The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 16, 1910, Image 3

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Try This, This 8ummer.
The very next tlmo you'ro hot, tired
lor thirsty, step up to a Boda fountain
And got a glass of Coca-Cola, It will
cool you off, rcllovo your bodily and
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Bend 2c stamp for tho Coca-Cola Dose
ball Record Hook for 1910 contains
kho famous poem "Cnsoy At The Hat,"
records, schedules for both loagucs
land other vnluahlo Imnobal! Informa
tion compiled by authorities.
Docile Chcece.
Andrew Carnegie, whllo eating with
UPpotlto nnd courngo last month tho
dlshoa cooked by tho young girls of
tho Mnrgnrot Morrison school In
Pittsburg, mild:
"I havo no far boforo these experi
mental dishes, llo who bus eaten In
l)Yanco learns to oat boldly.
"Think of tho French cheeses nlono!
"Why, ono afternoon In n rostau
rant In tho lloulevard ties Italians, I
board a guest shout angrily:
M 'Walter, look here, this cheese Is
iwalklng all over tho table.'
"'Ali, hnvo no fear, monsieur. It
iwon't escape,' tho waiter roplled. 'If
Usocs too far Just call "Jules, Jules!"
It always unsworn to Its uamo.' "
savedold" lady's hair
"My mother used to havo a very bad
foumor on her head which tho doctors
Balled an eczema, and for it I had two
lalfferont doctors. Her head was very
fioro and her hair nearly all fell out
En splto of what they both did. Ono
lay her nlcco carao in and they wero
Upcaldng of how her hair was falling
nut and tho doctors did it no good.
JBko says, 'Aunt, why don't you try
ICutlcura Soap and Culicura Oint
ment?' Mother did nnd they helped
tier. In six months' tlmo tho Itching,
burning and scaling of her head was
over nnd her hair began growing. To
day eho feels much In dobt to Cutl
leura Soap nnd Ointment for tho flno
head of hair sho has for an old lady
of soventy-four.
"My own enso was an eczema in my
Xoct. As soon as tho cold weather
camo my foot would Itch and burn and
then they would crack open nnd blend.
fThcn 1 thought I would ilco to my
mother's friends, Cutlcurn Soap nnd
Cutlcura Ointment. I did for four or
Mvo Winters, and now my foot are no
smooth as any ono's. Ellsworth Dun
bam, Hiram, Mc, Sept. 30, 1909."
Spoiling It.
'Tvo noticed that all unusually tall
women are graceful."
"Thank you, Mr. Feathcrtop."
"Why, Miss Flossie aw you're not
unusually tall, you know."
1 Dr.lMrcrt'r)pannt relief 11 rrcnlatn and ItitIi
rrnto luiumcn, mtr aim
IHnj, grauulo. taUo
to iniumch, liter mill toiri-ls SiiKiir-coated,
A grass widow can glvo refcrenco
but sho hardly ever docs.
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Will bear thorough Invt-Httnutlou.
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orAliirrlilne llabltTreated.
I' tee iiul, CaKs clitic uiher
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Sr.B.O. OONTUUmBoIU D(J, 0OW 3JilBt.,mwT3lk
H jm
W. N. U LINCOLN, NO. 25-1910.
cwrucMT not cy wi"oa T
Minn Iniicii, aplnatcr nml Kiinnltati of
Gertrude itnil Ilulni-y, chIiiIiIIhIiciI HiimnuT
lu'iuUiimrloi-H ut Htmuyulilc Atnldst mi
nicrntm cIIIII'MiIUi-h tlio Hcrvnnts il'wcrti'il.
An MIhh Iniu'H locked up for this night,
slio wim Mlitrtled by ii dark tlcuro on the
vrnunlii. film piiBHcd u terrible tilKlit,
wlilcli wns IIIIimI with uiifiorinly noises.
In tint innrnlnt; Miss Innes fount) u
HtrniiRi- link ruff lintton in u clothes
hamper (lerlriitlti nml lltilsey arrived
Willi Jack Hulley. Tito house wns awak
ened liy ti tevulver shot. A stnuiKO limn
wan found Hliot to (tt-titti In tho hull.
It proved to he the liotlv of Arnold Atm
Htrotn;, whoso banker father owned the
enunlry ImiiHP. AIImh lime found llnl
tvy'H levulver on the lawn, lie nnd JnrK
Halley hud disappeared. Tho link ciilT
Imltou inyHteilniiBly illwippeared. De
tective .Taiulemui unit the coroner arrived.
(Icrtriiilo revealed thill hIiu wns engaged
to Jnck lliilley. with whom Hhe hud
talked In the bllllnrd room u few mo
ments liefoie the tiiuriler. Jiiinlron told
.Mini IniKit that Hhe wiih hiding evidence
from him. lie Imprisoned an Intruder In
tin t-mpty room. Tho primmer e.sniped
down u laundry finite. It developed that
tho Intruder wiih probably a woman.
CHAPTER VII. Continued.
"hltltly." I cnlleil, "ko throiiRli the
Iioubo nt onco anil boo wlio Is missing,
or If nny ono 1b. We'll havo to clear
this thing at onco. Mr. Jnmloson, If
you will watch hero I will go to tho
lodge nnd llnd Warner. Tlionms
would bo of no ubc. Together you
may bo nhle to force tho door."
"A good idon," ho assented. "Hut
thero are wlndowH, of course, nnd
there Is nothing to pro vent whoever Is
In there from getting out that way."
"Then lock tho door at the top of
tho basement Btnlrs," I nuggeated,
"and patrol tho hotiso from tho out
Hide." Wo ngroiul to this, nnd I had a
feeling that tho mystery of Sunny
bUIo was about to ho solved. I ran
down the Htops nnd along tho drive.
Just nt tho corner I ran full tilt into
somebody who seemed to bn as much
nlarmcd as 1 was. It was not until I
had recoiled a step or two that I rec
ognized Gertrude, nnd she me.
"Hood gracious, Aunt Hay," she ex
claimed, "what Is tho matter?"
"There's somebody locked in tho
laundry," I panted. "That is unless
you didn't seo nny one crossing tho
lawn or skulking around tho house,
did you?"
"I think wo havo mystery on tho
brain," Gertrude said wearily. "No,
1 haven't scon nny ono, except old
Thomas, who looked for all tho world
as if ho had boon ransacking the pan
try. What havo you locked la the
"I cant wait to 'explain," I replied.
"I must got Warner from tho lodge. If
you came out for air, you'd bettor put
on your overshoes." And then I no
ticed that Gertrude was limping not
much, but sufficiently to make her
progress very slow, and seemingly
"You have hurt ' yourself," 1 said
"I fell over tho carrlngo block," sho
explained. "I thought perhaps I
might see Halsoy coming home. Ho
he ought to bo hero."
I hastened to tho lodge.
"Wlu-ro la Warner?" 1 asked.
"I I think Iio'k in bed, ma'am "
"Get him up," I said, "and for good
ness sake open tho door, Thomas. I'll
wait for Warner."
"It's kind o' close lu here, ma'am,"
ho said, obeying gingerly, and disclos
ing a cool and comfortable-looking In
terior. "Perhaps you'd keer to sot on
the porch an' rest you'solf."
It was so evident that Thomas did
not want mo liiBlde that I went In.
"Tell Warner ho Is needed in a hur
ry," I repeated, and turned into tho
llttlo Bitting room. I could hear
Thomas going up tho stnlrs, could
hear him rouse Warner, and tho stops
of tho chauffeur as ho hurriedly
dressed. Hut my nttcntlon was busy
with tho room below.
On tho center table, open, was a
sealskin traveling bag. It was filled
with gold-topped bottles and brushes,
and it breathed opulence, luxury, fom
inlnlty from every inch of surfaco.
How did It get there? I was still ask
ing myself tho question when Warner
camo running down tho stairs and
Into the toont. Ho was completely but
somewhat incongruously dressed, and
his open, boyish face looked abashed.
Ho was a country boy, absolutely
frank and reliable, of fair education
and intelligence ono of tho small
army of American youths who turn a
natural aptitude for mechanics Into
tho special Hold of tho automobile,
and earn good salaries In n congenial
"What 13 it, Miss Inncs?" ho asked
'There la some ono locked In tho
laundry," I replied. ".Mr. Jnmlesoa
wnnts you to help him break the lock.
I Warner, whoso bag Is this?"
Ho was In tho doorway by this tlmo,
and ho protended not to hear.
"Warner," I called, "como back
hero. Whoso bag Is this?"
Ho stopped then, but ho did not turn
"It's It belongs to Thomas," ho
said, and lied up tho drive.
To Thomas! A London bag with
mirrors and cosmetic jars of which
Thomas could not oven havo guessed
tho use I However, I put tho bag In
tho back of my mind, which was fast
becoming stored with anomalous and
apparently Irreconcllablo facta, and
followed Warner to tho house.
Llddy had como back to tho kitch
en; the door to tho basement stairs
was doubtobarrod, and hnd a tablo
pushed against It; nnd besldo hor on
the tablo was most of tho kitchen par
aphernalia. "Did you seo If thoro was any one
missing in tho house?" I asked, ignor
ing tho nrrny of sauco pans, rolling
pins and tho poker of tho range.
"Hoslo is missing," Llddy said with
unction. Sho had objected to Rosle,
tho parlor maid, from tho Btart. "Mrs.
Watson went Into her room, nnd found
sho had goao without hor hat. People
that trust themselves a dozen miles
from tho city, In utrnngo houses, with
servants thoy don't know, needn't he
surprised If thoy wake up somo morn
ing and llnd their throats cut."
After which carefully vollcd sar
casm Llddy relapsed Into gloom. War
ner camo In then with a hnndtul of
small tools, and Mr. .famleson went
with him to tho basement. Oddly
enough, I was not alarmed. With all
my heart I wished for Halsoy, but 1
was not frightened. At tho door bo
was to force Warner put down his
tools and looked at It. Then ho
turned tho handle. Without tho slight
est difficulty tho door opened, reveal
ing tho blackness of tho drying room
Mr. .lamleson gave an exclamation
of disgust. "Gone!" ho said. "Con
found Buch carelcB.s work! I might
havo known."
It wns truo enough. Wo got the
lights on flnnlly and looked all
through tho three rooms that con
stituted this wing of tho basement.
Everything was qulot and ompty. An
explanation of how tho fugitive had
escaped injury wns found in a heaped
up basket of clothes under tho chute.
Tho baskot had been overturned, but
thnt wan nil. Mr..Jaui!esoncxniuinedtho
"But Before We Go On,
wludows; ono was unlocked, and of
fered an easy oscapo. Tho window or
tho door? Which way had tho fugi
tive escaped? Tho door seemed most
probable, and I hoped it had been so.
I could not havo homo, just then, to
think that It was my poor Gertrude
we had been hounding through tho
darkness, and yot I had mot Gor
trudo not far from that very window.
I went upstairs at last, tired and
depressed. Mrs. Watson and Llddy
wero making tea In tho kltchon. In
certain walks of llfo tho tea pot Is tho
refugo In times of stress, troublo or
sickness; they glvo toa to tho dying I
and thoy put it in tho baby's nursing
bottle. Mrs. Watson was fixing a tray
to bo sent In to mo, and when I asked
her about Ilosto sho couflnwd her
"Sho's not hero," Bho said; "but I
would not think much of that, Miss In
ncs. ltoslo Is a pretty young girl,
and perhaps sho has a Bweothcart. It
will bo a good thing If sho has. Tho
maids stay much bettor when thoy
havo something ltko that to hold them
Gortrudo had gouo back to her
room, and whllo I was drinking my
ctip of hot tea, Mr. Jnmloson camo In.
"Wo might tnko up tho conversation
wnero wo left oft an hour and u half
nn," he said. "But beforo wo go on,
I want to say this: Tho person who
escaped from tho laundry was a worn
au with a foot of modorate slzo and
well arched. Sho woro nothing but
a stocking on hor right foot, nnd, In
splto of tho unlocked door, sho es
caped by tho window."
And ngaln I thought of Gcrtrudo's
sprained ankle, Was It tho right or
tho luU2
H m 1 1? Illil k- , WW1 !!Vii'"!wr'i I ''It m
The Other Half of the Link.
"Miss Innes," the detective began,
"what Is your opinion of tho flguro
you saw on tho cast veranda tho night
you nnd your maid wero in tho houso
"It was a woman," 1 said positively.
"And yet your maid alllrms with
equal posltlvencss that it was a man."
"Nonsense," I broke In. "Llddy
had her eyes shut sho always shuts
them when she's frightened."
"And you never thought then that
tho Intruder who came later that
night might bo a womanthe woman
lu fact, whom you snw on tho veran
da?" "I had reasons for thinking it was
a man," I said, remembering the pearl
"Now we are getting down to busi
ness. What were your reasons for
thinking that?"
1 hesitated.
"If you havo any reason for believ
ing that your midnight guest was Mr.
Armstrong, other than his visit hero
the next night, you ought to tell me,
Miss Innes. Wo can tnke nothing for
grautod. If, for Instance, tho Intru
der who dropped tho bar and
scratched tho staircase you see, I
know about that If this visitor was
a woman, why should not tho same
woman havo come back tho following
night, met Mr. Armstrong on tho cir
cular staircase, and lu alarm shot
"It was a man," 1 reiterated. And
then, because I could think of no oth
er reason for my statement, I told
him about tho pearl cuff-link. He was
Intensely Interested.
"Will you give mo tho link." he said
when I finished, "or, at least, let mo
I Want to Say This."
seo It? I consider It a most Impor
tant clew."
"Won't tho description do?"
"Not ns well a3 tho original."
"Woll, I'm very sorry," I said, as
calmly as I could, "I the thing Is
lost. It It must havo fallen out of
n box on my dressing table."
Whatever ho thought of my expla
nation, and I know ho doubted It, be
made no sign. Ho asked mo to de
scribe the link accurately, and I did
so, whllo ho glanced at a list he took
from his pocket.
"Ouo set monogram cuff-links." ho
read, "ono sot plain pearl links, ono
set cuff-links, woman's bend set with
diamonds ami emeralds. There is no
mention of such n link ns you de
scribe, and yot, if your theory Is right,
Mr. Armstrong must havo taken back
In his cuffs ono complete cuff-link, and
a half, porhaps, qf tho other."
Tho Idea was now to me. If It had
not been tho murdered man who had
entered tho houso that night, who
had It becu?
"Thcro aro a number of strange
things connected with this enso," tho
dotectlvo went on. "Miss Gertrudo
Innes testified that sho heard somo
ono fumbling with tho lock, that tho
door opened, nnd that almost immedi
ately tho shot was fired. Now, Miss
Itnes, hero Is tho strango part of that.
Mr. Armstrong had no key with him.
There was no key In the lock, or on
tho floor. In othor words, tho evi
dence points absolutely to this: Mr.
Armstrong wns admitted to tho houso
from within."
"It la liuposslblo," I broko In. "Mr.
Jamieson, do you know what your
words Imply? Do you know that
you aro practically accusing Gertrudo
Inncs of admitting that man?"
"Not quite that," ho said with his
friendly smile "In fact, Miss Innes,
I nm quite certain sho did not. Hut
as long as I loam only parts of tho
truth, from both you and her, what
can I do? 1 know you picked up some
thing In tho llower bed; you refuso
to tell me what It was. I know Miss
Gertrude went back to the billiard
room to gel something, sho refuses to
say what. You suspect what happened
to the cuff-link, but you won't tell me.
So far, all I am suro of Is UiIb: 1 do
not believe Arnold Armstrong was tho
midnight visitor who ko alarmed you
by dropping shall we say, a golf-
stick? Ami I bellevo that when ho!
did come be was admitted by some
ono In the house. Who knows It may
havo been Llddy!"
I stirred my tea angrily.
I have always heard," I said dry
ly, 'that undertakers' assistants are
Jovial young men. A mnn's sense of
humor seems to be in Inverse propor
tion to tho gravity of his profession."
"A man's sense of humor Is a bar
barous and a cruel thing, Miss Innes,"
ho admitted. "It is to tho feminine
as tho hug or a bear Is to the scratch
ofwell, anything with claws. Is that
you, Thomas? Como In."
Thomas Johnson stood In the door
way He looked alarmed and appre
hensive, and suddenly I remembered
the sealskin dressing bag In the
lodge. Thomns came Just Inside tho
door and stood with his head droop
ing, his eyes, under their shaggy gray
brows, llxcd on Mr. Jamieson.
"Thomas," said tho detective, not
unkindly, "t sent for you to tell us
what you told Sam liohanuon nt the
club, tho day beforo Mr. Arnold was
found here, dead. Let mo see. You
came hero Friday night to see Miss
Innes, didn't you? And camo to work
here Saturday morning?"
For some unexplained reason
Thomas looked relieved.
'Ya.s. sab," ho said. "You see it
were like this: When Mlstah Arm
Mroug and the fam'ly went away. Mis'
WutMin an' mo, we was let' In charge
till the place was rented. Mis' Wat
son, she'vo bin hero a good while, an'
she warn' skeery. So sho slop' in tho
house. I'd bin bavin' tokens I tol'
Mis' Innes some of 'em an' I slop'
in the lodge. Then ono day Mis' Wat
sou, she came to me au' she scz, scz
she: Thomas, you'll hev to sleep up
In the big house. I'm too nervous
to do it any more.' Hut 1 jes' reckon
to myself thut ef It's too skeery for
her. It's too Bkecry fer me. Wo had
It, then, sho' miff, and it ended up
with Mis' Watson stayln in tho lodge
nights an me lookin' for work at do
"Did Mrs. Watson say that any
thing had happened to alarm her?"
'No, sab. Sho was jes natchally
skeered. Well, that was all, far's 1
know, until tho night I como over to
see Mis' Innos. I como across tho
alley, along the path from tho club
house, and I goes homo that way.
Down In tho creek bottom I almost
run Into a man. He wuz staudin' with
his back to me, au' ho was workin'
with one of theso yore electric light
things that lit lu yer pockot. He was
bavin' trouble ono minute lt'd Hash
out, an' the nex lt'd bo gone. I hed
a view of 'Is white dress shirt an' tie,
as 1 passed. I didn't' seo his face. Hut
I know It warn't Mr. Arnold. It was
a taller man than Mr. Arnold. Besides
that, Mr. Arnold was playln' card3
when l got to tho club houso, oamo'B
he'd been tloln all day."
"And tho next morning you camo
back along tho path," pursued Mr.
Jamieson rolentlossly.
"The nex' morn In I como back
along tho path an' down whero I dun
see tho man night befoh, I picked up
this here." Tho old man held out a
tiny object nnd Mr. Jamieson took It.
Then bo bold it on his extended palm
for mo to see. It was the other half
of the pearl cuff-link!
Hut Mr. Jamieson was not quite
through questioning him.
"And so you showed It to Sam, at
the club, and asked him If ho knew
nny ono who owned such a link, and
Sam said what?"
"Wal, Sam, ho' lowed he'd seen
such a pair of cuff-buttons In a shirt
belongln' to Mr. Halley Mr. Jack
Bailey, sab."
"I'll keep this link, Thomns, for a
while," the detective said. "That's
all I wanted to know. Good-night."
As Thomas shullled out, Mr. Jamie
son watched mo sharply.
"You feo, Miss Innes," ho said, "Mr.
Halley Insists on mixing hlmsolf with
this thing. If Mr. Balloy camo here
that Friday night expeclng to meet
Arnold Armstrong, and missed him
If, a3 I say, ho had dono this, might
ho not, seolng him enter tho following
night, havo struck him down, as he
had Intended beforo?"
"Hut tho motlvo?" I gasped.
"There could bo motlvo proved, l
think. Arnold Armstrong and John
Halley havo boon enemies since .ho
lnttcr, a caBblor of tho Traders' ba.ik,
brought Arnold almost Into tho
clutches of the law. Also, you for
got that both men havo been paying
attention to Miss Gertrudo. Bnlloy'B
(light looks bad, too."
"And you think Halsoy helped him
to escapo?"
& ilMll9SBl JUT tfeJl!
Somethlnn Lacking.
"Disappointed In Venice, with Its ro
mantic lagoons and cannls?"
"Well, thoro wasn't any placo to
tdioot tho chutes."
Of Peculiar Interest to Women.
Mrs. Mary I. Remington, Elgloherry
St., Gllroy, Cal., Bays: "I suffered so
sovercly from pain and norejiess over
tho kidneys that it was a task for me
to turn over in bed.
My kidneys acted
very frequently, hut
tho accretions wero
retarded and tho pas
sages scalded. I was
weak and run down.
After taking other
remedlos without ben
efit, I began using
Doan's Kldnoy Fills
and wns permanently cured. I was
going through tho critical period of a
woman's llfo at that tlmo and after
using Doan's Kidney Pills there was a
miraculous change for tho better In my
Kcmcinbcr tho namo Doan's.
, For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
bat. Fostcr-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Aroused Sporting Instinct.
An Irish policeman who was also
something of a sportsman, hnd been
posted ou a road near Dublin to catch
tho scorching motorist Prcsoutly ono
enmo along at 20 miles an hour, and
the policeman saw it pass without a
sign. Next camo a largo motor travel
ing at 40 miles an hour, and tho eyes
of tho guardian of tho public bright
ened. And then ono passed at tho rate
of a mile a minute. "Hegorrah," said
Pat, slapping his thigh, "that's tho
best of tho lot."
For Proper Care of Tuberculosis.
According to tho National Associa
tion for tho Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis, New York stato lends
In tho number of beds for consump
tives provided up to May 1, with 5.47C
beds; Massachusetts is second, with
2,403 beds; Pennsylvania third, with
2347 beds; Colorado fourth, with 1,489
beds, and Now Mexico fifth, with
1,104 beds. As yet, not ono state in
tho country has made adequate pro
vision for Its consumptives. New
York has set Itself tho task of having
"No uncarod-for Tuberculosis In 1915,"
and several cities in other parts of
tho country havo adopted clmllar pro
grams. Tho national assoclatloa
says that tuberculosis will not bo
stamped out until all cases of this
disease aro cared for either in their
homes or In institutions. With this
end in view, efforts will be mndo to
iucrcaso tho number of hospital beds
In this country to nt least 35,000 by
May 1, 1911.
Medicine Not Needed In This Case.
It is hard to convlnco somo pcoplo
that coffco does them an injury! They
lay their bad feelings to nlmost every
cause but tho truo and unsuspected
But tho doctor knows. Ills wldo ex
perlenco has proven to him that to
somo systems, coffeo is un Insidious
poison that undermines tho health.
Ask tho doctor if coffco is tho causa
of constipation, stomach and nervous
"I havo been a coffeo drinker all
my llfo. I am now 42 years old and
when taken sick two years ago with
nervous prostration, tho doctor said
that my nervous system was broken
down and that I would havo to give
up coffco.
"I got bo weak and Bhaky I could
not vork, and rending your advertise
ment of Postum, I asked my grocer If
ho had any of It. Ho said: 'Yes,' and
that ho used It in his family, and it
was all It claimed to bo.
"So I quit coffco and commonccd to
uso Postum steadily and found in
about two weeks' tlmo I could sloop
soundly at night tnd get up In tho
morning feeling frth. In about two
months I began to gain flesh. I
weighed only 140 pounds when I com
menced on Postum, nnd now I weigh
107 and feel better than I did at 20
years of age.
"I am working every day and oleop
woll nt night. My two children woro
grent coffeo drinkers, but thoy hnv
not drank any slnco Postum camo Into
tho houso, and aro far mora healthy
than they wero before."
Road "Tho Road to Wollvlllc," found
In pkgs. "There's a reason."
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