According to somo it makes no dif
ferenco how many dead cats you
throw into tho well no long nB you
keep tho pump hnmllo polished.
For Ited. Ilrhlnur Hjrvlliln. Cyutn, Styr
Talllns nyoIoHlieB uud All i:yes That
Nccil Cnro Try Murlno Byo 8:ilve. Asep
tic Tubeii Trial Rise 25c. Ask Your IlniK
cist or Witto Murlno Kye Remedy Co.,
Sincerity, u deop gcnulno slncority,
1h tho ilrm chnrnctcrlstlc of nil men in
any way horolc. Carlylo.
for curing rrniii pit (llurrlira and l7ftntr it la hyudns
I'aliiktllfrU'rrTvlt'irii'), This aitxllcliin lian nun
inliHxl Uiu rt'putntlun for oTor 71) ji uraScSo uud UKj.
No Alotmi, a silver cup novcr runs
when It Is chased.
For Infhnta anjjOhUdron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Years
TMt cintauii oMntnr, new ton amr.
no longer need wear your-
out with the weakening
" an intcnsely hot kitch
you can cook in comtort.
outside licat. All lis heat
xn outside heating.
Why? Because The New Perfection
Oil Cook-Stova la scientifically and
practically perfect. You cannot use
too much vick it is automatically
controlled. You get the maximum heat
no smoke. The burner is simple. One
wipe with a cloth cleans it conse
quently there is no smell.
The New Perfection Oil Cook-Stova
is wonderful for year-round U3e, but
especially in summer. Its heat oper
ates upward to pan, pot, or kettle, but
not beyond or around. It is useless
for heating a room.
It has a Cabinet Top with shelf
for keeping plates and food hot.
It has long turquoise-blue enamel
chimneys. The nickel finish, with tho
bright blue of the chimneys, makes
the stove ornamental and attractive.
Made with 1, 2 and 3 burners; tho 2
and 3-bumer stoves can bo bod with
Hwy ilMler ryttjyrhftf If tintntyonre.Vrtt
xor it:Biymui.ucuuir to tuv ucarcu agency
The Army of
Is Growing Smaller Every Dmrjr.
reponjible they not
only giro reuei
they permanently
cure tonilipi
ties. MU
liotu use
Mil, Indlfeiuan, Sick HiaaVaf, SalkwSUa. j
GENUINE mutt bear signature:
Senator Dolllver, of Iowa, ayr
rTbe atream ct emlm-onta from tbo United BUUa
anaaa mil runtinuo."
Menator ltyinwr recently pais
Tltlt to Wuatf rn Uosada.
onu faji: "liuro la a
of Di I Mi sneaking r-oo-plo;
tula tall orcoant for
tae rcraoial or to many
lonu (arinora to Uanado,
Oar puurle ore ploatrc)
ie ore pioatrci
nro riununt anl
tho cxcollont nJmlnl.
t ration of Ian. ami tur
am comlna to sou In
tant ot thnuanila, and
tliby aro (till tcmilnc.'
1 tu t'iri 70.(111(1 Aiunrl.
rnn farnirra ivlio mail Cannda
their homo riurlur 1UOU.
I'lolil nriin rtituroa nlono
(liirlncycoriMltlcU tuttiowenltli
ut tliocuiintry upirordt of
IS 1 70,000,000.00
flrnin i?rowliifr. mlvM 1 irm.
Inc, ('it tlo nililnc and dntri Inir
nro nil prof llnblu. IrceUoiuc
toixlt of 100 ncre nro to bo
lmil In tlio very lnt dUtrlcta,
1 00 ncro protmptloris at S3.( O
per ncro wltlitn cortalu arc .
EM.ll04ila mul rhtirvliM In ot.' v
aettli'iUPiit, cilinnto uneacelloif,
bnllilliiB' iimtrrlnl plentiful.
tultler.' ratlnnr rntoa and dearrlp.
ttvo llutrntil cauipblat, "Lat
lloit We.t," enj otbrr Informa
tor particulars axoiocaiion, low
tion, wruo to bap t or J ram in. ra
tion, Ottana, Can., or to Oanaal&a
Uoverniscut Acent.
Run 4 Iu ltg. Ontha, C(b.
(UiMi&ildreaanparVuyou".) (S)
mall for nil niMillnnrd cakllr nwil nnd rtTrctnitf.
WrltOiUlll. K.U. Ul,U,tJI.',iOllitll.,UlmlUaai,Al.
Isfllr Miwrn
p ' "titit Tfil
W fr-f
j-TSy-4y ,0