The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 26, 1910, Image 5

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William Crubill 1b in Omaha.
Mrs. Wost has roturncd from Pair
bury. Matinee, at tuo Tepee- Saturday after
noon. Saturday afternoon Matiucc at the
E. U. Overman was in Holdrego
Chan. Grout returned from Seward
A little child of L R Smith's died
lust night.
Attend tho Tepee next Saturday
John liur&o of Omaha was in town
UiIb week.
Bruce Frame was down from Blue
Hill Tuesday.
Judge- Duffy was up from Guide
Rook Wednesday.
Tho County Commissioners arc in
session this week.
F. E. Goblo of Oklahoma is visiting
in the olty this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robblus went to Super
ior Tuesday morning.
Bernard MoNeny returned from
Lincoln Sunday night.
Will Overman came down from Ox
ford Tuesday morning.
See Dr. Stockman for eye glosses.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Chas. Itennettand family were down
from Cowlcs Wednesday.
Mrs. Christie l'atmoro was up from
Guide Rook over Sunday.
J. C. Saylor and wife went to Lin-
Oln Wednesday morning.
Ask The Red Cloud fldw. Co., about
that New Wagon you need.
crcy Larrick, wife and baby were
down from Bladen Tuesday.
The Best Place in town to buy I'aint
is at "The Red Cloud Hdw. Co1
I'ahtoiik Fob Resit for 300 head of
cattle. Inquire of C H. Minkb.
Earl Teachworth of Beaver City is
visiting relatives hero this week.
J. Whltlev. who lives" In Idaho is
visiting at the homo of Si Norris.
Mrs. Moritz enjoyed a visit from
er bister the fore part of the week.
Arthur llousoholdor and wife of
Bladen were in Red Cloud Tuesday.
Miss Marthena Lamare returned to
her home in Iowa Monday morning.
Calicoes American Prints Five
cants pr yard. MiSKii Itnoi. and Co.
Luther Crablll and wife returned
from Wray, Colo., Saturday morning.
A. II. Hattan of Peru, III., was a
pleasant caller at this office Tuesday.
Chas. jQurncy ahlpped four oar loada
of cattle to Kansas City Monday morn
ing. If yon want your baggy painted see
Jack Pvscsll at Sullivan's old lumber
Conaeneement tickets at Cook's
Drugstore 60 cent good for bath
?S Doa't forget yonr .Commencement
' tickets at Cook's Saturday morning at
Win. Reeves has sold tho Holland
Hotel to Mr. Olmstede of Guide Rock,
who took poBsessiou of the same Mon
day morning. Mr. Reeves and family
will movo to Denver in a short time.
$r 1 improves tho flavor , I'VHySHT
I .1. K. Jurboo will preach ivt the In
i creek school house noxt Sunday
at .1 p. in.
Editor Kliuscy of the Lebanon Times
Wns u pica:
Takk yo
oasntit culler at. this ofllec
your carriages to Tureen s
PaintShop In Si'i.mvan'h Ol.n Lum
iieii Yaiuj.
Special prices en-Ladles taller made
suits, skirts and coats at-Nlner Bres.
Co. Store.
Just Bee my walk nt my home. I
soil that kind of Cement J. O.
Editor Mutthows of the Rlvorton
Review was a pleasant caller at this
oftlco Tuesday.
Tho Red Cloud Hdw. Co., havo the
Uctnster 3 Row Cultivators and the
Price Ih Right.
All the great artists sing for the
Victor and Edison. Hear them at
Nowhouso Bros.
Miss Stella Moans of Beatrice is
visiting at the home of Mrs. Ethol
Hunt this week.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
L. P. Albright next Wednesday after
noon at .'( o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs Holmgralu were visit
ing their children near Guide Rock
the ilrst of the week.
To Juno 1st will sell my 2Jf acres
in Rd Cloud property for?l700.-Seo
me Gko. MAitriNDALK.
See Jack Pukoell at Sullivan's old
lumber ynrd for buggy painting, sign
painting and decorating.
A number of the old soldiers from
hero attended tho G. A. R. Kucninp
ment at Superior Tuesday.
Get your ticket reserved for Com
mencement at Cook's Drug Store
Saturday morning at 9 o'clock.
Go to tho Red Cloud Milling Co., for
your shorts and brands in half ton
lots or moro at wholesale prices.
House cleaning time is at hand.
Don't fail to see the Lace Curtains
and Carpets at Minkii Bros and Co.
Fon Sale 20 acres of land close In.
This is a snap if sold soon call or
write C. A. Red Cloud, Nun.
The ladies of the Congregational
churoh will hold their monthly market
at the Home Grocery store Saturday,
May 28th.
Red Cloud and Fremont played a
eleven inning game here yesterday
and the score resulted 3 to C in favor
of Fremont.
Miss Inez Crablll having readied
the age of 13 May 20th, she Invited 13
of her girl friends to help celebrate
the occasion.
Perhaps you don't know that we do
nearly all kinds of cement work.
Write us. Phone or call and see us.
Platt & Fhkkb.
We don't build cisterns but we do
nearly every other kind of cement
work. See us, phone us, either phone
or write. Plait & Fiikes.
Fon Sale Thoroughbred Scotch
Collie Punnies. Inquire of L. M.
Crablll for further particulars.
Sam Castkll, Owner.
For Rent I want about 100 head of
cattle to pasture, this is a half section
plenty of running water and shade.
Inquire of J. It. Goi'LKY, Inavat.k, Nkh.
There will be regular preaching
service at the Drethcn church next
Sunday at 1 1 a m. also at 8 p. m. Mute
services at 7:80 pm. f Mr. Long from
' We are reliably-informed that a day
jeUctrio current is asanrod as aeon as
the light commissioner succeeds in
calling the city council together In
extraordinary session.
In order that those living out of
town Bay have an opportunity to see
the moving; picture! the management
has arranged for Saturday afternoon
performances, commencing with next
Saturday ItS p. m. sharp. "
Don't 'forget that Red Cloud Is a
good place In which to do your trad
ing. All our merchants carry good
goods and at reasonable prices. By
tho way you can get letter beads, sale
bills, etc., at the Chief office.
9 -j j w. w BBmzir7S.'""SU- . , l tir
The Topoo hud throe packed houses
Wednesday night to witness Roosevelt
in Africa. The pictures wore fine and
Mr. Warren is to be congratulated.
In tho absence of Rov. A. A. Grossman
last Sunday evening nt Bladen to
preach the Baccalaureate sermon bo
fore tho Bladon (Ugh School, Rov.
Jnrboc preached in his stead in the
Congregntloual church In this place.
Rov. .1. M. Bates returned Tuesday
from tho North after visiting one day
at the Rectory in Hastings. Ho will
hold regular services at Graco church
the next two Sundays, except on next
Sunday night when ho preaches tho
graduation sermon nt tho Methodist
To avoid confusion by inter change
of tickets it has been decided to sell
but one ticket for Commencement
Exercises, good for two nights. Class
night .lime 2 and Commencement
uightJntiu.'i. Cost of tickets will be
the same as heretofore, 25 cents for
each night.
Tho outlook for a successful session
of the Junior Normal at Alma this
year is excellent. All tho conditions
that ninlto n good school have been
mot, viz a strong faculty, u rich and
practical course of study, and first
class equipment and surroundings.
The school opens June 0, and continues
eight weeks.
Tho gontlomcu belonging to the
Congrcgationul church were tendered
a banquet Tuesday evening nt the
homo of C. L. Cottlng. A uuiubor of
tousts wero given and an excellent
good time is reported. After the
speeches u church brotherhood was
organized and nn opportunity prosont
cd for larger usefulness.
Rev. A. A. Crcssman has for tho
second time been honored within two
years by the G. A. R. Post at Rlvorton
with an invltntion to preach the
memorial sermon at that place Sunday
morning May 29th 1910. He has ac
cepted and there will bo no services
in the Congregational church on that
day except the Sunday school at 12m.
The Galveston Dally News In com
menting upon a recent defeat on the
diamond at Houston assorts that it
was a case of "too much Garbcr." It
roferred to our own Bert and he had
the satisfaction of shutting out Hous
ton to the tune of one to nothing and
he received tho credit for the one.
That paper was loud in its pralso for
the work done by pitcher Garber.
Bert goes to Cincinnati in a oouplc of
When the new Live Stock Judging
Coliseum, one-half of which will be
completed in time for the 910 State
Fair, Sept. 5tu" to OthV will be fully
erected it will measure 200x350 feet
outside measurement, and contain
seats for nearly CO00 people and a judg
ing ring, 120x270. This is tho same
size building now owned by Minnesota,
Indiana, Kentucky and several other
states, and is rocognizod as the most
convenient for the purpose for which
it is intended. Nebraska as a state is
far superior in the greatness of its live
stock industry than any of tho states
mentioned. All loyal citizens arc
proud of the effort to creditably keop
up state prestige.
We personally called upon owners
of automobiles in the city asking them,
to tender the use of their' machines to
the old Boldlers on Decoration day and.
we were not refused by anyone. Itls
a long walk to the cemetery now for
the old boys la blue and they will un
doubtedly appreciate this kindness:
We were very muoh pleased with the
readiness with which the people re
sponded to our suggestion. v 1.
These Uttie acts 'of kindness '.are
what make life sweeter and' better.. I
Below we give the list of doners and
for,Jhe entire city we give them a un
animous vote of thanks.- ' '
Jake Elllngor l.Gcp.-Amack 1, Dr.
)Mltchelll.AlvaSellarsl, Allen Car
penter 1, Dr. Cook l, C. J. Platt 1,
James Peterson 1. Rex McCall 1, C. P.
Gather 1. Overing Bros, and Ed Amack
1, C. II. Miner 1, Nowhouso and Storey
1, A. T. Walker 1, and L. E. Talt 1.
All of those who have autos and
have not been solicited yet wo would
be pleased to seo you in town Decor
ation day with your machine.
To Whom It Nay Cenccni.
Red Cloud, Ni:iiii Ai-nir. S9th, 1910.
All persons owning or having charge
of lots In tho Coniotory arc requested
to havo nil cleaning up or caring for
graves dono at least, ouo day boforo
Decoration day as no work of that
kind will be pormittcd on Decoration
day. As It is always attended with
more or less trouble to the manager at
a time whon ho can't give hisnttentlon
to it. By order of tho board.
C. C. McConkisy, Manager
Ball Games at
Red Cloud
Friday & Saturday, May 27 & 28.
Grand Island vs Red Cloud.
Tuesday, May 31st.
Calumbus vs Red Cloud.
June I st and 2nd.
Superior vs Red Cloud.
always contains seasonable food
Wo do tint servu canned fruits and
vegetables when it is possible in
obtain them fresh Come in and
sample tliem.
Tho price U 25 conts.
City Bakery and Restaurant.
To the Teachers of Webster County.
The regular teacher's monthly ex
amination will be held at Red Cloud
tho third Friday nud Saturday follow
ing of each month.
Registration hours 8 to 10 a. in. and
1 to 2 p. in.
Since all schools are closed no de
parture will bo made from tho regulur
examination program.
I am pleased to note that teachers
are beginning early to have their certi
ficates renewod. The wldo awake
energetic teacher will not wait until
the latter part of the hummer beforo
qualifying. School-boards dislike em
ploying teachers who aro not snrc of
their scholarship.
It 1b hoped that every teacher will
endeavor to make her certificate bettor
this year than last. I hope that the
number of first grndo and "With
Credit" and "With Honor" socond
grade certificates will Increase. By
doing bo, their grudes will become
normanent nud we can devote our
whole time and energy to our sohool
work rather than preparing for ex
amination year after yoar.
Let us have our County clear from
emergency certificates, certificates
issued with blank grades, or even
third grades.
Madel Day,
County Superintendent.
Luva Gertrude Burough, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Burough was
born in Ringgold County, Iowa, Aug.
22, 1898 and died at her home in Web
ster County, Ncbr., May 20, 1910, aged
12 years 0 months and 28 days.
She was a bright intelligent child
and held in high esteem by hor friends
and school-mates who will greatly
miss hor. A few yeurs ago sho gave
her little heart to Josus and fell asleep
in his arms.
Two brothers and one sister have
preceded her to tho life beyond while
a father, mother, four brothers, two
sisters and many friends aro left to
The funeral service was held at the
home conducted by Perry E. Henry
and assisted by Rev. W. M. Points and
G. L. Wild. Many were tho achcivlng
hearts that followed her to her last
resting place in. Walnut. Creek ceme
tery., ly. God comfort the broken
hearted parents as they mourn for
their child.
A. precious one from as has gone
AA voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home which
! never can be filled
God in his mercy, bath recalled the
" one bilove bath given
X'tiid tho' jhe .body moulders here the
opai is eie in ueaven.
MeyOO Beading Circle Notebook!
June 13 Application for Free High
. School Tuition due on or be
foro this date. (Application
blanks may bo obtained at
ofOco of County Superintend
ent.) June i:i Notice of annual mooting.
Juno 27 Annual meeting.
July 7 Directors nnnual reports due
on or beforo this date.
Aug. 1 to : inclusive Institute lied
Aug t Eighth (initio (Jraduation Ex
ercises Hod Cloud 12:30 p. in.
Aug f School Hoard Meeting Ited
Cloud-2:30 p in.
Kor the purpose of npproviug
annual reports and to prevont
returns of sumo 1 will meet
directors nt the various towns
on the following dates:
ilulde Kock Frlduv, July 1,
a. in. to l'J u. in, at school
Red Cloud Saturday, July 2.
Inuvalo Tuesday, July 5, !) to
11 a, in at school houso.
Hlndon Tuesday, July (5, 3 to
p. m. at sohool house.
Blue lllll-Wednesdny, JulyO,
Uto 11 a. ra., at school house.
Roaeuont Wednesday, July
6, 2 to 5 p. m., at school house.
Cow'les Thursday, July 7, 9
to 11 a. m., at school house.
Hxvl Dat, Couaty Hnperlntendeot.
Hbv J uvCi bbbbbbbbbbHbbbbi
i 1 17 I CAbbbbH
X I AM LmbbmHRib!bH
CopyrlgM Hart
OME of
suits this season, especially those
we have for young men, are unusually
swagger in design.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
have co-operated
matter, and we are
some very stunning things. The new
weaves in grays, blues, browns are
very beautiful also.
Suits $20 to $50 Overcoats $16.50 to $40
This store is the home of
Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
Ladie Assistant in our Undertaking
Ed. Amackp Prop,
Xr:?:a - ::?::a
To show you our new line of Spring photo
mounts of fine quality.
We have all size Card mounts, Squares, Ovals,
Panels, Bust, Different sizes for family groops.
Folders, of neat quality. Come and look at them.
See STEVENS BROTHERS Photographers.
Schiflncr le Mir
new mo
with us in this
able to show you
- x:"'5:':?:: - :ft::
N ft
.iSAM.'CJaF fl
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