The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 17, 1910, Image 3

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"Vcb," replied Ibo rudo man. "He
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out to bo a misdeal."
tlTAns or Omn Cirr or toudo.
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11 i ii i i i ii (
MHn Pnlrlcla ltnllirook and MIhi Wr-lrn
ll(iHiniiil, lu-r nlcco, worn cntnwtnl to
tlio c-nro of l.tnininco Donovan, n writer,
ninnimrlnK nwir l'ort Autiiuulnlr MIhi
I'atik-lu ennlliloil to Donovnn that hIio
fonroil lirr brntlif-r Ilonry, who, mined by
n Imnlt fiillurc, had conntuntly tlircatoiiL-il
her. Donovnn tllnrovr-rril ntul I'liiilurc-il
an Intruder, who proved to lie lleidimhl
(HIIchiiIi', mil tor for thn hittul of llulen,
Dotinvnn naw Mlna Holbiook ami her fa
thnr iner-t on friendly ti-nns. Donovan
fought an Itallnn hhciimhIii. lie met the
tnnii lie Bitpiioinl wait Ilolbrook, but who
mild ho wiih llartililcu, a cauoi-inaker
MUn I'at rintiouneed her Intention of
llKhtliiK Henry MelbrooU and not m-eklnn
a i other hiding place Donovan met Helen
In Kiirdon at ulttlit. Duidlilty of llel-n
wiim confi used by tho ynuiiK Inly. At
iilnlit, dlHi:ii-rl ni a mm, Helen utolo
from the hol.e. She met I'.i'Kln.'iM till
IomjjIo. who told her hist lnc. Olllt-splo
wiim eonfronled ly Donovan. At the town
poatollleo Helen. Uli.ieen except by Dniin
vim, nllpped a dinfl for her fatiior lulo
the hand of I ho Italian nnllnr. A youni;
lady lewrinbllnK Alius Helen HoUnnclc
won observed iil-m In a e.tnoc. when
Helen wiih thought to have been at home.
OIIIohpIo ndlnltted gtvltiK Helen jai.HOO for
her fathrr, Who had then left to upend It
Minn Helen and Donovun mat In tho
nlRht. Khe tnld bltn Ulllesplo was notlilm;
to her. Ho confepeil Ida lovo for her.
Donovan found GllleHpIn kokkoiI and
bound In n cabin, Inhabited by tho II
lalnotiH Italian and Ilolbrook. llo roh-aHod
him. Uotb r.lllesplo mid Donovan ad
mitted lovo for lltlm. PnlllnK herself
Honallnd n "volro" appealed to Donovan
for help, Sho told him to no to tho cauoo
nakur'H homo and hi.o that no Injury be
foil him. Ho went to ltod Cate.
At tho (.iinoe-makor'n homo, Donovnn
found tho brothers Arthur and Henry
Ilolbrook who had fotmht eaeh other, In
consultation. "Rosalind" appeared. Ar
thur averted a murder, Donovan lettun
liiK. met llllh-Hpin nlonc In tho dead of
nlk'ht. On Invrntlirntlon hn found Henry
Ilolbrook, tho pallor, and MI:ih lloh-n n
Kaed In an nnnimcnt. It wan Mettled
ami they departed. Donovan met tho
ronl Itonallnd. who bv nlRht bo had wip
POhpiI to bo Mips Helen Ilolbrook. HKu
revealed the mix-up. Her fathur. Arthur
Ilolbrook, was tbo eanoi'-maker, whllo
Helen's fnther wan Henry Ilolbrook, the
errlncr brother. The couslna, Helen and
Hosallml. were as niueh nllko an twins.
Than Helen'n stipposnl ilupllelty wan ex
plained. Helen vlnlted Donovan,
CHAPTER XIX Continued.
"Yob; but It la a moro colncldonco.
It was a i;ood hiding plaeo for him, as
well as for us."
'It In very unfortunate for all of us
that bo should bo hero. I bad hoped
bo would bury himself whero ho would
nuvor bo henrd of nt;alu!" bIio said,
and nnger burned for a moment In bor
fuco. "If ho has uny Minima loft, 1
Khould think ho would loavo hero at
"It's to bo remembered, MNs' Hoi
broolc, that ho cnnio Hint; and I am
quite satisfied that your father sought
film hero beforo you and your aunt
enmo to Annandnle. It seems to mo
tho equity lies with your undo tho
creek 03 n biding placo belongs to hint
by right of discovery."
fiho smiled ready agreement to this,
rind I felt that sho had como to win
Bupnort for como plan of her own. She
bad never been moro amiable; certain
ly sho had never boon lovelier.
"You aro qulto right. Wo had all of
us bettor go and loavo him In peace.
What la It ho docs thoro runs a ferry
or mannges u bnathouso?"
"llo Is a canoo-makor," I said, dryly,
with moro than a local reputation."
Her tono changed at once.
"I'm glad; I'm very glad be has es
caped from his old ways; for nil our
Bakes," sho added, with a little sigh.
"And poor Hosallnd! You may not
know that ho has a daughter. Sho Is
about a year younger tlinn I. Sho
must have had a sad tlmo of It. I was
nninod for her mother and she for
mine. If you should meet her, Mr.
Donovan, I wish you would tell her
how sorry I tun not to bo ablo to sco
her Hut Aunt Pat must uot know
that Undo Arthur Is here. 1 think
sho has tried to forget him, and her
troubles with my father hnvo effaced
overythlng else. 1 hopo you will man
ago that, for mo; that Aunt Pat shall
not know that Undo Arthur and Rosa
lind arc here. It i!ould only distress
lior. It would bo opening a bonk that
sho believes closed forever."
Her sollcltudo for hor aunt's penco
of mind, spoken with eyes averted and
In a low tono, lacked nothing.
"I hnvo seen your cousin," I said. "I
saw her, In fact, this morning."
"Hosallnd? Then you can toll mo
whether whether I mn really so like
hor as they used to think!"
"You aro rather like!" I replied
lightly. "Hut I shall not attempt to
toll you how. It would not do It
would Involvo particulars that might
prove embarrassing. Thoro aro times
when oven I llnd dlscrotlon butter
than frankness."
"You wish to save my feollngs," Bho
laughed. "Hut I am really taller!"
"Hy an inch sho told mo that!"
"Thon you hnvo scon her moro than
"Yes; moro than twlco oven."
"Then you must tell mo wherein wo
aro nllko; I should really llko to
"I hnvo told you I can't; It's boyond
my poor powers, I will tell you this,
though "
"That I think you both delightful."
"I am disappointed In you. I thought
you a man of courage, Mr. Donovnn."
"Even bravo men fnlter at tho can
non's mouth!"
"You aro undoubtedly nn Irishman,
Mr. Donovan. I am Borry wo shan't
hnvo any moro tennis,"
"You havo said so, Mlas Holbrook,
not I."
Sho laughed, and thon glanced to
ward tho brown figure of Slater Mar-1
"Don't Say 'Must Not' to
garet, and was silent for a moment,
whili! tho old clock on tho stair
boomed out thn half-hour and was an
swered cheerily by tbu pretty tinkle
of tho chapel chime. I counted four
poppy leaves that llutteied free from
a bowl on tho book shelf abovo her
head and lazily tell to the floor at her
"I had hoped," she said, "that wo
wore good friends, Mr. Donovan."
"I hnvo believed that we were, Miss
"You must hoe that this situation
must terminate, tiiaC wo are now tit n
crisis. You can understand I need
not toll you how fully my sympathies
He with my father; It could not be
"That hs only natural. I have noth
ing to say on that point."
"And you can understand, too, that
It has not boon easy for mo to be de
pendent upon Aunt Pat. You don't
know I have no intention of talking
ngninst hor but you can't blamo me
for thinking hor hard a llltlo hard on
my father."
I nodded.
"I am sorry, very sorry, that you
should havo these troubles, Miss Ilolbrook-."
"I know j on are," sho replied, eager
ly, and her eyes brightened "Your
sympathy has meant so much to Aunt
Pal anil mo. And now, beforo worse
things happen "
"Worse things must not happen!"
"Thon wo must put an end to It all,
Mr. Donovan. Thoro Is only ono way.
My father will novor leave bore until
Aunt Pat has settled with liini, And
It Is his right to demand It," sho hur
ried on. "1 would havo you know that
ho Is not ns black as he has been
palntod. He has been bis own worst
enemy; and Undo Arthur's HI doings
must not bo charged to him.' Hut ho
hns boon wrong, terribly wrong, In his
conduct toward Aunt Pat. I do not
deny that, and hu docs not. Hut It Is
only a matter of money, und Aunt Pat
has plenty of It; and thoro can bo no
(inofitlon of honor between Undo Ar
thur and father. It was Undo Arthur's
act that caused all this troublo; fa
thor has told mo tho wholo story. Quite
llkoly fnthor would mako no good uso
of his money I will grant that. Hut
think of tho Btraln of these years on
all of us; think of what It has monnt
to mo, to have this cloud hanging over
my llfo! It Is dreadful boyond any
words It Is hideous; and I enn't stand
It nny longer, not another week not
unothor day! It must ond now and
Hor tcnr-fltlcd eyes rested upon mo
pleadingly, and a sob caught her
throat ns she tried to go on.
"Hut" I began.
"Plcaso please"' sho broko In,
touching bor hnndkorchlof to hor eyes
mid smiling nppenllngly. "I ntn ask
ing very llttlo of you, after all."
"Yes, it Is llttlo enough, but it seeniB
to mo a ftitilo Interference. If your
fnthor would go to hor himself, if you
would tako him to her that strikes
mo ns tho hotter strategy of tho mat
tor." "Then am I to undorstand that you
will not help; that you will not do this
for us for mo?"
"I am sorry to havo to say no, Miss
Holbrook," I roplled, stondily.
"Then I regret that I shall havo to
go further; I must appoal to you as n
D aw
Mc, If You Please!"
personal matter purely. It is not
easy; but if wo aro really very good
She glanced toward Sister Margaict,
then rose and walked out upon the ter
race. "You will bate mc " sho began,
smiling wanly, the tears bright in her
eyes; und she knew that It was uot
easy to bate her. "I have taken
money from Mr. Gillespie, for my fa
ther, since I came here. It Is a large
sum, and when my father loft here he
went away to spend It to waste It.
It Is all gone, and woiso than gone. I
must pay that back I must not bo
tinder obligations to Mr. Gillespie. It
wai wrong, it was very wrong of me,
but I was distracted, half crazed by
my father's threats of violence against
Aunt Pat against us all. 1 am sure
that ou can see how I came to do it.
And now you aro my friend; will you
help me?" und she broko off, smiling,
tearful, her back to tho balustrade, her
hand at her side lightly touehlug it.
She had confidence, I thought, in tho
power of tears, as sho slipped her
handkerchief Into her sleeve and
wnlted for me to answer.
"Of course Mr. Olllosplo only loaned
you tho money to help you over a dif
ficulty; in somo way that must be
cared for. I like him; ho Is n fellow of
good Impulses. I repeat that 1 be
lieve this matter can bo arranged
readily enough, by yourself and your
father. My Intrusion would only
make ti worso muddle of your affairs.
Send for your fnthor and let him go
to your aunt In tho right spirit; and
I believe that an hour's talk will settle
"You seem to have misunderstood
my purposo In coming bore, Mr. Dono
van," she answered, coldly. "I asked
your help, not your ndvlco. 1 have
even thrown myself on your mercy,
and you tell mo to do what you know
Is Impossible."
"Nothing is so Imposslblo us the
present nttltudo of your father. Until
that Is changed your aunt would be
doing your father a great Injury by
giving him this money."
"And ns for mo" and her eyes
blazed "as for me," sho said, choking
with anger, "nftor I havo opened this
pngc of my lifo to you and you Jjavo
given mo your fnthorly advice
as for me, I will show you, and Aunt
Pat ami all of them, that what cannot
bo dono ono way may bo dono In an
other. If I say tho word and lot tho
law takos its course with my uncle
that mnn who brought nil theso trou
bles upon us you may have tho Joy
of knowing thnt it was your fault
your fault, Mr. Donovan!"
"I beg of you, do nothing! If you
will not bring your father to Miss Pat,
pleaso let mo arrange tho meeting."
"Ho will not listen to you. Ho looks
upon you as a meddler; and so do I,
Mr. Donovnn!"
"Hut your undo you must not, you
would not!" I crlod, terror-struck to
seo how fate drew hor toward tho pitfall-from
which I hoped to savo hor.
"Don't say 'must not' to mo, If you
pleaso!" sho flung bnck; but when
sho reached tho door she turned and
said calmly, though hor oycii still
"I supposo It Is not necessary for mo
to ask that you consider what I havo
snld to confidential."
"It U quite unnecessary," I said, not
knowing whctlior I loved or pilled hor
most; and my wits wore busy trying
to devlso means of saving hor the
hcnrtacllo her Ignorance held in sloro
for her.
She called to Sister Margaret In her
brightest tone, nnd when I had walked
with them to St. Agatha's guto sho
bade be good-by with quite as demure
and Christian an air ns the sister her
The Touch of Dishonor.
I was meditating my course over a
elu erless luncheon when Glllesplo was
announced. Ho lounged Into the din
ing room, drew his chair to the table
and covered a biscuit with eaniemberl
with his usual inscrutable air.
"I think It is better," bo said delib
etntlngly, "to be nn nss than a fool.
Have you nny views on tho subject?"
v.None, my dear Uuttons. I have
been called both by shrewd men."
"So have I, If the worst wete known,
and they offered proof! Ah, more and
more I seo that wo were born for each
other, Donovnn. I was once bo Im
pressed with the notion that to be a
fool was to bo distinguished that I
'oneelved the Idea of forming a Noble
Order of Serene nnd Incurnblo Fools.
I elected myself the grand and most
worthy master, feeling safe fioni com
petition. News of tlio mutter having
ono forth, many persons of the high
r.t standing wrote to me, recommend
ng their friends for membership. My
oiTost'ondenco soon engaged thteo
ypowrlters, and I was obliged to got
he post-otflcc department to help me
it oak tho chain. A few humble souls
applied on their own hook for consid
eration. These I elerte.1 nnd placed In
the llrst ohms. You would be sur
prised (o know how many people who
aro chronic Joiners wrote in absent
mindedly for application blanks, fear
ing to bo left out of n good thing.
I'nlted States senators woro rather
common on tho list, nnd there wero
tin to governors; a bishop wroto to
propose a brother bishop, of whoso
merits ho spoke in tho wai.mest terms.
Many nowspnpers declared thnt tho
society filled n long-folt want. I ic
celvod Invitations to spenk nu tho
uses nnd benefits of tho order from
many learned bodies. Tho thing began
to bore me, nnd when my official sta
tionery was exhausted I Issued a fare
well address to my troops and dis
solved the society. Dut it's a great
gratification to me, my dear Donovnn,
that wo quit with a waiting list."
"There are times, Buttons, when you
cense to divert mo. I'm likely to bo
very busy for a few days. Just what
can I do for you tills afternoon?"
"Look hero, old man, you're not
"No; I'm rarely angry; but I'm often
"Then your brutal Insinuation shall
not go unrewarded. Let mo proceed.
Hut llrst, how nro your ribs?"
"Soro and a trltlo stiff, but I'm coin
fot table, thanks."
"Ab I undorstand matters, Irishman,
there Is no real dlfferonco botween you
and mo except In tho matter of a cer
tain lady. Otherwise wo might com
bine our forces in tho Interest of these
unhappy Holbrooks."
"You aro qulto right. You came
here to say something; go on and ITo
dono with it."
He deftly covered nnothcr biscuit
with the cheese, of whoso antiqult) bo
complained sadly.
' I say, Donovnn, between old sol
dier friends, what wero you doing up
there on tho creek last night?"
"Studying tho landscnpo effects by
starlight. It's a habit of initio. Your
own presence thero might need ac
counting for, If you don't mind."
'i will bo square about it. I mot
Helen qulto accidentally as I lert this
house, and sho wanted to seo her fa
ther. I took her ovor thoro, and wo
found Henry. Ho wns up to somo
mischief you may know what it was.
Something had gono wrong with him,
and ho was In all kinds of n bad hu
mor. Unfortunately, you got tho bono
fit of some of It."
"I will supply you a link In tho
night's affairs. Henry had been lo seo
his brother Arthur.
Gillespie's faco fell, and I saw that
ho was greatly surprised.
"Humph! Helen didn't tell mo that."
"Tho reason Henry camo here was
to look for his brother. That's how ho
reached this placo ahead of Miss Pat
and Helen. And I hnvo learned some
thing It makes no dlfferenco how, but
It was not from tho ladles at 8t. Aga
tha's I learned last night that the
key of this wholo situation Is in your
own hands, Glllesplo. You? fnthor wiih
swindled by tho Holbrooks; which
EnejIlBh as 8he Is Spoke,
Meeker I'm going to upply for n
Hleeker What's tho trouble?
Mocker P - v -vi'o'n -i regular
shrew; sho beats the children and
makes my llfo a burden.
Hleekor You don't say! She cer
tainly doesn't look that kind.
Mooker areut Scott, maul you
don't call that kind, do you?
With a theory that human hoalth Is
dependent on tho stomach and with
a medicine which ho says proves
thlB theory, L. T. Coopor, a compara
tively young man, has built up an im
mense following during tho past year.
Cooper has visited most of tho load
ing cities of tho country, and in each
city has aroused a storm of discussion
about his beliefs and his medicines.
Wherever he has gono, peoplo havo
called upon him by tens of thousands,
nnd his preparation has sold in im
mense quantities.
Tho sale of this medicine has now
spread over tho entlro country, and Is
growing enormously each day. In
view of this, tho following statements
from two ot tho great number of fol
lowers which ho now has, aro of gen
eral Interest.
N. V. Marsh, residing at 217 South
Daly street, Los Angolcs, Cal., has the
following to say upon tho subject ot
tho Cooper preparations:
"For more than n year I experi
enced tho mo3t intense suffering, due
to a form of stomach troublo which
tho doctors called catarrhal gastritis.
After eating I would fill up with gas,
which caused frequent belching. The
abdominal area would oxpand until I
could scarcely breathe, causing great
distress. At such tlmos I could not
keep still, but paced tho strcots for
hours until tho pain subsided.
"Frequently I went without eating
rather than endure tho torturo that
was sure to follow. Liquids wero the
only kind of food I could partake of
with safety. I had spoils of dizzi
ness, nnd becamo badly run down
through suffering nnd lack ot proper
nourishment. I tried various reme
dies in search of relief, but they failed
to help me.
"Some time ago n brother member
In a lodge to which I belong urged mo
to try tho Coopor remedies, which
wero then being demonstrated in Los
Angeles. Ho stated that to his per
sonal knowledgo they had been of
great benefit to others In a llko condi
tion, and on tho strength of hl3 recom
mendation I procured a treatment of
Cooper's New DIscovory.
"It proved helpful from tho first
dose, and in less than n week I was
eating regularly and heartily, without
experiencing any bad effects after
ward. Since taking tho full treatment
I am perfectly well and enjoy living
for tho first tlmo in many months.
Now I can eat a hearty supper, then
go to bed nnd sleep llko a healthy boy.
I feel so well that I can hardly realize
I am tho samo man. Cooper's New
Discovery has worked a marvelous
chango in me it has dono all that
was claimed for it."
Another statement by Mr. W. H.
Stewart, 109 W. Madison Btrcct. Chi
cago, Is as follows: "I havo had stom
ach trouble for years, and anyono who
Is afflicted this wny knows what an
awful distressed feeling it causes.
Many a tlmo I havo felt that I would
glvo most any price to bo cured. It
was by accident thnt I heard of this
man Cooper's remedies. I Immediate
ly mado up my mind to buy a treat
ment of him. I used It for about two
weeks, and it is imposslblo to tell
how much good It has dono me. I
fool altogether different I havo moro
llfo and energy tlinn I hnvo had for
years. Tho medicine certainly does
Btimulato and strengthen tho who.a
system. Tired fooling nnd woak condi
tion of tho stomach has entirely
passed away. I feel well again."
Cooper's New DIscovory Is sold hy
nil druggists. If your druggist can
not supply you, wo will forward you
tho naino of a druggist In your city
who will. Don't nccopt "something
Just ns good." Tho Cooper Mcdlclno
Co., Dayton, Ohio.
When n man 1b at homo nnd the
telephone bell rings his wife makes a
dash for it to seo If it Is somo woman
who wants to talk to him.
Beautiful Post Cards Free.
Bejitl 4e ntainps for Ilvo samples ot our
very beHt Hold and Blllt FlnlHh Ulrtlfday,
1-lower and Motto Post Cards; beautiful
colorH nnd loveliest design. Art I 'oat
Curd Club, 7U2 .lackBcn nt Topoka, Kan.
An early cucumber In tho hand
beam two In tlio stomach.
You miss a crcat deal of the
pleasures of life if your
stomach has "done
hack on you" but don't
remain in that condition.
Tlio Bid cr.v will set things
I i if lit nnd Drnvcnt Imllflnuf Inn.
o.sUvciiohm fit Ilcnnchc.
Clurwl ml bnilinci tlio hair.
rrimiutM it IntuiLut growth.
TfP rail
llair to I
Out.f tci o it
rail to UMlor Gray
la VoutMul OoW7
p rtivtwi M hair faUUuc.
Vthe keystone
to health
Anu,iid aiit Pmrnl.u
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