The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 17, 1910, Image 5

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All honor to Ht. P.iiilek Wo nic
fortuii'itu onotiih this ,Miir to gn our
issue out on his celebration day.
would that this issue banish llio ic
tlles in ami around Washington i.s
tho holy Siilnl did the snakes in
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Copyifgot Hill SchirTncr Jt Man
"VOU very dressy men, particular
about style, about fit, about the
shape-keeping qualityof lyourgclothes ;
be particular about quality, too; be
sure you get all-woo! fabrics in the
clothes you buy, whatever you buy and
whatever price you pay.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes offer you all you want in clothes; better
style than the average tailor can possibly de
sign; better workmanship than he can produce;
and every fabric strictly all-wool.
There are no other ready-made clothes like "TZ
- CMftlt Htmlp L ! 1 1 llni li.t,.
these; and that s why we sell them. The best
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ready for you in suits and overcoats. Suits
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This store is the home of
Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
Red Cloud - - Nebraska.
tutored In the 1'oitofllcu utillnJ C'loiul.Ncb,,
nn Second cIhm Matter.
Sum fokesur surprlssed that other
Jokes huv troubles two.
Advertising ib no longer considered as
an oxpouse by men of good business
judgement. It is an investment pure
and- simple. Advertising penults u
merchant to talk fttco to face with u
largo audience and the more convinc
ing he can make his speech the great
or trudo ho will receive. In order to
sell goods one must first attraek at
tention, then croato an interest In
there- goods and then instill in the
mind a destroto buy. This leads to
tho sale. People buy a paper for tho
news, it is true, but they also soleet
one which has a liberal amount of ad
vertisements because they want to
"know what ;is ofl'oredj.for sale. Tho
value- of an advertisement depends
upon its attractiveness,; Its convinc
ingness and Itsjporsistonco
Indications are that Red Cloud will
experience a healthy giowth during
tho coming year. Several new houses
are nlicady undor process of construct
ion and many more aro boing planned.
This steady growth is an lnsuranco of
pormanoncy and is au excellent index
ot" progress. Wo antlcapate no boom.
It Is questionable whether n. hnnm w
an advautage or a drawback. As far
as the Chiof is concerned we would
much profor toseo this steady increase
contlnuonndglvcnll mushroom growth
to those that want that kind or nd
vancemnt. Hed Cloud is a good place
in which to llvoand therefore progress
is inevitable.
Good Roads
The eltl-s towns and vlllauvsnic as
much interested in good toads leading
to market us ate- the fuum-i-i and to
meet tho emergency there was enacted
what Is known as the law for the levy
for municipal highway fund. Tinier
this law a city niny levy a 2 mill tax
on all taxable property within the
corporation for making roads as far
as six miles into the country. Hero is
Red Cloud's opportunity. To bo en
tliely shut off from the sunouuding
country spells ruin and uo bcllctuour
citizens should awake to tho m-eat
necessity of placing the loads in good
condition for travel
No other municipal problem is mint-
or than this olio and action should be
commenced at once. Tho ncwspapeis
contribute their share in promoting
the project but it is up to the people
to act. Aside from the better appear
ance of tho roads and streets and the
general pleasing eirect of excellent
roads thero will be a decided advant
age In dollars and cents derived from
a good system of roads. Property in
tho city as well as on the farm will in
crease in proportion to the passabillty
ot the public- highway. It needs no
aigument, we all know that good roads
are Imperative.
For the betielll, or those who liavo
not had access to this new law we io-
produce it heio hoping Immediate
action will ho commenced.
M ction 8721 Ciiaiti it .'17 Coiinr.YV An-
notvti.h .Srm-n: ok Niiiiiaskv
Eon l!)o!) Hi-is as I'on.ows:
S.l Liw Fdi: Mr.Mcnwi. Hioiiw u
The major and council of any cHa
haung loss than Ueuty-flvo tliousjind
iiihabitaiits ami the lumnl of trustees
ofanj incorpoiated village, shall lnit
imwcr by ordinance to 1 vy a t;i of
not muie than two mills perannumon
the dollar of the assessed valuation,
to constitute what shall be known as
the Municipal Highway Fund. The
income there from shall bo expended
exclusively in improvingand repairing
in the manner provided bv ordinance.
and under the supervision nnd contiol
of thoofllcial or otlloials theioiudeslL'-
nated, such main trunk line highways
or sections thoreof leading to such city
or villago, for a distanco not to ex
ceed six miles beyond tho corporated
limits, us shall be designated by ordin
ance as municipal highways, said
designated otllcial or olllcials of such
city or village shall havo authority
New Spring Silks
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Black and white sheppard checks 36
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All black guaranteed taffeta 36 in.
wide $1.00.
Look our line of Silks over before
buying as I think we can save you
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While all cotton goods are higher
than a year ago we can give you a
good value in unbleached muslin at 7,
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In bleached muslin at 8 1-3, 10,
12 1-2 and 15 cents.
Before buying your laces, embroid
eries and wash goods look our line
over, know we can save you money.
The latest develop
ment in While Goods,
permanent Linen thread
finish. Has all the
merits of a Handkerchief
Linen Lawn, with double
the strength and durabil
ity of India Linen or
Persian Lawns. Uses White Waist
ings, Suiting, Underwear.
ml 4 s-'-'A
Muslin Drawers
Ladies muslin drawers, flounce with tucks
at 25c. Ladies muslin drawers, embroidered
edge and lucks in flounce at 40 and 50 cents.
Ladies muslin drawers, embroidery or lace
flounce at 50c to $100.
)m$$&M$zimmmzasm) ssjssmg) (msasMmmmsm
nrTTmirwiBTnnm 1 1 i
said district, precinct or township, and
While I'ranklin is droaming about
two now railroads entering that city
soino tlmo in remoto future, the people
of Alma havo sprung a surpriso upon
other towns in the valley by seeing
actual surveyois In their immediate
vicinity. The most gigantic feats ever
accomplished began with dreams.
Parctically every successful enteprlso
in existence today is tho result of
vision of some mind What tho do
velopementswlll be is left to conject
ure but It needs no prophot to say
thnt at somo time tills entlio country
along the Republican valloy will bo bo and become n part of the district
filled with activity unlimited. Tho
dreams must come lirst. Atterward
tho realization.
sucu woric snail not intorforo or con
llict with the general supervision and
control of said highways by the county
oilioials oi- tho overseer of highways
of tho road district in which such
highway may be located, but shall be
supplemental to the work done there
on by such county and road district
With tho change in our yearly rain
fall the question or good roads assum
es a position of much Importance. For
several years the roads loading to this
city have been exceptionally bad but
during the pait few months they have
been practically impassible. A move
ment is underway whereby those roads
will bo fixed and tint movement has
our hearty endorsement. Theie is no
more vital question confronting ns
today than tlio one of roads. Tlu
peoploof Guido Rock aro industriously
soloing the problem and are Inaugu
rating a system that is the pride of
Webster county. Any road district
can do as well acting under tho new
road law which wo pi hit below. All
forms of farm products are bringing
a good price but if it is imnossiblo to
get thoso products to market the price
is or little value. It is wondorful what
a C mill levy will do in ilxlnir roads
together with tho money available
from tho county commissioner. Tho
following is the road improvement
tax levy law:
Suction 0188 Chaitrii 10 Coiuikv'h An-
Fon 1000 Reaiih as Follows:
01.8 Road iMPiiovEMKNr Tan Lev.
Whenever a ma jot ity of tho residents
freo holders of any road district, nro.
cinctor township hi tho state of Ne-
Draska shall petition the countvboard
of tho county in which said district Is
located to levy an assessment of not
loss than live nor more than twnntv
live mills upon tho tnxlable property
in salil road district, precinct or town-
ship, It shall ba tho duty of tho county
uoard to mako said assessment as re
quested not loss thau live nor mote
than twenty live mills on the assessed
valuation of tho nssessablo nronm-t v In
said road district, precinct or town
skip, at the valuation fixed by the as
sessor, or board of oqnliation, to be
levied and collocted. .Said taxes shall
shall not be tiansferred to 11113- othrr
fund. A like levy not less than live
nor more than twenty five mills may
bo made each yearns often as request
ed by a majority of the icsident free
holders of said distiict, precinct or
township, provided: A majority of
the icsident free holdeis of any road
district, precinct or township, may
petition the county board of said
county in which said road district is
located, for a levy not to exceed five
mills on the assessed valuation of the
assessable property in said district,
precinct or township, the said overseer
of highways of such road district to
gather with the county commissioners
of salil county shall designate the road
or roads in said road distiict where
said levy of not to exceed five mills
shall be expended. Said rond fund
shall bo used in such road distiicts,
precinct or township, with out the aid
of or expense of employing the county
surveyor, it shall bo necessary for (he
boaid or county commissioners to ad
vertise for bids for expending the said
road levy of live mills or less.
if only it furnishes them an excuse for !
Under Governor Shallonbcrgors ad
mlnistiation there has been one reform
that deserves mention thatof pardons
and paroles The "sob squad" is no
longer in evidence tround the execu
tive olllces. Applications for pardon
must go through the regular channel,
and no longer ato attempts made to
thwart justice by appealing to tho
emotions. Applications for paidons
receive little consideration unless the
teal facts warrant it. As a result tho
number of paidons lias been greatly
1 The New England play I'nlco Dan
iel will be played nt the Opeia House
next Wednesday evening.
road fund of said district, precinct or
township, in which same are luvlnd
and tho same shall be used exclusively
in improving the public highways in
Lincoln. Xiuiii., March 15- (Special
Con espoudence.) State T r 0 n s u r e r
lirlan has refused to sign tho supple
mental agreement wheieby the shirts
made under the prison contract must
not ho sold in tho state. .Mr. Bin n's
friendship for Nebraska workers is
evidenced by his remaik when he 10
ftised to sign the supplemental agree
ment. '-I don't give a d in what be
comes of the goods after they are
made' Governor Shallenbergor and
Warden .Smith insisted upon the sup
plemental agreement before tho ward
on would allow the woik to proceed
under the contract.
The eiforts of republicans to claim
the credit for the eight o'clock law aro
very laughable in the face of the fact
that after being in control of the legis
lature for twenty years the rcpub
licaus never took a single progressive
step along liquor legislation lines.
Senator WUtso Is not entitled to the
credit of having introduced tho eight
o'clock bill. All he had to do with it
was to introduce 11 bill closing saloons
on primary election day. All save tho
file number nnd the words "bo it
enacted by tho legislature of the stato
of Nebraska" were striken out and
the present eight o'clock law substitut
ed. Senator Wiltso know nothing
about it until the bill was reported
out of the house committee and put on
passage. The eight o'clock law Is tho
result of democratic progresslvoncss
along liquor legislation lines, and was
enacted by the Hist democratic"legis
lilt uro in tho history of tho state, after
olght ir ten republican legislatures
had stood still on the quostlon-and J
all tho whilo tho g, o. p. party was
standing still It called itself tho pnrty
of "God and morality'1 and tied up
liaud and glovo with the liquor inter
ests. All this is history, and those
who aro deceived by republican hypo
crisy arc thoso who welcome deception
From now until April 11 there will
bo little heatd in Lincoln other than
tho local prohibition fight. Lincoln
has buen a "dry" town for the past
year, and oti April 11 will vote under
the referendum law on the same ques
tion, "wet or dry." Uoth sides aro
squaiing olV for tho liirht. and all
other questions, sink into significance.
lioiu sides claim victory, of course
Tho ciowded condition of tho stnt..
house is evidenced by the fact that the
railroad commission has been com
polled to seek additional quarters in
the basement. The Stato Historical
Socioty has been refused quarters in
the big stone building. Some of the
state bureaus aro quartered in rooms
originally designed for storage pur
poses, rite whole trouble is that Ne
bniska is glowing too fast for its
To the voters of tho 1st Ward in tho
city of Red Cloud: Last year there
was 17 cross walks built and the 1st
ward got one.
Look at our streetb in the 1st ward,
where 00 per cent of ull loads niJ
drawn you find almost In the center
of tho city mud and manure holes
which are worse than you enn n,i
any where elso in a radius of 10 miles.
Remember also wo pay the majority of
tnxes- A Votk.:.
The last legislature passed a new
divorce law. The new law makes
mateiial changes in the manner of se
curing divorces. Iticquircs personal
service in practically all cases. It re
quires that au applicant for divorce
must be a resident of tho stato for two
years. Recognizing the many abuses
of the dl voi co system, this law rorno
dies these dllllculties by making it
more difllcult to secure 11 divorce, by
so arranging tho procedure that divor
ces will not lie surreptitiously granted.
Non-residents seeking venues in which
divorces aro easily obtained will puss
Nebraska. Nebraska courts never
havo been bothorod very much with
transient applicants for divorces. The
last law absolutely prevents and pro
hibits matrimonial soldiers of fortune
in other states from securing divorces
in this one.
It may be of interest to tho public
to know that tho last legislature
passed mora drainage legislation thau
had been passed before In tlm ).utn,.
of the state. At tho ni-nsnnt. (,., v..
braska has as comnloto a .vn. r
drainage legislation as any state in
mo union, rma matter was given
special attention In the recent s,.in
and ns a result, thousands of acres of
valuable lands will bo reclaimed.
THE Ghlcago Specialists!
s-nronic and Serious Diseases, Only.
PwiMANKNT Office
Rod Cloud, Royal Hotel
Consultation Free, in German -and
Wednesday April 6, I9I0B
(liv Wiiisi'Kmxn Smith)
How the Seniors do love orations!
Dollie Rasser visited the High
.School one day last week
Floyd Turnuro is on tho sick list
tills week.
liruce Kshelnum has been absent
this week on account of sickness.
Probably got frightened too badly the
night of the last Literary meeting.
Several out-of-town pupils aro driv
ing to school now slnco the weather is
so nice.
The boys are very much int..r,.t0,i
in athletics and aro talking of organ-
iing a Da8o ball team.
The High school students seem to
ho getting the "fresh air habit" and
can't study in-doors any more. Wdl
wo can't blame anyone but tho "weath
er man."
Hobby" Robinson has been stiller
higiVjwitha very sore thumb this
week, but is still ablo to give his "daily
concert" every afternoon.
What's become of California Jack?
W o haven't seen or heard of him for
long time.
The Manual Training boys arc tak
ing great interest in their work lately.
They have a work-shop fitted up In
one room on tho first floor and devote
a part of each day to carpentering,
etc., under the superintendence of
Prof. Moritz.
was to havo been given lost Wednes
day was given today by Father FIU-
"so : -. i ribjcct f ,,,b "
The following program will bo given
MaS S: inRtn U
2?' Howard Foo
?nei,tBt,on Beryl Parson.
Instrumental solo Pearl Sherer
?ftt0""-; Josephine Fox
oeal duet-Mildred FuRon. Mario
"l!cr ; Cecil Ksslg, Lloyd Crow
.strumcntalsolo... .Isabel Maynard
Debate-Resolved that Washington
mauifosted n greater degree of
generalship than Napoleon.
Atllrmatlve-Rcrta Green, Grace Leon-
Negative-Mamie White, Adolbert
Instrumental solo Hentrlco Slow
. W W.-' W'.fc
- T-wwraw- Vf
L '"!