The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 16, 1910, Image 2

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    Mn HMoHcal Sooloty
irs-- -rr-1 - ' tat.' S T. -Mm jiva,j? IB M ME Si( Hi Wr- k BT MM r - - - r . Ht s-i;va
c A Big Bank Account
K soon tli'i result of miihII biliiniiif?s
if prudence uuil economy areewrcised.
Rich Men
of your acquaintance for t!ie lcj to
wealth aud they will tell ou thnt It
VA9 a bauk account started earf, in
life. Today Is the time to -tart one.
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President, S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
Another line rain last week.
Mrs. Sponccr Andiews !, itnpiovlng
fiom hor recent sickness.
l'rotty cold nighi.s for corn to grow
but good nights to sleep.
Mr. und Mrs. Gordon from Kansas
wete visiting at Mauley's Suuduy.
George llouchin has boon on the
sick list Tor a week but U oino better
T W. Whito treated hinnelf to .a
brand new spring wagon one day this
Albert Doilty was down to Will
Fishers Sunday after Cap. llonchin's
trotting horse.
Thoro was it good crowd at the M.
C. church Sunday night. The Kov.
l'ool from Guide lioclc preached.
Uuy Davis has resigned his position
on the Knley ranch and ha accepted
a position with Shorm ahlpmau
Will Fisher and children attended
the services at tho church Sunday and
then spent the afternoon at Churiie
Mrs. Manley thinks Clyde Simpson
has got quite a start for it young man
to mind the baby and hoe in the gul
den all at once.
Walter White who hafc been visiting
his brother, T. W. Whito and family
for it week returned to his homo iu
Lincoln Saturdny.
Pete Manley has been breaking the
Dr. Ashcr broncho this week. He
works her on the disk now and says
the fun is all over.
Wo havo f rostod our feet rhling a
planter planting corn but never had
to wear a fur overcoat a disking corn
before until labt Thursday
Red Cloud Hardware and
Implement Co.
An Old Reliable Delaval
Cream Seperator, 500 lbs-
Capacity for $57.50
rft'2KII: -
This add Brought to Our store
is good for $2.50 on the Pur
chase of the above seperator.
i .
T'fM s?y
Ipy-Bank. Account ,
George Amuck and family were out
on wind mill row Sunday and spent
tho ,iru.r0M tti(i, . y. White V.
They uiimu out in their automobile,
The Childien's duv e.Neieiscs at tho
Ash Creek church tteio good and the
cuiKircu iui line ami netier man nusi
of the older folks con Id do. Tlieio
was a huge crowd pre-uit.
Arthur Robinson was out on wind
mill low Sunday. and started for the
church but just before he got theie he
turned to the light, but you (tie all
right Arthur if Miss Wright thinks
you are all right
Mis L1..U Jewell is ill.
Nellie btickloy visited her cousins
in tho country this week
I. J. Moute made a trip hy auto to
Hastings ono day this week
E T Merrlman and family have
moved to a farm near Smith Center,
Mrs. N. M. Doudiia entertained tho
Kensington club Wednesday after
noon. Miss dthel Garher has been visitiug
relatives hero. She went to Rod Cloud
Tuesday evening.
Tho Eastern Star iubtallod ofllcers
Monday night and initiated a new
member and served lunch.
Division fourof tho M. K. aid society
served ''coffee" at tho home of Mrs.
Harry Vaughan Thursday of this week.
The Mothodist Sunday school had a
good piogram Sunday morning in
observance of Children's Day. Tho
llaptist school hold their exercises in
tho evening. Bothwero largely attend,
cd. The Christians had their program
n week earlier
4jjr .?-i" ""l"" - "T-mur" f ly T '"" -'3 Z-"- " r.y "
4 Newspaper That filves The News Fifty-two
The Kebekuh
spelling school
Fiiday evening
lodge heiu gave it
and sorted n lunch
They liiiide about
Hob't Garrison and wife and H. s l
Gather and wife wont to Lebanon
Ivans , by auto Wecnsday to Al Hayes
and wife.
Mrs. Thoi ton and L. (i. Smith and
wifo drove over to Ira Columbia's Sun-'
day. Mrs Columbia is a daughter of'
Mrs Thorton !
Mrs Uoy N'orris, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Ivans Amuck, has been very
ill. She was reported a little hotter
Monday morning
Loyd Amuck has rented the Merrl
man property, lie will conduct the
new furniture storo to be opened in
the Crow building.
1. N. Smith and daughter Mrs.
ldella Watt returned the last of this
week from a ten day visit with re
latives at Dresden, Kits.
H K. ltmr received a message Satur
day announcing tho deatli of his dau
ghter Airs. Julia Ethel Watson at her
homo iu Pueblo, Colo., ot typhoid
The Chief extends congiaiulations
upon the marriage of Miss Kate UlucU
well and Mr. Mordlth Guy which
occuied June 15 at Clayton, Kas The
bride is a daughter of Kv. and Mrs
Hlackwell formerly of this county.
The groom is the second son of Andy
Guy of Guide Uoclc.
C. A. Xelsou and wife and daughter
Valentine who came last week from
Sail Antonio, Texas to visit lolatives
add old tlmo fiicnds departed Minduy
for tho west They will visit at
Cheyonne, Wyoming and Portland,
Oregon They will bettle mar Los
Angeles, Call.
Counio Kasscr is the possessor of a
new buggy.
Lyman Essig went to St. Joo with
stock Sunday.
Amos Miksch quit Jos. Crow and ia
working for Tim Tophain.
Joliny Cummings mid wife enter
tained a few neighbors Sunday.
The wheat crop has improved won
derfully and promises a fair ciop.
Will Kobcrtbon shipped his last cars
of hogs uud cattle Sunday to St. Joe.
Ed. KabserSr. thinks Nebraska beats
Wisconsin as he was there about throe
weeks and saw the sun three times.
Mr. Ueruard Hulsebubh has a
Jim Doyle and family spent Sunday
at George McKlnnoys.
The Amboy Milling Co., shipped two
car loads of hogs Wednesday.
Miss Graco Frisblo returned from
Lincoln for her summer vacation.
Mrs. John Holcomb uud Mrs. John
Kasscr we,ro picking gooseberries this
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Amauk and. Mr. and
Mrs. llert Dlair spent Sunday at
Edson Miner and Joa liritten wero
ksecn on tho streets of Lester Sunday
A picuto was given Tuosduyilu Fris
ble's grove. Quite a number wero out
from Hod Cloud.
Mr. Throne will lectnre at the Lester
school house Sunday evening at 8
o'clock. Everybody come.
Tho Rassor Relatives' picuic was
givon at the river Sunday. There
vvoro 50 roliitlves prcsent.J.They all
report a good tlmo.
Fine com weather this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jos. PavliokBpentSun
day at Mr Fltz's.
John Doyle Sundayod with his
brother, Lawronco.
Lawrenco Dovle is nearly ovtr his
corn tho second time.
Misses Minnie and Margaret .KolUt
were iu Red Cloud Tuesday.
" s v . jfr-' -"'L-TiWiO'- -o.- - r- 'i.-'-.'r. . -miiz
Weeks Encli Year For $1.50.
,1 UK K
Millard, Wlllurd and Elsie Pavlick
Tisited with Terese Kellnt Sunday.
Mr. John Miller ot Alma spoilt
Saturday and Sunday in this locality.
All the girls in this vaolnity are
Itching for a rido in Joe Viuricka's
new niito
Koscoe Ciowell went to Lincoln Sun
day night where he underwent an
operation for appendicitis.
The daueo at Mike Kudrna s last
Saturday nighl was largely attended
and everybody enjoyed themselves.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Debrunner aie
the proud patents of a tine baby girl.
Miss Franklo Martin of Guide Kock
visltodovor Sunday at1 Chi is Jorgen
sou's. Mr. Harry Hunt and Miss Wilma
Piorpont were married in Red Cloud
Saturday All good wishes and con
gratulations to tho happy pair
Tho quarterly meeting service at 11
lastSuudny afternoon was well at
tended llov Martin preached an e.
collout sermon. He also held setvice
at liiuyalo Sunday night
Thoro will bo Children's Day exer
ciser at H iut Sunday alt ei noon, also
a Children's Day progaam will be giv
en iu lliavalo at tho M E. ehuich Sunj
d.iy evening A cordial invitation is
extended to all to attend both service.
Word reaches us from the western
part of tho state thut Miss Nellie
Ireland formerly a Western Webster
girl has lately become the hi hie of a
wealthy lanch owner. liar many
friends here wish hor a long and happy
married life.
Eighth Grade Graduates
Dist. No. 1, Ruth Hodges, Esther
Pool, Albert Pace, Leo Pace.
Dlst No. 0, Inez Fotty, Loreu IIuii
nicker. Dist. No. 0, Anna Jensen.
Dist.'No. 15, Dorothy Baylor.
Dist.-rNo. 10', Ella Giger, Melviu
Dlst. No. 18, Howard Paisons.
Dlst. No. 21, Everett Fowler
DM. No. 27, Kdward Tcnnant.
DM. No. .'II, Glen Denton, Uohort
llondren, Karl Ponath, Floyd Rath.
DM. No. .14, Agnes Stewart.
DM. No. 10, Lizzie Kerns.
Dist. No. 41, Homer Lovejoy.
Dist. No. 47, Harry Maxen.
Dlst, No. 18, DckaStcen.
DM. No. SI, Conner Dally.
DM. No. 52, Ada Carter.
Dist. No. 59, Fern Hall, Mabel Oberg,
Margaret Tumbaugh.
DM. No. 09, Harvey SI roh.
Dist. No. G2, Anna Nelson, Mario
Dlst. No. 03, Carl Goll.
Dist No. 08, Anna Anderson, Harold
Fojc, Harry Robinson.
Dist. No. 72, Hael Johnson.
Dist No. 73, Ida Hill, Lois Ritchey,
Cecil Swigart, Clnra Schilliugcr
Dlst. No. 7r. Maudo Crow, Ha7cl
Dist. No. 82, Fay Farquhar.
Red Cloud and Blue Hill eighth
grade students did not take the stato
Number of applicants for eighth
grade examination was 1 1-.
Numbers of papers submitted was
Corner o( tjth Avonuu and clteMnul ritrcet.
10 a. in Habliittli School
11 a. m 1'rcaclilng
7sl5p. in ChrlHtlun Workcr'H Ilnnd
B-OOp. in rrcaclilnu
All are IiuIUhI to attend.
J. K. J A It no K, MlulHter.
THE ChlcaSt Specialists!
Cluonic and Serious Diseases, Only.
Pkhmanknt Office
tad Cl0ud,ltmyal Hmtel
Consultation Free, in German and
Thursday, July 7th, 1910
The Chief $1.50
.1 jk.rfmv
ip mm
fix iH A
1 GJ 41f 11
Bill Says:
Taike a Kodak
to the Ball Game
uiitn you.
There twice the fun for those
who Kodak.
Let us inslruct you in the easy, all-by-daylight way of Picture Making.
r '
Kodaks, $5.00 to $111.50. Brownies, $1 to $12
Jowmlers &. Optometrists
aKftatsie A-.wrAv a&a)gs&aJ6Aafe s&n&nte viirAv; 4aAraAr tfAtbftte&AMAsalsMSr dfflSE3!kBSft2ate&3Steie
Red Cloud, - - Nebraska.
Jack Purcell.
Artistic, Carriage, Sign and
Scenic Painter.
At Sullivan's Old lumber Yard.
All First Class Work Guaranteed.
See The Chief for
j-3 - .-fc-i-3 1 v .lo
ii 7 r-
up - to - date job work.
7m I
tr tTr?T'"?"-